Second Chances 7

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The other players had filled the room by the time Rich returned to his locker. He rubbed his hair dry in a towel before looking around. He asked someone if they had seen Ed. They told him he was waiting for him outside. Rich quickly got dressed. He found Edwin leaning up against the building outside the door. He had to call his name twice, before Ed responded. The two walked to the frat house talking about nothing in particular. Rich walked slowly enjoying the company. They were alone in the house for about twenty minutes before the other brothers started to arrive in small groups. Soon the house was filled with loud men who had no concern for their home. They lounged around, threw things and seemed to be constantly punching or wrestling each other. It was like stallions fighting for their rank in the herd.

Everyone was cordial to Ed. They treated him like he was one of them. They asked about his work out routine, his diet and the supplements he took. Many wanted to compare body parts. He was asked to flex his arms, quads and abs, as they stood next to him and did the same pose. Some began to feel up his flexed muscles. Ed was one of the biggest and most ripped. But, it was his perfect symmetry and beautiful lines that made him really stand out among his peers. He was definitely the most attractive man in the house. And everyone, except Edwin, knew it. They called him “pretty boy,” “cover model” and “poser”. The remarks failed to hide their envy.

As beer bottles emptied and they became more comfortable around the new guy, the topic of the remarks changed. The focus was on what Ed was packing in his tight shorts. “I bet you get laid by a different girl every night?” “Women must walk funny after being with you?” “I would fall in if I had your sloppy seconds.” “You use a yardstick to measure that thing.” “Dudes, we have another dinosaur walker in our midst.” Edwin quickly learned the name calling and cutting words were how these guys complimented each other. He was uncomfortable with the subtle worshipping at first. But soon he came to enjoy being considered the superior man. Downing several beers helped him to loosen up too. It was only the second time in his life he had alcohol.

Someone questioned the amount Edwin said he could curl. The brother challenged him. The whole house surrounded the two as they arm wrestled. Ed easily won the match. Soon he had defeated several of the Sigma brethren. It wasn’t until Rich stepped up that the back of Ed’s hand finally met the table. But the time it took for Rich to win, impressed the crowd. No one since Drew was able to hold him off that long. It was obvious Ed’s body was even stronger than it looked. And that was saying something. He was really one of them now.

Ed went upstairs to look for the restroom. After emptying his bladder, he returned to the long hall. No longer in a hurry he noticed the bedroom doors had the occupants’ team number on them. In addition there were pictures, crude drawings, and notes to create a type of personalized collage. Ed couldn’t help but smile as he walked the humorous gallery. His mood changed when he came to number 12’s room. That was Drew’s. Edwin knew Drew was 12 because he had overheard comments about how he got the number. One theory was on a scale from one to ten, he was a twelve. It was the length of his cock was another. The nerd herd joked it was his IQ. The door’s large number was surrounded by pictures of nude women and dinosaurs. There was a full body picture of Drew from the school newspaper. He was in his football uniform; someone had affixed the head and neck of a Brontosaurus to his crotch. Then there was a copy of the flyer he created featuring Edwin’s cum covered face. Edwin couldn’t believe he was the guy in the photo. It was another lifetime ago. He had changed so much in the past seven months. No wonder none of the frat boys recognized him. He was Ed the jock to them, not Edwin the geek.

Edwin twisted the doorknob and pushed open the door. It still looked lived in. Drew must have left in a hurry. The bed was unmade and there were dirty clothes piled in the corner. Drew’s scent lingered in the air. The image of Drew’s naked body flashed in Edwin’s mind. His mouth salivated as he remembered how Drew tasted. Edwin walked to the bureau. On top were a few text books and a pile of papers. Sticking out of the pile was a hand written envelope. Edwin pulled the envelope out. It was from a BarbaraBullard. The penmanship had the elegance of an older woman’s. Edwin guessed it was Drew’s mother. Their home was only a few hours away in Bloomington.

Edwin opened the top drawer of the bureau. Inside were several shirts. Edwin picked one up and held it in front of him. It was the navy and white ribbed muscle shirt; the shirt that made Edwin’s cock stir every time he saw Drew in it. Edwin brought it to his nose, but it smelled of detergent not Drew. He examined the label, it was a XL. Edwin couldn’t believe it. He always assumed Drew was a 3X. He looked so massive. It was made by Under Armour too. It was the same size and manufacturer as the shirt Edwin was wearing. Edwin put the shirt back in the drawer and looked into the mirror above the bureau. He flexed his chest and then he went into a double bicep pose. Could he really be the same size as Drew?

“You seem to be making yourself at home.” Edwin was startled by Rich’s words. He turned around to find Rich filling the doorway. “It’s okay dude. This will be your room soon enough.”

“Won’t Drew be coming back when he gets better?”

Rich entered the room. The space instantly felt much smaller to Edwin. “I don’t think Drew will ever be the man he was. It’s night and day; he went from one of us to one of them in a couple of months. I liked the dude; but even I was relieved to see him go. I didn’t want to catch whatever he had. I couldn’t imagine having to go through life being a wimpy geek.” Rich shook his head, “Could you?”

