The Coven Coin 4: Whipped

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Hub ran through the woods as fast as he could. The nine year old boy had never been more scared. He felt a large hand on his shoulder pushing him down. He stumbled and fell hard to the ground. He was flipped onto his back by Marley Rook, the plantation’s new overseer. The middle aged man had the boy pinned between his legs. “Please Mr.Marley sir; I won’t say nothing to no one.”

“I know you won’t, boy.” Marley swung his calloused hand back before slamming it across the little boy’s face. The force of the blow knocked him unconscious.

A pretty woman came up behind them. She was adjusting the multiple layers of her well made dress. “Thank God, you caught him.” She noticed the boy lying motionless. “Is he dead?”

“Not yet.” Marley took a knife from the sheath on his belt.

The woman looked around to make sure they were alone. “How will you explain his disappearance? A runaway?” She began to pace. “Nicholas will be so upset. He saw the boy as an investment. In a few years he could get $200 for him.”

Marley held the knife at the boy’s throat. His boss’s reaction played out in his mind. “He’ll think I can’t control his darkies. He might fire me. I need the work.” He pulled back the blade.

The woman could see the anger subsiding in her secret lover. “You have to kill him. You know it’s only a matter of time before he’ll say something to some one. My husband must never find out about us.”

Marley forced open the boy’s mouth with his dirty fingers and grabbed Hub’s tongue. “He won’t tell anyone anything.”

It was near the end of a warm summer day. Mr. and Mrs.Dark sat on the veranda of their small but ornate home. One of their house slaves appeared with Mr.Dark’s pipe. He took the pipe from the silver tray without acknowledging the server. “Here he comes now.” The plantation owner stood up as two men approached. He lit the pipe.

“I’ll never understand why you waited so long to sell him, Nicholas. It’s not like we need another breeder. Every one of our girls in either pregnant or nursing as it is. All their crying brats give me a headache. It’s not good for my fragile constitution.” Mrs.Dark spoke with some annoyance.

“Lily, you sound like Marley. He’s been telling me to sell Hub for years. You both fail to see the financial gain of waiting. He had to fully mature. Slaves are like mules, the stronger they are the more valuable they become.” Nicholas patted his rotund stomach and descended the porch steps. “Marley”, he nodded to his long time employee. Mr.Dark put his hands behind his back and looked his investment over carefully. Hub kept his head down and shoulders hunched forward to appear less imposing. He knew white men didn’t like it when he looked down at them. “Hello, Hub.” The powerfully built slave glanced up at his master. “Yes, you’ve grown into quite the boy. What is he about twenty now?”

“According to the inventory log, 19 this past April.” Marley answered.

“Remove his shirt.” Marley tore open the crudely made cotton shirt and pulled it down so it hung around Hub’s tight waist. The man’s exposed torso was thick with muscle. Having labored all day, his body was fully pumped. His smooth, black skin shone like polished mahogany. Powerfully built arms hung from his barn door wide shoulders. His pectoral muscles protruded from his chest like ebony bags of feed. His stomach rippled with deeply sculpted strength. Unlike the two white men, Hub didn’t have an ounce of visible body fat.

Lily gasped, “My Lord.” She stood up and walked to the porch railing to get a better look.

“I’ve been working him hard all his life to build him up. He’ll fetch a good price at the next auction. The boy’s as well muscled as your prized stallion and nearly as strong.” Marley jabbed the end of his whip into Hub’s lower back. “Stand up straight boy; show Mr.Dark what you’re worth.” Hub pulled back his shoulders and expanded his chest. His lats flared and forced his log-like arms to rise outward. Every muscle in his torso pulsed with power as his noble head rose to its rightful position. At 6’ 2”, Hub was nearly half a foot taller than the other men. Nicholas took a step back. Marley began to poke Hub’s torso with his fingers. “You should feel him, sir. There’s not a soft spot on him. Bend your arm for your master, boy.” Hub flexed his right arm. A cannon ball formed in front of Nicholas’ wide eyes. Marley slapped it with his hand and squeezed it. “It’s as hard as cast iron. He’s easily twice as strong as any other boy you’ve got, Mr.Dark.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” Nicholas stepped forward and felt Hub’s flexed bicep. His hand then skimmed the slave’s heaving chest, “He does feel like a horse after it’s been ridden hard.” Hub’s pec involuntarily flexed. The older man’s hand recoiled. “You sure you can control him?”

Marley smirked. He let his whip uncoil on the ground in front of the slave. Hub’s posture fell. He hunched his shoulders and dropped his head submissively. “I’ve whipped him good, broken his spirit. He may look like a stallion, but he behaves like a gelding. He won’t give anyone any trouble, sir.” Mr.Dark patted Marley’s shoulder.

Mrs.Dark covered her nose and mouth with a handkerchief. “Well he certainly smells like a horse.”

Marley laughed, “That he does, my lady. That’s why animals like him belong in the field or a barn instead of a fine home like yours.”

Nicholas walked around Hub to evaluate his property from every angle. He ran his hand across the hills and valleys of Hub’s broad back. “You’re right, every part of him is hard as iron.” The older man dried his hand on Marley’s shirt. “I think I’ll get a better price for this one through a private sale instead of an auction. I’ve heard RonaldPorter is looking for new blood to improve his stock. His overseer keeps the young bucks in check. The constant whipping is good for getting work out of them in the short term, but makes them to weak to breed.” He noticed the large bulge at Hub’s crotch. “I think Hub is exactly what he’s looking for. He has thrived under the whip. He’ll give him lots of folds with strong backs.” Nicholas slid his fingers down Hub’s hard abdominals. “He’s truly more beast, than man.” The slave owner took a step back. “Let’s see his teeth.” Marley forced Hub’s lips apart. “Good, good. Yes, I’ll get good money for this one; maybe a territory record. I’ll send word to the PorterPlantation right away. Meanwhile have him complete the new root cellar.”

“It will take another week or two to finish the cellar, Mr.Dark”, Marley spoke with some authority.

Nicholas’ face became stern, “If you can’t finish on time, I can send word I’m looking for a new overseer as well. I’m sure Porter’s man could get it done.”

“It will be done, sir.” Marley looked at the lady of the manor and tipped his hat, “Mrs.Dark.” He jabbed Hub again with the whip. “Come on boy, you have a lot of work to do.”

The next day Marley was sitting under a shade tree watching Hub work. Now in his 40s, the overseer was quite content sitting in the shade supervising others. He dreaded the end of the cellar’s construction. It meant he would have to go back to standing in the fields. There was no shade amongst the tobacco plants.

