Rumspringa 7: Karl Trains Nils

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Before me stood an extremely jacked up, viciously pumped up Karl. I could feel the confidence oozing off of him. The sixty-four year old muscleman had just repeatedly pinned down a much younger 310lb powerlifter, and yet was barely breathing heavy. Instead, he was ready to take Nils down into the basement weight room, the Dungeon, where I'd heard he could spend two to three hours hitting the weights with balls-to-the-walls intensity. None of the regular members had ever been down to the dungeon area; Karl hand-picked his workout partners from the cream of the crop, and even then, some of them never fully recover from their session with him.

Jimmy came over with some towels. He gave one to Karl, who wiped off his sweat, while Jimmy toweled down Karl's massive back, like a stablehand would work down a prize thoroughbred. Karl wiped down his deep pits, then threw the towel at me. I caught it, and held it to my face. I breathed his aroma in deeply. The towel, heavy with his sweat, smelled of ape strength and testosterone. Karl chuckled and shook his head as I groaned.

"Jimmy, follow us down," said Karl, "we're going to have a little workout with our new friend here," he said, grabbing Nils around the shoulders. They headed down the stairs with me tagging behind, like a little pup behind the three massive weightlifters. The stairs ended at the basement level, where there was a small landing, and then a huge steel-reinforced door. Karl unlatched the door and slid it open. Nils and Jimmy went in, and I started to follow. Karl stopped me with one thick finger on my chest. "Oh no no no, boy. This area is for the big boys only. I don't want you gettin' hurt. I got plans for you later."

With that, he stepped inside and slid the door shut with a bang. I stood staring at the massive metal door, wondering what to do now. I sat down on the bottom step. It wasn't long before I heard heavy weights being slammed around behind the door. Soon I heard muffled grunts and yelling. The "Big Boys" were starting to get into it, and it was killing me that I couldn't see. I went over to the door, and tried to push it open an inch or two just to see in, but the goddam thing was too heavy, I couldn't budge it. Suddenly, I heard someone coming down the steps. It was Matt. He stopped at the bottom step and glared at me. Although I had just seen him get trounced by Karl, Matt still looked extremely intimidating, at 310lbs of sweaty powerlifter muscle, and dressed only in his sweat-soaked wrestling trunks, through which I could see his egg-sized balls and hefty jock cock.

"I should fucking dismantle you," he growled. He put one big hand on the steel handrail and bent it ever so slightly. He stepped down to the floor. His big body was still red and welted from fighting Karl, which made him look even more frightening. He put his hands on his hips, and, looking me up and down, began to bounce his superthick powerlifter pecs. "I could tear you limb from limb," he said. "So easy." He took another step toward me. The only way out was the door behind me, and the steps behind him. Without taking my eyes off Matt, I began to rap on the big door with the back of my hand. "Go ahead and knock," said Matt, "they won't hear you. Even if they did, they won't answer. They're lifting." He was right too. Behind the door, there was barely a pause between weights clanging, grunts, and yelling. All I was doing was hurting my hand against the metal door.

I had to get out. I eyed the stairs behind Matt, and he noticed. "Try and get by me, shrimp," he said. I decided to take my chance. I bolted toward the steps, trying to dodge around Matt. Just as I thought I'd made it, he reached out and grabbed me by the neck. He lifted me up with one hand, charged with me across the landing, and slammed me into the wall, knocking all the fight I thought I had right out of me. Matt got in my face and said, "Coming down the steps, I thought how much fun it'd be to break every bone in your body, starting with your fingers. Then I figured, if it wasn't for your lame ass, I might have never gotten to fight Karl, to see how much stronger I need to get. Now I know. So I sort of owe you, and will not be killing you today." He released some of his grip around my neck, which was choking me, and slid me to the ground. His cock had swollen so that the big mushroom head was sticking out of his trunks. He reached in and pulled the rest of it out. It was a huge ten incher, and as thick as my wrist.

"I can see what Karl sees in you, you smell real pretty," he said to me. Then he lifted me up and straddled me over his monster dick. He let me go, supporting my weight fully with his meat. Then he bounced me up and down just by flexing it. "Imagine how my huge cock could rip your insides apart," he said, his thick, sweaty body rubbing against mine. "And someday, I'll do just that," he said, bucking hard with his hips, jamming his big pole under my thighs. He thrusted forward several more times, pinning me into the wall. I could hear his cock thumping against the wall. "But right now, you outta see your boyfriend getting crushed by Karl's workout. Come on," he said, stuffing his substantial package back in his trunks, and heading up the stairs. I looked back at the wall, and saw dickhead-sized dents in the metal where he'd been jamming against it.