“No,” Edwin forced out his answer.

Rich took another swig from the beer bottle in his hand. “I did admire him. He was an expert at using his looks to his advantage.” Rich stepped closer to Edwin. He put his huge hand on Edwin’s left pec and squeezed it firmly. “I’m sure you have no problem getting people to do what you want.”

Edwin turned around quickly. “Uhm, Drew left a lot of his clothes behind.”

Rich moved even closer until their bodies touched. He reached around Edwin and put the empty bottle on the bureau. Edwin inched forward closing the chest door with his growing bulge. Rich kept the bodily contact. Edwin was now trapped between the piece of furniture and Rich’s heavier bulk. The pressure on his cock only made it expand more. In the mirror, Edwin could see the taller, broader Rich framing him. “I don’t think he wanted them. They reminded him of what he was. He looked like a boy wearing a man’s clothes. You should keep them. You look his size.” Rich put his hands over Edwin’s biceps and squeezed them. “You feel his size.” Rich’s left hand went to Ed’s chest and his right to Ed’s abs. “It was a shame that Drew got sick when he did.” Rich slipped his hand under Ed’s shirt to get a better feel of his brick wall as he looked into Ed’s eyes via the mirror. “We never got to fuck.” Rich pushed his growing bulge into Edwin. Edwin’s breathing became increasingly rapid. “He was the only man I’ve ever considered doing it with…until you. You are as beautiful as he was.” Rich kissed the side of Ed’s neck. “I got the impression you may be more open to the idea. Am I right?” Rich slid his hand down Ed’s shorts. “It feels like Edosaurus wants to come out and play.”

Suddenly another house brother came bounding into the room. “Hey dudes, we’re all starving. We’re heading over to get some lunch before they close. You coming?”

Rich quickly pulled his arms away and twisted his torso slightly toward the door. He couldn’t turn completely around or he would reveal the eight inch tent pole in his shorts. “Yeah, okay. You guys head out and we’ll catch up. I’m showing Ed his new room.” The third wheel disappeared. Rich and Edwin didn’t speak as they listened to him nosily descend the stairs. Rich put his hands on the bureau and rested his heavy torso on Ed’s strong back. He inhaled the scent of Edwin’s hair. Edwin could feel Rich’s strong heart beating. “That was close.” Edwin pushed away from the bureau with his muscular arms lifting Rich off of him. The back of bureau hit the wall from the effort. Rich straightened up, freeing Edwin who quickly moved to the other side of the room. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…I mean, everything.” Edwin folded his arms over his chest. “Are you gay?”

“No, but I’m willing to learn.” Rich joked.

“So you assume I’m gay.”

“Well at first no. Then I noticed you getting hard as you checked me out in my practice uniform. But then you didn’t even look when I was naked in the locker room. So honestly I have no idea, dude.” Rich sat down on the bed, “Does it matter?”

Edwin had spent half his life tormented by the idea of being gay. Edwin couldn’t believe how cavalier Rich was about it. “Yes, it matters. I’ve never been with a man before.”

“Well, either have I and I may never again.”

“Then why…now…with me?”

“No time like the present, bro. We’re both in the best shape of our lives and at our sexual peak. It’s never going to get better than this. Shit, look at us dude. We’re two total fuckin’ hot studs. Every guy in this school wishes he had my size and your looks. I don’t want to look back and regret missing this opportunity.” Rich watched Ed pace back and forth. “Listen, my father died last year of a heart attack. He was 42 years old. He was a big guy like me, or I guess I’m big like him. I didn’t think anything could kill him.” Ed stopped pacing. He looked into Rich’s big eyes. He could tell he wasn’t bullshitting. “In two years he was going to retire from the police force. All my life I remember him having this folder he kept in his nightstand. He called it his retirement plan. Anytime he read about something worth doing somewhere worth visiting he would stick in that damn folder. He would get to it when he finally had the time. That never happened. I don’t want that to be me. I don’t care if you are gay or straight. I like girls. I’ve slept with hundreds of them. But I am curious about being with a man. Especially someone like you, I’m human after all. My chance with Drew is gone forever. I don’t want that to happen with you.” Rich thought he was getting too emotional. The male defenses kicked in. He wiped his eyes and smiled, “And hey, you could do a lot worse than me.”

Edwin thought about what Rich had said. It mirrored what Aaron told him earlier. Life was short and he should enjoy the opportunities that would arise because of the way he looked. This was one of those. Edwin had to know what it felt like to be with a man. He hoped Aaron would be that man; but that wasn’t going to happen. This may be his only opportunity with Rich. “So I’m your second choice.”

“No, you’re my second chance.”