Marley had never known anything, man or beast, who could work like Hub. It took him less than a month to single handedly dig out the space that would be the cellar. The final structure would be ten feet by 4 feet and five feet in height. Using only simple hand tools and his powerful muscles, he excavated the site into a hillside near the kitchen building. He moved cubic yard after cubic yard of rich earth with a shovel. He chipped away at the heavy clay with a pick ax. He fought tree roots and buried rocks. Hub lifted stones with ease that most men couldn’t budge. Some rocks were so large they had to be broken into smaller pieces with a sledge hammer before they could be moved. However to meet the improbable deadline, Marley pushed him harder. Whenever Hub’s pace slowed in the least, he felt the sting of Marley’s whip on his back. It became a trained response. Whenever Hub saw Marley begin to stand he would work faster. But that didn’t stop Marley from whipping him. He justified his actions by saying “you shouldn’t have made me get up in the first place, boy”.

Once the excavation was complete, Hub focused on shoring up the walls. In the mornings he searched the Dark’s property for stones. Large stones, about the size and weight of an anvil, were best. Their mass would keep the cellar cool during the summer heat. Hub made countless trips back and forth from the site; he traveled miles hauling the rocks over hilly terrain in a wheel barrow. The walking built up his lower body. The afternoons were spent forming the walls. His core and arms burned from lifting the rocks in place. The higher the wall became the more difficult it was. During the entire project he had easily hoisted several tons of dead weight. As he worked every muscle became swollen and tight. At the end of the day he barely had enough remaining strength to walk back to the slave quarters; but he couldn’t let Marley see he was tired. He would only whip him. Once he ate his supper, Hub collapsed into his bed. His mother would rub him down to ease his muscle soreness. Exhaustion always won out over the pain and he fell quickly into a deep sleep allowing his body to recuperate for the next day.

As the hot day wore on, Marley kept boredom at bay by watching his charge. The overseer found the slave’s powerful body oddly fascinating. The moving muscles stirred something deep within the slave master. Hub wore only a pair of poorly constructed pants made from burlap. Their ¾ length revealed his enormous kite shaped calves. The rough fabric clung to the thickest part of his upper leg, midway between his hips and knees. From behind Marley noticed the combined girth of Hub’s thighs was greater than his waist; but his waist was only half that of his shoulders. Hub’s back was like a large piece of the wet slate cut into the shape of an upside down triangle. The boy’s body was so different from Marley’s. Hub grew bigger and stronger each year as the older Marley became softer and weaker.

Marley’s attention was diverted by the appearance of another slave. Hub’s mother, Merry, worked in the kitchen. One of her duties was to bring the men their lunch each day. It was the only time Marley allowed Hub to stop working. After serving the overseer, the old woman went to her son. Today she had a special treat for him. She removed from the pocket in her apron a handful of pecans left over from making the master’s favorite desert pie. She knew how much Hub loved them. He placed a nut in the crook of his elbow and forced his wrist back with his other hand. The pecan shell was shattered between his iron hard bicep and forearm. He did one nut after another as if it was nothing special. Marley wondered how Hub was able to do it. The overseer ran his hand over his upper arm. There was no way his soft limb could serve as a nutcracker.

Hub offered Merry one of the shelled nuts; but she refused. She always sacrificed her paltry rations for her growing boy. His appetite was never satiated. Every calorie he consumed went to build up his body before it could become fat. Despite his massive size, she worried he was too thin. To her it wasn’t natural to see every muscle striation and vein.

Merry wiped Hub’s face and upper body with a damp cloth. She wrung it out in a small bowl of water every few seconds to keep it cool. Hub didn’t seem to notice her actions as he ate voraciously. She hummed softly and was careful of the open wounds on his back caused by Marley’s whip. The vast expanse between his shoulders was crisscrossed with scars from previous lashings. She had real hatred for how the overseer treated her son. He never showed remorse for cutting out his tongue. On the contrary, he seemed to hate Hub more after he mutilated him. He purposely gave Hub the most physically demanding jobs on the plantation and pushed him relentlessly. Hub never defied his master; but was still whipped more than any other slave. It was as if Marley was still punishing him for witnessing his indiscretion with his mistress. Merry knew Marley hoped her son would get hurt or sick or run away; anything to get rid of him. Merry prayed to God every night to give her son the strength to endure. Her prayers seemed answered as Hub grew into the strongest man she had ever known.

Merry’s hard life had aged her beyond her years. Her skin was loose and cracked on her tiny frame. Marley watched the petite woman comfort her son. She was more than a foot shorter than Hub and weighed about a third as much. Marley chuckled, “Hard to believe something that big came out of you, old woman.”

“Yassir”, Merry answered with no emotion as she finished her motherly duties. Merry had bore seven children during her lifetime. Her six daughters were taken from her and sold with the onset of puberty. Hub was her only son. Their extended time together was one reason why she was especially close to him. Another was because of his handicap. Without a tongue he couldn’t form words properly. Merry was the only one who understood the strange sounds he made. As a child his peers teased him. As he grew into a behemoth, they feared him. He was an outcast even among his own people. His mother was his only friend. They needed each other. Merry removed a rolled up pair of trousers from the picnic basket. “MasterMarley, can Hub change his pants? They’re torn up real bad from the rocks.”

“Make it quick. The boy needs to get back to work.” Marley snapped. The mother whispered someone to her son. He turned to face Marley. He untied the rope he used as a belt. The ill fitting pants fell off him. He wore nothing underneath and was now completely nude. Merry turned to see Marley’s reaction. The overseer’s eyes widened at the sight before him. He heard stories about black men; but dismissed them. No nigger could be superior to a white man in anything. But seeing was believing; Hub’s maleness was huge. His penis was thicker than the handle of the sledge hammer next to him. It had to be a least half a foot long as it hung limply between his muscular thighs. The only hair on his body was the dark nap covering his plump, fist-sized ball sack. Marley remembered when Hub was compared to a horse. Seeing all of him made that statement only truer. It wasn’t until Hub covered himself with his clean pants that Marley unlocked his cold stare. His eyes narrowed with jealousy. He cleared his throat and sneered, “Get back to work, boy. That cellar isn’t going to get done by itself.” Hub immediately returned to the construction. Without justification Marley snapped the whip across Hub’s back as he bent down to pick up a stone.

Merry let out a small cry; but Hub didn’t seem to feel it. The old woman gathered her wits and picked up Hub’s torn pants. “What’s this Hub?” Merry asked as she pulled a small piece of metal from her son’s pocket. “Oh my glorious Lord, it’s part of the coven coin. What are you doing with this tool of the Devil?”

