Bobby Gets Pantsed in the Boiler Room

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I was a Freshman in High School when I found out I liked to be dominated by other guys. It was the first day of my first year in High School, and three Seniors dragged me into the boiler room in the gym during lunch and stripped me naked and played with my cock until I squirted and then fucked me in the ass and shot their hot teen cum inside me.

It happened because my big brother Todd wouldn't take me shopping for new clothes for school the way our Mom told him to. Our folks were away on a vacation and Todd was in charge while they were gone. He was a Senior too, one of those guys that pantsed me was a buddy of his. Mom gave Todd the money to buy new clothes for both of us but he was too busy working on his motorcycle and told me I had to wear what I had worn the year before. I told him that none of those clothes fit me any more, I had grown a lot over the summer, but he said the old clothes would have to do for a few days.

I was pissed off at Todd, so when I got dressed the first day of school, I intentionally picked the clothes that fit me worst. I had grown two inches taller, and put on a lot of muscle, because I had been working out with weights all summer, and I had a real dark tan from lying in the sun by our pool, and I had finally gotten a man-sized cock and balls, with a sprinkling of hair in the usual places, and I realize now the result was that in those skin-tight clothes that left nothing to the imagination, with a fair amount of bare flesh exposed, and my crotch bulging with hot teen boy-meat, I looked like a rent-boy. I had on a ripped-off tee shirt that exposed my abs almost all the way to my pecs, and it was so tight it would have ripped if I had flexed hard enough, and a pair of jeans so tight I couldn't button the waistband, so I just left it open, and it was so low slung you could have seen my crotch hairs except I had on a pair of boxer shorts that I pulled up far enough to keep me decent.

When Todd saw me he just laughed and said "OK, I get the point, meet me after school and I'll take you shopping." All the way to school he kept looking over at me and shaking his head and grinning and I just looked back innocently.

My buddy Josh commented on my getup right away when we hooked up at our lockers. "Shit, dude, it's not Halloween yet," he laughed. I told him my story and he just poked me in the chest and laughed. "Actually, you look pretty hot, dude, I bet the Senior girls will be all over you. Shit, if you turn around and bend over, I'll shove my dick up your ass, I'm getting a hardon just looking at you." Josh was always a great kidder.

My home room teacher gave me a stare when she saw me, and told me to stay after class for a minute and told me my attire was inappropriate and I told her my story too and she said "OK, but tomorrow you'd better be properly dressed." I smiled innocently and said "Yes, Ma'am."

I got a lot of stares in the halls between classes, but just ignored them. I was wishing I'd chosen something a little less dramatic, but there was nothing to do but tough it out. I would get kidded for a while, but I had a reputation as the kind of guy who didn't take any shit, and I knew Todd would stick up for me, so I figured it would be over in a few days.

I had agreed to meet Josh for lunch, and headed that way after my last morning class. The lunch room was in a separate building from the class building, and as soon as I was walking out the door from the class building, Mark Peters and two of his buddies closed in on me and Mark put his arm around my shoulder and started talking to me like we were best buddies - which we sort of were, to me at least.

I'd always had a crush on Mark. He and Todd had been friends on and off for almost as long as Josh and me, and Mark had always treated me like his own little brother, mussed up my hair and called me "big guy" and put his arm around my shoulder and poked me in the belly when we were talking and stuff. When I was younger and he came to our house and Todd let me watch TV with the two of them, Mark had let me snuggle up to him on the couch, and lay my head in his lap and feel his muscles. and the last few times that had happened, a couple of years before he and his buddies pantsed me, he'd gotten a hardon, I'd felt it through his pants, and when I touched it and looked up at him he grinned and put my hand on it and let me feel him up through his pants. Todd had been right there, so we couldn't go very far, but I had wanted to. I almost made Mark pop his nuts, though, I rubbed his hard cock through his shorts and slipped my hand inside his shirt and played with this nipples and he was panting and gasping and ready to shoot but then he made me stop. Todd didn't have a clue what was going on, he was sitting over in the arm chair and he could barely see us, so I don't know why Mark made me stop. Mark had developed early, and had an awesome body when most guys his age were still just skinny kids and he used to flex and pose for me and let me feel his muscles and I wanted to see him naked, see his whole body and feel all his muscles. I didn't know what that meant at the time, of course, I was still just a kid. All I knew was that I loved his big hard muscles and his hard cock made me feel weak and hot.

So when Mark put his arm around me that day at school it seemed perfectly natural. He and Todd weren't hanging out together much at that point, but I still thought of Mark as my friend. "You going to lunch, big guy?" Mark asked, his arm around me real tight.

