Deus Ex Machina: Expanded Edition (mc inc)

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Daniel had never believed he was gay. He had nothing against men who liked men, as it only meant less males in the pool to compete with for girls, right? He dated normally for a guy, he thought, and had "plenty" of interest in girls. He never had a problem getting dates with his looks anyway (short dark hair buzzed shorter on the sides, even complexion, deep hazel eyes and a fabulous jawline lined by closely trimmed rough facial hair) but that changed when he met that one Christian girl. He hadn't known at the time she was Christian (or that her Republican family was) as it hadn't seemed important to her. But her family, he never could have guessed how important it was to them.

She wanted him obviously, and after a nice dinner and friendly banter about her day, they were on his sofa and she began undressing. She looked in his eyes and begged him, this doing the trick as something about submissiveness tended to get him going. The next day, he assumed everything was normal but didn't hear back from her again. Months went buy without seeing her, but being such a golden guy Daniel was a bit concerned. They'd been friends before as this was high school, and she seemed to have dropped out of school and wouldn't respond to any texts. Finally he went by her house, confirmed that people were home and knocked on the door. He was met by a belligerent older man with absurdly clean cut hair and appearance, apparently wearing his Sunday best around the house, who already knew his name and insisted his daughter would not see Daniel. Some arguing and common sense led the teenager to a realization: his friend was PREGNANT, and as it had not been aborted as a ball of cells, it was well on the way to term. Rather than let them give the child to adoption, Daniel did something gallant but maybe foolish and said he would raise the child. Better than letting these maniacs torment his friend or her child anymore, or giving the child up to be ignored by society and likely grow without a loving parent. He was a teenage single dad, and in another month he had a boy named Gage. I know, but being hardly out of high school he picked that name.

Years later, Gage was grown and nearly a mature young adult. Daniel had devoted his life to this kid, and in spite of the impulsivity of it and how much he knew he'd given up, he loved his boy more than anything. He'd picked up some blonde hair from somewhere on his mother's side interspersed with his father's exact color in absurd little natural highlight looking lengths, with the cutest little heart­shaped face, button nose, hazel eyes, and lips far too plump for a boy. He assumed it was natural to find the features of one's progency adorable, and all through Gage's youth had bathed, clothed, played and wrestled around with his baby boy to no abnormal effects. They were closer than any parent­child couple he knew, but he found fault more in those other fuckers parenting styles. So what if they treated their kids like shit. He was a better dad, and thought he had the most wonderful boy ever, corny as it was. But, well, his son was growing up. And apparently genetics decided that meant a bouncy, round little butt. What. The. Fuck. He felt like a monster even thinking that about his kid. Why the fuck did he notice that rump? I mean, some things you notice and can't control, but cooking in the morning so his boy had energy for school, only to turn around and see a jiggly little thing clothed in briefs with anime cat faces on them... God damn it, what kind of monster had Daniel become.

Late night after work and bedtime for Gage, the monster was smoking a well­deserved bowl of weed to some grown­up cartoons and a bowl of Gage's favorite cereal. He was exhausted, relaxed to perfection and wearing nothing but his red boxor briefs. Then the single most fucked­up and arousing commercial on the planet started playing. It started out with a normal enough ensemble, a younger man in a tank top and jeans with shaggy black hair and a man roughly twice his age with pronounced muscles, a slim fitting tee and workout pants, assumably... Gym teacher? Friendly neighbor? Who knew, but normal enough.

"Mr. BgCock, I have an AWFUL headache!" Did he just hear that?

"Well, Johnny, you were running pretty hard. We worked up quite a sweat. You're probably just a little dehydrated. Why not some water and a painkiller?"

The aforementioned glass is produced and downed by Johnny rapidly, making sure to spill plenty on his white tank. What was he seeing...

"That was great! Where's the pill, though?" the boy asked, with exaggeration and generally amateur acting endemic to porn. His eyes widened with surprise and little mouth formed an O when the massive pink pill was produced. "No way I could fit that in my mouth, mister!"

