The Coven Coin 13: The End

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“I’ve never heard of this Titan guy.” Dean scoffed, “He sure didn’t conquer the bodybuilding world.”

“There was a TimTitan who starred in a lot of muscle worship and gay porn films back in the late 70s and early 80s. He was a huuuge star in the industry.” Steve joked.

“Spend many nights enjoying his acting talents did you Stevie?” Dean pantomimed masturbating.

Steve gave Dean a dirty look, “I was just a kid then, asshole. I was born in the seventies.” He looked at Willie. “I think he died of AIDS twenty years ago.” Willie shrugged is shoulders to indicate he had no idea.

Dean shook his head, “AIDS, I bet he was no Titan when they buried him. I’d be surprised if he weighed 150 pounds. Seems like some kind of cosmic justice.”

“Who cares about Titan? What about Paul? Did he find a way to use the coin to get his body back?” Willie asked Marty.

Marty who had sat quietly since finishing his story, gave a loud sigh. “Never got the chance. By the time he convinced some one he was telling the truth it was too late. He was killed in what the warden called an incident in the yard.” Marty became visibly upset. “He didn’t stand a chance against those animals. If only I believed him sooner.” Marty stood up and walked to the wall of photos. “Just like everyone else; I couldn’t remember him as ever being big; but he was a Dark. It should have seemed more unusual he was so small. It wasn’t until he showed me the coin fragment that I took him seriously. I looked for something to verify his story. I found this photograph in an old family album.” He gazed at the same picture as when he started the story. “Pauly was fourteen when this was taken. He was bigger at that age than when I saw him in prison. Even with the proof in front of me I couldn’t remember him being that tall and broad. I knew it had to be the coin’s doing.” He wiped his face. “I’m a foolish old man.”

“Yeah, it’s tough to lose someone.” Steve said with empathy. Willie joined Marty at the photo wall and put his hand on Marty’s shoulder.

Dean shifted his weight in the chair. “Wait a minute. I don’t understand something. When telling the story you said the only person Paul wanted to see in jail was his grandfather. But a few seconds ago you said you saw him. The story happened like thirty five years ago. If Paul was alive today, he would be in his sixties. As his grandfather, you would have to be over a hundred years old.”

Marty looked at the other men for a moment. “Did I say I that?” Marty folded his arms over his chest and shuffled his sturdy legs. “What I meant was I there when Paul’s grandfather visited him. His grandfather was too old to drive, so I drove him when he visited. Paul and I were…cousins, distant cousins. I thought I mentioned that at the beginning.”

“You did Marty.” Steve said in support of his friend. “Just ignore him.”

Willie’s eyes moved to the photograph of the men at swimming hole Marty showed them earlier in the evening. He studied the men in their old fashioned swimwear. “That reminds me. I had a similar question about this one.” Willie pointed to it. “You said this was you in the photo. It was taken the summer the Haynes Twins’ graduated high school. Which makes them about 18, and you are older, let’s just say 20 or 21.” Steve and Dean nodded in agreement; but not Marty. He could sense where he was going. “If they twins were 18 that dates the photo to 1930. That’s almost 80 years ago.”

Marty folded his arms defensively. “What I meant to say was that was my father, not me. I looked so much like my father.”

“No, you said this was your father.” Willie countered pointing to another big man.

“That’s actually my grandfather. It was just a slip of the tongue.” Marty tapped his forefinger against his temple, “My memory isn’t what it once was.”

The room was quiet for a moment. Then Steve stirred. “It’s funny how dates and ages get confused in stories. Like in the story I told about RyanLeery, his mother found the coin in your Uncle’s home and you were supposedly there at the time. Your son was killed in the Korean War. You even bought this gym in remembrance of him, right?” Marty didn’t respond. Steve took a deep breath, “The war ended in the early 1950s and for you to have a son old enough to be drafted would mean you were around 40 then; which makes you 90 something today.”

Marty blew it off. “Like you said, dates and ages get confused in stories.” Marty looked at the three men who all had doubt in their eyes. He chuckled, “Guys, I know I’m old but not that old.” He did a double bicep pose. The sleeves of his sweatshirt were stretched to their limit. “I mean would a 100 year man have guns like these?”

“No, but neither should a 60 year old man.” Dean fired back.

With his arms raised, the bottom of Marty’s sweatshirt rose above the loose, low hanging waist band of his sweat pants. A small section of his stomach was exposed along with the narrow strap of his jock. Willie eyes went there and noticed something strange. Without thinking he lifted the shirt higher with his small hand. The skin covering his deeply etched abdominals was chocolate brown, like that of an Afro-American. “What happened to your skin?” Willie asked slightly horrified.

Marty’s body reacted by crunching his six pack. It showed the remarkable condition he was in. He had one of the best mid sections the men had ever seen. It made his decision to retire even more perplexing. Marty slapped the smaller man’s hand away and pulled down his shirt. “I had a bad reaction to a new tanning cream. That’s all; nothing serious.” The men looked at each other. Marty could see they were having trouble believing his story. “The lighting in this room makes it look darker than it really is.”

“I hope so, because it looks like you could play Hub at the next coin festival.” Dean stood up, “Why don’t you take off your shirt so we can get a better look.”

“No!” The old man snapped. Marty licked his lips nervously. “I mean that’s not necessary. It’s not a big deal. It will fade in a couple of days,” He looked at Steve to back him up.

Steve was having trouble believing his friend the more he spoke. “Is that why you’re so covered up today? There’s no reason to be embarrassed. We’ve all had tanning disasters. Maybe we can help. Why don’t you take off your shirt?”

“I said no once”, Marty’s tone was becoming more annoyed. “I think it’s time for you all to leave.” He kept his shirt down with his hands clutching the hem. “It’s been a long day and I’m going to bed. I suggest you do the same.” He looked at Steve, “Please turn off the lights and lock the back door after you all leave?” Steve nodded. “Good night gentlemen”. The gym owner quickly ascended the stairs. He stood near the top of staircase out of sight listening to his guests. He turned up the sensitivity of his hearing aid but still couldn’t make out what they were saying. Dean and Steve did most of the talking. At times it sounded like they were arguing. Then it got quiet. A few minutes later the first floor went dark. Marty felt a sense of relief when he heard the back door slam shut. He went to his bedroom and sat on the bed. He sighed and hoped tomorrow everyone would forget what happened. Maybe it was time for him to take a long vacation.

Marty removed his gloves and eyeglasses. He placed them on the nightstand along with his hearing aid. He stood up after kicking off his gym shoes. He pulled off his sweatshirt and dickey. He wiped his sweaty pits with the garment. He took a deep sniff of the shirt before tossing it in the hamper. He hadn’t come accustomed to his new scent yet.

