Nick the Muscle Escort 2

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It had been six months since Nick's last session with Mr J. Nick had started to think that he wasn't going to hear from him again, when, out of the blue, Mr J emailed him and invited him out to Chicago. The arrangements were already set up. Nick would fly to O'Hare, get picked up by the limo driver, dropped off at Quad's Gym, then picked up and taken to Mr J's penthouse for a hardcore worship session.

Nick was looking forward to showing off the 5lbs of shredded muscle he'd gained since he'd last seen his client. Now at 5'7", 225lbs, Nick had pro quality mass and cuts. He worked out extra hard at Quad's, going for the most intense pump he could get. He like to impress Mr J, and unlike a lot of his customers, he was pretty sure that Mr J would notice the five pounds of size he'd packed on. For a rich businessman, he knew muscle.

Everything went as usual on this trip until Nick got to Mr J's apartment building. Once inside the elevator, he swiped the card the limo driver had given him that gave him access to the penthouse. The elevator headed up, and opened directly into the apartment. Nick stepped out into the darkened vestibule. Mr J had always been there to meet him, but tonight, he wasn't there. Nick stepped farther into to apartment and looked around. The living room area was dark too, but he was slowly able to make out the shapes of the furniture from the ambient light coming in from the big windows.

"Mr J?" Nick called out.

"Hello, Nick," came a voice from a chair in the far corner of the room. Nick didn't exactly recognize the voice. It was a lot deeper than Mr J's. A good octave lower.

"Who's there?" Nick asked. He could just make out a shadow of a man sitting in the chair. It looked like he was wearing an overstuffed parka, big and bulky.

"It's just me, Nick," said the man. And then he clicked a light on next to the chair. Nick saw Mr J sitting in the chair. And he wasn't wearing a big bulky coat. Mr J was shirtless, and had the physique of a jacked up light heavyweight bodybuilder. The only thing he was wearing was a small pair of posers.

Nick took a step backwards. "What the fuck!?"

Mr J smiled. "I told you I was going to check some things out in Europe," he said proudly, as he bounced his big mounded pecs, which were now thicker than Nick's.

"I thought that was gonna be for me," said Nick. He was used to clients promising to hook him up with good gear, but it never seemed to pan out.

"It is," said Mr J. "but I couldn't resist trying it out on myself first. It's unbelievable how fast it kicked in for me. The guys in Europe were even stunned. Come over here and let me show you."

As Nick walked over toward the chair, Mr J stood up. He towered over Nick's five foot seven.

", you're huge!" said Nick, looking up. Mr J's nips were at Nick's forehead level. Nick looked at the big man's 8 pack heaving in and out as he breathed. "How much do you weigh?"

"262 this morning."

"Are you taller, too?"

"Couple of inches. I'm 6'2" now." Mr J couldn't resist rippling his muscle in front of his muscle escort, who was now 40lbs smaller and much shorter than him. "And watch this," he said, putting his hands underneath Nick's armpits, and lifting him up off the ground. He held him straight-armed at his face level. "I'm much stronger than I even look," the big man said. He shifted his grip on Nick's body, then lifted the short bodybuilder up over his head. "You feel like a feather," said the big older man. He started pressing Nick up and down. "I could do this for hours, Nicky. Hours. And it just makes me bigger. I get bigger just from flexing and posing, let alone lifting weights. Pumps me like a car tire air pump." After about 30 rapid, strict reps, Mr J lowered Nick down and cradled the thick muscle escort in his arms. Nick couldn't believe that the big man could hold him like he was a stray dog. "Let's go in the bedroom and I'll show you." Mr J carried Nick into his bedroom and tossed him on the bed, a roll reversal from their last meeting. "Let's get these clothes off you." Mr J grabbed Nick's shirt and tore it apart like tissue paper. He grabbed Nick's belt and snapped it in two rather than unbuckling it. He pulled Nick's shoes off him without untying them. Then he pulled Nick's pants off of him in one powerful tug, like a magician pulling a tablecloth off a loaded table. Nick lay in the bed in his tight white briefs.

"Get up and come over to the mirror," Mr J said, turning on some lights. Nick stood up and saw his reflection in the full length mirror. He was pumped up, and bigger than he'd ever been. Then he saw Mr J's reflection in the mirror. The big man stood looking at himself in a relaxed pose. "This is what 262 looks like at 2% body fat," he said. Nick couldn't believe what he was seeing. The man had striations on his striations. The lowest Nick had been able to get his body fat level was 5%, and that was real hard to maintain. Two percent made his muscular client look like an anatomy chart. "Flex into a double bi, Nicky," said Mr J. Nick raised his arms and flexed into the mirror. Mr J followed suit, raising his arms and flexing them tight.

"Holy shit," said Nick, as he watched Mr J's peaks rise up like jagged mountain tops. He looked at himself, then back at the bigger man. If they'd been onstage at a contest, Nick would have been asked to step back by the judges. Mr J's muscular development blew his away. "You did all this in 6 months," he asked his client.

Mr J shrugged. "More like 4 and a half," he said, as he continued to watch himself pose in the mirror. Side chest shot. Lat spread. "And I get bigger every day. It's slowed down now some, but I'm guessing by the end of the week, I'll be over 270." He turned his back to the mirror and said, "Check out the Christmas tree." He tightened his muscles and out popped the most intensely etched lower back display that Nick had ever seen. "Touch it, Nicky."

Nick reached over and put his hand on Mr J's lower back. The muscle felt like bridge cables. Mr J made the muscles roll up and down, with complete muscle control.

"You like that?" the big man asked.

"Fuckk yes," said Nick.

Mr J turned and put his big arms around Nick, then lifted him up into a bearhug. "It's good to see you again, Nick." Then he kissed him. Nick got dizzy from the power of the big man, holding him like he was a kid. Both of them were hard. Mr J broke off the kiss and looked at Nick. "I could crush you like a grape," he said, tightening his hug. They both got harder. "Squeeze you till your ribcage caves in like brittle twigs."

"Aww, fuck me," said Nick, as he felt the superhuman strength of his client squeezing into him like a vise.

"That's the plan," said Mr J, carrying Nick over to the bed. "Am gonna fuck you all night, boy." He laid Nick down on the bed. "My dick got bigger too. Used to be a respectable 7. Now it's a ten. And growing." He ripped off his posers, then slapped his hardon in his palm so Nick could hear the heft of it.

"Geezus," said Nick, pulling off his briefs. "Give it to me."

"Oh yeah. Five or six times tonight, baby boy. Push your prostate right up to your throat. And then we're gonna get huge together."

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