"Well, Johnny, it's a special pill, and nice and powerful. You don't take it orally..."

Puppy dog eyes get wider and O gets more pursed and ridiculous. "You mean... Mr. BgCock! That's so..."

"It's okay, Johnny," says the fake porny mentor, taking his target by the shoulder in a reasurring, stongarmed grasp. "A doctor would give you something just like this. I use it all the time, and it feels so nice, it might be illegal."

"Oh!" says the boy, now eager. He turns, bends over and lets the jeans drop. Stupidly perfect bubble butt. His man moves precisely but gently, and the pill is inserted with a high­pitched, silly gasp that struck too close to home for Daniel... What the fuck was happening? Suddenly, the boy's two already perfect globes are expanding, what was surely stupid camera special effects but looked impossibly real. Johnny was moaning and rolling his eyes in seemingly unreal preasure as his bubble butt became something ridiculous but amazing, slowly getting even bigger than it was. Soon the process was complete, and the sex symbol apparently out of Daniel's wet dreams was kneeling before his new master, nose, lips and toungue burried in his creator's crotch. Mr. BgCock, playfully slapping around Johnny before guiding his lips were they wanted to go, asked in his deep voice, "What do you want now, baby boy?"

The slut shook his two stupidly perfect cheeks as he giggled and shouted out loud, "Please fuck my big bubble butt, Daddy!"

Daniel's large, hard manhood exploded white syrupy cum all over his bare chest, having been

masturbating furiously without realizing as he watched the commercial. There was no time for regret in his bliss, but as he lay there he heard the words, "Bubblebutt (tm) is completely consensual and wears off in one night, repeated use extends effects potentially permenantly. Bubblebutt is not resposible for misuse. To order, call 1­8BU­BBL­SLUT."

It had been several months, and things had only gotten worse for Daniel. His son had kept up bouncing around the house oblivious to his father's agony, and his assets had only come to look more pronounced in his dimunitive little breifs. There was nothing gay about it to Gage, at least not that he admitted. His dad had seen him in less than this before, and it was just the two of them around the house as always. After a day walking around all bundled up in school, why be so encumbered when there was nothing to be embarrassed about?

The truth was, Gage liked seeing himself in underwear "nearly" as much as his dad did. At his age he wanted to strut and preen in front of mirrors; it seemed as if the world centered around how he looked. So, if girls at school weren't admiring his toned, slim physique, he could. Even tasks as mundane and unsexual as videogames, homework, or his silly trading card games could be augmented wearing nothing. Better to notice and fix little imperfections, like tiny rolls of fat that appeared should he contort himself just so...

"WHAT... Are you doing, Gage?" came his dad's usually gentle deep voice. Why was he so agitated lately?

"Working out, while playing a game?"

"It just looks like you're bent over the back of the couch... Why?"

Gage rolled his eyes and stood up to actually face his father, pausing the Wii U. Dad was still taller than him and better built, an upper body, legs... Everywhere, thicker than he could hope to be without a year's worth of actual cardio workouts. Soooo much work. But his dad had always been than way, it seemed, and it wasn't as if he tried very hard at it. As long as Gage could remember his father had looked as he did now, fit, short dark hair and beard, always with that kind smile. He didn't look like a bodybuilder, the fault was really just with Gage. His dad always made him feel so small in comparison, because he was. "I was holding that position for 30 minutes, was supposed to an hour. It's a lot more painful than it looks and actually builds muscle."

He tried to look defiant, but his dad just smiled and started laughing softly. It wasn't derisive, either... Dad had never made fun of him like other guys at school did. Their laughs were meant to make you feel hurt, ashamed. Of course you didn't say that, you laughed it off with them and always looks strong. But no one treated him like dad did. "If you want to actually work out, my equipment's in the garage and I run before you're at school every morning. You could join me and I'd help you with a regimen."

