Second Chances

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Edwin Pierce had one ear bud in place listening to his iPod. His most recent download, Davis’ Round Midnight, played as he doodled. Like usual his was sketching men’s body parts. He darkened the shading under a set of muscular pecs to make them look thicker. Once again Drew Bullard was his inspiration. He had a pencil in one hand and his dick in the other. He absent mindedly stroked his small member through a pair of loose jeans.

He was alone in his dorm room on a sunny fall day. The eight foot square space in Martindale Hall was just large enough to hold the college’s standard issued bed, desk, and a tall open wardrobe. Edwin kept his room neat as a pin. All the posters were perfectly level and equally distributed on the limited wall space. His clothes were on hangers with shirts on one side of the wardrobe and pants on the other. Below, his shoes and slippers were lined up precisely. Growing up his parents insisted his room be tidy. Strict discipline was something both felt necessary for molding a child into a responsible adult.

This was especially true of his father. Mr.Pierce was an overachiever. He graduated from law school at the top of his class. He had a notable career as a public defender before entering the world of politics. He was currently running for his second term as mayor of Edwin’s home town and had his eye on Washington. Mr.Pierce pushed himself hard to proof to all of those who picked on him as a child that he was not a loser. Looking like his father, Edwin experienced the same torment. But it did not generate the same self motivation. Each day a little of his ego was chipped away by a society that worshiped beauty and power. He did plan to enter the family business and do some form of public service; something that didn’t require winning an election. Edwin was not the handshaking, baby kissing type.

All his life Edwin was told he had to exceed everyone’s expectations because his behavior reflected on his family. Not wanting to disappoint his father, the good son did his part. He was his high school’s valedictorian and was bestowed the good citizenship award. Edwin avoided all the temptations that lured his peers away from the straight and narrow. While they were hanging at the mall or going to parties, Edwin was volunteering for charitable organizations. His lifestyle stunted his social skills with his peers. He was always on the outside looking in. His goody-two-shoes reputation fit his appearance. He had a slender 5’ 7” physique, unruly red hair, barely there eyebrows and a pale, acne ravaged complexion. He was the cliché nerd and assumed the role in college as he did in high school.

Edwin’s dorm room was one of eight that surrounded a communal lounge and bathroom. While sitting at the desk, he had his back to the open door. He endured having the occasional thing thrown at the back of his head to lessen the chance of being “penny-ed”. That’s when someone forces pennies between the closed door and the jam. The pressure from the coins makes it virtually impossible to open the door. Three times Edwin had to climb out the window to get help from the prank. Luckily his room was on the first floor. In true nerd form, he knew the school’s maintenance men on a first name basis.

You were permitted to close your door while sleeping, getting dressed, or entertaining. Edwin was in his junior year at Wabash and had never entertained or been entertained by any one. He told himself school was what he should focus on; relationships weren’t important. He hoped attending the all male school would lessen the pressure of dating or having a girlfriend. He wasn’t asexual. He masturbated regularly; usually while looking at pictures of muscular men. However, he refused to think of himself as gay. He was convinced every man did the same. Beating off while imagining you are a big man capable of bringing anyone to their knees by simply flexing your huge, powerful muscles. The difference was in Edwin’s fantasies he was more often the one doing the worshipping instead of the one being worshipped. He heard his peers comment crudely about the curvy women inside the latest copy of Hustler or the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Edwin found the bodies on display in Muscular Development and Undergear much more noteworthy. In his desk drawer he kept hidden a stash of his favorite muscle images. There were even some of comic books from his childhood. There was something about those heroic men in their muscle hugging tights and well filled trunks that always sent Edwin over the edge.

Edwin momentarily stopped his doodling when he heard someone knocking on a door. He didn’t bother turning around because no one ever came to see him. He assumed his neighbor had a visitor. “Ed,” a powerfully deep voice called out. Edwin spun around in his seat. His eyes widened, his body tensed up. It was Drew. The doorway was filled by his bulk. He wore only shorts and sneakers. His body looked pumped. Thick veins entwined his powerful hands and forearms. His tanned skin was moist and the tips of his wavy brown hair damp. He carried an open duffle bag with a towel sticking out. He must have just come from practice or a workout at the gym. His body practically glowed with youth, beauty and power.

Everyone on campus said he looked like BrodyJenner. But even Brody would be jealous of Drew’s body. Instead of the undefined bulk of most football players; Drew had the physique of a classic bodybuilder. He reminded Edwin of the greats; Paris, Labrada, Newman, Demey, and Sarcev. But it was Edwin’s current idol DenisSergovsky that flashed in his mind now. Drew had the same long legs, tiny waist and slightly oversized delts and pecs as the Russian. He was a comic book super hero come to life.

