Second Chances 2

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Edwin sat behind the long table with the other members of the school’s oversight committee. He fidgeted in his seat and nervously played with a pen. His eyes darted around the room. He avoided making eye contact with Drew who leered at him stone faced. The fraternity’s president was asked to stand. The faculty representative read off the committee’s decision. “After a surprisingly lengthy and heated deliberation, we have decided your fraternity will not be sanctioned fully as is this committee’s right. The main reason being no one was injured by your prank. However, the damage done to school property can not be ignored contrary to what some people at this table believe.” Several members turned to look in Edwin’s direction. “Most of us do not think this was a harmless antic from some over energetic boys; but rather a malicious act showing your level of immaturity. Therefore, your house will be required to perform 250 hours of community service. Hopefully, this will put your abundance of energy to good use. Personally, I hope you will see the error of your selfish behavior.”

Drew smirked, “Oh yes. This incident has been a real jolt to our collective consciousness, sir.” His frat brothers all chuckled behind him.

The old gentleman gave them a stern look, “Don’t push your luck young men.” He slammed the gavel down, “This meeting is now adjourned.” Everyone stood up. The committee members chatted as they left the room excluding Edwin. The outcast stood alone behind the table. He slowly put his belongings into a backpack. Drew and his brothers were congratulating each other on their light sentence with high fives and elaborate hand shakes. Drew’s attention went to Edwin who was watching him. His expression turned more maleficent. His brothers noticed his gaze. They all turned to face Edwin. In unison they grabbed their crotches and made sucking noises before bursting into laughter. Edwin clutched his bag to his chest and ran out of the room. He spent the remainder of the day in seclusion. He didn’t even eat dinner.

After a restless night, Edwin entered the cafeteria. He was starving. He noticed people looking at him and laughing. He looked down to make sure his fly was zipped. He checked his image in the glass door of the cold case before he removed a small carton of milk. Nothing appeared more comical than usual. After having his meal card scanned he looked for an empty table. He saw one in the far corner. He carefully balanced his tray as he made his way through the maze of chairs. People continued to look and whisper before laughing as he passed. One lanky guy walking in the opposite direction nodded to Edwin before saying in a bright tone, “Suck any good cock this morning, loser?” The others within earshot all laughed loudly.

Edwin wasn’t totally surprised by the greeting. He was often the brunt of name calling by the other students. But it was the way the others reacted that seemed strange. He reached the table and quickly sat down. He noticed almost the entire room staring at him. He lowered his head and focused on devouring his Captain Crunch. He looked up from his cereal just as two freshmen were passing in front of his table. He had milk dribbling down his chin. The boys began to laugh hysterically. Edwin wiped his mouth. He still saw people staring at him. He was becoming more and more uncomfortable. He decided to ignore his hunger pains instead of the crowd. He got up and emptied his half eaten breakfast into a trash can. Edwin left the cafeteria and walked through the quad keeping his head down. In the center was a communications board used by the students. He looked up quickly as he moved past the small structure. He did a double take. Covering the surface was a flyer. It had the words, “Guess Who Really Sucks?” in a large font at the top. Below the headline was a photo filling the rest of the 8 ½” x 11” sheet. The picture was of Edwin sucking Drew’s cock. It was a close-up and cropped tightly. You could only see an inch or two of the object of his lust, but it was obvious what he was doing. His identity was partly concealed by a thin black bar covering part of his eyes. But no one else had the same kinky hair, bad skin, and barely there brows. A small pack of students walked by and laughed at Edwin. Edwin scanned the quad and saw everyone laughing and pointing at him. Several students called out names: “fag,” “queer,” “cock sucker”. Panic took over Edwin, he scratched at the board to rip down the flyers. His behavior only made the onlookers laugh more. Edwin ran out of the quad directly to his room. His humiliation stopped him from attending any classes that day.

