Tales of Felipe

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Fin de siècle de la Belle Époque: (Paris: 1899)

The two strikingly handsome young men strode around the darkened streets. Fashionably dressed, they appeared as just another pair of well-heeled young teenagers enjoying the demimonde of the City of Lights. One was slightly taller with blonde hair while the other was dark haired. Even through fully dressed their underlying muscled bodies were obvious to any casual gazer.

“Come on cousin don’t be such a coward,” Felipe said to the young man. “It’s the eve of your nineteenth birthday. We need to howl!” He laughed as he led his growingly reluctant cousin down the dark alley that was located in a rather run down area of Paris.

“In two days it will be a full moon. We can howl then. We should go home, ” his cousin replied as he followed Felipe’s lead down the filthy pathway. “Come on let’s go home!” He suggested.

“We are almost there Andre. Don’t be such a goody two shoes. Just once give into your inner wolf,” Felipe chuckled as he strode toward the door of some darkened hovel. “We transform into animals in two days. Don’t tell me you don’t feel that stimulation we all get as the full moon approaches. That itchy, twitchy hormonal sensation is inside of us all. Besides, you need to practice getting laid cousin.”

His younger cousin blushed. It was true that their transforming always had a powerful sexual element to it. Even now, as the full moon approached, every fiber of his erotic side tingled with an urge to break free inside of him. In fact, like all male werewolves, he routinely sprouted an erection during the final phase of their changeover. The thoughts of this side effect always embarrassed him. In fact he continually sought out privacy during the “alteration” rather than expose his condition in front of the females of the clan. Yet one day he realized he would take over as clan head. As such, he would not only rule the clan but also, as was customary, sexually service the other unattached females when they were in heat. Subconsciously the clan held sexual potency in high esteem. Though he would mate for life and produce heirs from only one female he would be expected to “stud” other females to maintain respect from others. He knew his older cousin was just trying to help but it still bothered him to be so verbally overt in this issue.

Felipe grinned at seeing his younger cousin’s visible discomfort on this issue. Such talks about the sexual aspects of becoming a werewolf only increased his shyness. “Tonight I’ll show you how to take that edge off!” Felipe replied as he tousled his younger relative’s curly brown hair. “And finally take the edge off mine dear cousin ,” The older one thought as he gazed into the young man’s green eyes. “Don’t worry about a thing after all,” he chuckled,” I couldn’t let the crown prince of our clan get into any danger now right?” Felipe teased even as the envy he continually felt flared once more inside of him. He was older but Andre was the son of the eldest brother. In rankings that made the younger man the rightful future clan leader. Felipe always hated that but, if his plans tonight proved successful, the sting of that eventuality would be dulled. “Come on cousin an adventure awaits.’ He hooted with fake mirth.

Andre shook his head as he gazed at Felipe. He knew in the end he would follow him. Ever since they were young children together Felipe had always been able to persuade him to do as the later wished. It was more than him being a year older. There was something compelling in Felipe’s makeup. Standing just an inch higher at six feet one inches he somehow seemed taller, more impressively commanding. His golden handsome good looks drew everyone toward him yet it was his warm amber colored eyes that Andre found to be Felipe’s greatest asset. Once they focused on you it was hard to refuse any request the later made of you. He watched as Felipe rapped on the door. It opened. The sounds of people emanated out from inside the run down structure.

Felipe turned to his cousin and nodded. “Come on cousin,” he rasped provocatively as he stared first at his younger relative then into the waiting room. “Meet you inside. I promise you a night you will remember,” he mocking said as he turned and walked into the place. He never hesitated to see if his cousin would follow. It was as if he knew he had won the battle of wills.

Sure enough the other young man complied. As he entered the room he could barely make out faces. The room was a series of shadowy figures scarcely illuminated by a few lanterns. The hazy sweet smoke they gave off soon had the young man feeling slightly off balanced. “What is,” he muttered as he gazed around trying to find Felipe. The increasingly fuzzy figures seem to be engaged in various sexual acts. Suddenly Felipe loomed in front of him with a glass filled with a milky greenish liquid. “So foggy in here,” the young man mumbled to his older cousin.

