The Coven Coin 12: The Other Side

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The numbers confirmed it. Paul had lost more than half his body weight. Today he weighed 136 pounds and stood at 5’ 3”. He was 15 inches shorter and 180 pounds lighter than the day Tim cast his spell. Paul stepped off the scale. He went to the full length mirror on the other side of the room. He looked at his reflection with no emotion. His fight instinct went the way of his muscle mass. He had become uncomfortably numb to his new reality. That little man looking back at him was who he was now. Over the past ten weeks the muscle God had become a below average mortal. Even his face had changed. He could see more of his mother in his features. His neck was thinner; but some how his Adam’s apple was less prominent. He wore a new pair of boxers. They were a size small and fit him well. Paul ran his hand over his stomach. Every muscle fiber was visible through his thin, pale skin. He crunched his well toned abdominals that protected his 26 inch waist. Gone were the huge blocks of muscle. His outy belly button was now the biggest bump on his stomach. His pecs were solid and mounded slightly from his breast bone. He couldn’t bounce them like before; they just didn’t have the heft. He could only muster a slight twinge. He flexed his arms to force the barely there muscle to expand. When he lowered his arms his biceps disappeared from view. He looked more like a 16 year old athlete than a 27 year old bodybuilder.

The solace of the quiet room was interrupted by Simon. “He was right again.” The guard said in a superior tone. Paul didn’t ask. He calmly went to his locker and sat down on the bench in front of it. Simon pursued him, “Titan said you wouldn’t be wearing posers. You can’t wear boxers at a bodybuilding competition. That’s why he told me to go by your place and pick up these.” The blonde guard pulled out the pair of Paul’s custom made briefs. It was the pair he wore at the exhibition ten weeks ago. He held them up at his waist. “Why are most of your clothes so big?” Simon put his fist inside the stretchy pouch. “Talk about wishful thinking. There’s room in here for three of you.”

Paul looked at him slightly irritated, “You broke into my apartment and went through my things?”

“I’m the building superintendent. I used my pass key. It’s my right to inspect the property as I see fit”

“You still should have asked first”, Paul stood up and went to grab the briefs from Simon. The taller man held them up out of Paul’s reach. He laughed as Paul jumped to reach them. Paul soon tired of the game. “I forgot you’re Titan’s lap dog now.”

“Jealous?” Simon put his hand on Paul’s narrow chest and pushed him. Paul fell back onto the bench behind him. It took all his remaining strength and coordination to stop from tumbling onto the floor. Simon laughed at how weak the little man was. He pulled the posers over Paul’s scalp like a knit cap. “That’s the only head you’ve got that will fill them.” Simon went to the mirror. He flexed his arm and ran is hand over his thick bicep. “Titan and I help each other. We have a mutual respect for each other; an understanding. I do errands for him on the outside and he advises me on how to get better results at the gym. If I could have a body half as perfect as his, I would….” The sexy guard turned away from his reflection. “I’m not his only friend in this place. He has a meeting with the parole board next month. The warden is going to do everything he can to make sure he gets their approval. Once he’s out, I invited him to stay with me until he gets on his feet.”

Paul pulled off the red cap, “He’s going to be living in my building?”

“No, he’s going to be living in my building.” Simon spoke in a sharp tone. “Don’t worry; I doubt you will be there much longer. Without a job you won’t be able to pay rent and I don’t tolerate squatters.”

Titan walked into the room. He was so massive he seemed to take the space of two men. His exposed arms were swollen with indescribable power. Together they probably weighed as much as Paul’s entire body. He didn’t seem to notice the impish guard as he passed. He walked up to Simon. “Hey moron, where have you been? Did you get the posers like you were told?” The tension in his voice was clear.

Simon’s posture became more submissive. “Yes, Titan. The red, shiny ones just like you said.” He glanced at Paul. He tired to dissipate Titan’s anger with a little humor at Paul’s expense. “They’re so big he’s going to look ridiculous at there.”

Titan looked down at Paul and saw the briefs in his hand. . “Yeah, well it took you long enough.” After a moment of thought, he focused back on Simon. His voice was more calm, “Do you have body oil?”

Simon’s face lit up, “Yes, sir.” He practically ran to his locker and fumbled with the combination.

With Simon’s attention diverted, Titan pulled a pair of briefs from his pocket and threw them at Paul. It was the pair Tiny wore at the exhibition. Titan then grabbed Paul’s briefs from the smaller man’s hand. Paul now realized why Titan told Simon to bring the briefs. They were for him to wear. Now that he had an exact replica of Paul’s former body, they would fit him perfectly. Titan had everything planned out. Paul worried what else his agenda called for. He knew it couldn’t be anything good for him. “Excuse me, but why is a prisoner in the guard’s locker room? I don’t think he should be walking around without an escort or at least cuffs? You know what a stickler the warden is for proper procedure.”