“Ddddrew,” Edwin licked thin lips and swallowed hard. He got to his feet; side stepped around his desk and backed away until he hit the wall behind him. He kept his hand over the bump in his jeans. “Wwwhat do you want?”

“Relax dude. I’m not here to hassle you.” Drew stepped into the room and closed the door. Edwin became more afraid and aroused. Drew’s gym shorts were baggy and ended mid-thigh. The loose elastic waistband hung low on his narrow hips revealing his deeply etched Apollo’s belt. His large endowment looked as if it was trying to escape from the lightweight fabric. As he walked his heavy package swung back and forth like a pendulum. It was obvious he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. The song Walk the Dinosaur played in Edwin’s head. The other guys on campus sung the opening chant of the song whenever they spotted Drew going commando. His cock was like the head and neck of a brontosaurus. His ballsack was the creature’s huge round body. As Drew walked, it looked like he was pushing the lumbering reptile along for a reluctant stroll.

Drew carefully placed his open duffle bag on Edwin’s bed before resting his hands on his sculpted hips. Edwin tried to keep eye contact with Drew, but his eyes kept darting down at his body. This is the closest he had ever been to the half-dressed captain of the football team. Edwin had watched him during practices and studied him as he roamed the campus. It was obvious Drew was proud of his body. Any time the temperature reached at least 65 he was in shorts. At 70, off came the shirt. Other men said his ego was out of control, but no one could deny he had every right to show off. Edwin now stood less than 3 feet away.

Last time he was this close, the jock was yelling out him. That was the only other time Drew had said a single word to him in three years. Edwin was so afraid of the hulking athlete it was all he could do to stop himself from crying. He was never been so afraid or intimidated. He didn’t say a word. He stood there shuddering. He felt like a six year old being scolded by his furious father.

“I came here to apologize for what happened in yesterday’s Student Committee meeting. As the committee’s president I understand you have a job to do. My fraternity brothers and I were out of line with the things we said. I just hope you won’t let it impact the disciplinary action the committee hands down. I hope you can forgive and forget.” A devastating smile overtook Drew’s face. Dimples formed in his cheeks. “You have to remember football players aren’t known for their even temperaments.”

Edwin eyes lingered on Drew’s body. As he talked and gestured, the muscles of his body flexed and bulged. There was nothing small or scrawny about him. Every inch was a showcase for the word masculinity. His skin was an even golden brown. His chest looked like two flesh colored patio bricks. The thickness of the rectangular shaped slabs created a dark horizontal shadow underneath. His powerful torso was divided vertically by his muscle cleavage and deeply etched abdominals. The two lines intersected near Drew’s heart. His musculature created the perfect cross. Edwin belief in God was never more certain. Someone as beautiful as Drew couldn’t be accidental; it had to be divine intervention. Edwin fought the urge to fall to knees before the miraculous vision. Edwin mumbled something incoherent.

Drew gave him a confused look, and indicated he wanted Edwin to repeat it with a questioning, “I’m sorry?”

Edwin realized his guest had stopped talking. He raised his gaze to make eye contact. Drew didn’t seem to notice what a distraction his presence was. He didn’t comment on Edwin leering at his body or the smaller man’s long silences. Edwin didn’t know what to do or say. Being this close to the campus Adonis was overwhelming. He knew Drew was good looking, but now he could see just how handsome he was. The light from the room’s one window shone on Edwin’s chiseled face. It made his large brown eyes sparkle like they were made of smoky topaz. Edwin repeated Drew’s words like a parrot, “I’m sorry.” His 4 and ½ dick was at full mast. He grabbed a sweat jacket from the back of his chair and clutched it to his queasy stomach. Drew glanced down at Edwin’s jacket. Edwin clutched it tighter, “I’m cold.”

Drew raised his hand to Edwin’s face. Edwin recoiled and pushed his head against the wall behind him. His look of terror was unmistakable. Drew smiled as he ran his calloused fingers over Edwin’s forehead, “But you’re sweating, dude.” He held up his wet fingers for Edwin to see before wiping his fingers dry on his bulging chest. Drew circled his nipple several times before putting his hand back on his hip.

Edwin held his breath as he watched the hunk’s actions. Suddenly he gasped as his cock exploded in his briefs. He became flush. He panted for air. Drew had to know what happened, but his face showed no reaction. “Excuse me,” Edwin turned around and put on the fleece garment. He zipped it up and put his hands into the front pockets. The oversized jacket fell to the middle of his thin thighs covering his crotch. Edwin turned back to face Drew.