He poked his finger into the small hidden pocket of his jock and removed his necklace. He slipped it over his head. He then hooked his thumbs under the straps of his jock and pulled down the confining pouch as well as his sweat pants in one motion. The clothes followed his shirt into the hamper. The cool air made his balls itch. He spent some time working out the kinks of his larger ball sack and rod. Within seconds his mighty staff was perpendicular to the floor. “Shit, that was quick.” His proportionally bigger equipment felt even larger in his smaller hands. His thumb brushed the chocolate bon-bon at the tip. He inhaled sharply, “Fuck that felt good.” With another pleasurable swipe, it now pointed upward. “Jay, you may be bigger in other places; but Dexter’s sure got you beat down there.”

He sat on the bed again and slid farther back until he rested against the head board. He knew his young body demanded to be emptied regularly. He stroked his beefy appendage lustfully. He was on the verge of release, when he caught something in the corner of his eye. He looked over at the door opening and saw someone or something standing there. He went for his glasses. His shorter frame didn’t reach. He turned over onto his stomach and stretched his arm. He groaned in pain as his still hard cock was crushed by his heavy body. His fingers grabbed his glasses and he hastily put them on. The fuzzy image cleared. It was Willie; behind him stood Steve and Dean. His shock turned into anger. “What the hell are you doing here?” Marty got on his feet and moved toward them, “Get the fuck out of my house.” The three men backed away into the dining room. They couldn’t keep from staring at Marty’s magnificent and aroused body.

“You have a black man’s body.” Willie stated the obvious.

“And the carpet sure doesn’t match the drapes.” Dean said with a smirk.

As Marty’s anger subsided he realized he was naked. He grabbed a t-shirt from the back of a dining chair and wrapped it around his waist. The shirt easily fit around him to make an impromptu kilt. He tied the short sleeves together at his hip. The men were still staring at him. Marty pointed toward the door, “I said get out.”

Steve had his hand on top of his head to figuratively stop from losing his mind, “Your musculature is completely different than it was two days ago. How’s that possible?”

“And he’s black. For Christ’s sake, he’s an old white guy with a young black dude’s body and you’re critiquing his physique. Shit you really are a muscle queen.” Dean said loudly.

Marty could see there was no hoping this would all go away in the morning. “Listen, let me try to explain….”

Dean pointed his finger at home owner, “And don’t give us that bullshit about a tanner accident.” He looked him up and down, “Good genes, my ass. It has to be some kind of magical shit. He’s got a piece of the coin.”

“He has more than just a piece”, Willie said calmly. “Look what’s around his neck.”

Steve’s eyes grew wider as he saw the medallion lying on Marty’s chest. “Is that the whole coven coin? My God, you reassembled it?”

Dean slapped his hands together. He could hardly control his excitement. “I knew it. I knew it. I told the both of you, didn’t I? In each story he had access to the fragments.” Dean counted on his fingers as he listed the facts, “He was in the twin’s house when their piece went missing. He was there when they dismantled the barn. And he broke into the old lady’s house to steal the fat kid’s locket.”

“That’s why you wrote the address in the margin.” Steve’s other hand went to his scalp as the fog cleared.

“And don’t forget he was at the prison when Paul gave his piece to his grandfather.” Dean added.

“I think Marty is Paul’s grandfather.” Willie said softly. The other fact finders looked at Willie, then Marty. The oldest man didn’t try to deny it.

Dean folded his arms over his chest. “Exactly how old are you?”

Marty took a deep breath, “123.” Steve flopped into a chair to stop himself from collapsing onto the floor.

“Shit the coin….did that to you?” Dean scanned the centenarian’s muscular body, “I get the youth and the muscles, but why are you black all of a sudden?”

Marty sighed in defeat. He couldn’t deny the truth any longer. Everything was literally out in the open now. “I never meant this to happen. You were right Dean, over the years I had collected the coin pieces. My father left me one, as his father did him. He had it for most of his adult life and never used it for physical or financial gain; unlike my Uncle Quinton. That’s why they didn’t speak to one another.” Marty turned away from the three sets of disapproving eyes before he continued. “Originally I too had no intention on using them. I only wanted to prevent others from being seduced by their power. My plan was to return all the pieces to Balthazar’s grave. To finally end the curse that has haunted my family for centuries.” Marty became more emotional. “Then Paul, my grandson of all people, gave me the final piece. I took it as a sign. Maybe he was meant to use the coin to get back what was stolen. It belonged to him as much as it belonged to any other member of the Dark family. I reassembled the coin for him. I welded the pieces together and added a bale to make it a necklace so he could keep it in his possession always.” Marty fingered the coin as he spoke. “The day I finished, I got a call from the warden. Paul was dead.”

Marty walked to the window and stared at the full moon. “I was beside myself. The only family I cared about was gone; first my son, then grandson. Both deaths were beyond their control and undeserved. I needed retribution; at least for Pauly. I wanted to humiliate Titan as he did my grandson. But I was 88 years old at the time. What could I do against a muscular man in his prime? He would have laughed at me too. I felt so weak and helpless, just as Pauly must have.” Marty turned toward his guests. “Then I remembered the necklace. If the legend was true it could grant any wish. I was a descendant of Balthazar, so no one would be harmed if I used it. I slipped the necklace on and wished to have a body exactly like the best built man in the world, the current Mr.Olympia. Instantly I started to change. My body fat melted away as my muscles grew to an amazing size. My dry, saggy skin became soft, moist and taunt. My balls lifted and the hair covering them went from white to dark brown. All my aches and pains disappeared. I couldn’t remember every feeling so strong and energetic. When I looked in the mirror from the neck down I was a perfect. From the neck up, I hadn’t changed at all. The coin granted my wish, exactly as I asked. Years had to pass before I knew how exact.”

The other men looked at the enchanted being stunned by his story. Marty walked into the next room and returned with a scrapbook. “As the months passed my body continued to change regardless of what I did. My body was always an exact replica of the current Mr.Olympia.” He opened the book on the dining room table and went to the first page. It was a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1974 posing with his Mr.Olympia trophy. The opposite page had a picture of Marty in the same pose. Their bodies were identical. “As Arnold changed, so did I. In the off season I bulked up with him. When he cut weight for a contest, my body became just as ripped. The first two years it wasn’t that dramatic. Then Arnold retired. I was in the Mr.Olympia audience in 1976.” He turned the page to show FrancoColumbu’s picture and his companion photo. “As soon as they announced the winner was Franco, I felt my body change. I didn’t understand what was happening at first. The people around me thought I was having a seizure. But it was over in a less than a minute. Back in my hotel room, I stripped and realized I had shrunk several inches in height and my body was blockier. My body was a perfect copy of Franco’s body.”

