The Coven Coin 5: Say the Word

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Danny and Wade were sitting on the back porch of Wade’s well-weathered home. The summer heat made the idea of moving unpleasant. The best friends both wore overalls without a shirt underneath. The clothing was loose and baggy to allow for their pending pubescent growth. Their fourteen year old bodies were thin and fit from doing chores on their family farms. The screen door swung open. Wade’s older brother, Jarrod appeared. He carried a small bundle in one hand. It was a cloth napkin with the four corners tied together. As usual he slapped the back of his younger brother’s head when he passed. He never wasted an opportunity to torment his younger sibling.

A few weeks from his eighteenth birthday, physically Jarrod was more man than boy. He was tall, an inch taller than his father’s 5’ 8”. Jarrod wore no shirt and a pair of pants that were tighter on him than the current fashion. The pants were uncomfortable and hid nothing from view. He wanted a new pair, but his mother told him they still had a lot of wear left in them. He hoped to get new pants for his birthday. He couldn’t wait to hand the confining garment down to Wade.

Being the eldest boy, Jarrod was expected to do the farm’s more physically demanding tasks. When he surpassed his father’s height, the patriarch gave him even more demanding work. The labor made Jarrod’s lean body grow stronger. His arms, shoulders and chest bulged outward with muscle. Jarrod and Wade had similar facial features. However the additional years had melted the baby fat from Jarrod’s cheeks and let the exquisite underlying bone structure emerge. His eyes were the color of spring grass. His wavy hair consisted of shades ranging from the chestnut brown to sulfur yellow. His unruly sideburns ran along his square jaw line. A faint treasure trail crept up from below and vanished just north of his belly button. Jarrod knew he was attractive. All his life the town’s older woman commented on how handsome he was. The girls closer to his age often smiled at him for no apparent reason. But like most adolescents he was unsatisfied with his appearance.

“Hi, Jarrod. Where you going?” Danny asked excitedly. Whenever the older boy was around, Danny felt something churning in the pit of his stomach. It scared him; but he liked the feeling.

“It’s none of your concern”, Jarrod’s tone was one of annoyance more than anger.

Danny watched Jarrod intently as he walked off into the woods. “I swear he gets bigger every day. You think he’s still growing, you know getting taller. I know he’s getting stronger. I hope I have muscles like that when I’m his age?” After Jarrod disappeared from his view he asked, “Where does he go off to in the afternoons?”

Wade sighed, but didn’t move. “Who cares?”

“I bet it’s to meet a girl. They’re all smitten with him. Everyone says he’s the best looking boy in town.”

“I doubt it. He comes back in a really bad mood and with bruises.” Wade tossed a pebble in the air and caught it. “I just try to avoid him for a rest of the day. He looks for any reason to beat me. I think it somehow makes him feel better to hit me.”

Danny understood. He spent most of his free time at the Martin’s farm to avoid his father for the same reason. “I can’t believe any one can give him a lickin’. He has to be one of the strongest boys in the county.”

Wade sat up. “Why do you always have to talk about him? The way you go on you sound like a girl. What, are you smitten with him too?”

Danny’s face became red from embarrassment. He hung his head and mumbled, “No, of course not”.

Wade looked over at best friend. All he could see was the mop of curly auburn hair on the top of his head. His freckled shoulders were hunched over. “Don’t get all sulky on me. It’s too hot to deal with your hound dog mood.”

“I’m not sulking”, Danny snapped back. “You’re just mean spirited sometimes.”

Wade threw his pebble at some crows resting on top of the chicken coop. “I’m just tired of everybody telling me how great my brother is. You don’t have to live with him. You don’t know what he’s really like. He’s the one who’s really mean spirited. He’s always hitting on me and teasing me.” Wade’s rate of speech increased as he got more annoyed, “Once my pa told me to get something out of the barn and I couldn’t find it. So I searched his loft looking for it. When Jarrod found out I was up there he beat me real good. He nearly broke my shoulder from hitting it so hard. Then he gave me an Indian burn.” Wade rubbed his forearm remembering the pain. “He didn’t care I was just doing what pa told me.”

