The Youthnage Experience 6: The Tryout

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As Tina went to find Dr.Abrams, I went back up to my room. I opened the door to see Jack holding Sam in a headlock. Every piece of furniture had been smashed to bits. The TV was embedded in the wall opposite to where it had been. The room smelled like my high school gymnasium after wrestling practice...pungent with sweat, male hormones, and exertion.

Jack held Sam tight with one arm, then slammed his other fist into Sam's face, jackhammer fast blows - bam bam bam bam bam, that would have crushed most men's facial bone structure. Then Jack paused, and said "Give, punk."

"Fuck you," choked Sam. So Jack hammered his face again, five lightning fast blows of immense power. Sam's face was all grimace and contortion.

"Give," ordered Jack, twisting Sam's head hard.

"Fuckkk you," gurgled Sam.

Jack went to slam Sam again, but I grabbed Jack's elbow. Jack flicked me off his arm like nothing, and I flew across the room, slamming halfway up the opposite wall. I slid down to the floor in a heap. I was getting sick of flying without an airplane.

"Leave him alone," I said from my heap. To my surprise, it worked, and Jack let Sam out of the headlock.

"I'll let go of him when I'm good and ready. Just so happens, I was ready," said Jack."Besides, the kid and I have already arranged for him to tryout for my wrestling league. He's strong as hell, and got a lot of heart. Some good moves too, almost got me with his ab claw. Still a little green around the gills though, nothing three months of intensive training won't cure. Kid's got potential." Jack was still huffing some, and even though he had the best of Sam when I came in, it didn't look like it had been all that easy. And I noticed the welts on Jack's rock abs left by Sam's claw hold.

"Thanks to you, Mr.Vargas, I'm gonna get my chance to go pro," said Sam, smiling, despite his face being all ruddy from Jack's beating. Didn't seem to faze him at all that he'd just spent the last hour being knocked around by a 280lb pro wrestler. In fact, the kid was beaming.

"When's the tryout?"I asked.

"Today at 4, down at the Civic Center Arena," said Jack."The place will be empty until later tonight. Give me a chance to work him over in a real ring. Why'd you ask, you want a piece of this too?" said Jack, smirking and flexing his huge arm.

"Oh, hardy har har," I said. "But I do have someone I'd like to bring."

"Oh yeah?" said Jack. "Another amateur fighter?"

"Not exactly. In fact, I doubt that this guy has ever had a fight in his life."

"Just a tough guy wannabe then, huh? How old is he?"

I turned my head a bit to the side and down, then mumbled "sssty-five."


"A little older than that, but can I bring him down?" I asked. "Oh, and he kind of wants to hurt me bad, so could you protect me against him too?"

Jack looked at me like 'what the fuck now.' Sam was standing, and he said,"I'll protect you, Mr.Vargas." I was touched by this big kid's offer, and, ordinarily, I would have felt greatly relieved, but I had this gut feeling that Karl could totally brutalize my young jock friend.

"Just be at the arena at 4," said Jack, shaking his head.

"Thanks, man, you won't regret it." I left the room and headed back downstairs to find Tina and Dr. Abrams. I found them outside the conference room where I had left Karl.

"Tom, the investors were getting restless, so I arranged a bus tour of the city with them. I'm going to go make sure they get off alright," said Tina.

"Good," I said, "that gives me a chance to talk to the good doctor here." Tina left and I turned to Dr.Abrams. He seemed nervous and guilty about something. "What's going on with Karl, Doc? His size and strength seem completely out of control, not to mention his aggression."

"I know, I know. The other doctors wanted to use him as our supreme example of how our product could work, but I knew his results were too amazing to be true. So last week I drew blood from him myself, and found his testosterone level at 25 times the level of a twenty-year old athlete. I checked out his locker at the lab yesterday and found empty vials of testosterone suspension and human growth hormone. Apparently, Karl has been supplementing our supplement, and the combo has sent his strength and size changes completely off the chart."

"Is he still in there?" I said. The doctor nodded, and I peeked into the conference room. Karl was sitting on the stage where I had left him. There were six empty cans of Youthnage next to him, and he was downing a seventh thirstily. "How many of those is he supposed to have?" I asked the doctor.

"One a day," he answered.

