The Coven Coin 6: Say the Word

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It was two days later when Danny walked the three miles between his home and the Martin farm. He went to the back porch hoping to find Wade, but no one was there. He looked around and saw Jarrod standing at the water trough near the barn. He had his back toward Danny and was covered in dust and dirt. The older boy removed his work gloves before he pulled off his encrusted shirt. Danny stopped in his tracks a few yards away to enjoy the view. Jarrod continued to undress until he was down to only his underwear. Danny felt a familiar churning within. Jarrod worked the handle of the water pump. Danny watched the muscles of the older boy’s back move under his glistening skin. Every fiber in his body looked swollen. He must have just finished an arduous chore. Jarrod filled a bucket with water. He poured the contents over his head. The water ran down his lithe form washing him clean. It reminded Danny of a beautiful butterfly emerging from its drab chrysalis. The white fabric of his underwear became translucent as it clung to his bulbous ass cheeks. After a second dousing, Jarrod gathered his things. He turned around. Startled at first, he relaxed when he realized who the on-looker was. The bump in Danny’s overalls showed he was enjoying the view. Jarrod’s battered ego enjoyed the compliment even if it was from a mere boy. He walked toward his admirer. By the time Danny came out of his lust induced coma, Jarrod was only a yard away. Danny raised his eyes and met Jarrod’s. The dripping boy showed no emotion, “Wade’s working the new field.” Jarrod didn’t stop or slow his progress to the house. Danny didn’t dare move until he heard the screen door slam shut behind him.

Danny ran off toward the back forty. He found Wade where Jarrod said. The ground had been recently tilled. The smell of rich earth filled the air. The warm soil was soft under Danny’s bare feet. Wade was walking along the plow lines picking things up and putting them into a sack hung across his body. “Hey, Wade.”

Wade looked up for only a moment, “Hey.”

Danny gestured to the big bruise on Wade’s shoulder. “Jarrod?”

“Yeah”, Wade said softly looking at Danny again. Now standing side by side, Danny noticed his friend’s bruised cheek. “Your pa?”

Danny covered his battered face with his fingers. He had forgotten about that. It only hurt when he smiled. He didn’t do that much at home. “Yeah”.

Wade went back to work, “We’re quite the pair.”

Danny followed behind his friend. “You didn’t tell him what we saw him doing?”

“No, he’d kill me for sure. I don’t know why he hit me this time. He just wanted to I guess.”

“Same with me.” Danny thought for a moment before adding. “In a couple of years, we’ll be just as big as they are and they’ll have the bruises.” Wade nodded his head in agreement. After moving to the next furrow, Danny finally asked, “What you doing?”

“Jarrod just finished turning the soil. He told me to get rid of the bigger rocks before he starts the planting.” Wade worked as he spoke. Danny helped to burn some of his excess energy. It didn’t take long before the sack became too heavy for Wade. He emptied it near the tree line. This routine went on for more than an hour. The boys didn’t talk much. Wade decided to take a break when they came to a large tree stump near the center of the field. They used the stump as a bench. After a few seconds, Wade sighed and bounced his knee as if bored with sitting. Wade tapped the remnants of the ancient chestnut, “This was too big for pa and Jarrod to move. The roots are really deep. Some of our neighbors are coming to help them tomorrow. Pa says it will take at least four men and a couple of two mules to pull it up.”

Danny looked it over. “It doesn’t look that heavy to me.” He stood up, “We should try. We can surprise you pa.”

Wade looked at his freckled friend dumbfounded, “If Jarrod and pa can’t move it; how are we going to?” Danny gave him a look. “You can’t see what’s underneath, Danny. The tree was over a hundred years old.” Wade knew how stubborn Danny could be. “Okay.” He removed the sack from around his neck. He copied Danny’s position and put his hands at the top edge of the stump. Danny said “go” and both boys pushed with all their might. The stump didn’t even wobble. “See, my pa was right”, Wade said returning to his seat.

Danny crossed his arms over his chest, “I bet Zoltan could do it. The barker said he had the strength of ten men.”

Wade smiled, “I wish you had the strength of ten men. My pa hates asking other people for help. Ma says pride is a sin.”

Danny felt a strange surge through his body. He could feel his muscles almost vibrate with new power. He put his hand over his bicep. It didn’t look that different; but it sure felt different. It was harder than the tree stump. “Let’s try again.” Danny got back into position.

Wade didn’t move, “Why bother, we’re only two boys…” The stump shifted under him as Danny began to push it alone. Wade jumped up in the nick of time. The side where Danny was pushing rose higher. The snapping roots sounded like rolling thunder. Within seconds the stump was sitting on its side. Danny didn’t stop. He took a deep breathe and pushed again until the roots faced the heavens. Fully exposed, the exhumed stump was the size of Danny and had to weigh twice as much. “How did you do that?”

Danny had a big smile on his face. “Don’t know. I suddenly felt stronger.” Danny put his dirt covered hand on his bicep again. He flexed his arm for his friend, “Feel how hard my muscle is.”

Wade did as his friend asked, “It’s like a rock.”

“I know.” Danny felt his chest, stomach and thighs. “My whole body is like that.” He looked at the stump. “I wonder if I can lift it over my head.” Danny wrapped his hands around two of the thickest roots. He tired to lift it. He had the power, but couldn’t get the proper leverage. He stopped for a minute to rest. “Darn it all”, Danny said in frustration. “I wish I had the strength of twenty men.”

“I wish you had the strength of twenty men too so you wouldn’t hurt yourself with this foolishness.” Danny felt another surge of energy. He grabbed the roots and in one continuous movement pressed the stump over his head. “I wish I had the strength of thirty men”, Danny said as if expecting something to happen. But he didn’t feel anything. He looked at Wade, whose mouth was agape. “Say you wish I had the strength of thirty men, Wade.”


“Just say the words”, Danny demanded.

Wade threw up his hands, “I wish you had the strength of thirty men.”

A smile came over Danny’s face. He lowered his left arm. He now held the stump up with only one arm. “Well this has been fun.” He put both hands back on the stump and bent his knees and elbows slightly. Then with a loud grunt he tossed the stump several yards into the air. It landed with a huge crash into the woods taking down several saplings before it rolled to a stop. He looked at a still stunned Wade. “What else can I do?” He saw a rock about the size of a yearling sow at the edge of the field. He ran over to it. With each stride he rose several feet into the air. He moved like a leaping deer. He landed in front of the boulder. He lifted it as if it was hollow. He tossed the rock back and forth between his two hands like an average man would a pine cone. Every third or fourth toss he would project it twenty or thirty feet in the air before catching it again.

