The Youthnage Experience 7: The Battle

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Jack made his way to the ring with the same cocky stride I saw him use on TV. Karl scowled down at him. Karl's pump had swollen his muscle enormously. His pecs looked like two giant pumpkins, the striations deep and sweeping. His arms jutted out to his sides, pushed outward by the freaky lats of his gorilla back. He walked over to the turnbuckle, putting one huge hand on top of it, and snapped it off its base. He shook off the ropes, then put the steel turnbuckle between his two hands and crushed it like an accordian. "You're next, Calhoun," he grunted out, tossing the smashed steel aside like a broken toy. His voice was an octave deeper than it had been earlier. Jack jumped into the ring and stepped over the fallen ropes.

"Who the hell are you?" dared Jack.

"I'm the Beast," growled Karl, "your worst and last nightmare. I will beat you down so hard, every molecule in your body will separate." Karl clenched his fists, and I heard his knuckles crack and grind from the force.

Jack circled Karl slowly, sizing up his opponent, looking for a way in, a weakness. There didn't seem to be any, from where I was standing. The sheer bulk of Karl's muscularity made Jack look lithe in comparison.

Suddenly, Jack crouched down into a defensive tackle position. Then he pushed off and sprang toward Karl, aiming right for his midsection. He launched himself, and landed full-force, his big shoulder slamming into Karl's rockgut. Jack bounced off Karl's abs, and landed on his ass in the ring. Karl hadn't budged an inch, and was unfazed by Jack's power move.

"You're weaker than I thought, Calhoun," said Karl. "Now get up."

Jack pounced up and launched himself at Karl again. This time, he outstretched his arm in an attempt to clothesline Karl's thick neck. But Karl dodged at the last second, and shoved Jack into the opposite turnbuckle. Jack smashed into it with a thud. Stunned, he stayed still too long, and Karl came up from behind and slammed Jack into a full-nelson. He dragged Jack into the middle of the ring, and locked his wrists behind Jack's head, in an unescapable hold.

"You ready for a ride, punk?" Karl snarled into Jack's ear. Then he lifted Jack up effortlessly. "I have ten times your strength, weakling. Maybe fifty." And he began to wrench Jack back and forth, flopping Jack around like a doll. Just when I thought he was going to snap him in two, he tossed him across the ring like a pillow.

"GET UP, boy," ordered Karl. He flexed into a most-muscular pose, causing waves of muscle contractions to ripple up and down his torso.

Stay down, Jack, I hoped. But Jack stood back up, shaken, but not out.

Karl raised his arms over his head in the classic pro wrestling "test of strength" challenge. He was a wall of Herculean mass. Jack, to my dismay, stepped up to him, and raised his arms to meet his. Karl lowered his hands, and locked them into Jack's. They stood that way for awhile, staring each other down, but then Karl slowly began to push Jack's arms downward. Jack shook with effort, but Karl easily outmuscled him, taking his arms down to his sides, then lifting them up again, forcing them down, then up again. Then he grabbed onto Jack's wrists, and lifted him into the air. He pulled Jack's arms to the side, into an iron-cross position. And he began to pull. And pull. Karl's huge lats flared as he pulled on Jack like a wishbone. And he pulled harder. And harder. I heard two loud pops as Jack's shoulder's dislocated out of their sockets.

"That's enough," I said, from inside the ring. How I had gotten there, I don't remember, but I'd seen enough.

Karl dropped Jack, and turned toward me. Jack rolled out of the ring. "Leave him alone," I heard myself say.

"Or what?" said Karl.

"I'll do whatever you want," I said.

"Step over here," he said. I felt myself step over to the Beast. "Now take off your clothes," he said. I stripped everything off and stood before him, naked, awaiting execution. I felt him lift me, and wrap me into a bearhug. His huge arms swallowed me in their embrace. I waited for the hold to grow, for the pressure to increase beyond measure, for the pain of crushing ribs.

But that didn't happen. He held me firm, but steady. His big hands began to caress my back. He began to grow hard. I leaned my head onto his big trap, and noticed the creases of muscle on the back of his bull neck. The creases were slick with musclesweat. I licked along one, then another. He moaned. His musky, salty sweat tasted of power. I began to suck on his massive neck, and he moaned deeper. I latched on behind his ear, and sucked and sucked. I began to grow hard.

Outside the ring, I saw Jack. He muscled his dislocated joints back into place, enduring what had to be mind-numbing pain. He looked up at me, then backed up the aisle and left the arena. Shit. Damn, I am such a fuck-up, I thought.

But then Karl grabbed the back of my head and pulled me face to face. "You like Daddy's taste, boy? Have some more," and he shoved my face into his arm pit, deep, deep, deep into the aroma of power and manscent. I licked up the taste of briny, funky Beast. I shuddered with pure ecstasy. Then Karl took his penis-sized index finger and ran it softly down the crease of my spine. I shuddered again, harder, deeper, to my very core. He had me with his power, his strength, and now, with his ability to be gentle. I grudgingly felt him lifting me out of his power pit. He stared at my face, shiny with his scent.

"All I ever really wanted, boy," he said, "was some lovin'," and hugged me against him. Facing behind him, I was able to see Jack coming back into the arena, shouldering a spool of thick, heavy chain. Jack dropped the spool in the aisle, and unwound the chain as he headed down, jumping into the ring. Karl turned toward him. He tossed a length of chain around Karl's ankles and looped it, then pulled. Karl fell back onto his ass with a thud. He tossed me aside and tried to stand, but couldn't. Jack moved around him like a panther, wrapping the chain quickly around Karl's big arms, binding them to his sides. Jack kept going, wrapping the thick, pit-bull strength chain around and around, mummifying Karl with it. Then with a round-house kick to his chained up chest, Jack knocked Karl over, and rolled his legs in more chain. Karl raged inside his chain mail suit, veins popping along his bull neck and skull.

"Put some clothes on, and let's go," Jack said to me.

"But, Jack...." I said as I dressed.

Jack stopped and got into my face. "Don't speak. You've got a lot of explaining to do, but until I get you alone, DO NOT SPEAK." He finished attaching the ends of the chain to the turnbuckle, and pulled me out of the ring and up the aisle.

"DON'T YOU LEAVE," Karl hissed at me as we made our way out of the arena.

"Jack, wait," I pleaded, tugging him to a stop at the exit door. Then we heard it. It was unmistakable. The snapping of a chain. The pinging of metal breaking when under the force of something superhuman.

"Let's get the hell outta here," said Jack, grabbing my collar and dragging me out the door.

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