Tales of Felipe 4

2011 © Kyle Cicero <[email protected]>

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Felipe observed the actions of his captor with alarm. “Get away from me,” he yelled as he continued his thrashing on the bed.

“Oh this won’t hurt,” the aide chuckled as he let his finger slip between the firmly rounded butt-cheeks of the once smug werewolf.

“STOP!” Felipe growled as the soft skin that surrounded his anal cavity experienced the greasy touch of the other man’s finger pressing upon it.

“Oh relax,” Felipe’s captor chuckled as he let his oily digit gently rub the rippled skin area that marked the entrance to Felipe’ hole. He gleefully massaged the tightly constricted ring watching as Felipe struggled to break free. “Oh admit it,” the older man sneered as he let his finger do its work. “It feels good right,” he lewdly whispered as he massaged the muscles that bared the entry.

“NO!” yelled Felipe even as his anal opening felt a very pleasant tingling sensation. “NO!” he roared as he tried unsuccessfully to break free. “I’m not your she-bitch,” he violently insisted. Yet deep in his wolfish brain a growing part of his mind tauntingly said otherwise.  To his amazement the thought of being  the aide’s “she-bitch” seemed , on some level, quite natural. “I SAID NO!” He screamed more defiance as he violently shook and yanked at his bindings. The aide’s finger calmly worked its magic giving its anal object a sensual experience that horrified Felipe. The younger werewolf went physically insane with his efforts trying to push away that nagging sensation of submissiveness that flickered within him. He recalled how this very fear had caused him to seek this confrontation with the older man. He had sought to end that concern but, contrary to his arrogant expectation, the older out-of-shape aide had taken Felipe on and taken him down! He pulled at the leather straps holding him. “Let me loose now!” he bellowed as he brought all his strength to bear on the now tight ties.

At one point the aide was concerned Felipe might break his straps but he did not stop his “massage”. He knew  at some point this was going to succeed and he was patient. “Go on fight me harder my young buck ,” he thought as he digitally fondle Felipe’s chute. “The more you resist the more intensely you will break once you yield to me. ” As he “felt out” Felipe’s asshole he recalled a struggling powerful stallion his father had once broken. That horse was a true beauty with high spirits who, once taken down, was docile enough for even a child to ride. He took in the sight of the muscular young werewolf who was cursing at him in defiance as he trashed about in the leather straps that were holding him. The young werewolf’s biceps and powerful leg muscles pulled at their constraints. Their straining efforts only accentuated their well-toned definition. Indeed, the sight of Felipe’s trussed up sculpted torso being rendered vulnerable and under his control electrified his own senses. “I will own this beautiful prize, ” the aide sneered to himself as he watched the werewolf before him. “I will saddle him and mount him. He will whinny in pleasure every time I do it with him. Just like that stallion did for my father !”

 While the aide thought and worked on, Felipe continued his resistance. He felt exposed and helpless yet, a part of him accepted this domination by the aide. In fact, it whispered that this acquiesce in submission was quite a normal reaction. Another part of the “old Felipe” refused to believe this and he doubled his labors in fighting to break free. He railed and cursed and threatened the aide who merely giggled and continued “feeling out ” the once haughty Felipe. After awhile however, Felipe’s efforts to escape took their toll. He stopped squirming telling himself he was only ceasing in order to gather sufficient strength to restart his endeavors to break free. As he did this, his mind relaxed its former full concentration on escaping. This let the other sensation now come forth from deep inside his brain: the pleasure of the fingering his asshole was receiving from  the manual efforts of the aide. “Fuck,” Felipe unexpectedly wheezed as a sharp bolt of sensual stimulation spread upward from his asshole. The erotic centers of his mind recognized these familiar sparks of sexual excitement and reacted accordingly. The werewolf’s manhood grew itchy. “Shit,” Felipe mumbled as he unconsciously ground his hips on the hard surface under his cock. His muscled legs quivered reacting to the erotic charge caused by its rough surface rubbing upon the soft sensitized under-skin of Felipe’s cock.  By now Felipe’s asshole was alive in ways he never thought possible. He instinctively ground downward on the bed’s surface seeking to pull away from the finger. His actions only increased the arousals his cock was giving to him as it was mashed upon the coarse cloth under it. “Stop this now….aw fuck,” he moaned lightly not even realizing he had spoken out. Felipe’s nuts tingled as his cock went semi-erect. Inside Felipe’s pouch his juices churned with anticipation for their eventual release in response to such familiar signals. “No,” Felipe growled as he lightly pounded his forehead onto the surface below. He knew he had to cut this stimulation off but was helpless on how to refocus his mind on that prior task of seeking to break free from his bindings. By now his hole was shooting up waves of pleasure into his brain. He unconscious began humping into the bed. It was an activity that served to strengthen the sexual drive in his brain. “Got to concentrate...aw shit that feels so good…no I…can’t…oh fuck, ” he silently yelped as a mental battle began in his mind. His breathing grew shallow as he struggled to stop himself from his actions.