“Just some opium smoke to help you relax.” Felipe joked. “Here this will help cousin,” he stated as he handed the beverage to the latter. “Drink it fast all in one shot!”

Andre did as his cousin ordered. It had a bitter anise taste. Instantly he knew what it was! “Absinthe!” he coughed as he tried to focus on his relative. The drink hit him hard. Everything seemed to tilt. He wanted to say something but he found he couldn’t think straight.

Unexpectedly Felipe laughed. Without warning he gently took his younger cousin’s face and tilted it backward. “Drink some more,” he whispered as he brought another glass to Andre’s mouth and poured it down the latter’s throat. Felipe repeated it by empting three more full glasses of the liquid into his cousin’s upturned mouth. By now the younger man was incapable of rational thought. He gulped the brews as parts dribbled down the corners of his mouth. He felt their stickiness along the sides of his throat.

“Oh such a beauty you bring us, Felipe,” a feminine voice said from behind the now drugged younger man. “I can see he is so nicely built too.” The voice hissed as hands caressed him from behind. “Such impressive muscles and…” the woman crackled as she let her hands suddenly fondle the crotch area of her captive.

“Get away…from...me,” Andre woozily mumbled.

“A virgin I fear though,” Felipe teasingly said as he handed his cousin another glass to drink. “But one worth plucking. He is a bit shy in such matters my Magritte but, I am positive that my cousin has a deeply sexual nature. Tonight we will bring it out…together,” he softly replied as he leaned in to lick the remnants of the absinthe from the neck of his young relative. Felipe let his soft tongue flick on the area’s soft skin. Swirling around it moved rapidly upward to unexpectedly trace the outlines of the stunned young man’s full lips.

This conduct appalled a part of Andre yet, on some level, the increasingly sensual explorations of Felipe’s tongue stimulated some small aspect of his inner wolfish sexual being. Andre’s drugged brain knew he should protest but, as Felipe pulled him into his powerful embrace, the young man’s addled mind could not find the way to break it off. As the heir to his father’s clan he had always been careful to act responsibly and to assume a position of authority. Now, for this instant, the thought of temporarily yielding to another’s control excited him on some primitive level. The rising chemical flows inside of him that always preceded his upcoming transformation took hold of him. He was however unprepared for when Felipe deeply kissed him. He attempted unsuccessfully to pull back but his older cousin was stronger. Felipe let his tongue penetrate deeper into the Andre’s mouth. Muffled protests by Andre seemed to have no effect. The heady combination of opium and absinthe soon left the latter’s body lethargic. He ceased fighting his cousin tight embrace and surrendered to their kiss.

While all this was going on the woman continued her manual fondling of Andre’s crotch. Soon he found himself becoming semi-aroused.  “Mmmpphh,” he moaned as her expert hands quickly unbuckled his belt and slipped his pants to the floor. He felt the sensation of the room’s cool air as it wafted around his exposed lower body. His low hanging pouch contracted bringing his balls snuggly upward. The woman’s fingertips gently stimulated the now ribbed constricted sack.  Andre tried one last time to push Felipe away but could not find the strength to break their kiss. Felipe suddenly breathed in the opium-laced air through his nose and exhaled it directly into his cousin’s mouth. Its smoky warmth engulfed Andre. Felipe repeated this over and over. “We are breathing as one,” the latter’s addled mind soon realized as more opium fumes entered into his lungs. Everything was now so fuzzy. He dimly heard noises around him. In the end, he was only conscious of two things. The sensations of Felipe’s tongue as it eagerly caressed the soft inner flesh of his throat and the exploring touch of multiple hands fondling his genitals and arse. To his increasing humiliation he realized he was now semi-erect in front of everyone. As he flushed with shame he felt a finger run down along the crack of his muscled rump area. He squirmed as the finger slipped between his butt-cheeks to touch a place deep in its center crevice.  “Hmmm,” the younger man grunted as he shook his body to get away from the probing digit. Felipe seemed to sense this discomfort. He broke off their kiss. The young man pulled back and found himself staring into the warm golden orbs of his older relative. “He...his finger...in… my,” the young man weakly said trying to alert his older cousin so he could help him. “My arse,” he mumbled.

