The Guidance Counsellor (hypno)

Chapter 1 - Lesson 1

Jamie Burton had been a decent, moral Guidance counsellor until he found the machine.

The 'machine' had been invented, apparently years before by his uncle, an eccentric misogynist, who had written in his diary that it was unsuccessful because it wouldn't make people do 'important' things. All it would do is make people do minor things or change minor parts of their personalities. He gave the example that he could make a chocolate lover hate chocolate but couldn't get them to murder their grandparents. So he had put the machine aside and there it had stayed until after his death.

Calling it a machine rather glorified it. Actually it was closer to what we now call a remote control. It was a black box about 3 inches thick, eight inches long and five inches wide. It had one button on it. One side opened to put normal AAA cells into it.

Jamie had almost thrown the thing out. Instead he put it into a box that he intended to go through later - a pile that contained assorted odds and ends that might be useful around the house. It wasn't until he read the diary that he even remembered it and hoped it was the black box to which his uncle referred.

There was no question what he would use it for. He'd had a smoking fetish for as long as he could remember. He loved to watch young men smoke. That was one of the reasons he became a Guidance counsellor - he could be around young people AND he could question them about their habits. Sometimes just knowing that they smoked was enough for his imagination to soar.

It was getting increasingly harder to see the students or teachers smoke. Smoking had been banned on school grounds and so most smokers found hangouts away from the immediate area of the school. Smoking in the school was also verbotin - so the cigarette he sometimes allowed an upset student to calm them down was also out of the question now.

Jamie Burton had been a good counsellor. He had never used the students sexually or abused his 'power' in any way except maybe getting a small thrill by questioning or looking. Because he was a teacher he did not want anyone to know he was gay so any dallying had to be done when he was away on vacation or gone to conferences. He was very careful in his home town. The only giveaway was that he was thirty-eight and still a bachelor and seldom dated.

The machine, as his uncle called it, was going to change some of that. If it worked. If his uncle weren't crazy as well as reclusive.

He had to find a way to try it out, so he decided that he would use it on his paper carrier - a fifteen year old boy in Grade 10. When the boy came collecting, Jamie invited him in while he got some money. He brought both the money and the machine back with him. After he gave the boy the money and while the boy was writing the payment in his book, Jamie pressed the button and pointed it at him. The boy seemed to freeze in his tracks. It was as though time stopped for the boy.

Jamie didn't quite know how to use it, so he thought he would first try using a command. "You see a package of cigarettes on the table next to you. You would really like a cigarette. You want to ask me for a cigarette. You will stay here while you smoke the cigarette and will really enjoy it." Then he let go of the machine button.

The boy's name was Robbie and Jamie had never seen him smoking though he watched for it every time he saw him in the neighbourhood. At his age he was a bit gangly, still growing into his body, but he was going to be a looker, no doubt.

"Do you mind if I come in and rest a minute, Mr. Burton.?"

Jamie's reverie was broken. "No, not at all."

"And do you think I could bum one of those cigarettes off you?"

"Oh, I didn't know you smoked, Robbie. Sure."

Robbie grabbed the pack off the table, took one out and handed the pack to Jamie.

"I don't smoke much, really, but one would go well right now." Robbie put the cigarette between his lips.

Jamie took out his lighter, trying not to shake, and lit his own, then Robbie's, keeping his eyes very carefully on the boy. He had obviously been experimenting because he did inhale the smoke a little. Jamie pointed to the living room couch and he and Robbie sat down.

"This is really a good cigarette. I haven't had a Camel before." Robbie took another drag, this time a little deeper. "Really good."

Jamie watched the smoke come out from the boys mouth, a little from his nose as well. "Smoking's always been one of my greatest pleasures and vices," Jamie noted.

"My mom would kill me if she ever saw me smoking. I hope you won't tell, Mr. Burton."

"No, it'll be our little secret."

"This is only like my fifth cigarette. I don't make a habit of it. But this one is really good." Robbie held it in front of him and looked at it.

