Paul and the Mind Drug 4: Coach Bob's Version (mt hypno smoking)

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My life has fallen apart, but I don't care. I have lost everything I once thought important, but I don't care. I have no family or friends, I am shunned by my colleagues, but I don't care. I sit here looking at Tommy who is sitting across the room from me. He is lighting an unfiltered Camel, his fortieth or so of the day.

As he breathes in the delicious smoke, then takes the cigarette out of his mouth and releases the smoke slowly into the air around him, I realize that I care for nothing except this boy and watching the way he smokes and having long, smoky sex with him. He is so beautiful. And dumb. Unfortunately. He seems to get dumber every day. But that doesn't matter because he is so devoted to me and making me happy. If he were smarter he probably would leave me. Or worse--stop smoking.


It wasn't always this way. I used to have a wife. I used to have a job. I used to coach football at the local school, but not anymore, not since around the time when our principal was approached by Time magazine to do a spread on the football team. After that much of my life is a blur except... except that I am beginning to remember some things. Not really clearly. But each day it becomes a little clearer like a TV screen that begins to straighten from a storm. Not that I really even care what happened because Tommy and smoking are my everything now, and I can't imagine living without them.

Back to the Times spread. I remember meeting with a reporter to set up what they wanted to do for the spread. I don't have a real clear picture of the reporter, though. I'm not really sure if it was a man or a woman but I do remember that I couldn't stop talking about Tommy--what a great, good-looking, talented receiver he was. I think it was at that moment that I started loving the boy. I remember that I started to get jealous of anyone else's interest in him. I knew, for example, that I had to drive him to the photo shoot the next day. I couldn't let him go with the other guys--they might corrupt him! Or was it that I just had to be around him, smell him... maybe even touch him.

I know that I had started smoking again. I have always loved smoking, but my ex-wife didn't, so I stopped early on in our marriage. After we broke up I started again... I think. I can't remember exactly when or why I started, but I'm certainly not sorry that I did. I think my smoking turns Tommy on. I know his smoking does that to me...

Oh God, he's lighting up again. I can feel my cock harden and press against my trousers just watching that simple action of the lighter moving to the tip of the cigarette, just watching his cheeks sink in as he draws that first sensuous puff.

Where was I? I know that right from the beginning I would like to have seen Tommy smoke. He has a great body, his hair was a little longer than I would have liked but he was an incredible-looking athlete. Just using my imagination and seeing him pull out a cigarette was a real turn on. Unfortunately he didn't smoke. I still remember the car ride to the studio where they were going to photograph us. I picked Tommy up and when he got into the car he could smell the smoke from my cigarettes. I guess he didn't know I smoked so he asked me about it. I thought this would be a good chance to talk to him about smoking, let him know I enjoyed it and see if I could get him to have one. Imagine my disappointment when he looked at me with horror, gave me a lecture on the ill effects of smoking and refused my offer of a cigarette. I was crushed!

I had even come prepared with enough cartons of cigarettes to give one to each of the guys to show them how much I appreciated their coming out on a Saturday for the photo shoot. I don't know where I got this idea--I have been criticized for it--but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I was even pleased that I had thought of it at all. It never really occurred to me that some of the jocks might not smoke. But once Tommy refused me, I felt so depressed, so futile about everything. I remember that I continued driving to the studio without talking much, but I kept having this vision of Tommy leaning against the shower wall, nude, smoking a cigarette, with a real pout on his face. I couldn't get the image out of my mind.

The photo shoot went well. I remember I put the team through many of the exercises I would have done before a game, and the photographer just moved around getting action shots of all the boys. They really worked up a sweat. At the break someone from the studio brought in a large container of Coke, and the boys sat around resting up, thankful for the drink and the break.

At some point Tommy disappeared. I wasn't sure where he went at the time. I afterward found out that some reporter just wanted to interview him for the alleged article. At this point I say alleged because later on we were never able to find out who the reporter was or where the studio was. Anyway, while the guys were resting I thought it would be good idea to give them their presents so I hauled in this canvas duffel bag filled with cartons of cigarettes. I said to the boys: "Thank you for giving up your Saturday. I wanted to show my appreciation to all of you so I bought you each one of these. I held up a carton. I want you to enjoy them, enjoy them as much as I do." At first the boys looked a little confused but in a few seconds they were each coming up and grabbing a carton, thanking me and lighting up. They sure seemed to be enjoying them. Many of them told me they had never smoked before but they were sure gonna start because they were enjoying them so much. I felt good about that. I had bought the right thing, I thought. I was worried about Tommy, though. He still hadn't returned, and I was getting a panic attack wondering what happened to him. Finally though, I saw him come out of one of the offices. He saw him across the room, and a big smile came on his face. It was a smile that lightened up my whole day. Suddenly I felt I, too, could relax. I took out my cigarettes and lit one, never taking my eyes off Tommy. For his part, he never seemed to take his mind off me, either. Perhaps that's why I didn't realize that the studio was now taking porn pictures of the boys. I only had eyes for Tommy. His was the only body I wanted to see. I kept lighting cigarettes, staring at Tommy, and I could feel myself seducing him with the smoke, drawing in deeper, blowing rings, French inhaling--anything to get his interest.