He continued to go through the book. “I learned to deal with the changes throughout the 70s; the thick Franco, the lanky Zane, the mighty Arnold once more and then Franco again. It was when Dickerson won in 1982 that I had to cover up for the first time. Like now, from the neck down I was a black man. Of course Chris was pale compared to Dexter.”

“That explains why you kept retiring”, Willie said.

Marty nodded. “I got away with Samir’s coloring with some makeup. It just looked like I had a great tan. But then there were the long seven years with Haney’s body and another seven with Coleman’s. I couldn’t go out without covering every inch of my body. Ironic I know. A bodybuilder is the one man who should show of much skin as possible. I was becoming a bit of a recluse. The Yates years in between was a nice break; but having his identical tattoos made it impossible for me to pose. It would cause too much suspicion. So I entered power lifting contests. Dorian’s body wasn’t the prettiest but he was one strong fucker. When Jay won, I couldn’t help myself. I had to compete on the stage again. I was a muscle monster and finally able to show it. “

“You weren’t a muscle monster. The real Mr.Olympia was. He did the work and the sacrficing. You’re nothing but a cheater and a liar. You didn’t deserve any of those trophies you so proudly display downstairs. I actually admired you. I wanted to be just like you. I looked up to you.” Steve’s face turned red as he tried to control his rage. “You lied to me every day for the past six years.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t plan on this life. But once I had it I couldn’t give it up. I don’t think any man could after experiencing it.” Marty pumped is arms to feed his biceps. “This kind of size and power is addictive. You must know what I’m talking about.” Steve turned away.

Willie couldn’t fight his curiosity any longer. He ran his hand over Marty’s arm, “This is incredible. It feels so real.”

Marty flexed hard, “It is real. 100% all natural muscle.” Marty slammed his palms into his chest. “This is me. I feel everything. My body may be a copy of another man’s; but it’s still me. It not only looks like a young bodybuilder’s it is a young bodybuilder’s; inside and out. From the neck down I’m as fit and young as Mr.Olympia.” Marty removed his glasses. “Unfortunately the same can’t be said for everything above. Most of my senses have deteriorated with age. My sight, hearing, taste and smell; everything is dull and distorted. At times it’s like I have a plastic bag over my head.” He put his glasses back on. “My brain’s still sharp. Thank God for that. I think the young hormones my body produces help.”

“God has nothing to do with this”, Steve growled and walked away from the table.

Willie still had so many questions. Marty had to have other reasons for keeping the charade up. It couldn’t just be conceit. “You said you did it to get revenge on Titan. Did you ever confront him?”

“No.” Marty closed the book. “After I changed, it didn’t seem as important.” He could tell Willie didn’t like the answer. “You have to understand back then bodybuilders were treated like curiosities. Arnold was the most perfectly developed man on the planet and I was an exact replica. No matter where I went people were drawn to me. I loved all the attention. I closed the gym and moved to Europe for a year. I got a face lift and a toupee. I knocked 55 years off my age and I told everybody I was 33. They believed me, why won’t they. I had a body that would make a 25 year old jealous.” A smile formed on his lips, “Women couldn’t keep their hands off me. I had Arnold’s libido too. It was the size of all five limbs that earned him his reputation as a great lover. Like him, I satisfied countless women.” The smile left him. “I always wore protection. I knew it would be wrong to have a child in my situation.”

“So you do have a conscience after all”, Steve asked sarcastically.

Marty ignored him. “As the years passed everyone asked how I managed to stay in such amazing shape. I became a hero for the aging baby boomers as the fitness craze took hold of the American pop culture. Magazines and TV shows did features on me. I began to compete in the Masters because everybody assumed I would. That’s when I moved back to Darton and reopened the gym. Everyone in town thought I was the first MartinDark’s namesake and heir. I can’t believe it’s been 40 years.” Marty went to return the scrapbook. The others followed him into the living room.

Willie swallowed hard, “How long are you planning on….living?”

“The whole coin is more powerful than the individual pieces. It doesn’t require blood or the loss of a child’s innocence to work. I think I could life forever…as long as my brain functions.” He clutched the coin again, “Sometimes I feel as if it wants me to. I swear it has a will of its own. It’s addicted to muscle and power as much as they men who use it.” Marty looked around his home full of memories. “But I’m getting tired of the lies and the hiding.” He tugged lightly on the coin before letting it go. “All I have to do is give the coin to someone else to end it.” He lowered his hand and felt his muscle bound torso. “But like I said it’s difficult to give this up or maybe I’m just too afraid.”

“I go with coward”, Dean barked from across the room. Marty looked away.

The room went silent as the group filtered the facts they were given. Willie went to Marty and put his hand on the bigger man’s shoulder. He gave him an empathic look. Dean went to Martin’s other side and did the same. Then the expression on his face changed to a menacing look. “Here, let me make it easier for you.” In a quick motion, Dean grabbed the coin and gave it a yank to break the chain. “This belongs to me now.” The two men locked eyes. Dean held the coin in his hand just inches from Marty’s face. The older man appeared paralyzed. The ends of the thin chain fell away from around his thick neck and cascaded down his massive chest. Marty gasped for air and fell to his knees.

“What have you done”, Willie screamed as he fell to his knees to remain at Marty’s side. He looked to Steve for help. He looked shocked, but made no effort to come to his aid.

“I did what had to be done.” Dean held the necklace in his hand. “What did you think was going to happen when we decided to come up here to confront him and get answers?”

“Not this. Not murder. He’s our friend.” As Willie spoke he could feel Marty’s body changing in his arms. His massive muscles were dissolving away. His skin was drying out and turning a powdery white. The leathery covering sagged and wrinkled as he became frailer by the second. He became smaller and smaller in Willie’s arms.

Marty struggled to talk as his unnatural youth and strength left him. He pawed at Willie’s chest with his bony, disfigured fingers which could no longer function properly. “Remember the curse (gasp). Only a Dark man…” Marty’s body went limp as the last exhale passed his cracked lips. In death he continued to age. Willie gently pulled away from the desiccated corpse. He stood up. The other men gathered around.

“You killed him”, Willie whispered.

“Old age killed him. His life defied nature. Before you lies the real MartinDark. That’s what he is without the power of the coven coin sustaining him.” Dean spoke with no emotion as if he had rehearsed the speech. The men were silent for some time. The body continued to deteriorate until it looked mummified.

Willie finally broke away. He wrapped his arms around himself for comfort, “How are we going to explain this. What are we going to do?” His Blackberry beeped. He took it from his belt clip and looked at the screen. “Time for my late night protein/creatine shake.” He chuckled, “What’s the point?”

