Summer 2

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After I'd beaten the crap outta my sister's scumbag boyfriend, I went down to the basement to workout in my dad's weightroom. I'd never felt more powerful in my life, tossing Nick around like a ragdoll. I was used to slamming into other football players, but tearing apart a dude just for kicks (and revenge) had gotten me stoked. My dad's weights were gonna get knocked around good. He had a pretty good set-up in the basement, just not nearly enough weight. A good solid bench, with an olympic bar, and 315lbs of plates. Some dumbbells, going up to 100lbs. A chin-up bar. The basics. But I had to lift, and lift NOW. I had nothing on but my boxer briefs, the legs of which were being pushed up high by my thick thighs. Felt so good, strutting around like that. Dad had one wall mirrored, so I could check myself out. My quads were pumped as if I'd done a whole session of squats. I was sweating pretty good, so I rubbed my hands up and down my gut and chest, spreading out the sweat evenly....gave me a nice sweaty shine in the mirror. I was almost 80lbs bigger than the last time I saw myself in this mirror. I loved seeing the difference! Plus, I had these big veins running across my upper chest that I hadn't had then either. Power veins, jutting across my pecs and delts and running down my big hamhock bi's. I was jacked! Now, to do some lifting.

I loaded up the bench with all 315lbs, and just started doing rep after rep. Nice steady pace, the weight felt so light. After 20, I knew I was just warming up, and I would squeeze my pecs tight at the top of each rep, crushing the big mounds together hard, and pumping them more and more. After 50 reps, I started to feel a burn, but felt strong as ever, and kept pumping them out. My pecs were swelling like two big balloons of cement. At 100 reps, I stopped, just because I had to flex out these swollen basketballs of pecmuscle. I got close to the mirror and flexed them. Goddam it they weren't purple from the pump. Super huge too. Never seen anything like it, not even in bodybuilder mags. Fucking Arnold never even had a set this big. I bounced them back and forth. Yeah! HUGE! Then I raised my arms into a double bi shot. Thick beast muscle. Coaches were gonna blow right in their shorts seeing this body walk on the field in August.

I did another 100 reps, and even though it was light weight, I could barely move afterward, the pump had gotten me so tightly full. I looked in the mirror at the musclebound freak looking back. Everything was pumped, and sweat was dripping off my bullet nips. I needed Nick to come back so I could put him threw the cement block basement walls! I could fucking rip his arms right outta their sockets. My boxer briefs were soaked through with sweat, and I could see myself growing there too, turned on by my own bloated up size. Damn.

Suddenly, I was hit by hunger. I had to eat something, and I had to do it now. I ran upstairs to the kitchen, grabbed a gallon of whole milk from the fridge and downed it. That was a good start.Lately, when the hunger hit, I could stuff myself with enormous amounts of food, nearly twice what I was eating at football camp last summer. I grabbed two dozen eggs out of the fridge, and broke them all into a big bowl. Twenty-four eggs, scrambled, would keep me till I got the the supermarket. I grabbed a pan, poured in the eggs, and cooked them about halfway thru before I couldn't wait anymore. I poured them back into the bowl and scarfed them down as I stood in the kitchen. Then I heard a car pull into the driveway. It was my sister, Angela, and her friend Valerie, back from tennis.

They came in the backdoor, talking away, as usual. When Angela turned and saw me, she screamed, then she came at me, swung her tennis racket at my head, and I blocked it with my forearm. It was a good swing too, and when it hit my forearm, it cracked in two.

"Angie!" I yelled. She backed away and looked at me.

"Mikey?" she said. "Oh my god, I didn't even recognize you, you're HUGE!"

I realized then that I was standing in the kitchen in my sweat-soaked boxers, and was problably 60lbs bigger than the last time I saw my sister.

"I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed. "Did I hurt you?"

"Actually," I answered, "I think I hurt your racket more," looking down at the broken wooden racket on the floor.

Her friend Valerie was pressed against the far wall, checking me out up and down. Valerie was one of the nicest girls around, but in high school had been known for sleeping around pretty freely. She never got mocked for it, like some of the loose girls, probably because she was so popular with everyone, and also because it was rumored that her father was connected to the mob, and maybe even a hit man. No one I knew had ever met him, and Valerie's mom had died when Val was a little girl.

