Marooned 3

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Tim and Paolo woke up in the half-finished hut they had thrown together the night before. Using four small tree trunks as posts, and palm fronds as a roof, they slept fairly soundly on the soft ground of the deserted island they were marooned on. They both woke up as the tropical sun rose quickly, and a warm breeze blew thru their hut. It felt good on their hot skin, as the night air had been humid and still. Sweat was running down both of their thickly muscled bodies.

"Man, I think I had like 3 wet dreams last night," said Tim, looking down at the crusty paste coating his 8pak abs.

"Yes, me too," said Paolo, "and I'm still hard." Indeed, both men had raging morning hardons.

"Goddam, man, makes me so horny, feeling how huge I am. Look at this," Tim said, flexing his arm. It swelled to the size of a bowling ball.

"I know, Tim. I dreamt of my chest growing thicker and thicker, and my cock just had to bust. And now look at these pecs." Paolo bounced his pecs and they heaved out about 2 feet. He let out a groan as the striations rolled up and down his dark chest skin, all stubbly with coarse jet-black hair.

"Paolo, man, I feel like I've been pumping iron for 3 hours, my muscles are so full, and we've just woke up. Imagine once we work out."

"Fuck yes," said Paolo, grabbing his cock. He flexed his glutes together and groaned again as he felt the super thick hard muscle clamp together like an iron vise, and mounding up so high it pushed him up off the ground. Both of them flexed muscle after muscle, getting off on feeling them swell and heat up as they squeezed them inhumanly tight. The two men jacked off as they watched their huge muscle ripple deeply with their slightest of movements. They came huge loads despite their nocturnal emissions.

"Damnnn," said Tim, dazed by both the volume and power of his ejaculation. "I gotta go wash off." He got up and stretched, muscle swelling on his big body.

"I'll go with you."

They got up and headed down to the ocean. They ran heavily across the sand, and even the short distance to the shoreline got their legs pumped. Once in the water, they began to splash each other down. Soon, they were tackling each other, throwing each other down into the surf, exploring the extent of their newfound size and strength. The tropical sun rose quickly and warmed their skin as they wrestled, rolling around in the water, then standing to face off again, then flinging each other around. For a half hour they battled each other in a good-natured bout of hand to hand fighting. When they finally crawled their way out of the ocean, they were both huffing like bulls. Tim's golden skin was flush with pumped muscle, and Paolo's glistened like mahogany in the sun. Their backs had grown so wide that their arms jutted out to the side as they walked onto the sand. Both of their necks had grown to about 24" of sinewy muscle.

They sat down on the sand, looking out towards the water. Tim laid down, and strummed his heaving abs. His skin was taut as shrink-wrap against his muscle. He pinched his abs and pulled the skin up. It barely moved, it was so tight. He slid it back and forth across his abs, and could feel the skin making direct contact with the ridged stomach muscles. The sun and salt water were making his skin cling to him even more tightly. Plus, he could practically feel himself growing bigger.

Suddenly, Paolo said, "Do you see that?" Tim sat up, and followed Paolo's gaze directly out to sea. There on the horizon, beyond what they should be able to see, were several small skiffs speeding along the water.

Tim sat up, his abs crunching together like stacked bricks, the skin still clinging to the fat-free torso. "Are they pirates, you think?" Tim asked.

"Most likely."

"Coming this way?"

"Could be," answered Paolo. He turned and looked at Tim. "Let them come." Then he gently pushed his friend back down onto the sand. He raised one big leg and straddle Tim with it. He looked down on his friend, having to lean forward to see over his huge pecs. Then he leaned down until his face was an inch away from Tim's. "Let them come and see what superhuman strength can do." Then he leaned into Tim and kissed him on the mouth, hard and firm. Tim kissed back, and they tongued each other for a good minute.

"Fuck yeah," groaned Tim. "Let them come. But first let's eat."

They stood up and headed toward the mother plant, both swollen huge, like two superheavyweight bodybuilders pumped up for competition, and both sporting huge hardons.

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