The Jocking: 3rd Quarter, 2:00 -- The Play Clock Counts Down

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Brock was nude, his prime masculine power emanating from his body. He stood, legs shoulder width apart, with his hands hanging at his sides. His posture was perfectly straight, and his eyes stared unwaveringly forward.

Around him, stood six men in the same position. Behind him stood Bull. To the back and left was Ox; to the back right was Moose. To the front left was Ram; and to the front right was Snake. And straight in front was Rhino. On the ground was drawn two overlapping triangles, connecting three of the men to each. Brock stood in the middle. The room was silent and motionless, all the men awaiting Brock to proceed.

Finally, almost effortlessly, Brock threw his hands in the air and a dark burs of energy shot up from the ground. The lines of the triangle began to glow as deep red light burst from below. The six men were surrounded by the light, cloaking them from all eyes. Finally, the light began to pour into Brock in the middle. Torrents of power washed over him, engulfing him. Changing him.

It was such incredibly energy. There were simply no words to describe it. Brock could feel all weaknesses, all his humanity- the last remains of his souls- being forced out of his body. Something new crept inside him, something powerful. It was dark and controlling. It was evil. And Brock welcomed it. His body was new a shell for the power. He was becoming it.

As silently as it had begun, it was over. Brock’s head hung down and he breathed slowly. Finally, his head tilted up and his eyes flashed the dark red color of the light. His already chiseled body was now completely perfect. Each muscle and movement a testament to manliness. And around him, stood six perfected jocks. Their bodies altered to become the absolute perfection per their position. And while before their thoughts, if they could be called that, had centered around football and weights, now they had nothing. The will of Brock was imposed over their brain. They had no desire. No opinions. They existed solely for him.

“Well, that was fun,” Brock said as he let out a devilish smile, his voice dropped from its higher pitch to a gruntish chord. “But we still have one little thing to take care of.”


Adam, Chloe, Kai, James, Theodore, and Burton Fisher were stuck in a room with crazy Briggs pointing a gun at them. As if they weren’t enough, he had three big guys behind him, blocking the door. Briggs seemed to becoming more unstable each moment.

“Briggs, calm down,” Adam repeated again.
“Don’t taunt the man with the big gun,” Chloe whispered.
“He’s not gonna kill us,” Kai chimed.

“I will fucking kill you little shits,” Briggs screamed again, flaying the gun about like a rag doll toy.

The group just sighed and stood as before. Adam reached up and put a hand on his temple and began to rub his head. Something felt bad, like a minor headache. Then, he felt a rumbling from inside himself. He grabbed his stomach as he tumbled to the ground and let out a piercing scream and fell to the ground.
“Adam, what’s wrong?” James said, holding his friend against his chest.
“It hurts! Fuck it hurts!” Adam cried out.
“Darren/Brock is purging the final remnants of his soul,” Theodore said looking worried.
“Briggs, we have to do something, now!” Burton said.
“Fuck you! I’ve fucking got this!” Briggs yelled again.

It was then that Brock walked through the door. He looked different, bigger. And he had an aura about him, something very...evil. Behind him strolled in six muscular drones, each looking strangely stoned.

“Briggs, Briggs, Briggs,” Brock spoke in a deeper guttural sound than usual. “Guns now? Losing faith aren’t we?”
“Not in you!” Briggs said, running up to him. “You are my star! With you, I will rule!” He had definitely gone off the deep end. Brock just looked at him and smiled.
“You see, Briggs. You need me... but I don’t need you... anymore,” he said giving an evil sneer.
“Perhaps a demonstration?” Brock said as he looked over to the six. Suddenly his men got a strange look of rage and determination in their eyes and they charged over. They bowled over the younger kids and grabbed the two Fisher men.
“Theodore and Burton. My grand daddies, huh? Trying to hurt the family?”
“Darren, you need to stop this,” Burton pleaded.

“See, Briggs, the thing is. They’re too old to XAP. Their bodies are much too frail. But, together...,” and with that he walked over and put on hand on each man’s head and pushed them together. At first the skulls just touched, but then the two men let out painful screams. Their bodies began to merge. Brock was forcing them to become one person. One strong person. The combined mass of their bodies began to bubble and change. The merging men’s arms began to pump and inflated, with thick biceps and triceps, slowly joining together to form on body. The legs doubled in size, and then tripled. Until each striated muscle was larger than either of the previous mens waist. Deep abs began to sink in as the back exploded outward. A massive V shaped traced its way up from the hips, culminating at two of the largest shoulders ever. His pecs hung over his body, looking a little too big to be comfortable. The neck grew in proportion to the rest of the body, and then grew a little more. Finally, the face could be seen. The angled lines of the men’s face was gone; replaced with a troglodyte face of carnal origin. It was the face of pure testosterone. A look of rage burned onto its face, highlighted by the thick, low brows and the large nose. There was no hair on its head. And then, suddenly, standing before Brock was a new jock.

Brock smiled as he stepped back from his new creation. “See?” He said to no one in particular. “It’s better to side with the family. Right, Fish?” The caveman Fish let out a deep, “Fuck yeah, dude,” which caused Brock to smile even bigger. Finally, he turned around to face Briggs and the others.

“See, Briggs. They were right. You, are not in control. I am.”
“No! I am the coach. Hunter, Crushers! Stop him!” But as the jocks charged forward, Brock’s eyes seemed to glow a strange red and the men stopped in their tracks. Their bodies began to change. The muscles increasing in size and density. Brock pushed their own thoughts and hopes out of their dreams and filled them with his own will and desire. Three huge beasts stood in their place. Their own names and identities essentially erased. They had no thoughts beyond Brock and how to serve him.

“See Briggs? We’re all part of one happy family. Except, you. You seem to be so...angry. And in a bad way.”
“What the fuck?” Briggs said. “No! No! This is not how it is suppose to happen. I am in control!”
“Not anymore,” Chloe muttered.
“I’m unstoppable now.”
“No! No!” Briggs said. He walked over towards Adam with a strange gleam in his eye. He stopped in front of the boy, then grabbed his collar and shoved him to the ground. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at Adam. Kai and Chloe immediately began to charge towards Adam, while James tried to block Briggs. The old coach just knocked James out of the way and refocused his gun at Adam.

“If I kill you, this will all be over. You hold his soul after all. If it’s not in you, then it has to be in him, right?” James tried to get up and grab Briggs. Kai and Chloe were just too far away to get here. Time seemed to slow as they charged forward, both intent on stopping Briggs.
“I doubt it,” Adam said hesitantly.
“Still, it won’t hurt me to check,” Briggs said as he pulled the trigger.

1:00 remaining in the quarter . . .