The larger man held out his hand, “So we okay now? No hard feelings.”

Edwin was definitely feeling hard. He licked his lips and swallowed uncontrollably. He stuttered, “It’s not up to me Ddddrew. The whole committee will decide wwwwhat action to ttttake.”

Drew returned his hand to his hip. “I know, but you are the president. You have more influence than you think.” Drew moved even closer. Edwin realized just how massive Drew was. One of his pecs was the same width as Edwin’s entire chest. Edwin’s head was below Drew’s nose. “I know we caused a lot of damage and it was totally wrong. But we’ll take care of everything, I promise. I heard you can ban the fraternity from campus and close down the house. Don’t you think that’s too severe for a group of guys just having some fun?” Edwin didn’t answer. Drew put his left hand on the little man’s thin shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “Don’t you agree?”

Edwin stopped breathing. He felt his knees buckle. Thank God, he was still leaning up against the wall for support. He looked at Drew’s hand. It felt heavy and spanned the entire width of his shoulder. He saw the muscles twitch in his thick forearm. He followed an extension cord like vein cross over the softball implanted under the thin skin of his upper arm. He imagined the strength that one limb possessed; easily twice that of the average man.

Drew smiled at Edwin again. “Regardless of what happens, I’m still sorry for the things I said to you. We don’t have to talk about it anymore.” Drew presented his right hand to Edwin once more. Edwin slipped his hand into Drew’s. He felt like a small child again. Drew pumped Edwin’s hand several times, causing Edwin’s whole body to shake, before letting go. “I’m glad we are friends again.” Drew patted Edwin’s shoulder, before he sat down on his bed. The big man leaned back and let his head rest against the wall behind him. “Thank God that’s over. It’s really been bothering me.” Without thinking Drew grabbed both of Edwin’s bed pillows and placed them behind his upper body to make his position more comfortable. He put one arm behind his head for additional support. His bicep bulged powerfully next to his ear. Edwin’s eyes went to the small patch of wispy, but damp hair at the bottom of Drew’s cave like arm pit. Drew didn’t take his eyes off Edwin as he ran his other hand over his rippling torso. He turned his head toward his raised arm and inhaled deeply. “Damn, I reek. I’m sorry dude. I forgot I was still pumped from my workout.” He lowered his arm and sat up. He twisted his torso and put a hand on the pillows. “Wow, I’ve accidentally marked your pillows. You won’t be able to sleep tonight surrounded by my BO.” Drew gave a little laugh along with another killer smile. “This is some way to make a good impression, huh? I hope you have a clean pillowcase.”

Again Edwin was quiet. All he could think about was jerking off later with his face engulfed in that pillow. The musky scent of the jock would enhance the experience exponentially. He felt something wet at his crotch. He wondered if his crotch had a wet stain from his cum. He was so embarrassed. He quickly sat in his desk chair. “Ddddon’t worry about it.”

“Are you okay? You still seem nervous.” Drew asked calmly. Edwin shook his head. Drew returned the pillow behind him and he leaned back. He placed his right hand behind his head as before. The pose elongated his already lanky 6’ 2” physique. It didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. His intercostals looked like corrugated steel. And all that was missing was the plastic ring carrier from his six pack abs. “Everything I own reeks nowadays. It seems all I do anymore is work out. When I’m not in the gym, I’m on the practice field. I can’t wait to win the NCAC championship, so things can get back to normal. I know I shouldn’t complain, I’ve put on over ten pounds of muscle since the season started. I’m in the best shape of my life, but I can use the rest. I mean there’s more to life than having a killer bod, right?”

As he spoke Drew ran his other hand lightly over his carved muscles of his torso. Again Edwin found himself defying the socially accepted behavior while conversing. He stared at Drew’s body instead of his face. But it didn’t seem to bother his guest. Drew’s hand slipped to his crotch. He cupped his package and pulled up as he adjusted the position of his legs. Drew noticed Edwin watching him. “Sorry, the big boys are always getting in the way. I don’t want to crush them, they’re kind of important.” The damp material of his shorts covered his manhood, but hid nothing. Every nook and cranny was shown in great detail. Even the topography of his foreskin was visible. On the right leg of the shorts was printed the name of the school’s team, The Little Giants. Edwin thought how appropriate. That was the perfect description of Drew’s package. While it was his littlest body part, it was a giant compared to other men’s. Again Edwin realized Drew had stopped talking. He looked up at Drew’s emotionless face.

