Paul and the Mind Drug 3: Tommy's Diary (mt hypno smoking)

Sunday, September 14.

Today is my birthday, and Julie gave me this diary with my picture on the cover. She's convinced me that it would be good for me to write in the diary each day, so I will try to give it a try. My name is Tommy Djaworki, and I'm a senior student at Mercer High School. I'm an OK student, but my favorite activity (next to fucking Julie!) is playing football. Coach Reko has been very encouraging to me, and he says there is a chance that I could get a good scholarship with a little bit more work. I'm sure willing to try. We will be working out every day now, not just three days a week, and that will include some Sunday afternoons. But I don't care--I really enjoy the feeling of a good hard workout, and I want to show Coach Reko that I can be his best player ever. I don't really have anything more to say so, good-bye, I guess.

P.S. I didn't get a fucking car... again!!!

Monday, September 15.

I was later coming home from practice than usual and my mom was really pissed off. "You coulda' called!" she screamed. "I was worried." I don't know what the hell she had to be worried about. It's not like she didn't know where I was. It's not like I hang out with the dopers behind the school and smoke whatever shit is messing up their brains this week. Mom is beginning to drive me crazy. I hope I get this scholarship so I can get out of here. Coach Reko was harder on me today than the others. He knows I can take it, though. I'm going over to Julie's house tonight "to study," at least that's what Mom thinks. Her parents are going out to a movie, and her fucking noisy-parker sister, Nancy, is working late. I wonder what we can do! Besides, I get really horny after a major workout, which is what we had today. I gotta find a release somehow, don't I? Ciao. More tomorrow, I guess.

Tuesday, September 16.

Tired again. Not because of practice, though. Julie and I really went at it last night. That girl will do just about anything. I think she's as horny as me!! Nothing else new. Just gotta get to bed. But I promised Julie I'd try to write every day.

Wednesday, September 17.

Had a major test today in Biology. It was our first real test this year. I think I did okay, but I didn't have much time to study, and I was too tired last night. I skipped out of second period today with Joe, and we did some last minute cramming. Of course, it helped that Denny told us what was on the first period test.

Thursday, September 18.

Coach Reko really got me pissed off today. He kept me back after the others and made me run another twenty laps around the track. I think maybe he is pushing too hard. I don't know. I mean I want the scholarship and all, but this seems like it's more important to him than it is to me. He seems all sort of stressed out this year, too. I don't know.

Friday, September 19.

We had our first game tonight although it's not until next week that the season officially opens. Coach Reko always arranges these pre-games with teams from other cities, and they were good, too. For a while there I almost didn't think we were going to win. Coach Reko continues to be louder and more 'bitchy' than I remember him last year. I got to see Julie again tonight, but after we had a few drinks at Tessa's party I took her home, and we were just starting to make out in the car when her sister Nancy drove up behind us and kinda put a stop to the spontaneity. I really don't think she likes me. Well, the feeling is mutual.

Saturday, September 20.

After practice Coach Reko invited me out for a coke and said he wanted to talk to me about some of the scholarship alternatives. And we did. But, I also found out why he's been acting so strange. He and his wife broke up. She apparently made him move out and he is living in an apartment up on Westview now. He's pretty bitter about the whole experience, and I can't blame him. He makes his wife sound like a real bitch--complaining about the time he spends coaching and all. I feel sorry for him. So now he

Lives in this small empty apartment all alone. He apologized for taking it out on the guys sometimes. I kind of felt sorry for him, you know.

Sunday, September 21.

Julie informed me that she's missing her period! Fuck. I thought she was on the fucking pill. But she said that it's not 100%. She cried and asked me if I would take care of her. I'll take care of her all right. If she's pregnant I have a friend, Rob, who knows how she can get an abortion and it's not too expensive. I guess I'll have to use my savings and there goes a car again! Shit. Why does this have to happen to me? Anyway she's not putting out any more and she's getting real possessive. Like I want to have a baby! Right. I don't need this stress right now. Everybody's coming down hard on me it seems.