“No mine,” Felipe rasped in correction as he abruptly dragged his woozy relative toward a side door. They entered a darkened room. “Mine,” Felipe growled as he spun his cousin around to face him for one brief second before pushing him backward. They both fell onto a bed. Felipe expertly and methodically stripped off their clothes while his doped up cousin tried to protest.

The latter brain was so unfocused he could barely resist or verbalize his distress. Within minutes his older cousin was on top of him kissing him deeply and reaching down to expertly manipulate his prey into a state of complete sexual erection.

“Aw Felipe,” the younger man whimpered. His pupils dilated as the effects of this erotic stimulations flooded into his drug-weakened brain. He pushed his harden cock upward in his older cousin’s grip.

A gleeful and similarly aroused Felipe took note of the young cousin’s actions and, more critically, his out-of it condition. “Yes you are ready cousin,” Felipe purred as he roughly flipped his relative over and pushed him onto the coarse surface of the bed sheets. “Time to show you how to be a man cousin,” Felipe hissed.

The young man felt the powerfully muscled torso of his older cousin on top of him. He sensed Felipe’s erection rubbing first on the small of his back then move downward to trace the crack of Andre’s round muscled rump.

“For years I’ve watched your father play the hyper masculine role in our clan,” Felipe snarled as he let his stiffness slip between Andre’s butt-cheeks. “So boastful of his manliness and how you will follow him in that role. Well cousin let’s see who is the real man from now on!”

Through a drugged haze Andre felt his cousin’s hardness slipping deeper between his upturned butt-cheeks. The younger man sensed a hardness pressing on his anal orifice Instinctively he tried to tighten his anal opening but the constant downward stress on that muscled ring was too much to bear. The pressure intensified until something deep in his rump area’s crevice gave way.  Before he knew it Felipe’s manhood broke through the anal orifice’s opening muscles then drive into him. “Arghhhh,” Andre moaned and whimpered in protest as a dominating Felipe began the process of anally despoiled him. “AW SWEET GODDESS!” Andre yelped as Felipe’s manhood pushed fully through the here-to-for virginal anal entryway.

“Take it,” Felipe laughed as he rammed downward.

By now the younger man was squirming and bucking but movements from Felipe countered every action he took. The former’s cry of pain and despair only seemed to invigorate Felipe in his efforts. Finally, feeling sick and weak from the drugs, Andre just gave up his struggles. The pain was agonizing as his anal cavity was savagely penetrated.

Throughout it all Felipe muttered sexual abuse and instructions. “That’s right just relax your arse ring. Good boy. Such a good bitch,” he triumphantly grunted.  “It will feel so good so soon if you just relax inside. I swear cousin you’re a natural she-bitch,” he teasingly stated. Knowing that he was sexually ravishing the heir to his family’s clan stimulated Felipe’s efforts. He plunged in deeper making sure to grind his way into the tightly muscled orifice. “Come on it will be so hot if you just relax,” he barked as he rapidly humped into his cousin’s previously untapped anal hole.

“Uhuh,” the younger man sobbed as he tried to will his chute to accept its invader. “Please stop,” he whined.

A grinning Felipe nodded to someone who, until now, had silently sat in a corner of the room. They swiftly approached the two rutting cousins. Removing a vial from his pocket the man opened its stopper and placed the bottle directly under Andre’s nose. Heady fumes emanated out. He glanced at Felipe, left the bottle on a nearby side table, winked then he left the room.

Andre immediately felt as if the top of his head was exploding. The initial anal pains soon gave way to unexpected warmth. “Felipe,” he groaned in shock as a wave of sexual heat hit inside him. His anal cavity muscles suddenly relaxed.

“Yeah I got you,” Felipe thought as he detected the change in his cousin’s body movements. The younger man’s powerful legs grew further apart and there was now a definite humping back onto Felipe’s erection. Felipe reached out to take the nearby bottle and gave his cousin another set of powerful whiffs.