Wade came running up to him. “What’s happening? How did you become so strong? Why did you want me to say that?”

“Don’t you get it Wade? You’re doing this to me. First you wished I was as strong as ten men, then twenty, and finally thirty. Ever time you said it, it came true. I became stronger.”

Wade gave Danny a look of disbelief. “All because I said it. That’s nonsense.” Danny continued to play with his two hundred pound toy as proof. “So if I say I wish you had only the strength of a regular 14 year old boy you…” instantly Danny felt the full weight of the rock. It crashed into his palm before falling to the ground with a frightening thud. Danny fell to his knees screaming in pain. He held his forearm. His limp hand hung at an unnatural angle from his broken wrist. The blood covered fingers were bent and twisted horribly. Pieces of shattered bone poked through his ripped skin. Danny was crying uncontrollably. Wade knelt beside him. “I’ll get my pa; he’ll know what to do.” Wade felt so guilty, “This is all my fault. I should have believed you. I wish you were right as rain.” Danny screamed as his fingers started to move back to their rightful position. The blood ran back into the wounds and the skin sealed close. Within seconds his wrist and hand were healed and the pain was completely gone. Wade and Danny looked at each other. Danny curled his fingers. His hand looked and felt perfectly normal, as if it was never broken. Danny wiped away his tears as he stood up. Wade put his hand on his friend’s shoulder, “You’re bruise is gone too.” Danny felt his soft cheek. Wade looked at the big rock. “I wish I was as strong as thirty men.” He grabbed the rock, but couldn’t budge it. “Why doesn’t it work for me?”

“Don’t know? It doesn’t work for me when I say it either. Maybe if I say it for you.” Wade nodded. Danny took a deep breath. “I wish you were as strong as thirty men.”

Wade tried lifting the rock again. “Nothing.” He sat down on the rock in defeat. “That’s not fair.”

Danny sat down next to him. “Hey you always wanted to have magical powers. Now you do.”

Wade smiled, “You’re right”. He put his hand on the rock. “I wish this was made of solid gold.” Both boys looked at the unchanged rock for a few seconds. “Hocus pocus, turn to gold”, Wade said in a second attempt. Nothing happened. “What good are magical powers if they only work on you?”

“Hey”, Danny protested and pushed Wade from his seat. The boys laughed. Danny stood up quickly. “My lucky nail”, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the magical metal fragment, “remember when I found it. I wished that you were a magician so you could change me into Zoltan. My wish must have come true.”

Wade stood up, his eyes locked on the piece of metal. “Not just Zoltan. You said I could change you in anyway because you trusted me. That’s why I was able to fix your broken hand.” Wade wiped his face trying to remember what Danny actually wished for. “Wait, you didn’t say you trusted me; you said you trusted the Martin boys. I wonder if that means Jarrod can change you too.”

Both boys stared at the charmed token for a moment. “Do you want to make a wish?” Danny asked as he moved his open hand closer to Wade.

Wade took a step back, “No, something about it doesn’t feel right. This smacks of the devil’s doing.” The boy looked at the metal piece, “Your blood! You got your blood on it. I bet that’s part of the coven coin.” He took another step back.

“Shoot, you sound like the widow Miller.” Danny put the item back in his pocket. “Let’s try it again. Change me some other way besides making me strong.”

Wade looked around; “I don’t know, Danny. Aren’t you scared?”

“Nah, this is what I’ve been wishing for all my life.” Danny could see Wade wasn’t convinced. “We’ve already proven you can change me back whenever you want.” Danny racked is brain. “I know, try making me taller.” Wade didn’t respond. “Oh, come on Wade. It will be fun.”

“How tall?”

“Not like a giant or nothing. Just make me tall as a grown-up. I want to look down at Peter Dark the next time I see him.” Then an idea formed in Danny’s head. Nathaniel had to be one of the tallest men in town. “Make me a couple inches taller than Nathaniel Dark.”

Wade braced himself and held up his hands like he saw the magician in the traveling show. “I wish you were tall as an adult, two inches taller than Nathaniel Dark.” Danny started to grow. He went from 5’ 2” to 6’ 3” in less than ten seconds. As his body grew it also matured; he looked about Jarrod’s age now. Danny couldn’t hide his excitement as he looked down at his longer frame. He surveyed his hands. They looked huge as did his feet. The rolled cuffs of his pant legs were at his knees. He realized his back was hunched forward because of the overalls’ shoulder straps. The boys laughed at his silly appearance. Wade helped Danny let out the straps as far as possible so he was able to stand erect. Danny rolled down the cuffs but the hems ended well above his ankles. Wade looked up at the towering Danny, “How’s the weather up there?”

Danny smiled and put his fists on his hips, “It’s fine little boy.” He grabbed his throat. His longer vocal cords gave him a much deeper voice. The boys laughed again. “Now make me stronger. Give me the strength of hundred men.”

“I wish you had the strength of hundred men.”

Danny felt that familiar rush of energy, but far more intense. He reached for the rock he juggled earlier. It crumbled in his hand. He tried again with the largest chuck. It turned into dust between his fingers. “Maybe that’s too strong.”

“Listen, Zoltan is the strongest man in the world. How about we make you as strong as him?” Wade said trying to sound reasonable.

Danny held up two fingers. “Twice as strong. That will make me the strongest man in the world.”

“I wish you were only twice as strong as Zoltan.”

Danny felt some of the energy dissipate as if he had just exhaled after holding his breath too long. He reached down and picked another piece of the rock without crushing it. “That’s better.” He threw the rock with all his might. It whipped through the air making a whistling sound. It soared over the field and disappeared high above the tree tops. A few seconds later a flock of birds flew up spooked from their roost.

“Holy smoke, that had to be at least a mile away.” Wade’s eyes showed his astonishment.

“That’s nothing for the World’s strongest man.” Danny grinned as he flexed his arms triumphantly. He then looked at his arms. They were still relatively thin. “I sure don’t look like the strongest man in the world. I want muscles like Zoltan too.” He remembered Zoltan’s thick physique and round belly. Then he thought about Nathaniel. He found the blacksmith’s body more pleasing. You could see all his muscles so clearly under his skin. Just picturing him in his mind sent his insides churning again.

