My New Pal 9

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As we drove back down the hill, Tommy sprawled himself out in the backseat of the Jeep. I sat next to Mr Berg up front. He was looking over at the other side of the road.

"Maybe I shouldn't have ridden the brakes so hard," he said. I followed his gaze, and saw the skid marks running all the way up the side of the road.

"You had the brakes on the whole time?" I asked.


Tommy had lugged the jeep all the way up that kill against the brakes. I looked back at him lolling in the back. He was looking at the back window as we drove. He had one hand down his shorts. I looked at the size of him, and thought about the growing power of his body. I felt my cock stir.

"Good way to ruin a set of tires, though," Mr Berg said. "Not to mention the brakes."

It didn't take us long to get back to the house. Mr Berg parked the jeep out front. "I'll go start breakfast. Why don't you guys go take a swim out back?"

"Nice," said Tommy, muscling his way out of the backseat. "Com'on Joe," he said to me. I followed him thru the garage and out the back door. They had a big backyard with a huge in-ground pool. Tommy stripped down to his sweat-soaked briefs and said, "Race you to the end," and dove in. I jumped in right after him. The cold water was shocking, especially after our hot hike. I was an excellent swimmer, and flew past Tommy in the water, who was smashing his big arms into the water so hard that he was creating waves. I made it to the shallow end, tapped the side, and stood up. Tommy was heading toward me like a rhino. When he reached the end and stood up, he said, "Damn, you swim fast, Joe." I watched the pool water bead up on his taut skin, then roll down his big pecs. He looked even bigger wet. His skin had red marks on it from where the harness dug into it as he dragged the jeep up the hill. I looked at him, and saw him staring at me. "Bet I could throw you clear across the pool," he said, looking me up and down.

"Bet you couldn't," I answered, moving back from him.

"How much you wanna bet?" he said, grabbing me and lifting me clear out of the water.

"I'll bet you a blow job, cocksucker," I said, as he lifted me over his head.

"You're on, dude." He shifted me around in his hands, getting a better grip. He did ten reps with me overhead. Then he reared back and tossed me like a water polo ball. I soared thru the air and landed an inch from the far end of the pool with a big splash. When I came up out of the water and looked down at him, he was laughing his ass off at the other end of the pool. He leaned over and flexed into a most-muscular, his delts swelling out, big and round with muscle. I started swimming toward him, and he started swimming toward me. When we met in the middle of the pool, we grabbed each other and started wrestling in the water. We rolled over and over, sending water splashing out of the sides of the pool. We roughhoused around back and forth. His bulk was easier for me to maneuver in the water, but his strength was unbelievable. I tried to push him under. It was like trying to submerge a tank. The harder I pushed down, the more I raised up out of the water. Tommy didn't budge. Instead, he grabbed me and dunked me under with tremendous ease. He held me under while I thrashed around. Then he lifted me out of the water, and slammed me under again. I barely had time to catch a breath. He did this over and over to me, working me like a shirt he was washing out in the pool water. About the tenth time he dunked me, I was able to slip out of his grip. I swam around him underwater, came up behind him, and jumped up on his big solid back, so heavily muscled, I felt like I was jumping onto a gorilla. I put one arm around his neck and pulled it in tight with my other hand, applying the sleeper hold I had used on the thug back at the ice cream shop.

"Double or nothing on our bet if I take you down, Tommy," I panted out, as I gasped for air.

"Oh, you are so on, man."

As I tightened my hold on around his neck, I began to realize just how thick it was. And so solid. I wasn't making any kind of dent into his muscle. As I tried to squeeze harder, Tommy started walking into the shallow end of the pool. He made his way to the ladder, and climbed out, me clinging to his back. Our combined weight, along with his strength, made the aluminum railing bend. He pulled us up and out, and stood next to the pool, water pouring off us, as I tried to bring him down.

"Come on, Joe, put everything you got into it," he said, tipping his head back, opening up more of his neck to me. My sleeper had taken the thug down in under 20 seconds. Tommy wasn't getting any weaker at all. In fact, standing there with me on his back, he seemed even stronger than ever. And so completely pumped up from our roughhousing that he felt bigger than ever too.

I couldn't understand how I wasn't cutting off the blood supply to his head, so I shifted my hold around his neck. When I did that, he began to bulge his muscles. I felt his traps rising up under my arms, rising like an emerging submarine. His neck grew thicker and stretched out my hold. Big freaky muscle kid was breaking my hold just by making himself swell. I heard him chuckle as he realized he could muscle his way out of my hold. I pulled harder with my arm, and dug my biceps into the side of his neck. "That tickles, little dude," he said. Then he reached up and grabbed my arms and pried them apart with his grip of steel. Then he backed up toward the pool, and tossed me off of him into the water.

I stood up in the shallow end. "Cocksucker," I said.