"What, get all sweaty with you, be seen around the neighberhood, probably in matching outfits, too?" He didn't mean to get defensive but the 'actually work out' dig hit a small nerve. Plus if any of the guys at school heard he was working out every morning with his 'daddy...' So gay. "We can't do everything together, dad. I'm growing up. Not your little baby boy."

He shut off his console and stormed off, not noticing his dad's eyes follow his hindquarter's incessant bouncing. He'd done all his homework and pretended to do his chores, so this was officially his free time, but he was a bit too pissed off for his games and felt more like a nap. He shut his door, jumped into bed, and in minutes his mind was elsewhere.

He woke to a strange, intrusive feeling, and opening his eyes he saw his father leaning over him, one muscled arm reaching across him with the other hidden somewhere in his sheets... "Dad, what the fuck are you doing?!?"

Deep hazel eyes suddenly met his and he saw both surprise and remorse playing across his father's face as he recoiled and stood up. "Nothing, son! Uh, your alarm clock wasn't on and I thought you might've kept sleeping, was just going to set it for you."

"Oh," Gage responded groggily, about to buy the excuse and roll back over. But then this weird feeling started. It was emanating from one area of his body, a weird area for such a good feeling to come from. One of his hands reached down to feel something... And he let out a loud, feminine moan.

Gage turned bright red in the face, beyond embarrassed. His father looked equally surprised, with other feelings he couldn't quite read, but the sound in his voice was all concern. "Are you feeling okay, son? Anything weird? Oh, I'm so sorry..."

Well, Gage hadn't known to be worried 'til he heard the 'sorry.' That got him worried. "Dad, what the fuck is going on? What did you do? Is something happening to m­Oooooooohh..."

His eyes closed a moment as warm, happy feelings started invading his head. Something was happening to him, and it was coming from a definite location... Once he forced his eyes open and regained motor control, he whipped his blanket off and tried to see what was happening, momentarily forgetting his father. And there it was, his crotch seemingly evalated as if he were positioned atop a pilow, sporting an obvious hardon through his briefs which actually felt... Torn... The thought was confirmed as he heard another tear, then the thought vanished entirely as more happiness washed over him from the source. He couldn't think, but if he could he would realize his already round butt was getting rounder, physically inflating. "Da... Daddy... Did you..."

He said it. Daddy. A word that hadn't escaped his lips in years. His father was still leaned over him, having joined Gage in bed without realizing when the change had started. He held his son by the shoulders, looking terrified but showing obvious signs of arousal. Nothing could be taken back now. The boy was bucking in place periodically, putting on a display he wasn't aware of as the drug took effect. His mind was a chaotic battleground, everything he knew telling him how wrong wrong wrong his new thoughts were, but with daddy kneeling over him so close by how could he not ram his new, improved ass up against his father, grinding hard against the even harder growing length there? What the fuck, he thought daddy again? And what was he doing? He withdrew and tried to bounce away, pulling to one corner of his bed and away from his father, but the impact proved too much for his rump to take and more girly loud moans came out.

"Just... Relax, Gage. I promise everything will be okay, you won't even remember this." Daniel's usually consoling voice still had that quality, but there were so many other feelings seething under the surface. And the voice was taking a whole new effect on his son. Dick now rock hard and standing at attention, Gage looked up and down his father, finally admitting internally just how well those t­shirt and boxors clung to his sculpted body. Without realizing, one hand was employed feeling and groping his new ass, sensation after sensation assaulting his brain as the other hand "hid" his erection with constant stroking. "Dad... I mean, Daddy... Whyyyyy am I so hornyyyy?"

Finally it was too much for Daniel, and he decided to play the part and enjoy what he'd done. "I don't know, baby boy, maybe you see something you want?" One hand descended to cup his own package and slowly stroke, making sure to show his son everything.

"But daddy... It's so wrong, daddy!" Gage tried to sound serious and most of his brain meant it, but given what he was going through it only sounded as if he were encouraging his father. Please, please just let this be a messed­up dream...