Rich watched Edwin walk to the door. He dropped his head thinking the beautiful man was leaving. But he heard the door close and then lock. Rich slowly raised his head. He swallowed hard as Ed’s package was only inches from his face. He reached up and groped the mound of man flesh. Without saying a word Edwin pulled of his shirt. Rich did the same. Next were their shoes. Edwin hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his shorts and began to lower them. Rich grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands away. “Let me…please.” Edwin let his powerful arms hang at his side. He titled his pelvis forward and flexed his torso. Rich ran his hands up Edwin’s chiseled oblique muscles and lats. He caressed Rich’s pecs before spending some time exploring his abdominals. Edwin’s monster continued to grow in his shorts. Rich grabbed Edwin’s shorts and hesitated. He looked up at Edwin, then back at the bulge before him. He took a deep breath and began to work the tight shorts down. The garment’s built in supporter was reluctant to free its huge prisoner. After a final tug, the dinosaur came into view, Rich looked up at Ed. “You’ll never be anyone’s second choice.” The shorts fell to Edwin’s feet once Rich got them passed the hunk’s thick thighs. Rich grabbed the tube steak and began to squeeze it. It doubled in size within seconds. It felt much heavier and powerful than he expected. “It looks like I’m the one risking bodily injury here. Please, be gentle.” He said half joking.

Ed took a step back and kicked his shorts away. Rich stood up and removed his shorts. Both men were nude. They looked at each other’s powerfully developed bodies. Both were examples of male perfection; Rich exemplifying masculine strength and Edwin man’s ethereal beauty. Like the gods Hercules and Adonis. Each man’s muscles began to flex involuntarily. Their pecs, glutes, and thighs all twitched in anticipation of what was going to happen next. Both men’s cocks were at full attention. Rich’s shorter piece matched Edwin’s in girth. Ed leaned up and kissed the taller man. Rich grabbed Ed’s rod again and began to stroke it. Precum oozed from the head. Rich pulled his lips away from Ed’s hungry mouth. He sat on the bed and pulled Ed toward him by the hips. Immediately he began to lick Ed’s salty nuts. Ed fought his bodies desire to explode. But soon as he felt Rich’s warm mouth wrap around his super sized tool, he lost control. It was apparent Rich was caught by surprise. He pulled away choking missing the second and third volley.

Edwin regretted cuming so soon. He knelt down in front of Rich and pushed his impossibly thick quads apart. He began to lick his own cum from Rich’s wispy chest hair. “Flex for me.” Rich did as he was asked. Ed put his hands on each bicep and let out a slight moan. The muscle felt so powerful in his hands. Rich straightened and flexed his arms harder to impress his more beautiful lover. Ed had never felt anything so erotic. It felt nothing like touching his own muscles. The feel of Rich’s body was like a revelation. Years of pent up lust overtook him. All his insecurities faded. He wanted this man more than anything. It felt so right.

Knowing Rich was bigger and stronger than him made it even better. He wondered just how strong he was. He had learned every man had one stronger arm, one that grew faster than the other. He leaned in closer and began to lick Rich’s left bicep, his bigger arm. “Oh God, the power,” Edwin moaned. The smaller man pushed Rich’s elbow up over his head. His tongue followed the horse shoe shaped groove of his massive tricep. With his arm pit now fully exposed, Edwin stuck his nose into the deeply recessed patch of thick hair and inhaled the testosterone laden odor. Ed pushed Rich’s other arm in the same position. He ran his hands up and down Rich’s cobra like lats. Rich figured out what Ed wanted and flexed, causing them to flare out. Ed moaned his approval before moving his hands to Rich’s legs. He stroked the quads first. Then Rich raised his heels off the floor making his calves swell into huge hams. Ed kissed Rich’s left calf then his right before returning his attention to those massive quads. By the time Edwin reached Rich’s inner thigh, his rod was dripping with precum. Rich was enjoying the worship session more then he expected. He always assumed he would have to do the work since he was the less attractive man.

Ed pushed Rich back onto the bed to get better access to his crotch. Lying down, his cock looked much longer. Ed sucked and playfully nibbled on Rich’s large eggs. Rich began to moan as Ed worked the clean shaven twins. Rich grabbed his aching rod trying to hold back his load. Ed pulled his hand away and began to lick its length. He took some of Rich’s cum and mixed it with his salvia. He wrapped his fingers around Rich’s thick pipe. He squeezed it tightly adding a slight twist motion. It hurt so good, Rich’s entire body was on fire. No, woman had the strength to control him like Ed could. Finally, much to Rich’s relief, Ed took it him in his mouth. He deep throated its entire length.

Rich lifted his head to see what Ed was doing that felt so incredible. The movement caused Rich’s abs to pop up through his skin. Ed ran his hand over them as he continued to devour Rich’s rod. Rich couldn’t hold back anymore. His toes curled and he released his thick juices. Ed swallowed everything Rich could give him. Rich collapsed on the bed. Ed crawled next to him lying on his stomach. Both men laid there was several minutes. Being young athletes, they recovered quickly.

