Tales of Felipe 3

2011 © Kyle Cicero <[email protected]>

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For weeks afterwards, whenever Felipe encountered Angelique’s aide, he felt a strange sensation. Normally he treated everyone with a smugly superior demeanor as befitting his role as the alpha male of the werewolf clan. Yet, whenever he was around her aide, he found that in subtle ways he was deferential towards the pudgy middle-aged man. It was as if deep inside him he felt less superior in the aide’s presence. This unusual feeling bothered Felipe. Over the passage of time he grew more confused by the situation and increasing angry.

This is stupid ,” he continually told himself. “The man is a overweight cipher! Why is it that whenever I’m around him I experience an urge to… ” he couldn’t verbalize the logical conclusion to that thought even in his mind. The truth was, thanks to his sexual bottoming, Felipe’s subconscious had already submitted to the man. Like an acid, his subconscious’ acknowledgement of this fact was gradually eating its way into Felipe’s consciousness. Slowly Felipe was succumbing to something he was not yet prepared to mentally acknowledge. The once haughty alpha male Felipe was undergoing a gradual mental process of transformation. Having been sexually mounted his wolf ‘s genetic code was refashioning Felipe’s psyche to fall into a submissive state with towards his defiler. Unbeknownst to both the werewolf and the aide, it would only take a hard push from the latter to trigger a mental free-fall inside Felipe’s confused brain. Such an event was soon to come and it would be Felipe himself who would bring matters to their logical conclusion!


It all began on the night Felipe was mounting his brother. Normally this demonstration of his alpha status over his own relation completely excited him. As Felipe thrust into his sibling, the latter began moaning.

“Please stop,” Jacque whimpered as he squirmed under his older brother’s anal invasion. “I…I…oh gees,” he continued crying as his chute burned with pain. Unlike his cousin Andre, Jacque hated being screwed. Mentally however he was completely broken into submitting to Felipe’s sexual assertion of his alpha werewolf status. “My arse,” Jacque yelped as his older brother deeply thrust into him. “Oh you’re screwing me so hard,” he sobbed. 

To Felipe’s surprise the submissive cries of his brother caused him to unexpectedly mentally visualize himself as the one being anally violated. Worse he found himself contemplating Angelique’s aide as the one now mounting his own rump. The images caused Felipe to panic and he quickly began to lose his erection. This condition only terrified him further. He realized that if he did not finish his penetration and reach an orgasm the repercussions might be fatal to his alpha status. His ability to fuck others was his weapon of power. If he lost it, for even one second, he would be challenged. Jacque hated his brother. Only Felipe’s regular “mountings” kept the young werewolf in line. If Felipe failed to sexually perform he would lose control over Jacque and perhaps everyone in the werewolf clan. Felipe closed his eyes trying to think of some sexually arousing picture that would re-awaken his erection. To his shock nothing he visualized helped. Felipe pictured every rape he had performed but still he was “softening” fast. Before he realized it his subconscious provided exactly what he needed. A vision of himself squirming under a hard cock pounding by the aide flashed into his brain. Instantly Felipe was fully hard. His conscious mind went crazy but his stronger desire not to appear impotent in front of his brother took over. He let this fantasy run in his brain as he savagely screwed his brother. As he fucked he imagined his younger sibling’s moans were his own sounds. The younger werewolf’s quaking submission to anally being seeded became his body’s reaction to being fucked. With a howl of pleasure he had never experienced before during his sexual penetrations, Felipe’s shot a gushing torrent of his seed into his younger brother’s guts. When he was finished, he rolled off his prey. His strong well-developed torso was bathed in sweat. As he gazed at the room’s ceiling he tried to convince himself what he had fantasized was an aberration. After he left that night he went to his quarters and drank until he was woozy from its effects.  The aide’s face and an image of his own sexual submission flashed into Felipe’s mind. To his horror he became fully erect. “I fucking do not want to be his bitch!” Felipe yelled as he threw his glass at the nearby wall. “Fuck me…no fuck him,” he growled as he left his quarters to “find and fuck that fat bastard ,” he mentally decided.

The portly aide was stunned to be awakened up by a visibly intoxicated Felipe. “I want to tell you that you are a fat useless fuck,” Felipe sputtered out as he pushed his way into the man’s home. He stood swaying in front of the now very irritated aide. “I’m here to fuck you and show you who is the alpha wolf in this pack,” he shouted as he thrust a finger into the aide’s soft chest area. “You been disrespectful and I intend to show you who is the top werewolf in this realm got it,” he spat out. “Your arse, like everyone else’s, is mine to fuck got it!”

The aide broke out into peals of laughter as he observed Felipe’s intoxicated condition. He also noticed Felipe’s crotch was slightly swelling in his presence. Suddenly thinks began to fall into place for the aide. He recalled Felipe’s prior deference and now this macho confrontation in such a state of drunkenness. He grinned while contemplating the possibilities.

Felipe stood trying to focus his bleary eyes on the now laughing older man. “What is so funny you prick,” a highly agitated Felipe yelled as he swung a fist at the man. He was so high from the liquor he missed his target and swung around so far he lost his balance. He felt himself falling then being steadied back onto his feet.

“Easy boy,” the aide snickered as he grabbed Felipe before the latter fell to the ground.

“Some needs to be fucked to show them who is the fucking top werewolf,” Felipe muttered as the full effects of the liquor hit him.

“I agree a fucking is in order,” the older man chuckled. The aide steadied Felipe in front of him then let go of the werewolf. “Is that why you came here Felipe? You want me to do the honors like before? You liked it last time ALOT!”

