My New Buddy's Arms 3

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On the flight home to Cleveland, I had to try very hard to stop thinking about my evening with Jeff. And his arms. And that cute nerdy grin he got when he flexed, and felt his biceps swell, and saw what it did to me. It freaked me out to think I might lose touch with him, especially now that the muscle bug seemed to have bitten him, and hard too. I got goosebumps as I recalled the way he had pinned my cock inbetween his forearm and biceps muscle. I shook my head and tried to focus on the work I needed to finish on my laptop.

I had to go right from the airport to work, and for awhile I did actually forget about Jeff. But then I got a text message from him. "Did you get home OK?" it asked. I text'd him back..."Home are your arms?" "Sore," he answered, "but in a good way!" "Must work," I responded, "talk later". I finished out the day without hearing from him again.

By the time I got out of work, went to the gym, and got home, it was late. I unpacked, then had some dinner. I was tired out from the trip, and wanted to crash, but checked my emails real quick first. One was from Jeff...."hey, just wanted to let you know that I went out and bought a pair of 35lbs dumbbells. The ones you had seemed too light. I'm going to work out with them tonight and will be thinking of you the whole time. I bought some more of those proteins drinks like you had too. They were good. Talk soon, wish you were here....Jeff."

I looked at the clock. Eleven o'clock here, which meant eight in Seattle. He was probably doing curls as I read the email. His arms were probably getting bigger. All tight and rounded. Goddam, I could hardly stand it. I wanted to call him, but didn't want to see too pathetic. I emailed him back instead.."Jeff...Blast those gunz deep and hard for me, you freaky geek. Then flex them out till they ache to the bone. Then flex some more. Jack to the feel of those suckers growing.....Mike." I was already hard by the time I'd finished my short message. I sent it out to him and went to bed. I resisted the extreme temptation to whack off. A lot of good that did me, as I ended up having my first wet dream in years, all about Jeff, with him sporting a pair of 25" arms.

The next day at work, Jeff text'd me around eleven am. "you shoulda been there. blasted these gunz all night. still swole from it."

It took everything I had not to go into the employee bathroom and jack off. Although I did go into the restroom, but only to splash cold water in my face. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Stop obsessing," I told myself. I went back to my office, and poured myself into my work. I neglected to text Jeff back.

Two days went by, and I hadn't heard from him. On Saturday, I called his phone and left a voice mail. The next day went by and still nothing. Shit. Then that night, I had an email.

"Mike...sorry I didn't get back to you. Been busy with my new personal trainer. Yep, I did it. I went to a local fitness center and hired a guy. Turns out, he went to my high school. He was a big jock, and was a senior when I was a freshman, so he didn't remember me. I remembered him though. He was the hottest kid at our school. Super handsome. I saw him one time on the track, running without his shirt off. Even then, he was super muscular and hairy. Looked like a full grown man, with that kind of stubble that makes it look like he hasn't shaven even though he probably just did. He still looks pretty much the same, which makes sense, given his job! Anyway, he ran me through a "full body workout", as he called it. Pretty light weights, but lots of them. I kept my sweatshirt on during the whole thing, I felt so wimpy next to him. But at the end, he asked me to take it off, so he could see what body parts to focus on. He almost freaked out when he saw my arms. I had to grin, thinking of you. That wasn't the best thing though. My chest had gotten super swollen too. My "pecs" as he called them, were looking "fierce". They did feel pretty incredible, tight and full like my arms get. They looked like they were twice their normal size. He asked me if I was sure I'd never trained with weights before. Or had I been a gymnast. Can you believe it? When I said no, he shook his head. Said I had the most potential he'd ever seen. Potential for what, I'm not sure, and didn't ask him. Maybe I will tomorrow. He's given me a discounted rate, not that I asked him for it, but he wants to train with me 5 days a week. I'm pretty sure he was getting a hardon as we talked. Anyway, how cool is that? How are things in Cleveland? .......Jeff."

Well of all the messed up luck. I get the guy into his muscle, and ten minutes later he's already drawing in some super stud trainer. Shit. Godddamit. How are things in Cleveland?! They suck! That's why it's called the Mistake by the Lake! Godddamit. Shit, how bad did I want to see what his pecs had looked like. Twice their normal size! Fuck. I discover this freak of nature muscle geek , who sounds like he must be missing his myostatin gene or something, and now I get to hear about it in emails. Yahoo! Sonofabitch.

I took a few deep breaths, and calmed myself down. I emailed Jeff back...

"Hey, man, that sounds awesome as hell. You better take some "before and after" pics (frequent ones!), just so you can compare down the road when you're on stage outflexing Jay Cutler! Have your trainer weigh you and measure you too, Jeff, I'd love to hear what kind of results he can get for you....Mike"

Freaking lame email. But I was NOT going to let him fade away on me. I might just have to get back out to Seattle sooner than I'd thought!

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