"Yup," I said, feeling warm and safe with his arm around me - Mark had gotten even bigger since the last time I had seen him, and his arm seemed huge to me. I put my hand on his forearm and felt his muscles, which were like rock. He had smooth hairless skin, so his muscles felt like they were totally exposed. He reached out with his other hand and put it on my abs, which were totally bare. He left his hand there as we walked, rubbing my naked skin, and I started to get a boner. His fingers kept slipping inside the waistband of my boxer shorts just a little, like he was about to reach inside and grope my boner.

"Me and my buddies were on the way to the gym to have a little fun - wanna join us?" Mark asked. His mouth was right at my ear, I could feel his breath in my ear and it sent a thrill through me. I felt totally safe and happy at that moment.

"Sure," I said eagerly. I would have gone anywhere he asked me.

The three of them closed in around me and practically carried me to the gym. If it had been anyone else I would have been scared, the way they were acting, but it was Mark, so I felt safe. We went in a side door I had never used before and down this dark hallway and one of them had a key to a door at the end and before I could even stop to think how weird this was, they had me inside. I looked around and realized it must be the boiler room, there were lots of pipes and big tanks and things. One of Mark's buddies stood with his back to the door and his arms crossed while Mark and the other goy backed me up against the wall. I was just starting to realize I might be in trouble. Mark and his buddy were both facing me, grinning, and Mark said "Shit, Bobby, you look like you should be turning tricks over on South Main. Where'd you get that outfit?" He reached out and started feeling me up, rubbing my pecs through my tee shirt. It felt good, and if it had been just him and me, I'd have liked it, but I didn't know his buddies, and I didn't like the way they were looking at me. I started feeling nervous.

"Uh, Todd was supposed to take me shopping but he had to work on his motorcycle. We're going tonight."

Mark kept feeling me up, he slid his hand up under my cutoff tee shirt and pushed it up to expose my chest and started playing with my nipples - I have big ones for a guy, and he started rubbing them and pinching and twisting them and it felt good.

"How is Todd, anyway?" Mark asked as his hand rubbed down over my taught abs and slipped inside the waistband of my shorts. I gasped, simultaneously aroused and afraid.

"Oh! Uh, he's fine, uh I think I should go, I need to meet someone for lunch."

"Don't worry, Bobby, we'll feed you lunch," Mark said, grinning, and his buddies laughed. Mark was standing real close to me now, and he was starting to undo the zipper of my jeans. I tried to push him away.

"Come on guys, give me some help here," Mark said and his two buddies grabbed me. The two of them held me while Mark started stripping my clothes off. I could have yelled out, I guess, but I didn't. "We just thought that because of the way you're dressed you wanted some attention, Bobby," Mark said as he pulled my tee shirt over my head and started groping my pecs and abs. That left me naked from the waist up, and I felt even more naked with the three of them crowding around and groping me. Then Mark slid his hand all the way into my shorts and groped my crotch. I had a raging boner by then, turned on in spite of my fear. I felt weak and afraid and excited and eager. I wanted Mark any way I could get him. He pulled his hand out of my crotch and looked at me in a strange way, as though surprised. Then he stepped back and stripped his own tee shirt off. I stared eagerly. "You like my muscles, buddy?" he asked, flexing for me. His arms looked like tree limbs, huge and hard and sexy. I just nodded, breathless.

"Strip him, boys," Mark said and he watched as his two partners got me naked.

"Shit, buddy, you've grown up a lot since the last time we hung out," Mark told me when he saw my muscles, and I felt great to have him praise me. He reached out and fondled my body intimately and my cock surged with pent-up sex juice. I was so horny I felt like I was going to explode as Mark felt me up all over.

Mark's two buddies felt me up too as they stripped me, obviously enjoying my body. I struggled a little, afraid to let them know I wanted this. The two studs groped me and whistled at my body as they got me naked. I wasn't nearly as big as Mark, but I had great muscles for my age, and they felt me up good as they pulled my sneakers off then unzipped my pants and stripped them off, then pulled my shorts down too, leaving me wearing just my socks. My cock sprung out rock hard, and they both whistled - "Dude, the kid's totally hung!" one of them said. "He's almost as big as you, dude!"

"Yeah, but I'm still bigger," Mark said, pulling out his own fuck tool - it was hard like mine, and looked enormous to me. I stared at it hypnotized. The other two guys were stripping their shirts off and pushing their pants down and soon their hard cocks were out in the open as well, and they had nothing to be ashamed of in the cock department.

