The Coven Coin 3: The Beautiful Corpse

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The brothers became more and more estranged after the incident in the shed. During their senior year they hardly spent any time together outside the house. Jim even moved his bed into the attic so he wouldn’t have to share a room. Jim concentrated on school. His grades allowed him to go to a prestigious out of state university. The staggering depression prevented him from returning home often during his four years away. The expense was too much to justify and Jim didn’t press the issue.

Jeff got a wrestling scholarship to a local college. His drinking became more frequent. He no longer had to hide it from his parents. His grades suffered greatly and he found himself on academic suspension after his first year. His saving grace was his unsurpassed athleticism, winning personality and good looks.

Jeff followed his father’s advice and took up the javelin. He managed to make the United States Olympic team. During the games, he spent more time partying with movie stars than training. Even in a town filled with beautiful people, he stood out. The day of his event he arrived late and with a hangover. He performed horribly and finished well out of medal contention. But a full page photo of him appeared in Life magazine. He was in mid stride holding the javelin. The skimpy team uniform showcased his masculine form. Every muscle was flexed. His arm bulged with power. The bright Californian sun bathed his golden mane and chiseled features. He was the idealistic All-American boy next door. Several movie studios contacted him when the magazine hit the newsstands. Jeff jumped at the opportunity and signed a contract with RKO Pictures. He left school and moved to California to live his dream.

He appeared in many movies. He looked incredible on the big screen; but his acting skills limited his career. He got typed cast as the best friend of the leading man or his rival for the ingénue’s affection. His nickname around the studio was Jeff the Jilted, since he lost the girl at the end of every film. Jeff didn’t mind. Being under contract meant a steady paycheck while only working a couple months out of the year. He always attended the best parties. He was a regular in the movie fan magazines pictured with a different girl on his arm in every issue. His real love life was very different than in the movies. He could have any woman he desired and he desired many.

Jim and Jeff didn’t see each other for six years. It wasn’t until their father’s funeral when they finally spoke. The wake was at their old summer home in Darton. Their parents spent more and more time there as they got older. Jim opened the door to their former bedroom, “Marty Dark said you were in here.

“Oh yeah, he was helping out with people’s coats…I think.” Jeff appeared distracted. Like always he had a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. “Did he say anything else to you?”
Jim shook his head no. Jeff looked relieved and gulped down his drink. “What are you doing in here?”

The handsome actor shook his head. “I wish I knew.” He was sitting on Jim’s old bed. The covers were disheveled. He had his suit jacket and tie tossed over his thick thigh. The top three or four buttons of his shirt were undone revealing his muscular, tanned chest. Jim thought he looked even more muscular than the last time he saw him.

Jim wondered if his brother was drunk. “Maybe you should get something to eat. But you better hurry; H.J. is quickly emptying the buffet. I don’t know where he puts it all.” Jeff’s only response was to take another hit off his cigarette. Jim could see he was upset. “I could use some time away too. I can’t take one more I’m so sorry.” Jim closed the door. It was then he noticed a third person in the room. “Kim, here you are. You disappeared almost an hour ago.”

“Sorry, dear.” The pretty brunette awkwardly put her arm around Jim’s tight waist and kissed him on the cheek. “I must have lost track of time. I was with your brother…talking. I came in here to get my coat…because I was cold.”

Jim brushed the hair from Kim’s face. “You look flush to me. I hope you’re not coming down with something.”

“I’m fine, except perhaps a slight headache.” Kim pushed Jim’s hand away. “I was telling him how sorry we were he couldn’t make it to our wedding. Isn’t that right?”

Jeff rubbed the back of his thick neck. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I was in the middle of doing a picture and couldn’t get away.” He kept his eyes down as he spoke.

Jim put his arms around his new wife. “I understand. It was a very small and simple ceremony. All that mattered to me was Kim showing up.”

Kim smiled nervously. “Jeff was telling me he recently got married too.”

“Then it’s congratulations all around.” Jim looked about the room in a comical fashion. “Is she hiding in here too?”

