Second Chances 8

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Route 43 was one of those long and featureless roads. Edwin’s mind wandered as he drove back to school. He ran the facts over and over in his head. Everything came back to Aaron. The whole bet scheme was his idea. He stressed how important it was to state the payment in exact terms. He even made Edwin rehearse it. Then there was that piece of sage Edwin had to put in his palm when he shook hands with Drew. At the time Edwin thought he was a little eccentric; it was part of his charm. But now it was downright creepy.

What he couldn’t understand was why Aaron didn’t make himself more attractive. Instead he gave Drew’s beauty to Edwin; a virtual stranger. Sure Aaron was already cute, but he was short. Every man wants to be six something. It didn’t make sense for him to give up the height. Not to mention the chance to add inches to the other thing every man wants bigger.

The miles went by quickly. Edwin’s large foot gradually pressed the accelerator more and more. Edwin didn’t realize how fast he was going until the flashing lights made him look at the speedometer. “Damn it.” He pulled to the side of the road. He watched the state trooper exit his vehicle in the rear view mirror. The thought of Drew’s family reporting him to the police flashed in his mind. But what would be the charge, bodily theft? No one would believe that. Edwin rolled down the window and pulled his license out of his wallet. “Good evening, officer. What did I do?”

“License and registration please.” The thick, middle aged man requested with no emotion. He looked at the license and at the man behind the wheel. He looked again this time removing his sunglasses. “This is your license?”

“Yes, sir.” Edwin could see the trooper struggling to find some similarities. “I know I look different than the photo. I’ve sort of gone through some changes since the picture was taken. Been really hitting the weights.” Edwin smiled as he mimed doing a curl.

The cop glanced at the muscular man’s arms bulge. “Uhuh.” The officer moved back. “Please step out of the car sir.” He watched the incredibly fit youngster stand to his full height. The slope of the embankment exaggerated Edwin’s height advantage. The lawman found himself taking another step or two back feeling slightly intimidated. Edwin could see it in his eyes. He didn’t understand; he wasn’t the one with the gun strapped to his hip. The older man put his glasses back on. “Where were you going in such a hurry Mr.Pierce?”

“School sir. I attend Wabash College.”

The trooper looked back at the license, “According to this you are 5’ 7” and 132 pounds. This was issued only 14 months ago.” He looked up at Edwin’s statuesque frame, “I’m 5’ 10” son.”

“Well, I’m 6’ 2” and like 220, 225 now.” Edwin said it like it was no big deal.

“Uhuh. I wasn’t aware lifting weights could make someone taller.” Edwin didn’t know how to respond. The cop studied Edwin’s face for any tell tale signs of deception. “Wait here sir.” He walked back to the squad car. Edwin watched him until he sat inside and looked back. Edwin turned his head away and leaned against his car. He crossed his legs at the ankles trying to look relaxed. He absentmindedly pulled his immense package out from between his crushing thighs before folding his arms over his chest. Edwin looked back toward the cop and found him still staring. Edwin turned his face to the opposite direction; his eyes searched for something of interest. They made their way to side mirror. All Edwin could see was the huge bulge jutting out for his crotch. It looked like he was storing a grapefruit in his shorts. Immediately he stood up and moved his legs slightly apart to give his package room. He looked back to see the cop still watching him. Edwin became more self conscious. He started to move around. He bent down and picked up a small rock. He threw it at a no trespassing sign on a fence about 30 yards away. Amazingly he hit the 1’ x 2’ piece of metal. Edwin couldn’t believe it. He found several smaller rocks and threw them in rapid succession. The clangs indicated he hit the target every time. It was like he couldn’t miss if he tried. Edwin smiled, the football coach was right; he did have a talented arm.

“I took you for a running back not a quarterback. I guess a natural athlete can play any position.” The officer said in a friendlier tone. “Your father must be very proud.” Edwin looked at the authority figure. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. The older man handed Edwin’s identification cards back to him. “Everything checks out. I guess you did have a growth spurt after all, Mr.Pierce.” The man looked Edwin up and down, then shook his head. “Amazing, we weigh the same. It sure looks different on you.” The officer tore the traffic ticket from his book. “For going 18 miles over the limit, the ticket is $65.”