Jamie took this opportunity to point the box at the boy again and push the button. Again, Robbie seemed to freeze.

"You do make a habit of it, Robbie. You love smoking - you're addicted to it. You smoke as many cigarettes a day as you can." He let go the button and Robbie continued to look at the cigarette.

"What were you just saying about how much you smoked, Robbie?"

"Uh, yeah, I think I was telling you that I smoke a lot - too much. I can't seem to get enough of it." He brought the cigarette to his lips and inhaled very deeply, holding the smoke in for a long time before letting it out. "Boy, I needed that. Anyway, I have to get on with the papers. Say, I'm out of smokes just now. You wouldn't mind giving me 'one for the road', would ya?"

"Not at all. Here, take the whole pack. There's a half a pack left and I have more in the kitchen. And take these matches."

"Geez, thanks! You're a great guy, Mr. Burton." He pocketed the half-filled pack quickly and started on out the door. "See ya tomorrow!"

"Yes. Tomorrow." Jamie stood in the door and watched as he finished off the three houses ending the block. He paused at the corner and lit another cigarette.

<God, he looks cute> Jamie thought.

As excited as Jamie was about using the machine at school he would still have time to experiment with it because it was late June now and he still had two months before school would start again.

As it turned out he found out that changing one small thing about a person can create larger changes. Take Robbie, for example.

Jamie watched over the summer weeks as Robbie smoked more and more on the route and whenever Jamie saw him around - at the plaza or the show - but he also noticed that the type of kid Robbie was hanging around with was different now, too. Probably because he had become a smoker, he was hanging out with the other kids his age or older who smoked - and they weren't always the best influences.

Robbie quit the paper route before the end of the summer and would have been fired soon if he hadn't. He started missing days and was becoming very belligerent if you questioned him about anything. One neighbour suspected him of a rash of robberies that were taking place in homes where people were on vacation.

Jamie saw Robbie near the end of the summer and was amazed at he change in the boy - he wore his hair differently and it had grown longer. He was working out behind the hardware store and Jamie had gone back to see if they had any wood he needed. The owner told him to help himself to anything at he back. He was surprised to see Robbie.

Robbie was bare-chested and had a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He was replacing a board on the door of an old shed.

"Still smoking, I see," Jamie said pleasantly as an opener.

"Yeah. What's it to ya?"

"Nothing. I was just referring to the day you and I had a smoke while you were on your paper route."

"Oh...yeah. I remember. Mr. Burton. How are ya?"

It was obvious he had been smoking more than Camels. It was at that point that Jamie realized the 'power' of the machine and that he had better be careful with it.

Chapter 2 - Lesson 2

Jamie's next experiment involved his next door neighbour, Cal. Cal and his young wife Karen had lived next door for the past year and a half. Jamie really had not had much to do with them - they both worked and were away from the house a lot. When they were home they always seemed to be busy around the house.

Jamie knew that Cal worked for an electrical company and Karen worked in a day care centre. They looked like they got along.

Cal seemed to be on vacation during the third week of July. Karen continued to go into work. From his side window he could see Cal working around on the grounds. Jamie waited until Cal took a break around mid morning, went and got his bathing trunks on and went for a swim. Jamie went over with two beers and his machine.

He hollered over the gate and Cal yelled back for him to come on in.

"I saw you over here, figured you were on vacation and thought I'd bring a beer over."

"Thanks. I guess you get a whole two months of vacation," said Cal.

Uh oh, thought Jamie, another one who was jealous of teachers. "I try to keep busy over the summer - usually I teach summer school, but I thought I'd take a summer off this year."

"Wish I could afford to take a summer off," said Cal rather sarcastically. "Oh. The opener's on the side of the table over there."

Jamie went over and opened the two bottles while Cal pulled himself out of the pool and dried himself off. He was a good looking man, dark hair, worked out a bit.

They chatted for a few minutes but Jamie saw they weren't going to have too much in common and the conversation seemed to be going nowhere.