Danny didn’t seem to get the jest of the story. “What did you see up there?” Danny crept closer to his friend.

Wade sighed and shrugged his thin shoulders, “Nothing; just a smelly blanket, some stiff rags and a ratty old posting from that traveling show that passed through a few months back.”

Danny’s eyes widened, “The one with the strong man, Zolton.” Wade shook his head. “Shoot, I wish I had one of those. He was amazing. I ain’t ever seen a man with muscles that big. Remember how he straightened that horseshoe with his bare hands. Then the two men from the crowd where asked to bend it back and they couldn’t. But he did it. He did alone what two men couldn’t. He bent it like it was a willow twig. Boy, it was worth two bits to see that.” Danny’s mind changed gears. “The barker said he was from Persia. Did you think all men from Persia look like that?”

“Don’t know.” Wade threw another pebble at the stubborn birds. “I don’t think anyone could beat them in a war if they do.”

“Yeah” Danny drifted away thinking about an entire regiment of Zolton look-alikes.

“I liked the magician. Pa says it was just a trick; but when he sawed that girl in half it looked awful real to me. I wish I had magic powers. I would make Jarrod disappear.” Wade threw a third rock. “I’m bored.” He sighed and looked up at the blazing sun. “Let’s go to the lake for a swim.”

The boys strolled to the same woods Jarrod entered a few minutes earlier. They followed the narrow, well marked path in their usual formation, Wade leading the way. They approached the swimming hole where the town’s children played. Years ago someone had tied a rope to a tall oak whose branches hung over the water. They slowed when they heard voices. They crept along the path until they saw several boys already enjoying the cool water. “Shoot, it’s Peter Dark”, Wade whispered. The boys headed back the way they came. After traveling a few yards Wade noticed a lesser used trail branching off the main path. “This must go to the far side of the lake. I bet nobody’s there.”

“But there’s also no rope swing and the water’s not as deep.” Danny whined.

“Would you rather be bullied by Peter? You know what he’s like when he’s around his friends.”

Danny shoved his hands into his pockets. “Picking on everybody just because he the biggest boy in school. My mama says the Dark’s have part of the devil in them. That’s why they’re all so big.”

“Pa calls Peter’s father the devil himself. He owns the land we farm. He always giving advice that no one asks for.” Wade headed down the new trail. Danny reluctantly followed. The ground wasn’t as well worn as the main passage. They had to duck under low hanging branches and step over large rocks. The uneven terrain slowed the bare footed boys’ progress. The traveling got easier as they neared the water. A large rock outcrop blocked their view of lake. They heard splashing and voices yet again. However, it sounded like men this time. Not wanted to be seen, they crawled the rest of the way. The boys pressed their bodies against the boulder and peered around it. They saw two men playing in the water. One man was picking up the other and tossing him in the air. The boys immediately noticed the smaller man was nude. He would crash into the water before coming back for more. “It’s Jarrod.” Danny moved closer to get a better look.

The rough play continued for a few minutes before the larger man tired and walked toward land. More of him was revealed as the lake bottom rose to meet the shore. He was nude also. Jarrod fought the water to catch up to his companion. Walking nearly side by side, it became apparent the bigger man was bigger in every way. He was taller, broader, more muscular and better endowed. He appeared older too; probably in his early twenties. He pushed his waterlogged, shoulder length hair off his angular face. He had thick black eyebrows and large dark eyes. The shadow of his heavy beard could be seen even from the boy’s distance. A thin coat of dark hair covered his limbs and chest. He must have spent a great deal of time outdoors without a shirt. The top half of his body was darker than the lower half. The paler skin color contrasted the patch of curly hair surrounding his dangling man parts. It went against a farm boy’s logic that something would grow that big without the benefit of sunlight. “Who is he?” Danny whispered.