Edwin cleared his throat, “Sssso you think you will win the championship?” Edwin finally asked

“That’s what everybody says. We have our best chance in years. The team is playing great. You know almost the entire team is in the Sigma house. That’s another reason we deserve some special consideration by the disciplinary committee. We generate a lot of money for the school.” Drew spoke casually as if talking to a friend. He continued to slowly explore his muscles with his long fingers. Edwin shook his head, not knowing what else to say. Drew moved his other hand behind his head. “Mmmm, your bed is very comfortable.” He stretched out his body. His lats fanned out. His stomach receded. Every muscle erupted, pushing through his smooth skin. After a deep sigh he asked, “Are you into football, Ed?”

Edwin was rocking back and forth in the chair, trying not to cum in his pants again. “No, not really.”

“You look like you keep yourself in good shape. What sports do you follow?”

Edwin was caught off guard by the question. No one had ever mistaken him for an athlete before. “Me? Sports? I don’t have an athletic bone in my body.”

“I don’t believe that. You just haven’t found the right one. You have the physique of a long distance runner. I bet you have great stamina? You go all night with the ladies, heh? Am I right dude?” Drew asked with a smirk and a nod. He held up a fist in front of Edwin. Edwin gave him a questionable look. Drew eyes darted to his fist as he continued to smile and nod. Edwin finally realized what he wanted and knocked his fist into the bigger man’s. “That’s what I’m taking about, bro.”

Edwin felt almost giddy. Drew Bullard called him bro. He started to relax slightly. “Sorry, I don’t know much about sports.”

Drew sat up, “All because I’m a dumb jock doesn’t mean we have to talk about sports. What do you want to talk about, Ed?” Edwin shrugged his shoulders. There was nothing interesting about his life. “What were you working on when I interrupted you?”

“Uhmm, It was nothing,” Edwin quickly closed the sketch book. “It was….a sketch for an art project; my homage to Mondrian. The final piece will be in acrylics. But before I start painting I want to have everything laid out. I’m not good at winging things.” Edwin started to babble. He was saying too much to cover up his lie. That was what he should have been working on instead of doing doodles of Drew.

“Is it for Cramer’s 20th Century Art?” Drew asked. Edwin nodded yes. “I took that in my sophomore year. She’s easy if you show her a little attention. Like all middle aged women, she’ll turn into a helpless kitten with a little playful flirting.”

“Yeah, I don’t think that would work for me.”

“Sure it will.” Drew could see he was losing Edwin. Even he didn’t believe what he was saying. “But you don’t need to play those games. You probably have real artistic talent. I can’t manage stick figures. Can I see what you’ve done?” Edwin nerves went on edge again. He hesitated. “Please.” Drew said with a pleading look. Edwin turned to the page of his half done project and handed over his sketch book. Drew looked at it then asked. “Why are you using only blues and grays? Didn’t he use primary colors?”

Edwin was shocked. That was very astute. He never realized how smart and charming Drew was. He never got past the exquisite cover of that book. Edwin became more confident because unlike sports, he knew a thing or two about art. , “Usually, he did this one piece that was all gray with one block of blue. I really liked it.”

Drew turned the pages to some of Edwin’s other sketches. “You are good. What’s this?” Drew turned the book for Edwin to see.

Edwin stood up slightly and reached for the book. “Uh, that’s my attempt at a Calder. There’s really nothing else in there worth looking at. Why don’t you just give it back to me? I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.”

Drew ignored him and turned to another page. “RobertDelaunay?” Again Drew held up the tablet for Edwin.

“Yes, that was my first assignment. It’s not very good. There’s really nothing else to see.”

“I like it. It reminds me of his rhythm piece.”

Edwin sat back down in amazement. “That was what inspired me,” Edwin said proudly. He was actually having a real conversation with Drew Bullard. Edwin pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“I’m messing up your pages. Why don’t you sit next to me so we can look at the book together?” Drew said without taking his eyes off the sketch book. After one false start, Edwin moved to the bed and sat down next to Drew. He kept his hands in his jacket pockets to hide his damp crotch. Drew leaned back on the pillows again. He pulled one of the pillows from behind him and placed it behind Edwin. “There you go. Sit back and relax.” Edwin didn’t move. Drew put his hand on Edwin’s back and rubbed it gently, “Relax dude.” Edwin slowly eased into the position. Drew kept his attention on the sketch pad and continued to turn the pages. Edwin watched the muscles in Drew’s forearm pulse with the each small movement. He was only inches from the perfect athlete now. He turned his head slightly toward Drew. He inhaled deeply without making it too obvious. As he predicted, Drew’s body odor was anything but offensive. He smelled like a strong man should. “Your Matisse is very good.”