“My arse…aw it feels…oh Felipe,” the younger man grunted as the fumes drove him into an uncontrollable sexual frenzy. He took in more gulps of the bottle’s aroma. “My arse is on fire!” Andre lightly sighed.

“That’s my girl,” Felipe chuckled taking extra pleasure in his verbal taunts and put-downs. “Take a few more nice big whiffs for your man you cock hungry bitch. Give it up cousin. Just let it all flow for once!” Felipe muttered with encouragement as he rode on top of the younger man’s muscled frame. “I wish our father’s could see this especially your dad, right cousin,” Felipe muttered into, the out-of-it, Andre’s ear as he screwed his younger cousin with renewed energy. “His bright eyed boy squirming under me like a she-bitch in heat!” He roared with laughter as he repeatedly sodomized a now equally aroused younger man. “Such a wolf bitch. Remember this cuz. Big time clan heir squirming under me begging for my cock up your hot tight arse!”

“Fuck me. Fuck me.” The younger man sobbed as each of Felipe’s hard anal penetrations only increased his cravings for more. The younger man’s gasps quickly grew louder with each of his cousin’s thrusts. He knew, on some level, the ramifications of this activity. His cousin was raping him. Reducing him mentally into a submissive status in their relationship. Something inside Andre was on the edge of fighting back when unexpectedly his cousin’s cock hit some spot deep inside of him. “Fuck me please,” Andre growled as his entire body experienced a shuddering quake of sexual pleasure. Felipe heard Andre’s words, realized from the tone of voice something was up and, placed the bottle under the young man’s nose so he would continually inhale the fumes. To his shock Andre became aware that his own cock had now fully flowered. The overpowering urge to climax that arose in him killed off any prior thoughts of resistance. “ Don’t stop hitting there,” he heard himself beg.  Andre rubbed his erection on the coarse linen in an effort to motivate his manhood towards an emission. The rough fibers ran along the soft under-skin of his stiff cock sending shivers of arousal up the shaft. “Hard,” he whined,” “Push it in harder and drive my arse down onto this bed so I can get off please!”

Felipe laughed and violently continued his activities. “YES! OH yes beg for my dick up your arse bitch,” Felipe howled as, with one last hard push into the young man’s chute, he exploded while howling, “TAKE MY SPUNK!” Felipe felt a triumphant joy as his warm jism gushed up into the young man’s guts.

“SWEET GODDESS!” Andre screamed as he experienced his own vigorous orgasm in tandem with Felipe’s emissions. When they had both climaxed they just lay there. Each one simply breathing in air while the sweat from Felipe’s body dripped down to mingle with that of his young cousin. Seconds later Andre mercifully passed out. The next morning Andre awoke in the bed with a cheap tart lying next to him. He quickly dressed and found his older cousin having a cup of coffee in the next room.

 “Well you really impressed me last night cousin,” Felipe said. “You come in and drink till you get wild then haul that whore into the next room and have at her!”

“But…we…you and I?” The now thoroughly confused young man said. He could not bring himself to make eye contact with Felipe. Thoughts of what they had done and how he himself had behaved haunted him,

“Oh I know you asked me to join you back there but honestly I was too drunk to comply so I spent the entire night out here drinking with the others. From your yells though you surely didn’t need me to watch you do her cuz,” Felipe added. “By the way you look like shit cuz. Absinthe fueled bad dreams keep you wake huh?” He stared at his younger relative knowing what would happen next.

Andre looked up at Felipe’s untroubled gaze. He eagerly snatched at this explanation anxious not to believe his older relative had consciously raped him. It had all been a drug-induced dream. He clung to that comforting thought. Even more, he was desirous to forget that during this fantasy anal assault he too had been not only fully erect but had also had an orgasm.