“It’s Nathaniel Dark, Peter’s cousin. He’s came back to town a couple of weeks ago. He’s working as an apprentice in his father’s blacksmith shop.” Wade said softly.

Danny was awestruck. “That’s Nathaniel Dark? Wow, he sure has gotten big.”

Wade repositioned his legs to get more comfortable, “I guess a year of hard labor on a chain gang will do that to you.”

“Look at his…thing. It’s the size of an ear of corn.”

Wade chuckled, “He better hope none of our pigs get a hold of it.”

Danny didn’t think it was the least bit funny. He adjusted his growing reaction hoping Wade wouldn’t notice. “You think the Dark’s come from Persia?” Wade didn’t answer.

Jarrod stopped at the water’s edge to watch Nathaniel. The big man moved with great confidence. He wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable being nude in front of another man. He ran his hands over his scalp to squeeze the excess water out of his long, jet black tresses. The large muscles of his back and shoulders bulged with the movement. Jarrod must have liked what he saw. He was having the same reaction as Danny. Nathaniel turned to face his swimming partner. He seemed indifferent to the smaller man’s aroused state. He sat down on a large rock that had the crude shape of a reclined chair. Nathaniel leaned back against the hard surface. He closed his eyes as the heat of the rock soothed his hard working muscles. He had one leg bent at the knee as the other hung over the edge. After a minute, he opened one eye and found Jarrod still leering at him as he fingered his skin flute. “Don’t just stand there. Get me my lunch.”

Jarrod quickly went to the bundle he carried out of the house. It had been placed on top of his clothes to keep it dry and away from the ants. He untied the checkered cloth and held its contents out for Nathaniel as a servant would. “It’s the ham you like. I made you two sandwiches this time like you told me…and an apple.” Nathaniel grabbed one sandwich and quickly devoured it. He chewed with his mouth open. His pace slowed slightly as he ate the second. Jarrod polished the apple with the now empty cloth and patiently waited for Nathaniel to take it from him. After swallowing the last bite of sandwich, the diner finally took his desert course.

Jarrod sat on the rock next to Nathaniel and faced him. He gingerly brushed the crumbs off the bigger man’s broad chest. Once the crumbs were gone, he continued to slowly finger the silky threads which coated the hard muscle. Without saying a word, Jarrod began to kiss the area he had just swept clean. He sucked and licked Nate’s large nipples. Nathaniel continued to slowly eat his apple as if Jarrod wasn’t there. Jarrod looked up at him, “please” was all he said. Nathaniel responded by making his chest muscles rise. The boys could hear Jarrod’s soft moans as he gave Nate’s hard pecs more attention. The bigger man looked bothered by Jarrod’s oral treatment of his sensitive nipples. He raised his right arm and flexed. The distraction worked. Jarrod squeezed the ball of muscle. Soon Nate’s bicep was also covered with Jarrod’s saliva.

Nathaniel finished his apple. He sent the core flying over the calm water. He watched it carefully finding pride in how far he was able to throw it. He was more focused on the accomplishment than his admirer. He cleaned his teeth with his index finger. It was only then he looked over at Jarrod. Jarrod tired to kiss Nate’s mouth. Nate moved his head quickly to the side to deny the smaller man. The thick stubble of Nate’s beard scraped roughly against Jarrod’s soft lips. To show his displeasure with Jarrod’s attempt, Nate put his hand on top of Jarrod’s face. The big man’s palm covered most of it. He pushed Jarrod back. The seventeen year old crashed to the ground. “That’s enough of your slobbering. Just get me hard.” Nate put his hands behind his head and draped both legs over the edge of the rock he sat on. He spread his legs further apart to allow full access to the source of his incredible virility. He generously created an altar for Jarrod to worship at. “Come on, I ain’t got all day.” He ordered before closing his eyes.