Edwin really was listening anymore. He was lost in Drew. “Thanks,” he mumbled. His cock was hard again.

Drew flipped the page and revealed a page of random doodles. There were superheroes with overstuff tights. There were muscular men posing with raging hard-ons. Some were of Drew. Others were just of gigantic dicks. Edwin saw the page in his peripheral vision. He snapped his head away from Drew and locked on the sketch pad. He wanted to scream. What if Drew recognized himself in the drawings? He tried to think of something to day. Drew didn’t react. He slowly turned to the next page. When he reached the last page; he calmly stated, “You’re a good artist”. He set the sketch book down next to him away from Edwin.

“This is nice, just chllin’. I knew we would have things in common.” Drew took a deep breath. “It’s crazy how people fall into certain stereotypes. I mean, do my frat brothers act the way we do because we want to or because it’s expected of us. Just because we’re bigger than most guys, people expect us to be arrogant jocks. And because you are on the slender side you get labeled a nerd. We aren’t that different from one another. We’re both men, the same age, and go to the same school.” Drew put his hand around Edwin’s upper arm, “We’re both made of flesh and blood.” Drew released Edwin’s arm and grabbed his small hand. Drew put Edwin’s hand on his arm. He flexed making his bicep swell under Edwin’s fingers. Edwin moaned softly as his hard cock throbbed. It actually hurt now. “See, I’m flesh and blood. Just like you.” Drew took his eyes off of Edwin and looked straight ahead. He didn’t release his hold on Edwin’s smaller hand. He dragged Edwin’s hand onto his chest. Edwin couldn’t believe how hard Drew’s chest was; the muscles looked plump as seat cushions. “There is no reason we can’t get along.” Edwin’s hand continued to be gently guided down Drew’s etched body. One by one Edwin got to feel the athlete’s abdominals. “I think we can be good friends, don’t you?” Drew turned to look at Edwin, but he continued the tour. Edwin nodded his head. His eyes darted back to their entwined hands when they reached the waistband of Drew’s shorts. Large beads of sweat now formed on the smaller man’s upper lip and forehead. Their hands finally stopped when they reached the mound of flesh at Drew’s crotch. Drew pushed down lightly forcing Edwin’s hand into his package.

Edwin couldn’t stop himself from cuming once more. He blurted out, “Oh my God”.

Drew quickly lifted his hand away. “Oh, shit. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize what I was doing. I’ve been so horned up with all the work outs and everything. I’m really sorry dude.” Drew covered his face with his hands. “I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me.”

Edwin slowly pulled his hand back. “It’s okay. No harm done.” With Drew not looking, Edwin made sure his jacket covered the growing wet spot on his jeans.

Drew let out a long, deep breath. “Thanks for understanding. You are a great guy. I feel so comfortable with you, like you are a member of my team. I forgot where I was for a moment.” Drew removed his hands from his face and looked around. “Hey look Drew, this isn’t a locker room.” He joked.

“Not a locker room? What does that mean?” Edwin asked.

“You know the things that happen in a locker room. How teammates help each other out.” Drew spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, but saw confusion in Edwin’s face. “Haven’t you ever been in a locker room with a sports team before?” Edwin shook his head no. Drew scanned Edwin’s body once more and put his hand on his stomach. “I still find that hard to believe. You are so ripped.” Drew took his hand off Edwin and cupped his crotch again. “Well you know as men we need physical release often. It helps to deal with all the stress and tension. Plus it encourages testosterone production, which makes you a bigger, stronger athlete. So after a game or practice the team gives each other a helping hand.” Drew mimed a jerking off motion. “It’s no big deal, it’s just guys around.”

Edwin was aghast. “You’re kidding me right? What do the coaches say?”

Drew continued to massage his cock as he spoke. “Oh, they’re all for it. Sometimes they join in. It bonds the team together. We become more comfortable with each other; it builds camaraderie and improves communication. It enables us to perform better on the field. Every team does it, even the pros.”

Edwin watched Drew speak with total sincerity. It did make sense to Edwin. He heard all those stories about professional athletes sleeping with hundreds of different women. Their sex drives had to be off the charts to rack up numbers like that. Athletes are the most attractive men on the planet. They walked around nude in the locker rooms and showers. Things must happen. The temptation had to be unbearable. Drew sighed, “But you are not on my team, so I have no right to ask you to help me out like that. Again I’m sorry, bro.” Drew’s massage was making his snake slither further down this thigh. “It’s just I’m so horny right now, I really need to release my pent up load or the boys feel like they’re going to burst.”

