Nick the Muscle Escort: Finale

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Mr J and Nick continued to train and get bigger together. The older Mr J was now 6'6" and weighed 420lbs. Nick had 'sprouted' to 5'8" and weighed 315. Nick loved to flex out in the mirror and watch his thick, squatty, blocky muscle bulge out all over himself. "Superheavyweight" didn't begin to describe his mass. And except for the fact that he had a major roidgut, he imagined his muscle size would pretty much wipe the stage at the Mr O contest. As long as Mr J didn't compete.

One day, Mr J announced that he had to go overseas on business for at least a month. He told Nick that he was bringing in a Ukrainian powerlifter to train with him while he was gone. Yuri was his name, and he'd been on the 'program' for about twelve months longer than Nick.

"He's a pretty jacked up kid," Mr J told Nick. "I think you two will get into lifting together."

"Kid? How old is he?" asked Nick.

"Just turned 21," answered Mr J.

"Twenty-one? How big could he be?"

"Well, he was a big kid to start with. You know those Ukrainians. He was 6'2", 265lbs right out of high school. He was already winning every powerlifting comp he entered. His bodyfat was 18 percent though."

"And now?"

"He's 6'6", 480ish."

"No fuckin' way. Bodyfat?" asked Nick.

"Around 6."

"Holy shit."

"Yeah, and freak strong too. It's pretty intense. I have to fly him over here on my private jet, he's too big for commercial. Anyway, I have to leave tonight, and he'll be here in a day or two, so you mind showing him the ropes?"

"No, it's cool." But Nick already felt envy toward the kid, who was a foot taller than him and outweighed him by 170lbs of muscle.

After Mr J left, Nick called up an old client of his in Chicago. Nick hadn't been hiring out since he'd come to stay with Mr J, and while he didn't mind being fully supported by Mr J, he felt the need to have some cash of his own coming in, and maybe a good ego boost along the way. This client of his was a lawyer for a top firm, totally into muscle, and Nick had gained 65lbs since the last time they got together. The guy was thrilled to hear that Nick was in town, and even more thrilled when Nick said, "I've gotten a little bigger."

Nick went over to the guy's apartment that night. Nick walked into the foyer and took off his jacket, tossing it onto the marble floor. He had on a tight white 4XL wifebeater. Nick saw the guy's eyes widen as he soaked in Nick's mass and extreme vascularity. He'd gotten more and more veiny as he'd grown, and now had river deltas of veins all over his upper body, especially his forearms and huge chest. Nick smirked as the lawyer backed up until he was leaning against a wall in the entrance way. The guy was not bad looking, about Nick's height, and weighed about 175. He was checking out Nick's pants. Although tailor-made to fit Nick's big legs and glutes, the pants had quickly become overly tight on his growing tree trunks and ass. So tight in fact, that the lawyer could see the thick veins in NIck's quads showing thru the stretched cotton fabric. Nick noticed that his client had gotten almost instantly hard. Nick took a few steps toward him.

"Nickkk," stuttered out the client, "you're a freak, man!"

"Oh yeh," answered the jacked up Nick. He noticed the precum stain showing thru the lawyer's pants. he walked up to him so they were eye to eye, then he raised his left arm and flexed. "You ever kiss a 24" bi, dude?" said Nick.

"ohmygod," moaned the lawyer, as he watched Nick's arm ball up and up. Nick moved the peak off his arm till it tapped the man's nose. "You like that?" asked Nick.

"ohmyfuckngggod," groaned out the client. His whole body shook, from his toes on up, and he came right in his pants. Just like that. Didn't even touch himself. Came and came as he felt the heat of Nick's huge arm against his nose and lips.

"Nice," said Nick. Nick stepped back and pulled his wifebeater up over his head. The lawyer's glazed eyes watched as the huge bodybuilder's torso rippled and bulged its way out of the shirt. Nick took the shirt, balled it up in his hand, and used it to wipe around his neck, under his pits, and down his torso. Then he put the tee under the guy's nose. "Smell," said Nick.

"awww fukkk," came the guy's muffled response. He took in a big whiff of Nick's hot, sweat-moistened shirt. Breathed in Nick's scent like it was crack. Deeper and deeper, he inhaled the masculine musky odor. An odor that had gotten more pungent and intoxicating as Nick got bigger and bigger. Suddenly, the lawyer's eyes rolled up into his head, and he fainted.