Jeff looked up, “No, Roxanne, that’s her name, would have come with me; but she’s in the family way and the doctor’s advised her not to travel.”

Jim beamed. He took a step forward and shook his brother’s big hand. “I’m going to be an uncle. How wonderful. I can’t wait for Kim and me to have children.”

Kim pushed away from her husband. “I’ll leave you two to talk.” She opened the door.

“Aren’t you forgetting something dear?” Jim asked. Kim looked at him with some confusion. “Your coat, the reason you came in here.”

“Yes of course. I’m not thinking clearly today.” She glanced at Jeff. She walked to the bed with the coats. She pulled hers from the pile. She gave a look to Jeff, then Jim, and then back to Jeff. “It was nice to have finally met you.” She extended her hand politely.

Jeff stood up and shook it gently. “Like wise. My brother’s a lucky man.” Kim looked at her husband and became uncomfortable. She quickly stepped out of the room. “She’s lovely, Jim.”

“Thank you. I think she’s a little star struck by you.” Jim slid his hands into his pockets. ”All her friends read Photoplay religiously. You should hear the way they talk about you. Good thing you’re my brother or I might be worried you’d steal her away.”

Jeff moved to the dresser next to the door. He slipped on his jacket and stuffed his tie into its pocket. He began to button his shirt. “I’m not used to wearing a suit unless I’m on set. In Los Angeles it’s nothing but short sleeves and bathing suits.” He felt his jacket for something. “Damn I’m out of cigarettes? I really need one…that and another stiff drink.”

“I see Hollywood hasn’t tamed your vices.” Jim teased.

Jeff stared into the mirror above the dresser. “Nothing gets tamed in Hollywood.” He used the comb from the top drawer to style his thick hair. After a last glance into the mirror his attention fell upon a glass dish on top of the dresser. “It’s gone.”

“What’s gone?”

“That piece of metal you found in the garden. Remember we thought it was pirate treasure. You gave it to me when I was in the hospital.”

Jim smiled. “Years later, Steve told me a local legend about a coin made by a group of witches. He thought it could have been part of it.”

Jeff really wasn’t listening. He opened his hand. “I held it so tightly in my hospital bed, it cut into my palm.” Jeff ran his finger along the small scar. “I kept in this dish and now it’s gone.” He became morose. He braced himself against the dresser. “I’m sorry for being such a son-of-a-bitch when we were younger. You’re my only brother…and now Dad’s gone.” He sighed and moved to the bed. He sat down and looked up at Jim. “I don’t know why I do the things I do. I don’t mean to be an asshole.”

Jim wasn’t used to hearing such language, “It was just a piece of metal, Jeff.”

Jeff was about to say something, but stopped. He ran his hand over his face. “I didn’t treat you very nicely. I should have been….I should be a better brother.”

Jim sat next to Jeff and put his hand on his shoulder to comfort him. He was surprised by its size and hardness. “That was a long time ago. When you’re young you do foolish things.”

“And when you’re not so young.”

“I should have dealt with things better too. It wasn’t easy being JeffHaynes’ twin. You set the bar pretty high. You still do; my brother the movie star. You look really good, Jeff.”

“That sums me up; the great looking guy on the big screen.” Jeff tired to get the last drop of bourbon from the bottom of his glass.

Jim patted his brother’s thigh before standing up, “Come on, we can’t leave mom alone too long.” Jim walked through the door. After a moment, Jeff followed.

Despite their best intentions the brothers did not keep in touch. Their careers and families kept them busy. Living on different sides of the country didn’t make things any easier. There were only occasional long distance phone calls, birthday cards and Christmas gifts. Actually seeing each other was a rarity. One such occasion took place in 1953 when Jim’s family visited Jeff while on vacation.

Jim added more ice to his club soda from the bar near the pool. He looked around as he sipped the effervescent liquid. He had never seen so many scantily clad women in one place before. All were young and beautiful. Even the few men Jeff invited were attractive. Jim assumed all were in show business, like his brother. One of the prettier attendees walked up to the bar and poured herself another drink. “Enjoying the party?” The curvy redhead asked Jim.