Then Jamie asked, "Do you mind if I have a cigarette?"

"Actually, I do. Neither Karen or I allow any smoking in or around our home. I hope you understand. I'm surprised that someone like you who should be a role model still smokes."

Cal then avoided Jamie's eyes and reached down on the ground for his towel. As he did so, Jamie pushed the machine's red button. Again time seemed to stop.

"Actually, Cal, you find smoking a real turn on. You are a closet smoker and have been smoking for years in secret. You'd love for your wife to start - that would be a real turn-on for you. You don't mind if anyone smokes in your house if Karen isn't around - you do. In fact, when you see me smoke you are going to want one so badly that you'll break your usual rule and ask me for one." He turned the machine off and Cal continued picking up the towel. "Are you sure you don't mind me smoking, Cal?"

Cal looked momentarily confused, then said, "No. That's fine. Really. Go ahead." He watched as Jamie lit his cigarette. "Uh... I don't usually smoke but... uh... would you mind..."

"Oh. Would you like a cigarette? Sure. Go ahead." He passed the pack over to Cal who eagerly put one in his mouth and lit it. He blew the smoke out without inhaling it, though. He had obviously never smoked.

"Does Karen smoke?"

"Oh no. And she doesn't know I do. I mean, I don't. Well, just a little. Don't say anything - she'd be real upset. She doesn't like anyone smoking on the property. I sure wish she'd take it up so I could stop the charade. I don't like having secrets from her." He took another drag from the cigarette and this time a little smoke managed to get in deep enough to come out the nostrils.

Jamie hoped that he could catch on to inhaling soon because he looked really good with the cigarette. He held it well for one who didn't smoke and it looked comfortable on him. Jamie was getting a bit hard watching the smoker before him, leaning on the wall by the pool.

They talked a little longer and then before he left Jamie used the machine one more time. He told Cal that he would get a hard on every time he saw a woman light a cigarette, and that he would enjoy smoking more and more each day. The machine off, he waved good-bye to his neighbour.

Every time he got a chance, Jamie was looking out the window into Cal's back yard to see if Cal was still smoking. He was. He left the house about an hour after Jamie went home, presumably to buy some smokes because he was in the yard lighting up not long after. The next day, as soon as Karen left, he was smoking in the yard.

It was probably coincidence that the neighbours directly behind Cal's house had a twenty year old smoking daughter. It wasn't long before she caught Cal's eye and then his cock. Cal was spending more and more time over by the fence and he would stand and talk to the girl - both of them smoking.

A few days later the girl was spending part of the morning in Cal's yard and pool and a few days after that, they disappeared into the house.

The machine had been working too well. By the end of summer Cal had grown a beard and bought a motorcycle. He had many fights with Karen - Jamie had heard the screaming a number of times and the police had been called in once. After that, it seemed that Karen left and the neighbour from behind was around all the time. It tuned out she really liked leather men, so Cal had accommodated her - simply because he was so turned on by her smoking.

I probably should have used the machine on Karen, too, Jamie thought. Then I wouldn't have broken up a marriage. I'll have to be more careful next time.

Chapter 3 - Lesson 3

The third incident of the summer happened while I was out for my morning jog. I try to keep myself in shape and am very regular in the summer, more than during the year when school gets so busy.

This particular morning I had been jogging for about 40 minutes when I reached the park near to my home and sat down on the bench. I was only there a few minutes when another jogger going from a different direction stopped an sat down on the bench across from me and took out a drink of water.

He appeared at first to be just my type and I had to be careful not to stare too long or too obviously. Too many people knew me in the town. Instead, I just smiled and started a brief conversation that any two jogger's could have had - nice day, hot for this hour, that sort of thing. He answered politely but distantly and despite that I couldn't help but look into the pools that were his beautiful large brown eyes. I knew I wanted to have this guy.

I now was in the habit of carrying the machine with me, even while jogging. Not because I expect to use it, but just in case someone were to break into my home and steal it. While this guy was putting his water back into the clip, I took out the machine, aimed it and as his "time" stopped, moved closer to speak to him.