“That was amazing.” Rich put his hand on Ed’s ass and rubbed it gently. He rolled over to his side and ran his hand up and down Ed’s muscular form. “You sure feel different than a woman.” He pushed his fingers into the muscle topography of Ed’s broad back. He slapped his ass with a loud smack. “Your body is so hard. It’s like you’re carved from stone. Is that how I feel to you?”

Ed repositioned himself to face Rich. He ran his hand down Rich’s arm and down the side of his leg. As he brought his hand back up he took a detour to Rich’s oversized booty. Rich flexed his glutes. Ed smiled than said, “More like titanium”.

Rich pushed the hair out of Ed’s face. “You are incredibly beautiful.” Ed rolled onto his back. “I know you’re supposed to say a man is handsome. But you are more than that.” Rich continued to explore Ed’s sculpted body. He lingered on Ed’s abs; first running his index finger along the deep grooves between each muscle block, then strumming them with his thick fingers as if playing a guitar. “Your body, your face, you’re just…beautiful.” Rich repeated the word trying to make Ed understand how attractive he was. But it was more obvious by Rich’s renewed rod. His snake slithered along his hip before rising to his stomach. His eyes were glassy like he was somewhere else as he continued to strum. Rich blinked and refocused on his bedmate. He wrapped his fingers around Ed’s best body part, “This cock of yours is a real work of art.” Ed’s dino began to react to Rich’s increasingly rougher massage. Within seconds both men were fully aroused again. “Isn’t great being horny?” Rich licked his lips and swallowed hard. He looked Ed in the eyes, “Should we take this to the next level?”

Edwin searched Rich’s eyes for any mendaciousness. He saw only sincere determination mixed with a little fear. “You or me, uhm, on top?”

“Both,” Rich answered without blinking. “You can go first, big guy.”

Thirty minutes later, the novices sat on the bed with their backs to one another. They thought about what they had just done. Their actions had been awkward; the sensations slightly uncomfortable. But their curiosities had been satisfied, their questions answered. With the experience still processing in their young minds, they knew their perspectives were changed forever.

Rich cleared his throat. “I think we should keep this between us.”

“Sure, no problem,” Edwin added quickly. Both men sat quietly for another minute.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Rich stood up. “There’s another bathroom down the hall if you want one too. You can wear Drew’s clothes. He can’t use them anymore.”


“Okay.” Rich walked out of the room. He appeared in the door seconds later. “Ed, thank you…for everything. You were great.” The big man took a step backward then disappeared again.

Edwin didn’t move. He let out a big sigh. He did it. He was no longer a virgin. So, this was what it was to be a gay man. Why was he so afraid for so long? He thought it would be different; earth shattering or something. While he enjoyed most of it, the only thing he felt was relief it was over. Maybe it was because he didn’t love Rich. He wasn’t Aaron. Ed scolded himself, “Bullshit, you’re thinking like a girl. You’re a man, a gay man.” Ed sat up quickly. That was the first time he called himself gay. The feeling of relief returned. Things were clearer to him. He got up and looked in the mirror. “Hello, I’m EdwinPierce and I’m gay.” He chuckled. He could hear the rest of the world saying, “So what?” in his head. He left the bedroom to search for the other bathroom.

Edwin returned to Drew’s room dripping wet. He forgot about needing a towel. He took two cotton t-shirts out of the bureau and dried himself. He then put on a pair of Drew’s shorts and one of his muscle shirts. He combed his fingers through his wet hair the best he could. He looked at the familiar stranger in the mirror. He looked good in Drew’s clothes. They fit him perfectly. He definitely was as big as Drew. How was that possible? Drew spent years building his body. Edwin had been working out for only a couple of months. Despite all of Aaron’s reassurances it just didn’t make sense. It couldn’t be a coincidence he gained everything that Drew had supposedly lost. He needed to see for himself. He took the envelope with Drew’s address and slipped it into his back pocket.

Edwin didn’t hear Rich walk in. “Wow, for a moment I thought you were the old Drew.” Edwin turned around to face the bigger man. “I was right. You are the same size.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Edwin smirked.

Seeing Ed in Drew’s clothes reignited his obsession for his former team mate. Rich moved closer. The look in his eyes was more intense than when he succumbed to his curiosity. This was lust. Drew was the reason Rich worked so hard to lower his body fat. He wanted to make himself worthy of Drew’s attention. “You look really good in his clothes.” Rich grabbed Ed’s crotch with his huge hand. He squeezed it roughly. He was actually hurting Edwin. Edwin asked him to stop; but Rich didn’t hear him. His mind was preoccupied. He fantasized of grabbing Drew like this thousands of times. “I want you so much, Drew.”

Edwin pushed Rich’s hands away. “I have to go. I think it best if I’m gone before the guys get back.”

Rich realized what he said. “Right.” He stepped aside to let Edwin pass. “I’m sorry. It’s just you look so much like him. I mean the way he used to look.”