Jim quickly glanced at the beautiful woman wearing a revealing bathing suit. He was introduced to her, but didn’t remember her name. He fought his natural instinct to ogle her hourglass figure and kept his gaze locked on her emerald eyes. “Yes, it’s wonderful. My brother seems to be in his element.”

She turned her attention to Jeff on the other side of the swimming pool. He was one of those men who got better looking with age. His still youthful face only became more masculine as time. passed. His blue eyes sparkled with the glint of a seductive secret that every woman had to learn. His musculature matured and thickened. His skin thinned to show more of the underlying muscle definition. It was further helped by his constant deep, golden brown tan. His dirty blonde curls were streaked with the color of the sun. He wore a pair of white, stretchy square cut trunks that showcased his ridged stomach, narrow hips, firm ass, corded thighs and large endowment. He defined virility. “He is the quintessential California boy isn’t he?” she said breathlessly.

Jim chuckled, “A 41 year old man from Massachusetts doesn’t get that label often.”

“True; but he’s not your typical 41 year old is he? He doesn’t look a day over 30 and is easily the best looking man here.” She returned her gaze to Jim. “Sorry, I keep forgetting you two are twins. You are such different types.” She could see Jim didn’t like the comparison. “I didn’t mean to say that you look worse. You are an attractive man in your own…”

Jim lifted his hand to stop the young woman’s explanation. “It’s okay. I know what you meant. It’s been that way ever since we were teenagers. It doesn’t bother me anymore.” The expression on his face contradicted his words. Jim was still handsome. Kim told him he was the best looking man at their country club. He had a full head of thick blonde hair. His body was naturally tight and lean; but he still lacked the muscle mass of his brother. It was that musculature that gave Jim the appearance of a young man. Men in their 30s and 40s just didn’t look like that. Even most professional athletes in their 20s didn’t have such a well developed physique.

Jim’s and the woman’s eyes went to two boys in their late teens as they emerged from the pool. They looked remarkably similar. Both were tall, well muscled with very narrow waists and broad shoulders. Their skin was smooth and tan. Their hair of spun gold framed perfect facial features. They certainly fitted in with the party’s beautiful crowd. “I hope Jeff’s sons realize how lucky they are to inherit his good looks.” Jim only nodded. He was preoccupied with just how much the boys did look like each other. He never really saw it before. “I’ve spent the day avoiding all his ex-wives; one wife for each child. He really excels in the shot gun wedding.” Charlotte took another drink. “I swear that man’s bedded every actress in this town. Only six pregnancies out of the possible hundreds; speaks well for the rubber industry.” She swallowed more from her glass. “It’s not really his fault. He has an incredible reputation. If you know what I mean? They all practically threw themselves at him.” She laughed and playfully slapped Jim’s chest, “I sure did.” Jim was startled out of his thoughts. He smiled nervously and wondered if everyone in California drank too much.

The two athletic boys walked up the Jim and the red head. The teens were chewing on some thing. “Dad have you tried the guac-o-mol-ee?” Jonathan struggled with the strange word. “It’s great. Mike says it made from avocados, whatever they are.”

“Dad?” The woman asked.

“Yes, this is my son Jonathan”, Jim said proudly, “and this is Jeff’s son, Michael.”

“Really?” The woman compared the father and son, then the two cousins. “You two look more like twins than your fathers do. I’m guessing your grandpa was a big man. It must have skipped poor Jimmy here.” She slapped Jim again. Jim only smiled at the insult.

“Every body says we could be brothers.” Jonathan looked at Michael, “I guess we are about the same size.” The 16 year olds went on their toes to be taller than the other.

Michael playfully pushed his cousin. He squared his shoulders and puffed out his defined chest to appear bigger to the attractive woman. “I’m a few months older than he is.” Jonathan copied Michael’s pose.