Jarrod got to his feet and brushed himself off. He stood between Nate’s muscular thighs and brushed them with his fingertips. He slowly ran his hands over Nate’s flexed triceps and flared lats. He began to lick Nate’s nipples again. Nate was losing his patience. Without opening his eyes he put one hand on top of Jarrod’s head and pushed it lower. He returned the hand behind his head when he felt the smaller man’s mouth on his thick tool. Within seconds the muscles in Nathaniel’s torso began to flex and bulge. His abdominals undulated as his breathing became exaggerated. He lowered his arms and hugged the warm rock beneath him. He lifted his chin and arched his back slightly. He started to lick his lips repeatedly. After another minute he pulled Jarrod’s mouth off of him by grabbing the back of his hair. For the first time, Nate’s erect penis came into view for the young peeping Toms. It was huge; at least eight inches long and thick as a table leg. Danny felt the deep churning within him again. This time it was more focused at his groin than in his stomach.

Nathaniel stood up and spun Jarrod around. He positioned his hard cock with one hand while holding the back of Jarrod’s neck with the other. He thrust himself inside Jarrod’s proud ass. Jarrod’s face showed his discomfort. Danny and Wade had two different reactions. Wade was confused while Danny was enlightened.

Nate rocked his hips; with each thrust he went deeper inside of Jarrod. The bigger man had his eyes closed tight again and his head back. The smaller man seemed to be fighting back pain as he steadied himself for Nate’s pleasure. Jarrod took Nate’s hand off his hip and moved it to his own throbbing rod. He tired to get Nate to stroke him. As soon as Nate realized what Jarrod was doing, he pulled his hand away. The intensity of his thrusts increased like he was punishing Jarrod. Jarrod gasped and bit his lower lip. Soon Nate stopped, then his body jerked slightly. Both men didn’t appear to breathe for what seemed like forever. Finally Nate gave a long exhale and pulled out of Jarrod.

Released by Nate, Jarrod turned and wrapped his arms around the taller man. He nuzzled Nate’s chest. The two’s breathing became synchronized. Jarrod moved his hands down Nate’s back and onto his round ass. He massaged the two fleshy globes and pushed his still hard cock into Nate’s thigh. Jarrod began to slowly grind his hips, sliding his shaft up and down Nate’s muscular quad. Nate broke Jarrod’s hold and moved away. Jarrod followed Nate like a puppy wanting attention. Jarrod ran his hands over Nate’s broad back. He slid his hands under Nate’s arms and cupped his pecs. Jarrod leaned into Nate. He lifted his swollen cock and gently placed it along Nate’s ass crack. Nate took a step forward. Jarrod tried again. Nate spun around and punched Jarrod in the stomach. The smaller man hit the ground for a second time. Nate took a step forward. Jarrod raised his hand to indicate he wanted him to stop. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t going to stick it in. I just wanted to rub it along the outside. I swear.” Nathaniel grabbed Jarrod’s forearm and twisted it behind his back as he knelt down beside his victim. “Please Nate, not again. I said I was sorry.”

Nate slammed his fist into Jarrod’s twisted shoulder. “It’s your own fault. I wouldn’t have to repeatedly teach you a lesson if you obeyed the rules. Only the stronger man gets what he wants. That’s the way it was in prison and the way it is here. Do you understand?” Jarrod nodded his head. Nate punched Jarrod’s tortured joint again. Jarrod whimpered loudly. “Which one of us is stronger?”

Jarrod cried out in pain, “Please you’re going to break it.” Wade and Danny fought the impulse to run to Jarrod’s aid.

Nate threw another punch, “Say it, boy.”

“Owww…you…you’re the strongest.” Jarrod struggled to get the words out through the pain.

“Damn right.” Nate let go and stood up. He knocked Jarrod to the ground with his foot. The dominant man slowly walked into the lake and submerged completely. He stood up pushing his hair off his angular face once more. He took a moment to thoroughly rinse his hard body before coming back to the shore. He picked up his pants and slid them on.

Jarrod sat quietly watching him as he rubbed his battered arm. “You’re leaving. I said I was sorry. I’ll follow the rules, I promise.” Jarrod pleaded. The younger boys didn’t understand why Jarrod was apologizing to Nathaniel.