"You will be able to speak to me. What is your name?"


"And what do you do, Ross?"

"I'm vice-president of a new computer company - marketing division."

"You look like you are in great shape, Ross. Have you ever smoked?"

"I used to. I stopped about five years ago."

"Are you married?"


"Going with anyone?"




Damn, Jamie thought. "You are going to realize that you want to start smoking again, Ross. You find the act of smoking very pleasant, one of the true enjoyable things in life and you aren't going to deny yourself any longer."

Ross' beautiful eyes remained blank.

"Do you jog every day?"

"I just started."

"I want you to jog by here every day and stop at this exact spot. Wait around ten minutes. You really enjoy talking to me and you look forward to meeting me here each day. You can have a cigarette while you wait."

Jamie went back to the other seat and released the button. Ross continued clipping on the water bottle, then looked over at Jamie.

"It's been really great talking to you," he smiled. "Maybe we'll meet again. Do you go out every morning?"

"Most days - unless the weather's very bad."

"Well, I just started - maybe I'll run into you tomorrow. See ya." And off he went.

The next morning when Jamie arrived at the park, he went slowly to see if Ross had arrived or not. He went the back way so that he could get a view of the bench without himself being seen. Sure enough, there on the bench was Ross - and he was smoking! He was smoking hungrily and was looking like he really enjoyed it.

Ross was beginning to look worried and the time he had been told to wait was almost up. Jamie could see that Ross was becoming a little tense, so he backed up a ways and started his jog on by.

"Hello, there." Ross smiled and said upon seeing Jamie. "We meet again."

Jamie smiled. "That doesn't look too healthy for a jogger!"

"The cigarette? Oh, well, no, but maybe the jogging will compensate for it. I just started again recently - really enjoy it. Do you smoke?"

Jamie smiled and said yes. That was the start of a lovely relationship that developed over the summer. Jamie occasionally used the machine to deepen Ross' admiration and need for him, slowly suggesting more physical things. Finally it was Ross himself who suggested one night after they took in a show that maybe they should try something.

Ross had asked him Jamie a few weeks before if he was gay. Jamie was honest about it but also said that he could lose his job if it were known so he tried to be very discreet. Ross hadn't said much, changing the subject afterwards, but it had obviously been on his mind.

Once into Ross' apartment, Ross sat close to him and without a word passing between them, Ross reached over and moving very slowly to Jamie, kissed him.

Jamie, of course, reciprocated very quickly and it was not long before the two were naked and going at it on the white shag rug in Ross' living room.

Afterward Ross admitted to feeling weird about it all, he never thought he could be interested in another guy but something had been happening over the last few weeks that had changed his mind - and he couldn't stop thinking about Jamie.

Jamie told him that he wanted to remain friends but because of his position in the school, they couldn't be steady with each other or be seen too often around town. Ross was disappointed but understood. In his disappointment he reached down and took another cigarette, beginning his third pack that day. Jamie had increased Ross' love for cigarettes, especially when Jamie was around, and Ross had been smoking much more and enjoying it more. He was having difficulty adjusting to the rules of his company that prohibited smoking - so he had changed the rules, much to the chagrin of the non-smokers on staff. Other than that, no major changes seem to have come about in Ross' life. Perhaps Jamie was really learning how to control the box and use it effectively so that he would be ready when school started.

Chapter 4 - The Beau

Jamie's sister Carol called and told him she was bringing over a new beau. She didn't call a lot and wasn't very close to Jamie but she was obviously excited about this guy and wanted Jamie to meet him.

Jamie had never really forgiven his sister for the things she said to him when he had "come out" to his parents. She was downright cruel, sarcastic and mean. Over time, she had softened her stance but they could never be close. Her visits once or twice a year were their only communication since their parents had died.

When she arrived at the house, beau in tow, Jamie was certainly impressed with the stud she had conquered. He had short dark hair, was obviously into body-building, a real jock-type, and even had a winning personality. Jamie liked him immediately.