“You weren’t the only one he fooled.” Steve said calmly.

“Don’t you two get it? The coven coin is real; not just a story. It has real power. It was what gave Marty his perfect body.” Dean looked at both men not understanding their somber mood. “We can have anything we want.”

Steve straightened his spine, “You’re right; but only one of us.” He held out his hand toward Dean. “Give it to me.” Dean tightened his grip on the coin and backed away. “Don’t make me take from you, pretty boy. You may be younger and have a great future but right now I’m stronger than you. And you know it.”

Willie turned to face the larger men, “Steve, you can’t. Remember the curse. Only a descendant of Balthazar Dark can use the coin or…”

“Or what? He’ll rise from the grave and drag me to hell. Let him try when I’m the biggest, strongest man that ever lived. For 13 years I’ve lifted and dieted and denied myself things; for what? I have nothing to show for it but sore joints, bad skin and shrunken nuts. Martin had his second chance. Now it’s my turn to get the body I deserve.” Steve turned back to Dean. “Give me the coin.”

Dean could see the intensity in Steve’s eyes. Dean raised his hand and dropped the coin into Steve’s waiting hand. A coy smile overcame his handsome face, “I agree it’s time to get what you deserve.”

Steve held the coin up. He studied it like it was the Holy Grail. “It’s incredible. You can sense the power within it. It’s like it’s talking to me.” He noticed the chain was broken. He went to the dining room table. He undid the chain he wore around his neck. He replaced a small gold crucifix with the coin.

“My, isn’t that symbolic.” Dean said in an overly dramatic tone.

“Shut up”, Steve yelled. There was fear in his eyes as he lifted the chain from the table.

Dean took advantage of the moment to work Steve’s insecurities. “You certainly need the coin more than I do. I already have more titles than you and haven’t reached my full potential. I’m young, incredibly handsome, and can fuck anyone I want. With my perfect genetics it will be easy for me to dominate the sport in a couple years. You on the other hand have none of that going for you.”

Steve turned to face Dean. “I said shut up, boy. With this I’ll be unbeatable on stage.” Steve reattached the chain around his neck. “I’ll show you who will dominate the sport.”

Dean shrugged his shoulder, “All I’m saying is at your age you’ll be stuck in the masters division like Marty. No one really cares about to the old guys. Imagine the money and fame you could have if you were more like me, or even younger and better looking.”

Steve clenched his jaw as his infamous temper rose. He wrapped his fingers around the coin. He pushed Dean out of his way as he went to the large mirror hanging on the wall in the dining room.

Willie followed him quickly. “Calm down, Steve. You only get one chance at this.”

Dean was slower to enter. “I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. Don’t you pops.”

Steve put his remaining hand on top of the other and squeezed the coin tighter. He starred at his reflection as he took several deep breaths. He swallowed hard, “I wish I was younger, with the flawless genetics of the ideal man and bodybuilder,” Steve looked at the reflection of Dean’s smug face, “…and had the most potential of any athlete in the sport today.”

The coin glowed and became warm. Steve had to let go of the coin as it grew too hot to hold. He could feel his body changing. Every cell in his body pulsed. His bones shifted. His face morphed. His skin tightened and smoothed as it changed from a ruddy red to creamy olive. His hair thickened and became wavy as it turned to the color of rich sable. His brown eyes lightened and filled with flecks of gold. His head rose higher as his legs lengthened. His hips narrowed, his waist tightened, his shoulders widened. His joints became smaller, his muscle bellies fuller. The make-up of his muscles changed. The fast-twitch cells multiplied exponentially giving him the ability to put on more mass easily. Steve had to see more of the man he was becoming. He struggled to control his changing muscles as he removed his shirt.

He watched his bloated roid gut flatten as eight perfectly symmetrical bricks became more prominent. His pointy pecs rose higher and spread wider into rectangular blocks. He smiled. A set of gleaming white teeth light up the room. His face could already challenge any male model and it was still morphing. Every second he looked better and younger. He laughed uncontrollably. He felt his cock hardening. He pulled back the waist band of his work out shorts. He saw an improving manhood and a set of growing balls. He took a wider stance to give his expanding package more room. “Fuck yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.” He let go of the now loose waistband. The shorts slid down until they got snagged by his larger cock and rounder ass. His newly formed Adonis girdle came into view. He noticed for the first time he had lost mass. His physique’s flawless shape and improved definition hid his smaller size. Worse yet he was continuing to lose mass. His sculpted face was becoming younger. His ever present 5 o’clock shadow was receding below the silky surface of his sun kissed skin. Every line and blemish was gone with his heavy beard. Suddenly the strange energy that had been coursing through him stopped. The glow from the coin went out. Steve knew his transformation was over. Steve did a double bicep pose. A smaller, but perfectly shaped split peak erupted. A thick vein ran down each arm. He ran his enormous hands over his smooth chest and washboard abs. The top of his thick cock appeared above his loose fitting shorts. He had lost 8” at his waist despite being 5” taller. His hand went to his angelic face. He turned to his companions. “I’m a teenager.”

“You’re gorgeous”, Willie said breathlessly. “You make Michelangelo’s David look homely.”

Dean looked at Steve and his mouth watered. For the first time the stud was envious of another man’s beauty. He approached the newly created hunk. Dean only had about an inch height advantage on Steve now; but he packed about 15 pounds of additional muscle on his more mature physique. Dean leaned in. Steve leaned back not sure what Dean was going to do. He had never seen that look in Dean’s eyes before. Steve delts hit the wall behind him. Dean kissed him. Steve froze. Dean ran his forefinger over Steve’s plump lips, “You are gorgeous.” Dean caressed Steve’s firm chest and hard abdominals. “The ultimate high school jock.” Dean squeezed Steve’s thick cock through his shorts. Steve inhaled sharply. “The perfect combination of beauty and beef.” Dean pressed his body into the better looking man’s frame. Their pecs collided. Dean grabbed Steve’s ass and pulled his crotch into his. Both men could feel the other’s growing desire between them. Dean leaned in closer. He sniffed Steve’s sinewy neck. “You even smell like sex.” He rocked his hips back and forth as he nibbled Steven’s trapezius muscle. Steve, now a horny teenager with raging hormones, shot a load. As soon as Dean knew Steve had come, the bigger man spun him around. He put one hand between Steve’s shoulder blades and forced his chest against the wall. Steve couldn’t move. With his other hand Dean worked the smaller man’s shorts down past his plump globes. Steve’s ass was just as flawless as the rest of him; young, smooth, and firm. Dean’s caressed the mounds. His thumb disappeared into the deep crack. Steve moaned his approval. Dean started to pull down his own shorts to free his aching cock.