Titan just laughed as he kicked off his shower shoes and unzipped his jumpsuit. “I’m running this place now. The warden’s given me total control.” Simon was mesmerized by Titan as he fought to free his massively muscular limbs from the garment’s arm openings. It took an annoyed look from Titan before Simon assisted him. He wore nothing underneath. As he stepped out of the overalls he seemed to grow larger. The clothes hide his insane definition. His nude form looked superhuman. Every muscle was thick, heavy, and separate. Under his latte colored skin the protruding muscles jumped at his slightest movement. Paul’s eyes locked onto Titan’s crotch. His balls had been shaven clean. His manhood was a darker coffee color. It was soft, but had to be more than half a foot long and as thick as Paul’s wrist. It reminded Paul of a giant Tootsie Roll in saw in a candy store once. Paul’s mouth watered as he wondered if it would taste of sweet. He looked away. Why was he thinking such things? He wasn’t gay.

Titan went to the mirror. His body fat was so low even his ass had striations. He stepped into the briefs he took from Paul. He slid them up his legs and maneuvered them into place. He adjusted his package and pulled the waist band higher on his hips. The suit molded to him. He stood motionless and studied his reflection; the joy on his face was obvious. He had an aura of supreme power and masculinity. “Everything is just as it should be.” He took in his magnificence from every angle. “It’s a real crime to cover even a square inch of this body.” He did a few quick poses. He went into the classic double bicep pose and kept pumping his arms larger and larger. “Shit, I feel even stronger than I look.”

Tim’s words made Paul look at him again. He studied the living work of art. His towering height, the handsomeness of his face, the breadth of his shoulders, the arch of his back, the curve of his ass, the thickness of his thighs; it was all overwhelming. Paul had never seen a more virile man in his life. He was perfect. Was that how he looked ten weeks ago? Seeing his body for the first time as other people saw it gave him a new awareness. He now understood their reaction and behavior toward him. What he had truly lost was beginning to sink in; it was much more than just inches and pounds.

“I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be you.” Simon spoke in a hushed voice as if in a gallery.

Titan was reminded he wasn’t alone. He saw two sets of eyes staring at him. “How about you Peewee, can you imagine what it’s like to be me?”

Paul didn’t say anything as he lowered his head. Simon laughed, “Him? He can’t even imagine wants it like to be a grown man.”

Titan smirked as he massaged his hefty organ through its silky covering. He looked back in the mirror and used his other hand to explore his beefy pecs. “Simon, give Peewee the baby oil.”

Simon looked as if Titan’s words physically hurt him, “Why?”

“You know better than to question me.” Titan looked up at the clock on the wall. “Give him the oil and go make sure everything is ready.” Titan spoke with little malice. He was still enthralled by his bulging body parts.

“But you promised I could oil you up”, Simon whined.

Titan didn’t talk his eyes off the mirror. “There will be plenty of other chances when we’re living together. Now be a good boy and do as I say.” Simon opened his mouth. “Not another word.” The blonde guard threw the bottle at Paul and stormed out of the locker room.

Now that Tim and Paul were alone, he could speak freely. “I’m finally the man I always wanted to be…you on that day ten weeks ago.” Titan ran his hands over his thighs, ass, abs and then chest, “It’s better than I thought. And I thought it was going to be mind blowing.” He pumped his arms. “I must bee the strongest man in the world, a fucking real live Superman.” Titan glanced at Paul’s reflection in the mirror. “Is that how you felt when this was all yours?” Paul kept his head down. ”It almost explains why you were so self involved.” Titan turned toward his unresponsive companion. “Won’t it be nice the two of us living in the same building? You can watch me bring home all the bodybuilding trophies you were meant to win. Not to mention the different bar trophies I’ll fuck each and every night. You’ll hear them cuming over and over as you lie there alone in your cold, empty bed.” Paul sat still. Titan no longer tolerated being ignored by anyone. He folded his arms over his chest, “Put on the posers I gave you.” Paul didn’t move. Titan went to him and stood over him. “I thought you were only bragging when you told Momar benching 540 was just a warm up for you. Now I know it was the truth.” He lightly smacked the side of Paul’s head knocking the smaller man over. “Don’t make me forcibly put them on your pathetic body. I might accidentally break some of your bones. You should know better than anyone else just how easily I can do it.”