Wade took a deep breath, “I wish you had muscles like…”

Danny interrupted him, “No wait. I changed my mind. I want muscles like Nathaniel Dark.”

Wade folded his arms over his chest, “Are you sure?” Danny nodded. “Okay. I wish you had muscles like Nathaniel Dark.” Danny’s body expanded in a flash. The growth in his arms and chest were the most obvious without a shirt. His baggy overalls were tight on him everywhere. He bent his arm and felt his bicep. It was hard as stone and the size of an apple. He felt up his other arm. He kept pumping his arms forcing more blood into his swelling muscles. He didn’t know why, but it felt really good. “Are you all right?” Wade asked.

“I’ve never felt better.” Danny didn’t take his eyes off his arms. His voice rumbled in his broader chest. “I want to be bigger. Make my muscles twice his.”

Wade swallowed hard. He didn’t think it was a good idea but felt he had to. It was like he was given an order by an adult instead of another child. “I wish your muscles were twice as big as Nathaniel Dark’s.”

Danny’s body expanded again. The doubling of his muscle mass changed his body into something unreal. Eighty pounds of pure muscle was added to his already athletic physique. He now weighed almost 300 pounds with a mere 31” waist. Danny never felt such power. He wanted to flex everything; but his massive size and painfully tight clothes made it difficult to move. Danny took a deep breath and flexed his enormous pectorals. They exploded outward. The buttons holding the straps in place snapped off. The bib fell down exposing Danny’s torso. Wade gasped. He didn’t think it was possible for a man to be so muscular. Danny roared as he flexed his upper body. He explored his larger form forgetting Wade was there. He ran his hand other his beefy pecs and his sculpted abdominals. His skin was so thin it was translucent. You could actually make out the difference between the web of blue veins and red arteries trapped between his bulging muscles and his pale sheathing.

Even his hands looked muscular. He curled them into fists to make the ligaments ripple. His eyes were drawn to the bulging cords in his forearms. He flexed his arms. He couldn’t bend them as much as before. His stove pipe forearms pressed against his unyielding upper arms. The apple sized biceps had become pumpkins. He fingered one flesh colored gourd. Even his larger hand couldn’t cover half of it. He pushed his thumb into the stony mound but couldn’t dent it.

His pants were cutting painfully into his lower legs. He stood on his toes. He could feel the material loosening its hold. He lowered his immense weight then went to his toes again to flex his calves. There was a snap. His cuffs had split. Danny let out a chuckle having won the battle so easily. He went into a squat. The stitching along the leg seams popped in succession up his thighs. Then there was a loud ripping sound as the center seam at the seat gave way. Danny stood up and laughed at his destroyed overalls hanging of him. He tore them off from around his narrow waist. He was now completely naked. The freedom felt good. He ran his hands over his quads and ass enjoying their hardness and size. Soon the man-boy’s penis was at full attention. It had grown larger with his height, but appeared tiny in comparison to the rest of him.

Wade didn’t want to look at Danny; but couldn’t stop himself. His body was unlike anything he had ever seen. Both Zoltan and Nathaniel looked small in comparison. All the boyhood softness was gone from his friend’s body. Now deep crevices and hard ridges covered every inch of his powerful physique. He appeared to have been assembled like a scarecrow. But instead of straw, he was made of carved pieces of rock. Wade tentatively called out Danny’s name.

Danny put one arm behind his head and crunched to the side. He ran his fingers over his bumpy intercostals as if they were piano keys. He then crunched his abdominals; before moving to the other side. “Glory be, I’ve got muscles in places I didn’t know they existed. Every one of them is hard as stone. I don’t know what feels better; my muscles from the outside or from the inside.” Out of breath from the effort he relaxed for only a moment before going into a crude most muscular pose, “I bet I can out pull a team of horses with this body.” He flexed harder until he was shaking. Sweat began to seep out from his pores “I like to see PeterDark try to bully me now.” His muscles swelled larger with each pose. “Pa will never call me a sissy boy again.” Danny’s large paw turned into a fist. He slammed it into the open palm of his other hand, “No one will ever pick on me again.”

Wade was becoming more fearful with each passing minute. Wade didn’t recognize his best friend any more. Even Danny’s face looked harder. The muscles in his jaw flexed when he ground his teeth. But it was his eyes that were the most frightening. It was like no one was looking out from the other side. It took Wade a moment to recall when he saw that same emptiness before. It was when his father came home intoxicated once. His ma said pa wasn’t himself. Danny sure wasn’t acting like himself. With his strength, Danny could do more than give people bruises. Wade thought he should put a stop to this before Danny hurt or accidentally killed someone. He took a step backward. “I wish you looked like a normal 14 year old boy again.” Wade waited for Danny to change but nothing happened. The giant was feeling his pectoral muscles as he bounced them up and down. “Did you hear me Danny”, he said louder.

Danny came out of his daydream. “Did you say something Wade?”

Wade waited for Danny’s eyes to focus on him. “Maybe we should think about it this some more. How are you going to explain this to your parents? I can turn you back…”

“No.” Danny’s tone caused Wade to flinch. “I can’t go back to what I was. Not after feeling like this.” His hands never left his body as he spoke. “I won’t need to explain anything. I won’t go home…I’ll leave, go somewhere far away. You can tell everybody I ran off. It won’t come as any surprise. Every one knows about my pa beating me. Maybe in a few years I’ll come back…when I’m rich and famous.”

“You’re going to leave?” Wade could see Danny wasn’t paying attention again.

Danny was suddenly preoccupied by his pulsating cock. He held it in his hand and thought about Nate again. “This ain’t right. It’s too small.” He looked at Wade and demanded, “Make it bigger. Make it like Nathaniel’s.” Danny couldn’t stop fingering his maleness. His pecs bounced in rhythm to his strokes.

“No.”, Wade said defiantly. “This is all wrong. I don’t like the new you. This is the work of the devil. That piece of metal is cursed like in the stories. I won’t do any more.”

“You won’t do any more?” Danny growled. He let go of his himself and took a step toward Wade. Wade backed up in fear. Danny stopped. He could see how frightened his best friend was. Danny took a breath and moved forward, “I thought you were my best friend, Wade?”

