My New Buddy's Arms 4

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Jeff and I kept in touch as much as we could, but with our heavy work loads and the three hour difference, time just seemed to fly by. Finally, about 2 months after I'd met Jeff out in Seattle, I caught him with a phone call on a Saturday afternoon here in Cleveland. Jeff could hardly contain himself as he told me about his progress at the gym.

"My trainer Paul has me going twice a day now.

"Twice a day?"

"Yeah. I go at 5am for an hour and a half, then I go to work, and go back to the gym at 7 for two more hours."

"Doesn't he think he's overtraining you?"

"He brought that up, even used that same word, but I've been doing it for two weeks now, and he says he's never seen anyone advance as quickly as I am, and since it doesn't seem to be wearing me out, he says to keep it going."

"Man, how big are you getting?"

Jeff laughed. "I'm as big as he is already, maybe bigger. He says I'm a freak."

"And is it our connection, or is your voice getting deeper?"

He laughed again. "Funny you should ask that. I've been wearing real baggy clothes to work, but my boss said to me on Monday, 'Do you have a cold?' When I said no, she said, 'Well, your voice is so deep and husky, and your neck looks like you have swollen glands.' I had to laugh at that because my neck has grown a lot since you've seen it. "

Oh man. "Really?" I sputtered out.

"Oh yeah. And my glutes too, they're like 3 inches thicker each. When I sit down, I feel like I'm on a booster chair. Anyway, I figured why hide it anymore, so the next day I wore tight clothes to work. You should have seen the other geeks I work with freaking out. Now they're all like, 'show us your arms, Jeff'. Except for some of the guys, not sure if they're jealous or grossed out, but they don't even look at me anymore."

"You know they want you."

"Hell yeah, they do," Jeff laughed. "Who wouldn't want this? Hey, and get this, the other day, I split out the sides of my shirt doing bent-over rows. Paul ran his fingers up and down my lats and said 'Man, you got wings.' He showed me how to flex them out even wider, then he grabbed them and squeezed them hard. 'I can't even dent these suckers,' he told me. He likes feeling my muscle and digging into with his fingers. Says he's breaking up my fascia to allow even more growth."

Holyfuck. "How much you weigh now?" I asked him.

"Paul weighed me at 240 yesterday. That's 80lbs bigger than when you were here."

"Jeff, that's 40lbs a month."

"Yeah, I know, you gotta see this. And I want more. I want 60 more, man. Paul says I've been bit. Says I'm a total genetic freak," he said laughing his cute nerd laugh. He nearly snorted.

"You got any pictures you can send me?"

"I do, but I don't want to send them, I want you to see it in person. See the change. I am so freaking jacked."

I could hardly speak. Jeff noticed the pause.

"You hard, Mike?" he asked me.

"No," I lied.

"Yeah you are."

"Fuck you."

"Get out here and I will. Right now, I'm flexing my arm, Mike. You should see the veins on my fores. Fuck yeah. No wonder the nerds are freaked."

"Holy shit man, you're killing me here."

Jeff laughed, then said, "You got me hard too, I can tell how bad you're aching for it. Get here."

I thought for a second. "I've got frequent flyer points," I said to Jeff.

"Get here, Mike. I want you here to tape my arm when it balls up to 20plus inches."

"Geezus, you fucking sick fuck," I grunted.

"That's what my trainer says now that I outlift him on every lift."

"Jeff, I gotta go before I bust a nut big time here. I'm gonna get online right now and book a ticket."

"Do it, fucker. I'll show you muscle like you've never seen. I want you to watch me grow."

We got off the phone. 240. Oh my god. Forty pounds a month. Maybe I should wait another month before I go out there, I thought. 300. Oh man. Was it possible? Lean nerdy Jeff at 300lbs...goodlordinheaven. I got in the shower. I thought about Jeff, with that sweet nerd face sitting on top of 300lbs of bodybuilder muscle, pro bodybuilder quality muscle. Ripped to shreds and twice the size and strength of his trainer. I lost it in the shower without even touching myself. When I got out of the shower, I got online and booked a flight to Seattle. For one month from now. Then I emailed Jeff, and challenged him to gain that 60lbs he was talking about.

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