Paul looked up at the tower of muscle. All he could see was the huge red pouch suspended from his crotch, his abdominal brick wall and his magnificent pec overhang. Paul backed off the bench. He stood up against a row of lockers. The cold metal on his skin made him flinch. He could see more of Titan now. He did look like Superman. Paul knew he better do as he wanted. He just had to get through the next hour and then he would never have to see him again. He pulled down his boxers. He grabbed the posers from the bench. He stepped into them and began to pull them up. He froze when he felt Titan touching him. Titan held Paul’s dick between his thumb and forefinger. “Shit, my thumb is longer and thicker than your dick. Was I really that small? No wonder I was the prison joke.” Titan then fingered Paul’s marbles. The big man slid his other hand inside his briefs for comparison. He squeezed both with the same pressure. Paul gasped in pain. Titan seemed shocked, “Shit, I wasn’t even trying to hurt you.” A smile came to his face, “I bet I could easily crush your tiny bee bees if I wanted. Then you really wouldn’t be a man.” Paul kept his head to the side, his eyes unfocused. Titan let go without saying another word. Paul pulled up the briefs. The elastic around the leg openings and waist were tight; but the suit itself was loose and baggy especially in the front. “Was that so difficult, Peewee? Now be a good boy and pick up the oil.”

Titan turned around and pushed his shoulders back. Paul looked at the broad expanse. His entire shoulder span could fit between Titan’s delt and spine. “Come on, come on, I don’t have all day. My fans are waiting.” Paul squeezed some oil into his palm and applied it to Titan’s shoulder blades. Paul’s small hands glided over the slick and finely chiseled surface. It felt like polished marble. He stretched to reach his traps and delts. His fingers glided over the Christmas tree growing from his tail bone. Titan put his hands on his hips and flared his lats making back expand by another foot or two. Paul’s fingers wrapped around the flanks of muscle and followed them from his corrugated obliques to his deep pits.

Titan relaxed his back and flexed his glutes. “Now do my ass.” Paul got to his knees and oiled the matching globes. They were just inches from his face. Titan released his cheeks. The ridged, granite spheres morphed into smooth mounds. “People told me I had a great ass before, but it feels like I’m sitting on two soccer balls with your body.” Paul’s hands went down the back of Titan’s immense thighs without being prompted. The more of Titan he touched, the more he wanted to continue. Paul never felt anything like this even when he owned it. He now understood why people couldn’t keep their hands off him. Paul pushed his thumbs into the thick vertical bands of muscle. “That’s it try to work my quads, boy.” The giant bent his legs slightly then extended the one Paul was working on out to the slide. The muscle exploded outward. “You don’t have enough strength to dent these tree trunks. It’s the size as your chest.” Paul moved down to the perfectly proportioned calf. When he got to Tim’s size 16 foot, he couldn’t help but compare it to his own. His size 7 looked comical next to the Titan’s. Paul finished the other carved trunk. He stood waiting for further instructions.

Titan turned around to look at the smaller man. He expected him to be angry or crying. But Paul seemed unaffected by his attempt to break him. Paul became unnerved with Titan looking down at him in silence. He felt so small and weak next to the hulking giant. He tried to cover his thin frame with his arms. Paul modified his plan, “I want you to do your legs now while the feel of mine is still fresh in your mind.” Paul put his hands on his own thighs. While they were well muscled, they felt withered in comparison to Titan’s. Paul covered both of his legs quickly. He was feeling sick to his stomach. He stood up. The color had drained from his face.

Titan grinned. Plan B was working. He took the bottle of oil from Paul and made a trail across his chest. “Get to it boy.” Paul reached up at touched Titan’s massive pecs. He stretched to reach Titan’s very high and yard wide shoulders. He rested his chin on Titan’s upper abs as he coated his delts. Looking up he could see the nipples pointing down at him from the two inch overhang of beef. Titan flexed his tits. The muscle bunched and rolled seductively under Paul’s hands; like two of the earth’s tectonic plates quaking and colliding. It looked like an avalanche of muscle coming toward Paul. His cock was throbbing. It had been days since he had an erection. He didn’t want to cum touching another man, even a man this superlative. Paul dropped his hands to his side and lowered his head. Titan grabbed Paul’s tiny hands in his. He forced Paul’s back to his chest, then down the rippled foothills of his abs. Titan guided Paul’s hands over his own thinner torso. “How do your pecs and abs feel, Peewee? Nonexistent?” Paul inhaled sharply fighting his tears. Titan picked up the bottle again and ran a bead of oil down each arm. “Now do my massive guns.”

Paul raised his head. “Please, you’ve won. I get it. You’re the perfect man now and I’m nothing.”

Titan curled his wrists to make his arms bulge, “You have to finish the job, boy.”

“Please. I’m already hard.”