Hub made some sounds. “You found it in the field when looking for stones?” Merry spoke as if repeating Hub’s words. “You didn’t get any of your blood on it did you?” Hub said something else, “Oh sweet Jesus, you are now trapped by the devil’s magic.” Merry seemed genuinely upset.

“Let me see that.” Marley walked up and grabbed the pie shaped piece of metal from Merry’s ashy palm. “This could just as easily be part a broken nail.” He chuckled after examining the object. “You people believe all that mumbo jumbo.”

“Yes sir, MasterMarley. But I know this is the coven coin. It’s pure evil. I can feel it in my bones. It’s said whoever is bound to it can’t escape until it’s used. Any person who holds the coin in his hand can take anything of my son’s and he is helpless to stop it. Only after three things are taken from him will he be able to take three things back.”

Marley bounced the coin in his hand as he thought of the possibilities. He saw Merry watching him. He scoffed, “That’s superstitious nonsense.”

Merry got on her knees and clasped her hands together, “Please master Marley. Bury that coin so no one will harm my Hub. He’s a good boy and I don’t want him any mischief.” Marley looked at the black giant. How could anybody harm him? Merry grabbed Marley’s ankle as she pleaded with him. “Please sir, please help my boy.”

Marley kicked her away. He looked at the coin before looking at Hub. The big man didn’t look happy. “Get back to work or you’ll feel the sting of my whip.” He looked down at Merry, “And you go back to the kitchen where you belong.”

Merry got back on her feet, “Yes, Master Marley. Thank you, sir.” She gave Hub a knowing look and scampered off.

Hub was still staring at the much shorter Marley. He didn’t like the overseer treating his mother that way. He wanted to do something; but was too afraid. Years of being beaten into submission destroyed his confidence. His spirit was weak despite his incredibly strong body. Marley reached for his whip, Hub lowered his eyes, hating himself for being a coward. Marley smirked. He got perverse joy from easily intimidating the powerful black beast. With no just cause he went through with the threat. He pulled back the whip and lashed it at Hub’s chest. The leather tip created a pale line across the two matching cast iron skillets. Hub turned his face away. His body instinctively reacted by tensing his protective amour. The massive set of pectoral meat rose and hardened. His abdominal bricks solidified and the angle of his traps increased. Hub’s unintentional muscular display only angered Marley more. He was tired of the boy flaunting his physical superiority. He whipped him again and again to vent his deep seated envy of the black man. The fifth lashing finally broke the skin. The searing pain caused Hub to fall to one knee. He curled his torso downward. Marley continued to punish him; but now the damaging end of the whip was hitting his back. The scar tissue from years of whipping offered some protection. The overseer only stopped his abuse when his thin arm got tired. “Now get back to work boy”, he said between gasps of air. Hub got to his feet and picked up a stone without raising his eyes. Again Marley felt a rush of power being able to completely control the colossal slave. He opened his fist and saw the coin fragment it contained. He slipped it into his shirt pocket.

The last chore of the overseer’s day was to check in with his farm hands. They reported no problems from the slaves or the crops. Finally off duty, Marley entered his small cabin. He struggled with the door due to a broken hinge. He left it ajar as he waited for his dinner delivery. He lit an oil lamp before hanging up his whip and hat on pegs next to the door. He slowly lowered his suspenders from his achy shoulders. He walked to the dry sink in the corner of the sparsely furnished room. He poured most of the water from the pitcher into a basin. He washed his face and hands using a lump of lye soap. Leaning over the basin, he poured the remaining water over the back of his head. The cool water felt good on his sweat soaked scalp. As he dried off, he looked in the attached mirror momentarily. Thick gray stubble covered his weathered skin. He was the definition of haggard.

There was a courtesy knock on the open door. In the mirror he saw Maggie standing outside the frame. “Come in.” The petite 14 year old slave girl entered carrying a plate covered with a cloth napkin in one hand and a pitcher of water in the other. Marley turned around to face her. He leaned against the dry sink and leered at her. Maggie set the items on the room’s small table without looking directly at Marley. As she started to leave he called out, “Aren’t you forgetting something, girl?” She looked at him. He nodded toward the stoneware beside him. She walked toward him and nervously reached around to take the empty pitcher from the dry sink. He grabbed her forearm and pulled her into him. He put his nose at her neck and inhaled deeply. “You smell like fresh baked bread.” Maggie whimpered. He smirked and released his grip. “Lucky for you I’m tired tonight.” Maggie ran out of the room empty handed.

Marley threw the dirty water from the basin out the door. He placed the empty pitcher on the stoop and slammed the door close. He sat down at the table and removed the napkin from the plate Maggie delivered. Underneath was his super. He devoured the tasty stew. He picked up the hearty slice of bread and mopped up the remaining gravy from the plate. Feeling refreshed with a full stomach, he leaned back and stared at the door. Thinking of the pretty slave girl his hand found its way to his crotch. He rubbed his small dick through his baggy trousers. Each day it took a little more time for it to react. He felt the unimpressive rigid tool he had been given. He flashed on the image of the nude Hub. If he was that big when soft, what size was he when stiff?

Marley remembered the coven coin. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out the small metal scrap. With the coin in one hand and his most private part in the other, he wondered again about possessing the black giant’s endowment. Would it make sinning more pleasurable? Would more women want to share his bed or would they be too frightened?

Marley closed his eyes and pictured Maggie undressing? His heart began to race as if his body needed to pump more blood suddenly. Something felt different in his hand. He looked down and froze in place. At first he thought a snake had gotten inside his pants. He leaned back in horror as the object grew longer and thicker under the fabric. He soon realized the serpent slithering down his leg was attached to him. He could feel the painful pressure building as his growing organ fought its confinement. He stood up. It looked like a hatchet handle was sticking out from his crotch. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down. The bulge in his stained underwear looked ungodly. Afraid of what may be revealed; Marley slowly unbuttoned the remaining garment. Once loose he thrust his hand inside and grabbed his manhood. It was searing hot and had the girth of Maggie’s arm. It felt so out of place he squeezed harder to verify it was part of him. A shiver went up his spine. He bit his lower lip as he pulled it out from his underwear. The sensation the coarse material scraping against the bulbous head made the serpent grow harder. Once revealed, it bobbed before him as if ready to strike.