Edwin sat in his room trying to think of a way out of his current predicament. What if his father learned about this? Or worse, what if the man he was running against found out? Edwin reassured himself the photo wouldn’t hold up to scrutiny. It had to be a still frame from the video Drew shot. It was blurry and his face was partially obscured. There was no way anyone could prove it was him. He would deny it. That’s it, he would just act like it was someone else and it couldn’t possibly be him. He regretted his behavior in the quad. But only a dozen or so people saw him. He would deny that ever happened too. What’s one more lie? He had become an expert at denying things about himself. He had to make sure Drew wouldn’t produce anymore graphic mementos of their encounter.

Edwin left the dorm. The plan was to pretend he had no idea what was going on. He walked through campus ignoring the snickering. He kept a small smile on his face as he nodded occasionally to those he passed. He didn’t respond to any name calling. He just assumed they were for someone else since. They couldn’t possibly apply to him. He sat on a bench near the entrance of Baxter Hall waiting for Drew to leave his pysch class. He had Drew’s class schedule memorized. Edwin pretended to read a newspaper to hide his face from passersby.

Drew emerged from the building with team mate Rich by his side. Both jocks looked in peak condition. Rich wore jeans and a muscle shirt to show off his strong arms. Drew looked amazing in the bright sunlight. The natural blonde highlights in his sable colored hair glowed around his head like a halo. He had a book in one hand and his jacket bunched up in the other. He wore a pair of fitted jeans and a Henley shirt. The raglan sleeves only enhanced the breadth of his powerful shoulders. The ¾ length sleeves brought attention to his tanned forearms. The sinewy muscles pulsed as he adjusted his grip on his jacket. Edwin had spent hours building up his courage to confront Drew. He didn’t anticipate he would be with one of his frat brothers. They walked in front of Edwin. Edwin sunk behind the newspaper.

Drew said, “Rich hold this for me.” Edwin slowly lowered the paper and found Drew’s solid ass only inches from his face. The athlete was shoving a piece of paper into his back pocket. He took his jacket back from his team mate. “Give me some space while I work this queer?” The two hunks slammed fists before Rich walked away. He retreated only a few yards and leaned up against the building. He pulled out his cell phone to check his backlog of messages. Edwin hid behind his paper blind once more, his hands shaking. Drew shouted, “Hey Aaron, can I talk with you for a minute?” Drew moved past the still seated Edwin. He began to breathe again.

As Aaron approached, Drew guided the much more slender man to the side of the wide walkway. They stood next to the bench, with Drew’s broad back angled toward Edwin. He could hear their conversation.

“Hey Drew, looking good as usual.” Aaron said with a bright smile on his cute face. His clear, green eyes showed his glee at being summoned by the BMOC. Edwin had always thought Aaron was a very attractive man, just a bit on the short side. His face had the bone structure of an A&F model. He was more pretty than handsome. His dark wavy hair was always perfectly styled. His compact body was extremely fit with bulges in all the right places. He wore stylish clothes that showcased his physical assets. His outgoing personality was light and warm. He appeared to always be in a good mood. He had that special kind of cuteness that only shorter man possessed. You just wanted to hug him. He was also unabashedly gay. Whenever some one made a disparaging comment about his sexuality, Aaron would smile and make some kind of funny remark. Aaron looked up at the handsome hunk and asked, “What can I do you for?”

“How’s it going dude? That was some assignment Van Deburg gave us, huh?” Drew asked with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Yeah, he thinks his class is the only one we have to worry about.”

“I know, right.” Drew gave a sigh. “With my other classes and football, I’m really getting stressed out. The whole school and the alumni association is counting on me to win the championship this year. I really feel vulnerable right now.”

Aaron’s fought the urge to wrap his arms around the stud and tell him everything would be okay. “Wow, I had no idea Drew. Is there any thing I can do to help?”

“That’s really nice of you man. I knew you would understand. We’ve always had this connection. Like when you helped me in poetry class last semester. You have no idea how much that meant to me.” Drew lightly squeezed Aaron’s shoulder. “You were a real life saver. Seriously, it was like you took a ton of weight off my shoulders. I wish that could happen again.” Drew looked over Aaron’s head with a sad expression.

