My New Pal 8: The Hike

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The night was long and hot. Tommy's bedroom window was open, but not much air was blowing in, so the room just got stuffier and hotter as the night went on. I kept tossing and turning, totally uncomfortable on the hardwood floor. I finally folded the blanket up and slept on top of it, which helped, and I eventually fell asleep.

Around dawn, I woke up to find Tommy straddling on top of me.

"What the.....??" I said, trying to sit up, but he had my shoulders pinned down with his hands, and was leaning into me with all his weight. I could bench press 315, but couldn't budge Tommy. It was like trying to move a bank vault.

"I am gonna fuck you so hard, fuck your brains out," Tommy said, sneering down at me. His voice sounded funny, and he was freaking me out. "I'll pound you right thru the floor," he said, sweat dripping off his chin onto my face. I could feel his thick hardon swelling on my abs. I began to struggle. "Try and get away," he said. "Come on, fight me." He lifted one arm and flexed it. "Look at this muscle...You think you can take this?" He put his big arm up to his mouth and kissed it. He held me down with the other arm like I was a little kid, but as he flexed, he left my right arm free, so I hit him as hard as I could in his solar plexus. My fist thudded on him solidly, right below his sternum.

"That supposed to hurt?" he said. He shifted himself up higher on my torso, twisted me sideways, and maneuvered one thick leg behind my back. "I'll show you pain," he said, as he started to squeeze me between his quads.

"Tommy," I said. He pinned my head to the hardwood floor with his hand.

"Shut up, bitch, I tell you to talk?" Then he flopped his upper body sideways onto the floor as he bore down with his 34" quads and locked his ankles across each other.

"ahhhhfuckkk" I groaned. He squeezed harder. And every time I breathed out, he tightened his scissor hold, and I couldn't breath in. The strength in his legs was unbelievable.

"You give?" he said.

"fuckyou," I groan out. He squeezed so hard I thought I was going to black out.

"Tap out," he ordered. I tapped three times on the floor. "Tap out on my leg," he said. I pounded on his thigh as hard as I could. "AH YEAH," he said. "Harder" I hit him over and over, till he finally released his hold, shoved me on the floor and straddled me again. His big cock leaked pre all over my chest. He started grinding into me like a rutting bull.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

"Wake up, guys," said Pops from the hallway, "time for a hike." I heard him walking down the hall. When I looked up at Tommy, his face had completely changed. He looked confused.

"Joe?" he said. "What are you doing here?"

"Dude, you fucking kidding me?" I said.

"I musta been sleepwalking again. I hate that."

He stood up, and as he did, his thick rope of precum didn't even break, but stretched from my abs up to his thick erection. I looked up at him towering over me, big thick musclehead kid. Strength beyond belief. As I soaked in the size of him, he cupped up his precum and stroked it over his big cock. "I was having this dream that I was about to rape the crap outta someone," he said. Then he looked down at me and a look of realization swept his face. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"No," I lied, "but you oozed all over me." I rubbed his precum into my chest, then wiped my hands on the blanket.

Tommy laughed. "That's a good look for you, man, all shiny with my ooze. Makes you look bigger. Got your cock all hard, too."

"Shut up," I said. But I did feel different. My muscles felt fuller and tighter than ever. It must have been all the carbs I ate for dinner. And my cock was throbbing like hell.

"I gotta take a piss before I bust a nut here," he said, starting to step away from me.

"Wait a minute," I said.

"What?" he asked, turning back to me.

"Cum on me, man."

"Serious?" Pre was still leaking out of his cock, and he was stroking it in. I watched his big forearm ripple as he stroked himself harder.

"Dude, you were just grinding against me like a goat. I wanna see how much paste you got."

"I coulda fucked you like a chick," he said, widening his stance over me as he jerked off.

"Fuck you man, my ass is way too tight for that...."

"Monster cock? Dude, I'd rip you open like a melon with this club." It was a club, too, looked like it was about 11x 7 inches, with precum flying out of it in all directions as he pumped it hard. "Don't touch yourself yet," he said to me as I started stroking my own hardon. I put my hands to my sides. "Just watch this huge cock swell and blow, man. I know I got a huge one, I seen other guys in the lockers, they're puny next to this. Huge fucking muscle cock, and now I got huge fucking muscle to go with it. Just think of me picking you up and breeding your tight skinny muscleass with this, bruising your insides till you cum just feeling the power of it. Awww yehh, so fucking huge.....gona cum all over your little musclebody...awwwwfuckkkkyehhhhh.."