Marley couldn’t believe the man he had become. He had to know if it fully functioned. He shuffled over to the bed. His pants and underwear around his ankles prevented his normal stride. He pulled off his shirt before falling into bed. There was a thud as his body hit the mattress; then a whack as his fifth limb slapped his soft stomach. Marley lifted his head. The gaping slit at the tip was just below his tiny nipples. One hand began to tentatively caress its incredible length. The other went to the flesh purse holding the family jewels. He rolled one king sized opal in his fingers. The sensation was intoxicating. He pumped his hips as if an unseen woman was on top of him. The snake continued to grow in both length and girth. Marley was torn; a part of him didn’t want it to stop and another worried that it wouldn’t. His balls churned. His entire body seized. The serpent spewed forth a milky substance. It was thicker and more aromatic than Marley had known before. The warm puddle on his chest dripped down Marley’s neck onto the bed.

Even as a young man, Marley hadn’t experienced anything like that. All his strength was usurped by the serpent’s actions. He couldn’t even raise his arms to wipe his neck dry. After several minutes he finally sat up. His body ached. He knew there was no chance of getting aroused again anytime soon. His old body lacked the energy. He used the window of opportunity to explore his improvement. Holding it his hand, the drooling snake continued to whither to its resting state. It had to be as thick as the handle of a pick ax. He remembered he thought the same about Hub. Things started to come together. What did Merry say about the coin? Who ever held it could take whatever they wanted from her son. Marley was thinking about Hub’s endowment when the coin was in his hand. “I’ll be. The old woman was right. It actually worked. I’m as big as Hub now.” Yellow teeth peered through Marley’s thin lips as they curled into a devilish grin.

Marley picked up his shirt from the floor and searched the pocket for the coin fragment. He panicked slightly when he didn’t find it. He sighed in relief when he saw it on the table next to his empty plate. He felt a new weight pulling at his crotch. He lifted his set of hangers in his small hand. They spilled over his palm in all directions. He let them drop. The Hub size testicles hung much lower on the older Marley. Gravity has a way of doing that to a man over the years.

Marley changed his pants. He gave up the underwear because they were too uncomfortable. Without the second layer of fabric, the larger outline at his crotch was quite obvious on his small frame. His question about how his enhancement would affect sinning was answered; but not how women would respond. Marley put on a fresh shirt and grabbed his hat. He slipped the coin fragment into his pants pocket before leaving the cabin.

His excited pace slowed to a stroll when he felt his enhanced parts shifting around. It felt and looked like he was carrying a sweet potato in his pants. His clutched his crotch to hold things in place as he walked. He went to the barn and saddled his horse. He mounted the steed and groaned. His low hangers had worked their way between his thin legs and he actually sat on them. That certainly had never happened before. He made an awkward adjustment and commanded the horse to move. As the horse galloped along the road, Marley kept sliding forward in the saddle. He had to push himself back to prevent his manly bundle from smashing against the pommel. Marley could feel every vibration through his ball sack. It made them itch. Everything he did felt different now.

Marley tied his horse to the post outside DarkTown’s seediest tavern; The Hamm Brothers’ Inn. After another crotch adjustment he entered the candle lit establishment. He got a few odd looks from the way his clothes fit his lower half. But he didn’t care. Knowing he was the best endowed man in the room boosted his confidence. He went to the bar and forced his way into the center to order a drink. The barkeep, Harland Hamm, gave him his ale. He and his brother, Wallace, owned the place. Both men were rotund, burly men with thick fingers and hairy knuckles. They acted as their own security force to control their rowdy patrons.

Marley turned away from the bar. He searched the dim room by peering over the rim of the stein. He found what he was looking for; Virginia. The ironically named woman was the tavern’s newest addition and prettiest whore. She always smelled of lilac. All the men wanted her company. Marley usually didn’t pay for female attention. His diminished needs were easily satisfied by the slave girls who were free for the taking. But tonight was special; Marley wanted to know how a professional would react to his new size.

After a brief exchange, Marley followed Virginia upstairs to her room. Marley removed his boots, and began to unbutton his shirt. The working girl didn’t hesitate either. She groped the bulge at his lap to test his level of readiness. She pulled her hand away as if frightened. She then gingerly felt him up again before looking into his dark eyes inquisitively. Marley smirked, “It’s all me, my pretty.” Virginia giggled.

The whore sat on the bed and pulled her client toward her. She began to unbutton his fly as Marley lowered his suspenders. Virginia gasped as Marley’s pants dropped, “Oh my, you were truthful.” Within seconds he felt soft lips sucking on his middle leg. Using her experience and impressive skill she encouraged him to rise. After several minutes, Marley didn’t make it pass the plump phase. Virginia leaned back on the bed and undid her blouse to reveal her supple breasts. “What’s wrong, big boy. Don’t you fancy women?”

Marley licked his lips. “Yes, of course. I’m still a little tired from my last…time.” Marley was embarrassed. A man should have no problem getting aroused in the presence of such a beauty.

“The mind is willing, but not the flesh. That’s a shame. I so wanted to see you in all your glory.” She pushed Marley aside and walked to the mirror. She began to close her blouse.

“Wait, let me try.” Marley began to stroke his semi hard rod. Virginia watched intently. Marley was rubbing himself raw to no effect. She found it slightly offensive he had to put so much effort into it.

Virginia put her hands on her hips and sighed. “Sorry deary, but I have to make a living.” She laughed despite knowing how sensitive men can be in this situation. “Sometimes these things are best left to a younger man.” She went back to the mirror. The cracked looking glass was attached to a bureau. “You should get dressed and leave.” On top of the bureau she kept a basin filled with water laced with lilac oil. She wrung out a cloth soaking in the fragrant water. She ran the damp rag around her neck and down into her cleavage. Virginia continued her sponge bath forgetting about her harmless visitor.

Marley thought how beautiful she was. It was true; if he was a younger man he would be able to take her. There was a time when he couldn’t keep it down within a hundred yards of a pretty girl. How he wished he could be young again. Then he remembered. Without taking his eyes off of Virginia, he put his hand into his pocket and grasped the coven coin. He closed his eyes only for a moment. Suddenly he felt lighter. He took in a deep breath and straightened his posture. The gnawing aches and pain that racked his time worn body disappeared. Marley felt his smooth face and ran his hand through his thicker hair. His bald spot was gone.

Marley felt a heavier weight at his crotch. Jutting out from between his thicker thighs was his massive throbbing tool. It was angled upward despite its size. The tip glistened in the pale light as his seed oozed out. His balls no longer hung halfway to his knees. They were now clustered tightly under the base of his stiff cock. He pulled off his shirt and looked down at his body. His chest was firm; his stomach tight. He smirked, “I’m ready now, my lovely.”