Nick caught him before he hit the floor. He tossed him over his shoulder and waddled his way to the guy's bedroom. He tossed the guy onto the bed, and then stripped the man's clothes off him. He went into the bathroom, grabbed a towel, and wet it down in the sink. He looked at himself in the sink's mirror and watched as his huge delts and pecs rippled at the slightest twisting of the wet towel. He twisted the towel harder, and his chest turned into one massive display of striated sinew. "No wonder the guy came in his pants," Nick thought to himself with a grin.

He walked back into the bedroom and toweled the cum off the guy's leg and stomach. As the client slowly came to, he looked over at the huge arms rubbing the towel up and down his body.

"Nick....." he stammered.

"Don't talk, buddy. Just appreciate." Nick tossed the towel aside, and climbed up on the bed and straddled the much smaller man. The bedsprings creaked and groaned from Nick's heaviness. Nick was careful not to crush the man.

"Oh my god," said the guy, looking up at Nick's extreme mass and density. Nick grabbed the guy's hands and put them on his roidgut. He could feel the guy growing hard again underneath him. He ran the guy's fingers along his abs.

"Feel the ridges, babe? Almost two inches deep. I could crush your fingers in there." The guy looked at Nick's abs in awe. "Never seen an eight-pack roid gut like this before, have you, man?" The client shook his head no. He had lost the power of speech. Nick leaned down over him. "Now feel this pec valley, dude. I'm benching 900lbs for reps with this chest. You ever see anyone bench 900lbs?" The client shook his head again. "Try and pull your fingers out," said Nick, who had the man's hand buried 3 fingers deep into his muscle cleavage. The man tugged on his hand, but it didn't budge. He groaned in pleasure. "You ever fuck a chest like this, dude?" The man shook his head no. "You want to, man? I'll let you, cause I like you. And cause I wanna make you cum to this muscle twice in less than ten minutes." Nick rolled the two of them over on the mattress and held his client in the air over top of him. "You are light as a feather to me, man. Here, wedge your dick in there, bro." Nick lowered the guy down, so that his hard cock thumped against Nick's pec valley. "Sink it in there bro. These two slabs of cement are gonna drain you dry." Nick relaxed his chest enough for the man's dick to sink in deep. Then he tightened up again. He lowered the guy down onto his chest. "Hump this huge muscle, bro. Feel the size and strength of it on your dick." The guy started to buck into Nick's deep valley. "Harder, dude," Nick commanded. "Beat your cock into this monster chest." Nick could feel the guy's precum already leaking onto his chest. "Oh yeh, you hot little muscle lover, you ever cum inside a 66" chest before?" With that, the guy couldn't hold out, much as he wanted to. He spewed deep and hard against the huge pec slabs, which Nick heaved up and used them to milk the guy's hot spunk out of him.

"Not a bad second load," said Nick, as he rubbed the client's paste into his thick chest. The lawyer was breathing heavily as he looked down at the massive escort's muscles. His face was flushed, and sweat was dripping off his forehead. "Maybe we should go take a shower before you have a stroke, bud," suggested Nick. The two of them went off to the shower together, where the lawyer came a third time as he soaped up Nick's huge back muscles.

They got back into bed after the shower, and Nick ended up spending the night, during which time the lawyer sucked him off three times before they fell asleep. When Nick woke up, it was 10am, and his client was in a coma-like sleep. Nick got up and got dressed, grabbed the envelope filled with cash off the dresser where the lawyer had left it for him, and headed back to Mr J's penthouse.

When he got there, he heard someone working out in the gym area. He looked in and saw the biggest dude he'd ever seen, wearing sweats and a stringer tank, and repping out deadlifts. There had to be 1000lbs on the bar. The guy had his back to Nick, so he could see the monster sized traps undulating with power as he pummeled out rep after rep. Nick thought Mr J had a huge back...this dude dwarfed him. It had to be Yuri. As soon as he put down the weights, Nick stepped further into the gym.

"Yo," he said. The huge dude turned toward him. He walked over to Nick and put out his hand.

"I am Yuri," he said, as the two muscleheads shook. "You are Neek?"

"Nick.... yeah, man. I didn't expect you for a day or two." He couldn't believe the size and thickness of the big kid's hand. It nearly swallowed his up completely. His face had broad, heavy Slavic features to it, and although he still looked young, he had a pronounced brow and a thickly squared off jaw line.

"Yes. I come early to workout with you, Neek. Meester J's driver let me in." The kid's traps had risen so high that they were pushing his ears outward. His neck was an inch wider than his broad head, on both sides.

