The Youthnage Experience 8: On the Run

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Jack dragged me into the lockerroom area, where we found Sam, Olaf and Sven recovering from their battles with Karl. None of them looked too worse for the wear, just shaken up and humiliated.

"Who the hell was that guy?" asked Sven.

"It's a long story," I said.

"Well, we're gonna get out of here, and you're gonna tell it to me," snapped Jack. "No one manhandles me like that freak in there and gets away with it. Sam, you come with us. Sven, you and Olaf stay here and make sure he doesn't get away."

"Fuck that," said Olaf. "We're moving back to Sweden."

"You're not from Sweden," I reminded the so-called Swedish Lumberjack.

"We are now," he said, as he and Sven headed for the exit. The two security guards had apparently taken up residence in a foreign land too, since they were no where to be found.

"I'll stay here and guard him," offered Sam.

You had to love this kid's spunk. Formerly undefeated, then soundly beaten twice in one day, and still had the heart to keep going. He stood there, singlet straps stripped off his big broad shoulders, eager to help in any way he could, like a big muscled-up golden lab. I just wanted to take him and....

Jack backhanded my head from behind. "Snap out of it, nympho," he said to me. "Sam, you coming with us. Those chains will hold the freak for awhile."

"Don't call him that," I said.

"What? Don't call him a freak? What's the matter, tommie boy, you in love with the big Freak, cause he held you in his arms? You think I didn't see that shit? Now let's GO."

Suddenly, we heard a roar coming from the arena. I ran back to the entanceway with Jack and Sam behind me. I opened the door a crack and looked down at the ring. Karl had yanked the ends of the chain away from the turnbuckle,and was standing in the ring, still bound by several layers of steel chain. The whole ring was shaking. Karl reared his head back and roared again. The windows at the back of the auditorium shattered. I was knocked backward and caught by Sam and Jack. The links of chain around Karl's ankles began to snap, slowly at first, but then faster, popping and zinging off like bullets. The chains began to rip upward, like a broken zipper, as Karl's massive quads tore the heavy chain apart like thin fabric. Karl roared again, and began to tear away the chain around his shoulders and neck.

"Mutherfucker," said Jack.

We backed away from the door, and headed toward the exit.

"Wait!" I said, and ran over to the corner, where I had put the case of formula I brought along. I grabbed it, and we ran out the door.

"This way," said Jack, and he led us over to a huge yellow Hummer. We climbed inside and drove off.

"Where'd this come from?" I asked about the Hummer. It was a massive, solid machine, and the dashboard looked like the cockboard of a jetliner.

"I borrowed it from someone," said Jack."Now, why don't you fill us in on that freak back there."

"I told you not to...." I started, but Jack glared at me so dangerously that I skipped it, and brought them up to date on the history of Karl and my company's formula. When I was done, Jack looked at the case on the floorboard by my feet.

"Is that the shit?" he asked. I told him yes.

"In fact," I said, "here....have some." I handed a can to both him and Sam. They drank them down fast.

"What's in this stuff?" asked Sam.

I looked at the back of the can. "Apparently, it's two parts evil and two parts aggressive insanity." Sam looked at me confused, but since there was no list of ingredients on the can, I figured I couldn't be far off the mark. They both drank two more cans, and, as I was starving, I had one myself. Actually tasted pretty damned good, and as I leaned down for a second, Jack swerved into the parking lot of a steakhouse and parked.

"I'm still hungry," he said.

"Me too," said Sam. So we went in and got a booth, where he and Jack both ordered four 64oz steaks. I ordered the surf and turf, and a sirloin. Apparently, the formula also acted as an appetite stimulator.

While we were eating, my cellphone went off. It was Dr.Abrams. The lab had poured over Karl's results, and they'd found that the formula, perhaps along with the anabolics and gh that Karl used, had inherently altered Karl's genetic make-up by modifying the DNA structure in the nucleus of his cells.

"How much stronger could he get?" I asked the doc when he finished.

"There may be no limit," said Dr.Abrams. "We may have created a true superhuman." I hung up.

After dinner, we went back to Jack's suite at the hotel. "You think he'll come back here?" Jack asked me.

"I don't know." Then Sam came out of the bathroom and said "Look." He was shirtless, and thick heavy veins branched out across his broad chest, swept across and down his delts, travelled down his biceps, and fed into his popeye forearms, where they spread out like river deltas. "I've never been so pumped in my life, and I haven't even worked out. And watch this," he said. He reached up with one hand and grabbed the edge of the doorjam with the tips of his fingers. He clamped down, then lifted himself off the ground in a one-arm pull up. He did rep after rep with total ease, as if we were in zero gravity. "Try and hold me down, Mr.Vargas," he said, so I grabbed the back of his shoulders and pulled down. Didn't slow him down at all, so I wrapped my legs around his waist and held on. He pumped out 30 more reps. His lats flared and throbbed with each pull-up, and his body heat was blasting like a furnace. He stopped only after the doorjam began to separate from the wall. By then his upper torso was raging and purple with pump. He stepped up to the mirror, and reared back into a double-bi pose. "Whoa!" he said, in amazement. His big arms bulged up with fresh new muscle, piling up into a freakish triple peak. Sam began to hit pose after pose, and lost himself in his own reflection, as each pose exposed newer and thicker mass than he had ever had before. His thick teen muscle responded strongly to his slightest move.