After several seconds of silence, Aaron finally spoke. “I don’t know, Drew. I would like to help, but my class schedule is pretty heavy this semester too. Plus doing someone else’s work doesn’t feel right.”

“Oh, yeah I would agree if I was going to be a shrink or something. This class is just an elective for me.” Drew waited for Aaron to say something. When he didn’t, the jock added. “Maybe you could just help me with the outline. You are so much smarter than me. You know what they say about us guys on the football team; big muscles and small brains.” Drew bounced his pecs to proof his point. He leaned into Aaron and whispered in his ear, “They say the head between my legs is more impressive than the one on my shoulders.” Drew leaned back and watched Aaron’s eyes go to his crotch.

Aaron licked his lips as he stared at the impressive bulge in Drew’s jeans. He raised his gaze to Drew’s chest which was at his eye level. Drew flexed his pecs again. Aaron eyes glazed over, his mind went somewhere else for a moment. Drew knew he had him. He smiled and said the little man’s name. Aaron snapped out of his erotic daydream, “uhm, I guess I could help with the outline.”

“That’s great, dude. I really appreciate it. I know you’ll do a great job on the paper.”

“I’ll help you by doing the outline.”

“Sure, the outline or the entire paper. Whatever you can do man for me. I’ll consider it a personal favor.” Drew smiled at the shorter man again.

Aaron could feel his defenses weakening further. “What topic were you given?”

“Oh yeah, I guess you’ll need that.” Drew looked down at his filled hands. “Jeeze, it’s in one of my pockets. Would you mind grabbing it for me?”

“What?” Aaron’s cock was already awake and now it started to stretch.

Drew titled his pelvis toward Aaron. “Try the front pockets first.” Aaron slowly slid his hand into Drew’s left front pocket. He could feel the athlete’s hip bone then his powerful thigh through the lightweight pocket lining. “Not there?’ Drew asked innocently. Aaron shook his head no. “Try the other side.” The smaller man plunged his hand into the other pocket. The tips of his fingers collided with a thick tube of flesh near the bottom. He knew it had to be Drew’s legendary cock. He looked up at Drew worried about his reaction. But Drew showed no concern. “Not there either? Strange, I’m sure it was. It may have worked its way to the bottom. Go deeper.” Aaron ran his fingers over the side and bottom seam of the pocket. He traced along a portion of Drew’s thick manhood. Drew was soft, but Aaron was becoming harder by the second. Drew could see Aaron’s reaction in his own tight jeans. “Sorry, it must be in one of my back pockets.” Aaron pulled out his hand without looking up at Drew. Drew raised his arms out of the way. Aaron reached around Drew with both arms. He turned his head to the side. His ear touched Drew’s solid chest. He inhaled Drew’s scent. He had a fantasy that started like this. Aaron’s hands slowly slid over Drew’s round ass into his back pockets. He pulled out the piece of paper in his left hand. Aaron reluctantly stepped back from his dream man. “You found it. So you don’t mind doing the whole paper for me then?” Drew waved to Rich to come over.

Aaron held the slip in his hands trying to read it. He was having a difficult time focusing his eyes. His mind was racing, his heart was pounding. “Sure, I’ll do anything you want Drew.”

“Thanks, man.” Drew stepped back. “Have it done by next Wednesday, so I can read it before I hand it in.”

“Okay?” Aaron said calmly still staring at the paper.

“Well, you better be running along now. You have a lot of work to do.” Drew stared down at Aaron. “See you around.”

Rich stood next to Drew. Both hulking men peered down at Aaron who suddenly felt small and helpless. “Oh, okay. See you around. Thanks, Drew.” As Aaron walked away, he didn’t understand why he was thanking Drew. He was the one doing him a favor.

The two team mates watched Aaron walk away. “Why did you let him touch you like that?” Rich asked.

“What’s the big deal? He gropes me for two seconds and agrees to spend a week researching and writing my paper. I think that’s a fairly good trade.”