“What are you doing?” Willie asked.

Dean looked at Willie. His eyes were filled with lust. He had forgotten where he was. He looked at Steve than back at Willie. Dean grabbed Steve’s left wrist with his free hand and twisted the boy’s arm behind his back. Steve tried to fight him but lacked the strength. “You’re not the strongest man in the room anymore, Stevie. You’re just a teenager. Definitely fuck worthy; but still a kid.”

Steve didn’t understand what was happening. “Let me go. I didn’t ask to be a kid. This wasn’t what I wanted.” Steve struggled to talk with the side of his face pressed into the mirror.

“But it’s exactly what you asked for. I’ve never seen any one with more perfect genetics. You’re only like 16 and almost my size. When you’re my age you’ll rival any bodybuilder in the world. All it will take is years of heavy lifting and following a strict diet to reach your potential. There’ll be no stopping you then. I can’t have you stealing my thunder can I.” Steve fought back. Dean doubled his effort to control the hulking teen. He leaned his entire upper body into Steve’s muscular back. “You’re a strong little fuck too.” Dean looked at Willie. “Get over here and remove his necklace.” Willie looked shocked.

“No.” Steve screamed and put all his strength into freeing his arm.

Dean’s face showed he was exerting all his strength on Steve. He pushed him hard into the wall. “Hurry, I don’t know how much longer I can hold him.” Willie didn’t move. “This is your only chance, little man. You don’t have to be the geeky nerd that people laugh at. You can be admired as much for your body as your brain. You can have the body you’ve always fantasized about without the complicated routines and strict diet.”

Willie moved closer. He kept his eyes on the gold clasp at the back of Steve’s neck. He raised his hands to touch it. “Don’t do this Willie”, Steve begged, “I’ll lose everything.” Willie froze. Then there was a loud crash from downstairs. Willie lowered his hands.

“What was that?” Willie looked toward the staircase.

Dean seemed to become more nervous. “It was nothing. Focus on what is happening up here, Willie. We don’t have a lot of time.” The speed of Dean’s words quickened. “You deserve this more than he does. Why should he get to relive the next twenty years of his life, get a second chance to be a muscle god. Shouldn’t he be happy with what nature gave him? It was a lot more than you got. He’s being greedy, just like Marty. You work out more diligently than he does and yet his muscles were so much bigger and stronger. It’s not fair. This is your one opportunity to become the man you want to be. Imagine being taller than me and having bigger muscles. Every girl will want you and every man will fear you. Isn’t that who you want to be?”

He looked at Dean’s bulging muscles as he held back Steve. He envisioned himself taller with even bigger muscles. That was exactly what Willie wanted. He wanted to be that person more than anything. He put his hands on Steve’s neck and unfastened the necklace. “No”, Steve cried as the coin was pulled away. Willie put the necklace on. It was his now. Steve’s whole body softened. His face morphed back to what he looked like before. The signs from years of steroid use returned; his battered skin, saggy pecs, and shrunken package. Dean could feel Steve didn’t have the same strength. He let him go. Steve turned to face the other men. They were shocked by what he looked like. The muscle mass he acquired during the last twenty years of diligently pumping iron didn’t return with his age. He looked like the average man on the street, complete with a beer gut. He looked down and gasped. He lunged for the necklace.

Dean caught him and easily threw him back against the wall. He punched him in his defenseless stomach. The out of shape man groaned then collapsed to the floor. “You had your turn, Stevie.” Dean said with spite. “It won’t work for you again anyway.” Steve whimpered.

There was another loud bang from downstairs. Dean looked at Willie, “Hurry make your wish. Become the muscle man of your dreams.”

Willie went to the mirror. He knew exactly who he wanted to look like. He fantasized about it all the time. “I wish I had greater size than RalfMoeller, better symmetry than JaroslavHorvath, more muscle mass of MarkusRuhl …“ He looked at Dean. He thought how he manhandled Steve to force him to give up the necklace, “and more than twice the strength of MariuszPudzianowski…when all were in their peak physical condition.”

Dean chuckled, “Some one has a thing for Eastern Europeans, so much for the All-American boy next door.” Steve picked his shirt up from the floor and dried his eyes. He wanted to clearly see what was about to happen. The coin glowed. Willie’s body began to pulsate. The small man expanded in every direction. His clothes were unable to contain his massive growth. The sound of ripping and snapping was heard before the garments fell off his erupting frame. “Jesus Christ”, Dean mumbled as he took several steps back. His eyes followed Willie’s face as it went higher passing his by several inches. Dean wondered if the room was going to be big enough for the new, improved Willie.

The coin dimmed and Willie stood still breathing deeply. Dean had never seen a more powerful looking man. Defined muscle was piled on top of defined muscle. Willie had the imposing mass of power lifter with the beautiful lines of a classic bodybuilder. Every inch of his 6’ 8” frame looked hard and impossibly strong with plump muscles, large veins and tight skin. There was no fat on his very narrow and flat waist. Nothing appeared soft or malleable. Even his limp cock appeared formidable. The slightest movement caused a domino effect of rippling muscle under his pale skin. Willie began to explore his 400 plus pounds. He caressed each body part as he flexed. Dean and Steve felt compelled to join the exploration. Both men had felt real muscle before, but Willie’s body was a new experience. The flesh didn’t move under their fingers; no indentations, no wrinkles. It was as if he was a steel sculpture topped with a pinkish-white coat of paint. All three men were sporting wood in minutes. Everything on Willie’s body grew proportionately. The fist size tip of his cock bobbed 12” from his crotch. Two fur covered baseballs hung below. Each smaller man worked one of Willie’s massive muscle tits. The giant looked down at them like a proud mother. He realized their hands were getting closer to the coin He grabbed the front of Steve’s shirt and lifted him off the ground. He did the same with Dean in his other hand. “You boys better not even think of touching my necklace.”

All were surprised by Willie’s new baritone. The sound echoed off the walls of the suddenly too small room. Being held up at his eye level, they had a clear view of Willie’s face for the first time. Unlike Steve’s change, Willie face didn’t show much alteration. His hair was still kind of floppy and his eye color was the same muddy hazel. His features were larger of course. His face almost appeared muscle bound like his body. His cheeks were recessed and his jaw line was as sharp as an axe blade. As he spoke you could actually see the muscle fibers move. He was by no means a pretty boy like Steve was and Dean remained. He still had a rather off-beat look; but with his new body he would be considered a ten in anyone’s book.

“How are you going to explain your change?” Dean asked trying to remain calm.