Shit. I stepped into the room and walked toward Karl. He looked up at me, and I felt like I had just caught the attention of a gorilla in his cage. Only there were no bars between us. Not that it would have mattered. He jumped off the stage and came toward me in the aisle. He was definitely bigger than before.He was bigger than those guys on that Strongest Man show on tv, and instead of a big gut like most of them have, his rockhard 8pac looked liked stacked cinder blocks, stretched tight now by all the Youthnage he'd been drinking.

"When do I get to fight," he asked, threateningly. Then he ripped a chair out of the floor and tossed it across the room.

"We're gonna go to the Civic Arena right now, Karl. Everything's set up. Let's go." I turned and led the way out of the conference room, hoping he would follow, which he did. I think he was so jacked up, that he was dying to see what he could do against other big alpha men, men that he could have never compared himself to just six months ago. We went downstairs, and I had the hotel doorman hail one of those minivan cabs. I told Karl to take the cab to the rear entrance of the arena, they would let him in so he could get ready, and I would be there in twenty minutes.

"You better show," he growled, as he clammered into the van. I went back in, found Dr.Abrams, and got two cases of Youthnage from him. Then I went back up to my room, where Sam and Jack were getting ready to go down to the arena.

"Good, you're still here.Drink a couple of these," I said, handing them each two cans of the supplement. Sam popped one open and drank without question. Jack looked at me, then at Sam, shrugged his big shoulders, and began drinking his. Sam finished his fast, wiped his forearm across his mouth and said, "That was good, Mr.Vargas, you have any more?" I handed him two more. Then Jack told me to take Sam with me to the arena, so that he and my guy could fight first.

"What?" I asked.

"I want Sam and your friend to go first. Whoever wins that fight gets to go on to the next level."

"I don't think..." I started to say, but Jack cut me off.

"That's right," he said, "you don't think. This is my world now, and welcome to it. Get his ass down there, and get those two in the ring. That's how it's gonna work, or the whole things off."

The chain of events seemed to be slipping out of my control. I so didn't want Sam to have to face Karl, but Sam and I went down to catch a cab to the arena anyway. Sam was completely hyped up by the chance to go pro at 19, and by the four cans of Youthnage he had downed. His broad Polish face glowed with anticipation, and he said to me, "Don't worry, Mr.Vargas, I can hold my own against anyone." He flexed his big tight bicep for me, which peaked up high, all muscle and vein,and with a deep split running across it. He did look like he could hold his own against anyone. Except for the man he was about to face, a man with 25 times Sam's testosterone level flowing through his muscle.

Sam and I got to the arena, and we went right to the ring. Sam jumped in and began to stretch out. The two big security guards said Karl had arrived, but I didn't see any sign of him, and was beginning to hope he had left, when I heard a door open from the lockerroom area. Out came Karl. He was wearing black square-cut wrestler briefs, a la Goldberg. Only he looked like he could put Goldberg through a wall. Massive Karl lumbered down the aisle and came up to me.

"That him," he grunted, nodding toward Sam. Sam was looking back at us, and I heard him whisper under his breath "whoa", as he absorbed the intense size and muscularity of his opponent.

"Looks scrawny and weak," said Karl, and although Sam looked anything but, next to Karl, he sure as hell did. Karl climbed up onto the ring, and straddled the top rope to step in. This was my first look at his legs. They were monsters; his quads were a good 45" of mass, and as if to highlight them, Karl pulled up the short legs of his trunks to his groin, exposing every inch of his superior-sized beef. Sam took a step back in awe. "Wrong way, boy," said Karl, as he flexed his quads and football-sized calves. Sam refocused, crouched into a wrestler's stance and began to circle the huge bull he was up against. Karl motioned with his hands for the kid to come at him. Sam flew at him, and hit Karl's chest with a big forearm smash...the SMACK was loud and echoed thru the arena.

"Heh heh heh," laughed Karl. "Nice try, boy. That all you got?" He rolled his chest out, heaving the pec muscles high, muscle on muscle on muscle. His pec shelf so wide you could rest a tray on it. Sam sized up the odds, and I noticed for the first time a look of doubt. Sam backed up to the ropes, then came running at Karl. I thought he was going to lunge at him, but at the last second, he dropped down and slid under Karl's huge legs. Sam stood up behind him and jumped onto Karl's massive hulking back. He got his right arm around Karl's neck, and grabbed around it with his other arm, locking Karl into a choke hold. Sam had big thick forearms and a freakishly strong grip, and every fiber of arm muscle writhed as he tightened his hold.

