Bobby Gets Pantsed in the Boiler Room 2

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The day after his adventure in the boiler room with Mark and his thug buddies, Bobby put on the new clothes his big brother Todd had helped him pick out at the mall. He stood in front of the mirror and checked himself out, liking what he saw.

No one would make fun of him today, he looked really cool. His tee shirt was tight enough to show off his muscles, but not so tight or skimpy that any of his teachers could object. He flexed his arms, then his pecs, loving the way he could see every cut of his awesome teen physique. He rubbed his large sensitive nipples through the tight knit fabric, loving the way they got hard, and poked out provocatively.

His jeans were made of stretchy denim that clung tightly to his skin, emphasizing his strong legs, and his bulging crotch, and his tight firm ass. He flexed more, turning and twisting and posing for himself, loving what he saw, doing a slow erotic dance.

He looked awesome.

Bobby posed for himself long enough to give himself a hardon. That too looked awesome, stretching down one leg long and thick. He rubbed it a little, loving the way even the big fleshy head showed clearly. He squeezed it, and his asshole tingled in memory of the day before.

He reached back and slid his fingers up and down along his ass crack. The jeans fit him so closely that his cheeks were separated perfectly, the seam clung to his crack, rubbing erotically there as he turned and bent his sexy teen body.

He could even rub his still-sore boy-hole through the stretchy fabric. It tingled even more, wanting attention. He poked at his hole and rubbed it, making his cock swell even harder. He dug his finger in, loving the way it felt, wanting more, wanting something long and thick and hard shoved in there over and over.

"Oh, Mark, fuck me," Bobby murmured as he fingered his hole through his tight new jeans. "Fuck me hard!"

He had forgotten his fear and discomfort of the day before, all he could remember was the incredible pleasure he had felt as his idol Mark ravaged his virgin hole with his huge hard cock, and the younger boy's cock had erupted with the most intense, exciting orgasm he had ever experienced.

He wanted to be with Mark again, just the two of them, both naked. He wanted to lick and suck Mark all over, feel his muscles, rub their hard- muscled naked teen bodies together, make Mark growl with lust, make him want the sexy younger teen. He wanted the hugely hung jock to fuck him again, and again, fuck him until he squirted out every last drop of cum he had, and his nuts were drained dry, and he passed out with delirious pleasure and exhaustion.

Maybe he would see Mark again at school. They could go back to the boiler room, just the two of them...

He was tempted to push his jeans down and jerk off, he was getting really horny imagining all the things he wanted to do with Mark, now that he knew what the older boy liked, but he looked at the clock and decided there wasn't time.

Sighing regretfully, Bobby made himself stop posing and playing with himself. He didn't want to make his boner ooze so much that it would leave a wet spot on his jeans. When he got really turned on, his cock leaked a lot, and it would seep through and show.

After one last sexy pose that made his nuts swell and churn, Bobby ran downstairs to breakfast, sure this was going to be an incredible day.

He was right about that, though perhaps not quite the way he expected.

During home room, Bobby's teacher handed him a note. It said he had to report to the Principal's office. Mrs Stevenson scowled at him as she gave it to him.

"What have you been up to, Bobby?" she asked, shaking her head. "You've always been such a good boy."

Bobby hung his head in shame as he left the room. He could feel the eyes of all the other students on him, and hear their whispers and giggles. Being called to the Principal's office could mean only one thing! What had he done? He'd never been called to the Principal's office before!

A few minutes later, Bobby stood in Mr Ericsson's office, looking at his shoes as the man sat behind his desk and questioned him sternly.

"Would you like to tell me about what happened in the boiler room yesterday, Bobby?" Mr Ericsson asked.

Bobby's stomach churned. How could the man know about that?

"What! Why, uh, I - I don't know what you're talking about, sir."

He stammered out the lie, terrified, afraid to look up.

"Now Bobby, don't lie, or I will have to punish you. Just look me in the eye and tell me the truth, and everything will be fine."

The man was slapping a ruler lightly against the desk, and Bobby got the message. He was in for a spanking, unless he could bluff it out. Mark and his buddies would never tell, would they? If they talked, it would be all over school! He'd be ruined!

Bobby tried to look at Mr Ericsson, but the man's icy stare made him tremble and look away.

"But I am telling the truth," the boy insisted. "Nothing happened."

Bobby's voice quavered, he had the sick feeling of impending doom.

Brad Ericsson leaned back in his chair, savoring the moment. He loved it when he had a boy in this position - guilty, and lying.

"You're sure?" he asked quietly.

"Yes," Bobby said, nodding his head, looking up, putting on his most serious expression. "Yes sir!"

Maybe if he was extra polite, everything would be OK. But he couldn't hold Mr Ericsson's gaze, he looked down again, fear flooding his body.

"I see," Brad said casually.

Brad could remember being in Bobby's position himself not that many years ago - lying, hoping to escape his punishment. He had been a very naughty boy, and he'd gotten more than his share of spankings from the Principal.

Mr Harris has been the Principal's name, and Brad's rear end tingled at the memory of Mr Harris' ruler. Brad and his best buddy Eric had usually been at the center of any mischief at their school, and had usually wound up together in Mr Harris' office for discipline. Brad remembered all the times he and Eric had stood side by side next to Mr Harris' desk, pants at their ankles, bare asses exposed in preparation for their punishment, as the man lectured them.

Mr Harris was also the wrestling coach, and usually wore sweat pants and a tee shirt around the school, so his muscular physique was evident as he walked back and forth reprimanding the boys for their transgressions.

Brad had been fascinated by the hair on Mr Harris' forearms, dark and thick, and had wondered if it covered his entire body, thrilled at the thought of that much hair on a man so virile and athletic. He had almost joined the wrestling squad, just to find out, knowing that Mr Harris always showered with his wrestlers. But seeing all the scrapes and bruises all over the guys he knew who wrestled dissuaded the boy from that - he was too vain about his looks, too unwilling to risk damaging the handsome face and body that he could usually exploit to get himself out of trouble.

But not with Mr Harris, who seemed immune to Brad's charms.