"That's were you're wrong, man, that would be you. And now you owe me two." I looked up at the swaggering bulked-up kid. His massive quads were still swollen and purplish from our hike, and his pump from our wrestling around had brought out even more vascularity over his whole body. He flexed his huge pecs at me, then grabbed his crotch. I could see the entire outline of his big dick in his wet briefs, the cotton clinging to his package like a transparent skin, highlighting his huge mushroom cap dickhead. He lifted his crotch and cupped it upward. "Hope you don't gag easy," he said to me, as his oversized package flopped up and over his hand.

"Fuck you," I said, and he laughed.

Then we heard Pops yell out from the kitchen window, "Breakfast's almost ready, guys." Tommy waddled over to a outdoor cabinet and pulled out towels. He threw one at me as I came up behind him. As I dried off, he stripped off his briefs. His glutes were twice the size of mine, and as he bent over, I could see striations in them. He turned to face me. "This bad boy needs some service," he said, stroking himself. "Hope you got soft lips."

"Cut it out, asshole," I said. I dipped one end of my towel in the pool water, then I snapped it at him, snagging one of his low-hanging bull balls.

"Ouch!," he said, jumping back.

"Serves you right," I said.

"Yeah, maybe," he said, rubbing his ball "But you'll still pay for it."

We put on our gym shorts and went inside. Pops had whipped up a huge breakfast. The stove had a pot or a pan on ever burner. He served us up plates full of eggs, corn beef hash, hash browns, and toast. As we sat down and started eating, Pops filled a huge bowl full of oatmeal and put it in front of Tommy.

"You want any?" he said to me, holding the pot.

"I'll pass," I said, so he plopped the rest of the oatmeal into Tommy's bowl. He ate everything on his plate and in his bowl, and then had seconds. I tried eating around my egg yolks, and avoiding the carbs, but Mr Berg had cooked everything in bacon fat, and it tasted so good, I ended up cleaning my plate off too. I didn't have seconds though. My 6-pack was having enough trouble holding in my expanding gut wall. This didn't bode well for my comp, but it sure felt good.

After Tommy and I finished, Mr Berg sat at the table eating his own breakfast, while Tommy washed the dishes and I helped him dry.

"Joe thinks you should enter the powerlifting match over at the college, Tommy," said Pops. "You think you're strong enough for something like that?"

Tommy stopped washing and dried off his hands. He picked up a frying pan I'd just dried, turned around to face Pops, and put the pan on his thigh. Then he started to bend the edge of the pan with his fingers. He folded the edge underneath itself, and then rolled the pan up like a crepe. He put the rolled-up pan on the kitchen table with a thunk. "That answer your question?" he said.

Pops stopped eating and looked at me. "Kid's getting kinda cocky, don't ya think?"

"Uh-huh," I said, staring at Tommy's hands and forearms, thinking if Mr Berg hadn't been there, I might be paying off one of my bets right now.

"Well, I've got some errands to run," said Pops, "and since you think you're ready, I'll swing by the college and pick up an entry form for you. Plus, I need to get a new pan. And I'll stop and pick up some headlights for your truck, Joe."

"You want me to come with you?" I asked.

"No, you guys stay here. You can figure out how you'll show Tommy the lifts he's going to do. Besides, I might stop by the club for lunch." He got up and put his plate in the sink, grabbed his keys, and headed out. After he left, Tommy and I finished cleaning up. Tommy tossed the ruined frying pan in the garbage, then went into the bathroom down the hall, and came back with a scale. He put it down on the kitchen floor and stepped on it. His big feet nearly covered the whole thing.

"288lbs...yeah, I'm ready," he said, looking up at me. "You show me those lifts, Joe, and I want you there watching me at the contest. I wanna show you how strong I am, man. I'll outlift anyone who gets in my way, make you proud," he said, stepping off the scale and coming over to me. His big quads were still bloated full and tight, and he started flexing them. I got down on my knees and started feeling his legs. "I'll squat a bus for you, Joe. Hell, I'll squat a whole planet with these suckers." He flexed harder. His huge quads pushed his shorts up high on his legs. His sartorius muscle bulged out like an over-fed boa constrictor. I ran my hand up it, following its sweep across his huge thigh until my hand was at his groin. "Aww, yeah," he groaned, "so huge and strong...." His big cock was already muscling its way out of his shorts when I reached in and grabbed it. I pulled it out. Then I went down on him. I was going to pay off my bet right there in the kitchen. Tommy leaned back against the counter as I sucked him off. I took him in deep...deeper than I thought I could. I wanted his power inside me so badly. I sucked and sucked while he groaned, "Ahh fuck yeh, Joe, I knew you had a hot mouth, I fuckin knew it...getting huge, man, I'll be over 300lbs soon, you'll see..." I took him in even deeper. "Aww, Joey, man, you got a hot throat too! Goddamm, I can't hold out....."

And that's how I paid off my first bet. Tommy flooded my throat and stomach with a bucketful of his jiz. I drained him as hard as I could, because I wanted as much of him as I could get. I figured I'd pay off the second bet after he crushed all comers in the powerlifting event. Or maybe I'd make him wait till he got to 350. That outta motivate him.

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