Nick was doing everything he could not to wince from the strength of the kid's handshake. Yuri smiled and loosened his grip. As he looked down at Nick, his chin rested on top of his giant pecs. Nick pulled his hand away and said, "I'm hungry, man, you want anything to eat?" He went over to the kitchen area. He didn't usually go more than an hour or two without eating, so he was starving. But when he got to the kitchen, he saw that the counters were strewn with empty containers of eggs, meat, tuna, chicken, oatmeal. The sink was full of dirty pans and dishes. "What the fuck??" said Nick.

"I was hungry too, so driver made me breakfast when we arrive." Yuri was standing on the other side of the counter, looking a little sheepish. "He said he would buy more, come back and clean up too. Good driver."

Nick opened the refrigerator door. Normally it was stocked full of food. Now, it was empty except for some bottled water. Nick couldn't believe this beast of a kid had eaten everything in the kitchen.

"Yuri need much food, for much growth," said the big Ukrainian. He flexed his right arm, and Nick had to brace himself against the countertop. Now he knew how his client must have felt. The kid's arm had to be 30 inches. He leaned over and reached into a gym bag on the floor. He pulled out a tape measurer and put it on the counter. "You measure, yes?" he said to Nick, seeming to read his thought.

"Sure," said Nick, forgetting his hunger for a second. He came around to Yuri's side and grabbed the tape, but there was no way he was going to be able to reach up high enough to measure the huge kid's biceps.

"I help," said Yuri, and he grabbed Nick under his armpits and lifted his 315lb body off the ground and plopped him down on the counter. "Now you measure." Yuri flexed his arm again. Nick took his eyes off the swelling biceps and made eye contact with Yuri, who was staring at him as he flexed. Yuri's ice blue stare made it clear that he already knew who the alpha male between the two of them. As Nick stretched the tape around the kid's huge arm, he realized it too. Yuri outweighed him by 170lbs. The kid's triceps was the size of a canned ham. As Nick pulled the tape up and over the peak, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. It went past the 31...32...33....

"What is size?" asked Yuri, still staring at Nick.

"33.5, " said Nick, stunned.

Yuri squeezed his arm tighter and twisted his big fist down harder. "Look again."

Nick looked at the tape and swallowed hard before saying, "34.5 inches."

Yuri put his huge hand on Nick's thigh. "Bigger than your quad, yes?"

"Yes, " said Nick. Yuri squeezed his thigh just hard enough for it to hurt.

Yuri laughed. "But you are better looking, so is OK. How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-eight," said Nick.

"I am twenty-one last week, and way bigger than you," Yuri said, matter of factly. He pulled off his stringer and started flexing in the mirror. "Imagine how big I will be when I am your age, Neek." He pulled his sweatpants down and stepped out of them. The milky white skin of his legs exploded out of a pair of bikini briefs, and highlighted the thick blue veins running all over them. He had twice the vascularity of Nick. When he put his right leg forward and flexed the quad, Nick almost came in his pants, just like his client had just the night before. This twenty-year old kid would make Dennis Wolf look like a junior high schooler.

Yuri walked over to Nick, who was still sitting on the kitchen counter. His tiny briefs just made him look even more gigantic. "I give you something to help you grow," Yuri said, bending over and grabbing something out of his bag. "Mr J sent with me." He handed Nick a sack. Nick opened it up and looked inside. It was filled with iridescent blue patches. "They are four times stronger than the ones you've been using," Yuri said, knowingly.

"Where do I put them?" Nick asked, pulling out one of the tiny patches.

"I put on ball sac," Yuri answered. "See," and he reached inside his briefs and pulled out his cock and balls. Even in Yuri's big hand, it was a handful. His sac hung down over the size of his big palm, and Nick could see one patch on each side of the skin. His big uncut cock hung down like a club.

"Fuck," said Nick.

"Is bigger than yours?" the big Slav asked.

Twice as big, thought Nick. "Maybe a little," is what he said.

"Is too big for Ukrainian girls, they are too small and weak. Even guys are too weak. You are short, but strong, Neek. You could take."

"I could take nothing," said Nick, trying to maneuver his way off the counter.

Yuri put one huge arm on each side of him, trapping him. "Mr J sends message, for you to come back to Ukraine with me and train. Weights are too light for me now, and soon for you too. There, I live on farm and train with trucks and tractors, and go into forest to rip up trees. Make arms like these," and he lifted his arms off the counter and flexed them. Nick looked in awe at the kid's 34" biceps. And his jutting cobra hood lats. His keg-sized pecs. He grabbed one of the patches, stuffed it down his pants, and onto his ball sac. He got hard just imagining getting close to Yuri's size. He reached out and grabbed Yuri's big club cock and started stroking it. Yuri got a big grin on his face. "That is yes?" he asked.

"That is yes," said Nick. Then he went down on Yuri, and never looked back at his old life.