Brad's ass wasn't the only part of his anatomy that tingled at the memory of Mr Harris' ruler. His cock tingled too.

Half naked, pants at his feet, standing at attention, Brad would always get an erection as he watched Mr Harris pace and rant at him and Eric. The man was so sexy, flexing and gesturing, swinging his ruler, slapping it against his palm, then harder against the desk. The loud crack of the ruler as it was whacked against objects in the room as he talked was enough to bring many boys to tears even before the Principal started using it on their bare asses.

But even knowing that he would soon be feeling that long thin ruler on his own bare ass, Brad was turned on by the display. All Brad could see was Mr Harris' muscular arms and chest, his pecs straining at his tight tee shirt, his muscles threatening to rip it apart. The man's forearms and biceps looked like ropes of steel, sharply defined, blood vessels clear on their surface, even under the dark hair covering them.

Brad wanted to feel them, know what muscles like that felt like to touch.

And as he imagined that, his cock would get hard, rise to stand straight out from his body.

And when the boy's cock rose, the man would slap that with his ruler too.

"Whack!" the wooden slat would hit Brad's big hard cock right on its bulbous head.

"Pay attention to me!" Mr Harris would bark as he hit Brad's erect teen fuck stick.

"Yes sir!" Brad would gasp in reply, gritting his teeth to avoid crying out.

The man didn't hit Brad's cock hard, not really hard, just hard enough to hurt, and to make his erection go down a little.

But soon it would rise to full glory again, big and fat and long, cock juice starting to leak from the tip, and again the ruler would come down, striking Brad's boner right on the even more swollen head. A long string of cock ooze would swing up and out and hit the side of Mr Harris' desk, cling there a moment, then slide down. There were lots of white streaks there, on the side of Mr Harris' desk, most of them from Brad's cock.

And each time Mr Harris whacked his hard dick, Brad's body would jerk, and he would bend forward in reaction, earning himself a much harder "WHACK!" of the ruler on his bare ass.

"Stand up straight, boy!" Mr Harris would bark, and the sharp painful impact on his bare ass would make Brad do just that, stand bolt upright, his face twisted in discomfort, as his hard cock slapped up against his belly, then returned to its rigid horizontal position.

"Whack!" on his cock, then "whack!" on his ass, over and over, until Brad was in agony - horny, sore, desperate for release, turned on by the muscular wrestling coach who was about to spank him.

Towards the end of the lecture, right before he finally spanked the two naughty teens, Mr Harris would stand in front of Brad, and make the boy spread his legs wide apart, and swing the ruler upward over and over against the boy's large, heavy-hanging nuts, lightly at first, then slowly harder, watching the expression on the boy's face, ecstasy at first, then twisting into agony as the pain built.

"Take it, boy, take it, don't be a pussy-boy," Mr Harris would chant.

Brad had heard that the man did much worse to his wrestlers, training them to take pain and ignore it.

Eric got the same treatment, his cock too would rise, not so much from looking at Mr Harris as from looking at his sexy buddy's giant cock.

And Brad's buddy usually earned even more and harder cock and ball torture, because he could take much more pain than Brad. Maybe it was because he wasn't circumcised, so the head of his eight-inch hardon was protected. But there was nothing to protect his balls, and Brad was amazed how hard Mr Harris whacked his buddy's tender nuts without making him cry out.

"You should join my team, boy," Mr Harris would tell Eric, impressed by the boy's tolerance for pain.

After their spankings, balls aching with pent-up teen jism, Brad and Eric would rush to the boys' room together and take adjacent stalls and pound their cocks in unison to gut-blasting orgasms, splashing their hot teen cum all over the walls of the small cubicles, adding it to the dried streaks of other boys' jism accumulated there. Brad would listen to his friend's moans and grunts of pleasure, and echo them as his balls finally gave up their load, and the tension and pain of a session with Mr Harris was finally relieved.

Now, as Principal, Brad loved making naughty boys like Bobby squirm. He knew Bobby was lying to him. He sprung his trap.

"Well Bobby, it happens we installed a security camera in that room a few months ago, because we found out students were sneaking in there to do things they shouldn't, so I have a tape right here."

Mr Ericsson opened a drawer and took out a small video cassette and showed it to the frightened boy.

"It shows everything. Would you like to see it?"

Bobby gulped with shock and fear. He hadn't expected that.

"Oh, gosh. No, I don't think so, sir," he gasped.

The sexy teen's stomach churned and his cock throbbed as he thought about what the tape would show - him being stripped naked and then fucked by the three awesome jock studs. And liking it!

Bobby grabbed his crotch and squeezed his hardon through his tight jeans, readjusting his lengthening manhood so it stretched down one leg as it swelled and hardened. His asshole spasmed in memory of the way it had been violated the day before. His cock throbbed and oozed. His nuts churned, and he squeezed them, trying to shove them into a more comfortable position, they felt cramped in his tight pants. He had to stop thinking about what had happened, his cock juice would show, his perverted lusts would be exposed!

Brad watched, loving the boy's reaction. Bobby was an awesome teen sex- toy, blond and blue-eyed, with a luscious body, muscles swelling in all the right places, smooth, honey-gold skin that begged to be licked, a big bulge in his jeans, eyes wide, gasping and panting with fear.

He watched the boy adjust himself, and could see clearly the outline of Bobby's big hard teen cock, swelling and stretching. It was a beauty.

Brad congratulated himself again for installing that surveillance camera. It had become a goldmine. He had already caught three boys jerking off in there alone, and a pair trading blow jobs. The memory of what he had put those boys through made him smile. His cock got even harder.

But the scene the day before was his prize. He licked his lips in anticipation.

Brad's cock was rock hard as he remembered watching yesterday while the scene unfolded in the boiler room. He had been eating lunch at his desk when the buzzer sounded to tell him someone was trespassing, and he had turned on the monitor to watch the scene unfold. It had been arousing beyond his imaginings, Brad Peters and his two buddies using Bobby like a cheap rent-boy. It had looked like the younger boy was reluctant at first, but couldn't resist his own urges, and soon became a willing tool to satisfy the older boys' crude lusts. The bulge in Bobby's jeans now confirmed that.