She sipped her drink while leering at the two young studs displaying for her. Water dripped from their blonde hair onto their broad shoulders. The beads ran down their well muscled and tanned bodies. “Both of you are so handsome you could have careers in the movies.” She ran the side of the glass down her long neck before nestling it between her large, plump breasts. “If you ever want to rehearse a love scene, I’ll be more than happy to play your leading lady.” Both boys’ eyes widened as they followed the glass.

Jim didn’t like the harlot trying to seduce his son and nephew. “You boys must be bored at this old folks’ party.” He put down his drink and grabbed the boys by their thick upper arms and pulled them away from the temptress. “Why don’t you go and meet up with some of Michael’s friends?” Jim reached for his wallet and took out a five dollar bill. “Go to the malt shop. I know you boys are always hungry.”

Jonathan ripped the bill from his father’s fingers. “Thanks Dad.”

“After we eat, we can shoot some waves, cous’. You need the practice.” Michael slapped his look-alike’s shoulder. They ran from the backyard to the driveway and jumped into Michael’s convertible. The red head looked disappointed as the young boys left. She went back to the bar for another drink.

“Where are the boys going now?”

Jim turned toward the voice behind him. “Off to the beach again.” He could see the concern on his wife’s face. “They’re having fun. Is that a bad thing?”

“It depends on the kind of fun. John should be thinking about college, not surfing.” Jim smiled at his wife in a condescending manner. She backed up her concerns. “Michael comes from a broken home. His parents are rather lenient. I’m afraid he’s influencing Jonathan.”

Jim ran his hand down Kim’s arm. “Michael’s a good boy.”

Kim scoffed, “Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” She glanced at Jeff flirting with two very young girls.

“If that’s true, then you don’t have to worry about our son do you?” Jim spoke in a reassuring tone.

“No, I guess not.” Kim looked away nervously. Jim caught her glancing at Jeff across the yard. She looked at Jim and smiled. She grabbed her husband’s arm and snuggled against his shoulder. “This was supposed to be a family vacation and we’ve hardly spent any time together.”

“The boys certainly have become the best of friends. Have you noticed how much they look like one another? It’s uncanny. You’d think they’re brothers instead of cousins.” There was no response from his wife. Jeff shrugged his shoulder. “Did you hear me?”

Kim straightened her head but didn’t look at Jim. She nervously played with her necklace for a moment before speaking. “Well, their fathers are identical twins. It would be more unusual if they didn’t look similar.”

“That may explain the facial similarities; but not the body types. I never noticed just how big Jonathan is. He’s the same size as Michael, if not bigger. He looks more like my brother at that age than me.”

Kim put her hand on her forehead. “I’m not used to this California sun. I feel one of my migraines coming on.”

Jim’s jaw clenched, “I see.” He took a sip of his drink to prevent himself from saying what he really wanted. He sighed, “Do you want me to drive you back to the hotel?”

“No, please stay. Your brother threw this party for us. One member of the family should be here.” Kim spoke with an uneasy urgency. Jim pulled the car keys out of his pocket and placed them in Kim’s open hand. She kissed his cheek. “I’ll see you later tonight, dear.”

Jim watched his wife leave. His attention went to his brother who had a pretty girl on each arm. Jeff walked up to the threesome. Jeff looked up at his brother, “Enjoying your party?”

“Yes, thank you again for doing all this.” Jim scratched his head and looked at his feet.

His brother picked up on cue. “Is there anything wrong?”

“Can I talk to you…in private?”

“Sure. Excuse us girls.” The women were reluctant to release their grip on his large, defined biceps. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a tick.” He turned his focus to his brother. “Let’s go inside.” Jim followed Jeff into the house. Once both men were in the den, Jeff closed the door. He plopped onto the room’s small couch like a frat boy. “What did you want to talk about?”

Jim put his hands into his pants’ pockets and began to pace. As he gathered his thoughts, he looked at the group of photos covering the wall above a credenza. They were of Jeff and the celebrities he had worked with. One photo was of Jim’s second favorite actor, “You worked with Rock Hudson?” He asked as a delay tactic.

