I was half-way awake when I heard the light knocking at my bedroom door. It was my first week back from college, and I had taken a week off before starting my job at the construction company. It felt good to sleep in, since I had been getting up at 5:30am all semester. I'd lift for two hours, then hit the dining hall, then classes all day, after which I'd lift for another hour or so, then back to the dining hall for dinner. And I'd packed on some major size.

I grunted as the knocking continued. My parents were on vacation for the month, so I knew it must be my older sister, Angela, who must have gotten in last night late. The door opened up a crack, and she stuck her head in.

"Mike," she said softly, "you awake?" I grunted a yes, so she continued, "Nick and I got in last night. He's still asleep in my room, and I'm going out to meet Susan for tennis. I'll be back around lunchtime."

"Okay," I said. I turned and lifted my head to look at her. She sort of tried to turn her head away, but I noticed her face right away. "What the fuck happened to your eye?" I said.

"It's nothing, Mikey," she said, "Nick and I were moving some boxes, and his elbow came back and hit me. It was a stupid accident."

Yeah, right, I thought. Why was my beautiful, fun sister still dating that freakin loser Nick? How long had it been? I was only 14 when they started going out, and I remember because I was still a pretty skinny kid, and Nick, who must have been about 20 then, used to come over and beat the crap outta me whenever Angela wasn't around. And I know he's hit her on more than one occassion, fucking scumbag a-hole. Now he's going to be in the house alone with me again. This could be interesting.

"Mikey, did you get bigger?" asked my sister. I was definitely bigger, but underneath the sheets and blanket, it was probably hard to tell how much.

"Yeah, I've been lifting," I said.

"It shows," she said. "Anyway, I'll be back later."

"OK, sis," I said, "see you then." She left the house, and I laid there thinking for awhile.

I'd started hitting the weights hard last summer, for football. When I showed up for practice last August, the coaches were stoked with my transformation. I'd gone from a 5'10, 175lb freshman, to a 6', 220lb sophomore. I still wasn't the biggest guy on the team, but was clearly the strongest, benching over twice my bodyweight for reps. And the strength in my legs had gotten crazy, squatting 800lbs, deep, my thighs had swollen with thickness, and no one could take me down in practice. No one. Even when the two biggests tackles on the team tried to get me off my feet, they couldn't. Barely slowed me down. And when it was my turn to tackle, I plowed right through the line. Felt so easy. I was completely into it, until I shoulder blocked a dude and shattered his sternum. The guy crumpled down like a sack, grabbing his chest, I thought he was having a heart attack. I felt bad for the guy, seeing him roll around on the ground, groaning. Part of me wanted to pick him up and squeeze him in my arms until his bones fused back together. But I have to admit, it tugged at my loins, looking down at him, realizing my superiority over him. Hell, I hadn't even been trying to hit him hard. Coaches looked pretty freaked out. All but the assistant coach, who took me aside and told me I was just separating the wheat from the chaff, and if the kid wasn't tough enough to take practice, he shouldn't be playing football. Sort of harsh, I thought, but I had to laugh. Kid had seemed kind of tough to me, a lifetime jock, until he met my shoulder head-on. The head coach came to me and asked me to take it easy on our own players, to save the real power for the games. That was fine with me, and I backed off at practive, but now, the other guys were sort of scared of me. They'd seen me lifting too, so I could hardly blame them. I'd kicked into major high gear, and I was training like a beast, outlifting everyone with ease, even after two hours practices in August heat. Then things got even worse, after a dude straight-armed me, trying to stop me in a run. Hit me hard and a little too high too, knocked my helmet right off. Problem was, he dislocated his arm from his shoulder. And I barely felt a thing. Just shook it off like nothing. Pain was becoming less and less of an issue for me. The other players sort of backed away, but I'm pretty sure the assistant coach was sprouting wood over it

After football, I continued to train like an animal. I fucking loved it. Two hours in the morning, and all I could eat in the dining hall. I stayed pumped the whole day, and grew like a muscle weed. I slept 8 hours a night, and could practically sense the muscle growing all night long. By spring break, I was 6'3, 275. And my strength was off the charts.

Now, I laid in bed, waking up slowly, and thinking. I tossed the sheet off me, and looked at my body, thick, well-fed, jock muscle body. I flexed my arm and watched as the biceps bunched up, big as an overgrown eggplant. My morning hardon got even harder, see that strong arm muscle bulge at my command. Then I thought of Nick. Thought of what he did to my sister. And what he'd done to me when I was a kid. Thought of him laying in my sister's bed, in my sister's bedroom, just down the hall.

I stood up. I stretched out hard, making the joints and tendons pop as I shook off sleep. I tensed and flexed my muscle, forcing the blood into them. Felt so good, feeling them bloat. My hardon stuck straight out, stretching my boxer briefs. I went into my bathroom, and stepped on the scale. Spring break had been over two months ago. I got even harder as I saw the scale slide up to 293. I looked at myself in the mirror. I see a big powerlifter looking back at me. Seventy pounds bigger than last summer. Freak-wide shoulders, with traps big as an ox yoke piled on top. Arms that are heavy with muscle on muscle.Thick solid gut that I can suck in, but never do, as it's hard as diamond. I stroke it up and down and feel its hardness and weight. I flick my hard eraser nips, all stiff and full on top of my huge pecs, and think about jacking off. But instead, I head down the hallway to beat the crap outta my sister's boyfriend.

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