Felipe stared at the man with through dilated pupils. “What the hell are you talking about,” he growled.

“You’re boned thinking about me screwing you admit it,” the aide mocked.

“I don’t take it up the ass. I give it.” Felipe yelled. He saw the aide gazing at his crotch. When Felipe looked down he saw he was aroused. That angered him. “ Someone is getting their lights punched out too,” he slurred. He threw a punch that completely missed the aide. He almost lost his balance again but managed to right himself in time before he fell to the floor. He positioned his body to get ready to throw another blow at the aide. “Someone is getting knocked on their arse,” he repeated.

“Allow me the honors then,” the aide interjected. He put a hand on Felipe’s shoulder to keep him still then, with his other free hand, he gripped Felipe’s chin and moved it up slightly.

“What the fuck do you think you are you doing you arsehole?” Felipe muttered as he tried to keep the aide’s face in focus.

The aide winked at bleary-eyed Felipe. “Say goodnight buddy,” the aide laughed as he threw a hard uppercut to Felipe’s chin. The force of the blow lifted the more muscular and taller werewolf slightly upward.

“Fuck,” Felipe moaned as his head rocked back. Immediately the lights went out for him. He went down hitting the floor first with his rump then backward causing his head to strike the hard surface.

The now highly amused aide gazed at his feet where the once powerful Felipe lay in a crumbled heap. “Aw it looks like the young buff and oh-so-macho werewolf got himself knock out cold by an fat useless fuck huh? Now what did I hear you say at the end, boy?” the aide snarled. “Yeah, ‘fuck’ right? My thoughts too bitch boy!” He said as he took hold of Felipe’s ankles. The older man dragged the unconscious werewolf into his bedroom. “Round two I guess,” the aide stated as he stripped a groaning Felipe out of his clothes. Within minutes the aide tied Felipe up to the various posts on his four-poster bed. He let his hands run down the Felipe’s well-formed back savoring the moment. “What a prime piece of beef,” he laughed as his fingers traced down the deep crevice between the werewolf’s flared back muscles to get to the real prize.

Gleefully his right hand cupped and squeezed the Felipe’s smooth skinned bubbled rear-end. “This really needs more use Felipe,” he whispered to the still cold-conked alpha stud. Using both of his hands he spread Felipe’s butt-cheeks apart. “Didn’t get time to really observe your best charms before,” he muttered as he exposed Felipe’s pink swirling anal opening to the light. The werewolf’s hole had only a few spare hairs surrounding his chute’ entryway. The moist pinkness of Felipe’s chute glistened. At one point the ring muscles slightly contracted. “Very inviting and still pretty tight,” the aide grunted as he rubbed his thumb on them.

“Uh,” the still drunk Felipe gasped as he slightly came too. He was still drunk and barely aware of what was happening to him. Mentally, his mind was operating in response to any sensation it received. As the aide continued his anal massaging, Felipe’s body began twitching and squirming. “Fuck,” he whimpered. Unconsciously Felipe spread his thighs apart to give the man’s thumb more access to it. “Yeah,” he blurted out without realizing it. Suddenly his hips rose up to press his anal cavity back onto the thumb. “Awww,” Felipe growled as his mind processed the pleasurable stimulations.

“Yea,” the older man mockingly stated as he pressed and rubbed his thumb upon the anal opening. “You are really ready to be fucked again huh boy,” he snarled as he seductively tickled and rubbed on the entryway.

Felipe ‘s only reply was a continuous series of soft moaning “oooo ”! By now his muscled body was bucking on the bed thrusting upward to hit the aide’s thumb.

As the werewolf thrust his hips up the aide could see between Felipe’s powerful thighs. He noticed not only the stud’s large swaying low hangers but, to his delight, the older man also observed that Felipe’s cock was fully erect. “Big alpha hotshot likes having his butthole played with don’t ya boy?” He teased as he gently probed the outer walls muscles of the werewolf’s anal chute. He then let his other free thumb rub the soft skin area behind Felipe’s sack. “Like this ball-action bitched boy,” he chuckled.

“Uhuh,” the completely out-of-it Felipe sighed. He unexpectedly pushed back onto the thumb causing it to slightly insert itself past the ring muscles that guarded the entryway. The effect on the once macho werewolf was electric. Every muscle in Felipe’s well-defined body tensed. His head arched upward while his face gazed at the ceiling. “AHHHWHHHOOO!” the zonked werewolf howled as his chiseled torso lurched backward driving the thumb in deeper into his anus. His inner wolfish nature had burst forth. “AAAHHHWWWHHHOO!!!” He continued to bay as his cock exploded. Seconds later the now exhausted and utterly drunken werewolf simply collapsed on the bed. Though he had clearly passed out, his toned body lay on the bed still twitching from the sexual stimulations he had succumbed too. Inside his whirling brain new sexual self-images were taking over from old preconceptions.

The aide was delighted over how Felipe was now a quivering mass. Clearly Felipe reveled in the erotic charge he was getting from having his arsehole played with by the older man. He reached over to the slumbering Felipe and lifted one of the latter’s eyelids. From the dilated state of Felipe’s pupils the latter was still in no condition to understand what had just happened with the aide. “Last time I just fucked your arse. Tonight I’m going to fuck your brain,” the aide chuckled. “This time bitch boy you will know everything you do with me,” he vowed. He stopped his activities upon Felipe and left the bedroom. He had things to do to prepare for his next steps.

To be continued