We went out a side door that led into a blocked-off alleyway. "There's a big grate over here that looks down into the dungeon," said Matt. "Used to be some sort of loading shute, when this place was a warehouse." It was a big grate, alright, about three feet square. It was a little below ground level, and I had to step into a little well to get next to it, but I could definitely see into the workout area below. Matt stood above me, his trunks at my face level. "Don't forget our date," he said, rubbing his crotch into my face, his still-hard salami dick jamming against my nose. He laughed and walked away. Prick.

I turned back to the view of the dungeon. The place was filled with heavyweight equipment. None of the plates were under 100lbs, and the dumbbell rack started at 125's. The benches had no padding, and were made of pressed, reinforced metal. The three muscled-up lifters were in one corner, doing bent-over rows with 800lbs. Karl pumped out 25 strict, controlled reps. His lats bulged out so wide and thick, it looked like someone had used Photoshop to morph his massive back. Nils went next, and although his face looked flush from the intensity of the workout so far, he repped out the weight nearly as flawlessly as Karl. By his fifteenth rep, he was losing steam. Karl kneeled next to him and yelled something I couldn't hear, but I could see his saliva spraying. Nils grunted out a few more reps, and dropped the weight. Karl went behind him and made him flare out his lats, which flared out obscenely. His back had become more monstrous than ever, just from this one workout. I could tell he was totally into it, because he kept hitting the lat spread again and again, forcing the muscle to flare wider and wider each time.

Jimmy went next. He leaned over the weight and muscled it up. He got through ten reps, but then slowed down a lot. Karl got into his face and yelled, but Jimmy faltered. Karl backhanded him across the face, and Jimmy got out two more reps, but then dropped the weight and collapsed. Karl lifted him up and pointed him toward a side door. Jimmy walked over to the door, and when he opened it, I realized it led to the alleyway I was in. Jimmy stumbled out of the door and up a few steps to the alley. He looked green around the gills. He fell onto his hands and knees and began retching. The massive toughguy ex-marine had been driven to exhaustion and nausea by the intensity of Karl's training.

Down in the dungeon, Karl was leading Nils to a raised, reinforced platform for deadlifting. Nils leaned over, his hands on his knees, breathing hard, while Karl loaded the oversized bar with 1400lbs. Once he had it loaded, Karl went up to the bar and began deadlifting.

He pumped out reps as if he was just warming up. One after another, with his enormous back rippling with superhuman strength. His vast, thickly muscled back undulated as he arched back at the top of every rep, squeezing his muscles tight, stressing them to the max. Roll upon roll of back muscle responded by swelling up higher and harder. He did fifty reps, then dropped the bar down with a crash. Veins snaked all over his back, feeding his massive mountains of muscle. He looked into the mirrored wall, and flared back his shoulders, highlighting his enormous shoulder span. Satisfied with what he saw, he stepped away from the bar, and let Nils step up.

Nils grabbed the bar in the same place where Karl's powerful fingers had dented in the steel. Younger, and not as densely muscled up as Karl, the 1400lb deads where more of a struggle for Nils, but he repped out twenty times before slowing down.

Karl stripped off some of the weight for him, and he got fifteen more. He let the bar crash down. His body was flush with an insane pump. He had never trained with weights before, so his muscles were responding dramatically to the direct assault by swelling up madly. His arms jutted out to his side, resting on his swollen lats. He took his turn to check himself out in the mirror. His eyes glazed with pure ecstasy at the sight of his powerhouse muscle.

Karl came over to check him out, looking pleased with his new student. Nils responded by flexing and strutting his big muscle. Karl was checking out his poses, when he looked up and saw me at the grate. He stopped cold. Then he headed over to the door that Jimmy had come out of. He didn't look pleased anymore. My heart jumped into my throat as I climbed out of the well. The steel door blew open so hard that it ripped off its hinges and crashed into the wall on the other side of the alley, landing all twisted and bent. Karl stepped out. The alleyway was blocked on both sides. It looked like a total dead end.

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