Willie thought for a moment as he held both men suspended with no apparent effort. A smile overtook his face. “I don’t think I have to explain myself to anyone, do you?” They nodded in agreement. No one would ever question a man the size of super Willie.

Willie saw the fear in their eyes as they looked up at him. His cock pulsed harder. He was the alpha male of the group now. He no longer had to feel inferior to anyone. “You guys are real lightweights.” He straightened his arms and did flys with his human dumbbells. They were helpless to stop him. Both men stared at his pecs as the pumped larger with each rep.

There was another loud noise downstairs. Willie stopped his chest workout, “What’s going on down there?” They heard someone slowly climbing the stairs. Willie dropped his weights. He pushed the large dining room table out of his way. You could tell he was surprised when it flew across the wooden floor and dented the wall on the other side. The shoe box that Marty placed there in the morning fell to the floor. The new boots and laces tumbled out.

The muscle giant had to bend down and twist his shoulders to get through the double wide opening between the rooms. Lying on the floor, Dean and Steve could feel it quake with every step Willie took. They heard his deep voice, “What the fuck?” They ran to his side. The men peered down the staircase. There was something coming toward them. A putrid odor rose up from the dark opening. It was a mixture of sulfur and death. All three men backed away. The creature reached the top of the stairs. It had a humanoid form. Its clothes were tattered; its skin a ghostly gray color. The figure slowly straightened. It raised its head. He was taller than Dean but shorter than super Willie. His eyes were black as midnight. The scattered patches of hair on his head were long and stringy. Chunks of skin where missing from his face. The stark white bone underneath was clearly visible. The grotesque being raised its hand and pointed to the necklace around Willie’s neck. His palm still had the mark of the coin scorched in the remaining flesh.

“It’s Balthazar Dark.” Steve said moving behind Willie for safety. “What should we do?”

Balthazar took a step forward. The three men moved back. Dean wiped his mouth. “Willie, you have more than twice the strength of the World’s StrongestMan. You can take him.”

Willie could feel Dean and Steve’s hands on his broad back. He stood up straight and puffed out his massive chest. His confidence grew to match his uber size. He stepped forward looking down at the unholy creature. “You won’t be bringing the devil a new servant today, Mr.Dark.” He wound back his right hand and threw a punch with all his super strength behind it. His sledge hammer like fist broke through Balthazar’s chest and emerged from his back. Dust billowed from the hole he created. Willie panicked. He tried to pull out his hand, but it got caught in Balthazar’s rib cage. The creature slowly looked at his torso and grabbed Willie’s forearm. He pulled the muscle man’s limb out of his chest cavity. Willie cried out as the ancient bone cut deep into his flesh. Balthazar twisted Willie’s powerful arm at the wrist. Despite his resistance the walking corpse easily took control of the 400 pound hulk. He kept the arm locked in the straight position and applied downward pressure. Willie twisted his body to ease the pain. Balthazar still held Willie’s arm. He applied more torque and downward pressure. Willie crashed onto his knees. He hit with such force the floorboards splintered. Willie now faced the other living men. The muscle man tired to break the hold. Amazingly the strongest man in the world wasn’t strong enough. With his knees trapped in the floor he couldn’t move to get better leverage. He was forced lower into a crouching position. The tendons in his arm began to pop. His mammoth muscles were weakening as they began to tear. The pain caused Willie to cry out, “Help me.” Steve leapt at the creature. Balthazar swatted him away like a fly. He hit the wall with a loud thud and fell to the floor badly dazed.

Dean got on his knees to be at Willie’s eye level, “He wants the necklace. Give it to me. He’ll let you go. I’ll lure him away. You and Steve can get help.”

Willie put his free hand on the necklace and stopped. He didn’t want to lose his magnificent body. Suddenly there was a loud crack. His shoulder had been dislocated. He screamed in pain. Balthazar didn’t let up the torture. The muscular behemoth couldn’t take it any longer. In desperation, he ripped the chain off his 26” neck and flung it away hoping Balthazar would chase after it. But only Dean followed the coin into the dining room. He picked it up, then heard a blood curdling scream from the living room. An arm fell onto the dining room table next to him. A moment later, Willie’s deflated body followed. Willie groaned as he fought to stay conscious. Blood was flowing from where his arm was once attached. Dean fought his gag reflex. He couldn’t be distracted. He held the coin in his hand, “May years of intense workouts and ingesting the perfect combination of supplements and nutrition pass in minutes until…”

Dean’s wish was interrupted when Steve ran into him. “Oh God, he’s after me. You’re the one with the necklace. Why does he want me?”

The coin’s glow came and went for a third time. Dean took a deep breath as he felt a new energy within him. It was similar to the pump he got after a hard workout; but more intense. Dean looked down at the chubby man, “You did use the coin, Stevie.” Both men turned toward the doorway as it darkened from Balthazar’s form. He entered the room. Willie moaned and tried to crawl away; but couldn’t move. Steve hid behind Dean.

Balthazar walked up to Dean. He stopped directly in front of him. Dean held up the necklace for the creature to see. “This belongs to me now”, Dean said with the best bravado he could muster. Beads of sweat ran down his face. Balthazar walked around the latest coin holder.

Steve backed away. “No, no. He has your necklace. Kill him not me.” Balthazar continued to pursue Steve who was cowering in the corner. “Why isn’t he attacking you?”

Dean smiled as Balthazar lifted Steve up by his neck. “Oh, did I fail to mention that I’m one of his descendants. You see my grandmother lived in Darton when she was young. She went to high school with PaulDark. Remember all those women he slept with, the whores who couldn’t resist his muscles and handsome face. My grandmother was one of them. She gave birth to his bastard child. That child was my mother.”

Soon Steve’s struggling stopped. The room went silent for a moment. Using what little strength he had, Willie asked “You killed your own grandfather?”

“My great, great, grandfather actually.” Dean used his fingers as he counted off the greats in Marty’s title. “It’s like gramps said, the Dark’s aren’t a very loving bunch.”

Willie closed his eyes for the last time. Balthazar grabbed his limp body as he passed. He had Steve’s ankle in one hand and Willie’s throat in the other. He dragged the corpses behind him out of the dining room, through the living room and down the steps. Dean followed until he reached the top of the staircase. He watched his companion’s disappear down the stairs and into the darkness. “Thanks for getting rid of the witnesses, Balty.” He looked at the pile of dusty bones on the floor, “You sure you don’t what to take what’s left of your grandson with you too.” He looked down the stairs. All was quiet. Dean flexed his arm and was sure it felt larger. He studied the necklace in his hand. The chain was broken. He needed something to replace it. He was never a fan of jewelry. He thought only Guido’s wore gold chains. He scanned the living room and looked in the dining room. On the floor he saw the new laces for Marty’s boots. “Leather is definitely more my style.” Dean threaded the coven coin onto it. He hastily tied the sturdy cord around his neck with a strong double knot. He tugged on it. “I like to see someone yank this off me.” He passed by Marty’s corpse. “I guess I only get my brawn from my Dark side.” He laughed at his own pun.