“I am.” Wade took another step back. The smaller boy’s eyes kept lingering on Danny’s powerful torso as the huge muscles bulged and relaxed with Danny’s slightest movement.

“I don’t care if this is the work of a bunch of witches or the devil himself. I know this is a good thing. This is who I’ve always wanted to be.” Danny’s right hand groped his left muscle tit. He could see his actions made Wade uncomfortable. The muscle boy folded his arms over his chest trying to look smaller. But the position made his biceps swell larger. Wade took another step back. Danny looked at his arms. He let them fall to his side. “Come on Wade, just one more change and we’re done. I promise.” He smiled at his friend and purposely spoke softly in a higher pitch than his new baritone. “Why don’t you come with me? We can see the world together. Think of it, no more beatings from Jarrod. We can tell everybody I’m your big brother. I’ll take good care of you.” Danny could see Wade liked the idea. “I said I trusted you. Don’t you trust me?”

Wade looked into Danny’s eyes. He saw his best friend behind them again. Wade moved his gaze from Danny’s face down to Danny’s bits and pieces. “You want an ear of corn down there too?”

Danny held the tube of flesh in his hand to assess it. “You made me two inches taller than Nathaniel. I guess you should make it two inches longer than his too.” With his other hand he cupped his ball sack for a moment, “Oh, and make these twice as big.” Danny looked at Wade again, “…please.”

Wade took a deep breath, “I wish your…male body part was two inches bigger than Nathaniel Dark’s and your pair of…male stones were twice his.” Danny’s equipment began to grow in his hands. His balls more than doubled in size. Because of Wade’s wording not only did Danny Junior grow two inches longer than Nathaniel but also two inches thicker. Danny tested the new size and weight of his balls. He squeezed his matching crabapples. A mega dose of testosterone hit his bloodstream. It rushed throughout his body. Immediately he felt even more powerful. His cock sprung to life. It pumped to its foot long length and eight inch circumference within seconds.

Wade was just as captivated by Danny’s latest change as the owner. “Did I make it too big?”

Danny shook his head, “No, you did real good. It feels just right.” He was already struggling to get enough oxygen. His chest and abdominal wall were heaving to aid his lungs. He stroked his cock faster. He used the thick pearls of precum to butter his mega sized cob. It was so hard it ached. The plum like head began to arch upward. Danny’s hand slid over the slick surface faster and faster. The slit at the tip pulsed like the mouth of a fish out of water. Danny almost appeared in pain as his face contorted. He closed his eyes and groaned. His hand stopped and he yelled, “Sweet Jesus”. He leaned back and a thick stream of white liquid exploded from his shaft. Wade could actually see Danny’s balls and muscles contracting as he expelled his load more than a yard. Wade jumped out of the way to avoid being squirted. With each volley, Danny moaned. Wade wasn’t sure if he was experiencing pain or pleasure. The fourth and final release fell only inches from Danny’s sinking spike. Danny had his eyes closed the entire time. He was breathing heavily. His abs flexed and relaxed rhythmically. His massive chest rose and fell in sync. When he slowly opened his eyes he looked truly content. It took awhile for his eyes to focus. He finally noticed Wade. He friend had backed further away and look scared again.

“I’m sorry for doing that in front of you, Wade.” He pulled at his shrinking maleness to squeeze out the remaining cream as if it was a cow’s utter. He realized that wasn’t helping to ease Wade’s discomfort. He rubbed his hands together to dry them. “You can’t imagine how this…all feels. I had to do it. It was beyond my control.” Wade still looked unsure. Danny took a final deep breath to regain his composure, “It’s like at night, when you are about to fall asleep and suddenly your leg gets a twitchin’. You can’t stop it no matter what. It has a will all its own. That’s what this is like.” Danny realized he wasn’t sounding very apologetic. He covered his man parts using both huge out of necessity. “I promise I’ll try not to do it again when you’re around.”

“Good”, Wade scratched his head. “We need to get you some clothes.”

Danny bent down and picked up his torn overalls. He held the garment up against his torso, “These sure won’t fit anymore.” He chuckled then grabbed himself again sandwiching the torn cloth between his hand and crotch.

Wade felt more at ease with Danny partially covered. His laugh, even though much deeper and louder, reminded him of the old Danny. “You truly want me to run away with you?”

The massive boy nodded, “Yeah. Do you truly want to come?”

Wade looked toward his house. “I’ll miss ma and pa, but I would be leaving in a couple of years anyway. I always wanted to go on a great adventure.” Danny’s face lit up. Wade looked at Danny and knew it was the right decision. “I’ll pack a few things and try to find something for you to wear.” Wade sized up his bigger friend again, “We have my grandfather’s things stored in the attic. He was really fat; but his shirts should be big enough to fit you. We can put a new hole in his belt to hold up the pants.” Danny nodded in agreement with Wade’s plan. “Wait in the barn so no one sees you. I’ll meet you there in a bit.” He turned and ran to his house.

Danny began his walk to the barn. The muscles in his thighs softened and hardened with each step. He felt like he could walk forever and never get tired. He was surprised how much ground he passed with his longer stride. He could feel his ass cheeks rise and fall behind him. He wished he could see them. He wondered if they looked as pleasing as Jarrod’s did in his wet underwear.

