The Guidance Counsellor 2 (hypno)

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Chapter 5 - School Begins

Jamie was anxious for the new school year to start and glad when it did. The summer had been too long for him because he was not used to two months without working. He planned to use the machine on his students, particularly with regard to smoking, but he would counterbalance it by getting guys he found unattractive to quit. At least he found some justice in that.

He first used the machine on the Head of his department so that he was now given an office at the far back of the Guidance area and one which had a window that opened. That way he could occasionally smoke and let the foul air escape. He also zapped the Principal into believing he was the best teacher in the school, could be totally trusted and could basically do what he wanted with his time. He zapped the Head into taking all the senior girls as clients and leaving him with the senior boys. He zapped the secretary into having no sense of smell, especially for cigarettes. That done, he was ready to start seeing students.

The first student that came into see him,, though, was a girl that he had counselled last year. Kathy was a pretty girl who had been dating Brad since spring last year. She was obviously upset when he came into the room.

As it turned out, her problems were over Brad. It seemed that during the summer Brad had been seeing another girl and lying about it to her. She only found out because she saw him at the mall one night with her when he had broken their date because he said he had to work. She hadn't been able to confront him about it but was carrying on with the relationship as if nothing was wrong, but it was tearing her apart inside. She had always thought they were the perfect couple and she couldn't believe he could do that to her.

He told Kathy that he would talk to Brad about it, that things weren't always as they appeared. Then he used the machine on Kathy to find out about their sex life (she was saving herself), whether Brad smoked (he didn't) and what fantasies she had that turned her on (she had childish romantic notions of love that she'd gotten through Romance novels but he did find out she liked powerful, strong men).

He called Brad for an appointment the next day. Brad Younger was a good student, a good athlete, a good son, but apparently a cheat, at least in Kathy's eyes. He talked academics for a few minutes with Brad and then used the machine. It turned out that Brad was highly charged sexually, had a great secret fantasy life with much-used hidden pornography and films, and the cheating with the other girl was basically to get laid - because Kathy wouldn't.

"Have you ever thought about smoking, Brad?"

"Not very much, sir. My parents have a deal with me that I'll get a car when I'm twenty if I don't."

"Do you think that's fair, Brad?"

"I guess so."

"Well, it isn't fair because it's keeping you from one of life's greatest joys. But, of course, your parents are always doing that, aren't they? They want you to be perfect. But you think they're fools, don't you, Brad? You love cheating on them, the way you do with Kathy, don't you?"

"Ye...ess. I do."

"Brad, if you start smoking, I promise you that you can have Kathy do anything you want her to. I want you to make friends with Geoff Donner, as well. Do you know, Geoff?


"Well, get to know him better and I'm sure you will end up good friends." Geoff was the lead singer in an alternative band and was considered by many to be quite controversial. He said what was on his mind and didn't mince words with anyone, including his teachers. While most of the staff hated him, Jamie found him intriguing and sexy in a "dirty" sort of way. "Now I want you to give up this other girl - drop her, and stay with Kathy. She'll soon do what you want."

"If I start smoking?"

"Yes, that's right. You want to start, don't you?"


"Good." He turned the machine off. "I'll see you next week at the same time."

The next day, Kathy came to see Jamie to tell him that Brad told her that he wanted it to be better between them. On questioning, Jamie found out that she did see Brad smoke a cigarette and she had been surprised to hear him speak against his parents.

Jamie planted a few suggestions to Kathy that made her love to see Brad smoke and that it would make her so horny, she would give in to anything he wanted her to do. She would no longer care about saving herself.

A week later when Brad came in to see him, he had a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket. Jamie told him it was all right if he wanted to smoke and Brad lit up immediately. In only a week he had turned into the beautiful smoker that Jamie knew he could be. He had picked up the "style" from his new friend, Geoff.

With the machine he found out that Kathy had lost her virginity on the weekend and that Brad was surprised at how willing she was to do some of the kinkier things he had been reading about. She also seemed to like his smoking, so he had doubled his smoking when around her.

They both now seemed very happy, and so was Jamie as he watched the young man take a deep inhale and then proceed to blow rings. That was hard to do even for some long-term smokers - but that wasn't the only thing that was hard!

Chapter 6

Principal Matthews came to Jamie with a problem. It seems he was being harassed by a parent who was pushing too hard for his son. He had come to the school a number of times at the end of last year - the student had only been in the school one semester - complaining that the his son was a brilliant athlete, that this had been recognized at his past school, but here, none of the coaches were playing him enough. He had other complaints about the school as well, but the principal thought he might be living vicariously through the boy and thought Jamie should see the boy to find out the damage. He also, of course, wanted Jamie to get this father - Mr. Grant - off his back. The son's name was Brad. Jamie did not know him because he was the other counsellor's charge last year.

