Deus Ex Machina (mc inc)

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"Dad, can we have sex?"

Gage's father looked up from his coffee, a little surprised. "I don't know, son, contemporary social morays haven't quite got there yet. Plus you're 18, which isn't old enough to consent according to some people some days of the week. If only we were in France, huh? Why do you ask, by the way?"

Gage's lips pouted and eyes fell, quite obviously disappointed. He brushed his shaggy, dirty blonde hair out of his eyes and contemplated before responding. "I'm not quite sure, the daddy/boy dichotomy seems pretty endemic to gay culture but they claim it's not incestous. Probably has something to do with your authoritarian leanings, or those times you spanked me when I was younger. We all crave validation, especially from parents, and since most dads don't validate their gay son's sexualities like they do straight boys, the feelings probably get jumbled together in some Freudian fantasy. What he would call an Electra Complex."

By now his father had set down the coffee and listened rather concerned. "I'm still sorry about spanking you, Gage. Parents get pissed off and make it their children's problem, like my dad did me. Leads to depression according to research and likely sadomasochism in my opinion… Regardless, talking things out with you was always the better solution and I never should have done otherwise. But about your sexuality, I want you to know I totally approve of whatever you choose to do with your body. As long as it doesn't involve me. The world just isn't ready for penises to go in butts they created."

"What about genetic attraction?" Gage asked pleadingly. "We're evolved to find genes similar to ours attractive since we're nothing but the temporary meat puppets of our genes. Siblings and/or parents separated during youth that find eachother are usually uncontrollably attracted to eachother. So why can't you fuck me? Surely I'm a little hot to you…"

His father got up and walked over, already in his suit and tie for work. He put a hand on Gage's shoulder and got eye level with him. "You're very attractive to me, son. But what kind of gay single father would I be to fuck my only son? Imagine what conservatives would think of me whilst masturbating? It would set gay right back. When you're older and robots take over they'll destroy all stupid human taboos and complexes and maybe then you can try. But until then, you'll have to look for other older men to be used as a sex object and discarded, just like other boys your age. It's, uh, way healthier for you or something." He ruffled Gage's hair, then stood and turned for the door. "Have a good day, son."

"Ugh, you too." Arms folded and not making eye contact, Gage likewise left the room, a bit more stormy than his father, slamming the door to his room as he heard his dad drive off to work. Of course, it wasn't long before there was a knock on the door, so Gage threw on a baggy t-shirt but neglected the pants because girls did that all the time and proceeded to the front door. He'd worn his jockstrap to talk to dad but that hadn't helped, and currently was hidden by the shirt. He opened the door a crack, keeping most of his body behind it as he peered outside.

"Hello, Gage." A man he did not recognize stood in the doorway, tall and broad shouldered will dark hair and stubble. He smiled, offering his hand to the barely open door. "May I come in?"

Gage stated bemusedly, racking his brain for where he might have met this person. He'd just been lazing around the house reading since he graduated high school early, so there weren't many social opportunities… "Uh, I don't think I know you, stranger danger and all that…"

The man laughed, a sound much too beautiful for the uncontrolled, typically awkward reaction to humor it was meant to be, casually resting his hand against the door. "I think you do, Gage. Please open the door?"

As the man spoke, Gage started to notice a new buzz in his head. If he'd smoked any cannabis this morning it wouldn't have been unusual, but he hadn't, and the buzz seemed localized to one area in his brain. Then it moved, and moved again. Evidently Gage was focusing more on it than his new acquaintance, who shoved the door open and stepped inside, forcing the boy on his back. The man closed the door, then turned and peered down at Gage, still smiling confidently. "Do you know me yet, Gage?"

The buzz had expanded, still moving from place to place in Gage's brain, and it was probably why he wasn't as concerned that a stranger had just forced his way into the house. Everything it contacted in his brain was left feeling fuzzy and warm, and it kept infecting new areas, until suddenly a word popped into his head, the word he somehow knew the stranger was looking for. "You… you're my daddy?"

"Yes," the man intoned, his low, gentle voice an addictive melody. "I'm your daddy, Gage. Take off your shirt."

Gage looked up, perplexed. Everything in his brain was pleasantly fuzzy now, but not enough to miss how surreal this was. "Why, daddy?"

"Because, I told you to." Daddy leaned over Gage, inspecting his features, his skin, button nose, and eyes with meticulous interest. "Social animals have dominant and submissive programming, switched on or off to best serve their genes. You're going to be submissive. Take off your shirt."

Well, that made sense. Getting to his knees, he reached down and yanked off the tee, noticing an intensifying of the pleasure in his brain. Daddy analyzed his body up and down, atypical if he were simply checking Gage out but the boy was not at his most observant today. The buzz had persisted and enveloped most of his brain, and unfamiliar words and bits of information were popping up unrequested. His unfocused eyes hardly noticed daddy unzipping his fly and pulling out a gargantuan member. "What do you think, Gage?"

The boy stared, still kneeling in front of daddy with his face inches away from that beautiful dick. "Uh… That's way too big, daddy. Like, world-record breaking? Can't be real…"

"Thinking too much. Wrong answer." Daddy grabbed ahold of Gage's hair and pulled him forward, pressing the boy's face directly against his dick. He started slapping him with it, hard, and each collision forced more thoughts out of Gage's head, leaving little but warmth. The boy made little defiant noises, but they became less and less coherent. Then daddy's hands forced the massive tip into his mouth, and warm liquid came rushing out. Gage gulped and gulped. He almost thought, this doesn't taste like piss, but why would he think that? When it withdrew Gage looked up, gazing happily at his daddy while rubbing against his dick of his own accord. Whatever he'd just drunk was having an effect, though what that would be he couldn't imagine, or care. This was bliss, the highest he'd ever been, but more was coming. "What do you think, Gage?"

More nuzzling and rubbing, the boy lavishing daddy's manhood with aimless affection, but not much of a response aside from a gentle moan. The desired state had been achieved. With apparent ease he lifted his prey into the air, striding the necessary distance to the couch and dropping him there on his back. He raised Gage's legs into the air until the boy grabbed ahold and kept them there, leaving his bubblebutt perfectly exposed with his little erection still tucked in his jockstrap. Daddy's dick soon pressed up against the boy's entrance, and with a gentle thrust the head slipped inside.

Gage moaned, eyes rolling back as his personal heaven- no, hell's more apt- improved yet again. He'd forgotten, but whatever he'd drunk earlier was changing him from the inside, and more seemed to dispense from daddy's tool inside him, lubricating and allowing more powerful thrusts. "Poor little thing," came daddy's low voice. "This is really all you needed to be happy?" Gage nodded desperately, words failing him but agreeing with his entire being as he moaned. "Then daddy will give it to you. Daddy will make everything better."

Gage came, soaking his jockstrap in semen as he squealed happily, but it wouldn't be over for him. Daddy wasn't even all the way in. But as they continued and he regained a shred of lucidity, words he did not author came pouring into his mind and out his lips. "Aww, fuck your slut daddy! My bubblebutt feels so good, it needs that big dick! I'm just a little boy toy, your little bubblebutt slut! Fuck my boypussy so hard!"

Hours later, daddy finally withdrew, eliciting a defiant moan from Gage. The boy immediately shoved his fingers up his ass, trying desperately to simulate the feel of daddy's dick and persevering despite his failure. It would be a few more hours before he could string a sentence together, now simply an animal moaning in heat. The transformation was complete.

Oh, and uh, that man was a robot. Going to take over the world or something. Was going to have him hump their computer or something to give it away but got bored. Ugh, consensual mind control is no fun to write. Tell me what to write, daddies.