Titan titled his head to see Paul’s crotch. “Difficult to tell.” He pulled the waist band of Paul’s briefs and looked down at his stiff dick. He chuckled then let the elastic snap back. “You haven’t cum yet. I remember it took a lot for me to get off when I had that body. Low test means no sex drive. But this should do it.” He did a double bi, “Your arms were your best body part and so fucking strong.” Titan got out of the pose and angled his body so his right arm hung directly in front of Paul. “Now, boy.”

Paul touched Tim’s hand. The image of him as a little boy reaching for his father’s hand flashed in his mind. Titan’s knuckles were still ravaged from beating Momar to death. He now had the fists that instilled fear in the inmates. Paul encircled Titan’s wrist with both hands, then worked the dripping oil into his firm flesh in an upward fashion. The flesh became harder as its girth increased. “Does my arm contain more muscle than your entire body?” Titan asked in a cocky tone. Paul didn’t get the reference to the comment he made at the exhibition. Titan carefully twisted his torso into a modified back, double bicep. He angled his shoulders so one arm was lower than the other. This allowed Paul’s hands to easily keep contact with the bicep. Titan pumped his arm several times. The muscle ebbing and flowing under Paul’s hand was incredibly sensual. Titan flexed hard, “Now it’s at its full 26”; the size of your waist.” Paul let out a small whimper. Titan’s massive peaks were part of a whole mountain range. His biceps, delts and traps rivaled the topography of the Himalyas. Paul’s pale hand looked like the snow cap on Titan’s earth toned mountain. Paul lost control. A teaspoon of runny milk dribbled from his dick. Titan began to shake from flexing so hard. Unaware of Paul’s surrender, he shifted his body again so the other arm was now in front of Paul. Paul didn’t want to continue. He knew the bigger man was enjoying this too much to allow him to stop. Paul got more oil and coated the other peak. Titan faced Paul again. He was breathing heavy from the all out posing. He saw the dark spot on Paul’s briefs. He chuckled, “I knew you couldn’t resist. I’ve found out no one can. Now do your own arms.”

Paul put his hand on his bicep. It felt a like a twig. Titan grabbed Paul’s thin wrist and forced his arm into the flexed position. A little muscle popped up. His 12” ant hill was pathetic compared to Titan’s 26” Everest. Paul burst out in tears. He stood in front of Titan with his head down; his shoulders heaving up and down sobbing loudly. “You aren’t done. There’s one part of the old Powwow, Peewee hasn’t felt.” Titan slid his hand inside his briefs and pulled out his pleasure parts. He let them drop in front of his briefs. The pouch forced behind his larger ball sack.

Paul stepped back. He shook his head no. “Please, I beg of you. Haven’t I suffered enough? I’ve said you’ve won. You’ve taken everything.” Paul wiped his nose with his forearm. “What did I ever do to you to deserve this?”

Titan laughed, “The fact you don’t remember how you humiliated me at the exhibition justifies everything I’m going to do to you.”

“But I was out of it then. I was dehydrated and hungry. I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

“Bullshit. Your real personality comes out when your guard is down. Now get over here. I want you to experience the most important thing you’ve lost; the only thing that didn’t require hours in the gym to get huge.” Tim palmed his package. Paul took another step backward. Titan’s eyes narrowed. His muscles in his jaw bulged. His arms pulsed with power as he clenched his fist. Paul’s heart felt like it was going to burst from his chest. Without saying a word, the threat was understood. He had never been so afraid. All he wanted to do was turn and run. But how far would he get before Titan caught him. He took a step forward, then another. When he was within reach, he extended his hand tentatively. Titan grabbed it and forced it onto his package. It was actually hot to the touch. Steam should be rising off it Paul thought. Titan pushed Paul’s hand higher. “This is what every man wants between his legs. Squeeze it. Feel its volume and weight in your hand.” Paul tried his best, but it was too big to get a good grip. “You don’t even have the strength to hurt my only vulnerable spot.” Titan applied more pressure pushing Paul’s hand into his balls. Both men shuddered. “Remember how good it felt to touch when it was yours“. Paul wanted to cry again but was too afraid. Titan let go of Paul’s hand. “Get me hard.” Paul froze. “I want you to make me cum. Do whatever you have to, but get me off.” Titan moved Paul’s hand from under his balls to the top of his meat.

Paul wrapped his fingers around Titan’s supple hose. He began to stroke it. Paul was clumsy and ineffectual. “Let’s make this interesting. Grab your cock in your other hand.” Paul followed his orders. “If you get hard first, I’ll give you back everything I took.” Paul looked up at Titan in disbelieve. “What do have left to lose?” Paul began to stroke both cocks. Titan required much longer strokes. The difference between the two threw off Paul’s coordination. Titan began to grow, filling Paul’s hand. The smaller man was still soft. Paul began to panic. Titan had his eyes closed and was tweaking his nipples. Within thirty seconds Titan’s beefy 11 inches was defying gravity. “I win again.”

