The Jocking: 3rd Quarter, 3:00 -- Back on the Line

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Well, well, a little reunion, huh? Nice to see all the ‘good guys’ together in once place. It will make it so much easier to get rid of you all,” Briggs said coyly, smiling devilishly at the six people in the room. He was flanked on either side by a massive man- Hunter on his left and Windstock on the right.
“Hi Briggs,” Adam droned.
“Sorry I blamed you for killing my parents,” Kai confessed quickly, causing the others to stare at him in bewilderment. He looked at the others, exacerbated. “What? I am sorry. I was wrong, I admit it!”
“Oh, it’s alright Kai,” Briggs replied. “I’m sure I would have thought the same. I guess that means that the little Fisher boys have clued in you.”
“Brock is a threat Briggs. You must control him,” Theodore warned.
“Oh, shut the fuck up, old man! I know what I’m doing. He’s fine. He’s mine!”

Chloe rolled her eyes and shrugged before walking forward. “Briggs, is it? Hi, Chloe Barnette. So, you have obtained illegal samples of my research. And I would just like to know how. Since I didn’t give it to you, and I don’t know who else had access.”
“Chloe, nice to meet you in person,” Briggs shook her hand. “Moore did.”
“Thought so, just checking.”
“What do you want Briggs?” Adam asked. The larger man stepped forward, and Adam unconsciously stepped forward a little bit, putting himself in front of James.
“I want,” he responded, “for you people to stop fucking with me. I’m here to get rid of you all permanently.”
“What are you gonna do to us?” Kai questioned, causing Briggs to reach in the back of his pants and pull out a small hand gun.
“Kill you, if it comes to that. Don’t fuck with me!” Briggs said, waving the gun at the group with an impish glare.

“Brock is very dangerous,” Burton finally said, breaking the silence.
“Goddammit! Haven’t you fuckers been listening. I’ve got it under control.”
“Heeeey, Briggs,” Kai opened. “I... umm, are you gay?”
“No!” came the quick retort. “Why would you think that?”
“Well, during my little trip to jock land, I umm, know...”
“Kai took it up the ass, like a man, I’m sure,” Adam piped in.
“Graphic much?” James glanced at Adam who just shrugged in return.
“Well, yeah,” Kai continued. “I got fucked. By a dude. Not something I’ve ever done before. So, why are you super jock drones....queer?”
“I didn’t make them that way.”
“Darren was gay,” Burton chimed. “He’s making the men in his desired image. Very powerful.”
“Oh my god, so he likes his men a little friendly, that doesn’t mean he’s in control.”

“Okay, Briggs, calm down,” Adam said. “Now, I have a question for you. There’s one thing I still don’t understand.”
“One thing?!” Chloe sounded completely shocked.
“Yes, what’s the thing with Brock and me? Why is he obsessed with me? You talked about my eyes earlier. What is it?”

Briggs looked at the boy and let a large smile envelope his face. “What is it? You really wanna know? Well, I’m surprised that the Fisher men didn’t let you in on the little secret. Or maybe they haven’t figured it out yet. You see, you and Brock, or Darren really... you are the same person.”

“What?” Adam questioned. Kai, James, and Chloe just looked confused, while the Fisher men frowned. “How is that possible?”
Briggs continued, “You see, it’s the whole other side of Brock. You are a worldly balance to his powers. I’ll extrapolate for ya. Because Darren housed a demon, or whatever it is, his body couldn’t contain a whole soul. So, someone else got the spill over. You existed as a natural reservoir for his soul. When the demon awakened and pushed out the rest of the soul, you would be there to absorb it.”
“That’s ridiculous,” James finally spoke. “Wouldn’t they have to be twins or born at the same time or something?”
“Nope,” Briggs answered. “It just took someone who was destined for the role. Adam, was born to hold an extra soul.”
“Wouldn’t holding two souls, be kinda hard?” Kai asked.
“It would. In fact, Adam might have suffered from chronic illness when he was younger. Were you a sick child Adam? I bet it was hard, bearing the brunt of two souls. And when the halves merged, when his demon awakened, why- was there ever a time where you were unconscious in a hospital? For a prolonged period of time. Maybe a coma?”

Adam and James both looked at the man with a mixture of fear and disbelief on their faces.
“Judging by the look on your face,” Briggs continued, “I’ll assume I’m right. You see, Brock is only weak to his own soul. That’s why he wanted you. If you joined, no one could have ever stopped him.”
“But, you’ve stopped him? Right?” Adam asked.
“Yes, I have.”
“So, where is he?”