"I think we should look at this," Brad said, sliding the tape into a machine on a shelf next to his desk, and pressing PLAY.

The large TV screen on the other side of the room lit up with a bright, clear view of the boiler room, which stood empty for about ten seconds, but then the door opened, and Bobby watched with horror as he saw the events he had experienced during lunch hour the day before.

Seeing himself on the screen like this, Bobby was amazed how sexy he looked. The too-small jeans he had been wearing emphasized his crotch perfectly. The camera zoomed in on his bulge, showing his half-open fly, his crotch hairs. Bobby gulped. His briefs must have worked their way down somehow, revealing his bush.

It looked as though he wasn't wearing underpants at all, and the base of his hard cock even peeked out a bit, begging further investigation. How had that happened?

Maybe he had forgotten to rearrange things properly when he went to the john.

He remembered being alone in the boys' room, taking a piss, then standing in front of the mirror, posing for himself, enjoying his reflection, adjusting his clothing so even more was revealed, so he looked even sexier, loving the way his skimpy outfit showed off his muscles, and his big hard cock.

He'd been thinking about his buddy Josh. They were supposed to meet for lunch, and Josh had already teased him about his outfit, told him to bend over so he could fuck him and Bobby wanted Josh to do that, had a total crush on his buddy, but didn't dare let on how he felt.

He had stood there for a couple of minutes, pushing his tee-shirt up so his pecs showed, playing with his nipples, then lowering his zipper, pushing his briefs lower, revealing more and more, feeling his muscles, rubbing his abs, then his pecs, watching his cock swell and feeling it throb in his tight jeans, imagining Josh watching him, Josh feeling him up, Josh rubbing his muscles. He had wanted to pull his erection out and jerk off right there in plain sight, but knew he didn't dare. Then someone had come in. Bobby blushed and ran out.

He had forgotten to fix his clothes! How could he have been so careless? No wonder Mark and his buddies had thought he wanted to get fucked!

Watching himself on Principal Ericsson's TV, Bobby was both aroused and horrified. When he turned his back to the camera, the image zoomed in and showed clearly the way his jeans had ridden up into his crack, emphasizing his sexy buns.

His tee-shirt, way too small, covered only half his torso, leaving his abs bare, emphasizing his luscious teen pecs. The camera zoomed in to show his large nipples poking sexily against the thin fabric, begging to be rubbed and twisted, then lower to show his awesome six-pack, every ridge of his abs sharply defined.

And once revealed, his bulging cock, totally hard from the excitement of what the older boys were doing to him, filled the screen, it looked huge.

The older boys were rubbing his bare flesh, obviously enjoying his sexy teen body.

Bobby watched with growing arousal as the whole scene unfolded on the TV screen, as Mark and his buddies dragged their helpless victim into the room, stripped him, fucked him, then left him naked and coated with their fresh cum, lying face down across the table.

Worse still, after the three boys left, Bobby saw himself lick up their cum eagerly from the table, then scrape it off his naked body and lick that up too. He didn't remember doing that, but there it was on the screen, his shameful hunger revealed.

And seeing his violation was almost as exciting as experiencing it, especially since he could watch what the other boys had been doing, see them strip their clothes off to reveal their awesome sexy naked jock- teen bodies, their hard cocks, their muscular chests, their bare asses.

He saw the three studs flexing for each other, feeling each other up, playing with each other's cocks as they watched their victim being fucked by each of them in succession.

At several points one of the boys knelt to suck another's hard cock as they watched Bobby being stripped naked and then fucked.

Even Mark.

Bobby's balls churned and his cock oozed harder as he watched his idol Mark suck cock.

The camera zoomed in to show the awesome jock get down on his knees on the greasy, cum-drenched floor to suck the cock of each of his buddies as the other plowed Bobby's tight little ass. The naked muscle boy went all the way down on his friends' sizeable erections, buried them deep in his throat, held them there, choking on them, grunting with pleasure as he pumped his own huge boner. It left no doubt, Mark loved cock, loved to suck it, loved being a slave to another guy's needs, loved pleasuring another dude's big hard dick. Bobby's head swam as he imagined Mark sucking him, Mark making him cum.

Watching the TV screen in Mr Ericsson's office, Bobby could feel again the pain and the thrill, as he watched his virgin ass being violated. His asshole twitched and his boner throbbed and oozed with arousal as he saw how sexy he looked, and how awesome his idol Mark looked as he stripped naked and shoved his huge cock up the younger boy's tight hot virgin ass.

Bobby especially liked the expression on Mark's sexy macho face as his cock drilled his cute victim, the look of ecstasy and abandonment and lust, like he was fucking the sexiest ass he'd ever fucked.

Bobby went limp with desire at the end when he heard Mark suggest they meet again for more of the same. His cock throbbed at the thought, he didn't care that Mark and his buddies had used him to satisfy their basest needs, he still lusted after the older boy. All he could think of was all the times he had wanted Mark, feeling his muscles as they sat on the couch watching TV, feeling his boner, watching him, adoring him.

Now, he had had Mark, and knowing what it felt like to be fucked with that giant dick, he wanted more of it. Maybe next time the older stud would let him suck it before he fucked him, he wanted to suck that huge cock, drain it dry, taste Mark's cum, make the awesome jock gasp and moan with delight as his nuts pumped out their seed into Bobby's eager mouth.

Bobby didn't stop to wonder how the camera managed to catch all the hottest action in the boiler room. Mr Ericsson, working his own cock to two nut-draining loads of cum as he watched the drama unfold, had used the joy stick on his desk to make the camera pan and zoom.

And as Bobby and the Principal watched the video, the man moved behind the boy and undressed him, reaching around his sexy teen body to unbuckle his new belt, sliding his hand inside the boy's briefs to fondle his erection, then working his new skin-tight tee-shirt up to expose his well-muscled torso, rubbing and caressing him, taking deep slow breaths to inhale the intoxicating aroma of teen hormones, lust and fear as he and the boy watched the scene in the boiler room play on.