All around me the boys were simulating or maybe having all sorts of raunchy sex for the camera--but I honestly never noticed. I had eyes only for Tommy.

Even when I was married I can't remember having such strong feelings. I wanted him all for myself. I wanted no one else to look at him, and I desperately wanted him to have a cigarette--to share my passion with me.

On the third cigarette Tommy walked over to me and asked me to take him home. I don't think I even said goodbye to the crew or the reporter because I couldn't wait to be alone with Tommy in the car. I didn't really want to drop him off at home but I guess I was going to have to. As we left the building, I put my arm across Tommy's broad shoulders and told him how pleased I was with the photo shoot. He looked up at me and just smiled.

We got to the car and before I started it I knew I needed a cigarette if I was to make it home, so I took out my pack and put one into my mouth. As I went to put the pack back into my shirt pocket, Tommy reached over and put his hand on mine, stopping me.

"Coach, don't put those away. Do you mind if I have one?"

I started shaking almost immediately as I handed over the pack. Tommy took out one, frowned a little and then handed back the pack, saying "It's not really my brand, but oh well..."

Then he ripped off the filter and stuck the cigarette in his mouth, reached over and grabbed the cigarette from my lips and lit his. As he handed back my cigarette I could see that he had a hard on, so I took this chance and reached over and put my hand over his cock. He looked down, then up at me. The cigarette went to his mouth and he took a very deep drag, and reached over and kissed me. I could feel him exhale the smoke in my mouth. By this time my cock was also very large.

I knew now that I couldn't take him home so I suggested we go over to my place and what a night we had. I didn't know it was possible for me to cum so many times. I didn't want to take him home, didn't want him to ever go, but I figured that I had better get him back home so his parents wouldn't start worrying or putting two and two together. We could work out some arrangements to meet again.

Leaving him off and home and watching him take that last deep drag of the cigarette was fodder for my imagination for the rest of the night.

Although we had made arrangements to meet over the next week, it wasn't long before I learned that Tommy's parents had thrown him out of the house. He was apparently staying in a tree house behind Rob Stellmac's. I spoke to Rob at school about Tommy because I was concerned when he wasn't there Monday, and Rob said that he had really gotten himself into a mess. Tommy had gotten this girl pregnant, then got her an abortion, got thrown out of his house and seemed to be falling apart. He was smoking now--a thing he despised before, Rob said--and couldn't seem to get his mind on things. He was forgetting stuff all the time. Rob was really worried about him.

I arranged with Rob to come by that evening and told him that I would find a place for Tommy to stay so that he could get help if he needed it. Rob was very grateful and glad that he didn't need to worry about Tommy any more, so I came by at around four-thirty and picked Tommy up.

He looked very disheveled and dirty, living in a tree house for a few days and all. He seemed more than glad to see me and even cried when I brought him to the car and told him he could stay with me. We smoked and made love almost all that first night together.

Rob was right in saying that he was becoming very forgetful. It was as though he were becoming like the character in the novel I teach called "Flowers for Algernon." Every day Tommy seemed more forgetful and... well... dumber. I brought him to a few doctors who encouraged him to give up smoking; so then I had to find a new doctor because I couldn't let that happen! Meanwhile there were all sorts of shit going on at school about some pornographic pictures taken of the team.

When Principal Wilson showed me the pictures I was quite horrified. He couldn't understand how I could be there and not know that these things were going on. He said that he had been getting calls from parents saying that their children had started smoking and that I had encouraged it because of the cigarettes I had given them. I admitted that I gave them cigarettes, much to the principal's astonishment, but I had thought they all already smoked, I said. Finally, he wanted to know what was going on with Tommy and so I told him that I was in love with Tommy and that he had moved in with me. I think the poor bastard just about had a heart attack he was so shook up. But all he could say was, "Get out... get out!"

Since then I have lost my job and my certification, and no one in town will let me near their kids. I stopped taking Tommy to the doctors and just accepted the fact that I was going to have to watch over him. Besides, now I had him all to myself and had no fear of anyone taking him away. I made a deal with Tommy that if he would cut his hair I would shave off my moustache. The deal seemed to make both of us happier.

I have made arrangements for us to move to another town, but I need money so badly that I don't quite know what I am going to do. I've already got Tommy stealing smokes while I distract the cashiers. Meanwhile, Tommy lights another cigarette, and so do I.


He looks at me out of the corner of his eye, blows out some smoke rings, and smiles at me. Both my cock and me are soon erect, and I go over to him. I lean down and kiss him and then take his hand and led him to the smoky bedroom.