Tommy shot like a fountain, the first spray going over my head, then he leaned over and pushed down on his cock, aiming the spray at my chest, splattering me with hot paste. I couldn't believe what a huge load he had. Finally, he let go of his cock, and squeezed out the remaining drops by flexing his dick muscle, making it bounce up and down, shaking the jiz onto my abs.

"Now come to this muscle," he said, raising his arms into a double bi and flexing over me. He sucked in his gut like he had on my porch, making his chest heave out. He was massive 18yo Hercules, showing off his mass. "Fucking HUGE," he said. He flexed his cock again, and more cum dripped on me. I rubbed my hand in it and grabbed my hardon. He sneered down at me and bounced his huge balloon pecs. I came in seconds, the first arch of jiz flying over my head just like his had, then the rest flying out and landing on my delts and chest, mixing with his. I'd never come so hard in my life. Tommy turned and walked over to his bed. He tore off a pillow case and tossed it to me. "Here," he said, "wipe yourself off with this." Then he started to strip the bed apart.

"What are you doing," I said, moping up the quart of cum that was all over me.

"I had about 4 wet dreams last night. Happens all the time now. Pops makes me change the sheets everyday," he said, wiping his dick off on the sheets. " Sometimes bleach doesn't even get out all the stains. Pops calls them 'sheets gone bad'." He bundled up the bedding, and then went and opened up the bedroom door.

"Hey, aren't you afraid Pops will see that?" I said, nodding at his hardon.

"He's used to it. He just shakes his head and tells me to put some clothes on. Says it's like he's living with a barn animal." With his ball sac hanging halfway to his knees, he did kind of look like a barn animal. He walked down the hallway, and I heard a door open. Then I heard him pissing. It sounded like someone spraying a garden hose into the toilet. As I got up to put my shirt on, he came back in. His erection had gone down, and his dick was swinging between his legs like a big pendulum, his low-hanging balls behind it, big as eggs. "You should go piss too, Pops is getting ready downstairs. We're gonna hike the hill. Hey, and that scale at your house must be off. Mine says I weigh 287 now." Goddam kid had over 100lbs on me.

Mr Berg was already in the garage when we got downstairs. He had his legs wrapped around the heavy punching bag, and was doing sit-ups in midair. I'd never seen anyone do that before. When he saw us come in, he did one last sit-up, grabbed the top of the bag with one hand, released his legs, then hopped down to the ground. He was shirtless, and his torso looked like granite.

"You do 200 of those a day, boy, and you might get a set like this," he said, strumming his hairy 8pack with his fingers. The garage stank of old cop muscle sweat.

Tommy rolled his eyes at me, then went over and picked up a vest-like harness, and started putting it on.

"You ready to try the jeep today, kid?" Pops asked him.

"Yeah?" said Tommy. "Hell yeah."

"Don't forget to hydrate first," said Pops. Tommy went over to the refrigerator on the far wall of the garage. He opened it up, and I saw about 10 gallon-sized containers that looked like they were filled with water. Tommy took one out and started drinking from it. "You should have some too, Joe," he said. I went over and took one out, and took a gulp. It wasn't just water, though. It had sort of a metallic taste to it.

"What's in this?" I asked.

"It's an energy drink that Pops mixes up. It helps a lot," said Tommy, then he finished off his gallon.

"Just an herbal concoction I make using some stuff from overseas," said Mr Berg. "Tastes good, right?"

It did taste good, and I figured what the fuck. I drank as much as I could while Arn attached a thick chain to the front of his jeep, and then attached the other end to Tommy's harness. Then he came over to me with another vest. It looked like a flack jacket, with iron bars in each of the many pockets. "Here," he said, "this has got 75lbs added to it. You should be able to handle it, though, you got a sturdy set of legs there."