Edwin put the ID cards back into his wallet before returning it to his pocket. He wondered how proud his father would be when he had to give him the money for the ticket. Edwin remembered how Drew worked people. Flattery never hurt. “You still look in pretty good shape, sir. You must have played ball too. What was your position?

The trooper smiled, “I was a fullback in high school. Damn good one too.” He sucked in his gut and adjusted his heavy belt.

“I have no doubt. You look as strong as an ox. I would hate to play against you.” Edwin’s smiling face glowed in the fading light.

The cop hesitated for a moment. He put the ticket in the back of his book. “I’m going to let you off with a warning this time, Ed. I know you are probably trying to get back before curfew. I remember what a pain in the ass coaches can be.”

“Thank you sir. I really appreciate it.” Edwin thought that was really easy. He grabbed the older man’s hand and shook it firmly.

“No harm done. Just be more careful in the future”

Edwin got into his car. “I will sir.”

The officer leaned into the open window. “Tell me Ed, strictly off the record, did you use anything to help with your growth spurt.” The cop could see he surprised the athlete. “My son is a few years younger than you. I want him to play ball like his old man. He’s a little on the small side; takes after his mother’s family I guess.” The cop chuckled. “I know he would do anything to look like you. Hell, any boy would.” The officer leaned in closer. “By the size of that pistol you’re packing, I’m guessing it wasn’t your typical steroids.” Both men glanced down at Edwin’s crotch. “Was it HGH? You can tell me, from one ball player to another.”

“Sorry, I didn’t use anything….besides protein powders and lots of lean calories.” Edwin could see the trooper didn’t believe him. “Really, I didn’t take any drugs. I swear.”

“Okay, okay.” The look of disappointment overtook the older man’s face. He backed away from the car. “You drive safe now.”

Edwin started the car and slowly pulled out. He constantly checked behind him for the remainder of the trip. It was after eight o’clock when Edwin arrived back at school. He ran through campus. The other students scattered to get out of the big man’s way. He bounded up the stairs of Morris Hall, taking three at a time. He flew into room 238 and startled the student sitting at his desk.

Aaron jumped to his feet. “You again? What are you some kind of stalker or something?” Aaron backed away from the muscular hunk. “This is flattering as hell….and normally I would be on my knees. But you are more scary than sexy.”

Edwin sighed and closed the door behind him. “Aaron I don’t have time for this. It’s me Edwin. I need to talk to you.”

“I don’t know who you are; but I want you to leave my roo…” Aaron’s eyes rolled back in his head, then he collapsed. Edwin lurched forward and caught him before he hit the floor. Edwin placed him on his bed. Within a few seconds Aaron’s eyes snapped open. “Edwin”, he looked around the room. He appeared a little shaky, “I guess I’m late to the party.”

Edwin studied Aaron’s handsome face. “You know me…really know me.”

Aaron sat up on the bed. He became steadier with every passing second. “Better than you think, big guy.” He pushed past Edwin and walked to the mirror. “No damage done. Sometimes I…he gets hurt when I visit.” Aaron turned to face his guest. Edwin looked totally confused. “Damn it Edwin, you had to go see him. I tired so hard to keep the two of you apart. This is why I didn’t tell you our plan. I knew you would go all mushy on me. You’re still so damn naïve. I wish I could make your inside as hard as I made your outside.” Aaron saw the small crystal on his bureau. He should have gone against his better judgment and hypnotized Edwin. That would have made things easier. He looked back at Edwin. “Does the fact he has a nice family make him less of an asshole? I think the opposite’s true. He had everything and it still wasn’t enough.”

How did Aaron know he went to Drew’s house? Edwin took a step back, “Are you following me?”

“Please. There’s no need. I know everything you do.”

Edwin took another step back, “Who are you?”

Aaron sat down on the bed. He looked up at the perfect man before him. “I’m you Edwin….or we are us. Not sure of the proper pronouns in this circumstance. It’s not covered in grammar books.”