Periodically the man would pick up the remote control from his desk and freeze the video to emphasize some particularly erotic moment, with Bobby's face frozen in a look of ecstasy as his body was licked and sucked and penetrated by the three older boys.

"You are a dirty little boy, and that was very naughty of you," Mr Ericsson told Bobby, rubbing the boy's bare chest and abs, as though it had all been Bobby's doing.

"I'm sorry, sir," Bobby whined. "I couldn't help it!"

The boy felt lost and confused, his fear about where this was leading muffled by the incredible arousal he felt, seeing himself naked on the TV screen, and feeling the man's hot breath on his neck, his eager hands on his naked teen flesh.

By the time Bobby was naked and spread out over the table in the boiler room on the TV screen, he was mostly naked, and bent face down over the desk in the Principal's office.

His new tee shirt was worked up to his armpits so that his bare chest and belly rubbed erotically against the desktop, and his new pants and underpants were at his ankles, and Mr Ericsson was kneeling behind him, tonguing the boy's bare asshole, licking and sucking it eagerly.

"OH! Principal Ericsson!" Bobby panted and moaned.

The video showed Bobby being fucked by Mark's huge dick, and obviously loving it.

"It wasn't my fault, sir," Bobby tried to explain, gasping with delight as the man licked his asshole and sucked his balls, and lapped up the steady drool of wet hot jock-teen fuck juice oozing from Bobby's rock- hard boner.

"They made me do it."

The man pulled his tongue out of Bobby's sweet teen asshole just long enough to answer.

"Made you do it, Bobby? I saw how you were dressed yesterday, son. Very naughty, Bobby, dirty boy, you were asking for it."

"OH! Sir! Please!" Bobby's abandoned cries of delight filled the room.

Then, at the end, as the screen showed Bobby cumming while he was being fucked a second time by Mark's huge tool, Principal Ericsson pulled the boy erect and murmured into his ear while he shoved a finger up his wet tender hole.

"There, Bobby, see that? You wanted them to do it."

And Bobby knew it was true, he had wanted it. And he wanted it again now. His cock was hard and dripping, eager for attention. He reached down and started stroking it.

"Oh, sir! Please!" He begged, desperate for release.

But Brad pushed Bobby's hand away as he finger-fucked the boy's ass.

Bobby watched himself licking up cum from the table in the boiler room, a slave to his own perverted lusts.

"Ungh-unh. Dirty boy, you need to be cleaned out, and punished."

The erotic scene on the TV screen ended. The screen went blank.

Bobby heard Mr Ericsson clear his throat, and looked away from the TV screen, remembering where he was. He was in Mr Ericsson's office, and he'd just been showed a video of Mark Peters and his buddies fucking him!

The Principal, fully clothed, was still standing behind Bobby, who was all but naked. The man was still fingering the boy's bare asshole. Bobby reached for his cock again, desperate now for release. He was incredibly aroused.

"Oh, sir," Bobby whimpered. "Yes, like that!"

Mr Ericsson pushed the boy's hand away from his sex again, as his finger pushed deeper into Bobby's asshole, awakening memories of what it had felt like to be fucked the day before. The man wrapped one arm around the boy, pulling him closer, rubbing his sexy teen muscles. He moved his finger still deeper into Bobby's tight quivering asshole.

The naked boy bent his knees and arched his back, eyes closed, mouth wide open, tongue extended, offering his asshole, wanting more.

"Yes," the boy sighed. "Do that some more. I like that!"

Bobby wasn't sure he could take another fucking again so soon, he was still sore. But he was so turned on! It was so sexy to be standing naked in the Principal's office while Mr Ericsson rubbed and fondled his hot teen body. It was like being naked in public, flaunting his beautiful body for all to admire and envy.

The naked teen stud opened his eyes, and through the window he could see other students on the lawn below, talking and reading. They couldn't see what was happening in the Principal's office, but he could see them, it was incredibly erotic. He rubbed his body against Mr Ericsson, loving the way his naked teen muscles were being touched, his sex was being aroused. The memory of Mr Ericsson's tongue in his asshole was driving him wild. The man's finger probing inside him was pushing his arousal higher and higher, he had to cum!

He had to get off now! He didn't care if it hurt, he wanted Mr Ericsson to keep it up, he wanted the man to fuck him.

"Oh!" the naked teen gasped. "Yes! Like that! Deeper!"

Bobby needed release.

"Oh God, Mr Ericsson," Bobby moaned, "what are you going to do to me?"

Brad pushed his finger farther up the sexy teen's sweet tight hole, loving the way the boy gasped and quivered. He could tell the boy was a natural for this sort of treatment.

"What do you think I should do, Bobby?"

The man murmured in the boy's ear, licking and sucking it to drive the naked teen wild with need.

"You could fuck me," Bobby stammered as the man shoved two fingers deep up his ass. He reached for his cock, wanting to wrap his hand around it and beat off, but again Brad slapped the boy's hand away. The man was sliding his fingers in and out of the boy's ass, probing and stretching and arousing the naked teen stud.

"I will, Bobby, I will fuck you," Brad murmured into the boy's ear, working a third finger into his asshole, "but first I am going to punish you for being so naughty yesterday, and then lying to me about it today."

"Do you have to?" Bobby asked plaintively. He had heard about Mr Ericsson's punishments. Maybe he could still escape. But it felt so good, having the sexy man hold him from behind, and shove his fingers up his asshole. He wanted this. His cock throbbed and oozed.

"I'm afraid so," Brad said sternly. "You're a dirty little boy, you've been very naughty." He loved it when they begged for leniency. He shoved his fingers still farther into Bobby, working them around, preparing the boy's ravaged asshole for what would come later. Punishment first, then pleasure.

"Couldn't you just fuck me like they did?" Bobby pleaded, nodding at the blank TV screen, gasping as his asshole was stretched, and sensitive spots inside there were prodded and stimulated. He was remembering just how good it had felt when the other boys' hard cocks jabbed at those spots up his ass, made him squeal and beg for more. He had to have a cock up there again, he needed it bad.