Danny entered the barn and closed the door behind him. The rustic building’s lower area had a stock pile of hay bales filling half of its interior. They were stacked on top of a large raised platform to help keep them dry. Danny paced inside trying to burn up his abundance of energy. He tossed his useless clothes on top of one of the bales. He threw a couple of punches into the tallest stack. His powerful blows caused the tower to rock back and forth perilously. It felt good to test his new body; but he stopped because he didn’t want the tower to topple. He walked to the door and looked out through the spaces in the clapboards. No sign of Wade. He paced some more. Finally he sat on a hay bundle next to his overalls. The dry grass irritated his bare ass. He stood and began to pace again. He swung his arms back and forth. He could feel the immense strength in his bulky limbs. He had to know just how strong he was. He picked up the bale he had sat on with one hand. He laughed at how light it felt. He used to struggle moving these things around. Even his father could barely lift one alone. He was so captivated by his new ability he didn’t notice his overalls had fallen from the bale. The coin fragment slid out of the pocket and tumbled between the boards of the platform out of view. Danny picked up another bale in his other hand. He pressed the two bales over his head several times with ease. He tossed them back into the pile. He swung his pumped-up arms around and looked for something that would be more of a challenge. He spotted some lumber piled in another corner. He picked up a 2x4. Danny held the board in both hands at shoulder level in front of him. He applied pressure. All his muscles stood at attention. He gritted his teeth. The wood began to creak. Danny took a deep breath and commanded all his strength to his arms. With a loud snap as the lumber splintered in two. Danny threw the pieces into the corner and wiped the sweat from his brow. He stumped around the barn feeling like a caged animal. The more he used his body the stronger he felt. He saw a horseshoe hanging on the wall. He remembered Zoltan bending one like a twig. He took the U shape piece of iron in his hands. He pushed each end in a different direction. It slowly began to straighten. Then the metal surrendered to Danny’s super natural strength and spread wide opened. Danny easily returned the fatigued metal to its original shape before hanging it back in place. Danny pumped his swollen arms. They were bigger and harder than ever. They looked more powerful than a bull’s leg. He fingered the thick veins which crossed his hard peaks. He could actually see the blood pumping through them. He pumped his arms harder. Without Wade around he could freely enjoy the sensation.

Danny heard someone whistling. Between the barn’s clapboards, he could see someone coming. It was Jarrod. Danny quickly made a fort from the hay bales like a child would wooden blocks. He hid inside just as Jarrod entered. Jarrod closed the barn door behind him. He climbed up to the loft. He spent a few minutes moving things around. He then grabbed the handles of two milk cans. He lifted the cans repeatedly using different movements of his arms. He didn’t stop until his arms gave out. The exertion showed. His naked torso was flush and covered in sweat. After a short rest period he started his routine again. When done he felt his swollen arms as he flexed. His hand then traveled to his over swollen body part at his crotch.

The improved Danny now understood. It was muscle Jarrod had a hankering for. That was something they had in common. If Jarrod thought Nathaniel’s muscles were big, wait until he saw Danny’s new body. The super sized boy stood up inside his fort, “Hey, Jarrod.”

Startled, Jarrod crouched down to hide. He scanned the space below. It took him awhile to find where the voice came from in the room’s diminished light. Someone was standing behind the hay bales, but something about him was irregular. “Who are you? What do you want?”

“It’s Danny…Wade’s friend.”

Jarrod tried to focus better on the visitor. “You don’t sound like Danny.” He stood up. “You shouldn’t be in here.” He climbed down from the loft. He cautiously walked toward the bales. Danny was bent as the waist so only his eyes appeared above the top bale. “Come out from behind there.”

“Okay, but you should know I look different now.”

Jarrod looked confused, “What do you mean, different?”

Danny straightened his back and walked to the front of the hay bales. He stopped about six feet in front of Jarrod. Danny instinctively stood up straight, squared his shoulders and tightened his abs to appear larger. Jarrod’s face went white. The older boy’s mouth fell open and his eyes became the size of cow patties. Jarrod had to remind himself to breathe. He sucked in air like a drowning man about to go under again. He slowly ran his eyes over the nude muscle man in front of him. He didn’t think it was possible for someone to look so powerful and masculine. Every muscle was massive and distinct. And his manhood was in the same inconceivable proportion as the rest of his body. It was beyond anything he ever imagined; but it seemed totally natural and incredibly sensual. “You’re even bigger than…”, Jarrod mumbled before stopping. He felt lightheaded.

“Zoltan? Nathaniel Dark?” Danny asked fishing for a compliment.

Jarrod was shocked that this muscle stranger knew the men he thought about when alone in the loft. He rubbed his eyes, “I must be dreaming.”

“No Jarrod, I’m real.” Danny flexed his arms proudly, “Do you want to feel for yourself?”

Jarrod’s body involuntary responded to the vision before him. His tool was rigid in seconds. It was harder than hard and trapped inside his too tight pants. The pain was becoming unbearable. He took his eyes off Danny’s body and bent forward. He stuck his hand down his pants and adjusted himself. The tip of his throbbing rod stuck out over the waistband. Feeling no shame in front of the nude giant, “Who….” He still looked in pain when his gaze returned to the bigger man’s body.

Danny didn’t know how to take Jarrod’s reaction. The older boy looked so small and frail to him now. He reached for him, “Are you all right?”

Jarrod stepped back. He focused on the man’s face for the first time. It did look similar to his brother’s little friend. “Danny…is that really you?”

“I know it’s unbelievable, but it’s truly me. I found this piece of metal in a rock. It was magical; maybe part of the coven coin. I wished Wade had the power to change me. The wish came true and he changed me into this.” Danny made large gestures with his hands as he explained excitedly. “He’s trying to find clothes for me to wear.”

Jarrod walked up to Danny and raised his hand. He stopped when it was a couple inches from Danny’s left muscle tit. “I can really touch you?”

Danny shrugged his shoulders, “If you want.”

The surface of Danny’s chest was warm and silky smooth. Jarrod pressed his fingertips into the solid mass of meat. “Oh my God. You feel incredible.” Danny flexed, the beef rolled and turned into granite. Jarrod’s fingers where pushed out. Jarrod’s knees buckled. He grabbed Danny’s arm for support. The older boy inhaled sharply through his nose to control his lust. His hand slowly crept up to Danny’s shoulder. Every few seconds he would stop and close his eyes. His cock was leaking uncontrollably. It took every ounce of self control not to explode. He didn’t want to cum because then the sensation would end. He leaned on Danny more to keep from fainting. Jarrod’s face showed his internal struggle.

Danny didn’t understand Jarrod’s expression. He still looked in pain. He barely felt Danny’s weight on him. “Do my muscles feel all right to you?” Danny asked as a boy unsure of himself.

Drool collected in Jarrod’s mouth. He ran his fingers down Danny’s stomach muscles like a stick over a picket fence. He had to stop again when his hand came to Danny’s crotch. He licked his lips, “Wade did this? How did he know…”

“I told him what to do. I always wanted to be really big and strong.” Danny added proudly, “Now I am.” He flexed his right arm. “I can lift hay bales and bend horseshoes like they’re nothing.”

Jarrod looked up at the huge muscle hovering at his eye level. “I bet you can.” He gingerly touched Danny’s gourd sized bicep for only a second. He had to stop when his eyes rolled back in his head. He took a step back. Denying his cock was torturous.