"Is it hot in here, or is it just me," I said.

"No," said Jack, "it's hot as hell in here," and he stripped of his shirt. Damned if he didn't look 50lbs bigger and twice as rugged.

"Fuck!" I said.

"Not a bad idea," he said, grabbing me by the neck and pulling me into his bedroom. We fucked through half the night, with me cumming five times to his ten. When we finally collapsed, we fell into a deep slumber. I dreamt of winning powerlifting competitions with one arm tied behind my back, and of leaping over tall buildings in a single bound, but then I slept a dreamless sleep.

That is until my cellphone rang in the morning. I saw that it was Tina, calling from her cell, so I answered it. I was confused to hear a freakishly deep male voice on the other end.

"I've got your girl." It was Karl.

"I have your girl," I heard Karl say. My ears began to ring with panic. Karl had found a way to power out of several layers of heavy steel chain, come back to the hotel, and kidnap Tina, my loyal and innocent assistant.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"Don't worry, boy, we're in a nice, safe place. Tina and I have been getting to know each other."

"You hurt her, and I'll kill you, I swear," I choked out angrily.

"Is that right? And how you gonna do that, punk. You gonna send Calhoun after me? You saw what I did to him, and I'll do it again next time, only worse. And don't be so worried about Tina. She had the time of her life last night. In fact, it'd be safe to say she'll never have another night like it. She's a real firecracker, that one. Must have hit the big O about a hundred times. Had her pinned to the ceiling with one arm for the longest time, while I finger fucked her with my other hand. Had her going wild with that one."

"Let me talk to her." I said.

"Sure, captain, hold on." I heard him cover the phone and say something, then Tina got on.

"Hi Tom," she said.

"Tina, are you alright?" I asked. She sounded exhausted.

"Oh, Tom, I am so alright, you have no idea. When Karl got back last night, he asked me up to his room to talk. I was nervous at first, because he's so big, and had been acting a little strangely, but once we got to his room, everything changed. We ordered dinner, had some wine, and things got more intimate. Before I knew it, I was asking him to show me his body. He stripped off his clothes, and began to flex for me. Tom, you know I'm not normally into muscleheads, but I almost orgasmed with every pose. There's something about him that's overwhelming. I got worried again when he started to touch me, but when he carressed me with those massive hands, he was so gentle. We started out slow, but then things just got wilder and wilder. The big ole man had me going nuts, manuevering me into the most intense positions, and letting me feel his rockhard body. He's unbelievable with his thick fingers, and his tongue, Tom, he was working me into such a frenzy with his deep probing laps...."

"Whoa! OK, way too much information, Tina," I said, repulsed.

"Alright, prude," Tina laughed. "I'm going to take a shower. Here's Karl back." I heard her hand the phone back to him.

"Hey, babe," I heard him say to her, "make sure you get soaped up in all the right places, I'll be right in." I heard Tina giggling as she left the room.

"OK, what the fuck do you want, Karl?" I asked him.

"Here's what I want, you little shit," he snarled. "I want you down in the lobby in 30 minutes. We're gonna go for a little ride, and if you're not down there, I will take your friend here and drive her to madness with my power. Because you know what, boy, last night was nothing. I was holding back big time. And if I go at her full throttle, I will reduce her to a puddle of jello. I will ruin her for all other men. She'll never make love again without longing for my fuck muscle. That is if she doesn't go mad with lust. She thinks my tongue was good last night, just wait. Imagine what six hours of me flicking her clit would do to her. And you know the best part, fuck-up? The whole time I was doing her, I was thinking of you. Every position. Every thrust. And you know what else, boy, I'll tell her that too. I'll crush her heart and make her hate you all at the same time. So now you got 29 minutes to meet me downstairs. And have a car ready too." He hung up.

I got dressed and went out into the living area of the suite. Jack was already there, with Sam, and they were standing over six serving carts of food, stuffing themselves.

"We got hungry, and ordered breakfast," said Jack when he saw me staring at them. They had ordered eight full-sized breakfasts from room service. They both looked like they had gained about 50lbs of muscle overnight. Sam was bare-assed naked, his back to me, as he shovelled in food. His thick bubblebutt mounded up high, like two massive bowling balls of rockhard muscle. His hulking back rippled and mounded with every movement. As he leaned over to reach more food, his glutes rolled, the muscle striating freakishly. He picked up a thermos carafe of coffee and downed the scalding liquid, one gulp after another. Then he did the same with a pitcher of milk, and one of orange juice. Jack was stuffing stacks of pancakes into his mouth, then drinking them down with the syrup. In between gulps, they flexed and admired their new muscle size. They had both morphed into superheavyweight freaks, and were boned up just looking at themselves.