“Yeah, in Bend of the River. But all my scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.” Jeff coughed roughly. He then sipped the drink he had in his hand. “Like most of my best work.”

Jim kept his eyes on the photograph, “He seems like a real man’s man.”

“Oh, he certainly is.” Jeff coughed again. “We only had one scene together. But he invited me into his trailer at the end of the day.” Jeff took a cigarette from the box on the coffee table and gestured for Jim to take one.

Jim waved the offer away, “Did he give you career advice?”

Jeff lit the cigarette. He blew out a stream of smoke as a smirk formed on his face. “Oh, he gave me a more than that. But I must say he took as well as he gave.” Missing the innuendo, Jim browsed the wall for another moment in silence. He didn’t know how to ask his real question. More importantly he wasn’t sure if wanted to hear the answer. Jeff coughed louder and longer.

Jim turned around and sat on the edge of the credenza. “You should see a doctor about that cough. It doesn’t sound good.”

“It comes and goes.” Jeff could see Jim didn’t share his lack of concern. “Believe me, doctors don’t know everything.”

“They probably saved H.J.’s life. He went to the doctor complaining of chest pains after he gained all that weight. The tests showed he had an enlarged heart just like Uncle Harry.” Jim stopped momentarily as Jeff coughed again. “More and more studies show the importance heredity plays in our health. Dad died of emphysema. Some doctors think there’s a link between smoking and the disease.”

“Yeah, well some doctors still think bloodletting works.” Jeff began to chuckle but ended up coughing. “When I go to the doctors and tell them I don’t feel well, they write me a prescription for sleeping pills. They say I’m over exerting myself with too much exercise. Hell, I haven’t exercised since college (cough, cough) and even then I wasn’t very good at it.” Jim still wasn’t convinced. “Listen, the studio requires actors to take a physical before we begin a movie for insurance purposes. I always pass with flying colors. I go into the examination room, take off my shirt; they take one look at me and don’t even bother checking any further. They say they wish all their patients were in such amazing shape (cough).”

“Well, you can’t blame them. You are in great shape. Not an ounce of fat on you.”

Jeff slapped his washboard abs, “I had my usual two bacon cheeseburgers for lunch too. No matter what I eat I stay thin. Unlike HarryJr., getting fat is not an issue for us Haynes’ men. Dad was thin until the day he died.” Jeff put out one cigarette and reached for another.

“But Dad didn’t smoke a carton of cigarettes or drink a fifth of scotch every day.” Jim said in a disappointing tone.

Jeff laughed, “You sound like one of my wives. (cough). I’m in amazing shape, remember.” Jeff flexed his arm to make his large bicep swell, “I bet I could still take H.J. in arm wrestling.” Both men chuckled. “How does the line go? I wanna live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse.”

“I hope that’s not your goal.”

“In this town a person’s looks are everything.” Jim shook his head in disbelieve. Jeff continued his thought, “I came to the realization long ago. I have this, what you once called freakish body for one purpose; to make people happy. Whether it’s on the silver screen or in the bedroom; I think it’s some kind of divine calling.”

Jim chuckled, “Divine, Really?”

Jeff stood up and did a most muscular pose. His entire torso swelled with masculine power. “How else can you explain this? I haven’t been in a gym in twenty years.”

Jim looked at the very handsome and powerfully built man in front of him. It was true; he had more muscles than CharlesAtlas in those magazine ads. “Yeah, I know you are the perfect mix of H.J.’s big muscles and Dad’s leanest. But you’re still 41 years old. You’re not invincible.”

Jeff put his finger to his lips, “Shh, I told the girls out there I’m 29.” Jim shook his head. “Hey, they believed me. I’ll have you know I still get cast as college athletes. I beat out actors half my age for the roles. Luckily casting directories find me as irresistible as women do.”

Jim decided to take the opportunity to ask his question, “Was my wife one of those women?”

Jeff’s knees partially buckled. Jim’s words packed more power than a punch from Rocky Marciano. “What are you talking about?” Jeff walked over to the desk and pulled out a half empty bottle of scotch and filled his glass. His face looked pale.

