My New Buddy's Arms 5

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I kept in touch with Jeff for the next month. I told him I'd gotten plane tickets to come out to Seattle to see him in 30 days. I challenged him to grow as much as he could in that time. He accepted the challenge with glee, but told me he wouldn't send me any pics during that time, only daily updates of his progress. I told him that was just fine, I'd rather wait and see the growth in person. Then I dubbed him my "Freek Geek". He liked that nickname so much that he got a new email address, [email protected]. He told me he was going to rock my world when I got out there.

I'd never seen 30 days pass so slowly, but it helped that I had an email or text from Jeff every morning. He told me he was going to keep them short, since the less time he spent emailing, the more time he had to train. That worked for me. By the 5th day, his emails had become condensed to the point that he was only telling me how much he'd gained since the day before.

"0.9lbs" or "1.3lbs". One day it was "2.3lbs".

"Dude," I wrote back to him, "in one day!?"

"Yep," was his brief response.

Then he'd go a couple more days of slower gains, till one day said "3.6lbs". He got practically verbose that day by adding "All Muscle". I jacked off to that wordy post, thinking of him slabbing on nearly 4lbs of muscle, his body growing even as he slept. I kept track of his gains on piece of paper, and by day 15 he had gained an average of 2lbs a day. Thirty pounds total. That would put him at about 250. And the averages were increasing as time went by, as if the bigger he got, the easier he was able to slab on even more size. I wondered if his trainer had him on some special "vitamins". If he did, I might have to get some when I went out there.

On the twentieth day, my email from Jeff said simply "6.8". I was stunned. Was that even possible? Maybe it was a lot of water weight. I hoped it wasn't, but 6.8lbs of muscle growth in a day! God, how I wanted the next ten days to pass! Maybe he was exaggerating some, or was just getting bulked out, but even if he was, he was getting huge. By the 29th day, his email weight totals came out to 90.5lbs. That meant he weighed about 310lbs, at 6'1". The night before I flew out to Seattle, I asked him for his measurements. He's reply said simply, "Measure for yourself tomorrow."

I had to take a Valium to get to sleep that night. It didn't really help much, as I tossed and turned, dreaming and waking up every ten minutes thinking of Jeff at 310+lbs of muscled up geek. Fortunately, I had an early flight, and a window seat, and I spent the time staring out the window, with every billowing cloud reminding me of what Jeff's huge muscle might look like.

We had arranged to meet at the baggage claim area, and when I got down to it, there was a big commotion around one of the baggage belts. I saw a group of older women standing around a huge muscled up guy who was lifting their luggage off the belt for them. Once he'd retrieved all their bags, he stood upright, and he was facing away from me. He had on a tight sleeveless muscle shirt. His back was massive and wide, bulging with muscle, and with a very pronounced taper down to his waist. The women were thanking him over and over, and one of them reached out a squeezed his arm. He leaned down toward her and flexed it. The woman giggled. A crowd had formed around them as everyone looked the big man up and down. It couldn't be, I thought to myself. He was taller than Jeff, and built like a pro bodybuilder. A big pro bodybuilder. My heart was pounding hard as I approached the crowd. As the big guy squeezed his arm into a flex again for the other ladies to feel, he turned sideways and I saw his face. That big pearly white grin. It was definitely Jeff. He saw me coming toward them.

"Mike!" he hollered out. He came at me, big as a house. The crowd parted for him, in awe of his size. He leaned over and wrapped me up in his big arms, sweeping my 210lbs off the floor with ease. "Oh, man, it's so good to see you!" he said, crushing me against his hard upper torso.

"Jefff, can't breeeath," I said, tapping against his thick neck.

"Oh shit," he said, putting me down. "I forget my own strength these days." He stood back and looked at me. I tried to soak in the size of him. He had to have grown 4 inches taller, plus he had a pair of big work boots on, making him seem even taller. He towered over me. His shoulders were huge, and bulged out of his muscle shirt like two bowling balls, if bowling balls had thick veins running across them. He noticed me checking them out, and laughed. "Pretty big,huh?" he said.

"Yeah, kinda," I said, laughing back, still stunned.

"You got any luggage?"

"No, just this," I said, indicating the carry-on bag I had with me.

"Great. Let's go then, I'm parked out this way." Jeff turned to go, and again the crowd parted for him. I followed along happily, soaking in the view. He had on a pair of jeans, and his muscle butt was straining the heavy stitching of every seam. He'd grown so tall that I barely had to look down to watch his glutes roll as he walked. We got to his SUV and he opened the passenger door for me. Then he practically ran to the driver's side and got in.

"Fuck, bro, I've been waiting so long for this," he said. Then he reached over, grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me into him so hard I nearly landed on his lap. He lip-locked with me and forced his tongue deep down my throat. I opened up wide for him and rassled his tongue with mine, groping his enormous pecs with my hands as we kissed slow hard and deep.

I finally put my hands on Jeff's huge traps and push back. Both of us breathing heavy, I look at him. "Geezus, man," I say to him. Both of us with hardons, and sweat already beading up on our foreheads. "I thought Seattle never got hot," I say, realizing that it must be 95 degrees in the parking lot, and the car is even hotter, especially with the two of us in it.