"Don't worry, son," Brad said, smiling. "I will, I'll fuck you good, but you'll enjoy that, so it won't be punishment. I have to punish you first."

Brad pushed Bobby slowly forward until he was face down on the desk again, and knelt for a moment to spread Bobby's ass cheeks and tongue his luscious pink hole, then stood, enjoying the sight of the naked teen muscle-boy bent over his desk, legs spread wide, asshole revealed, wet and eager for penetration.

"Stay right there," he told the quivering sex-crazed teen.

Mr Ericsson went to his office door and opened it.

Bobby, bent over the desk naked, his bare ass raised for anyone to see, his huge erection rubbing against the side of the desk, smearing it with his cock juice, looked around and saw through the door into the outer office, where the Principal's secretary sat.

She looked up as Mr Ericsson said "I'll need some time with this one, Miss Bradley."

The woman looked right at Bobby bent naked over the desk as she smiled sweetly and replied.

"Fine, Mr Ericsson. I'll hold your other appointments."

Bobby looked beyond her and saw Carlos, a boy in his gym class, standing at the counter, staring at him, his eyes wide with amazement. The door closed.

Mr Ericsson had Bobby rearrange his clothes, then led the trembling boy through a door into a room Bobby had heard rumors about. It was windowless, sound-proofed, and filled with all the tools the Principal used to punish disobedient teens. The school would not accept any student unless his parents signed a release giving the school permission to administer any form of punishment it deemed appropriate, including corporal punishment, and it was Mr Ericsson who administered all the physical reprimands.

Bobby looked around. In the center of the room was the fabled spanking bench, a contraption the school carpenter had built to order for the Principal. It was wooden, padded with foam and covered in leather, and looked sort of like a small pommel horse, but with extra ledges and straps and buckles hanging all over it. Rumors about it said that boys sent to be punished here were strapped naked face down onto the spanking bench, gagged and then spanked hard on their bare asses over and over until they wailed and sobbed.

There were rumors too about other things that went on here. Bobby's still rock-hard erection oozed and his balls churned and his asshole tingled.

Hanging on one wall were assorted belts and straps and paddles and canes and switches, and other implements whose uses Bobby could only guess at. The boy trembled with fear. The stories must be true, he was really in for it!

Bobby had seen one boy in the gym after a visit to Mr Ericsson for punishment - his ass had been bright red and welted. The other boys had laughed and pointed. The boy had tried to hide the marks as he stripped to change into his gym clothes, but two bigger boys grabbed him and stripped him all the way and made him bend over and show all the rest, and then they all took turns swatting his bare red ass with their hands, enjoying the way he squealed with discomfort, and the way his big teen cock got hard.

Bobby had joined in, swept away by his arousal. It had turned him on to slap the boy's bare ass, and leave his hand there an instant too long, liking the way the boy reacted, and the feeling of his smooth firm cheeks.

They all got erections, and the ones who weren't yet naked stripped eagerly, and they dragged the spanking victim to the showers, making him kneel in the center of their circle as they beat off and shot their wads of cum all over his naked body, coating him with hot sticky boy-juice. The boy had jerked off too, looking hungrily at the circle of big hard cocks all pointed at him, starting to cum just as the first big wads of fresh teen semen started to hit his face, dripping down over his lips. His tongue darted out to lick some up, and they all knew he was enjoying it. They closed their circle, moving closer, aiming their spurts of jism at the boy's mouth, and he opened it and lapped it all up, smiling contentedly.

The next day Bobby heard that later that afternoon that scene had been repeated, a gang of teen jocks had cornered the boy again, and spanked his bare ass, but this time the boys had made their victim suck their cocks, and afterwards the boy had been dragged into the towel room and fucked by five of the senior football players. Bobby's balls churned now as he imagined that happening to him, a gang of sweaty hard-muscled jocks stripping him naked and making him service their cocks, then taking turns fucking him. He knew now how it felt, he wanted more.

Mr Ericsson closed and locked the door of the punishment room.

"This is your first time in here, isn't it, Bobby?" the man asked as he removed his jacket and shirt so he was wearing just his pants and tee shirt.

Bobby noticed how youthful and attractive Mr Ericsson was with so little on, and felt his groin throb with heat.

"Yes sir," the boy answered humbly. He was in for it now. All because of his dick-head older brother! He would find a way to make Todd pay!

There was no way Bobby could know that what he had already told Mr Ericsson was enough to give the Principal what he needed for a long- anticipated session with the boy's jock-stud older sibling. Todd would soon regret letting his younger brother go to school dressed like that.

But for now it was Bobby's turn.

"Well then, I think I'll be lenient."

The man pulled a chair from one wall and sat on it. Bobby's hopes were raised for an instant. Maybe he'd get off with just a lecture!

"I'll just give you an old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking with my hand," Mr Ericsson said, stretching his arms to limber them up, making Bobby's stomach churn with fear again.

Bobby noticed how muscular Brad was, and felt both aroused and fearful.

"But don't think you won't feel it," Brad said, "I know how to make a boy squirm with just my hand. Come here."

Mr Ericsson reached out, motioning for Bobby to move closer.

Bobby approached the man fearfully, knowing there was nothing he could do now but accept the punishment, and hope it would be enough to satisfy the man, and his parents would not be told.

Once Bobby was close enough, Mr Ericsson grabbed him and slowly undressed the sexy teen.

"Please, sir," Bobby whimpered fearfully. "You don't need to spank me, I'll be good, I promise." He forced a few tears from his eyes, and looked imploringly at the man, pouting sexily. That tactic had worked sometimes with the boy's father.

Brad liked this part, especially with a new boy, getting him naked, enhancing both his arousal and his fear at the same time, listening to him beg. He liked it when they begged.

It was so easy to manipulate a boy like Bobby, eager for approval, driven by teen lust, accustomed to getting his way by using his looks and charm. The begging just heightened Mr Ericsson's pleasure in administering the punishment, made him feel that much more justified in making the boy wail and squeal with pain as he spanked him.

Stripping the boy naked first increased the teen victim's embarrassment, made him feel helpless and vulnerable.

First Brad had the boy lift his arms overhead so he could remove his tee shirt.