“But that wasn’t fair. You made me cum a few minutes ago.” Paul whined.

“Fair, I’m at least three times your size. Pumping up something this big should take more time than your puny dick. It’s like comparing a Mac truck’s inner tube to a Whoopee cushion.” Titan realized Paul’s hand was still slowly working his rod. “You like it touching it don’t you. Brings back good memories.” Paul withdrew his hand. Titan wiggled his finger at Paul, “Tsk tsk, I haven’t cum yet.” Paul returned his hand to the tubular flesh. “You remember how easy it was to get hard when you were this big. Remember how people reacted to seeing it. You could have any woman you wanted. You didn’t even have to try did you? How many whores did you satisfy with it; fifty….a hundred…two hundred…more? Do you think it’s even possible to satisfy a woman with what you have now? I bet she wouldn’t even feel you inside her. No one’s ever going to want you and your tiny dick again.” Paul’s face showed his torment as he continued to stroke Titan’s superior meat. He wanted to tell him to shut up; but didn’t dare. Precum began to leak out. Titan controlled is breathing not wanting to give Paul the satisfaction of making him cum too fast. “The world once bowed to PaulWinstonDark, the perfect man of muscle and cock. Now that’s over. For the rest of your life you’ll be nothing but a sniveling, weak, tiny, piece of shit. I’m the muscle God with the huge cock now.” Titan’s words turned him on more than Paul’s hands. He shot a load. It hit Paul. Several ounces of hot gel covered his chest.

Paul stared at white sauce slowly running down his flat pecs. It had to be ten times the volume he unloaded in his shorts minutes ago. Simon walked-in. He looked at Titan’s softening cock; then at Paul’s chest. He wanted to ask what was going on; but could tell Titan wasn’t in the mood. He cleared his throat, “It’s time. Everyone’s waiting for you.”

Titan waved Simon away. “Come on Peewee, we have a show to do.”

“What?” Paul looked up at him.

“Oh, this was just the opening act. We have an audience waiting for our big number. I had George teach me your routine. We’re going to do it together; just like at the exhibition two months ago. But this time it won’t be me they’ll be laughing at.” Titan disappeared into the restroom. He reappeared squeezing his cock into a handful of paper towels. He threw them at Paul. “After you clean yourself you can stuff them inside your briefs so you won’t look like such a little boy.” Titan arranged his package into the posers. After verifying his perfection in the mirror; he went to the door and held it open, “Come on, Peewee.” Paul finished drying his chest and dropped the towels on the floor. He exited under Titan’s arm without having to lower his head. He felt Titan at his back as he walked down the hall. He had to almost run to keep ahead of Titan’s leisurely pace.

A group of contestants were waiting outside the cafeteria doors. George, Simon and the warden were there also. Paul stopped when he saw them up ahead. He shivered in the chilly air. Titan shoved him from behind to keep him moving. The push caused Paul to stumble to the floor. He scraped his knee. He pulled himself up using one of the weapon cabinets lining the hall. The inmates laughed at Paul’s clumsiness. He searched for compassion from just one of the other men. No one seemed to care about his battered body or frightened demeanor. All eyes were on the Titan. “There’s the star of the show.” Paul looked up at the warden, but the older man was speaking to Titan. “I can’t wait to see your routine. Last time you two did this it was such a crowd pleaser. The size difference between the two of you is hilarious. A bit of Me and my Shadow if you know what I mean.” The warden put his hand on Titan’s arm as he joked.

Titan responded by flexing. The warden’s mouth watered. “I can’t be the shadow because I’m much too solid.” He pumped his arm again, “Don’t you agree Walter?” The warden tried to grab the huge ball of granite. His fingers slid over the hard, oily surface. “That’s 26 inches of pure power you’re touching.”

“26 inches!”, the warden was drooling. He noticed Titan found his awkward groping very amusing. He lowered his hand. “Uhm, yes…very good.”

“Warden, I don’t want…”, Paul only got a few words out before the warden spoke again.

“Let me know when you want to start, Titan. You are in control here.”

“Let’s not keep them waiting any longer. You have my permission to begin.”

The warden turned to enter the cafeteria. Paul grabbed his arm, “Sir please, I don’t want to do this. I never agreed to this.”

“As if you have a choice.” The warden scoffed and jerked his arm free. “After this you are no longer my employee. You can do whatever you want; but today you do exactly as Titan tells you.”

Paul felt a wave of heat at his back like someone had opened an oven door. He knew it had to be Titan. He felt the big man’s head move next to his. Titan’s whispered voice filled his ear, “How’s it feel not to matter.” A shiver went down Paul’s spine. There was a loud cheer from the cafeteria. “We’re on.” Tim shoved Paul through the doors.