"Usually is, but I like it," grinned Jeff, as sweat dripped of the end of his nose. He caught it with his tongue and licked it up. I almost came in my pants. "Let's go back to my place," he said, starting the truck and pulling out. He left the windows down and the air off.

As we drove down the highway, I had a chance to look him up and down again. "Man," I said, "Look at you."

He looked at me and grinned that cute geek grin that now topped his superheavyweight body. "I know, wild, right? Weighed in at 316 today. And still have abs," he said. And to prove it, he reached down and lifted his shirt, exposing a stack of brick thick abs, the skin tight across them like cellophane wrap. I had to grip the armrest to keep from diving down there. The whole cab of his truck smelled like him, despite the rush of hot air blowing thru. "Wait till we get to my place, man, I'll give you a show."

"Hurry, you sick fuck," I said.

By the time we got to Jeff's condo building, we were both drenched in sweat. Following him down his hallway, I saw the sweat stain soaking thru the crack of his butt. The whole back of his shirt was clinging to him like wet tissue, showing every thick muscle mound. He opened the door to his place. I followed him in. The heat hit me like a wall. Jeff had the whole place shut up, and again, no air.

"Fuck man, its like 100 degrees in here," I said, but Jeff just grabbed me and lifted me up, slamming me against the wall. He pinned me there like a poster, and started kissing me again. I kiss him back, both of us grunting and groping. Jeff undoes my pants and rips at my shirt. I felt up his traps and delts, both hard as Formica.

Jeff broke the kiss and leaned back. "You like that shit?"

"Fuck yeh, you freak."

"Help me pull off my shirt," he said to me, putting me down, and leaning over, his head to my chest. "So huge now man, can't do it myself."

I reach down and pull up the bottom of his shirt. At each shoulder, I have to stretch and stretch on the material to get it around the thickness of his lats and delts. He twists his huge upper body backward to help. The shirt finally pops up over the melon delts and his head. He takes the shirt from me and wrings it in his big hands. Drops of sweat drip out of it and onto the floor. His massive muscle forearms ripple as he twists the shirt even harder.

"Man, you are the biggest motherfucker I've ever seen," I say to him.

"I knew you'd like it man. Check this out."

Jeff stepped backward away from me. He turned around and flexed his lats outward. They spread out wider and wider, impossibly thick and heavy. And that's when I noticed the tattoos. Across his traps was stretched the word "FREEK" all in caps, from one delt to the other. Then, at his lower back, just above his waistline, the word "GEEK", also in caps, but smaller letters, highlighting the tremendous V shape of his monster back muscles. His shoulder span looked wider than 4 feet, his waist less than 2.

"Jeff," I said, leaning back to support myself on his wall.

"All for you, man. You like it?" he asked, twisting his head around on his thick column of a muscle neck. I was busy kicking off my shoes, pulling off my pants, and stripping off my shirt. Then I jumped onto his massive back. The big fucker didn't even budge. I groped around to his huge pec shelf and cupped his massive chest. I started slipping down his sweat drenched back, but he grabbed my arms from the front and pulled me up to his thick neck. I breathed him in deeply as he carried me on his back to his bedroom. He flung me onto his bed, then undid his jeans and took them off. He had a pair of posers on underneath. I looked at him, speechless. His legs were massive and shredded. It looked like someone had packed boa constrictors under his skin. His calves were bigger than Fankhouser's. When he saw me staring at them, he brought his one foot up onto its ball and flexed his calf. Fucking thing popped out big as a football. A thick vein came down from the crook of his knee and then branched out mid-calf, snaking down to his ankle.

"Jeff," I said again, apparently the only word I could get out.

Jeff's posers were tenting out over his growing hardon. "I gotta fucking cum, Mike," he said, reaching into his trunks and pulling his cock out.

"You want me to blow a load on you before we eat?"

"Bring it," I said to him.

Jeff climbed onto the bed and straddled me. The bedframe creaked under the tremendous weight of him. His huge muscles rippled as he stroked himself over me. Sweat dripped off his chin onto my mouth.

"I gotta cum like 5 times a day now, Mike, it's unbelievable. Huge loads too, wait till you feel it. Comes outta me like a super-soaker."

My cock throbbed as his hot precum flowed out of his cock in ropes, hitting me on the stomach.

"Oh yeah," he groaned. "So fucking huge. Getting bigger too, wait till you see how much I eat."

I cupped his pecs as he jacked.

"That's it Mike, feel these rockhard hogs. 68 inches cold."

"Oh, my toes curl...."

"Hoo YEHH, so fuckin HUGE....gona bust 320 before you leave...."

Then he came. And came. And came. The thick paste hitting my chest and chin. Rope after rope of hot jiz. He just kept pumping it out. I came too, midway thru, as another quart of his batter splattered on my pecs, and as I noticed how veiny his supporting arm was getting from holding himself above me as he jacked with the other arm. Both his huge fores roadmapped with veins.

Once the ropes stopped flying out of him, he rolled over onto his back and laid next to me. Ponderous superheavyweight, almost as big as the mattress itself. His massive chest heaving and wet with sweat. Cum still oozing out of his cock onto his abs as he slowly stroked himself.

"I'm hungry," he said, turning toward me with a grin.

"Me too. Let's see if we can get you to 325."

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