Nick the Muscle Escort 5

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Two weeks into working out with Mr J, and Nick had gained 30lbs of muscle and was now 255lbs at 5'7". He spent every second between sets checking himself out in the mirror. He loved his new mass.

Mr J had grown too, and was now 299lbs. Unlike Nick, he had gained another inch in height, and was now 6'5".

"I don't know why you're not getting taller, but I kind of like the thickness you got going, you freak fireplug musclehead," Mr J said, in the middle of their two hour chest workout. Both men were wearing just a pair of posing briefs.

"I don't know either, but I don't really care. I'm loving this strength," Nick replied, as he racked up the bench press bar with 750lbs and got down on the bench. He did twenty reps, then slammed the bar down. He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. His skin stretched tightly over his huge pecs, which were beet red with pump. "I'll get this chest to 65" any day now," said Nick, heaving out his pec shelf. Yesterday, his chest had measured out at 62". Cold.

Mr J got down on the bench and did a set of 35 reps. He was still much stronger than Nick, but the gap had narrowed some. He stood up off the bench and stood next to Nick, checking himself out in the mirror, too. "And any minute now, I'll be over 300," he said, doing a relaxed pose that would have intimidated any superheavyweight bodybuilder. He walked over to the kitchen area of the apartment and opened the refrigerator. Nick couldn't help but watch his big client's glutes roll in his poser as he walked. Mr J came back out with two quart sized bottles. He handed one to Nick.

"Here, drink this," he said.

"What is it?" Nick asked, as he checked out the bottle. It had a label with what looked like Russian writing on it.

"It's a new protein drink I just got in from eastern Europe. Try it."

Nick opened his bottle, tipped it up, and drank down half of it. "Tastes like spring water," he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Then he felt the liquid hit his stomach and start to flood into his system. "Fuuuuck," he grunted. He felt like he had just done a triple dose of niacin, tribulus, beta-alanine, caffeine and B-12. "What is it??"

"The most advanced protein matrix every made, Nicky. And your jacked up DNA is grabbing hold of it in your muscle tissue as we speak, making you bigger, stronger, thicker, harder, than you'd ever dreamed. Making you superhuman, babe." Mr J downed his bottle of protein. He tossed the bottle aside, then flexed his chest in the mirror, and striations popped out all over, like a thousand piano wires , five hundred on each huge pec. "Look at us, Nick....two superhumans."

Nick downed the rest of his bottle. Then he sat down on the bench as he felt it kicking in hard. He began to sweat twice as much as he was already sweating. His breathing grew deeper. "Geezus fuck," he groaned, as he felt a sense of power growing inside him, heating him up.

"Yeah, that first bottle can be a little overwhelming," said Mr J. "Plus I put two more patches on you last night after I fucked the daylights out of you, so it's probably kicking in extra hard."

For a flickering second, Nick felt like he should be pissed off at Mr J for not telling him about the extra patches, but then he let it go after he felt the intense burning sensation building in every muscle fiber, searing into them like a blow torch. Making them grow. Making them stronger. The pain became almost unbearable, but was also so erotic that Nick almost came in his posers. The wave of pain began to subside almost as fast as it started. He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. Sweat was rolling off him like he'd just stepped out of the shower. His posers were soaked thru with it. He felt himself shaking, but he still managed to pose for himself in the mirror. He almost gasped, as his muscle looked more jacked and etched than he'd ever seen it. And so thick and dense. 255lbs. At 5'7". Mr J was right. They were superhumans.

Nick heard Mr J talking, and looked over at him. He was leaning against the counter in the kitchen, talking on his cell phone. As jacked up as Nick was feeling right now, he could see that Mr J was still more advanced than him. The old dude's build was insane. He heard Mr J say, "Ok, send him down." Then he hung up the cell. He came over to Nick.

"How you feeling?"

"Amazing," answered Nick.

"Good. Cause I got a little surprise for you. I want to show you how functional our new size and strength is." He led Nick to a big room off the kitchen. "I turned the dining room into a wrestling room," and Nick saw how the floor and walls of the former dining room had been covered with mats. "I have someone coming down from upstairs to help me demonstrate it to you." As he said that, someone knocked at the door.

Mr J walked over and opened the door, and said, "Come on in." A big blond hulk stepped into the apartment. He was about 6'3", 275lbs. Nick recognized him as a wrestler and MMA fighter he'd seen on TV.

"Nick, let me introduce you to Brick. I've hired him to teach me some wrestling moves," Mr J said with a sly smile, "and he doesn't come cheap."

"You know what they say," Brick said in a deep gravelly voice as he shook Nick's hand. "If you want the best......"

"Uh huh," said Mr J. He led Brick over to the wrestling area. Brick was already in his fighting trunks, and when he stripped off his sweatshirt, Nick could see that he how thickly muscled he was.