“I know.” Edwin gave a half hearted smile before walking out of the room. His pace quickened the closer he got to his dorm room. He grabbed his car keys and wallet. He started the engine of his car before entering Drew’s address into his GPS. He put the car in drive and hesitated for only a second before stepping on the accelerator.

Edwin used the long drive to make sense of what was happening to him and Drew. Was there a real connection? Did he do something to cause it? Sure he often wished he looked like Drew. He wished he looked like a lot of men. If all it took was a wish, the world would be filled with BradPitts and JakeGyllenhaals. “You have reached your destination,” the mechanical voice of his GPS announced as he pulled up to a neatly kept Victorian home. He took a deep breath and pulled up on the door handle. He walked slowly to the front door and knocked.

A very pretty girl about 17 answered. She wore a tight sweater with a low enough neckline to show her amble cleavage and a short skirt. After getting a good look at Edwin she smiled, “Can I help you?”

Edwin cleared his throat, “Yes, does Drew Bullard live here? Uhm, my name is EdwinPierce. We go the same school…WabashCollege.”

The girl giggled thinking Edwin was nervous because of her. Boys often got nervous around her. She leaned on the door seductively. “Edwin? You don’t look like an Edwin.” She looked him up and down more slowly this time. “I bet you were on the football team together?”

“Uh no, not really. Not yet anyway.” Edwin was getting more flustered. The girl giggled again and twisted a strand of her long hair in her slender fingers. “Is Drew home?”

“Yeah, he’s here; hiding in his room as usual. I’m Amber, the drama king’s sister.” She stepped aside to open the door wider. “Please come in?”

“Thank you…Amber,” Edwin walked into the foyer. He could feel the girl’s eyes on him from behind. She moved passed him, purposely grazing her supple breasts against his naked arm. Edwin followed her into the living room. Flopped on an easy chair was a boy who looked like a younger Drew. “Edwin, this is our baby brother, Mathew.” Edwin estimated he had to be about 15. He was wearing a muscle shirt and jeans. You can tell he was an athlete like his big brother. He didn’t have the bulk of a mature man yet but the potential was there. He did have the families’ stunning good looks though. The boy was slow to acknowledge the visitor. His attention was captured by the video game he was playing. Once he saw Edwin, he popped to his feet.

“S’up dude?” He nervously put his hands into his back pockets. He wanted to look cool in front of the older jock. Edwin was everything he wanted to be in a couple of years.

“Hello, Mathew.” Edwin kept his voice flat. He learned dudes don’t so any emotion when meeting.

“Edwin, cool name. Sounds like something from King Arthur’s round table or something.” The young boy said darting his eyes between the floor and the visitor.

“Uh, thanks. Your sister doesn’t think it suits me.” Edwin said with a smirk.

“Oh, I can see you as a strong, dashing knight Sir Edwin.” Amber purred.

An older woman entered from the other side of the room. She was tall and lean with excellent posture. She moved with the grace of a dancer. Her hair and dress were neatly kept. Her pretty face had only a hint of make up. The single strand of pearls around her neck made it look like she had stepped out of a 1950s sitcom. “I thought a heard a man’s voice.” Mathew sighed loudly and folded his arms over his chest. “I meant another man’s voice.” She gave Edwin a knowing smile as she wiped her hands with a dish towel. “I’m Drew’s mother, Barbara Bullard and you are Sir Edwin if I heard correctly. Should I curtsy?”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Bullard.” Edwin smiled warmly. He suddenly missed his own mother.

“Edwin’s goes to Wabash with Drew. He drove all that way to see him.” Amber explained.

“How nice. Not many of his college friends have had a chance to visit. I know how busy you are with school and sports.” Barbara spoke in a polite tone, but her face showed her annoyance.

“I thought the team wanted nothing to do with him.” Mathew slid his hands into his back pockets again. “He’s the reason you lost the championship right?”

“Thanks not true. He didn’t even play in the game.” Barbara snapped back.

“Duh? That’s the point, mother. They were depending on him.” The younger boy focused back on Edwin. “He’s such a wimp now. He would get creamed if he played against guys your size. Heck, my arms are bigger than his.” The teenager smirked. “You should see how nervous he is around me. After the way he used to torture me, he’s afraid of the payback.”

“Mathew you shouldn’t say such things about your brother when he’s sick.” The protective mother protested.

“Mom, the doctor’s can’t find anything wrong with him. They say he’s a head case.” Her son’s words were painful to hear. She nervously played with necklace around her long, thin neck.

“Matty, don’t be such a jerk. You think you’re the man of the house now. But I can still take you,” Amber punched her little brother hard in the stomach.

Mathew shoved his sister away. “Stop that, Amber! You’re lucky I can’t hit you back.”

“Will you two behave yourselves in front of our guest? I apologize for their behavior, Edwin.” Edwin gave her an understanding smile.