Jim spoke calmly, “Every one at the party thinks our sons are brothers, they look so much alike.”

Jeff rubbed the back of his right arm with his left hand. He turned around without removing his hand. “Well, isn’t that to be expected? We’re twins after all.” He forced a smile and wiped the beads of sweat from his brow.

“Funny that’s what Kim said. The problem is we haven’t looked like twins since puberty. Seeing Jonathan in a bathing suit this week made me realize how muscular he is. He’s the same size as Michael. The same size you were at their age; bigger than I ever was; bigger than Dad ever was. No one would ever call him a runt.”

Jeff’s breathing became labored. He appeared to be in pain. “Jonathan’s a big boy because he plays football.” As he took a swig from his drink, his hand shook.

“Or does he play football because he’s a big boy? His coach says he’s lazy and doesn’t work out as much as the other boys on the team. But somehow he’s the biggest and strongest. Does that sound familiar?” Jim folded his arms over his chest. “I keep thinking about Dad’s funeral when I walked into our old bedroom and found you with my wife. That was the first time she felt one of her migraines coming on. She only seems to get them when she wants to avoid my questions. She just got one when I mentioned how the boys look alike.” Jim ran his hand over his face. “I was so naïve; practically a newlywed. The thought that my own brother would sleep with my wife never entered my mind.”

Jeff looked worse and worse. Sweat ran down his pasty face. His breathing was irregular. “Please Jim, I never wanted it to happen…”

“No, of course not. She found you irresistible like the hundreds of other woman you’ve been with.” Jim’s voice became louder and angrier with every word. He moved toward Jeff.

Jeff stepped back to keep their distance. He looked vulnerable and weak. He had the same fear in his eyes as he did in the tool shed 20 years ago. Jeff’s face contorted in pain, he grabbed his chest and fell to the floor. Jim called out for help before going to his brother’s side. He took Jeff’s large hand in his. Jim was just as frightened as Jeff as they looked into each other’s eyes.

The medical examiner picked up the clipboard. “This the last one for the day?” The assistant confirmed with a nod. The younger man pushed the red button on the reel-to-reel tape recorder. “The date is September 25, 1953. I’m Dr.MarkHudson, Medical Examiner for Los Angeles County, California. This is an autopsy for case file 91-42-8666; JeffreyHaynes, a 42 year old Caucasian male.” The doctor looked at his assistant, “JeffreyHaynes, the actor?” The assistant shrugged his shoulders. The doctor pulled back the sheet covering the top half of the body. “My God, it is him”, he said breathlessly. He removed the entire sheet letting it fall to the floor. Time seemed to slow. The light in the room seemed to dim. The 55 year old doctor scanned the corpse as if observing the male form for the first time. His eyes stopped when they fell upon the man’s well formed genitalia. For a moment the doctor felt paralyzed as his mind was filled with the perverse thoughts he struggled to control every day. The doctor closed his eyes to calm himself.

“Are you feeling well, Dr.Hudson”, the assistant asked after some time. The doctor nodded only glancing at the other living person in the room. “Shall we continue then?”

Dr.Hudson raised his eyes, “Yes, of course.” He wiped the sweat from his upper lip with the sleeve of his lab coat. The doctor placed his fingers on the Jeff’s shoulder. The large muscle was still very firm. He walked down one side of the table to Jeff’s feet than back up the other side. He never lost contact with the hard contours of the body. His fingers stopped at the tan line on Jeff’s thick thigh. The doctor stood in silence staring down at the large focal point of Jeff’s paler crotch.

The assistant cleared his throat. The doctor swallowed before speaking. “Mr.Haynes is an exemplary specimen. His muscular hypertrophy indicates someone who spent a great deal of time doing resistance training.” He asked his assistant for help. Together they held the 230 pound body up at an angle. Dr.Hudson examined Jeff’s back. The examiner slid his thumb along the decease’s ass crack for no medical reason. “There is no outward indication of trauma or injury.” They set the body back down on to the table. The doctor gingerly pushed the blond curls off Jeff’s forehead. He spoke in a whisper. “He’s physically perfect in every way.” After another moment of awkward silence, the doctor removed his hand from Jeff’s face and returned to the task at hand. “What is the assumed cause of death?’