“You’re…me?” Edwin groaned. “Great. You are crazy. I thought as much when we first met. My father always said go with your first instinct.”

Aaron scrunched up his face, “He never said that. Edwin, you know we’re not crazy. So skip the pretense.” Aaron leaned back against the wall. “How many times have you thought it’s like he’s known me all my life. I have. I’m the future you; 24 years in the future.”

Edwin looked at the young, blonde man in front of him “You’re me 24 years from now. I certainly aged in an unusual way.”

“Don’t be so literal. We never did have a very good imagination. Even as a child.”

Edwin began to relax. This had to be some kind of joke Aaron was playing. “Okay, so you are from the future. Where did you park your flying car?” He looked in the open wardrobe behind him. “Is your silver jumpsuit at the dry cleaners?”

“Now you’re talking crazy.”

Edwin chuckled, “You tell me you’re the future me and I’m talking crazy. Do you know how insane that sounds?”

“About as insane as stealing someone’s beauty; but you’ve finally figured out that’s exactly what happened. I have to admit I was surprised it took you so long. I never thought of myself as being slow on the uptake.”

Edwin put his hands on the top of his head. He couldn’t deal with this now. “I’m getting out of here.” Edwin opened the door.

“Rich was one hell of a fuck.” Edwin froze. “What a body on him. A real beer can stud. I never thought he would be the one to pierce our cherry. I’m glad you picked him or I guess he actually picked us.” Edwin closed the door. “He was strong and virile. It was like fucking Superman. How we fantasized about that over and over.” Edwin turned around. Aaron ignored the look of terror on his face and continued. “As a kid, we stared at the covers of our Superman comic books for hours. We traced our fingers over the drawings, especially those tight red briefs. We found the bumps and bulges so intriguing; we didn’t know why then but we sure do now.” Edwin gulped. How could Aaron know this stuff? “Then we saw our first muscle magazine when we were eleven. We couldn’t believe there were real men that had muscles like Superman. We had our first wet dream that night, remember?” Edwin didn’t answer. “Two days later we went back to that Walgreen’s on Broad Street and took the magazine. We had to have it. It was the only thing we have ever shoplifted. We were so nervous. Our hands were still shaking when we got home. We went right to our room and locked the door. We lay on our stomach as we went through the pages. Then we came to page 92. It was a photo of Dennis Newman.”

“Stop it.” Edwin clutched his arms around his chest.

Aaron ignored the request, “He was big and ripped; young and handsome. He had dark wavy hair, perfect white teeth, and even a pair of red briefs. To us, he was Superman. We felt a strange tingle in our pee-pee. We squirmed on the bed. It felt good. So we started to push our hips into the mattress. It was the first time we masturbated. To this day, we still prefer to jerk off by humping the bed instead of using our hand like a normal person.”

Edwin finally looked away for the storyteller. This wasn’t Aaron playing a practical joke. He didn’t even believe it was Aaron anymore. He inched around Aaron’s body being careful not the touch him. Edwin sat on the bed, “Am I dead in 24 years? Are you some kind of ghost possessing Aaron?”

“No, we’re still alive. I’m…temporarily using Aaron’s body so I can interact within your timeline.” Aaron sat on the bed next to Edwin.

Edwin moved further away. “Why?”

“To change our lives. When I’m not here with you, I’m back in my time. The decisions you make are impacting my life in the future. As you’ve been changing, so have I. The better looking you become; the better looking I am 24 years from now. I’ve gone from a 43 year old geek who looked like in was in his 50s to a hunk with the body a 25 year old would envy. Of course I’m or we’re not as tight as we are today, but we still turn our share of heads. All kinds of heads.” Aaron’s body fell back onto the bed. “God, it is so fuckin’ great. You should see how men flock around us in clubs when I put on pair of tight designer jeans. I let our cock run down our right thigh. They actually drool looking at it.” He rubbed his crotch and moaned. After a moment he sat back up. “I haven’t had to buy myself a drink in months. We have our pick of any man including the big muscle daddies we love so much. Sometimes I take home a couple of twinks and let them fight over you sucks us off first. For a real ego boost though, the best is taking home a real ugo. They are so grateful they’ll do anything you tell them. It’s like having a slave for the night…and morning.” He elbowed his younger self, “You know how we love breakfast in bed.”