Dean trotted down the stairs trying to avoid the trail of blood. The back door was demolished. He turned on the light. The whole room looked as if a tornado had passed through. He took a deep breath and felt his shirt tightening around him. He went into the gym and flexed in the mirror. He heard the fibers of the garment creak in protest. He ripped the shirt off his body. He definitely was bigger and still shredded. He stepped on the scale. “260, that’s 25 pounds in about ten minutes. Not bad.” He did a couple of poses to check out his larger size. As he flexed his muscles tingled. He wondered if that was making them grow even faster. He picked up an 80 pound dumbbell and began to curl it. He smiled. “This is too light for me now.” He dropped the weight and picked up a 100 pounder.” The more he curled the lighter it felt. He looked at the huge ball of muscle attached to his upper arm, “That’s it grow bigger and stronger with each passing minute. I’ll be at my full potential in no time.”

Dean went to every piece of equipment and set new personal bests. After doing a grueling set of military presses, he felt a searing pain in his shoulders. He rubbed them and was amazed how huge and hard they felt. He went to the mirror and gasped. He was huge, bigger than any professional bodybuilder he had ever seen. Thick muscles covered every inch of his lean frame. Veins crisscrossed every limb. Striations rippled under his thin skin. His arms were incredible. He ran his fingertips over the split peak. It was so hard and sharp he wondered why it didn’t cut his skin open. He stepped on the scale. His pleasure pole pulsed as it read 312. “Another 50 pounds of muscle, let’s try for 75.”

He went back to the preacher curl station and pumped out more sets. He used the cable machines to work his back. His muscles were so thick and swollen he couldn’t make his elbows touch his obloquies. He decided to balance things out and did some squats; doubling his former best. He had to reposition his legs several times as his quads demanded more room. There was a loud rip. His spandex shorts finally surpassed their stress point. He awkwardly stepped out of the machine. He had to swing his legs around each other as he walked. He was having trouble moving period. He waddled to the back and found a pair of larger shorts in the storage room. He fondled his achingly hard cock. His massive muscle tits blocked his view. He went back to the mirror. He didn’t like the fact his nearly waist thick thighs made his package appear smaller. He slid on his new shorts. He adjusted himself. He was relieved that his package still looked damn impressive when stuffed inside clothing. He went back to the scale; 330 pounds. He pumped his arms using light weights as if preparing to go on stage to pose. He went back to the mirror. Even when relaxed he looked as if he was flexing. Every gargantuan muscle was sharp and clearly defined. He saw the Mr.Olympia display near the desk. “Move over, boys. None of you come close to what I’ve got going on.” He bounced his pecs. The muscles rolled like waves crashing on the shore. He did a double bicep pose. “Fucking huge and ripped.”

His reflection was turning him on. He had only been hard for a couple of minutes but it felt like hours. His balls were painfully bloated and needed to be emptied. Maybe years were passing for them too. He pulled his rigid pipe out of his shorts and began to stroke it. His other hand went to his swollen pecs. He shot three large, successive loads when he climaxed. It hurt real good. Jerking off only pumped his body more. His bull neck filled the slack in the leather necklace. It dug into his skin. He went to loosen the knot, but couldn’t raise his arms. Their large size and heavy bulk combined with his bursitis made it impossible. The shoulder pain was much worse than he usually felt after working out. He went back to the mirror and tried again. He winced, “Fuck!” The pain was even worse than just a second ago. He pulled on the shoelace to maneuver the knot to the front. His pecs were so full and high it created a broad muscle shelf under his chin. With his limited shoulder mobility, his fingertips barely reached the knot. For some reason his wrists and finger joints were unusually stiff too.

Dean looked at his reflection again. For the first time he noticed he had wrinkles around his eyes. In addition to the crow’s feet, there were permanent creases in his forehead. He looked older. He went to smooth them out, but the pain in his shoulder prevented him. The movement of his arms was becoming more restricted. He examined his body closely. His skin looked different everywhere; thicker or loser somehow. He looked like a man in his mid thirties. The accelerated time should have stopped when he reached his full potential. He figured that was about 26 or 27. He noticed stray hairs on his chest and shoulders. He blew them away. Was his hair falling out? He went to the scale. It read, 307 pounds. He had lost 13 pounds. What was happening? Then he remembered he didn’t finish his wish because Steve interrupted him. Did that mean he would continue to age beyond the physical peak? The scale now read 298 pounds.

He went back to the mirror. He did look smaller. Like his pump had faded. He bounced his pecs to fluff them up. The muscle moved differently. Instead of crashing waves it looked more like jiggling. His pecs relaxed into a more rounded shape. Dean pushed up on them with his fingertips. They felt softer. Where they sagging a bit? He crunched his stomach. His abs looked softer too. The lines dissecting his eight pack weren’t as deep. He tried to go into another double bi; but the searing pain prevented him from lifting his arms that high. “Fuck, that hurts.” He rubbed his left shoulder with his right hand. He noticed how old the back of his hand looked. He saw gray hairs at the temples of his receding hairline. The horizontal wrinkles on his forehead were now deep grooves. A crease had formed from his nostrils to the sides of his mouth. “Fuck, I getting old!” His muscles continued to shrink. He ran back to the scale. The needle stopped at 276. “No, this can’t be happening to me.” More hair fell onto his smaller delts.

He hurried back to the mirror. His hair was now so thin, the overhead lights reflected off his scalp. He looked like he was in his 50s. “I have to get this thing off me.” Without thinking he reached for the necklace. “Holy shit”, he gasped. The excoriating shoulder pain caused him to fall to one knee. He slowly moved to a work out bench. His knees creaked and snapped as he sat down. He went to rub his knees when he felt a similar pain in his elbows. He rubbed his achy joints. He remembered his grandmother complained about pain in her knees and elbows from her arthritis. The doctors warned him about his bursitis worsening with age. He had to take off the necklace. He would lose some muscle but at least he would be young again.

He thought he couldn’t untie it, he could cut it off. He got to his feet with a groan. His hand went to his stiff lower back. He walked awkwardly from the pain in his ankles, knees and hips. He went to the desk to find a pair of scissors. None were there. He then went to the back room. Still looking for scissors, he stumbled on a bottle of aspirin. He swallowed four pills hoping it would reduce the pain in his joints. As he continued his search more hair fell from his head. He found a chef’s knife. He grabbed the large handle and saw large age spots on the back of his wrinkled hand. His knuckles were swollen, and the fingers were no longer straight. These weren’t his hands, they were his grandmothers. He went back to the mirror in the weight room.