“I know you won’t. Not unless you want me to snap that scrawny shoulder of yours.” Nathaniel said in a confident tone without looking at his companion.

“It’s not fair. I didn’t even…” Jarrod slammed his hand into the ground in frustration. “Everything I do for you and you won’t even touch me.”

“Nope.” Nate showed little concern as he pulled on his shirt. It was the Henley style with four buttons running from the neck opening to the chest. Most of the buttons were missing. The deep V neckline was pulled open by his thick chest to show his tanned muscle cleavage and chest hair. He pushed up the sleeves to reveal his equally masculine forearms.

“You’re not even going to let me feel your muscles while I do it myself.” Jarrod couldn’t hide his disappointment.

Nate sat down on the rock to put on his boots. “You had your chance while I was eating lunch.”

Jarrod scoffed, “You mean the lunch I made you and served you like some…girl.”

Nate chuckled, “Well, you’re as weak as a girl.”

Jarrod grabbed his own pants and stepped into them. “I don’t think we should do this again.”

The bigger man shrugged his broad shoulders, “Okay.” He stood up and adjusted his still shrinking bulge.

Jarrod wrapped the cloth napkin from Nate’s lunch around his hand nervously, “I mean it.”

“That’s what you always say; but you’ll be at the livery in a couple of days begging me to meet up with you.” Nate ran his long fingers through his damp hair once more. He tucked his shirt into his slim fitting pants.

Jarrod looked at Nate. He was still a vision of virility even when fully dressed. Clothes couldn’t hide the sensual contours of his body. In a way he looked more impressive. The boots made his legs look longer. His thighs and ass looked sturdier in his well filled pants. The bulge at his crotch let everyone know he was a real man without being too explicit. The pale colored shirt showcased his dark, brooding looks. Then there was the small area of his chest revealed. It teased at what couldn’t be seen. Nate could feel Jarrod eyeing him. He expanded his chest because he knew how Jarrod lusted after it. Jarrod’s cock reversed its shrinking condition. When their eyes met, Jarrod turned away. Nate just snickered, “Oh yeah, you’ll be begging me to take you back.”

Jarrod didn’t want Nate to know he was right. But his too tight pants betrayed him. He tried to cover his growing pole with the napkin. “All you care about is yourself.”

“You have to remember I can always find someone else to satisfy my needs; but what about you?” Nate put his hands on his hips and flexed his chest. “How many other men in these parts have what you hanker for?”

Jarrod both hated and loved Nate’s arrogance, “Wait until I’m stronger than you. Then you’ll have to do what I want.”

Nate marched to the other man. He stood directly in front of Jarrod staring down into his eyes. Jarrod tried not to look afraid. Suddenly Nate grabbed Jarrod’s package through his tight pants. The blacksmith had a strong grip. He squeezed it firmly. “You don’t have what it takes to become stronger than me.” Jarrod could feel the strength radiating off Nathaniel’s bigger body. Jarrod’s eyes lowered to Nate’s chest. The muscles pulsed from his hold on him. Striations radiating from his recessed breast bone filled the opening of his shirt. Nate felt Jarrod growing in his hand. He couldn’t believe Jarrod was getting aroused while he was hurting him. Did he really crave his touch that much? Or did he just enjoy the pain? Nate brushed his thumb back and forth over the plump outline of Jarrod’s cock. Jarrod’s mouth fell open and his body shuddered as he came immediately. The bigger man let go and walked away. “Put more butter on the sandwiches next time. They were a little dry.” Nate said without turning around.

Danny and Wade scrambled to the back side of the rocky outcrop. They used a bush to hide behind as Nathaniel passed. They stayed there in complete silence waiting for Jarrod to leave. Danny felt something sticking into his back. He put his hand behind him to feel the object. He withdrew his hand quickly as something sharp pierced his finger. He sucked the blood away as Jarrod passed. It took awhile before both boys exhaled. Wade crawled out from behind the bush first. Danny turned around to see what cut him. It was a small piece of metal sticking out of the rock. He tried to pull it free. It was tight. He wiggled it back and forth to loosen it. Danny finally crawled out and found Wade waiting for him. He held the object in his palm for his friend to see. “Look at what I found sticking out of the rock.”