Young Edwin couldn’t believe the future him was so shallow. “You did all this to get more sex?”

“More sex? Before we changed, we saw less action than a priest. And I’m talking about the few priests that actually abide their celibacy vow. I’m just making up for lost time, buddy boy. Don’t’ worry; you’ll have hundreds of partners by the time you’re my age.”

Young Edwin stood up. “So some how you traveled back in time. Pretended to be my friend; possessed a totally innocent man who probably thinks he’s a schizophrenic; and ruined another’s life, just so we can live out our fantasy of being a muscular hunk.” He moved around the room nervously, “Imagine what you could do if you used your powers for good.”

Older Edwin got to his feet. “Listen, don’t judge me until you lived the next two and half decades. You don’t know what it’s been like; enduring year after year of a meaningless existence with no friends or family.” His older self was becoming emotional. “The loneliness wears you down. All you can think about is the what ifs and the what may have beens.”

Young Edwin matched the intensity. “But that is no one’s fault but our own. We can’t blame our pathetic life on other people. Join a fucking gym for God’s sake. You think in your time they would have invented a pill that builds muscle.”

“Shit, the future isn’t a Buck Rogers movie. Do you think if you went to the gym before your change, you would look the way you do now.”

“No, but I would look better.”

“Better yes, but perfect, no. I didn’t want us to settle for anything less than the best. We deserved it for what I’ve been through.”

“Jesus Christ”, younger Edwin turned away for a second. Maybe he went insane in the future; because this didn’t sound like him. He wanted to run away, but he had to get answers. He faced Aaron’s body again, “How did you steal Drew’s looks?”

“It’s sort of like that Superboy cartoon that always got us hard. You know the one where the aliens kidnap him and transfer his powers to their soldiers. One by one, they get all muscular and start to hover around; all the time Superboy gets weaker and weaker.” Current time Edwin shook his head knowingly and said the words “weaker and weaker” in unison with his older version. “I transferred Drew’s super physical characteristics to you. I used the dark arts instead of an alien ray however.” The older Edwin said proudly.

“Did you also use the dark arts to cheat? Having Drew’s body, I know there was no reason he shouldn’t have won that contest. I can do more than 30 pull ups in a minute, he couldn’t do six that day.”

“Cheat is an ugly word. Let’s say I leveled the playing field…well slightly tilted it in our favor.”

Young Edwin screamed in frustration. “Tell me at what point in the future do I lose my morality.”

Old Edwin grabbed his younger version. “Don’t you dare feel sorry for him. He didn’t end his torment with that photo. For the next year and a half he made my time at Wabash a living hell. He had me trained better than any lap dog. I was the laughing stock of the entire college. I was so beaten down it effected the rest of my life. Drew was just the first in a long line. We fell into a vicious pattern of letting pretty men use us. Being in the closet was like a sword hanging over us. The men used that fear against us. We helped them get promoted at work. They borrowed money and never repaid it. We were kept down at heel like a whimpering mutt.”

“Oh my God!” The college student couldn’t believe what a loser he would become. He always assumed life would be getter as he got older and wiser.

“Without intervention, history would have repeated itself. The same fate wouldn’t befall on you. I couldn’t let that happen to us again. I had to nip it in the bud.

“Why didn’t you stand up for yourself? Nobody cares if you’re gay.”

“You say that now that you had me as a friend. I helped to break through that shell of ours. For months everyone has looked up to you; admired you. You have a confidence that wasn’t there before. When I came here you were hiding out in your room; planning to torch the frat house. In my time I tried to do it, but chickened out at the last minute. That was the story of our former lives; afraid of everyone and everything. Eight months ago did you think nobody cared if you were gay?

“I would have never…” young Edwin’s protest faded away. He knew he couldn’t lie to himself. He sat on the bed again. It was true he was scared of everything then. He looked at Aaron, “How…did you…come back?”