Jamie sent for Brad and it was lust at first sight. Where had this boy been hiding! He was close to 6 feet tall, short blonde hair, good build without being overly muscular, and a the face of an angel. Jamie was actually tongue-tied for a few minutes.

"Brad, I understand you're a good athlete - or that's what your dad tells us."

"My dad. Yeah. Well, I like playing sports all right but I'm not competitive like my dad. I know he always wants me to push harder, but I try hard and that should be good enough.. I wish he'd just sort of leave everything alone here at school. He kind of embarrasses me, you know."

"Is he hard on you in other ways?"

"Yeah, I guess so. He can be very demanding. Ever since my mom left and there's just been the two of us, he pushes me really hard."

"When did your mom leave?"

"About eight months ago. That's when we moved here. Dad couldn't stand to be in the same house that they lived in. He's pretty bitter. But I don't blame her. Dad could be awfully hard on her, too."

Jamie thought for a minute. "So things can get pretty tense."

Brad looked down. "Yeah."

Jamie probed further. "What about your social life. Any girlfriends?"

"No, not yet. Dad says I shouldn't be dating just yet. My school and athletics are more important. Particularly if I'm going to win a scholarship - which is about the only way I'll get to a good college."

"What about drugs...drinking?"

"Oh, no sir. My dad would kill me. We don't even have any booze around the house. Dad quit years ago. And I'm afraid of drugs - of what it will do to your body."


"No, sir. My dad has the occasional cigar but it smells so bad I'm not even tempted."

"So, don't you ever get out?"

"Well, sure. Once in a while. Dad will take me to a game somewhere or we'll go out to dinner. Neither of us cooks very good."

Jamie laughed but felt sorry for this incredibly good-looking guy that could probably have any girl - or guy- he wanted if he just knew.

"I'm going to make an appointment to see your dad, Brad, and I'll see if I can't convince him to lay off a little."

"Thanks, sir. I'd really appreciate it." Brad smiled and the whole room lit up.

Using the "machine" crossed Jamie's mind, but he didn't want to yet because he might be tempted to do too much with it - he was so turned on by this guy.

Brad's dad, Harvey Grant, came into the office the next day at around 4. He had left work early to see the guidance counsellor. He came on to Jamie like gangbusters. Within five minutes he had made it clear to Jamie that his son was exceptional and that he was going to make sure the school realized that. He talked quickly and forcefully and Jamie could hardly get a word in.

Jamie could see that some of Brad's good looks came from the dad. Although Harvey was close to forty, he still had an athletic build, obviously worked out and took care of himself. His hair which might have been blonde in youth had darkened and thinned out a little, but he took the time to style it well and was an attractive, if too dominant, man.

Jamie put up with his bantering for about fifteen minutes and then took out the machine. When he pressed the button, the silence in the room was almost overwhelming. The machine was worth it if he could just shut Harvey up!

"Harvey, you think I am the best counsellor and the most supportive school person you have ever met. You feel no need to convince me of anything and are quite comfortable around me. You trust me implicitly. You are able to answer my questions. I have a box of cigars on my desk. Brad tells me that you smoke cigars."

"A little bit. Not often."

"Well, Harve, you really want one now. In fact you could have a cigar just about any time because you really enjoy them, and the more you smoke, the more you enjoy them. Do you inhale, Harve?"

"Oh, no."

"Well, I want you to start. Deeper and deeper all the time. And when you're smoking you'll be very relaxed and not so high pressured. Have you had any sex lately, Harve?"

"No, not since my wife left."

"You're going to be horny all the time now, Harve. In fact each cigar you smoke is going to make you more horny. You will have a hard-on most of the time. You can't seem to get your mind off sex, can you?"


"Now let's finish our little talk." He took his finger off the button. Almost immediately Harve saw the cigar box on the desk and asked if he might "indulge". While they continued to talk, Harve smoked the cigar, not inhaling at first, but gradually Jamie could see him taking in more and more of the smoke. He was also losing his train of thought at times, presumably because sexual thoughts kept running through his head.

At the end of the interview Harvey left as though they were best of friends. Jamie arranged to see Brad the next day.

What Jamie didn't know until later is that one of the reasons Harve's wife ran away is that she knew he was having an affair. When she found out about it Harve threatened to kill her if she ever made it known, and that, with the obvious loss of income if he were arrested sent her off as far as she could get. She hated to leave her son behind, especially since she had found Harve with the male babysitter, but she knew she couldn't fight him and she didn't think he would hurt his son, expecting by continuing to expect too much.

When Brad came the next day he was obviously upset. He didn't want to open up to Jamie at all, quite different from the day before, and so Jamie was forced to use the machine on him to find out what was wrong. Under trance, he told Jamie that his father had attacked him sexually the night before.