Drew’s face showed his discomfort. Edwin glanced down. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Drew’s cock had almost doubled its size. Edwin felt a longing he had never felt before. He licked his dry lips, “I ggguess I could help…”

Drew’s face lit up. “That would be awesome, dude. I’ll help you too.”

“No, that’s okay you don’t have to, uh…oh..uh.” Drew worked his hand up Edwin’s thigh, pushing away his jacket until he was able to grope Edwin’s crotch. Drew felt the wet spot and withdrew his hand quickly.

“Wow, you were horned up too. You sure you’re not an athlete.” Drew sat up and reached for a box of tissues from Edwin’s desk. “Here you go.”

Edwin pulled two tissues out of the box. “Thanks.” He stuffed the tissues down his pants to absorb his load.

“Did you want to change?” Drew asked.

“No, I’m fine.” The last thing he wanted was Drew to see him naked.

“Dude, you’re fast. I’m a little jealous. Your reaction time is incredible.”

“I ggguess, It’s your turn now.” Edwin tentatively returned his hand to Drew’s crotch. It was like a layer cake. The thick log was atop the spread out scrotum which was supported by the muscles of his thighs. Edwin cupped the outline of Drew’s thick hose. He squeezed it. Edwin could feel the power in the huge organ. He looked up at Drew’s face. He had his eyes closed and his teeth clenched. He bucked his hips up and down, making his abs ebb and flow.

“Squeeze harder,” Drew whispered. Edwin tried but his small hand couldn’t grip the mound of man flesh through the slippery shorts. “Try rubbing it.” Edwin again did as he was ordered to do. He began to run his fingers up and down the growing outline of Drew’s cock. “Faster and harder.” The friction was burning his fingers. He changed hands and quickened the pace. Drew’s cock was still growing; it had to be over seven inches long and was only semi-hard. “Sorry dude, but this isn’t working for me. You’re going to have to make direct contact.”

“Oh, okay,” Edwin said nervously. He took his hand off of Drew’s crotch and moved it to his stomach. The hardness of the rocky surface still surprised him. How could anyone’s body be this hard? Edwin’s fingertips moved under the elastic waist band of Drew’s loose shorts. He looked at Drew’s face. His eyes were still closed. Soon Edwin’s fingers were in a steamy forest of silky pubic hairs. He followed the length of Drew’s pleasure pipe. The tubular limb’s growth hastened as Edwin’s shaking hand wrapped around it. Its girth increased rapidly as it began to rise higher and higher. Again Edwin was shocked that anyone could feel like this. How could any single man have so much meat between his legs? How could he walk around with such a heavy appendage? It had to be tiring. It couldn’t possibly be comfortable. No wonder he wore baggy shorts all the time, regular sized clothing must feel like a torture device. Going commando freed his big boys from being stuffed into underwear designed for mere mortals. Edwin continued to stroke the thickening shaft. Soon even his exaggerated shorts were filled to capacity. The thick knob was straining the fabric. The ten inch pole was too big for the tent.

“Shit,” Drew moaned, “it’s too tight. Pull down the shorts.” Edwin tried to pull the steel hard rod toward Drew’s stomach with one hand while stretching the waistband open with the other. He was gentle. He didn’t want to damage the rare piece of human art. Drew became impatient. He put one of his hands on his fuck pole. There was enough room for both men’s hands, but Edwin withdrew his in fear. Drew lifted his hips off the bed by tightening every muscle in his body. He pulled down his shorts with a quick yank. He lowered his hips with a big sigh. “There, that’s better.”

