Tales of Felipe 2

2011 © Kyle Cicero <[email protected]>

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Angelique had set up a sex date with the most powerful werewolf in their clan. When the six foot tall powerfully built Felipe had arrived she had given him wine laced with a drug. Her aide had assured her this substance would merely increase Felipe’s enjoyment of their sexual coupling. Angelique, who had hoped to screw her way into Felipe’s good graces, had been stunned when Felipe reacted in quite an unexpected manner to the drug. Felipe was slumped in his chair. His handsome face was totally vacant. His blue eyes were watery and his pupils mere pinpricks.

“You fool you gave me the wrong drug to use with him,” the still attractive but forty-something Angelique yelled at her quivering corpulent werewolf aide as she paced back and forth in Felipe’s office. “Just look at him,” she ranted as she directed her gaze at the handsome twenty-eight year old werewolf. “He is as high as a kite. I can’t mate with him. Hell I can’t even send him home like this?” She gazed anxiously over at the drugged werewolf.

“It isn’t that bad,” the terrified middle-aged aide muttered.

“He’s completely tweaked.” Angelique yelled. “It was supposed to relax him for our sexual encounter not render him …like that,” she yelled as she again gazed at Felipe. “He will be furious!”

“I can bring him down if given a private half hour or so with him,” the aide softly said.

“Do it,” the female werewolf angrily growled. “I’ll make sure you are not interrupted. The she-wolf left the two and stomped out.

The aide watched her go. The second she was out of sight his demeanor changed. He grinned. “Well that plan worked.” He walked over to the drugged up Felipe. Slowly let his pudgy hands reached down to fondle Felipe’s genitals. The latter gasped as his brain registered a familiar stimulation. “Mistaken drug my arse,” the aide laughed as he eagerly let his other hand roam about the strong muscled body of his helpless victim. “I wanted to do this for so long. I figured slipping you my chosen drug would give me a chance to get you alone with me.” He rasped as he slipped a hand down under Felipe belt to begin massaging the werewolf’s manhood.

A soft gasp of “oh ” came out of Felipe’s mouth. His eyes took on an even more distinctly glassy look as an erogenous zone was awakened. Within seconds he grew erect. His powerful thighs spread apart. “Oooohhh ,” he quietly sputtered.

“Good doggie,” the corpulent aide chuckled as he stopped his molestation.

The aide quickly striped off his clothes. He then efficiently got the young werewolf undressed as well. His beady eyes greedily took in the sight of the well-muscled Felipe’s naked torso. “I’ve hated you yet wanted you ever since I first taught you in school did you know that,” the aide hissed at his prey. “Your were a smug arrogant teenager who treated me like I was just some middle-aged clown.” A bleary eyed Felipe just lay back in his chair completely unresponsive. His cock had softened slightly but still, even semi-erect, it was impressive. “All the females in our clan swarmed to you. I’ve dreamed about sexually taking you just like you have been taking them ever since,” the aide growled as he reached down to masturbate Felipe back into a state of total arousal.

“Ahhhh,” the drugged up Felipe moaned as the pupils of his eyes rolled up inside their sockets. His powerfully formed thighs spread out farther giving the aide even more access to his prize.

“I keep my eyes open. I know how you fucked over our clan leader’s son not to mention your own brother,” the aide hissed. “Well right now it’s going to be your turn to be the one getting fucked over,” he growled as he pumped Felipe’s hard cock with increased speed. The pudgy werewolf aide soon had the young Felipe moaning and leaking copious amounts of pre-cum.

“Fuck.” Felipe gurgled as he lifted his powerful body upward to hump into the aide’s tight grip. His pre-cum soon oozed down the thick shaft of his cock slowly covering his hefty low hanging nuts with a sheen of glistening moisture. His handsome features grew flushed with the clear signs of his growing sexual arousal His breathing quickened. “Ah fuck,” he mindless grunted as he screwed upward into the aide’s grip.

“Oh yeah you like being jerked-off huh?” the aide mocked as he continued manually bringing his prey into an ever deeper erotic high.

“Uhhuh,” the totally high Felipe lightly responded. By now his eyes were closed and his breathing had deepened. His thick long cock was fully erect and his round head was a rosy red. The slit in his cock was slick with the continuing dribbles of his pre-cum. “Uhuh,” he repeated as his toned muscled body pushed up faster in the aide’s tight hold. “Got…to…cum,” he moaned.