Bobby was surprised, he had assumed at most he would have to lower his pants, that's all his dad did when he spanked him. He lifted his arms and allowed his upper body to be rendered naked. The air of the room was cool, and he shivered a little, both from the cold and from his fearful anticipation of what was to come. He clutched his arms to his chest, trying to conceal his body, afraid what came next, but Mr Ericsson made him put his hands behind his neck, exposing his naked torso.

Once he had Bobby's tee shirt off, Brad Ericsson stroked and fondled the boy's naked upper body. He debated whether to call Coach Santini or Assistant Coach Kozlowski, to observe and share the experience, but he knew both were with classes, and he did not want to interrupt them.

Besides, having watched Bobby being stripped and fucked in the boiler room yesterday, and then watching that again on tape just now, Brad was eager to get his own hands on the sexy, well-hung muscle-boy, and having the kid to himself was very appealing.

Later he would summon Bobby's tormentors, Mark Peters and his two accomplices, for a more serious session of pain and pleasure. He would have the two coaches join him then, after showing them the tape.

It would take the three of them to deal with the trio of athletes properly. Those three boys were also uninitiated in the punishment room, and he was looking forward to using all of its well-designed features to teach them not to humiliate a younger boy that way again.

Brad was especially looking forward to disciplining the Peters boy, he had been watching the teen stud for four years now, hoping he would screw up somehow, seeing him grow more and more sexy and appealing and arrogant. It would be a pleasure to bring him down a few notches, and to enjoy that awesome physique and endowment first hand.

He might even ask the three boys' parents to sign them over to him for an entire weekend, so that he and the two coaches could enjoy themselves fully.

And Joe Jackson, too, Joe should be there. Brad's ass throbbed and spasmed as he thought of Big Joe.

Well, that would come later, it was time now to deal with this luscious piece of teen stud-meat. He stroked and rubbed and fondled the boy's naked arms and chest and abs, loving their taught firm smooth flesh.

"You have a very nice body for your age," he told Bobby. It was true, Bobby was very sexy, with smooth soft skin stretched taught over firm teen muscles. "Flex for me."

Bobby was thrilled by the praise, and flexed his arms, then his pecs and abs, showing off as requested for the man. The intimate attention to his sexy jock teen body was lulling him into euphoria.

Mr Ericsson told Bobby he looked awesome, as he rubbed and pinched and tugged the boy's large red nipples, and even leaned over to lick and suck them, sending thrills of pleasure through the boy's body.

Bobby's already large nipples swelled larger from the attention, getting hard and even more sensitive.

Ericsson tested to see how far he could go, twisting the boy's nipples harder and harder, and Bobby moaned and gasped, but never objected. A large wet spot appeared on his pants where the head of his rock hard erection touched. His cock was leaking heavily, throbbing with pent-up teen cum.

Brad told Bobby to tighten his abs, and was pleased to see what a nice six-pack the boy had. He punched him lightly with his fist several times, digging his knuckles into the boy's navel, and saw Bobby's eyes go glassy.

"How does that feel?" he asked the gasping teen muscle boy.

"Oh!" Bobby moaned. "I like it."

Brad punched Bobby's tight belly harder, watching as the boy's eyes rolled up into their sockets. The kid was born to be used.

"OH, sir!" Bobby grunted. "Yes, that feels good!"

Bobby gasped as he was stripped and fondled, enjoying the attention, but fearful of where it would lead. Standing so close to the well-built man he was even more aware how attractive and masculine Brad was.

Needing to steady himself, Bobby placed his hands on Brad's well-muscled shoulders, and couldn't help grabbing them and enjoying their firm hard power.

Brad smiled at him, sensing the boy's reaction. It was as he had thought, Bobby had been such easy prey for the three older boys because he was attracted to other men. He wanted intimate contact with their bodies. Ericsson stripped off his own tee-shirt, then had the boy place his hands on his bare shoulders.

"Go ahead, boy, enjoy yourself," he told Bobby, smiling. "I could tell from the video that you enjoyed what happened to you, and I can see now that you like my muscles. Just because I have to punish you doesn't mean we can't have a little fun." Brad flexed his biceps and pecs for the boy. "Go ahead, feel my muscles, it's OK."

Ericsson took pride in staying in shape, and had a lean, firm well- muscled body.

Bobby reached out as if hypnotized. He was in awe of the man's physique. Encased in his business suit and looking so stern and authoritative, the man had not seemed so well-built, but now Bobby was drawn to him powerfully. He rubbed and felt Brad's powerful shoulders and biceps and pecs, and for a few minutes the man let the boy get his fill of his hard firm muscles. Bobby's cock swelled harder than ever in his briefs.

"You like that, boy?" Ericsson asked as Bobby stroked and rubbed his big hard pecs.

"Oh yes, sir, yes!" Bobby breathed. The man's muscles were driving the boy wild with lust.

Brad pulled the boy's head down to his chest, and Bobby eagerly licked and sucked the man's nipples, loving the knobs of sexy flesh, and the way the man growled with lust as he chewed on them.

"Yeah, kid, eat my pecs, suck em, yeah!" Brad loved having his pecs chewed, his big nipples getting engorged with arousal, growing harder and more sensitive. His erection swelled and dripped in his pants, and he pulled the boy's head tighter against his chest, loving the kid's urgency and eagerness.

But soon Brad made Bobby stop, and finished undressing the sexy teen. Time to punish the naughty teen stud.

"That's enough, kid, time for that spanking," he said, subduing his own urge to let the boy continue, let the sex-crazed youth pleasure him. He reached out and undid Bobby's jeans, lowering the zipper slowly.

"Do you have to take ALL my clothes off sir?" Bobby pleaded. He didn't want to be naked in front of the man, he already felt so helpless and vulnerable, and next to this awesome muscle-god he felt puny and scrawny.

"I'm afraid so, Bobby," Brad replied, grinning. "I like to have a boy naked when I punish him so that he feels even more weak and vulnerable and helpless."

Brad didn't mention that he also liked to see the boy's naked body, fondle it and stroke it and arouse it and then use it for his own pleasure.

