My New Buddy's Arms 6

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Jeff stood up from the kitchen table. He had just eaten a breakfast that had to be around 10,000 calories. I had gotten a hard-on just watching him eat it. He was shirtless, and his abs were bloated out, but I could still see his 6 pack holding everything in tightly. He leaned over the table, and planted his fists on each side of my plate. His forearms rippled with size as he leaned in closer to me.

"Move in with me," he said.

"What?" I answered back. His question took me completely by surprise.

"You heard me," he answered. "Move in with me, Mike. I want you around as I train to become the next Mr O."

I had to laugh at that, because three months ago, Jeff probably didn't even know what the Mr O was, seeing as how he was a hard core computer geek.

"You think that's funny?" he asked with a sly grin. He stood up, then easily slid the kitchen table aside. "Watch this shit," he said, pulling his gym shorts down and exposing the super tight posers he had on underneath. "I'm gonna destroy every other bodybuilder with this muscle. Watch my quads." He looked down at his tree trunk legs, and I saw him furrow his brow in concentration. "I've found out," he said, as sweat began to bead up on his forehead, "that I have a mind-body connection that can make my muscles swell up just by thinking about it. Look," he said, nodding at his legs. I could see his skin redden and the veins starting to pop out more. His diamond-shaped calves pumped up and outward. His quad sweep ballooned out. "These suckers were 32" yesterday. Measure them now." Jeff reached into a kitchen drawer behind him and pulled out a tape measurer. He tossed it to me. I took the tape and kneeled down before him. My hands were actually shaking as I pulled the tape around his expanding thunder thighs.

"35 inches," I called out. "Fuck, man," I said, as my hands felt the heat of his huge legs.

"Just wait," he said, a drop of sweat dripping of his nose hit my face as I looked up at him. "Measure them again."

This time the tape stretched out to 36 inches.

"Holy shit, Jeff."

"Oh yeah," he said, stepping back and leaning against the counter, sweat rolling down his muscles in rivers. "And they'll stay that way for a couple hours. And every time I do it, the muscle stays bigger than the last time. Imagine how huge I would get with you here, Mike."

"Man, how am I supposed to move here from Cleveland. I mean, Seattle is awesome, but what about work?"

"Quit," he said, "just like I did."

"Dude, you quit your job?"

"Hell yeh I did," said Jeff, still look down at his quads, casually flexing their new size. His quads were now 4 inches bigger than my waist. "I sold all the shares I had in the company last month. Made out like a bandit. Good timing too, the shit is basically worthless right now. I have enough to live off of for a couple years if I want. And besides, I've got 24 inch arms now, soon to be 26. How long before you find me a supplement company that wants to use me as their spokesman?"

I watched him as he stared at his own arms and flexed them into a double bi. I almost came in my pants. Jeff's cock was swelling in his posers, and soaking them in pre.

"Godddam, man," I groaned.

"Oh YEAH," he answered, as he lifted me up and hugged me against his Olympian sized muscle body. His arms were as big as my legs, and probably twice as strong. "Move here," he said, as he squeezed me tighter. "Help me get to 400lbs of shredded muscle."

I breathed him in as deeply as I could, given that he was squeezing me with 24" python arms. He even smelled like muscle. I buried my face into his thick hard neck. I was going to do it. I couldn't help myself, but who could have? Let's see....continue to live in Cleveland and work, or move to Seattle where my only work would be to help my boyfriend muscle himself up to the point that he would wipe the stage with any pro bodybuilder alive today. Which he was pretty close to achieving already, although I didn't say that to him. Instead, I pushed myself back from his chest and looked at him. "Put me down," I said. He released his bear hug and I lowered myself to my knees in front of him. I stretched his posers over his massive quads, and as I did, his hard-on flung out like an iron lever. I sucked him off right there in the kitchen. It didn't take long for his hot jiz to flood my gut.

"Is that a 'yes'?" he asked me.

"Hell yes, Jeff," I answered, wiping my mouth.

"How soon?"

"A week?"

"That long?" He flexed his huge pecs at me.

"Hoo man," I said. "Maybe I don't even have to go back."

"That's better," he said, grabbing my hands and laying them on his ridged 6 pack abs. "Watch," he said, looking down at his musclegut. He focused in on them, and slowly, right before my eyes, an 8 pack emerged, so tight and hard, like cut diamond. He rubbed my hands up and down the ridges. He smelled more like muscle than ever. His skin was so hot to the touch, and so thin over his brick hard abs.

I shot right in my shorts.

"Welcome to Seattle," he said to me with a grin.

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