Monday, September 29.

I know. I missed a week, but I've just been too crazy to write anything down. Julie took a pregnancy test on Friday and she is pregnant, so I made arrangements through Rob to get the job done. I'm taking her tonight after school. I told Coach Reko that it was my other's birthday, and we all had to go out and besides, I've never missed even a part of a practice. He didn't seem to like it, but he understood. He was in a good mood because we won our first regular game on Friday against Northern, and they were the team to beat according to the papers. I got my Biology test back, finally--a B-. Oh well.

Tuesday, September 30.

I got reamed out again because I was late last night. If only Mom knew what was really going on, she'd have a fit. Rob let me borrow his car, and Julie cried almost the whole time. You know, I really think she had this fantasy about us marrying and having this kid. Right. And I wonder what we'd live on!! Besides Julie's okay for a little on the side, but there's no way I would want to spend my life with her. I got a phone call from her sister tonight. I can't believe that Julie said anything to her. She screamed and ranted over the phone and told me that I would get mine. I was never even to look at Julie again. As if I'd want to, now!

Wednesday, October 1.

This diary Julie gave me is lasting longer than she did. That's kind of ironic, isn't it? I had a big fight with Dad at supper again tonight, over having a car. There's no way he's going to let me have a car when I'm only eighteen. He doesn't want me to be like all those other spoiled brats at school. Right. All my friends have cars now. They laugh at me because I don't, and I need rides everywhere. Dad can be such an asshole sometimes.

Thursday, October 2.

Coach Reko called a meeting after practice tonight and told us that the principal had called him in and some reporter from Time magazine called and said that he was going to do an article on us as a typical American football team. Coach was happy because we would get national coverage, and it might be really good for scholarships and all. He was going to meet the reporter at breakfast tomorrow and set up a photo shoot or something. I told my parents and Dad didn't seem to impressed, but Mom called all the neighbors and told them that her son as going to be in Time magazine. I guess it's a pretty big deal.

Without Julie around I have to find somebody new to get rid of all this tension or start whacking off again. Julie was a lot more fun.

Friday, October 3.

Coach called us all together this morning and said he was very impressed with the reporter (though he couldn't even remember the reporter's name!) and said that a photo shoot was going to be set up for us tomorrow morning. It was important that everybody be there and on time. He knew that we all liked to sleep in on Saturday after the game, but this was one Saturday when it could be a lot more important to our future lives. Bob said he would pick me up, but then Coach Reko came over and said that he wanted me to go with him and that he would pick me up at 8:30 sharp. He said that I was the most important player and that because of that he wanted to make sure I was there on time with him. I asked him if they wanted us to bring our football gear, but they said that someone would be at the school after the game tonight to get some of it and take it to the studio. Some of the guys asked what we should wear and the coach said to keep it informal and comfortable. This wasn't a suit and tie kind of layout. I guess I'll wear my jean cut-offs and my UCLA jersey.

I'm really hyped up for this game tonight. I want to slaughter those Rebels! Yeah!

Saturday, October 4.

We had a real full and exciting day today, and some of it is rather fuzzy so maybe writing about it will help. My parents are out visiting my aunt and uncle tonight so I can smoke in peace. I'm smoking right now, and I love to feel the smoke as I inhale, feel it in my lungs, and then watch it as it leaves my mouth. I've been practicing blowing smoke rings too. So cool.

Anyway, Coach Bob (which is what he wants me to call him now) picked me up at 8:30, and I was ready waiting for him. I got in the car and smelled cigarette smoke so I said to Coach, "Say, do I smell smoke in the car, Coach? Have you been smoking?!! You haven't been smoking, have you? You don't smoke."

He said, "Yeah, well, I guess I've started again. I used to smoke when I was much younger. My wife got me to quit. Now that she's gone... Do you want one?"

He looked so great smoking that I wanted one and said "Yeah, sure." At least that's when I think I started. As I said, it's rather fuzzy. I think it's so cool having the two of us smoke together like that!