"That's Mikey?" said Val, stepping toward me.

"Yep," I said sheepishly. Even though she was 5 years older, Val had always been nice to me, even when I was a little twit. She came over and gave me a big hug.

"God, you're the size of a house!" she said, taking her time with the hug.

"I've been doing a lot of lifting for football," I explained.

"It shows," said Angela. "By the way, did you see Nick leave? His car's not in the driveway."

Oops. Now how was I going to tell her that I'd pummelled the crap out of him and ran him out? I didn't have the heart. I turned away from her, putting the bowl in the sink, and said, "I don't know where he went." Which was, at least, true. Angela went running upstairs to her room. Val stayed behind.

"What are you not telling us, Mikey?" she asked me. I looked over at her. How did women sense shit like this sometimes. I looked over at her, but said nothing. "I hope for her sake, he's left for good," she said, clearly aware of what a scum he was. I smiled at her, and she smiled back, and our eyes lingered.

Angela came running back into the kitchen.

"What on earth happened to my room?" she said. "It looks like there was a huge fight up there, everything is trashed. Mikey?" she said, frowning my way.

"Umm...Nick and I had a little disagreement." Val got a huge smile on her face, but Angela didn't.

"What kind of disagreement?" Angela asked me.

"Nick thought he was going to stay around for awhile, and I disagreed." There, I said it. I sure didn't want Angela upset with me, but I couldn't lie to her.

Angela turned and walked out of the room. I could hear her crying as she went back upstairs.

Val came over to me, all smiles. "You big freaky superhero," she said, hugging me again. "About time. Did you hurt the low-life good?"

"Yeah, I'm kinda thinking I did." I was sure glad she was there, because Angela was bumming me out.

"Don't worry about her," said Val, sensing my hurt, "I'll work on her. Besides, it's about time she unloaded that crazy skunk before he really hurt her." She looked me up and down again. "You still hungry, Mikey?" she asked. "Why don't you come over to my house in about an hour, I'll make you lunch." Val still lived with her dad on a big wooded lot not far from here. She used to have some wild parties there when she and my sister were in high school, and I was in junior high. Her dad was always out of town, and everyone would be drinking and partying. It was the first place I ever got high. Val loved cooking up a bunch of Italian food for everyone to munch out on at around 3 in the morning. Awesome parties, and Val's cooking was amazing.

"Sure," I said, already hungry.

"Good," she said, and headed for the door. "See you then."

Val took off, and I headed upstairs to shower and change. I was in my room putting on clothes, when I realized that Angela was standing in my doorway. She looked like she had cried her eyes out.

"You think he's gone for good?" she asked me. I couldn't even look at her, and stared down at my feet.

"I hope so," I managed to say.

"So do I," she said.

I looked up at her. "Really?" I asked her.

"Oh, Mikey, I've been wanting to get out of it for a long time, but couldn't bring myself to do it. It freaked me out at first, but now I think it's the best thing for everyone. And I owe it all to you, my big musclehead little brother!" She came over to me and hugged me. I was so relieved, I picked her up and held her in the air. My little big sister, so light now that I was so much bigger. She said, "Mikey, put me down!", but she was laughing and laughing. Finally, I set her on my bed, and told her I was going over to Val's for lunch. Angelo frowned a bit, and said, "Is her father home?"

"I don't know, I didn't ask," I answered. "Why?"

"I don't think he likes it when she's home alone with a guy," Angela said. "You want me to come along?"

"Nah, that's alright. Unless you want to."

"No, I'm sure it's fine. I'll just stay here and clean up the wreck of a room I have now, thanks to you!"

"Are those rumors about her father true?" I asked Angela.

"You mean about him being a hit-man?" she said. "I don't think so. I never met him, but I have heard Val talking about him strong-arming people for money they owe. I doubt that he's ever killed anyone though. You sure you don't want me to come?"

"Nah, I can deal with it," I said, popping my pecs at her.

She shook her head and said "Yeah, it looks like you can."

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