“Dear Lord”, Virginia gasped when she turned toward her suitor. She walked up to him and caressed his defined chest. “My apologies sir; in this light I didn’t realize how young and virile you are.” Her attention went to his body part that kept them a foot apart. Her slender fingers explored his rigid length. He inhaled sharply as it pulsed. “I was right; you are the biggest man I ever accompanied.” Virginia went down on her knees.

Marley looked away as she took him in her mouth. He fought his young body’s impulse to explode. He saw his reflection in the mirror. He was lean and handsome. The slight hump on his back was gone making him appear taller and his shoulders broader. His ass was round and no longer sagged. As he moved his muscles slid about under his pale skin. He looked just as he did a quarter of a century ago. He remembered Hub was 19, so taking the slave’s youth should make him the same age now. He was back in his prime; a young buck with his whole life ahead of him. But this time he had something to make this second go around better. Virginia kept working on him. She was enjoying it as much as her client. Marley rubbed his hard body with his hands. He felt so energetic, like he would live forever. He had forgotten what it was to be young and strong. All his insecurities and fears faded away as the years had.

It took only another minute before he couldn’t deny his body’s desires. The explosion surprised Virginia as much as Marley. The choking girl got off his knees and sat on the bed. She wiped his lips clean as daintily as possible and smiled. Marley pulled up his pants. He slid his suspenders over his toned shoulders and fastened only the top button of his loose pants to hold them in place. He joined Virginia on the bed. He caressed her face and kissed her rosebud lips. He moved his face to her chest and tasted the lilac oil with his tongue. He began to undress the object of his lust. She let the handsome young stud do what he wanted. It was rare that a young man sought her business. By the time she was nude, he was hard again. Marley pushed apart Virginia’s legs and pulled her toward him. His large endowment was poking through the open fly in his pants.

Virginia couldn’t believe he was ready again so quickly. He looked even bigger. He could split her in half with that thing. Before he could position himself, she told him she changed her mind. She tired to slide back on the bed. Marley’s boiling desire would not be denied. He had to have her. He had to know what it felt like to be inside a woman with his massive tool. He pulled her closer. She could feel the invasion starting. She began to push against his chest. He grabbed her arms and forced them to the bed. His young male muscles were stronger than hers. She screamed. He put his mouth on hers. She bit his lip. He recoiled. She screamed again. He slapped her.

Marley heard footsteps quickly approaching. Before he could react, the door was forced open and he found himself being pulled off the bed. He was pinned up against the wall by the Hamm brothers. Marley tried to fight back, but couldn’t move. The two beefy brothers easily over powered his slight frame. “You all right, Gina?” Wallace asked. She nodded while covering herself with a sheet. The brutish man looked at Marley. “No one treats our girls poorly.” To accentuate the point, he slammed his square fist into Marley’s gut. Marley thought he was going to be sick. “Now tell Virginia you’re sorry, boy.”

Marley didn’t want to appear afraid. He swallowed and pushed back the pain. With a sneer he said, “I’m no boy? She told me I’m the biggest man she’s ever had.”

The brothers looked at each other and laughed. Harland’s wrapped his sausage like fingers around Marley’s thin upper arm. He crushed his lithe limb in his hand. “Our mother has more muscle than you.”

“I’m bigger where it really counts for a man.” The brothers’ eyes went to Marley’s crotch. Even limp, Marley’s manhood hung outside his fly. The two tavern owners could see he wasn’t exaggerating. This fact only made beating Marley more satisfying for the less impressive duo.

“See what good that thing does you when we break every bone in your scrawny body.” Wallace let go of Marley’s shoulder. “Hold him for me brother. We need to teach him respect.” Harland let go for a moment to reposition his hands. Marley used the brief moment to take the coin from his pocket. Harland spun Marley around and grabbed the back of his arms. He held him in place for his brother. Wallace punched Marley in the stomach. A pain traveled through him like a wave crashing on the shore. Marley demanded Hub’s size and strength. The pain was instantly replaced by an incredible surge of masculine power. Wallace threw another punch, but this time it didn’t hurt as much. As Marley’s body expanded he barely felt Wallace’s third punch. “Something is happening to him. He’s getting bigger”, Harland said struggling to hold on to his prisoner. The young man’s elongating feet broke through his tattered socks. He flexed his lengthening fingers and saw the cords of muscle bulge in his thickening forearms. A muffled thud was the only way Marley knew Wallace punched him a fourth time. The incredible strength Marley was experiencing was overwhelming. He growled to release the build up of energy. Harland tried to change his grip on Marley’s upper arms as they doubled in girth. Remembering Hub’s display of strength earlier; Marley bent his right arm trapping Harland’s thick fingers. Using his other hand he forced his stove pipe sized forearm into his bulging bicep. Harland cried out in pain from the vise like pressure. Marley slammed his left elbow back into Harland’s soft gut knocking the wind out of him

Virginia cried out, “He’s a demon.”

Marley saw the terror on Virginia’s face. Wallace had the same expression as he backed away.
Marley moved toward him. His head now grazed the ceiling as he cornered his prey. Every breath made Marley’s engorged muscles swell. He grabbed the now shorter man’s shirt and lifted him to his eye level. “You like hitting smaller men, Wallace. Well so do I.” Marley slammed his right fist first into Wallace’s bloated waist. The air rushed out of Wallace’s lungs. The stench of warm beer filled the room. Marley let go of the fat man. Wallace bent forward holding his battered stomach. Marley pulled his right hand back and planted an upper cut on Wallace’s chin. The burly man’s head snapped back. He fell to the floor barely conscious. Marley straddled his rotund body and continued to pound away at his face. The strength infused in his larger muscles was unbelievable. Marley felt like the most powerful creature in the world. It was so exhilarating; he couldn’t stop beating the barkeep.

Virginia screamed at Marley, “Stop, you’re killing him.” But the only thing Marley could hear was the blood rushing to his muscles as he commanded more and more power to his arms. Harland got to his feet and tired to stop Marley’s attack on his brother. The muscle giant didn’t even stand as he threw a punch at the other brother. The blow to his face set him on his ass. Marley jumped up and began punishing Harland as he had Wallace. Within second’s the barkeep’s face was an unrecognizable bloody mess just like his brother’s.

Other men from the bar came to Virginia’s room to see what was happening. “Do some thing. He’s some kind of demon”, she begged. It took four of them to pull Marley off Harland.

