Rumspringa 8: Karl's Lesson

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Karl smashed his way through the metal dungeon door and into the alleyway. He turned and faced me. Even from the far end of the alley, he looked angry. Not like a normal human angry, more like an overly-muscled alpha male Grizzly angry.

"Were you spying on me, boy?" he growled lowly, his deep baritone echoing down to me. He took a step in my direction.

I took a step backward. I had, in actuality, been spying on him through the casement window, but merely to make sure that Nils was OK. And maybe a little bit to see two powerhouse muscleheads tossing around more tonnage than a team of oxen could move.

Karl took another ominous step toward me. I backed up more. Soon, I would be pressed against the brick wall at the far end of the alley. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a firehose attached to the wall of the old millhouse. I looked at it, then back at Karl.

"Don't even think about it, dickhead," warned Karl.

I grabbed the end of the hose of its spool.

"Big mistake, boy," said Karl.

I pulled a length of the hose out, then turned the big old-fashioned valve on the wall, praying for water pressure. The hose surged to life as water gushed through it. Even without looking up, I could hear Karl thundering toward me. He was about fifty feet away. I pointed the big brass nozzle toward him, and opened it up. A power spray rushed out with such force that it almost knocked me off my feet. The water hit Karl with such force that it sprayed in all directions like an explosion, but it didn't knock Karl back. Not an inch. In fact, he kept moving toward me, slowed by the water, but determined. I kept the jet spray aimed squarely on his broad chest. He got closer. I could see the smirk on his face, as he saw the fear growing on mine. I had to dig my feet in to hold my ground, as his powerful approach pushed the water pressure back on me. I pointed the hose at his feet, hoping to knock him off balance, to no effect. I pointed it back at his chest, and was just about to drop the hose and run when he grabbed hold of the nozzle. He wrenched it out of my hands and pointed it upward. Staring at me, he slowly crushed the brass nozzle with one powerful hand, pinching the flow of water to a trickle, then he tossed it down. The nozzle lay twisted and indented where his thick fingers had pressed it in. Karl stood before me like Poseidon, arisen from the depths. His silver hair slicked back by the water, his pumpkin-sized pecs reddened by the pressure spray. He was soaked through and through, and a big vein was branching down his forehead.

"You little mutherfucker," he said, glaring at me. He went over and turned off the water. He tore the hose off the wall, and ripped off a section of it with his bare hands. He grabbed me and wrapped the hose around me, over and over, encasing me like a mummy. Then he tied the two ends together tight. I was standing up, by my arms and body were wrapped so tightly, I could hardly move. In fact, I was having a hard time breathing, he had bound me up so hard.

"You wanna see some power, boy?" he said, leaning into me. He crunched his arms into a crab shot and flexed hard. His mounded traps were an inch from my face. Hard, thick and broad, the size of an ox yoke. He moved a bit, so that his basketball-sized delt was in my face, then he rippled it. The ropey muscle danced and striated at his command. I could feel the heat of it. I was getting dizzy...hyperventilating from the sight of him and the restriction of the hose. Karl stood upright and looked down at me.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you, little how about this?" He raised his arms into a double-bi. My knees buckled in amazement. Bigger than most men's thighs, his arms were rugged and brutally powerful to behold. He stretched one arm out straight, the bicep still straining the skin with its thickness. He ran his arm across the tip of my nose, letting me sense its mass, its heaviness. He kept going till his forearm grazed along my nose, bumping every hard vein along the way. I was getting more lightheaded. All I could see besides Karl's massiveness was a whiteness around him, like a halo. He moved back, and put his quad in my face and flexed. Thirty-six inches of rippling powerthigh. I lost the ability to formulate thought. Karl was driving me mad with his muscleshow, and he knew it. He was reducing me to a twitching, drooling puppy, completely in awe of its master.

He grabbed onto the hose I was wrapped in, and curled me off the ground. He brought me up until we were nose to nose. He stared deeply into my glazed eyes.

"You got spirit, boy, I'll give you that. But keep in mind who's the boss here. See how easy it was for me to take you to the edge? And this was just the edge. Don't cross me again, or I'll take you to a dark dark place."

He set me down, and began to undo the hose. From somewhere, I heard someone say, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" It took me a few seconds to focus in on the voice. It was Nils. He was at the other end of the alleyway, standing by the twisted metal door that Karl had buckled through.

Karl turned and looked. "You talking to me?" he asked. I looked up at his vast back spread, big as a bus.

"You heard me, old man," said Nils.

Karl's thick back tightened a bit at the dig. "Where the hell did you two come from?" he said.

"From your worst nightmare," mouthed off Nils.

"Oh, we'll see who's gonna be having nightmares, you crazy hillbilly," said Karl, making his knuckles crack by closing his hands into fists.

"Bring it on, geezer," challenged Nils.

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