“Yeah, but being felt up by a faggot. I don’t know dude.”

“Listen, that faggot got me an A in poetry last semester.” Drew snapped back. He looked at Aaron in the distance. He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed, “It was easier in high school. I had the hottest girls doing all my school work and I got to bang their brains out. Everybody was happy. There are no babes here, so I have to work with what I’ve got. With the help of the faggots I’ll graduate with honors from this place.” He looked back at Rich and slapped his chest with a backhand. “That’s more than you can hope for.”

“Cold, dude.”

“Hey don’t blame me. I can’t help it I’m a gorgeous hunk of man that people can’t say no to.” Drew flashed his killer smile and flexed his pecs. Rich forced out a laugh. “This school shit is a waste of my time. With my build and looks, my future is set. All I care about now is getting bigger and stronger to improve my chances of getting drafted by the pros. With my face and body I’ll rake in the endorsement deals. No one will be able to touch me. I make Tebow look like a scrawny ass nerd, the chump.” Drew pushed back his shoulders. “Then after a couple of years, I retire and become a network commentator or actor. I haven’t decided yet. Either way, I’ll be set for the rest of my life. The facts are no matter how good of a player you are, if you don’t have the looks you quickly fall to the waste side. And God knows I’ve got the looks. Every body on this campus dreams of fucking or sucking me.”

“Hey, not everybody dude?” Rich said gesturing to himself.

Drew scoffed, “Yeah, right.” He walked away. Rich became pale. It was true; he did wonder about being with Drew that way. But how did Drew know? Did he notice when he checked him out in the shower? It wasn’t as if anything would ever happen between them. Both of them were straight…right? Rich rubbed his forehead. Why did he let Drew get to him? He was the only man that Rich had those thoughts about. He took a deep breath to calm himself. Rich wondered if he should catch up with Drew and pretend nothing happened. He saw a couple of freshman sycophants run up to Drew. Rich decided it was best to return to the frat house.

Edwin lowered the newspaper. The opportunity to confront Drew was gone. He thought about what he had overheard. Part of him was angrier at Drew now; however, another part was relieved that he wasn’t the only one manipulated by the jock. He knew had to do something; but had no idea what.

Edwin started eating dinner later to avoid the crowds. He sat at a small table in the far corner. He faced the wall, literally turning his back to the other students. He ate his meal while absentmindedly playing with a disposable lighter someone had left. His mind was filled with revenge plans he hadn’t contemplated before.

“Torching his frat house is not a good idea. What would Daddy say?”

Edwin was shaken from his daydream. Aaron was sitting across from him. “What?” Edwin dropped the lighter. His whole body stiffened defensively, “I wasn’t thinking of doing that.”

“Okay, if you say so.” Aaron picked up the lighter and slipped it into his breast pocket. “I know how angry you are about what Drew did to you. Anyone would be?”

Edwin dropped his gaze to his plate. He pushed around the remnants of his lasagna. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Drew hasn’t done anything to me.” He raised his eyes and found Aaron’s baby blues staring at him with a cynical look. The visitor didn’t say a word. The silence made Edwin more uncomfortable. “Everyone thinks it’s me in that photo, but it’s not. And who says that’s Drew’s cock? He’s not the only guy in the world with a giant schlong.” Still Aaron said nothing. Edwin’s heart began to race. He blurted out, “My eyes were blocked-out, so you can’t proof it’s me.” Edwin realized that he all but confessed. He dropped his fork and put his head into his hands.

Aaron lightly caressed Edwin’s forearm, “Hey, it’s okay. I know he played you. He’s played me too. But you know that.” Edwin raised his head. “Someone that looks like that can make people, gay or not, do all kinds of things. It wasn’t your fault. He’s the jerk, not you.” Aaron removed his hand. “Plus what’s the big deal. You gave him a blow job. So what? It’s not the end of the world. Believe me; most guys around here would have done the same thing if the opportunity had come up. Sort of speak.” Aaron gave a little laugh. “I know I would have in a New York minute.”