"We went out to dinner like usual and Dad was tense the whole time. I've never seen him smoke so much, and he was smoking different somehow. Anyway, in the car on the way home, he kept putting his hand on my leg and talking about how good-looking I had become, and how I had to keep working out. He told me to get ready to use the gym equipment he had set up in the basement. I was feeling nervous so I told him I had homework. He started screaming at me that this was more important and how many kids had a father that was looking out so closely for their son, and spending so much time. Is this how his love is repaid... and on and on."

"So I went downstairs with him and he kept insisting on helping with everything and getting close to me physically and touching different parts of my body. When I asked him what he was doing he went into a tirade and said I would have to be punished. He took out handcuffs and locked me to one of the pieces of equipment and pulled down my pants and started smacking my bottom. I started to cry but the more I cried the madder he got, so I tried to just shut up. After he spanked me he put some jelly stuff in my asshole and then...he fucked me. It was real painful and I cried out. Afterwards he started to cry and he left me handcuffed and went out somewhere. About ten o'clock he came back and let me loose and told me if I told anyone he would kill me and my mother." Tears were running down Brad's face.

"In a minute you will not remember telling me this, Brad.," Jamie said. Jamie was feeling very guilty since he had obviously caused this to happen by not having delved further into the father's fantasy life. Jamie knew he would have to deal with the father again. He attempted now to erase the evening from Brad's mind and told him that he still had respect for his father and wanted to be like him. When Brad woke up, things would be similar to the day before, at least in Brad's mind.

The next day Jamie called Harvey into the office again. Harvey came in quite nervous obviously prepared to believe that Brad had spilled the beans, but Jamie didn't mention it. Jamie noticed immediately that Harvey took out a cigar and lit it as soon as he came through the door. He was inhaling beautifully now.

Using the machine, Jamie probed Harvey's psyche, finding out that Harvey was bisexual in interest and that young boys turned him on as that was the only type of male that he could intimidate and dominate. Jamie suggested that he was no longer sexually attracted to his son, that the incident in question never happened, that he was proud his son wanted to be like him. He substituted instead an interest in male prostitutes and then, at the end, told him that Jamie himself would turn him on.

After the machine was turned off, it was kind of funny for Jamie to watch the seductive patterns that Harvey displayed toward him without being overt, just playful. In his turn, Jamie toyed with him as well, taking that extra look when he shook hands and standing closer than custom would allow. Harvey invited Jamie to dinner Sunday for all his help and Jamie accepted.

The next day he scheduled a short meeting with Brad. Jamie was surprised when Brad mentioned the cigars on his desk and told him that his dad liked cigars and how cool he thought they were.

Oops, thought Jamie, I did it again. I told him he wanted to be just like his dad!

"Have you tried smoking, Jamie?"

"Well, I had a few puffs on his cigar last night when he went out of the room for a telephone call. But that's all."

"How did you find it?"

"It was okay. Kind of a funny taste, though."

So Jamie took out the machine.

Sunday came. When Jamie went over to Harvey and Brad's house for dinner, Brad opened the door. Dressed in a too short tank top and shorts he was simply the most beautiful boy that Jamie had ever seen.

Chapter 7

Jamie immediately used the machine on Brad and told him that he really wanted to watch TV and leave his dad and Jamie alone. Jamie then proceeded into the living room where Harvey greeted him - very warmly.

"How nice of you to come over. I can't say that many teachers would be as dedicated as you" said Harvey, his eyes and his voice slow and seductive in the saying. "Can I get you a drink?"

"A little scotch?"


Jamie watched Harvey prepare the drinks and was again impressed at what a good looking man this was and how he exuded a sense of power and accomplishment. It was no wonder that he had intimidated the principal.

"What is it that you do, Harvey?

"I inherited a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical business from my father, so I manage that and a number of other companies as well. Business has been... shall we say, good. And what got you into guidance and teaching?"

Jamie smiled. "Oh, the usual naive young man's dreams of changing the world by working with its youth, I suppose. That dream seems so distant now."

Harvey brought his drink, set it on the table, and sat down closely next to him.

"I'm sure you still have some of your idealism - a good looking, robust young man like you." On the word "you" his hand connected with Jamie's thigh.

"You think so?" Jamie placed his hand on top of Harvey's and there was a moment's pause when their eyes met and the charade was over. Harvey 's left hand reached behind Jamie's head and pulled it forward to his waiting lips. A long kiss. A probing kiss. Jamie was almost frightened by the power of the man.

Harve led Jamie upstairs into his bedroom where soundlessly almost, they made intense love - love that had waited too long. Jamie was unused to being the bottom, but the dominating power of this man, his sheer energy and the force of his explosion made him give in to every gesticulation, every angry thrust, every dominating blow.