“It’s shaped like a piece of pie.” Wade picked it up. Some blood was left in Danny’s palm. “Is that blood?”‘

“I cut my finger on it.” Danny held up his digit to show the wound. A bead of blood formed on the tip. He stuck it in his mouth to reclaim more of the crimson life force

Wade dropped the piece of metal back into Danny’s palm and wiped his hand on his overalls. “It’s a broken piece of iron, maybe a nail. I wonder how it got stuck in a rock.” Wade put his hands into his pockets. “It looks old, but has no rust. Maybe it will be lucky for you.”

“It’s hasn’t been so far”, Danny spoke with his finger still in his mouth. “I think it’s an Indian arrowhead.”

“They used rocks not iron, stupid.” Wade shook his head. “If I was a great magician I could turn it into gold using special magic words. Then you would be rich.”

Danny pulled his finger from his mouth. “I rather you use the words to turn me into a strongman like Zolton. Then I could join the circus, see the world, and be rich.”

“I would probably use the wrong words and make you a rabbit or a dove instead of strongman.”

Danny closed his hand around the metal. “I wish I would change to whatever I heard you say. I trust you Martin boys.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Anything is better than what I am now.”

Wade didn’t know how to respond. He looked around. “I don’t feel like swimming any more. We should head back home.” He looked up at the position of the sun in the sky, “It’s getting late.”

Danny knelt down on the ground to study his discovery more. “I’m tuckered out.”

“Come on Danny. Our ma’s will be wondering where we went off to.”

Danny kept fingering the strange piece of metal. “In a minute.”

Wade shook his head again. “I wish you had the vigor of a lamb so we can get going all ready.” Suddenly Danny sprung up. He bounced on the balls of his feet before he ran down the path. Wade followed behind, “Danny, wait.” He couldn’t keep up with him. Wade found him a few yards ahead waiting. He was still jogging in place. “I thought you were tuckered out.”

“I was; but now it feels like I’ll burst if I don’t keep moving.” Danny began to run in small circles around his friend. “Do you think all men do that stuff…together?”

Wade turned his head to keep Danny in his sight. “What stuff?’

“You know, what Jarrod and Nathaniel did at the lake.”

“I don’t think so.” Wade rubbed the back of his neck. He hoped they would never discuss what they saw.

“Why not?” Danny asked.

“It kind of looked like two animals fornicating. You know the bull’s part…gets hard and he puts it…inside the cow. I don’t think it’s normal for two bulls to do it. I’ve never seen it anyway. And it doesn’t make sense. It’s not like a bull is going to birth a calf.” Wade started to walk down the path again.

Danny kept bouncing as he walked behind Wade. “All because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And we’re people, not animals. Maybe it’s different, you know…normal for people to do.”

“We hear about sin between a man and a woman all the time in church. Have you heard the reverend ever talk about two men sinning?”

“No, I guess not.” Danny thought for a moment. “Maybe it’s not a sin when two men do it.” Wade gave him an incredulous look over his shoulder. “If it’s not normal, why do you think they did it?”

“Don’t know. Nathaniel said something about Jarrod having a hankering.”

“Do you ever have that kind of hankering?’ Danny asked timidly.

“No, of course not”, Wade snapped. “Do you?”

“No.” Danny didn’t want Wade to know he was lying so he added defensively, “He’s not my brother.”

Wade stopped and pushed Danny, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing”, Danny ran ahead for a few yards. He waited for Wade where the two paths met. They both felt better being on the familiar trail.

“I don’t’ want to talk about this anymore.” Wade said as he passed his friend.

They continued their trek in silence. The boys parted ways when they came out of the woods. Danny said goodbye and ran all the way back home.

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