The aide took all this in and simply nodded. He knew the clear signs that he was successfully scoring his first blow.  The once alpha masculine Felipe was clearly in his mental rutting mode. His nature biological and sexual programming would impel the young werewolf to ejaculate. Patience was the key now. He gently used his finger to continue in its sensual massage of the powerful young werewolf’s anal chute area. “Relax.” he softly whispered as he “fingered out ” his prey. “It's ok. You know it feels so good and you need it so much already...it will feel soooo good and you know it.” He continued saying as he used every technique to bring more sexual heat to bear upon Felipe.

“No,” Felipe replied with a pathetic whine in his voice that spoke volumes. Beads of sweat broke out on the muscular torso of the powerful werewolf. He told himself he should renew his struggles to break free of the bindings but the amazing waves of erotic heat emanating from his butthole were blowing his mind’s resistance into shreds. “Shit,” he murmured as  unconsciously he spread his well-formed thighs a bit farther apart. His rosy pinkish anal hole, now highly lubricated, was fully exposed and subtly signaled it was available for more contact. Its lightly hairy area invitingly twinkled under the overhead lights. Felipe, his powerful wolfish sexual nature going on autopilot, quickened his humping maneuvers. “Please stop,” he sobbed. “Please I’m begging you!” he gasped as the war in his head entered its final phase.

The aide grinned,” Got you arrogant bastard ,” he thought as he redoubled his efforts. He poured more lubricant upon the top section of the opened crack of Felipe. The older man watched as the shimmering liquid flowed downward between the werewolf’s now very open butt-cheeks to pool around the latter’s anal opening. Slowly the aide let his finger swirl around the hole. “Come on bitch,” he taunted. “Give it up for your alpha wolf!”

“NO!” Felipe moaned in a tone of voice that was now so weakly pitiable it really indicated he felt otherwise. By now Felipe’s body was shiny with sweat. The beads of moisture only served to highlight his torso’s rippling muscularity.  “Don’t she-bitch me,” he sniveled in a voice filed with indications that Felipe feared would do that very thing.

Inspired by al this, the aide’s finger methodically continued pushing and prodding away. “Relax. It feels so good just letting go.”  He firmly stated. “Just let me in a bit more,” he grunted as, to his delight, the asshole muscles  of his prey unexpectedly unwound to let his finger push into Felipe.

Unlike the times before when he was drunk, a now fully conscious and aware Felipe moaned in despair as he felt the aide thrusting his finger into him. “Goddess. Get it out,” he cried as he suddenly bucked his powerful body. Unfortunately his thrusting upward only drove the older man’s finger deeper into his guts. “OH GODDESS!” Felipe howled as he experienced this digital invasion commence.

Now ,” the aide decided, as he pressed in deeper to find then hit that sweet spot that would help him mentally demolish the hyper masculine self-image of the werewolf lord.  He had taken a drunken Felipe before but this time was different. Today Felipe was sober. It made the journey he was undertaking sweeter. Yet, the prior sodomy had also had its rewards . He knew how Felipe would react to that spot’s sexual exploitations.

“Get it out,” Felipe yelled as he felt that vulnerable spot inside of him being repeatedly touched. He squirmed in his bonds trying to shut out the unexpected powerful sensual waves that were exploding in his groin. To his horror he realized he was fully erect as well. He tired to get free but also keep that fact hidden from view. He pressed his hips downward and lifted his upper body to yank on the leather straps. Mashing his erection however only made it worse for him. The sensual pressure on his cock was amazing. Without realizing it, he was soon pulling on the bindings while simultaneously wiggling his narrow waist on the surface of the bed not to get away but to maximize his sexual pleasures. “Fuck…my cock,” he wheezed as his pupils dilated. His unconscious mind quickly began processing the fact that anal stimulations coupled with the restraint and scent of leather was a heady experience that was highly desirable. Even more, it entwined submission to the aide as a necessary factor in achieving full sexual satisfaction.