Edwin sat back in his seat. “Yeah, but everyone knows you’re gay.”

“And there’s nothing wrong with being gay.”

“Maybe not, but I’m not gay.”

Aaron looked disappointed. “Right, right.” After a several seconds of staring at Edwin, Aaron mused. “You think Drew’s gay?”

Edwin coughed, “No way.”

“Think about it. He walks around in tight shirts and shorts to show off The Drewosaurus. Who is he trying to entice. This is all-guy school, there aren’t any girls around. Then he comes up with this blackmail scheme. Tricking you into giving him a blow job is the only option. I’m a little suspect of his motives. I tell you he’s a fag…a fruit….a pansy.” Edwin started to chuckle. “…a queen….a salami smuggler…a fla-aim-mer.”

Edwin was laughing hard now. He settled to a giggle and wiped his eyes, “Oh, that felt good.”

Aaron watched Edwin closely. “It’s good to see you laugh. You should do that more often. You tend to be too serious.” Aaron smiled and patted Edwin’s hand. “Now that we’ve had some fun, let’s get down to business. I have a plan on how we can make things right. Knock Drew down a couple of pegs.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Wouldn’t you like to prevent him from doing to others what he’s done to us?”

“Sure, but he was born at the top peg. Doing some kind of prank, like putting blue dye in his shampoo, would only be temporary. And with his luck, it would only make him better looking.”

“I’m not talking about a prank. I know how we can take away the very physical characteristics that make him attractive. He’ll go from being a perfect twelve to an ignored two. Think about it. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate revenge?”

“Sure, in some kind of dream world. Wait, are you talking about hurting him in some way? I’m not doing that even if he does deserve it…on some level.” Edwin hesitated for a moment. “Why do you care? We don’t even know each other.”

“I know you better than you think. You are a good person and don’t ever let someone else make you think otherwise. I wish you could see yourself as I do. You would be much more self assured…and happier.” Aaron stopped at stared at Edwin again. To Edwin it felt as if he was being observed like a zoo animal. “I know you have…noticed me.” Aaron could see he was making Edwin uneasy. “Listen, it’s okay. I’ve noticed you too.” Aaron rubbed Edwin’s arm again. “Why don’t you finish your dinner my friend and I’ll get us some dessert.” Aaron stood up, “Butterscotch pudding?”

“Yeah, how did you…..” Aaron gave him a coy smile before walking away. Edwin ran his fingers through his unruly hair and straightened his clothes. He thought about is breath. Was there garlic in the lasagna? He exhaled into his cupped hand trying to smell his breath. He sipped some diet Coke and swished it around his mouth before swallowing. Then it dawned on him. He was falling for a same trick. There was no way a man like Aaron wanted to be his friend. “You’re such an idiot.” Edwin mumbled to himself.

Aaron returned with the two creamy deserts. He placed one in front of Edwin and began eating his own. “I’ve forgotten how good this stuff is.” He noticed Edwin wasn’t eating. He was looking around the room with an annoyed expression. “I know that look. What’s wrong?’

“Nothing,” Edwin answered quickly.

“Why aren’t you eating your pudding? It’s yummy for your tummy.”

“Not hungry”

“Oh, I get it. It’s that suspicious mind of yours. You don’t think I’m being honest with you.” Aaron dropped his spoon and fell back into his seat. “You have to stop doing that. It’s one of the reasons you don’t have any real friends. You have to open up to people. Let’s face it; sucking Drew’s dick was the highlight of your life so far. Don’t keep it that way.”

“Is that it? You’re looking for a…playmate.”

“Pahleeeeeze.” Aaron ate some more pudding. He looked at Edwin and sucked on his spoon seductively. “You said you aren’t gay.”

“Damn right,” Edwin said defensively.

“Okay then.”

He watched Aaron finish his desert. “And I have friends.”

“Name one.” Aaron sat back and folded his arms over his chest.