Older Edwin went to the large wardrobe. He reached behind it and removed the portfolio. He opened the envelope and removed the Mayan disc. “Ironically I had the answer in my hands for twenty years. All that wasted time.” He shook his head. “This was our dorm room in my senior year. I found this object in that same spot then. Another student must have left it here so some reason.”

“Is that why you possessed Aaron, to get into this room?” Young Edwin was trying to defend his older self’s actions. “So you could get to the disc in my timeline.”

“Yes and the fact that we found Aaron attractive was a bonus. I knew you would be more receptive to the bet scam if it came from him. Only my body’s energy or spirit can travel through time, like an out of body experience. I needed to inhabit someone of this timeline to interact with you and others.”

“Why not use, our body.”

“Can’t; one of those cosmic rules. Two versions of the same spirit inhabiting one body; it’s a big time-space continuum no-no.” Young Edwin shook his head to indicate he understood. Years of watching Star Trek made it seem logical. Old Edwin looked back to the object in his hands. “It wasn’t until years later I learned what it was.”

“What is it?” The young Edwin gingerly touched it. It looked like someone had spilled red wine on it multiple times.

“Careful, everything changes if it breaks.” The younger version pulled his hand away. “It’s a Mayan power wheel. It was used by high priests to channel dark energy. During my research I learned it could be used to manipulate time. Originally I planned on coming back to warn you about what Drew was going to do. Then I came upon a spell to take another person’s physical characteristics. The only hitch was Drew would have to agree to it. That’s when I came up with the whole win a bet scheme. It took 3 years of planning and training. I literally gave our blood to make it happen.”

“Are you a Mayan high priest?”

“High priest, wizard, witch, warlock; different names for someone who harnesses the universe’s darker forces.”

“Couldn’t we just….you know…change our life more traditionally...pick ourselves up by the proverbial bootstraps…read a self help book or something.”

“Could a book from Barnes and Noble make you taller and more than double the size of your cock? This is what we have always wanted.” Young Edwin sighed. The disapproving look on his face was easily interrupted by his older self. Old Edwin pulled him to the mirror. “Look at you! You’re fucking gorgeous. Every man wishes he looked like you. Your life is going to be awesome. We’ll be popular and successful. You saw how people reacted to you today. Drew’s sister couldn’t keep her hands off you. She wanted to parade you in front of her old boyfriend to make him jealous. His brother idolized you. His mother turned to you for help. And that cop wished you were his son.” Older Edwin pointed to the improved image of his younger self. “This is a man who can get elected. And I’m talking more than a mayor of some yokel town. This is how a senator or governor looks. Unlike Arnold, there’s nothing stopping you from sitting in the White House one day. You can have the career of your dreams. Dad will finally be proud of us.”

Edwin stared at his reflection. It was his dream. “You’re right. I have no excuses anymore.”

“Yes, the world is ours now. We can do anything we want. And as you live your life, my memories form. That’s how I knew about Rich. I remember just as if it had happened to me 24 years ago. My horrendous past is being erased by your actions. My life in my time is changing because of you. I have your looks and your new found confidence. I’ve quit my dead end job with the League of Women Voters and moved to San Francisco. Hell, maybe I’ll run for office. I know a certain demographic really likes me. I’m happy for the first time in my adult life because of what you are doing with your life.”

Old Edwin made it sound like a fairy tale ending. But that’s not how younger Edwin saw it. The image of Drew sobbing at his feet flashed in his mind. Didn’t the older Edwin have that memory too? It must be a case of selective memory.

What about the future Drew? Did he shrink as the current Drew did? Was his life thrown into chaos as well? Edwin turned away from the mirror and looked at the wheel. “If you have your wheel back in your time, why did you need this one?”

“Nothing corporeal can travel back with me. I used mine to move through time. I used this to cast the transfer spell between you and Drew. It’s actually the same wheel, just a younger version; like you are a younger version of me.”

“So if for some reason I never found it in my timeline, you wouldn’t have it in the future, your timeline?” Again young Edwin was trying to grasp the rules of time travel.

“Exactly, that’s why I planned to eliminate any possible hiccups. I was going to give it to you as a goodbye gift next week. Then I knew it was in our possession. You can move into the Sigma house now.”