Mathew rubbed his gut. He looked up at Edwin. “She didn’t hurt me. I’m the second strongest guy in my school. And I’m only a sophomore. The top guy’s a senior. Next year, I’ll rule the place as a junior,” he said proudly in front of his new idol. “I play football too. My coach says I’ll make All American next year with no problem. I just need to get bigger.”

“You sound just like your brother when he was your age. I can’t understand why every Bullard man is obsessed with getting bigger to play a silly game where you get hurt by a bunch of other muscle bound giants.”

“Mom,” Amber gasped and gestured toward Edwin.

“No offense, young man. I’m sure you are very good at the sport. I’m guilty of worrying about my boys. I’m sure you’re mother worries about you too.”

Amber wrapped both hands around Edwin’s left arm. She squeezed his bicep firmly. “We should ask him to stay for dinner.” Her daughter’s expression said volumes to her mother.

“Yes, of course dear.” She looked up at Edwin. “Any friend of Drew’s is more than welcome.”

“I don’t know…” Edwin scanned the room of strangers. They seemed like such nice people. He couldn’t believe this was Drew’s family.

“Oh, please think about it.” Amber pleaded still feeling up Edwin’s arm. “It’s such a long drive from Crawfordsville. You must be hungry. Football players are always hungry. After dinner, we can go to this little ice cream parlor for some desert. All my friends hang there. I’ll introduce you to them.”

“You mean show him off to your friends,” Mathew said under his breath.

“Shut up,” Amber growled.

“You just want to make Brandon West jealous because he dumped you for Heather Big Boobs Beaumont?”

“Mom, tell him to shut up.”

“Mathew stop teasing your sister.” Barbara’s tone wasn’t very forceful.

Mathew’s face lit up. He walked up to Edwin. “I have a better idea. We have a gym set up in the garage. You can show me your work out routine. Drew sure can’t help me anymore.” He looked at Edwin’s physique. ”Man, it must be awesome to be your size.”

Barbara can tell Edwin was feeling a bit overwhelmed. “Children, stop crowding the poor man. He came here to see Drew, not you.”

Amber pulled on Edwin’s thick arm. “I’ll show you to Drew’s room.”

“No, I’ll show him.” Barbara peeled her daughter’s fingers off Edwin. “You can check on dinner.”

“It would be my pleasure, mother. You know how much I enjoy spending time in the kitchen.” Amber floated into the next room. Barbara turned her attention to Mathew. “And you can set the table, dear.”

“Mom, I’m in the middle of a game. Make Amber do it, she’s the girl.”

Barbara positioned herself next to Edwin . “Edwin, don’t you think a good son should do as his mother asks?”

“Um, yes…absolutely.” Edwin looked down at Mathew.

Mathew sighed and followed his sister’s path into the next room.

“Well, that took less effort than usual. Shame you can’t be here every night.” Barbara joked. She turned in the opposite direction in which she sent her children. “It’s so hard to raise boys without a father figure. Edwin was surprised by her remarks. He never considered himself an authority figure. “Edwin, if you don’t mind I want to talk to you before you go up to see Drew.”

“Sure.” Edwin moved to side her. She absentmindedly put her hand on Edwin’s arm as they walked. Immediately upon touching it she pulled away; a very different reaction from her daughter. The size and hardness of the young man’s arm was unexpected by the older woman. They walked passed the center staircase into a wood paneled room. The space didn’t have the feminine touches of the living room. The furniture was dark and heavy. It felt very much a man’s space.

“I must say it’s a Godsend that you are here. I’m worried about Drew. As Mathew said, the doctor’s can’t find anything wrong with him. But something is definitely wrong. He’s lost so much weight and even several inches in height. The condition of his skin and hair…” Barbara stopped herself and put a weathered hand over her mouth. She moved away from Edwin and closed the room’s door. “I know it makes me sound like a horrible mother, but I want them to tell me my son is ill. At least then, I’ll know what I’m up against and how to fight it.” She turned and walked toward a book case filled with athletic trophies. Interspersed were photographs of her children at various ages wearing assorted uniforms. Sports were an important part of their lives.

“The doctor’s say his condition is made worse by his mental state. They’re afraid he may…hurt himself.” She put her shaking hand on the shelf to steady herself. After a moment she brushed away some invisible dust. “I sure you can understand. He was…is a handsome boy. He took great pride in his appearance. With things changed as they are, he’s having difficulty adjusting. It’s to be expected. He’s so young. At his age you are overly conscious of your appearance. You feel the world is critiquing every hair and pore. When you get older you realize there is more to an individual. Looks are only skin deep and they fade with age.” She looked at Edwin and smiled. “Of course, a handsome young man like you doesn’t have to worry about that for some time.”

The woman walked back to where Edwin had stood since entering the room. “Drew needs some one to talk to. He needs to let his emotions out. He refuses to see a professional. He needs to talk to a good friend, a peer, someone like you Edwin.”

“I think you have the wrong impression about how close Drew and I are. We weren’t exactly what you would call friends. We had a few of the same classes. We were more like acquaintances.” Edwin tried to explain.