Jack finished what he wanted of breakfast, then brushed some remnants off his jutting pec shelf. "I'm going to take a shower," he said. "Then we're going to go find that shithead buddy of yours. I've got a thing or two to show him." He lumbered off to the bathroom.

"Listen, Sam, I have to go out for awhile, tell Jack to wait for me to get back or call." I started to head for the door, but Sam grabbed me by the collar, pulled me easily across the room and slammed me hard into the wall, knocking the wind out of me.

"You're not going anywhere," he said. He stuck his face nose to nose with me. His eyes were glazed over, and his voice sounded strange. His massive neck now jutted out two inches on both sides of his broad Slavic face. The bones of his forehead had thickened too, giving him a somewhat Neanderthal appearance. "I'm horny as hell, and I'm gonna fuck the crap outta you," he snarled. He leaned into me, crushing me with his truck-like mass.

"Sam...." I gasped breathlessly. I pushed on his mounded dent-proof traps, which merged with his freak neck flawlessly, like a genetically perfected superman, engineered solely for power and size.

"I will rape you for the next ten hours," snarled Sam, "and I will stay inside you the whole time, filling you up over and over with my thick paste." His hot breath hit my face like a blow dryer as he pressed into me harder, and began to grope.

"'re hurting me...."

"My big dick will get bigger and harder with every load, and I will rip you open as I use you as my cum bucket."

"Sam....fuckk." His crushing weight on my lungs cutting off my breathing. I was going to black out. I stretched out my arms and slammed my open hands against Sam's head, boxing his ears as hard as I could. Sam blinked. His eyes focussed in on me, and he stepped back.

"Mr. Vargas?," he said, confused. Then he realized what had just happened. "My god, did I hurt you?" he asked me.

"Yes, you hurt me, you big prick," I said, kneeling down, catching my breath. Then I saw his reaction. Why didn't I just go out and find a puppy to kick. His big Polish face looked overwhelmed with guilt. "Sam, listen, it wasn't you who did this, it's that goddam formula." There were two 6-packs left of the Youthnage on the counter. Sam sat back in a chair and rubbed his face.

"I was gonna fuck you up," he said, distraught.

"Don't sweat it. It's that stuff, it makes you crazy horny, man."

"That's for goddam sure," said Sam. His erection stood up hard, like a flag pole, and he began to thump it against his shredded abs. His low hanging ball sac began to pull up, the skin tightening around what looked like two cue ball-sized nuts.

"What you need, Sam, is some relief," I said, suddenly feeling crazy horny myself. I went over to him and crouched between his thighs. I placed my hands just above his kneecaps, and slowing ran my fingers up his huge quads, quads that would make any heavyweight pro bodybuilder weep with envy. As I neared his groin, I massaged his inner thighs.

"gahhhhhh," moaned Sam, throwing back his head. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. It swelled in my grip. The thought passed my mind that Sam's judgement might darken again, and that he could easily decide to flip me over and use me, as he so delicately put it, as his cum bucket. All I knew was that I had an irresistable urge to taste him, to drink from him, to feed off his juices. I took his pole into my mouth and worked him. His pre began to flow immediately, gushing into me, sticky, yet fresh as spring water. His pre helped to lube him, and he began to thrust into my face. I worked him harder, milking and sucking for all I was worth. I was hungry for his big thick shake, shit, I was goddam starving. Sam groaned and writhed in the chair. He lifted me up, then laid me on the floor, face-fucking me the whole way. He rode my face like a red-hot piston. A shudder began to grow up out of his toes. Every tightly woven muscle fiber in his rockhard body began to fire. I could almost hear the roar rushing up his shaft. I took him in deep, and his first explosion shot directly down my throat. Then another. Again, and again. Feeding me his musclejuice. Then I shifted down a bit, aching to get a taste of him. A load of pure milky paste filled my mouth, clean, creamy, salty cum of a 19 year-old muscle machine. Damned if it didn't taste like Youthnage. I drank from his fountain until it was dry. He pulled me up against him and held me for a few minutes. Then I heard the shower turn off.

"Shit," I said, getting up. "Sam, I have to go. Tell Jack I went out for the paper or something." Sam sat up, and I noticed that he was eyeing the remaining cans of Youthnage on the counter. "And don't drink anymore of that shit," I ordered him, as I fished through Jack's coat, and pulled out the keys to the Hummer. I went out the door, and just after it shut, I was sure I heard the sound of a can being popped open. I headed to the lobby to find Karl.

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