Nick the Muscle Escort

Nick was on a flight out to Chicago to meet up with one of his repeat customers. Nick only knew him as Mr J, and didn't know much about him except that he was wealthy enough to fly Nick out a couple times a year, have him picked up by a chauffeur-driven limo, and taken to his penthouse condo that had floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Lake Michigan. Nick was a 5'7", 220 pound fireplug of a bodybuilder. He had clients from all over the country who would fly him in for sessions. For guys into short thick muscle, he was a real find.

Mr J was one of Nick's favorite customers. He guessed the guy to be in his mid-40's. At about 5'10", 175lbs, he was good looking, fit, and clean. And rich. Real generous with it too, and had always tipped Nick about fifty percent above his going rate. Over the past two years, they'd gotten together about six times.

Mr J liked for Nick to be fresh from a workout when he arrived at his condo, so the limo driver would drop Nick off at Quads Gym, where Nick would spend an hour pumping up as intensely as he could. Mr J asked Nick not to shower after his workout, but to put on a pair of dress pants and a button down shirt. Nick didn't mind complying with these requests, and, in fact, felt like a jacked-up executive as he climbed into the back seat of the limo, his dress shirt and pants stretching tightly across his swollen muscles.

Once inside the condo, Mr J never wasted any time. From their very first session, he embraced Nick in a kiss right after shaking hands. Nick didn't kiss with all his customers, but he liked getting into it with Mr J. The older man tasted clean and smelled rich, like high quality leather. By the time the deep long kiss was over, they would both be getting hard. The last time they got together, Nick's shirt was already soaked thru with his workout sweat.

"How's my dirty, sweaty muscle whore today?" Mr J had asked, as he felt Nick's thick muscle thru the wet shirt.

"Bigger and stronger than he's ever been, you sick freak," Nick had replied. He flexed into a most muscular pose, until they both heard the shirt ripping in the back.

Mr J unbuttoned the top of Nick's shirt and put his hand inside. "Your skin is so thin and tight over your pecs, Nick," Mr J said as he felt around inside the shirt. Their noses were almost touching.

"Thinner than ever. Thin as rice paper," said Nick, and as Mr J groped him, he undid two more buttons. Nick liked the way his muscles got more and more exposed as Mr J parted his shirt open. The thick bodybuilder escort knew that he was in better shape than he'd ever been. When Mr J untucked the dress shirt and undid the rest of the buttons, Nick flexed his chest, and his two pumped mounds of pecs pushed the shirt apart. "Check it out," he said, as striations popped out up and down his 50" chest.

"Nick," said Mr J, as he ran his finger up and down the deep valley between Nick's deeply striated chest muscles.

"Yeah," said Nick, "and check this out too." He pulled the shirt open at his waist, and flexed his abs. They popped out like staggered bricks of muscle. "Behold the 8 pack."

"I knew you could do it," Mr J said, feeling Nick's rock hard midsection. His sweaty, paper-thin skin felt like satin over granite.

"Oh yeah," said Nick. "And I'm just getting started."

"You want to get bigger, don't you, Nick?"

"Way bigger."

"How big?"

"Huge. Super heavyweight huge."

Mr J pulled Nick's shirt over his big delts, and peeled it down over his 19" biceps. He yanked at the sleeves until the buttons popped off at the cuffs, and then pulled the shirt off. Both men were breathing heavily now. They started kissing again. More passionately this time. Deeper and harder, as they both imagined Nick's body growing even more thickly muscular and powerful. Mr J broke off the kiss. "I want to help you," he said. He undid Nick's belt and pants.

"Help me what?" asked Nick, knowing exactly what his client was offering.

"Get huge."

"How huge?"

"Mass Monster huge."

"How?" asked Nick, reaching into Mr J's pants and grabbing his raging hardon. Mr J grabbed Nick's the same way.

"I know some people in eastern Europe. They tell me there's something new. Something very effective for growth. I'm going over there soon to check it out."

Nick squeezed Mr J's dick hard and stroked him. "I will rock your world with the muscle I'd build."

"You already rock my world, babe, but a 50 to 100 pound gain of muscle wouldn't hurt anything."

Nick paused a moment to think about what he just heard. "Fifty to 100?"

"That's what I'm hearing."

"I'd be....."

"Over 300lbs of 5'7". Shredded."

"Aw fuck yeahh," growled Nick. He grabbed Mr J off the ground and thru him over his shoulder, then waddled his way toward the master bedroom. He tossed Mr J onto the king-sized bed. He stripped the rest of his clothes off, and looked at himself in the full-length mirror on the wall. He was so jacked. And hard.

"You could outflex almost any pro you wanted right now," said Mr J, as he stripped himself down. "At 300 plus, you'd mop the floor with them."

Nick flexed in the mirror, and imagined himself with that much mass. 300++. He got so hard, he almost came on the mirror. He turned to Mr J. "I'm gonna fuck you till the sun comes up over Lake Michigan," he said. He climbed onto the bed and pinned Mr J down.

Mr J looked up at the rippling fireplug on top of him. "That's what I was counting on."

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