“Drew never had many male friends. He was always surrounded by adoring girls. His sister called them the Drew-pees.” A grin came over Barbara’s face. Edwin could see where Drew got his beautiful smile. “Even if you aren’t the best of friends, you are peers. You’re both athletes and probably had similar experiences growing up.” Barbara clasped her hands. “I don’t mean to place this burden on you. But I would be very appreciative if you tried. He won’t talk to me. I know young men aren’t comfortable taking about certain things with their mother. Am I right?”

Edwin swallowed, “My mother died when I was nine.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Barbara put her hand for a moment on Edwin’s broad chest. “That’s something else you have in common. Drew’s father died when he was thirteen. My husband was a career military man.” She turned and walked toward a group of photographs hanging on the far wall of the room. In the center was a large, formal shot of man in uniform. He was incredibly attractive with the same dark smoldering eyes as Drew. The formal attire couldn’t hide his well muscled physique. She spoke staring at the photo. “He was so handsome. He made me feel more beautiful when I was around him. When he wore his dress uniform every woman fell in love with him. He looked like he walked right out of an old movie.” Though Edwin couldn’t see her face, he knew she was smiling again. “For better or worse, my sons inherited his looks. They may even be better looking. Modestly prevents me from saying I may have had something to do with that.” She turned away from the photo and focused back on Edwin. He was right, she was smiling.

“My husband was proud of his children, especially his eldest son. Even at a young age you could tell Drew was going to be a strong athlete able to follow in his father’s footsteps. Like most boys, Drew idolized his dad. They spent hours playing sports or working around the house. You know how fathers tell tales of their youth; sometimes exaggerating the facts to look more heroic. My husband was no different. He told Drew he was the best athlete in the country, lettering in four different sports. He was the big man on campus who kept all the other boys in line with just a look. And he was so busy with sports he didn’t always have time to do his school work. He had a group of girls, he called his stable of fillies, do it for him. A wink was all they required as payment. Of course I didn’t approve of that one.” Again a smile graced her lips. “I think Drew believed every word.” She looked back at the trophy case. “Most of those are Drew’s. He wanted desperately to please his father, even after he died. When boys get older, they start to see their fathers more as men and less as superheroes. Drew’s father died before he reached that point. To him, his dad will always be bigger than life. It’s a shame. I’m afraid Drew will never see himself as good enough. It makes him try too hard. Others see it as an out of control ego. I see it as boy trying to live up to his father’s stories. Girls may overlook his flaws or find them intriguing; boys on the other hand find it…less appealing. That’s why I encouraged him to go to Wabash. I hoped an all male college would help him achieve more of a social balance. I was very disappointed when no one from school inquired about him…until now.” She held Edwin’s hand and looked up at him for some time before letting go. “So Edwin, would you like to go up and see Drew now?”

All of Edwin’s defenses were gone, “Yes, ma’m.”

“Good.” Barbara opened the door and gestured up the staircase. “It’s the third door on the right. I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

“Thank you.” Edwin slowly walked up the stairs. His heart began to beat faster when he reached the hall. He stood in front of the bedroom door and took a deep breath. He knocked. He didn’t wait for Drew to answer before he entered. The room was neater than expected based on what he saw in the frat house. Someone was lying on the bed. The sinking sun cast a shadow in that corner of the room making it difficult to see clearly. The figure moved off the bed and entered the light.

Edwin envisioned a Gollum-like creature gnawing on raw fish heads. What he saw was an ordinary looking boy listening to an iPod. That may have been even more frightening than seeing a hideous creature. For the man Edwin remembered was far from ordinary. The boy pulled his ear buds out. He was small and frail. His skin was rough and ruddy; his hair wispy and a nondescript color. He wore oversized clothing. The shoulder seams of his XL polo hung down almost to his elbow. Edwin’s heart skipped a beat when he looked across the room and saw his own reflection in the mirror. He realized he saw more of his formal self in Drew then the stranger behind the glass. And that stranger in Drew’s clothes looked like the former team captain.

“Who are you?” Drew’s voice was strained and girlish.

Edwin panicked. “Uh, I go to Wabash.”

Drew ran his eyes up and down the handsome athlete. “I don’t remember you. You weren’t on the football team.”

“No, I’m what you call, uhm,….a transfer student.”

“What are you doing here? I don’t want to see any one.” Drew hunched his shoulders and dropped his head like an armadillo curling up into a ball to hide.

“I’m with The Bachelor. We’re doing a story about you.” An idea formed in Edwin’s head as he spoke. “Everybody back at Wabash is uhm, very concerned about you.”

Drew looked up at Edwin. “The school newspaper?” Suddenly he covered his face with his hands and backed away, “No pictures. I don’t want people to see me like this.”

“Okay, okay, relax Drew. I don’t have a camera.” Drew lowered his hands. He looked so frightened. Edwin spoke in a soft tone, “So how are you feeling?”