Marley easily broke free. He took down all four before asking, “Anyone else dare to challenge me.” All the men were stunned by the size and look of Marley’s bare torso. His pants now hugged his legs and ass tightly. His balls had worked their way through his pulled open fly to accompany his extra long rod. No one ever saw a man who looked like that before. Virginia was right; he had to be a demon. The remaining onlookers backed away as Marley moved toward the door. He could see the fear in their eyes. Marley calmly walked out of the room. The patrons in the hall all scattered as he approached. His knuckles were covered with other men’s blood. His broad shoulders skimmed the walls on both sides of the narrow corridor. The stairs squeaked from the weight as he descended into the bar. Mouths dropped open as he came into view. He exited the tavern without any one attempting to stop him.

Marley got to his horse. He was amazed at how easy it was to get in the saddle. The power and longer length of his legs made it effortless. The horse protested his weight at first, then seemed to obey his commands better. Marley wondered if his size intimidated the animal as much as it did other men. He ordered his horse to run faster. The night air felt incredibly sensual as it poured over his exposed flesh. It teased his nipples, cock head and furry ball sack. He looked down at his protruding man parts. For the first time he saw how poorly his pants fit him. His thighs felt like iron under the fabric. He squeezed his legs together. He could feel the horse’s muscles succumbing to his own. The horse shook its head to show it’s pain. Could he be as strong as the beast of burden? His cock grew hard. His oozing rod bounced up and down with each gallop. Each successive stride raised his pleasure level to a new personal best. Finally he reached the threshold of ecstasy. For the first time he was able to self sin without the use of his hands. His cream splattered onto the horse’s neck. He spread the man made gel into the powerful steed’s pumping muscles. It mixed with the stallion’s own sweat and the Hamm brother’s blood. Marley dried his hand on his pant leg adding his own scent to the masculine elixir. The odor was strong and musky. It suited his new body perfectly.

Marley arrived back at his cabin. In one fluid movement he bounded out of the saddle and landed squarely on his two large feet. He pushed open his problematic cabin door and almost tore it off the hinges. He chuckled at how easy it was to open now. He walked around the room finding humor in how small and fragile everything was. The world appeared sharper to his younger eyes. He caught his reflection in the mirror from across the room. At first he was startled, then aroused. He was huge and more powerful than he pictured in his mind. His white skin made him look very different than Hub. He moved toward the mirror. His younger face framed by his thicker, darker hair looked incredibly handsome. Marley didn’t realize just how tired he looked before. The signs of aging happen slowly over the years. But when the twenty five years are erased in a blink of an eye, it’s startling.

He leaned closer to the mirror not wanting to miss anything. He tilted the mirror up to accommodate his increased height. The movement caused his chest to flex. His suspenders, which looked like pieces of string on his broader shoulders and huge traps, almost snapped. His massive pectoral muscles prevented the strings from touching his carved stomach. He straightened his arms and twisted them to make his triceps swell. Marley raised his arms and flexed as he made Hub do for his owner. The reflection took his breath away. Huge mounds of muscle rose under his young, tight skin. Thick, blue veins entwined his pale cannon ball sized biceps and thick forearms. He rubbed one of his balls of muscle. It felt like cast iron. A new animal like odor entered his nose. He thought at first it was from the horse. He raised his arm higher and smelled his deep pit. The thick patch of dark hair was dripping wet. The pungent earthy scent was all him and all man. His overworked cock surged upward painfully. He lowered his arm for just a moment before going into the endorphin inducing pose again. This time he raised his arms higher and flexed harder. Blood rushed into his ballooning biceps. A sense of unstoppable power surged through him. It didn’t want the feeling to end but had to lower his arms because they were hurting. He watched his chest rise and fall with each deep breath. He concentrated on flexing his pecs. His abs morphed into distinct bricks as his chest inflated. His already rigid cock arched upward as he explored his rock like torso. He smiled and quickly repeated his favorite pose. This time the movement caused the suspenders to rub against his erect nipples. The sensation was too much. He exploded for the third time in less than an hour. He grimaced in pain. He gently squeezed is fleshy staff to soothe it. The last of his seed dribbled out. “Damnation, I have to stop or I’ll be blind by the morning.”

Marley turned away form the mirror and leaned against the dry sink. The piece of heavy furniture tilted back and hit the wall from his weight. He thought about what to do next. He would have to answer for what he did to Virginia, the Hamm brothers and the other men. And how would he explain the change in his appearance. He would be tried as a witch for sure. Marley knew he had to leave town and quickly.

He packed himself into his pants and fought to button the fly. It looked like his man organ would burst through at any moment. As he searched the bureau for a shirt he noticed some of his clothes were missing. He held his shirts against his torso one by one. All were too small for him now. He threw a few personal items into a saddle bag. He reached for his whip but it was gone. He didn’t need it any longer. He had already proven his new body could inflict more pain than any weapon. He tossed the bag over his bare shoulder and walked out of the cabin.

Marley led his horse back to the barn. If he was going on a long trip, he would need a fresh animal. He saddled Mr.Dark’s prized stallion. Why not add horse theft to his list of crimes. He ran his hand over the well muscled beast. He had a new respect and understanding of its power. He heard people talking. He carefully peered out of the stall. He saw Merry pulling a small, older man behind her. She called out “MasterMarley is that you I saw enter the barn?”

He had nothing to fear from the old slaves. Marley showed himself, “Merry get out of here.”

Merry looked over the young, muscular white man, She peered into his soul less eyes. “Sweet Jesus that is you. You used the coven coin. You did this to my Hub.” She pulled the small older man closer to her.

“Hub?” Marley looked at the little man by her side. He was short and thin with wrinkled skin. Marley laughed as he approached the pair. He pushed Merry aside. He didn’t care about the old woman; he was intrigued by the once mighty Hub. He looked down on the frail old man. “I didn’t think about what would happen to you. Not that it matters.” Marley circled the slender slave. He looked so small with all his muscle gone. “Was I really that scrawny and old looking?”