Ericsson reached out and undid the belt of Bobby's pants, then opened the snap, then pushed them slowly down. Brad had trouble getting the boy's skin-tight pants off, which was fine, it gave him that much more opportunity to get his hands on the sexy teen's body. It was obvious from the way the boy dressed that he liked to show himself off, tease people, invite attention. He would give the boy what he wanted.

Bobby steadied himself, fondling the man's body too, unable to stop himself, fearful of what was to come, but by now totally aroused. As his pants came down, the tent in his briefs was obvious, and Brad groped it, sending a throb of ecstasy through Bobby's all but naked body.

"I see you're enjoying yourself," Principal Ericsson said.

Bobby moaned with pleasure as the man slid a hand inside the boy's briefs to fondle his naked sex.

As Brad knew from the video, Bobby was very well hung, and he pulled the boy's briefs down to reveal his huge member and heavy balls.

Bobby's throbbing boner swung up and slapped his belly, and a string of cock ooze swung up and out, hitting Brad in the face. He stuck his tongue out to lick some up, thrilling to the taste of fresh sweet boy juice. He smiled, reaching out to wrap his hand around the long thick piece of boy-meat. He enjoyed the look on the boy's face as he stroked his large cock slowly and squeezed and tugged his balls. Big drops of precum oozed out from the boy's piss-slit, and he scooped them up, licking some from his fingers, using others to lubricate the big swollen purplish knob, eliciting cries of delight, then fear from the boy.

"OH! Sir! Don't, or I'll cum!"

Bobby gasped and panted, right on the verge, afraid to do anything that might make his punishment worse.

Brad grinned with satisfaction. That was good to know, the boy was on a hair-trigger, it would be fun to make him cum while spanking him.

Once he had Bobby naked, Brad gave in for a while to his lust for the boy and licked and sucked his pecs, then his abs. He reached both hands around to grab the boy's firm ripe ass cheeks and pull them apart, then shoved a couple of fingers up his ass, which was still well lubricated with the man's spit from the time he had spent eating it out in his office. He dug his fingers into Bobby's asshole, probing and rubbing deeply as he sucked the teen sex-fiend's nipples.

Bobby gasped and squirmed with pleasure, loving the intimate attention to his naked body, forgetting why he was there, what was about to happen to him. He understood now why the man had loved having his nipples sucked and bitten a few minutes earlier, he went delirious with pleasure as the same thing was done to his large pec knobs.

"Oh Sir, yes! Suck my nipples like that! I love it, more!" For a moment Bobby felt as though he was in charge, the man was at his mercy, desperate for his hot teen body, he could make the man do whatever he wanted. He grabbed Brad's head and pushed it towards his groin.

"More!" he growled. "Suck me, suck my cock! Ugnh!"

For a brief moment Brad lost control and let the muscle-boy have his way, he opened his mouth to engulf the teen's rock hard cock.

Bobby gasped and shoved his cock into the man's mouth, wanting to cum.

"Yeah, that's it," he gasped. "Suck me, take my cock, make me cum!"

Brad was tempted to suck the boy to orgasm, the wet sticky drops oozing from the tip of the boy's boner tasted like nectar, and he was eager to taste a full load of hot teen cum. He sucked the boy expertly, hearing his pants and moans grow louder and faster, feeling his cock swell bigger, grabbing his huge nuts and squeezing them, feeling them roil and churn with pent-up cum. He let the boy shove all nine inches of his big dick all the way down his throat, choking him with it. He closed his eyes and sucked and swallowed, deep-throating the huge rod, bringing the desperate youth right to the brink.

"Yes!" Bobby moaned. "Yes! Almost there! Yes! Don't stop! YES!!"

But duty came first. Brad pushed the boy away just before the ultimate moment, frustrating both of them, relinquishing the luscious piece of boy meat, licking his lips to get the last drops of hot sweet cock ooze. Later he would satisfy all his hungers for this awesome teen sex toy.

"Arrghh!" Bobby wailed in frustration. "No! Don't stop! Gotta cum!"

The boy grabbed his cock and started whipping his fist up and down on the big fuck tube, but Brad slapped his hand away, grabbing his nuts and squeezing hard. The boy wailed as agonizing pain surged through his groin, and his orgasm fled.

Brad pushed Bobby farther away and stood then. He removed the rest of his own clothes, taking off his shoes, then his pants, but leaving his briefs on. May as well save some surprises for the kid.

The naked teen jock stood clutching his groin, his face screwed up in pain as his balls slowly recovered from the man's assault.

Then the man pulled the boy across his legs and spanked him soundly, stopping occasionally to fondle and arouse him.

Bobby's naked body spread over Brad's knees was a mouth-watering sight. The boy was a beautiful teen stud, with smooth, almost hairless skin tanned a deep golden brown, except for his alabaster pale ass, which rapidly grew pink, then red, as Brad slapped it hard.

The boy yelped and wailed, and his muscular legs flailed helplessly as he was spanked. He bucked and twisted, trying to escape his tormentor, but Brad knew how to keep the boy in place, and loved his struggles.

Bobby's erect penis rubbed against Brad's legs as he bounced around, and every now and then Brad stopped to play with it, keep it hard, milk boy- juice from it and rub the slippery fluid around on the swollen super- sensitive head, or use it to lubricate his finger as he drilled it slowly into the boy's tight quivering asshole, sending spasms of pleasure flooding through the naked teen's body, preparing that tight hole for what would come next.

Bobby wailed and cried the whole time.

"Oww! Stop! It hurts! Please stop, I'll be good, I promise! Oww!"

Towards the end of the spanking session, when Bobby's ass was a bright cherry red, swollen and welted from the endless hard strokes of the man's relentless paw, Brad was rewarded with loud yelps of abandon - the boy ejaculated while he was being spanked. Brad made sure that happened, by making the boy reach back to pull his firm ripe ass cheeks wide apart as the man delivered well placed strokes to his bare pink asshole with a riding crop, and worked the boy's fully erect cock with his other hand, and that was enough to send Bobby over the top.