“Weak,” Drew scoffed as he flopped down on his bed.

“Sorry, what question would you like me to ask?”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” Drew sighed. “I feel weak. Small, puny….ugly….insignificant.” Drew’s voice became more upset as he spoke.

“You don’t look so bad to me.” Edwin said in a chirper tone.

“You wouldn’t say that if you knew what I looked like before I got sick. I was as big as you and even better looking.” Edwin shook his head to indicate he didn’t think he was handsome. Drew interpreted as the reporter not believing him. “It’s true I have pictures from your paper. I was the best looking guy at the school, with an incredible body.” Drew looked over his guest, “I had the same outfit and filled it out like you. I ruled that place.” Drew got on his feet and picked up a scrap book from his bed. He walked over to Edwin and gave him the open book. “This is what I was. I was important, admired. Guys would tremble and girls would wet themselves when I walked by. Now it’s all gone.” The pages were filled with photos and clippings from newspapers praising Drew’s athletic prowess going back to high school. The pages were well worn. You can tell Drew spent a lot of time reliving his glory days.

“But you seem okay. You aren’t in any pain and your mind is clear. Isn’t’ that what’s important.”

“Bullshit. You know what it’s like to be a jock. All that power. How would you feel if this happened to you?” Drew raised his shirt to show his thin, featureless torso. “Would you trade places with me?” Drew grabbed the book from Edwin’s hands and clutched it his narrow chest. “It’s nothing but a memory now.”

Edwin looked down on Drew. It was true, they had somehow exchanged bodies. Edwin was the tall, handsome, muscular jock with the epic bulge and Drew was the short, plain, puny nerd. Edwin wasn’t sure what to do. He needed time to think. “I have every thing I need. Thank you for your time Drew.”


The silence in the room was broken by Mathew’s voice. “Edwin, Drew, dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes.”

“Okay” Drew yelled back. He scratched his head, “I knew an Edwin at school. He was a little guy. Somehow he won this bet we had. He could have taken anything of mine he wanted including my pimped out truck, but the moron asked for, what was it…” Drew searched his memory, “…my strength, my stature, and my masculine beau…..” Drew eyes locked on Edwin’s. “You, you did this to me.” Drew took several steps back. He sized up the muscular hunk’s perfect body before returning to his flawless face. He pointed his thin finger at Edwin, “That’s my body, my face. You stole it from me.”

“No, no.” Edwin was panicking. “Now, wait a minute. I had no idea this was going to happen. I’m still not sure it did.”

“You son of a bitch,” Drew lunged at Edwin flailing his arms wildly. “You took everything. You destroyed my life.”

Drew’s small fists bounced off Edwin’s natural armor doing no damage. Edwin grabbed the smaller man’s forearms and restrained him. “Calm down, Drew.”

“Calm down? I’ve lost everything. I’m nothing because of you. My entire life is over. My scholarship, football, girls; it’s all gone. I’m useless.” Drew started to cry uncontrollable. “All those doctors I saw. All the painful tests I endured. The torment my mother’s gone through. All because you wanted to punish me for making you look gay.” Drew’s knees gave out. Edwin realized he was holding up the small man by his wrists. He slowly lowered him to the floor.

“It wasn’t like that. I didn’t know this was going to happen. I didn’t plan on this.”

Drew realized this was his chance to make things right. He looked up at Edwin with tears streaming down his cheeks. “Please forgive me. I’m sorry. It was all my fault. I deserved it. I’m so sorry. I’ll do whatever you want to make things right. Do you want me to suck you off? I will, I do a real good job. You’ll see.” Edwin started to claw at Edwin’s shorts. “You can take video. Put it on the internet. I don’t care.” The bigger man tried to stop him but it was difficult since he was kneeling before him. Drew’s fingers worked their way up to Edwin’s loose waistband. He pulled down the oversized shorts. Edwin wasn’t wearing any underwear. His super sized cock popped out as the elastic waistband passed over it. The thick head smacked Drew in the face. Startled, Drew fell back. Edwin froze in place. Tears poured out of Drew again at the sight before him. “My dinosaur,” he cried curling up into a ball on the floor. “Please give it back to me, please.”

Edwin pulled up his shorts and opened the door behind him. He stepped out of the room. “I’m sorry.” He said before dashing down the hall.

“Please, I’ll do anything. Give it back, give it back.” Drew screamed after him.

‘What happened?” Barbara asked as she watched Edwin barrel down the stairs. Edwin saw Amber and Mathew standing behind her. They looked confused and frightened.

“I’m sorry I have to go.” He reached for the door knob and jerked the front door open. “I’m truly sorry.” He ran to his car and steadied his hand as he started the engine. He peeled out of the parking spot.

Barbara went to her son’s room. She found him on the floor hysterical. She cradled him in her arms trying to calm him. In between sobs he kept repeating, “He’ll never give it back. He’ll never give it back.”

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