Hub’s clothing appeared familiar. “Are those my clothes you’re wearing, boy?” Hub didn’t answer. Marley pulled at the shirt causing Hub’s to lose his balance. “They fit your little body well.” Hub kept his head down submissively as usual. Marley saw his whip coiled up at Hub’s belt. “What you doing with my whip, boy? I should use it on you for stealing.” Marley could see Hub was shaking in fear. He pushed the slave’s narrow back. Hub stumbled forward. Marley caught him by his upper arm and yanked him close to his side. He squeezed Hub’s bicep. It felt like mush in his large hand. “Where’s all your muscle, boy?” Marley flexed his unused arm in Hub’s face. “Oh, there it is.” He tightened his grip on the slaves stick like limb until Hub whimpered in pain. “I guess you don’t have the strength of two slaves any longer.” Marley lifted the former beast off the ground with ease. He straightened his elbow and pressed the lightweight over his head. “But I do“. He opened his hand and Marley tumbled to the ground like a marionette that had its strings cut. The tower of muscle loomed over the small black man, “Mr.Dark won’t be able to get two bits for you now. You’re totally worthless.” Merry went to her son and helped him sit up. The two looked up at their imposing master. Marley peered down at them over his massive chest. He couldn’t help but flex to appear larger. “I guess you were right old woman. The coin allowed me to take whatever I wanted from your son.” He pumped his arms. “This all was wasted on him anyway. A white man deserves this kind of power, not a worthless nigger.”

Merry could feel Hub trembling in her arms; but she was not afraid. “Yes, you’ve shown the devil’s magic does work. But remember like the coin, the magic has two sides. Now that you have taken three things from my son, he gets to take three things from you. The coin belongs to him now.” Marley felt the outside of his pockets. His pants were too tight and his hands too big to reach inside. He didn’t feel the coin piece. Hub opened his shaking hand to reveal the coin. Merry squeezed her son “Hurry Hub. Do as I told you?” Hub closed his fist and eyes tightly.

Suddenly Hub began to change. Marley became nervous, he took a step back. He didn’t want Hub to take away his youth and muscular body. He couldn’t go back to being old, weak and tired after knowing what this feels like. But Hub’s change wasn’t what Marley expected. He wasn’t growing or getting younger. His skin was getting paler. His face was changing. His hair grew longer and straighter. Hub now had older Marley’s face to match his body. Hub’s entire appearance mimicked what Marley looked like this morning. He was the Marley Rook the world knew.

Marley was confused. He looked down and gasped as he saw his skin. It was as dark as coal. He put his hands on his head and felt a short kinky nap covering his scalp. He felt his face. His nose was wider, flatter and his lips thicker. Marley knew what had happen. “Damn you, boy.” He reached down and grabbed Hub’s shirt and lifted him off the ground. He held him just inches from his face as he growled, “Turn me back or I’ll kill you.” Hub looked terrified as Marley shook him violently. “I don’t need a whip to control you. I’m not scared to use this body’s power.” Marley slammed his right fist into the side of Hub’s revised face. It was almost as if he was hitting himself. Hub’s head flopped around like his neck was made of rubber. Marley then punched him in his soft gut knocking the breath out of him. Hub spit out a few teeth between gasps for air. His lip began to swell. Marley pulled is fist back and held it there menacingly, “I won’t stop until I’m a white man again or you’re dead, boy.”

“Don’t you listen to him, Hub. Take the next thing quickly.” Merry feared her son would loss consciousness before he could finish his task.

Marley looked at her for a second, then back at Hub. He was about to throw another punch when all of a sudden he felt his anger and more importantly confidence leave him. He swallowed hard and softened his fist. Hub smiled at him. Marley felt an unreasonable terror overtake him. All he could think is he didn’t want Hub to hurt him. It didn’t make any sense. Marley was twice his size. He lowered his arm and slowly set Hub down onto his feet. Hub grabbed Marley’s much larger hand. Marley froze at Hub’s touch. Marley’s shoulders slumped forward submissively. Hub yanked Marley’s hand off his shirt and pushed it away. Hub then backhanded Marley across the face. Marley backed away. Hub pursued him. The smaller man could see the fear in Marley’s brown eyes. Hub repeatedly slapped the bigger man. Instead of getting angry, the more Marley got hit the more frightened he became. When his back hit the wall he lowered his head to avoid looking Hub in the eye. Hub’s pent up of anger overtook him. He began to hit Marley repeatedly. Marley reacted by curling up and trying to protect himself with his thick arms. But he couldn’t block all of Hub’s successive blows. The punches just bounced off Marley’s muscular torso. Marley knew he wasn’t getting hurt; but in his altered mind the pain was greatly exaggerated. It felt like he was being hit with a sledge hammer. Marley begged Hub to stop. Hub didn’t. Marley screamed for mercy and began to sob.

Merry went to the barn door. She called out. “Hub, the farm hands heard him. They’re coming this way.” Hub stopped his assault and stepped away. His frail body swayed from exhaustion. His hands had more real damage than Marley’s body.

“What have you done to me? I’m so afraid.” Marley sniffled. Tears ran down his ebony cheeks He was still crouched in a near fetal position. “When my men get here I’m going tell on you. I’ll tell them everything you did to me.”

Merry ran to her son’s side, “Hurry Hub, take the third thing before they get here.” Hub closed his eyes just as the other white men entered. Marley was never so happy to see his subordinates. He fought his fear and went to tell them what happened; but instead of words coming out only strange sounds emerged from Marley’s thick lips. Something was wrong. He put his fingers into his mouth. He felt only the jagged edge of a stump where his tongue should be.

The workers saw the man who looked like their boss. His face was badly battered. They looked at the powerful black man who was acting strangely. The easily concluded that Hub had beaten Marley. Merry fell at Marley’s feet, “Why Hub, why did you attack MasterMarley?” The farm hands began to hit Marley until he was curled up into a ball on the ground once more. They drugged his hulking body to a support post and shackled his wrists to it behind his back. They then shackled his ankles to make sure the powerful beast was secure. “That should hold him, boss”, one of the farm hands said to Hub. Hub nodded to show his approval. He found it strange for a white man to call him boss.

Marley again tried to tell them what had happened, but none of the men could understand him. One kicked him, “Stop your gibberish, boy.” Merry continued to play her part in the grand plan. “Please sirs, don’t hurt my Hub no more. He says he’s sorry for hitting MasterMarley. He don’t know what he’s doing. He lost his mind. He’s upset about being sold. He doesn’t want to leave his mama.”

Everyone gathered around the shackled Marley. Marley became frightened as he looked up at all the angry faces. He lowered his eyes and began to sob. The men focused their attention on the man they thought was Marley. “What happened?” one asked.

Hub hesitated for a moment. He then said awkwardly, “He went mad and hit me.”

The farm hands looked at each other. “He must have knocked a few teeth loose. You’re talking funny.” One said half-jokingly. Hub rubbed his bruised jaw and nodded his head. He looked down at himself shackled to the post. Despite his own eyes, he didn’t believe his mother’s plan had actually worked. “Did you want us to fetch the doctor, Marley?” Hub didn’t respond to the name.