“Almost there,”  the aide mumbled to himself as he pushed his finger downward to exploit on his prize. He observed the changes in Felipe maneuvers. The haughty Felipe was completely turned on by these activities. “I got you !” he silently laughed as he worked away at the goal of his efforts: Felipe’s prostate.

“Fuck!” Felipe yelped as the aide expertly manipulated and prodded the sensitive organ inside of Felipe. The latter’s entire body quaked with a jolt. It was as if someone was literally sexually slapping him inside his head. Worse Felipe suddenly felt as if his ass, cock and, nuts were being subjected to electrical charges. “My balls…shit…feels so good,” he gasped. He blushed realizing he had spoken that out loud.

“Oh yeah such a bitch you like your sweet spot fucked with doncha,” the aide giggled as he finger fucked away at the organ inside of the young strong werewolf.

“OH GODDESS!" Felipe moaned as his erotic brain centers went into overdrive. He collapsed on the table overcome by what he was experiencing. His breathing increased. The room seemed to lose all its focus as his mind solely fixated upon the heat that was now emanating from deep below his waist. “I..I..I,” he babbled incoherently as he was sexually dominated and ravished by the older and clearly physically weaker man. That thought only mind fucked him more now. Quite soon his mind was surrendering to that concept. “My ass…oh how can this be…so…argh more,” he sobbed overcome by everything that what happening to him. He thrust his crotch downward onto the bed’s surface letting the rough material masturbate him. “I…have…to,” he whined as he craved release from the swelling imperative inside of him.

“Yeah bitch. I got you,” the aide laughed with triumph as he vigorously worked Felipe’s prostate until the werewolf was babbling out an unintelligible series of grunts and moans.

Minute’s later Felipe’s head shot upward. The young werewolf bellowed out a loud wolfish howl as his body tensed. “AAAAWWWWHHHOOO,” he screeched through closed eyes. As his cry ceased his sculpted body relaxed onto the surface of the bed. The smirking aide unexpectedly pulled his finger out of Felipe guts.

“No don’t,” Felipe involuntarily groaned as his anal outer rings felt that digital loss. Felipe’s protest shocked him. Did he want that finger in him?  Even as his mind dealt with that horror, his rosy hued and muscled anal area contracted and opened as if it was, in some lewd level, trying to encourage the aide’s finger to return. Felipe opened his eyes. Everything was blurry. He moved his head so he could glance back at the aide. He saw the aide was grinning. He turned his face away.

“Enough for today,” the aide gleefully hooted as he roughly slapped Felipe’s upturned rump. The captive’s yelp at receiving such a hit gave him even more pleasure. He happily observed his blow had left a red mark on the firm rounded pink cheeks of Felipe.  An idea popped into his head and he grinned. “Well later on that too,” he contentedly sighed. Wiping off his finger clean upon the younger werewolf’s ass, the aide sauntered out of the room.

Felipe lay limply in his bindings trying to make some sense out of what happened.  Critically, he tried to somehow mentally justify to himself how had reacted to it by the end of their session. He gradually sensed a copious wetness under him that was centered around his crotch area . “I leaked,” he moaned as he came to grips with the awareness of what this sticky wet was that he felt under his cock. “I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t… but I didn’t, then why did I fucking leak like a she-wolf bitch in heat!” He lifted himself up so he could see the extent of his emission. He told himself that a light leaking might be justifiable. It was an illogical idea but he desperately held onto that straw man. He looked downward to see his dangling now semi-erect cock. A bit of translucent liquid dripped from the slit in his cock-head to plop onto the respectable whitish puddle below it. “I didn’t just leak,” he cried out in horror. “I fucking shot my wad!” He collapsed and began weeping in shame as a part of his masculine self-image cracked off and dissolved.

From the other room the aide heard this admission and a smile came to his face. “First step done but more come!” He hooted with delight.