“I would have cherished the gift from Aaron”, Edwin said with a grin. “Clever.”

“You should take it and keep it safe.” The old soul slipped the artifact into the portfolio and gave it to his younger self. He ran his hand over his younger self’s arm. “I’m so proud of what we have become.” He sighed, “You don’t need me anymore. I guess there is no reason for me to stay.”

“What? Oh, yeah.” Edwin looked at Aaron’s body. “It sounds silly, but I’m going to miss you. Meeting the older me; I know the person I want to be in the future.”

“And you have restored my hope.” The two looked at each other in silence. “Listen, you should go. It will be better if you’re not here when Aaron returns.”

“What happens to him?”

Old Edwin crawled into Aaron’s bed. “He’s fine. It’s like he’s sleeping. He doesn’t remember a thing.” He smiled at younger Edwin. “Make the best of our second chance.”

Edwin smiled at the only person he’d ever considered a friend. Ironically it was himself. He opened the door, walked out and closed it behind him. He clutched the portfolio and tried to take in everything that had happened today. He was torn in different directions. He certainly didn’t want the life his future self described. But he couldn’t stop thinking of Drew. Didn’t he deserve to be happy too? He didn’t know what to do. He descended the stairs and emerged into the dark campus.

He walked through the quad. Everyone he passed acknowledged him with a nod or a “how’s it going, dude”. He certainly wasn’t ignored anymore. His popularity had grown to match his physique. A group of three students whispered to each other and were trying not to laugh as they approached. After they passed, Edwin heard them start to sing; “Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom. Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom”. It was the Walking the Dinosaur song. They sang it when Drew strutted around showing off his monster. Edwin stopped and looked down. Drew’s clothes showcased the monster between his legs now. It made sense. It was the same monster. Edwin was the new campus stud. Edwin looked up and saw Rich and a few members of the team coming his way.

“Hey Ed, you and your pet enjoying the night air?” one of them said. They all laughed.

Rich shook Edwin’s hand. “We’re headed back to the house. Benji bought a half keg. You should join us. Local hotties always show up looking to hook up.”

Someone quipped, “Yeah, you can’t keep something like that cooped up too long, it’ll only get angry“. Another added, “If that monster gets mad it’ll take down Tokyo.” They laughed louder and high-fived each other. Edwin smiled. Having the jocks joke about the large size of his cock was only making it larger.

“Come on, guys. Give him a break.” Rich was getting aroused himself. He was the only frat brother who knew just how big Edwin was. He attempted to change the subject, “We missed you at dinner, Ed”.

“And you ditched us at lunch. Don’t you ever eat, dude?” The other men continued to throw out the back handed compliments. “He’s probably prefers to eat out, if you know what I mean.” “Hey, it makes sense. First he’s got to empty the girl before he fills her.” “Fills her, more like overstuffs her with that thing.”

The waited for Edwin’s reaction. He smirked, “What can I say? When you’re right, you’re right.” Soon Edwin’s body was being slapped playfully by the men. He laughed and the crowd started to hoot and howl their approval. Edwin moved the portfolio to cover the lengthening neck of his Edosaurus. “You guys are a real trip.’”

“Trip? Dude, that reminds me.” Rich slapped Edwin’s chest with the back of his hand. “We were talking about the summer. We have the whole thing planned out. My parents have a beach house in CorpisChristie. Brad inherited his grandmother’s timeshare in Cancun. And Nicky’s from Bermuda. His parents have a guest house we can use. It’s going to be great. We’ll spend the whole summer seeing the world wearing nothing more than a swimsuit.” Edwin couldn’t believe it. It was just as the future him predicted; the world was opening up to him.

Again the comments started to fly. “Can you see him trying to squeeze into a Speedo? The pouch will have to be reinforced with Kevlar.” “I don’t know about Ed wearing a banana hammock. He may scare away more girls than he’ll attract.” “Yeah but the girls he’ll get will be the wild, partying type, if you know what I mean.”