“No not yet,” the aide sneered as he released his hold of Felipe’s manhood. The drugged up werewolf uttered a groan of disappointment. He reached out to grab his cock but the aide easily swatted away Felipe’s hand. “Not yet,” he repeated. With a vindictive laugh the pudgy aide maneuvered the sexually turned on Felipe onto the floor. “Lets have some fun,” he smirked as he rolled his victim onto his stomach. “Upsie-daisy now stud,” he gleefully hooted as he grabbed the prone young werewolf’s hips and raised them upward. He soon expertly positioned Felipe into a pyramid type of position where the latter’s round butt was high up in the air with his head and knees providing ground support. The triumphant aide roughly took a grip on each of Felipe’s smooth strong thighs and spread them wider. “Now let us see if you enjoy sex when you are the one being the one penetrated. Do you think it will be as much for you as when you are doing the insertions?” The middle-aged werewolf sneered. He placed his own hard cock against Felipe’s’ tight anal opening. Slowly he pressed on the swirling muscles of Felipe’s outer anal ring.

“Argh,” Felipe yelped as the aide suddenly violently pushed into the gateway at the center of Felipe’s rump. Instinctively Felipe’s reaction was to try and move forward to get away from the invading tubular hardness.“Oh yeah, I don’t think so,” the aide laughed as he pulled a squirming Felipe back into his invading cock.

“EEEEOOOWWW!” Felipe howled as the older werewolf rammed deeper into him.

“Angelique only wants to fuck with you.

"Today I’m doing the fucking,” the aide grunted as he relentlessly screwed into his doped up victim.

“My arse,” Felipe unconsciously cried out as his anal hole was assaulted. He began wailing as he weakly protested this anal ravaging. “You’re screwing my arse….AAAWWWHHOO!” He pitifully sobbed as his anal virginity was savagely fucked away! On some deep subconscious level part of his mind was stunned that he was getting fucked. The fact his defiler was old, fat and physically weaker only screwed over that mental section of his brain even further. “AAWWWW,” Felipe whimpered.

“Yeah Felipe howl as I pop your cherry,” the aide mocked. He reached under Felipe and began to once more masturbate the young werewolf.

“Goddess,” the out-of it Felipe gasped as the pounding pressure on his prostate combined with the manual stimulations of his manhood produced a respectable erection of his cock. His prior bodily objections to the anal probing slowed. “My…cock…oh goddess,” he whimpered as he began moving his hips to thrust his cock inside the aide’s hand. Like all wolves he had within him a part of his psyche that associated sexual dominance with anal penetration. It was a fundamental part of his genetic code that was hardwired deep in his inner core. For Felipe it was the very basis of his domination of the werewolf clan. The fact he was now being anal taken and, more importantly, he was fully aroused while being “mounted” was playing havoc deep inside his subconscious. A long dormant submissive aspect of his personality unexpectedly stirred. “I’m…so…hard,” he desperately groaned.

“Yeah I’m going to make you cream too,” the aide giggled as he masturbated Felipe’s cock while continuing to plow deeper into the latter’s guts. This activity went on for some minutes. Soon he felt Felipe’s entire muscled torso quake and shiver. The aide instinctively knew an orgasm was coming for his prey. “ Shoot for me Felipe. Go on you know you need too. Cream for me while my dick is up your arse,” the aide shrieked with hatred combined with exhilaration.

“I…I…arggh,” Felipe loudly grunted as he shot his spunk onto the floor of his office. That submissive strain inside him flickered.

“Got you!” the aide screamed as he happily achieved his own orgasm inside of Felipe’s thoroughly defiled anal cavity. His hot creamy jizz flooded into Felipe. The two spent werewolves collapsed onto the floor.

“Fuck,” Felipe uttered as cum oozed out from the corners of his still cock-plugged chute. “You fucked me,” he murmured without being fully cognizant of what he was saying even as a part of him mentally registered that he had been successfully seeded. “He is the more dominant male ,” his inner subconscious instructed him and laid the groundwork for a shift in their conscious relationship.

“Yes that was only round one now,” the aide sighed as he lay on top the werewolf. “I got the great Felipe’s cherry,” he giggled out loud as Felipe, hearing these words, moaned underneath him. The aide reveled in the sensation of lying on top of Felipe’s muscular youthful body. He felt as if life had turned a corner for him at last. He did not yet fully realize how much his actions had altered events for him. “Me, the unpopular old fat man, just bitched the young firm arse of the big ladies man.” He slapped Felipe’s hard round upturned rump in victory.

“Owe my arse,” Felipe protested the effects of the stinging whack on his butt.

The chuckling aide heard with pleasure his victim cry out from the pain of that hit.

“Don’t like getting spanked huh stud boy. Well you’ve needed one for a long time so get ready for it,” he snarled. He leaned up off Felipe’s body and repeatedly slapped Felipe exposed rear-end taking glee from the sobs of his victim.