Merry went to Hub, “I’ll fetch some water and bandages to tend to your wounds, MasterMarley. You don’t need a doctor.” She gently touched his arm. Hub rejoined the conversation and shook his head.

The farm worker put his hand on Hub’s shoulder, “Porter’s man is arriving in two days so he won’t be giving us any more trouble.” They looked down at the confined black man. “I knew it was only a matter of time before he used those big muscles for something besides building cellar walls. You can never tame an animal like that. Good riddance is what I say.”

The other worker kicked Marley again. “You’re lucky you are being sold, boy. Otherwise you’ll be hung for attacking your master.” He looked up at Hub, “Working at the Porter place he’ll wish he was dead in a couple months.” The workers chuckled. They started to move toward the door. “You coming, Marley”, one asked.

Merry returned with some water and bandages. “Please sirs, let me clean MasterMarley’s wounds first. It will only take a minute.”

Hub waved for them to go. The two men left. Merry took the coin from Hub’s hand. She knelt down next to the man who looked like her son once did. She gently ran her hand over his face. Marley looked up at her with tears in his eyes. “I saw the way you looked at my son. I knew you couldn’t resist using the coin. You wanted what my son had and now you do. I wonder how long you’ll last under the whip. I hear Porter’s man is worse than you.” Merry slapped Marley’s face. “I can see it in your eyes you’re more afraid than he ever was. You may have my boy’s size, but not his true strength.” Marley lowered his head and sobbed. “I could forgive you for cutting out his tongue and even for beaten the spirit out of him. In a way it kept him from being lynched. A boy his size would usually find himself in a heap of trouble. White men don’t like it when a slave looks like Hub. Nothing scares them more.” Merry stood up and went to her changed son. “But I couldn’t let you sell him. I would do whatever it took to keep my boy with me.” She carefully wiped the blood from his torn lip. “Now we’ll always be together. In a few days we’ll go off, head west for a new life. No one will question a white man and his old servant woman. We’ll finally live the way God intended. We’ll be free.” She wrung out the cloth and wiped his face again. “There now, that’s better isn’t it son? Hub nodded yes. “Come, you have to practice talking. You need to sound like a white man come the morning.”

Merry turned toward the door with Hub in tow. She stopped before leaving and faced Marley once more. “Think about what you did to my son over the years. Repent your sins and maybe God will forgive you.” Merry forced the coven coin fragment into a crack between the support beam and outer wall of the stable. “This has served its purpose. May the good Lord forgive me for using it?” Merry left the barn. Hub looked at Marley. He went for the whip he had on his belt. Marley cowered. Hub smiled vindictively. The new overseer slammed the door closed and secured it from the outside. The sound of the latch as it fell into place rung harshly in Marley’s ears. He was confined in the barn with the other animals Mr.Dark owned.


“Wow, you added a lot more detail than I version I heard”, Willie spoke in almost a whisper as he entered notes into his Blackberry.

Steve shrugged his muscular shoulders. “That’s how I remember it.”

All eyes went to Marty as he entered. He shook his head, “Don’t tell me you are all still talking about the Haynes’ Twins?”

Dean moved his hands behind his head and stretched out his triceps. “No, we moved on to a story that happened even before your time gramps.”

“I don’t remember any coven coin stories involving cavemen”, Marty joked.

“Funny.” Dean stretched his other arm. He made sure the two other men were enjoying the show before he lowered his bulky arms and shook them out. “It was when the Dark’s were in the tobacco business.”

An inquisitive look took over Marty’s face. He fingered his fuzzy chin. “Was it the one about the boy who becomes the circus strongman? My father used to tell it to me as a bed time story when I was knee high to a grasshopper. It was a favorite.” A small smile overtook his face. “I have a flyer from the circus somewhere.” He opened a drawer in a file cabinet. “It’s a real antique.” Before Dean could get the words out, Marty interrupted him. “I know kid, just like me.”

Steve shook his head, “You and your files. For someone who says they don’t care about the coin you certainly have a lot of stuff concerning it.”

“I never said I didn’t care about it. I just don’t like to talk about it as much as you old fish wives.” Marty pulled out the flyer and held it up for the others to see. It was encased in a plastic sleeve.

“Danicus, the World’s Strongest Man”, Steve read the large print out loud.

Willie stopped his typing to look at the flyer. “Wow, that is an antique.”

Dean wasn’t as impressed with the piece of paper as the other men. “He’s drawn more like a modern bodybuilder than an ancient strongman. Those guys were usually fat with a leopard skin diaper.” Dean chuckled at his own joke. “Hey, didn’t you win some weight lifting medals in addition to your bodybuilding trophies, gramps?”

“Yeah, what’s your point?” Marty wasn’t sure what the kid was inferring.

“Don’t have one I guess.” Dean said with a grin.

Willie broke the silence. “Steve told the story about a slave who switched bodies with his overseer.”

Marty pulled his eyes from Dean and nodded knowingly. “Oh, most people don’t talk about that one because of the whole slavery thing.”

Dean leaned back in his chair lifting the front legs off the floor. “So your dad told you a bedtime story about a strongman when you were a boy.” He ran his hand over his torso. “I find it interesting that every one of these stories has been about muscle or strength. The Dark family sounds like a bunch of size queens.

Before Marty could answer, Steve chastised the youngster. He hated the term size queen; maybe because he had been labeled with it by several of his ex’s. “Why do you have to be such an asshole all the time?” Dean chuckled then gave Steve the finger. “Please.” As soon the words left his mouth Steve regretted it.

“Only in your wet dreams, old man.” Dean smirked.

Willie sat up straight. He felt it was his job to break the tension between the two stubborn hulks. He focused on Marty. “You should tell us the story Marty. Steve’s already told two. A story about the Dark’s told by a Dark would be a real treat for me…us.”

“Sorry, but the Dark’s don’t play a leading role in this one. When my father told it, there was no mention of my ancestor. Maybe that’s why I liked it.” Marty sat down in the only empty chair. “It wasn’t until I heard the more adult version that I learned of the Dark connection. It shows Dark’s aren’t size queens as you so eloquently put it”, Marty looked at Dean, “but often worshipped by such.” The old man purposely didn’t look at Steve. He held Dean’s gaze to prevent him from doing it too.

“Really”, Dean decided to play along with his host.

Marty finally looked around the room freeing Dean. He felt obligated now. “Okay I’ll tell you the story; but after this we call it a night.” The men of the round table agreed. Marty cleared his throat. “Most believe the spoken word is man’s most powerful tool. This was never truer than between two boys who were best friends back in 1842…..”

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