After a moment to allow his failing eyes to adjust, he was shocked by what he saw. His reflection showed a man in his 70s. What hair he had left was completely gray. His skin was pale and loose. Most of his muscle mass was gone. He couldn’t weigh more than 160 pounds now. His torso no longer had a manly V taper, but was more of a pear shape. He had a slight hump on his back as his posture worsened from is weakened muscles. His breasts sagged into a point at the nipple. He had a ring of fat hanging over the waist band of his baggy shorts. His arms and legs were pencil thin. His balls hung low down his right leg. His panic got worse. Using what limited movement he had in his arms, he brought the knife’s blade to the necklace. The tip grazed the turkey waddle under his chin. A drop of blood emerged at the point of contact. Suddenly the idea of a sharp blade near his neck didn’t seem like a good idea. He looked around the room. Maybe he could use something to pull the necklace off him. It was much looser now that his bull neck had lost a third of its girth.

He noticed the upper handles on the dip station used for pull ups. He turned a small wastebasket upside down to use as a step stool. After a couple tries was able to hook the necklace onto one of the handles. He tried to back out of the necklace, but it got caught on his oversized ears. His right knee gave way. He lost his balance and fell. All his weight was now being supported by the necklace still around his throat. In a panic, he accidentally kicked the wastebasket away. The thin leather strap was crushing his windpipe. The pull up handle was high enough to keep his feet off the floor. He tried to use his once powerful arms to support his weight on the lower set of handles; but they were too weak and pain ridden. His frantic movements caused him to spin. The twisted shoelace got tighter and tighter around his neck. Dean gasped for air as the room got darker. Then everything stopped, including Dean’s heart.

Darton didn’t have a police force of its own. The county sheriff’s office ran the investigation. The evidence indicated a violent struggle occurred on both floors. They couldn’t identify the two bodies found at the scene due to their advanced state of decomposition. That also meant the blood couldn’t be from them either. DNA tests showed the blood present was from two different persons. One was the same as whom the arm belonged. The fingerprints from the severed arm were not in any law enforcement database. That was all they knew. Not enough to determine conclusively what had happened at the gym that September evening. No witnesses came forth. The business’ owner and several of the gym’s regular patrons had vanished without a trace. The case went cold. The following month the abandoned building was boarded up by the town council.
September 2009 - A police officer sat at his desk inside the storage room cage. He was watching a video on YouTube. Under his desk he was rubbing his stiff cock. He whispered to himself, “Jay, I knew you would make a come back. What I wouldn’t do to have a body like yours.”

“Hey, Glenn. Making plans for your retirement?”

“Oh, hey, Ned.” The officer quickly closed the software window on his monitor. “Yeah, two more days and counting.” He wiped his forehead, “I didn’t expect anyone down here this late.”

“The sarge has me working overtime to clean out some case files. We need the room upstairs.” The handsome visitor pushed a file box through the opening in the steel lattice. “Before I leave for the night I wanted to bring these down to you.”

“Any thing good?” Glenn opened the box and pulled out a stack of folders. He scanned their labeled tabs. One caught his eye. “Darton Gym, September 2008. Isn’t this the case where they found the mummies and a severed arm?”

“I think so.”

After paging through the file’s contents, “I thought there was someone with the last name of Dark involved. MartinDark owned the gym and disappeared at the same time.”

“Did you know him?” Ned asked peering through the mesh to see the file.

“No, but Dark was my ex-wife’s maiden name. Her father grew up in Darton. I guess they could be related. He probably had a great body if he owned a gym. Her father and brother were big, beefy guys. They always intimidated the hell out of me. I was more afraid of their reaction when I asked for the divorce than hers.”

Ned raised his eyebrow, “You asked her for a divorce. Usually it’s the wife that wants out. Living with a cop is no fairy tale.”

Glenn laughed at his unintentional joke. “I had no business marrying a woman; but I was young and confused. It took me a few years to figure things out.”

“Hey, you’re still young.” Ned studied the man’s ordinary face through the steel mesh, “What are you about 45?”

Glenn set down the file. He straightened his posture and sucked in his gut. “41 actually, I started on the force after getting my Associate’s.”

“You going to get another job, start a second career?”

“Yeah, probably the usual: security.” Ned shook his head to show he understood. Glenn continued, “I want to take a year or two off first. Do some traveling, get back into shape, and spend some quality time with my son before he leaves for college.”

Ned smiled, “He still playing football?”

“Sort of, he’s recouping from a knee injury. We hope it’s nothing too serious. His coach said he was on track for a full scholarship to a top university before it happened.”

Ned rested his elbows on the counter outside the window, “He’s that good, heh?”

Glenn enjoyed having the attractive younger man show interest in his life. “He has it all; size, strength and speed. He hasn’t turned 17 yet and already towers over me.” Glenn held up his hands about a yard apart, “He has a set of shoulders on him you wouldn’t believe.” He moved his right hand about five inches over his left bicep, “And his arms…fucking huge; like twice the size of mine. He benches 400 pounds like it’s nothing. He definitely takes after his mother’s side of the family.”

“Does he intimidate you too?” Ned asked with a smile.

Glenn chuckled, “Yes, but I would never admit it to him.” He thought want a great smile Ned had.

Ned stood up, “Well, it’s time for me to get out of here. I hope you enjoy your life of leisure.”

“Oh, I will. See ya, Ned.” Glenn watched the other cop leave. He looked good from the back too. “Hey Ned, maybe we could get a beer some time?”

Ned turned around. “Sounds good. Call me.” Both men smiled.

Glenn wondered what kind of body Ned had under that uniform. He hoped it was hard and buff. He closed the Darton Gym file in front of him and placed it on top of the others. Glenn clicked the YouTube window on his computer and replayed the clip of Jay’s poses. His attention was drawn to the stack of files for some reason. He forced his eyes to the monitor as his hand slipped to his waking crotch. Again he felt pulled to the files. He paused the video and flipped the file open. It was upside down so the last thing in the file was now on top. It was a manila envelope. The bump at the bottom indicated something besides paper was inside. Glenn picked the envelope up; it wasn’t heavy. He undid the string closure and peered inside. He wasn’t sure what it was. He poured the contents onto his desk. He grasped the leather cord in his fingers and held it up. Glenn stared at the crude medallion hanging from the cord. He never cared for jewelry, but found this piece very compelling.