Rich was glad to see Edwin loosening up. This was the first time he saw him smile or laugh. He looked even more beautiful. “All the guys want you to come, dude.” All the team members shook their heads in agreement. “We’re their babe magnets. They’ll fight over the ones we throw back after trolling the beaches. I told them we get to share the biggest bedroom as payment.” Rich arched his eyebrow to suggest the fun the two could have when alone in the master suite. “Come get a drink with us, dude. We’ll tell you all the details.”

Edwin thought a beer sounded great after the day he had. The Sigma brothers always appeared to be having a good time. Edwin needed more fun in his life. These guys could be his new friends; best friends. “Okay. I’ve got to change first. I’ll meet up with you later.”

A cheer went up from the group. The athletes began to walk away. Rich ran his hand down Edwin’s arm. “I’ll see you later then, bro.”

Edwin shook his head yes. Both men smiled. He watched his new peers leave. As the pack moved the lesser students scattered out of their way. You could hear them call them derogatory names as they passed. Edwin remembered when he was one of their targets; now they wanted him to attract girls for them. This life was definitely better. Edwin walked the remaining distance to his dorm. He entered the common area. Sam was there studying. His eyes widened as he saw Edwin in his revealing outfit. He sat up at attention, “Hey Edwin. How’s it going?”

“Hey Sam. It’s been a hell of a day; but the night looks better.” Edwin ran his large hand over his handsome face. He yawned and stretched out his bulky limbs. He scratched his balls without thinking.

It was obvious Sam was enjoying the show. “Wow you look great. I swear you get bigger and better looking every day.” Edwin only smirked. He could see the hunger in Sam’s eyes. “We missed you at the last student committee meeting. That’s your third no-show. Is anything wrong?”

“I’ve got a lot going on, dude.”

“I’m sure. George mentioned he saw you at the Sigma house. Are you thinking about pledging with them next year?” Sam inquired meekly.

“Boy, nothing goes unnoticed around this place.”

“Well you sort of, uhm, stick out in those clothes.” Sam eyes went to the dinosaur for a split second. “I remember when you used to make fun of those frat brats.”

“Whatever”, Edwin shrugged his shoulders. He knew Sam secretly wished he was one of his Sigma brothers. Like Rich said, every man wanted to be a college jock. He decided to test Sam true feelings. He put the portfolio down on the table and pulled off his shirt. “Man, it feels good to get out of that shirt; it’s so tight on me.” Edwin ran his hands over his pecs and abs. Sam’s tongue was practically dangling from his open mouth. It was just as Edwin thought. “Well, I’ve got to get changed.” Edwin turned toward his room.

“Okay”, Sam shifted in his seat, “uhm, I’ll see you at our Art History final in the morning.”

Edwin stopped, ‘Shit, is that tomorrow. I didn’t even study.”

Sam straightened a stack of index cards and held them up, “You can use my study cards if you want.”

Edwin moved toward Sam and took the cards from his shaking hand. “That’s really nice of you, dude.” He quickly scanned the handwritten notes. “These will definitely help. You sure you don’t need them.”

“I’m done studying. Uhm, you can use them if you do something for me in return.” Sam’s voice cracked as he spoke.

Edwin threw the cards at Sam. His powerful voice filled the room. “What a hypocrite. You’re fuckin’ pathetic. You disrespect the Sigma house while all you really want is to blow us.” Edwin palmed his huge package, “You craving some face time with the Edosaurus, wimp? Give it mouth to mouth? You want to suck it dry, faggot?”

Sam sat there, stunned. “I was going to ask if we could have that cup of coffee after the exam…to talk.” He stood up and began to gather his belongings.

Edwin felt like a fool. “Listen, Sam…

“I guess it’s no coincidence that another term for a jerk is a dick. There must be a direct correlation because the bigger your cock has gotten the more of an asshole you’ve become.” Sam got on his knees and gathered up the cards he spent hours creating.

“It’s been a really crappy day. I’m sorry…” Edwin tried to apologize.

“Don’t be. I’m not surprised. You’re a Sigma man now. I shouldn’t expect you to talk to me, except to call me a faggot or a wimp.”

“Sam, come on. We’re…friends.”