For the first time, Edwin could see what he had only felt before. He was awestruck. It was one phenomenal phallus; perfectly straight and thick as Edwin’s wrist. Blue veins encased its entire length. A large purple mushroom capped the still growing stem. Drew’s saucer sized nut sack pooled at his lap; the two jumbo sized eggs clearly visible through the golden brown fur covering them. Drew smirked at the stunned expression on Edwin’s face. “Incredible isn’t it. The guys on the team nicknamed it the Drewosaurus.” Drew titled his head back “Come on, bro. I’m almost there.” Drew tweaked his right nipple which stood at attention on his muscle tit. Edwin came out of his stupor and put his hand back onto the hot rod. His fingers barely encircled its hefty girth. He squeezed with all the strength his small hand could muster. His feeble attempt at dominance went unnoticed by the athlete. “Hurry, squeeze it dude.” Edwin became to slide his hand up and down the king sized piece of man meat. “Yeah, that’s it.” Precum started to ooze from the tip. The milky lava met Edwin’s hand. The slick substance made the novice’s strokes smoother. “Faster, dude. Faster and harder.” Drew gave instructions between moans and deep breaths. Edwin repositioned his body to get a better angle. He knelt on the bed leaning over Drew. He used both hands now. He looked like a boy scout attempting to start a campfire for the first time. He was working up more of a sweat by giving the hand job than Drew was receiving it. Drew opened his eyes and saw Edwin’s face was directly over his cock. “Sorry about this bro. I guess my reflexes are a lot slower than yours. Maybe if you suck on it?” Drew spoke in a slow, husky voice. Edwin stopped and looked at the throbbing flesh in front of him. He turned to Drew with trepidation. “Its okay, a lot of guys do it. Rich gives great head. It will help me cum.”

Edwin looked at the pulsating blue pipe. “Rich Brantwood, the lineman?” Just saying the words made Edwin hard again. Rich was the second best looking man on campus. He was actually larger than Drew, but didn’t have his beauty. Rich was more rugged, like a lumberjack. No matter what time of day his square jaw was covered in a 5 o’clock shadow. The image of Rich blowing Drew filled his mind; two muscular studs’ writhing in unison to bring each other to the pinnacles of euphoria. Edwin’s loins were on fire.

“Yeah, he’s the only one with a mouth big enough to take it.” Drew said smugly.

That sounded like a challenge to Edwin. Lust overcame his reluctance. This was the chance to make his fantasy a reality. He tightened his grip on Drew’s meat and opened his mouth wide. Edwin stopped a few centimeters away from the salty jawbreaker.

A sly smile overcame Drew’s face. “I really appreciate this. You’re a real friend.”

Edwin lowered his head. His thin lips slid over the purple helmet. His tongue lapped over the thick slit at the tip. Lower and lower he descended until his mouth was filled with the muscle man’s rigid column. He couldn’t believe how much there was left. He fought his gag reflex, he wanted to take more of Drew. He put on hand on Drew’s thigh to steady himself. Drew’s quad flexed to support Edwin’s weight. Edwin could feel the pressure building up in the back of his throat. Drew moaned his approval of Edwin’s maneuvers. Edwin’s nose was filled with Drew’s manly odor. Unlike Drew, Edwin kept his eyes wide open for before him was the Holy Grail of cocks. He could see Drew’s boys began to contract. The corded muscles of his thighs, obloquies, and abs radiated from the very core of his masculinity. Edwin’s mind was reeling. All his senses were working overtime to record every new sensation; the taste of Drew, the smell of Drew, the feel of Drew, the sight of Drew, and the sound of Drew. It all surpassed his most erotic dreams. Edwin never felt so free, so alive. Edwin moved one hand to his own crotch and squeezed the one-third scaled version of masculinity. His overworked meat hurt, but Edwin liked the pain.

Edwin was so involved in his mission to get Drew off; he didn’t notice the larger man’s hand reaching into his duffel bag. He pulled out a camera and turned on the palm sized device with his thumb. He held the camera at arm’s length. He pointed it at the top of Edwin’s head as he bobbed up and down his pole like a horse on a carousel. Drew bit his bottom lip and controlled his breathing. He wanted to hold off as long as possible to make a good video, but his body was on the verge of exploding. He didn’t think the nerd would be such a good cock sucker. When he knew he was about to lose control he moaned, “Okay man, I’m going to blow.” Edwin took his mouth off the joy stick and looked up. He turned to face Drew, who had a mischievous smirk on his face. Edwin saw the camera, he froze. Drew growled; a stream of cream erupted up from his monster dick, splattering all over Edwin’s face. Drew pumped out a several ounces of jizm. Edwin didn’t move as the warm gel covered his face. Drew began to laugh as he caught his breath, “That was golden.” Drew brought the camera to his stomach and played with the buttons.

“What are you doing?” Edwin wiped Drew’s product from his face.

Drew ignored the lesser man. “Oh, wow. I got it and the perfect angle too. This is better than I hoped.” Edwin reached for the camera. Drew put his hand on Edwin’s chest and pushed him. The lightweight flew off the bed on to the floor. Drew calmly put the camera back into his bag. He stood and pulled up his shorts.

Edwin looked up at the hulking giant. He looked even more menacing from the drastic perspective. “What’s going on? Why did you record it?” Edwin ran his hands through his unruly hair matted down with sweat. It was beginning to make sense. “You lied to me about your team mates and the locker room.”