Danny didn’t know why Jarrod backed away. He worried that the older boy didn’t like his muscles as he had hoped. He blurted out, “I’m twice as strong as Zoltan. Wade told me you had a picture of him up in the loft. I really liked him too.” Jarrod’s only reaction was to close his eyes to the visual stimulation. “And I told Wade to make my muscles twice as big as Nathaniel Dark’s.”

“Twice as big, oh my Lord”, Jarrod had to crotch down to stop himself from collapsing. It was all too much. He began to rock back and forth to calm himself.

Danny was disappointed that Jarrod wasn’t reacting to him the way he did to Nathaniel at the lake. “Don’t you have a hankering for my muscles?” Danny massaged his protruding chest pillows to test their size. The muscle undulated in his powerful hand. Then Danny flexed. The pillows expanded as if ready to burst.

Looking up at Danny as he played with his tits sent Jarrod’s inside churning like never before. He leapt up and fell against Danny. He rested his head on his chest and wrapped his arms around his expansive rib cage. “You are so big.” Jarrod stretched out his tongue and licked Danny’s silver dollar sized nipple. A tingle went through Danny’s body as his nibs sprouted into tiny rosebuds. Jarrod moved his hands to Danny’s pec and began to massage it. He sucked on it like a starving calf. Danny smiled as the smaller boy worked for sustenance in vain. He kept his pec flexed as long as he could for Jarrod enjoyment; but soon the muscle flattened and rolled downward into it’s relaxed state. Jarrod increased his kneading now that he could manipulate the slab. Jarrod removed his lips from the tender nipple and ran his tongue along the crease under the beefy overhang. Danny tried not to laugh as the shorter boy’s tongue tickled him. Jarrod hungrily moved on to his other platter sized pec and nibbled on the matching pink bull’s-eye. Danny flinched from the playful bite. Jarrod looked up at him, “Please make them hard again,” before continuing his tongue exploration. Danny flexed his pecs. The two mill stones grew and hardened. Jarrod buried his face into the cleavage and moaned. He didn’t move as Danny bounced his tits in an attempt to keep his overworked pecs flexed. Surrounded by pulsating muscle; a peaceful feeling overtook Jarrod. He had found his nirvana.

Jarrod’s hands squeezed Danny’s posterior globes as he pushed himself into Danny’s larger body. Danny never experienced anything like this. He could every limb but one. Jarrod felt something pushing up from between his legs. He looked down and found he was straddling Danny’s huge corn stalk. “Jesus, Joseph, and Mary; look at the size of that thing.” He pushed himself from Danny’s chest.

“Sorry”, was all Danny could think to say.

“Don’t be”, Jarrod whispered as he got to his knees. He caressed the rising bumper crop of man flesh. Danny began to ooze precum. Jarrod probed the gaping slit to collect the white sauce on his tongue. Jarrod put his hands on the back of Danny’s thighs just below the outward curve of his protruding ass to steady himself. Slowly he slid his mouth down the long, hot cob. He could feel it filling his throat. Practicing with Nate allowed him to control his gag reflex. But he still had to fight to take most of Danny’s superior size. He could feel his jaw reach its breaking point as Danny plumped even thicker. Jarrod slid his mouth back and forth over the enormous shaft.

Danny didn’t fully understand what was happening. He never had someone do anything like this to him. From his perspective it looked like a catfish repeatedly trying to swallow an albino eel. He was a little afraid Jarrod might bite him again. But his hot, moist mouth felt so good wrapped around him. The 14 year-old virgin couldn’t hold back any longer. The powerful jolt took both boys by surprise. The more Danny tried to stop the flow, the more spilled out from his pipe. Jarrod did his best to swallow all that Danny produced; but couldn’t keep up. He pulled away. Danny looked down at the choking man on all fours, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop it.”

Jarrod waved his hand to indicate it was okay. He slowly got to his feet. He looked up at Danny who looked like a guilty child. Jarrod licked his lips, “My turn”. He walked behind Danny. The bigger man twisted his torso to see what Jarrod was doing. Jarrod put his hands on Danny’s wide shoulders and guided him to the neutral position. For the first time Jarrod got to see the reverse side of Danny’s muscular body. He ran his hands over a back that was a wide as the hay bales surrounding him. Danny forced his shoulders back and flared his lats trying to impress his suitor. The individual muscles popped and rolled across the wide expanse. Jarrod’s hands went down Danny’s back, over his ass and onto his thighs. Danny flexed wherever he felt Jarrod’s hands. The smaller boy began to massage Danny’s ass. Jarrod’s fingers tried to pry the mounds apart; but he had them clenched. “Relax them for me.” Danny wanted to do as Jarrod wished; but he was frightened. He remembered the painful expression on Jarrod’s face when Nathaniel entered him. Danny sighed and softened his glutes. “Good, now spread your feet further apart and bend forward.” Danny did as instructed. He felt something going in where normally things only came out. The strange sensation became uncomfortable. Danny stood erect and clenched defensively. Jarrod cried out, “You’re crushing it.” Danny spun around quickly. He caught Jarrod with his shoulder. The intruder lost his balance and fell to the ground. Danny felt Jarrod’s cock slide out of him.

Danny looked down at Jarrod , “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I forgot how big and strong I am.”

“Damn it, I forgot the rules. Only the stronger man gets to do it, right?” Jarrod slammed his fist into the bales in frustration, “I wish you were the weaker one.”

Danny felt his strength draining away; but his muscles appeared unaffected. His massive body felt top heavy. His legs could no longer support the weight. He went down to one knee. He put his hand on the ground to steady himself. Jarrod looked at him strangely. Danny exhaled, “When I made the wish, I didn’t say Wade’s name. I said the Martin boys.”

Jarrod sat up. “You mean I can change you too?” Danny nodded his head. “So I’m stronger than you?” Danny nodded again. Jarrod didn’t believe him. He stood up and grabbed Danny’s limp, but heavily muscled arm. He twisted it behind Danny’s back.

Danny cried out in pain. “Stop, you’re going to break it.”