The crowd was on its feet and cheering. The noise was deafening. People were taunting Paul. Paul tried to block it all out as he walked to the platform. Time seemed to slow as he took center stage. The other contestants and guards from the hall now stood inside the door to join the capacity crowd. All were looking in Paul’s direction. He could still sense Tim behind him. He heard the music for his routine. It sounded distorted, like a record on a slower speed. Titan’s voice commanded him to “Go”. He went from pose to pose in sync with the music. The crowd was laughing as they pointed at him. These were the men who once feared and respected him. Now he was nothing but a joke to them. Suddenly he didn’t care anymore. Being in prison would be less of a hell than the past ten week under Titan’s control. He lowered his arms and just stood there.

Titan noticed the stationary Paul. He yelled at him to continue as he went into the side triceps. Paul didn’t move. Tim stopped posing. He grabbed Paul’s elbows and put arms behind his head like he was a mannequin. Paul held that position as Titan did a front abdominal-thigh pose to end the routine. Paul didn’t move. Titan whisper in his ear, “You have to be punished for disobeying me. Powwow is dead. Long live Peewee.” He felt Tim’s hands on his hips and then something brushed his thighs. Suddenly the room went quiet for the first time since they entered. Tim felt a chill. He looked down and saw his briefs at his ankles. His tiny dick and fuzzy marble bag were on display for all to see. Tim had pulled down his posers. “Gentlemen I give you Peewee; the poorest excuse of a man that ever existed.” The crowd roared and began to chant, “Pee-wee, pee-wee, pee-wee”. It took a moment for Paul to come out of his shocked state. He bent down to pull up his bikini briefs. Titan put his foot on Paul’s bare ass and pushed him off the stage. Paul fell to the floor. He rolled onto his back and looked up at Titan. The giant folded his arms over his chest, “I got all I wanted from you. Now get out of my sight.” Titan began his posing routine again to the approval of the crowd. The chant changed to “Ti-tan, Ti-tan, Ti-tan.” Paul got to his feet and ran out of the cafeteria with no one seeming to care what had happened.

Paul fell against the wall after reaching the sanctuary of the hall. He was completely alone. The muffled chanting of the crowd could still be heard. Paul let his lungs fill with the cool air. He hung his head and closed his eyes trying to force the humiliation from his mind. Someone said his name. Paul opened his eyes. It was George. The older man put his hand on the small man’s shoulder and tried to comfort him. Paul began to cry. George hugged him. Paul felt the supervisor’s keys on George’s belt. A serene feeling overtook him. He gave his only friend one more hug before letting go. Paul pulled away from George and assured him he was okay. George went back to his duties as head judge for the competition unaware something was missing.

Titan was still enjoying the crowd’s approval. Whenever he hit a pose, the crowd erupted into applause. He basked in their admiration of his awe inspiring physical development. He was no longer the inmates’ joke, but their idol. This was what he had fantasized about. He was getting off on their reaction. His plumping cock only made the crowd cheer louder. Simon had positioned himself at one end of the stage so he could get an up close view of the show. Suddenly Titan stopped posing and a strange look overtook his face. Simon followed his line of sight. It was Paul. He had a gun pointed at Tim. The crowd went quiet as more became aware of the situation. Paul took a few steps closer to the stage. “You’re right I have nothing left to give…or to lose. You took my life so I’m going to take yours.” Simon lunged toward Tim to protect him. Paul pulled the trigger once, twice. Titan caught the blonde guard in his strong arms. He could feel the force of the bullets as they hit. George leapt over the judges table and tackled Paul to the floor. The small man was easily disarmed and restrained. The warden ordered a lock down. The alarm sounded. The inmates were quickly moved back to the cell blocks by the remaining guards.

Paul was escorted to the visitor’s room. Down another 16 pounds, his 118 pound frame was swallowed by the size small orange jumpsuit. His long hair had been replaced with a crew cut. His face was gaunt with dark circles under his eyes. His hands were shackled. He kept his head down as he normally did since arriving at the prison four months ago. He hardly ever spoke. His diminutive size combined with his timid demeanor earned him his latest nickname; Mouse.

He wasn’t sent to the same prison where he worked due to concerns about retaliation from both the prisoners and his former coworkers. But it didn’t take long for his work history to follow him. His first month in prison consisted of constant abuse from all fronts. It wasn’t until RoyBing, the leader of the Arian Brothers and convicted child molester, claimed Paul that most of the abuse stopped. Roy liked his play things small and weak. Paul’s slender frame and boyish face wetted his appetite. Paul wasn’t allowed to work out and his food was rationed. What little muscle mass he had received from Tiny Tim quickly disappeared. He reverted to Tim’s naturally rail-thin body type. The lack of calories made him weaker and more lethargic with each passing day. Ordered to stay out of the sun, his skin became pale as alabaster. Paul’s sickly appearance only enticed his master. A night didn’t pass that he wasn’t expected to perform his wifely duties.