"I don't usually get to train guys who are bigger than I am," said Brick as he looked over Mr J's massive physique. "Both you guys are seriously jacked up. This should be interesting."

"Yes, it should," said Mr J, looking down at the 'smaller' man. They stepped onto the mats. "Why don't you show me how you apply your full nelson," the big older man said.

"Yeah? OK, that's cool. But I gotta tell you, that's like one of my best holds."

Mr J turned his back to the fighter, and some of the confidence in Brick's face faded as he soaked in the vision of the bigger man's thickly mounded back muscles.

"OK then," said Brick, stepping up behind Mr J. "Now, first thing is for me to bring my arms up and under your pits, like this." He slid his arms around Mr J's wide lats. "Then I bring my hands up behind your neck...." Because Mr J was taller and wider than anyone Brick had wrestled before, he was having trouble getting his hands up behind Mr J's thick neck.

"Maybe if I got down on my knees, it would help you lock up," suggested Mr J.

"Yeh, yeh," said Brick. "That'd be cool," sounding even more unsure of himself. Once Mr J was down, Brick had an easier time applying his nelson, as he locked his hands behind the big neck. "Oh yeah, this is a lot better," he said, leaning into Mr J's thick traps and tightening his hold.

"And now," said Mr J, "to get out of this hold, should I do this?" And Mr J stood back up, lifting Brick with him. As he stood full height, Brick's feet lifted clear off the ground. Then Mr J reached up and grabbed Brick's forearms, and pried them apart, breaking the grip of his hands with ease. He let go of Brick's arms, and the fighter dropped to the ground behind him. Mr J stepped forward, away from Brick's arms, and then turned around to face him.

"Geezus," muttered Brick.

"Now it's my turn," said Mr J, and he grabbed Brick's shoulder and spun him around, then grabbed him up into a full nelson, locking his powerful hands behind the smaller fighter's neck. Then he lifted Brick into the air. He leaned into Brick's ear and said, "You think if a man was powerful enough, he could break someone's neck with this hold?" Then he bent Brick's neck to a 90 degree angle.

"Aw fuckkk, man, put me down," choked out Brick. Mr J dropped Brick down to the mats, where he landed on his knees.

"Now let's really wrestle, boy," said Mr J.

Brick had a hot temper, and this freak musclehead was making it flare. He went at Mr J. He tried to tackle him backwards, but the older man didn't budge. Brick tried hold after hold on him, and Mr J powered his way out of everyone of them. Sometimes Brick even heard him chuckle as he pried open Brick's holds, and then applied the hold on Brick, trapping him into a painful position, and then saying, "Like this?" or "Is this the way you do it?" That just pissed the younger man off even more. Brick had tremendous stamina, and he kept going at the bigger man, but to no avail. To top it off, Mr J would occasionally scoop him up off the mats and bodyslam him down harder than he'd ever been slammed. Ever time, it knocked more and more of the wind out of him. He started wishing the big freak powerhouse would pin him and get it over with. The older man wasn't even breathing heavy, and had a grin on his face every time he knocked Brick across the mats. And Brick could swear that the hulking older guy looked even bigger than when they had started, pumped huge from working the MMA fighter's 275lbs around the mats like he was a puppy.

Finally, after about half an hour, that seemed like three hours to Brick, Mr J got on top of him and pulled his leg up into the air. "You give?" asked the big man. Brick could barely speak, he was so winded, so he tapped three times on the mats. Mr J mercifully released the pin and stood up over him. He reached his hand out and helped Brick to his feet. He was shaking with exhaustion. Sweat rolled off him in rivers, and his skin was welted red all over. He'd never been so soundly beaten in his life.

"Why don't you go shower off?" Mr J said. "The bathroom's right down the hall. There are towels in there, and I'll get you something to drink while you're in there." Nick and Mr J watched as Brick hobbled his way down the hallway.

"That was freaking wild," said Nick, walking onto the mats and up to Mr J.

"It was. I wasn't even sure what would happen. And you know what freakiest about it, Nicky? I was holding back. I could sense that I was many times stronger than him. I didn't want to mess him up, but what a rush it was to work him over like that, to use all this muscle on him." Mr J pulled Nick into him and hugged him. Nick groped up the bigger man's backside. Mr J felt bigger and harder than ever. His back muscles and glutes felt like granite that had just been pulled out of a hot oven.

"When do I get to play with him?" Nick asked, as he felt up his huge client.

"After you blow me, Nicky." Mr J pulled his huge hardon out of his poser and stroked it. "Besides, you think you're ready for him? He's still bigger than you."

"I'm ready to try," said Nick, as he got down on his knees and went down on Mr J.

"Well, get ready for a huge protein shake busting down your throat to help you do it."

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