We headed down the driveway and turned left toward Shafto Road, which was about a half mile away, along a level street. Even so, by the time we turned onto Shafto, I was already sweating. And Tommy, towing the jeep behind him, was drenched. The incline on the road was slow and steady at first, and then really became steeper for the second half of the hill. It was about a 3 mile stretch of road to the crest of the hill. My legs started burning about an eighth of a mile into it. I hadn't thought the extra 75lbs would make such a dramatic difference. I tried to motivate myself by thinking about how firemen have to carry their 50lbs packs up flights of stairs in burning buildings.

Tommy was huffing pretty good, too, and was leaning forward hard as he pulled the jeep up the hill and onto the steeper part of the road. A half mile into it, and not only were my legs on fire, but my lungs were starting to burn too. The morning sun was behind us, beating down on the road. I don't think the temperature had gone below 80 all night, and it was rising fast. Tommy was keeping up with me pretty easy, I thought, given his load. Then, as the incline started to increase, Tommy went huffing past me. I tried to stay even with him, but he trudged ahead, digging his big feet into the blacktop. I'd only drank about half a gallon of Mr Berg's energy water, but I was about to toss it. As the jeep came up along side me, Mr Berg stuck his head out.

"You losing steam there, Joe?" he asked.

"Uh uh," I lied, but stopping to put my hands on my legs to catch my breath.

"Maybe this will help," he said, and he reached down in the jeep, stuck a cattle prod out the window, and jabbed me in the ass.

"Muutherrfuckerrr," I yelped as pain seared thru my body. "You fucking crazy?" I said to him.

"Use language like that, you get another one, boy," he said, raising the prod. I caught up with Tommy pretty fast.

"The old dude is nuts," I huffed to him. Tommy didn't even look at me. His total focus was the top of the hill. He was sweating buckets. Even his harness was drenched with sweat. Veins were popping out on his forehead. His calves looked like they had doubled in size and were covered in even more veins. I turned my attention to the road, and began to take it one step at a time. I tried not to notice when Tommy got a few steps ahead, or when Mr Berg tapped the side of the jeep with the cattle prod behind me. Up and up we went. We passed the point where I used to have to stop my bike as a kid and walk the rest of the way up. The steepest part. My legs felt like someone had a blowtorch to them. So did my lungs. I told myself, when I got to the top, I could puke my guts out.

Finally, we were almost there. Tommy was leaning over so far his hands almost touched the street, his big arms hanging down like an ape's. Tommy made it to the top first. The last few steps were pure agony for me, but I heard Mr Berg put the parking brakes on the jeep and hop out. "Need some help?" he said, swinging the prod at me. I bolted the last few feet to the top, and fell to my knees. I started to dry heave.
"Don't you puke," Pops said to me. "You puke, and I will ride your ass with this prod all the way down, you hear me?" I looked up at the old fucker. I wanted to pounce on him and knock him down the hill, but I knew darn well he'd kick the living crap outta me, even if I hadn't just hiked up this damn hill. I swallowed hard to keep from barfing, then sat down on my ass. I looked over at Tommy's legs. His gym shorts had been pushed up high by his big thighs, which were purple with pump. His quads hung out about 4 inches over his kneecaps. I'd wager those quads were over 36" with veins all over them. His chest heaved in and out as Pops undid the harness. Tommy's face looked a little green. "Help me pull this vest off him, would you, Joe," Arn said. The vest was a heavy canvas material, with heavy metal rings at different levels for attaching the harness. It was soaked thru and heavy with sweat. The smell of it almost knocked me over. Hot, rank, jocksweat. It took both of us to pull the vest over Tommy's big arms. Sitting there shirtless, Tommy looked like a powerlifter who'd just run a marathon. Big hulking kid, his skin blotchy from heat and exertion, his muscles bloated, sweat pouring off him, his eyes glazed with exhaustion.

Arn helped me get out of my 75lbs weighted vest. I saw him look up at the sun as he tossed the vest in the jeep. Then he said, "You know what guys, why don't we take the trip back down in the jeep? We'll do the full hike another day. We'll get back home, and I'll make breakfast."

"Breakfast?" said Tommy. The thought of food almost made me wretch again, but it perked Tommy right up. He stood up, grabbed his vest and the heavy chain and walked to the jeep. "Let's go," he said.

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