Anyway, we got to the studio, and Coach Bob put us through a great workout, and they photographed us from all angles. He really made us work hard, and we all got up a real sweat. Just a minute while I light another... So fucking good! Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Anyway, after the exercises someone brought in some drinks for us, and we all sat around cooling off and having a drink. Then this man named Paul asked me to come into his office with her. Coach Bob said for me to go. I don't think I was in there very long, and I don't really remember what he said, but I do remember he let me have a couple of cigarettes, which I really needed at that point.

Then we went out and did the rest of the photo shoot. The others had already started. Again I don't remember it all too well except I started noticing Coach Bob looking at me, sorta like a proud papa, I guess, or at least that's what I thought.

Damn, I'm enjoying these smokes tonight. I went out earlier and bought a carton of Camel unfiltered. I hate those pussy cigarettes with the filters.

I've already smoked two packs today. But I just love taking a deep drag and letting the smoke settle a little before I let it out. I don't know why, but it's even making my cock hard when I smoke tonight. I really need a release!

Anyway, at some point during the picture taking Coach Bob gave everyone a present for giving him our day off: a nice carton of cigarettes. I didn't take any, of course, because they were filtered, but it was a nice thought, anyway.

Then I saw Coach Bob light up and shit! He looked so cool with his cute little moustache and all. I think it is so neat that he's not afraid to smoke with us. I was getting a hard on just watching him smoke! He came over to me, and I asked him if he could take me home. I didn't want all the guys to see me with a hard on for another guy!! He said sure.

In the car on the way home Coach Bob lit another cigarette and just let it hang there while he drew in on it and exhaled with it still in his mouth. My cock grew so hard. Then Coach Bob, noticing, reached over and put his hand on my cock. I just about exploded. Soon we were back at his apartment, and we just couldn't keep our hands off each other. We sucked each other's dicks, and he let me stick my cock inside him while we both smoked. I had to rip the filter off but it tasted good that way. I never had such good sex!

I never thought of myself as a cocksucker before, but that's all I can think of right now. I can't wait to see Coach Bob again.

Sunday, October 5.

I had a real knockdown with my folks today. I guess when they came home late last night they smelled cigarette smoke in the house. My Dad was really furious, and he started screaming and moralizing and telling me what was good for me and what wasn't and cigarettes were definitely not good and all that shit. I told him to fuck off, and he looked shocked, then tried to slap me.

But I got a punch in first. My mother screamed, and I told her to fuck off too! Then right in front of them I decided to light up and let them know that I didn't give a fuck what they thought, that I was fed up listening to them and I was old enough to make my own decisions.

My father held his jaw where I had landed him a good one and told me to get out. I laughed at him and he screamed even louder. "Just get out. I don't want you in this house any more!"

I said, "Fine. If that's what you want, that's what you get," and then I blew smoke in his face. I started to laugh looking at the old man laying on the floor and not knowing what to do. What a pussy!

Right now I'm staying in the tree house behind Rob's house. Rob said I could hide out there till I figured out what to do. I'll quit now so I can have another smoke before hitting the hay.

Monday, October 6.

It's been a wile since I be riting in this book and lots has happen. Cooch Bob has been so nice to me. He has took me in and we have sex evry single night. I really love Cooch Bob. I love to watch him smoke his cigorets he is so cool and hansome. Im reely having truble with school right now so Bob has told me not to go. I gess he doesnt care cause he likes to wach me smokin my cigorets too so I really try to do it cool for him like blowing smoke rings and holding the cigoret like James Deen in the picure in his bedroom. I woud do anything for Bob and so I exersise and make sure I look good for him and we fuck a lot every day and he buys me cigorets so I can smoke for him.

I smoke a lot I love it. I got a harecut the other day for him but I think he wanted it shorter and I wear my teem jaket all the time cause he really gets off on that.


Im having a hard time riting rite now so I think Ill stop and get redy to fuck Bob when he gets home.The school cald him in for a meeting and they wre mad Bob said about some pixures that we took so i dont no when hell be home. I hope it is soon I miss him and I am almost out of cigorets.

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