Carol was a different Carol with him - very much a woman in love. She was sickening actually, fawning on his every word and laughing more and louder than necessary at his witticisms.

Although Jamie liked him, he also knew that they didn't have much in common. Joe was a jock through and through - he talked sports and talked more sports even though Jamie was feigning some interest. <I need to give him some different hobbies> Jamie thought.

Jamie went out into the kitchen to get another round of drinks for them and Carol followed him in there, wanting to know what he thought. After telling her and pouring the drinks, he saw the machine sitting on the counter, picked it up and pointed it at Carol.

He knew he didn't have too much time so he quickly told Carol that she had no problem with his being gay, that she thought more and more about bondage and particularly being a slave to Joe, and she liked men with nipple and cock rings. He quickly told her that in about five minutes she was going to have to go to the bathroom and would have cramps for about ten minutes during which she would stay in the bathroom.

Carol and Jamie went back into the living room with the drinks and in about ten minutes Carol excused herself. Jamie watched her leave and then immediately used the machine on Joe.

First of all, he questioned Joe about smoking, just for his own interest. He had tried it a couple of times but didn't like it. Of course, he soon would.

Secondly, he got rid of some of the sports obsession by telling Joe that he was bored with organized sport though he continued to like working out but was getting very interested in porn of all types being very open to all kinds of experiences.

Thirdly, he asked if Carol had told Joe that Jamie was gay. She had. When he asked what Joe thought about gays he was shocked to hear the anger and ignorance coming from Joe's mouth. His pretending to like meeting Jamie had all been an act.

In anger, Jamie gave other suggestions. He made Joe very vain - caring about his appearance above any relationships. He took away his hate for gays and substituted an interest in all forms of sex. He doubled the original smoking suggestion and added cigars and pot. He also told him that he wanted Carol as a sex slave and wanted to make her a real slut.

By the time Carol came downstairs Joe was questioning Jamie about hi sexuality - asking probing questions about his partners and appearing very interested. When Jamie lit a cigarette, Joe asked for one. Carol objected (She had always hated Jamie's smoking) and a little later Jamie had to use the machine on her again.

The rest of the afternoon was very pleasant. Joe started smoking, looked in a lot of mirrors and paraded around in a bathing suit that Jamie loaned him to go swimming in. He strutted around showing off his physique and Carol once mentioned how good he would look in nipple rings. He did look good.

His smoking made him look all that much better from Jamie's point of view. Carol no longer objected but found it quite attractive in him and even went out that afternoon and bought him cigarettes so he would smoke all of Jamie's.

They went home before dinner and Jamie was surprised to hear the doorbell at around eight that evening. It was Joe, cigar in mouth, who wanted to talk some more about gay sex - a subject that had always fascinated him and because he knew Jamie was gay, he could finally ask some questions about it. Jamie showed him some videos, which Joe asked to see, and Jamie could see that he was really getting turned on by them. Jamie was really surprised when he was asked by Joe if they could fool around a little so that Joe could see what it was like.

Jamie hesitated, if only because this guy was most likely going to be his brother-in-law and he had no intention in turning him gay or taking him away from his sister. He had just wanted to even the score between his sister and himself. This was going too far.

Unfortunately, Joe was so good-looking that what morality he had didn't last very long. He was going to look forward to seeing more of this brother-in-law!

Over the summer, Joe came over a number of times with and without Carol. He had nipple rings in about two weeks and a cock ring a week after. He came over especially to show the cock ring to Jamie. Joe also loved telling Jamie how he and Carol were acting out these great SM fantasies and how it was really turning him on. He had been building up quite a collection of movies and magazines as well. Any other money he had went into looking good and he certainly did by the end of the summer. He was really hot and he knew it. Carol didn't seem to mind what he did as long as he came back to her and she gave him the meanest sex she was capable of. Of course, Carol reported this regularly to her favourite person in the world - her gay brother.

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