“Stop…it hurts,” Felipe bawled as his rear-end burned from the hits upon it. The drugs inside him had let him powerless to fight or resist the spanking while his recent fucking had already predisposed him to yield to his defiler.

“Take it you stuck up bastard,” the corpulent aide snickered as he truly got into this spanking. Even more hard whacks rained down on Felipe’s arse. He never realized that this activity was driving home his dominance straight into Felipe’s very essence of wolfish being.

“ I’ll be a good daddy,” Felipe cried as his disoriented brain latched onto his childhood past to try and make some sense of why he was being spanked. Once more a dominant figure for Felipe was being mentally associated with the aide. “I’ll be good,” he whined.

“Yes you will boy,” the aide mocked taking pleasure in assuming that role while mentally reducing the once highly masculine werewolf to that of a little boy. “By the way, I certainly took your arse didn’t I? Plus, and how sweet it was to see, you squirted while I did it too huh bitched boy,” he whispered into Felipe’s ear. The fat aide grabbed Felipe’s hips once more. “Up on all fours again bitched boy,” he mocked as he raised a moaning Felipe back into the same position for another anal thrusting. “We are not even close to settling scores! In the Yoga Kama sutra I’d call this: Fucking the Downward Dog ". He snarled with glee as he thrust once more past a now much looser anal ring.

“ARRGHHH!!!” Felipe bellowed as he felt his hole being re-penetrated again.

“Good thing that she wolf has this room soundproofed,” the aide chuckled as he screwed a now crying Felipe.

For the next forty-five minutes the room filled with Felipe’s blubbering as first his arse and later his mouth was continually plowed. Combined with those sounds were the shrill yelps of joy as the triumphant aide sodomized the formers every opening with ever increasing energy.

Later the aide used various techniques to “milk” the hapless Felipe until finally the werewolf was only able to shoot a series of pitiful creamy bubbling air. “I…can’t…I…can’t…no more…please,” Felipe begged as he writhed on the floor with his shrunken sack now protectively cupped in his strong hands. “Please…nothing left …too… much…nothing in…them…to…please,” he sobbed as his voice cracked and grew lightly shrill like some teenaged boy.

“Guess you are a bit oversold as a stud huh Felipe,” the aide viciously mocked as Felipe lay under him groaning in pain from his last empty ejaculation. “I mean you barely creamed for more than twenty straight minutes tonight.” He laughed. He straddled Felipe’s body pinning down the latter’s arms with his thighs. Feeling in complete control the aide scooped up some of Felipe’s jism from the floor and force fed it to the latter. “Lick it up and maybe it will replace what you just shot,” he teased as he pushed his fingers hard into Felipe’s mouth. The latter gagged but suddenly his brain ordered him to accommodate the hand inside of it. He stopped fighting and began licking the creamy salty substance. The sight of the once hyper masculine Felipe submissively slurping up his goop was so arousing the aide later had to fuck the former one last time.

“Bit overrated as a totally straight stud too after I’ve seen how you behaved tonight,” he stated afterward to his victim. “ I bet you might grow to truly like getting fucked too,” he teased as he gazed into the dilated pupils of his drugged up werewolf. He wondered if he could arrange a series of drug induced private “encore performances” for himself and a few other friends from other clans who would love to have a sexual shot at the sexy Felipe. “ Maybe a few nice gang bangs inside of that pretty little butt hole of yours. You ready to do that for me bitch boy?”

Felipe’s face relaxed into a smile as he processed the thought that he should comply because “he commands it.” “Yes sir,” he quietly mumbled as his previously soft cock slightly stiffened.

The aide took note of this physical and verbal response but as of yet he did not make the connection as to what was going on inside Felipe’s brain. An idea occurred to him. The aide laughed. “I could film you getting fucked by the other wolves. Ah well,” he sighed. “Another time to do that one. You’ve got to get cleaned up bitch boy.” The now satiated werewolf aide quickly dressed. He gazed in victory at the sprawled out unconscious form of the ravaged Felipe who was lying at his feet. Gently the aide wiped the evidentiary remnants of his jism from both Felipe’s anal opening and full sensual lips. He re-dressed Felipe and injected into the latter an antidote to the initial drugs. He left Felipe on the floor peacefully sleeping off the effects of the drugs in his system. The aide was confident that, thanks to all the doping, Felipe would have only a bare hazy memory of the last hour. The aide’s recollections would be sharp and forever. “Perhaps you will feel a bit sore around your arse-hole and your jaw too,” the aide gleefully muttered as he went to find Angelique. “Not to mention those balls huh Felipe. But who the fuck cares. I un-manned the great macho Felipe!” he howled softly as he strode off with a more confident spring in his step. Little did he know the swirling personality readjustments he had set in motion deep in the mind of the slumbering Felipe!

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