As Paul shuffled along, he didn’t understand who would be visiting him. The only person he called was his Grandfather. He wasn’t supposed to come until next week. He still didn’t believe his story; but agreed to finally meet with him after weeks of pleading. When Paul arrived at the assigned stall he raised his head. It was Titan. The muscle giant looked even bigger than the last time he saw him at the trial. He must have been spending a lot of time in the gym since being paroled. His shoulders barely fit within the stall’s narrow walls. He wore a tight, black tank top that showcased his impossibly broad shoulders and massive upper arms. He wore his hair longer and parted in the middle as was the current style. His natural tan skin tone glowed with vitality. His face looked younger than his 23 years. It was as if he was somehow bathed in sunlight instead of the room’s overhead fluorescents. Paul’s body stiffened and he backed up into the guard behind him. The guard shoved him forward and bellowed, “Sit down, Mouse.” Paul swallowed hard and sat on the stool in front of him.

“Mouse, I think that’s worse than Peewee”. Titan said with a smirk. Paul stared at the perfected masculine specimen. It was the first time he saw him in street clothes. He looked like a work of art framed by the window. He was the antithesis of Roy. He should wretch at the sight of him, but couldn’t look away. He was too beautiful. “I bet he smells good too.” Paul thought. Titan noticed the look in Paul’s eyes. He leaned back on the chair so Paul could see more of him. The hulk ran his hand down his torso and cupped his denim encased package. He gave it a squeeze. “Most men have to pay for alone time with me.” Paul didn’t respond, not that Titan could see anyway. Titan put one arm behind his head revealing his arm pit and lifted his shirt as he flexed his abs. “This is a pose that seems to get everybody off. They love my 26” cannons and washboard abs. I’ve come to learn it’s a rare combination”

Paul finally looked away. Titan chuckled as he relaxed. He fought to fit in the space. “You didn’t tell me how easy it is to gain muscle with this body. Now that I can work out in a proper gym, I don’t have to work half as hard to get twice the results. I’m up to 346 pounds, and still ripped. I knew you were special, but I had no idea how special. I sure picked the right mark. The bodybuilding world is tripping over me.” Paul kept his head down. Titan sighed. “It looks like you’ve learned how difficult it is to keep muscle on that body. What are you down to about 120, 125? That’s what I weighed before I started lifting.” Titan sneered, “You look like shit.” Tim waited but Paul didn’t move. “Hey maybe this will cheer you up. It’s all due to you.” Tim pulled a rolled up magazine from his back pocket. He pressed it up against the glass. He knocked on the window to get Tim’s attention. “Hey, Peewee, what do you think?”

Paul lifted his eyes. It was a copy of Modern Muscle. Tim was on the cover wearing a pair of powder blue posers with a bikini clad woman at his feet. He looked amazing in the professional photo. The featured story was The New Superman of Bodybuilding. “Not bad huh? I banged the girl twice and let the photographer blow me. I would have fucked him too, but he was like 40 years old. One must have certain standards, well when money’s not involved.”

Titan pulled the magazine from the glass and dropped it on the desk in front of him. “I never was into women before; but they seem to enjoy my cock so much I can’t deny them the pleasure. I mean that’s what it was designed for right?” Titan sat back in the chair. He seemed troubled. “I don’t know how you found time to hold down a real job. I mean there never seems to be enough time in the day. Everybody wants a piece of me.” Titan went to run his fingers through his hair, but his arm banged into the wall. “I’m still getting used to your size. I’ve found the world isn’t designed for us, well me. You should have seen me try to get into this guy’s VW. I thought the thing was going to tip over.” He smiled and repositioned his body. “Where was I, oh yeah; working. Then again I don’t know why you bothered. I earn more under the table than any prison guard. There’s so much opportunity on the outside. An hour doesn’t pass that I’m not propositioned.” Tim put his hand on his chest and felt up the thick muscle cushion on the left. “This body is so fucking amazing. But I don’t need to tell you that.” Titan rolled up the magazine and returned it to his back pocket. “It’s a good article. I’m an American success story. A Hispanic kid from the streets of Boston, gets into trouble, goes to prison, discovers weightlifting and emerges as a champion.”