Moore was in his office, sitting calmly at the desk, when the door opened slowly and two muscled men strolled in. Without looking up, Moore spoke.
“Well, I see things are coming together nicely.”
“I’m not Briggs, Moore,” Brock replied.
“I know that, sir,” Moore said, finally looked up to see the glorious Brock, flanked by the newly jocked Jay- whose eyes burned with a new intensity. “You see,” Moore said, standing up from his desk and walking in front of the men, “I have been waiting for you.”
“Have you?”
“Yes. You see, I tried to tell Jamie earlier, even gave him a little hint. But I see that he was destined for the vapid muscle-dom that has consumed so many. A fitting end, I think, for a man so consumed with anger, to become a physical outlet for anger itself.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Doesn’t anyone care why I’m doing this? You should, definitely.”
“Why then?”
“I’m helping you, sir.”
“What the fuck, Moore?”
“I’m part of the same sect as the Fishers and the Coles and the late Mallory Brock. But, I see your coming as the future, not something to stop. No, you sir, are something to be embraced. I have spent my life making sure that everything was in place for your arrival.”
“Really, you already worship me?” Brock inquired.
“Of course sir! You bring a new era of prosperity and the promise of eternal happiness. I have made it my mission to see it come true. I worked hard to work at a company that could provide the necessary tools. I hunted down the girl who was destined to make a great component of your reign. I helped guide the material to you, through someone who thought they were working against me. And then I helped that man become obsessed with its power. The football thing was an odd twist, but I think it worked out nicely. At every step, I have made sure to be one step ahead of your enemies. I have studied the prophecy everyday of my life, trying to find every person who played a part and ensuring that you had access to them.”
“Is that so?” Brock asked. “So, you now why I’m here.”
“Yessir!” Moore exclaimed. “You have obtained five of the ancient symbols, and it is my destiny to be the sixth. I welcome your coming, sir.”
“Well, dude, that’s fucking rad!” Brock said, suddenly snapping back into the jock slang.
“If everything is in order, sir, then may I suggest that you commence with the assimilation. And then we can proceed to your coronation.”
“Righteous,” Brock smiled. “I guess, since I owe ya, any prefs on what you want to be?”
“Where ever you desire, sir. I live to serve.”
“I like that. Well, the others are all on the defense. I’ve pretty much got control over the offense myself. Another defensive tackle, to really fill out the line?”
“As you see fit.”
“This is gonna be sweet.”

Moore unceremoniously stripped off his clothes. He stood naked before Brock. And that’s when it started. The good old-fashioned way. First, the feet. He Moore could actually watch as the toes pressed further out, as the foot stretched the tendons and bones forward, and then pressed outward, creating two very thick and large feet. The energy slowly crept into his calves. The lower part began to take the harsh shape of a tear, bubbling up in size as it progressed towards the knee. With every quaking pulse veins seemed to sprout throughout the calf, as it engorged with XAP. The thighs were soon expanding too. The once undefined quads found themselves to be fully developed and individual muscles, their shape angles clearly defined. The hamstrings exploded and thickened.

The energy seeped into his groin and ass, his rigid dick expanding beyond its usual capacity, leaving a hefty floating sausage in its place. Meanwhile his ass was becoming two bulbous mounds of hard muscle and deep squats. Into his abs and lower back, creating a series of rigid peaks in the front, and turning his core into a powerful midsection.

He felt it in his back first. His arms seemed to sort of levitate up as the laterals pressed out further and further, a deep crevice sinking into his back. Soon, his pecs began to feel the pressure. He began taking deep breaths and each time his rib cage got increasingly larger, never receded to its previous size with each inhale. From just below the collarbone, a cascade of muscle began to pour fourth, and filling his chest with two massive lumps which soon hardened into beefy pecs, which pushed forward from the rest of the body.

The two waves met at the neck, were the traps rose up and swallowed his neck whole, then the neck thickened and was just barely distinguishable from the muscles. They split down the sides, leaving shoulders so broad he could never walk through a regular door. Moore felt it pulsate through his biceps and triceps, each moment feeling their increasing weight and strength as they grew bigger and bigger. Into the forearms, which became two thick muscles dissected by huge throbbing veins. And his hands took the final blow, their strong grip enhanced by the chemicals, which fingers squaring our and roughing up.

Brock stood and admired his handiwork for a moment. Moore was standing, his eyes wide. With every breath he took, the huge muscles moved up and down. Moore had never felt so heavy or powerful in his life. Almost unconsciously, he flexed his biceps and smiled.

“You like?” Brock asked.

“Sir, this feels .... incredible!” Moore said as he flexed another pose. Brock walked forward and held Moore’s head. He stared deeply into Moore’s eyes, who soon found himself captivated by the jock. Brock began asserting himself on the other man’s mind. Moore willing received Brock and was happy to erase his former existence and descend.

Moore shook a little in Brock’s hands and then he stepped back and stared at the new recruit. Once a techno-savvy business man, now stood a heaving mountain of dumb muscle with a look of devotion in his eyes. He smiled like an idiot, Brock’s favorite little moment, and then flexed and gave the traditional ‘fuck yeah’ declaration.

“Come on Moose,” Brock said to the newest member of the team. “We gotta get you ready. The others are already waiting. And I don’t want to miss my own coronation,” he said as he smiled sadistically and followed out behind Jay and Moose. He let out a deep laugh to himself as he shut the door to the former Mr. Moore’s office.

"After all, it's gonna be a hell of a time."

2:00 remaining in the quarter . . .