“Cardiac arrest”, the assistant answered after reviewing the chart.

The doctor took umbrage to the answer. “Highly unlikely; this man was obviously diligent about his physical fitness. No wonder they ordered an autopsy.” The doctor reached for his scalpel. He looked at the beautiful corpse. He hated to destroy one of God’s greatest creations. He held the knife directly above Jeff’s sternum. After a moment of hesitation, he sliced open the skin of Jeff’s chest. It took several strokes to penetrate the inches of thick, protective muscle. He used a bone saw to cut through Jeff’s skeletal frame. The doctor and the assistant struggled to peel back the fleshy covering to examine the internal organs. The sound of snapping bones and ligaments filled the room.

“This doesn’t make sense. These organs should belong to a different man; a very sick, much older man.” The doctor continued his post mortem examination in earnest. “There’s cirrhosis of the liver…spotting on the lungs….signs of clogged arteries…and advanced heart disease.” He lifted the enlarged organ from Jeff’s cold body. “Is there a history of heart disease in his family?”

The younger man scanned the paperwork, “None reported in his blood relatives, doctor.” The assistant never saw the doctor so confused, “Dr.Hudson, do you concur with the attending’s diagnosis? Was the cause of death a heart attack?”

“Yes, his heart was the first thing to go. But it was only a matter of time before something else would have killed him.” Mark placed the heart into its rightful cavity and closed the heavy flaps of flesh. Using all his weight he forced the bones back into place. He stepped back and looked at the marred masterpiece. “How can someone be in perfect physical condition on the outside and so diseased on the inside? It contradicts everything we know in the medical world. It goes against nature itself.” He reacted as a child would when learning Santa Claus didn’t really exist. The doctor turned his back and slowly pulled off his gloves.

The assistant turned off the recorder. He then began to crudely stitch the flesh together as was the normal procedure. The doctor turned around and saw his poor workmanship. He took the suture from his assistant’s hand. “He deserves more respect.” He took a deep breathe and looked at Jeff’s still handsome face. “Why don’t you call it a day? I’ll finish up here.” The doctor watched his assistant leave. “I’ll take special care of you, Mr.Haynes.” The M.E. finished the closure with great care. He felt proud as he examined his work. He fingered Jeff’s golden curls once more. “You’re my favorite actor. I’ve seen all your movies more than once.” His eyes scanned the length and girth of Jeff’s body. His mouth became dry and his breathing shallow. “You’re even more beautiful in person.” His couldn’t deny his forbidden inclinations any longer. He leaned in and kissed Jeff’s unresponsive lips.

Dr.Hudson calmly locked the doors to the examination room. He took a piece of rubber cording from a drawer and tied it tightly at the base of Jeff’s thick shaft. From a cabinet he removed a large syringe and bottle of saline solution. He filled the needle with the liquid to the halfway point. He glanced at Jeff’s flaccid, yet voluminous penis and drew the plunger down further to fill the barrel completely. The doctor returned to Jeff’s side. He held up the needle and squeezed it until the solution squirted from the tip. He looked down at the matinee idol. “I’m so happy we get to spend this time alone.”


“You’re one sick bastard”, Dean said with a smile in his eyes.

“Hey, I’m just telling the story as I heard it. The title should have given you a clue how it was going to end.” Steve spoke almost apologetically, “It’s not my favorite coin story.”

Willie pointed to another photo hanging on the wall in the backroom of the gym. It was a professional 8x10 headshot of JeffHaynes signed; To Marty, a good man and special friend, Jeff. “He was a good looking guy. It’s a shame he died so young.”

Dean sat back in his chair. “I don’t know. Having a great bod without lifting or dieting in exchange for kicking it at 40 sounds like a good deal to me.”