"Nice one, boy, but you're gonna have to squeeze tighter than that, you're not even denting this muscle yet," growled Karl, as he raised up his arms into a double-bi shot. Sam doubled his effort, his face reddening from the effort, but Karl's neck was like a steel column. "TIGHTER, BOY," ordered Karl, and Sam tried harder. But he wasn't even effecting Karl's voice, let alone his windpipe.

"Time's up, grasshopper," said Karl. He reached up and grabbed Sam's wrists, and pried them apart effortlessly. He flung Sam over his head and into the turnbuckle. Sam hit it hard, and upside down. I heard the wind being knocked out of him. Karl started toward him, but I jumped up on the apron and said, "Leave him alone."

Karl turned to me.'Hoooohooohoooo," he chuckled menacingly. "This is gonna be fun." Just as he was coming toward me, Olaf and Sven came running into the ring. Jack must have sent them over. Each of them got on one side of Karl.

"Come on, big man, you like picking on boys, now try us," said Sven. They looked huge in their sleeveless lumberjack flannel shirts and wrestling trunks. Karl backed away from me and grinned. "Now we're talkin'," he said. The Swedes came at him, each grabbing an arm. Olaf swung around and pinned Karl's arm to his backside, while Sven tried to control Karl's other huge arm. Karl looked back at Olaf, then down at the armlock he had him in. Then he began to flex his arm, bending it outward. Slowly his arm began to muscle out of the hold, even as Olaf pushed his full weight into it. Karl's arm was bloating with muscle size, as he pulled Olaf around to his front. The Swedes began to pull down on Karl's arms, hoping to pull him off his feet. Instead, Karl curled his arms upward, lifting the two big wrestlers clear off the ring. They continued to cling to his arms as Karl curled the 300lb men over and over, slow and steady. He did rep after rep with them, getting hard in his trunks as he flexed them up and down, totally turned on by his own superstrength. Finally, he brought his arms forward and smashed the two wrestlers together like cymbals, knocking them unconscious with the force. Then with a powerful flick of his arms, he sent them sliding across the ring, and off onto the floor. "Playtime over," he said.

Then, out of nowhere, even before Karl had a chance to zero in on me again, the two huge security men jumped into the ring. Both were beefed up big time,looking like off-season bodybuilders, and stretched their uniforms to the max. They also had their billy clubs out, and the way they were snapping them around, it looked like they knew how to use them. One of them distracted Karl, while the other one went behind him and slammed him hard in the kidney area with his club. Karl must have felt that one, cause he whirled toward the guard with a speed I would not have expected him to have. The guard then slammed his club into Karl's rockgut, but to no effect. The guard reared his arm back to hit Karl again, but Karl's big hand whipped toward him like a cobra striking. He snagged the guard by the wrist, and lifted him off the ground. Karl dug his thick thumb into the guard's wrist. The guard howled in pain, dropping his club. Karl pressed him overhead with both arms, and through the guard out of the ring, sailing him over the first twenty rows, and hitting the chairs with such force that they smashed apart where he landed.

Meanwhile, the other guard had pulled out a stun gun. He stepped in and zapped Karl in the side. Karl grabbed the man's hand and sneered. Then he pulled the guard's hand into his side again, and squeezed, causing the stun gun to discharge.

"YEHHHHH," roared Karl. He pried the gun from the guard's hand, then backhanded him across the ring. Karl stuck the stun gun into his side again. "OHYEHHHHHHH," he roared. He was getting off on the electrical charge, and began to look even stronger than ever. And harder than ever. His big cock was bulging in his trunks, staining with pre. He took the stun gun, jammed it into his huge sac, and shot it off. "FUCKKKYEHHHHHH," he roared, shaking the arena, but also crushing the gun in his ecstasy. He whipped out his leaking cock and stroked it, then looked at me.

"GET YOUR ASS UP HERE NOW," he bellowed at me. I backed up. "Don't even run, cause I will catch you in one leap," he said.

I stood frozen, panicked, but also drawn to his insane power and aggression. He stroke himself slowly, and motioned to me with two fingers of his other hand. I had to see what would happen. I was being drawn to him, mesmerized by the superhuman beast he had become. I took a step toward the ring.

Suddenly, from the back of the arena, a door opened. I heard a voice say "Let him go, asshole. He's mine." It was Jack.

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