Paul look surprised. “Didn’t you hear? Yeah, I got out too late to compete for Mr. New England. But George pulled some strings and got me in the Mid Atlantics. I won of course. No one came close to my size and condition. But I want to get bigger. You knows what the limits are for this body; not even you. I grew my arms another quarter inch. They’re the biggest of any bodybuilder in the world.” Titan flexed his left arm the best he could in the limited space to show Paul, “They’re coming out with all kinds of new supplements and steroids. Companies are giving me lots of free samples. I bet I can build it up to nearly 400 pounds and still be cut. Imagine that.” Paul wondered if Titan was purposely trying to make him angry or was he sincere.

After waiting a moment for Paul to say something Titan continued to fill the silence. “Winning that title got me the magazine cover. You should have seen the way the sponsors and editors swarmed me after the contest. Everyone says I’m favored to win Mr. America next month; but it’s Universe I want. It sounds more impressive don’t you think; Mr.Universe? My agent says this is the perfect time for someone with my looks and build to make it in Hollywood. That foreign guy with the last name no one can pronounce has opened the door; but no one can understand what he says. I’m the American alternative; plus I’m a hell of lot bigger. He’s got an okay chest and arms, but he’s like 5’ 9”, talk about tiny.” He looked at Paul almost apologetically. “In a couple of days I’m moving to California.” As he spoke his left hand explored the mounds of hard muscle that covered his body. He noticed Paul following his hand. He grabbed his crotch, “I just came from my morning work out. You know how that fills up the boys. They’re starting to get sore. This body produces so much fuckin’ testosterone; I can’t keep it down.”

His hand dug deep between his legs and squeezed tighter. He grimaced, “I think that’s the most challenging thing for me. Luckily I have plenty of volunteers to help me drain the twins.” Titan smiled, “Oh that reminds me, Simon is back at work. He has a few scars, but no permanent damage. You missed his major organs. I always thought it was just a line when someone said they would take a bullet for you. You knew.” Again Titan shifted his bulk to try to get comfortable. “I never moved in with him, I took your old apartment. Rent free of course. I pay with a more liquid asset”, Tim smiled. “Your place was perfect for me. It was full of supplements and clothes custom made for me. They may have been a little on the dull side; but they fit. Of course they’re getting tighter all the time. But I like that. Remember how good it felt to test the limits of your clothing; like that tailored guard uniform of yours. I tired it on as soon as I saw it in your closet. Shot a load instantly. The same thing happened the first I saw you in it.” Tim looked at Paul for a moment. He then stood up quickly. “These jeans are yours, do you recognize them? I never realized how many people fantasize about a muscle man in a pair of tight jeans. People can’t say no to me when I wear these. I should have my accountant list them as a business expense.”

Paul did recognize his favorite jeans. He always got lucky when he wore them. They were tight without being binding. He watched Titan model them. His ass looked incredible. Paul never saw them from this vantage point. The bulge up front was however very familiar.

Tim sat down and stared at Paul. Paul didn’t understand why Titan was talking to him like they were old friends. This was the guy he tried to kill for ruining his life. “Why are you here?”

“He talks!” Titan smiled “To show you I have no hard feelings for what you tried to do.” Paul shook his head in disbelief. “And to bring you a gift.” He gestured to the guard standing at the back of the room. The guard set a small envelop on the desk top in front of the prisoner. Paul looked at it. “Go ahead, open it. It’s something I remember you really wanted at one time.”

Paul gave him a doubtful look before tearing the envelope open. He looked inside and saw something at the bottom. He turned the envelope upside down. Out fell a small piece of metal. Paul’s jaw dropped. He picked up the shard in his fingers. “Is this a piece of the coven coin? Is this what you used to steal my body?”

Tim shook his head, “Sure is. That’s some powerful shit you got in your hand.” Tim chuckled, “But you know that.”

“Why are you giving this to me now?”

“It takes a great deal of knowledge to make it work. My great aunt was a Santeria priestess. She helped me. Killed a goat and drained its blood in the process.” The smug smile left Titan’s face for the first time. “She died two weeks ago. I can’t shake this vibe the coin had something to do with it.”

“Do you think this makes us even?”

“Don’t really care. I don’t need it anymore. You do what you want with it. I made the most of my opportunity.” Tim bounced his thick pecs. “I got everything I ever wanted.” He leaned in close to the glass, “If you are planning to take this body back think again. I’ve been told it requires direct contact with the person when the spell is cast. With you locked up here and me 3,000 miles away. I feel pretty safe.” He hesitated for a moment and stared in Paul’s eyes. “You find a hunky rat of your own to play with, you got me Mouse.” Titan winked than stood up. “Good luck, PaulWinstonDark.”

Paul watched Titan leave. He stared at the coven coin piece. He felt himself being lifted up by the arm. The muscular guard pushed him, “Let’s go, time for you to scurry back into your little hole.”

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