As the years went by they would both recall that night in their own ways. Andre would always experience a compelling deference toward his cousin that would govern their relationship. Subconsciously he knew he had actually been mounted and seeded like a female. The remnants of that mental knowledge lay hidden in the deep recesses of his brain. His inner wolfish nature merely instinctively assimilated that event to mean that his cousin was the dominant pack male. In his conscious mind he felt both confusion and guilt for creating such a fantasy around someone who was like his older brother. Even more troubling for him was that at some point in this “dream” Andre had even begged for his anal penetration and experienced an orgasm during it. Doubts about his masculinity arose in him. The end result was to leave Andre mentally emasculated and ultimately impotent around other clan females. He watched in envy as his “highly masculine” older cousin filled in as the clan’s chief stud and thus earned the entire werewolf clan’s full respect.

For Felipe, the knowledge he had “sexually taken and ejaculated” into his younger relative would leave him feeling completely superior in their dealings with each other. He knew his young cousin thought about what had happened even if Andre also believed it was a dream. Knowing his cousin, Felipe also realized the guilt that would flow inside of the latter over such thoughts. Felipe would take advantage of this at every opportunity in the future to dominate the clan’s youthful heir. Over time his continual exploitation of that guilt ensured that his young cousin developed a natural attitude to yield to Felipe on clan issues. When Andre ultimately came into power on his own it was Felipe who truly called the shots. With Andre sexually removed from the scene he also reveled in his role as the chief progenitor of their clan. Every so often he would even drug his young relative in order to “re-savor and re-enact” his first male conquest. Felipe’s occasional sodomizing of a thoroughly drugged Andre never failed to delight him. Besides, Andre was strikingly handsome and well built. Screwing him was hardly a hardship for Felipe. In fact gazing at an unconscious Andre lying face down on a bed with his legs spread open and his anal chute swollen and dripping with Felipe’s spunk was always such fun sight for the latter.

Andre was now merely become a pathetic shell as a leader but still their family held a mystical hold on the title of ruler and Andre was a first borne. The deeply ingrained wolf clan belief in primogeniture within their royal family was unbreakable. Ousting his demoralized relative would enrage the entire clan against Felipe. Besides, it was much more enjoyable for Felipe to yield real power while enjoying the sight of Andre experiencing the continuous humiliations of his total failure as a ruler and a man. If Felipe ever felt his control over Andre slipping he would casually arrange for he and his cousin to take a few camping trips together. Felipe would slip a mild temporary sexual stimulant into Andre’s food and watch as his cousin experienced mild arousals while he was alone with his cousin. Felipe made sure that during those “arousal episodes” he was in close physical contact with Andre. He also assumed his most arrogant smugly superior attitude toward Andre. The sight of poor Andre embarrassed by a belief that he was turned on by Felipe’s conduct was priceless. By the end of these trips Andre was once more emotionally shattered and fully docile.

 In another year Felipe decided he would pick his cousin’s mate then impregnate her a few times for his incapable relative. Of course he would assure Andre he was reluctantly doing this for Andre’s benefit in order to hide the latter impotence. Thoughts of a pathetically grateful Andre forced to acknowledge and raise Felipe’s numerous offspring as his own tickled a perverse side of Felipe’s nature.

In later years Felipe would continue to use rape as a way to violently bring any potential male competitors under his control. He even went so far as to break Jacque, his own good-looking younger brother, into submitting to his sexual domination. Felipe would have no rivals even in sex. He acted the second he saw that the athletically built, blonde haired Jacque was attracting intense sexual interest from the females in the clan. He managed to convince his younger brother to join him for a “bonding” vacation. Over the course of those two weeks his series of violent rapes of Jacque ultimately broke the young brother’s spirit and so crushed his self-image as a man that he too became incapable of responding to any sexual overtures from women.  For Felipe it was like fucking a younger version of himself. He did experience a quam of unease the first time he bound and prepared to screw his youthful brother but, power was power and competition in any area was not a luxury he could endure. Taking that tight arse of his own brother was an intense sensation beyond description. Watching his brother’s reactions during the it had a perverse thrill unlike any other in Felipe’s experience. Continually "doing him" until the younger boy was broken into mental subservience was an ultimate high!

It was simple really. Werewolves were natural predators. Felipe was, to his very core, the ultimate sexual predator and power junkie! No one could match him. Well until a new wolf entered the realm but, that encounter was another century and another tale indeed *>)!

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