“Uh, there’s……so many.” Edwin’s mind was frantically thinking of a name. Aaron arched one eyebrow. “Sam Baines.”

“Sam Baines? He’s the closest thing you have to a friend, but he’s not your friend. He’s tried, but you have made no effort. You have this bullshit mindset that if things were meant to happen they will happen. Destiny is bullshit. We control our destiny. We have to take what we want. No one in heaven or on Earth is going to hand it to us.” Aaron realized he was becoming loud. He took a deep breath to calm himself. “Sitting back and waiting hasn’t worked for you so far. If you don’t make an effort, you’re going to be lonely for the rest of your life. Believe me, that’s not a future you want.”

Edwin didn’t understand why Aaron was becoming so angry at him. “Why do you talk to me like your some kind of wise old man? We’re the same age.”

“I have what they call an old soul.” Aaron said with a smile. “Listen, Edwin I promise I’m not going to ask you to be a team player and suck my dick. I have no desire to embarrass you or humiliate you. You can trust me.”

“How did you know about the team thing?”

Aaron eyes darted around the room as he thought. “Oh, well, you know….Drew’s used similar tactics on me. I know how he rolls. That’s why I want to help you get back at him. He’s been making fools out of both of us. It’s time for it to stop. We can do it if we work together.” Aaron held out his hand. “Partners?” Edwin looked at Aaron. There was something about him. He did seem sincere. It was true, he never had a real friend before. Maybe he did have to take a chance. “Come on Edwin, take a leap of faith. Control your destiny.”

Edwin grabbed Aaron’s hand and shook it. “Partners.” The two continued to talk for some time. The conversation came easy. It was as if they had known each other their entire lives. Edwin couldn’t remember the last time he felt so comfortable and relaxed in some one’s company. He didn’t’ have to edit himself or worry about the other person judging him. “Wait, you want me to challenge Drew to a physical contest. Now I know you’re crazy.”

“He needs to agree to give up the things that make him who he is. The easiest way is for him to lose a bet. He’s not a total moron. He wouldn’t accept a mental challenge from you. But a physical challenge, his over confidence will be his downfall.”

“There’s a reason he’s overconfident. There’s no way I can beat him in any sport.”

“It doesn’t have to be a sport. I was thinking more like a few simple exercises. You know, like in high school when we took that President’s Physical Challenge thing.”

“Yeah, I remember I couldn’t do a single pull up.” Edwin looked at his arm. “It’s still not possible with these pipe cleaners.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll help train you. Being wiry is a bonus. You’re not weighed down with all that extra bulk. I have a feeling his ego will tilt the odds in our favor”

“Yeah poor guy burdened with all those huge muscles.” Edwin sat back in his seat. “I still don’t understand how having him lose a bet will make him less attractive.”

“It’s all a mind game. He’s an athlete. They are always psyching each other out. We’re just going to play with his head. He’s probably never lost at anything his entire life. Once he faces a defeat, especially from you, it will send him spiraling. He’ll fall apart and who knows…,” Aaron locked eyes with Edwin, “maybe it will help you become the man you’ve always wanted to be.”

“Well, I’m a minus one now. So there is really only one direction to go.”

“Don’t say that. All you need is a boost in your confidence and a little muscle. Winning this bet is just the thing. Believe me; I know what I’m talking about.”

For some reason Edwin did believe him; but the prospect of going up against Drew was more frightening. “It all seems so preposterous. Why don’t you challenge him? You’re in better shape than I am. I think you would have a better chance of…” Before Edwin could finish argument, he was interrupted.

“Well, well, if it isn’t two of my favorite people in the world? I had no idea you were friends.” Drew stood at the end of the table. He was wearing baggy work out shorts and a skin tight stretch muscle shirt. Both men turned in unison, first they looked at his face. Drew had a cocky grin on his face. He folded his arms over his chest. The placement of his hands caused his thick biceps to swell larger. He watched as both men lowered their gaze to his arms, then down his powerfully built body until they reached the bulge between his legs. Drew put his hands on his hips, his fingertips pointing to the object of the men’s desire. “I shouldn’t be surprised, apparently you have similar interests.”