"I bet you shoot a big load, buddy," Mark said to me. I was flattered by his attention, but confused and afraid. I didn't understand what was happening.

"I guess," I said, not sure what the awesome muscle-boy expected of me.

"Make him cum, you guys," Mark said. "I want to see his cock pump out a big load of cum." Mark was standing there buck naked, his huge hard muscles all pumped and sexy, his hard cock in his hand, stroking it slowly as he looked at me, his other hand playing with his nipples, rubbing and pinching them. He had this totally sexy look on his face, like he was drunk or something.

The two naked studs grabbed me then, and I felt like I had to struggle, but I was no match for the two of them and besides I was totally turned on and soon they were fondling and stroking my body and then one of them had my cock and was stroking it while the other played with my balls and then reached underneath and shoved his finger up my ass hole and jabbed around in there and it all felt awesome, and before I knew it I was gasping and yelling and pumping out a huge load of hot teen jism all over the floor.

"Wow! Awesome, dude!" one of the guys holding me exclaimed - he reached out and grabbed my cock and stroked it as the last few spurts of my cum erupted - I was bigger than he was, and I could tell he envied my size. He fell to his knees and caught the last few spurts of my cum in his mouth, then licked my cock as I finished cumming. Mark still stood there stroking his cock and watching the show.

Once my cock stopped pumping out my load, I sort of collapsed and the two guys held me up by my arms.

"OK, you guys, bend him over that table," Mark told them, and they dragged me to a table against the wall and forced me to bend over the edge face down so my ass was raised in the air and they spread my legs apart. I fought them ineffectually, more because I thought I should than because I didn't want them to use my body to satisfy their naked lust. Soon they had me helpless and vulnerable and the next thing I knew I felt Mark's fingers jabbing into my ass hole. He had scooped up some grease from a can sitting on the table and was using it to lube up my asshole. It hurt at first as he shoved several fingers inside me and poked around, and I gasped with pain and fear, but as he worked more and more of the grease up inside me and played with my ass, and his buddies continued to fondle and stroke my naked body, I started to like it.

Then muscle-stud Mark said "OK, buddy, get ready to get fucked!" and I started to struggle and protest, but he stepped up behind me and put the head of his huge cock against my greasy hole and shoved and about half his giant tool stabbed into me. I yelled out in pain but one of Mark's buddies put his hand over my mouth to muffle my cries as Mark started fucking me. He didn't give me any time to get used to his big cock, he just started ramming it into me and I was still in agony as he started grunting and panting and then he started pumping his hot teen load up my ass. Then he pulled out and took the place of one of his buddies to hold me down while that second guy stepped up behind me and fucked me. That's when it started to feel good, but he came quickly, and it wasn't until the third stud rammed his big cock up my ass that I started loving it - my cock was rock hard again and I would have cum if he'd been able to keep it up a few minutes longer.

When they had all finished Todd grabbed me from behind and pulled me upright against his naked muscles and reached around and rubbed my body all over with his big greasy hands. I loved the feeling of his hard- muscled pecs and abs pressed against my back. He put one hand on my pecs and rubbed and pinched them while he fondled my cock and squeezed my cum-filled balls with the other. "Did you like that, Bobby?" he growled in my ear. I just moaned with pleasure as he stroked my cock until I finally pumped out another load of hot cum all over the table. Then he leaned over and kissed me on the lips before he and his buddies pulled their clothes on and left me there to pull myself together.

But before he left Mark grabbed me by the arm and twisted it behind me painfully. "You wouldn't do anything stupid like tell Todd about what just happened here, would you buddy?"

"Gosh no!" I exclaimed. "Todd would kill me if he found out!"

"Good," Mark said, grinning as he released my arm and kissed me on the lips again. "Maybe we can do this again sometime."

The three thugs left and I stood there naked for a while, trying to come to my senses. I was confused and happy and afraid and angry. The three loads of cum the huge studs had pumped up my ass were leaking out and I felt dirty and alone and eager for more of the same. I wanted Mark. I had had a taste of him, and I wanted a lot more.

I wiped myself off as well as I could with some rags I found and pulled my clothes on and snuck out. There was a boys room not far away, and I got there without seeing anyone I knew and cleaned myself up enough to get by for the rest of the day.

After school Todd met me as agreed. He gave me a strange look when he saw me - "You OK, big guy?" he asked, looking as if he was really concerned.

"Oh, you mean did it bother me that half the football team attacked me and raped me today during lunch period?" I answered sarcastically.

Todd laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, hugging me to him. "Right," he drawled. "Let's go shopping!" He waved our mom's credit card in the air and led me to the car.

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