Steve scoffed, “I’m sure a 20 year old would think that.”

“I’m just saying I know where Jeff was coming from.” Dean ran his hand over his chest and down to his crotch. He pinched his thick rod through his tight shorts. “What good are you when you’re old, fat, ugly and can’t get it up? The idea of losing all this….I would prefer to die when I’m still a real man.”

Steve shook his head and said softly, “I never understand why the best looking guys are the shallowest.” He realized he said his thought out loud. Dean leaned forward with his elbows on the table and looked at Steve with a perturbed expression. Steve added, “I’m just saying…science, nutrition and medicine have come a long way since the 1950s. Look at Marty. He’s a perfect example. If you work at it and make sacrifices, you can still be a real man well into your 60s.” Steve spoke passionately.

Dean smiled, “I’m sure a 40 year old needs to believe that.”

Willie went back to the table where the other two men were sitting. “You’re both missing the point of the story. I don’t think Jeff wanted to die at 42. His unnatural outward appearance was his downfall. A normal man would look like shit if they had the same lifestyle. The coin gave him that false façade.”

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Steve restated Willie’s point more concisely.

Willie looked at the older man, “Exactly. The coin’s magic killed him. It’s not a happy ending.”

“It was for the doctor.” Dean mused. Steve chuckled. Willie threw his hands up in frustration. Dean pushed his empty glass toward Willie. “I sure would like another protein shake.” The small man glanced at the dirty glass. “Use the Thermolite Plus. It tastes like crap, but it’s low carb.” Dean lifted his shirt and rubbed his washboard. “I need to stay shredded for the photo shoot.”

Willie watched the hunk feel up his tanned abs. He took the glass in his hand, “Sure, Dean. Anything you want.” He got up and went to the counter where the supplies were located.

Dean looked at Steve. He was equally captivated by his carved waistline. Dean pulled down his shirt and sat up, “So Mr. Deep, you said there are more stories about the coin pieces.”

Steve raised his eyes to Dean’s. He quickly looked away and licked his lips. “Yeah they go back for centuries. I enjoy the earlier ones the most.” Steve focused on Willie. The short man was trying to reach the Thermolite canister on the top shelf of the cabinet. Even on his toes, he couldn’t make contact. Steve went over to help him. After Steve handed Willie the large plastic bottle and he got the skim milk from the fridge. “Some aren’t exactly considered politically correct. So they aren’t told anymore.”

Dean watched to two men working to serve him. He wondered if they even realized what they were doing. He got off on how his looks played with others subconscious. People wanted to do things for him, to please him. They wanted him to like them, to earn his approval. Dean’s ego swelled as did his cock. He adjusted himself under the table. “I want you to tell me another story; one of the oldies, but goodies. It’s impossible to offend me and I’m sure the coin historian over there has already heard it.”

“Okay, if you really want me to?” Steve sat down in his chair. It didn’t take much to get him to talk about the coin. “This is my favorite. It takes place back in the days when there were tobacco plantations in Darton.”

Willie glanced over his shoulder. “Are you talking about the slave and the overseer?”

“Yeah, Hub the magnificent black beast.” Steve said in a playful, but erotic tone.

No one spoke as the blender mixed Dean’s drink. Dean and Steve looked at each other. After it went quiet, the younger man arched his eyebrow. “If you need to touch yourself in that special place as you tell the story, we’d understand.” Steve gave Dean the finger. Dean smiled, “You wish.” Steve looked away.

Willie brought Dean his drink, “Here you go, sir.” Dean loved it when other men, especially older men, called him sir. “It’s more of a muscle theft, body switch kind of story. I don’t think it’s as believable as the Haynes tale.”

“I don’t believe any of this stuff; but it is entertaining.” Dean swallowed some of the healthy concoction. He made a face that showed it wasn’t a pleasant experience. “Go ahead, Uncle Stevie enthrall us with another tale.”

Steve’s leaned forward, “It starts in the spring of 1743….”

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