Aaron raised his eyes, “We were just talking about you…and the motivation behind your wardrobe choices.” Drew looked down at his outfit slightly confused. “What do you want, Drew?” Aaron had a harsh tone in his voice. It surprised both Drew and Edwin.

“I want to talk to you….in private,” Drew said staring at Aaron.

“Whatever you want to say to me you can say in front of my best friend.”

Edwin felt a chill go up his spine. No one ever called him a best friend before. Drew sighed, “Whatever. Where’s my report? It’s due tomorrow.”

“Oh, that. Our arrangement was too…one sided. So I won’t be doing it after all.” Aaron spoke calmly for such a shocking comment.

The muscle cords in Drew’s neck pulsed as he clenched his jaw. Edwin looked at Drew’s large hands which had formed into sledge hammer sized fists. You could see he was fighting to restrain his usual response when people defied him. He raised his hands to the top of his head and interlaced his fingers. The position of his arms made his biceps bulge and exposed his arm pits. Both onlookers tried not to be impressed, but the look in their eyes gave them away. Drew saw his audience staring at his arms. A smile formed on Drew’s face. He forgot the power he held over them. “I must have heard wrong.” The jock slowly stretched out his arms and brought them back to his waist. He hooked the thumb of his left hand over the elastic waist band of his shorts. The weight of his hand pulled them down an inch or two. His right hand slid under the hem of his shirt. He began to rub his carved stomach. “It sounded like you said you weren’t going to do the report as you promised.” With his abs exposed, a faint treasure trail appeared below his belly button and spread wider before it disappeared behind the lowered waist band. Edwin could feel his cock reacting to the show. Drew noticed his ploy was working on Edwin, but Aaron didn’t seem as impressed. Drew raised his hand to caress his chest, exposing even more of his perfected torso. “Aaron, you are going to do the report so I can concentrate on my workouts. I have to keep my body in top condition to win the division championship for the school.”

Aaron shook his head to come to his senses. “Yeah, uhm, I decided that’s bullshit.”

“What did you say?’ Drew’s face showed his shock at Aaron’s remark. He should be under his control at this point.

“You’re looking a little bloated there, guy. Too many beers last night?”

Drew’s usual uber-confident posture became more rounded. He flexed his six pack and smacked them with his open hand. “What? My abs are rock hard.” Aaron kicked Edwin under the table and winked at him when he had his attention. Drew saw the interaction between them. He took another deep breath and smirked. He patted his stomach. “Maybe you’re right. I did party hardy with the guys. I lifted a shit load of weight today, though. I really tortured my muscles. My pecs are still sore.” He flexed his shelf like chest and felt them through his skin tight shirt “If they get any bigger they’ll burst right through this shirt.”

Aaron refused to become spellbound by Drew’s muscles. “You should go easy with the weights. I heard if you overwork them, they’ll actually shrink and become weaker. And let’s face it, without your muscles you don’t have much else to offer.”

Drew had enough. He’ll show him just how weak his muscles were. He grabbed Aaron by his shirt. He easily pulled the smaller man’s 135 pound frame out of his chair and slammed him up against the wall. Aaron’s feet were about ten inches off the floor. “I don’t know what’s got into you today, but I don’t like it. You ARE going to do my report like you said you would.”

“Or what? You going to hit me in front of all these witnesses? Go ahead, I dare you.” Aaron showed no fear. “Sure it will hurt for a day or two, but I’ll heal. Meanwhile you’ll be suspended from the team and maybe miss the championship. Someone else will get the MVP accolades and you’ll be forgotten. Another never was. You’re whole career over, before it ever begun.” Aaron could see the wheels turning in Drew’s head.

Drew released his grip. Aaron slid down the wall onto his feet. Drew jabbed his index finger into Aaron’s chest. “This isn’t over, faggot. If I fail that class…so help me.” Drew punched his fist into the palm of his other hand. “I’ll deal with you in later in private.”