Jarrod smiled and slammed his fist into Danny’s mammoth shoulder. The big boy whimpered in pain. Jarrod let go and pushed Danny down with his foot. Danny collapsed to the ground. He rolled over onto his ass. He sat on the ground looking up at Jarrod with fear. The older boy couldn’t believe his luck. Maybe Danny was only fooling around. He had to test him again. “I wish you had chest hair.” Immediately an irregular shaped patch of hair grew around Danny’s deep cleavage. “I wish you had more chest hair.” The hair grew thicker, longer and spread out further. “I wish you had less chest hair.” The hair receded back to the amount as before. Jarrod chuckled, “This is going to be fun.”

He looked at Danny’s plain, boyish face. It didn’t match the virility of his body. “You may have muscles twice the size of Nate’s; but you’re not nearly as attractive. I wish you were twice as handsome as Nathaniel Dark.” Danny’s hair grew longer as the tight curls relaxed completely. The color went from rusty brown to deep ebony. His round, pudgy baby face became squarer as a lantern jaw formed. His cheek bones and brow ridge became more pronounced. A shadow of a beard covered his sharp jaw line, recessed cheeks and cleft chin. His nose straightened and narrowed. His eyes became a larger almond shape and cleared to a sparkling white. The dark brown irises lightened to the color of winter wheat. His lips grew fuller. His teeth lined up evenly, filling in the gaps as they became a brilliant white. Danny’s countless freckles and blemishes disappeared. His skin darkened starting with his face; but spread until his entire body was one flawless bronzed shade. The hair on his chest spread out evenly over the wide plateau like a perfectly manicured lawn. A thin scattering of hair covered his stomach, forearms and legs. His balls leveled out so one didn’t hang lower than the other. The surface of his thick beef tube smoothed and it straightened correcting Danny’s slight twist. Some bones and muscles grew bigger and others smaller to correct any flaws. Danny watched his abdominal muscles on the left shift upward so they aligned with the right creating the perfect mirror image of one another. His face and body now had ideal symmetry and proportion. Within seconds it was over. He looked like Nathaniel’s more perfect brother. Jarrod thought Danny was absolutely stunning.

Jarrod kneeled down and grabbed Danny’s face. There was just one more change he dreamt about. “I wish your eyes were the color of the sky on a clear summer day.” Danny’s irises went from the light brown to sapphire blue. “I wish your eyes were a lighter blue.” Danny’s eyes changed from sapphire to powder blue. They looked as if they were lit from within. Jarrod kissed him; at first softly, then harder and more passionately. This was what Jarrod always wanted. Nate had denied him the more tender side of sex. Nate was the only man Jarrod had ever been with. Because of the ex-con, Jarrod now associated the act with pain. He was told that was how it worked between men. Jarrod bit Danny’s lip before pulling away breathlessly.

Danny panted for air. “Oww, that hurt.” He wiped away the blood from his mouth. This wasn’t how he thought it would be. He could barely control his thick arm as he grabbed Jarrod’s wrist. “I feel so weak. Please give me my strength back.”

“No, then I have to do what you want.” Jarrod said as he shook his arm free. “I think you are still too strong.” Jarrod stood up and looked down at Danny, “I wish you only had the strength of a five year old girl.”

Danny felt more power drain from him. He didn’t have the strength to stay in the sitting position. He fell back against the floor. The big boy found even the slightest movement of his bulky limbs difficult now. Jarrod straddled Danny’s torso. Danny could only take shallow breaths with Jarrod sitting on his stomach. Jarrod ran his fingers through Danny’s silky hair. “You are so beautiful, Nate.” He no longer saw Danny, but a more perfect version of the man he had lusted after for months. He leaned in and kissed him again. Jarrod’s tongue invaded Danny’s mouth. The blood from Danny’s wound mixed with their saliva. Danny was having trouble getting enough oxygen through just his nose. He moved his head back and forth trying to break Jarrod’s lip lock. The older boy took that as another rejection. “I’m the stronger one, I’m in the control”, he screamed as he backhanded Danny.

To Danny it felt like the right side of his face was hit with a shovel. He worried his jaw was broken. He wanted to crawl anyway; but couldn’t move with Jarrod sitting on top of him. His arms were pinned at his side. Feeling helpless as a child, he began to sob like one. “I hate you, JarrodMartin. Wade was right, you are mean spirited.” The juvenile words infuriated Jarrod. He punched Danny’s stomach over and over. Danny’s bricks offered some protection for his internal organs as they absorbed the blows like a wet blanket. But the pain was all too real. Jarrod was a strong boy. Danny was gasping for air. Jarrod’s constant barrage made it more difficult for him to inhale. “I can’t breathe”, he cried out. He started to lose consciousness.

Jarrod stopped from exhaustion. His pent up anger could finally be released on the man that caused it instead of Wade. He looked down at the helpless hulk. Jarrod squeezed Danny’s massive, perfectly shaped bicep; then he felt up his own smaller arm. Knowing his inferior muscle possessed superior strength aroused him greatly. He got to his feet and stood over the woozy giant. Jarrod began to undress. “It’s finally my turn to get satisfaction.” Once naked, Jarrod grabbed Danny’s wrists and dragged his virtually paralyzed body to a hay bale. He draped Danny, face down, over a bundle of straw. Jarrod pushed Danny’s legs apart. Danny felt something rigid entering him. Danny cried out in pain. His virgin hole wasn’t given any time to adapt to the assault. He tired to clench his glutes defensively, but they were as useless as the rest of his muscles. Every thrust from Jarrod went deeper and was more painful. Danny heard someone calling his name. Jarrod must have heard it too. He stopped his attack, “I swear I’m going to kill him”. The barn door moved. Jarrod pulled out of his victim. He looked around for his pants, but it was too late. His brother was standing in the center of the barn.

Wade wasn’t interested in his brother’s nudity; his gaze went to the battered man sprawled out over the hay bale. He looked different, but it had to be Danny. No one else could be that big. “What have you done, Jarrod?” Wade dropped what he was carrying and went toward his friend. “Danny are you all right?” He was stopped before he reached his destination. Jarrod grabbed Wade by the collar and dragged him back. Wade tried to break Jarrod’s hold on him but couldn’t.

“This is none of your business”, Jarrod dropped Wade a yard or two from where Danny laid. “Get out of here or I’ll tan you alive, boy. You know I can do it.”