Sam stood up. “I was under the delusion we could be friends, but you made it clear tonight that’s not going to happen. Every one knows the dudes of Sigma house and faggots like me aren’t friends.” Sam brushed past the bigger man. He walked into his room and threw down his books. “You’ve transformed yourself into a totally new person. I’m happy for you. You didn’t seem to like the old Edwin very much. I’m going to miss him. I thought he was a great guy.” Sam closed his door.

“Yeah, that’s what you say. But I noticed you didn’t ask me out until I changed.” Edwin yelled.

Sam opened his door. “I may have been enticed by your new look, but I damn well won’t be blinded by it.” Sam slammed his door.

Edwin was angry too. He felt the adrenalin and testosterone pumping through his powerful body. He kicked the coffee table in the room. The laminated wood splintered from the impact of his size 13s. He picked up the couch and tossed it like it was made of cardboard. He flexed his muscles and growled in frustration. He felt his anger dissipate. He took a deep breath and calmed down. He looked at the battered furniture.

Since when did he become violent when he got angry? And when did he start calling people fagot? Sam was right; he was behaving like a Sigma man. This is what Edwin had feared. His physical transformation was changing his mindset. Would it only get worse over time? Maybe it was out of his control. People constantly complimenting you, worshipping you, begging for your attention, doing anything to please you had to cloud your thinking. That’s basically what Rich said happened to Drew. Edwin was falling prey to the same condition. Maybe the way Drew acted wasn’t totally his fault. What’s the old political saying; absolute power corrupts absolutely. That appeared to apply to this situation too.

Edwin removed the disc from the portfolio. He dropped the envelope and held the disc in both hands. He looked at his room, then at the staircase in the hall. He moved toward the hall. He climbed the stairs until he reached the roof. He walked to the edge. He held the disc at arms’ length in front of him. A warm breeze wrapped around him exposed skin. It fluffed his wavy hair and rushed up the legs of his shorts. The circulating air tickled the pubes of his huge ball sack and kissed the head of the dinosaur. The incredible sensation sent a chill up his spine. All the muscles in his body contracted. He watched his forearms throb with strength. He removed his left arm from the disc and bent it to make the muscle grow. He watched the ball of power ebb and flow as he flexed several times. He put his hand on his chest to feel the seductive pillows of hard muscle. He pinched his rubbery nipple before caressing the carved bricks that protected his stomach. Edwin’s eyes began to tear up. He worked his hand under the waistband of his shorts. He squeezed his balls hard. He wanted to feel the sting from torturing his over sized twins. He inhaled sharply, it hurt so good. He squeezed harder wanting to remember the sensation.

His fingers explored the incredible length and girth of his manly masterpiece. A tear ran down his cheek. He pulled out his hand and wiped the tear away. His skin felt smooth under his thick fingers. He traced the contours of his stunning face. He combed his fingers through his soft, wavy mane. He looked up at the star filled heavens. “Goodbye, Ed.” He opened his right hand and held his breathe. His eyes slammed closed when he heard the crash. More tears were forced out by his clenched eye lids. He started to breath again. He opened his eyes and tilted his head downward. Below he could see the Mayan disc shattered on the walkway four stories below. Most of it had disintegrated into dust. He wondered what that meant. Was the spell broken or sealed for eternity. It was up to fate now. Suddenly a strange tingle filled his ball sack. With a sorrowful groan he grabbed his package as the pain intensified. A wave a weakness overtook his muscular body and brought him to his knees. He had fate’s answer. Soon the pain was gone. He got to his feet and looked over the Wabash campus. He mourned the end of his college jock life for only a minute. He knew he did the right thing. No matter what the future Edwin said, there was no justification in destroying Drew’s life to better his own. He didn’t deserve that. Edwin vowed never to regret the choice he made.

He descended the stairs. His body already felt different; heavier, less responsive. He cleaned the broken shards and dust from the sidewalk. He buried the remains in a shallow hole he dug outside his dorm room window. He climbed into bed. He stroked his dinosaur; for the first time it was slow to waken. Edwin wondered if Drew understood he was given a second chance tonight.

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