Daniel snapped, lunging forward and dragging his son across the sheets towards him. Gage kicked ineffectively and attempted to struggle, but his bubblebutt was pulled inexorably closer to his father's manhood. So close. The boy writhed under his creator, unable to fight either the new feelings or his much stronger dad. All his struggles accomplished were to jiggle and shake his assets and make his father even more aroused. "I'm done hearing about wrong, Gage. You're the most beautiful on the Earth, and tonight... Your daddy is going to make you his beautiful little baby boy forever."

"No!" Gage protested, wriggling and pushing all he could while trying not to think of what he just heard and how hot it was to him... Then he felt something long, hard, and thick, pressing gently between his pillows and up against his waiting entrance. He knew exactly what the length was and ceased struggling, as every move he made only allowed the 10" rod to gently sink a bit deeper inside him. "No... Please, Daddy, please don't do this. I'm your boy... Your baby boy, it's so wrong!"

Daniel smiled, and the mere sight triggered unconscious reactions in his son's brain that made Gage happy, too, despite his situation. "You say no... And you keep calling me daddy. What did you call yourself again, Gage?"

"Wuh..." Another inch sunk in, eliciting another loud moan. "I'm your boy!" he shouted, loader and happier than intended. Another length of his father's manhood slid in. "I'm your baby boy, Daddy!"

"That's right, baby boy." There was a loud slap as Daniel spanked the side of his son's round butt, forcing out another loud moan as he pushed in a little deeper. "You've wanted your daddy's big dick for so long, haven't you baby boy? You LOVE daddy's dick in there."

"No!" shouted Gage, trying his very best to sound mad and not horny as fuck. "I don't like your dick, daddy! I'm not gay for you!" The thrusting intensified. "I don't want you to pound my ass, daddy! Please, stop fucking your little baby boy so hard..."

"Ooooh," came his father's voice in his ear. "You mean this little slut doesn't want his reward? Baby boy doesn't want all of daddy's cum deep inside his bubblebutt?" One last, powerful thrust, and then Daniel pulled out and held his cock so his son could see, massive hard length taking up the boy's entire view. "I won't do anything my baby boy doesn't want. I love you, Gage. Daddy will do whatever you say."

He'd never felt emptiness before; not having something massive shoved up his ass was NORMAL. But it didn't feel normal anymore, and Gage­ no, baby boy wanted something he hadn't before. Baby boy just needed to vocalize it, and big strong daddy would do whatever he wanted... Baby boy wanted what daddy wanted. Daddy's perfect smile, daddy's deep voice and big muscles... They were his drug. He needed more of daddy, he was addicted to daddy. And his favorite part of what daddy did... He wanted daddy's big, throbbing cock shoved inside his baby boy butt.

"Daddy," he began, his tone higher­pitched and thick with lust, lips pursed up and pouty. "I'm so sorry I said 'no,' Daddy. Baby boy loves it. Baby boy loves everything daddy does." He lifted himself up into his father's lap, planting a passionate kiss directly on his father's lips. "Love you, daddy."

Daniel was the happiest he had ever been, but this was also the horniest he had ever been. Far be it from him to be withholding to his son, but he wanted to hear just one more thing before he lost it. He wanted to hear Gage beg. "You love it, baby boy? Daddy loves you, too, but you have to tell daddy what you want, so daddy can give it to you. Ask daddy, baby boy."

Then came the reply the two of them had waited their lives for. Gage was looking deep in his father's eyes, but they were so clouded with desire it was hard to say who was home anymore. Thinking, sarcastic, defiant Gage was gone, anyway. "Just FEEL my butt, Daddy! It's so big and bouncy, and it needs you inside! Deep, deep inside, Daddy. I don't want anything anymore, Daddy, I just need your big hard cock! Please please fuck it, daddy! Fuck your baby boy's slutty bubblebutt!"