Drew squeezed his package. “Only a real faggot would believe a story like that. I know it’s what you perverts fantasize about while you jerk off at night. Like those disgusting drawings of yours.” Drew picked up the sketch pad and threw it across the room. “Those drawings were of me, weren’t they? I see how you look at me. It makes me sick the way you queers pop boners whenever I’m around.” Drew spat on the cowering man at his feet. “My cock was made to fill pussy not assholes.”

“You planned this? But why?”

“Why do you think faggot; blackmail. I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to get you to blow me. But I didn’t realize just how gullible you are. It was like dangling a giant bratwurst in front of a starving poodle.” Drew grabbed his huge package again. “The Drewosaurus is irresistible to all privileged enough to lay eyes on it.” He flexed his glutes and thighs to get a better grip on the monster. Even he couldn’t resist touching it. He continued to massage his pride and joy as he spoke. “You are going to drop all charges against my fraternity or this video is going on YouTube. This is the stuff that ruins political careers. Everyone will find your disgusting fag behavior as repulsive as I do.”

Edwin would be the laughing stock of the school; his public service career over before it began. He had to bluff. “Go ahead and post it. They’ll see you too.”

“No, you can’t see my face. It’s all you queer boy.” Drew picked up the duffle bag from the bed. He ran his hand over his muscular torso. “True no other man has a body as perfect as mine, but with a little editing we can hide that. That final money shot is what everyone will remember. The cock sucker smeared with cum.” Drew stepped over Edwin.

Edwin grabbed onto Drew’s thick calf. “Please I can’t control the committee’s decision. All the evidence was shown during the hearing. It’s too late.”

Drew looked down at Edwin with hatred in his eyes. He pulled back his fist, “Get your faggot hands off of me.” Edwin released his grip and recoiled sheepishly. Drew took a deep breath to control his rage. “You’ll do it or the video is released to the world.” Drew could see the fear in his victim’s eyes. “I think we understand each other.”

Edwin got to his knees. He knew he was caught in a trap. “Listen, I’ll do the best I can; but some action will have to be taken. You admitted to damaging school property. It’s in the official record. It will look suspicious.” Edwin staggered to his feet. He wrapped his arms around his waist. He was hunched over. His submissive body language showed his subordinate role. “Release it and my political career will be over, true. But I’ll survive. I’m used to being an outcast. In time it will be forgotten. But if I’m not on the committee, I won’t be able to help you in the future. I promise to look the other way at anything else your frat house does.”

Drew playfully rubbed his chin as if to think. “No shit Sherlock. You and your committee of losers won’t bother us ever again. But I still want this case to disappear. Do exactly as I say or else.” Drew moved closer to Edwin. Edwin backed away and Drew continued his advancement. Edwin’s heels hit the edge of the open wardrobe. He backed into it until he was pressed up against the interior back wall. Edwin was literally in the closet. Drew was only a few inches away. Their size difference which Edwin had always found arousing now only instilled terror. “It wasn’t your political career I was thinking about. Isn’t your father up for reelection? Do you think all those bible thumping, blue haired grannies back home are going to vote for some one who has a cock sucker for a son?”

A chill went through Edwin. He forgot about his father. He clutched Drew’s sinewy forearm. “I beg of you. Please, I’ll do anything else. Anything, please don’t do this.” Tears filled Edwin’s eyes.

Drew looked down at the defeated little man. Pulled his arm away and slammed his fist into Edwin’s soft stomach. Edwin dropped like a sack of potatoes. His neatly hung clothes rained down on him. He moaned in the fetal position at Drew’s feet. It felt like his ribs had been shattered. Drew screamed, “I told you not to touch me, don’t ever touch me again, faggot.” Drew took a step back from the writhing curled up ball that was Edwin. “You are fucking pathetic. I hardly touched you.” Drew ripped opened the door. Several of Edwin’s neighbors had gathered in front of his door when they heard arguing. “Get the fuck out of my way.” Drew ordered as he moved passed the group.

Sam, who had the room next to Edwin’s, ran to his side. “Are you alright?” he asked with genuine concern.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Edwin forced out. His face was wet with tears. “Please just leave me alone. All of you, go away.”

Sam stood up and slowly backed out the door. “I’ll be in my room if you need anything.” He closed the door half way before adding, “I’ll make sure nobody pennies you in.” He shut the door to give Edwin privacy. The crowd dispersed, whispering their theories of what happened. Some laughed at what they saw. Edwin didn’t move for more than an hour.

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