Wade slowly got to his feet. He looked at his friend. Danny mouthed the words, “help me” as tears ran down his cheeks. Wade attacked his big brother. Jarrod easily blocked his punches and slammed his fist into Wade’s unprotected gut. Wade collapsed. He got up and went for Jarrod again. Jarrod landed a solid jab into Wade’s chin. Wade fell back onto this ass. He was disoriented but still managed to land a kick into his brother’s crotch. Jarrod stumbled back. Wade crawled over to Danny. He leaned in and whispered in his ear. “I wish you were right as rain, twice as strong as Zoltan, and deaf as a stone.” Within a second, Wade felt himself being drug away by his ankles. It was all he could do to keep his face out of the dirt.

Jarrod pulled him out the barn. “If you come back in here, I’ll kill you for sure. You hear me. I’ll kill you.” Jarrod never sounded so angry. Wade wiped the dirt from his face. The barn door slammed closed. Wade heard Jarrod pound a wedge behind the latch to lock it.

After securing the door, Jarrod turned around with the hammer still in his hand. Expecting to see Danny where he left him; his view was blocked by something. It took him a moment to realize it was someone’s chest. He looked up. There, towering over him, stood Danny. All his wounds and bruises were gone. He looked incredibly beautiful and powerful. Both frightened and aroused, Jarrod tried to back up. The barn door prevented it. He then remembered he was the stronger man. He threw a punch into Danny’s brick wall of a stomach. It came to a dead stop with a loud thud. Jarrod was in shock. Danny smiled, for the first time Jarrod got to see his deep dimples and sparkling teeth. Jarrod gulped, he knew Danny must have his strength back. Jarrod raised the hammer and swung it at the muscle man’s head. Danny caught Jarrod’s wrist and stopped his arm instantly. With an effortless squeeze and twist, Danny forced Jarrod to drop his weapon. Jarrod grimaced in pain. Danny straightened his arm, lifting Jarrod off the ground. Jarrod began to panic, “I wish you were as weak as a little girl”. Danny watched Jarrod’s lips move in complete silence. Still held aloft, Jarrod tried again, “I wish you were as weak as a baby.” Danny grabbed Jarrod’s neck with his other hand. Jarrod punched and clawed at the Danny’s corded forearm. He gasped for air, “I wish…”


Dean looked at the other men at the table. He leaned forward, “Well, what happened? Did Danny kill him?”

Marty shrugged his shoulders, “Some say yes; some say no.”

“I heard Jarrod survived but walked funny for the rest of his life.” Steve chuckled.

Willie looked at Steve, “You mean Danny…”

Steve nodded his head and pumped his fist back and forth, “Oh, yeah.”

Dean smirked, “That’s one way to get your corn shucked.”

Willie looked at the antique circus flyer. “Danny became Danicus. What happened to Wade?” Marty pointed to the bottom of the flyer where the other less important acts were listed in a smaller print. Willie picked it up, “Wade the Wonderful. So he did become a magician.” Marty nodded his head.

The other two men strained their necks to read it for themselves. Willie let go of the flyer. Steve picked it up. “I don’t believe it. They stayed together.” Steve looked as if he was about to cry.

“Christ, get a grip. It’s not some kind of fag love story. It didn’t sound like Wade liked to play hide the salami to me.” Dean quipped. Marty gave him a look. Dean raised his hands, “Sorry.”

Willie didn’t seem to notice what else was happening in the room, “Marty that flyer is remarkable. It’s virtual proof that the story is true. That means the coven coin is real, not just some legend.”

“No, all that flyer proofs is that there was a strong man named Danicus and a magician named Wade who traveled together in a sleazy side show a hundred and fifty years ago. Just like that picture of JeffHaynes only proofs he was buff before his time.” Dean slid forward in his chair, “The real proof would be the pieces of the coin. In the last two stories, the pieces were left in a barn. Has anyone every searched the barns for the fragments?”

“It was actually the same barn in both stories.” Willie said calmly. He could see the shocked looked on Dean’s face. “It’s true. The land was owned by the Dark family for over 200 years. But the barn was torn down in 1970s to make room for the housing development, Plantation Ridge.”

Steve moved to the wall of pictures. He pointed to one of a group of men standing in front of a large partially dismantled barn. “It was bought by some rich guy who had it reassembled as a guest house on his estate in Connecticut. He had every board, peg and nail identified and labeled. Isn’t that right Marty? You were there.”

Marty rubbed the back of his neck, “Yeah, I supervised the crew that took down the firetrap. Some people have more dollars than sense.”

“Did you find pieces of the coin?” Dean asked. All eyes went to Marty.

Marty looked suddenly uncomfortable. “No, of course not.” He picked up the circus flyer from the table and went to the file cabinet. He opened the drawer and searched the folders for its rightful home.

Willie looked at the collection of black and white photos on the wall. “The problem with these stories is they happened before mass media. Nowadays there would be video evidence on YouTube for the world to see.”

Steve shook his finger in Willie’s general direction. “It was before the internet; but wasn’t there a newspaper article like forty years ago about a high school jock whose physical appearance changed radically overnight? I remember hearing something about a coin fragment being involved. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“Yes”, Willie answered with a grin. “It happened in Boston in the 1970s. That’s my favorite coin story”

Steve got up and stood next to Marty at the open drawer. “Do you have that article in your files?”

“I don’t think so”, Marty said unconvincingly as he tried to close the drawer. He stopped when Steve began to search the files. A newspaper clipping caught his eye.

Steve pulled out the folder. “This is it. It’s from the Boston Herald, October 1972.”

“Great.” Marty jammed the circus flyer into the drawer and slammed it shut. He looked at the wall clock hanging over the door. “It’s getting late. I have to start closing up.” He went to the door that led to the gym floor. He turned back, “You men about ready to leave?”

Steve had his nose in the article. “Yeah, yeah, in a few.”

Dean spoke to Marty, “You and Steve got to tell your favorites. Willie here deserves the same opportunity.” Dean looked at Willie. “Go ahead, little guy.” Steve closed the file and sat down. Marty walked out slightly annoyed. “Gramps is grumpy.”

Willie whispered, “It may be better he didn’t stay. He’s got a cameo in this one like the Haynes’ tale“. Willie sat tall in his chair. “RyanLeary was the jock’s name. He got the coin fragment from his mother, a practicing witch, as a young boy. She found the coin while at an estate sale here in Darton back in 1955….”

To be continued