“Yeah, promises, promises; you’re nothing but a cock tease.” Aaron straightened his shirt. “Of course, what I hear it is damn magnificent. Why is it the biggest pricks have the biggest dicks? Someone should do a study on that, don’t you agree Edwin?”

Drew looked at Edwin, who cowered. “Christ, I hate fags. I better get out of here before I bash your fuckin’ faces in.” Drew started to walk away.

“Wait a second stud. It’s our turn to proposition you.” Aaron said calmly.

“Oh, really.” Drew turned around. He folded his arms over his chest with an I-can’t-wait-hear-this expression.

“How about a little wager? I’ll do your psych report and all the other reports for the class this semester. Plus I’ll do your work for another class of your choice next semester and so will Edwin.” Aaron looked at Edwin, who gasped at the mention of his name. He gave his new friend another wink before turning his attention back to Drew. “That’s three classes you won’t have to worry about.”

Drew’s lowered his arms. His face turned serious. “What’s the bet?”

“Nothing you won’t be able to handle. A physical challenge; you can do the most sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups in set period of time.”

“You’re kidding me right.” Drew laughed. “And you’re supposed to be the smart one. I can do twice as many as you without even breaking a sweat.”

“Oh, you won’t be competing against me. You’ll be up against my friend Edwin here.” Edwin froze in place.

Drew laughed louder. “Him? He’s the scrawniest piece of shit on campus. I can do five times as many as that weakling.”

Aaron held out his hand. “Deal! You have to do five times as many of each exercise as Edwin in the same amount of time.” Drew hesitated for a moment. Aaron asked, “Is there a problem?”

The cocky grin returned to Drew’s face as he slipped his hand into Aaron’s, “Deal.” Drew purposely squeezed Aaron’s smaller hand with great pressure.

“Aren’t you going to ask what Edwin’s gets if he wins?” Aaron asked with clenched teeth.

Drew scoffed, “As if that’s going to happen.” Drew released his grip, but Aaron held on to his hand.

Aaron face became tight and his eyes narrowed. His voice became lower and more menacing, “If he wins he gets anything you possess?”

Drew became a little startled by Aaron’s tone. “You mean like my truck or something?”

“Whatever he wants.”

Drew shrugged of his broad shoulders tossing aside any concern. “Sure, whatever.”

“You agree to the terms?” Aaron asked.

“Yes, I said okay, damn it,” Drew answered shaking his hand free of Aaron’s grasp.

“The contest will be held in the gym Saturday at 8am.” Aaron added calmly.

“Whenever, it’s early for me but I can beat him in my sleep.” The athlete flexed his arms confidently. He looked down at the still stunned Edwin, “The term sucker applies to you in so many ways, doesn’t it queer boy?” He turned his attention back to Aaron. “I still expect you to have my pysch paper done for tomorrow’s class.”

“As a good faith gesture, I’ll deliver it to you tonight.”

“It better be good.”

“Don’t worry. It will be mind altering.” Aaron said smugly.

“Later losers,” Drew walked away. The other two heard him laughing as he left the cafeteria.

Aaron sat back down. Edwin felt sick. “My God, what did you do? I can’t win that bet.”

“Sure you can. He has to do five times as many as you in the same amount of time. I knew his ego would work to our advantage. This is going exactly as planned.” Aaron’s face almost looked menacing.

“Well I hope your plan included doing his schoolwork for the next year. Shit, I don’t want to make his life any easier than it already is.” Edwin rubbed his forehead. “Why did you get me involved in this scheme of yours? I’m going to be his bitch all over again.”

“No way, trust me. He’s going down and things are looking up for you, my friend. I have total faith in you.” Aaron’s words made Edwin feel better. He never had someone believe in him before. “We have three days to get you ready. I’ll help you train. The bet’s been made. There’s no going back now.” Aaron did a poor imitation of Don Corleoni, “It’s an offer you can’t refuse.” Edwin laughed. How did he know The Godfather movies were his all time favorites.

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