In the end, they slept with exhaustion, though Jamie awoke in only a short while. He lay there looking at Harvey, wondering what he could do to improve this already good relationship, when he remembered Brad and wondered if he was still watching TV.

He got up and reached for the machine and pressed it on the sleeping Harvey before he left the room. Harvey lay there silently.

Jamie went down to the rec room and found Brad watching the TV show "Hercules". Jamie recognized it right away, himself being a fan of all the flesh on the show, particularly Sorbo and Smith (Hercules and Ares). Ares was throwing his friend Chaos around at the moment and Brad was laughing.

"You like this show, Brad?"

"Yeah, it's great, Mr. Burton. You know, this Ares reminds me of of my dad sometimes."

"Really?" <What an odd statement to make. Could he really think the villain of the piece is like his father?> "How do you mean?"

"Dad's kind of a vicious business man, you know what I mean. He'll do anything to get the piece of land he wants or the stocks he wants or the businesses he wants. But he's kind of .. well, he can put himself down, too and be funny even when he's doing it. Just like this guy."

An idea was coming to Jamie's head as he looked more closely at the god of war on the TV screen. Perhaps it was the look of the man - the look of power that the show created for him, that sent Jamie's cock high in the air whenever the man came on screen. He took out the machine.

"Brad, here's some money. I want you to go on your computer and find out everything there is to know about this Ares actor and print out every picture you can find of him. When you're done, come back and here and watch TV and forget ever doing it."

Brad took off immediately to his room while Jamie finished watching the episode of Hercules. Then he went out to his car and grabbed a couple of packs of cigarettes and went into the house.

<Oh, shit,> he thought. <I wasn't going to do the smoking thing with them but they're so perfect, so good looking. I can't resist.>

Going back to the bedroom he commanded Harvey to sit up and then hit him again with the machine, just to make sure he was under.

"Harvey... have you been enjoying the cigars?"

"Yes.. they're great."

"Have you ever smoked cigarettes?"

"No. Peons smoke cigarettes, Leaders smoke cigars."

"I see. Well, we are going to have a little change of image, you see. First of all, you are going to love smoking cigarettes - even more than cigars. You don't care why. You just do. And you don't mind if Brad smokes either now, do you?"

"No. Brad can smoke."

"In fact, I want you to champion the cause of the smoker - you hate the fact that they have no rights today. You might even want to buy a tobacco company or two."

"..or two."

"Now that takes care of that. Have you ever watched the TV show Hercules?"

"Hercules. Yes. I own stock in its production company."

"Oh good. Good for you. You see, there's a character on that show that really turns you on - it's the god of war, Ares. You love the kinky leather clothes, but even more the way he wears his hair and beard - everything about him screams power.. and that's what excites you, isn't it?"

"Yes.. power."

You are going to want to look just like him - except more modern clothes, of course.. sort of a "biker chique". That would really turn you on."

"...turn on.."

In fact you've ordered some material off the internet about this character and you're going to read it tonight before going to bed and you're going to jack off several times thinking about how wonderful it would be if you looked like this guy."


"As far as our fling today, I really liked it and so did you, but I need to be careful because of my position as a teacher, so how about if once a month, you pay for reservations and pick me up and we fly someplace nice and spend the weekend with each other. Wouldn't that be nice?"


"Other than that once a month you will just have to spend the time yearning for me and waiting for that weekend to come."


"In a minute you will think that you have just awakened from a wonderful nap after great sex but all these ideas will come to you as though they are yours - because they are yours now.


Jamie clicked the machine off and laid down on the bed next to Harvey. In a short few minutes Harvey began to stir. Jamie reached over and lit a cigarette from the packs he brought in. He was slowly exhaling when he caught Harvey's eyes on him.

"Mmm. That was good. You look good. Give me a drag." Harvey took the cigarette from Jamie's hand and deeply inhaled it as he had been the cigar smoke. "Say, this is good. What kind is this?"

"Camel Wides," I answered with a smile.

Each time I saw Harvey over the next six months he looked amazingly different. He even had some plastic surgery done so that he could look like his hero Kevin Smith Ares the God of War. His hair was long, died dark brown, and he wore a goatee with long sideburns attached to it. He was remarkably handsome. But it was the clothes that were great. He started a whole new trend in the fashion business. he took my "biker chique" seriously and almost everything he wore was designed for him and was made of the most beautiful leather. He was often photographed and made the list of the 10 best dressed. Who could have guessed?

As for Brad, he's following in his father's footsteps - smokes at least a pack a day, has his own distinctive manner of dress and has become one of the most popular kids in the school. It turns out that drama was his forte and he starred in a couple of the school plays. His dad thought he was so good, he wanted to get him on "Hercules".

Who knows? Wait'll next season, I guess.