"Oh! Oh! Make me cum! Yes! Please! CUMMING! Yes! Please! Yes! Yes! Arghhh!"

Brad loved the way the boy begged for release, understanding that he was at the man's mercy, and had to earn his fulfillment. The boy's entire body was convulsed with the awesome ecstasy of having his asshole spanked and his cock stroked by Mr Ericsson's expert hands. His cock spurted cum endlessly, coating the man's bare leg, pooling on the floor. Bobby's nuts ached with the force of his orgasm, as though every drop of cum in them had been squeezed out.

Finally the boy collapsed limply over his captor's bare legs, spent and exhausted.

Then Brad spanked the naked boy some more, slapping his firm ripe ass hard, getting it even redder and puffier, until Bobby sobbed and begged.

"Oww! Please sir! Oww! Please stop! I'll be good, I promise! Oww! No more, it hurts!"

That's when Brad had to control himself, a boy's begging like that made him want to spank him harder, but he knew when to stop. Bobby was really contrite now. Brad stopped slapping the boy's naked ass and stroked and rubbed it comfortingly. It was red and puffy, looking even more sexy and appealing to the man.

"All right," he said soothingly. "That's all, then. I think you've learned your lesson for this time." He let his fingers slip into the boy's crack, and rub his now super-sensitive hole, red and swollen from being spanked with the riding crop. The still whimpering teen panted and moaned with mingled pain and delight.

"Oh!" the naked boy gasped. "No, I can't take any more. Please. Oh, please, yes, that feels good. No, it hurts. Stop, No, Don't, stop."

Bobby's head was spinning, he was delirious and confused, no longer sure what he wanted, twitching and jerking with an overwhelming mixture of sensations as the man manipulated his teen lusts expertly.

Rubbing the boy's bright red ass and stroking his now totally submissive naked body, Brad felt his crotch throb. His cock had been rock hard since the boy walked into his office. He thought of strapping Bobby down over the spanking bench to fuck him that way, hard, fast, and brutal, the way Mark Peters had done the day before, but decided it would be better to make the sexy teen accept his impalement more actively. He lifted the boy off his lap and stood him up.

Bobby's sexy naked body was still jerking in the throes of his orgasm. His cock stuck out fully erect, still dribbling cum, and he stood shakily, his eyes rolled back in his head, his mouth slack with abandoned lust. He was a cock-tease if Brad had ever seen one, just begging to be fucked hard. Brad leaned down and took most of Bobby's still erect boner into his mouth, licking and sucking to get the last of the boy's cum. No sense in letting that fresh teen boy-juice go to waste! Its divine taste roused his own lust even more.

Bobby gasped and moaned with ecstasy.

The man stood and lowered his briefs to free his cock, which sprung out long and thick and hard. It was even bigger than Mark Peters', and through his sex-dazed eyes Bobby looked at it with hunger. He had forgotten what was next, and once he saw that monster sex pole, he knew only that he had to touch it.

Ericsson knew the effect his cock had on boys like Bobby, and took the boy's hand, guiding it to the giant throbber. Bobby let his fingers close around it. They didn't meet, and he gasped with lust, wanting to suck it.

"Go ahead, boy, I know what you want, it's all yours," Ericsson said, sitting back down on the chair, leaning back and spreading his legs to offer his naked crotch to Bobby.

The boy knelt and serviced his master. He licked and sucked desperately, wanting to engulf the huge tube of sex meat, but unable to get more than a few inches into his eager mouth. Its giant purplish mushroom crown glistened enticingly, and big shiny drops of precum oozed steadily from the piss-slit, making Bobby drunk with desire as he licked them up.

When he could hold off no longer, driven to abandon by the sight of the naked boy kneeling in front of him, and the feeling of the boy's hot mouth on his huge tool, Ericsson reached under the chair and grabbed the bottle of lube he kept there.

"Stand up, boy," he slurred, and Bobby reluctantly obeyed, not wanting to relinquish the beautiful cock. He still didn't realize what was about to happen, and watched without concern as Brad squeezed a huge glob of lube onto his giant cock, and spread it around. Then the man made Bobby turn and bend forward and hold his ass cheeks apart while his master worked lots of lube up the sexy teen's naked ass hole.

Despite its multiple violations the day before, Bobby's hole was still virgin-tight, and Brad sighed with anticipation as he pushed one, then two fingers up it, working the slippery fluid inside, stretching it a little to prepare it for what was to come.

Bobby melted against the man at first, loving the renewed attention to his rear end, the cool soothing slippery fluid on his red sore freshly spanked asshole. But then he started to catch on, remembering the scene in the office, and his naïve suggestion that the Principal fuck him.

"Later," the man had promised.

It was later now, and Bobby tried to pull away, suddenly fearful, starting to realize what was about to happen.

"Wait," the boy protested, standing erect. "I think I've changed my mind. I, uh, I need to go now."

The man's cock was even bigger than Mark's!

But Brad's strong hands reached around, holding the naked boy, caressing his chest, rubbing his quivering abs, playing with his still erect teen cock.

"Too late to change your mind, boy," Mr Ericsson said drunkenly. He needed to fuck the boy now, needed to feel his cock up that tight teen ass. "You've got me too hot, you little cock teaser. I've got to fuck you."

Wrapping one arm around the naked boy to hold him in place, he lubed up his cock and the boy's tight hot asshole, then slowly impaled the naked teen.

Bobby submitted, knowing he had no choice, whimpering as he felt the huge blunt fuck tool pressing against his asshole. The pressure increased, his asshole stretched, he gasped, his asshole stretched wider, then wider, it wouldn't fit! He cried out, tried to pull away.

"Wait, it's too big, I can't take it!"

But the man held him tightly, pulling the boy down onto his monster pole.

"Sure you can, kid, you'll see," Brad slurred, pulling Bobby down harder and harder, forcing the boy's ravaged hole wider and wider.

Bobby gasped, and wailed, as finally his asshole popped open, gave way, and the man's giant cock was inside him.

The boy squealed, squirming in discomfort as Brad held it there. It was too big. But slowly his hole relaxed a little, and Brad shoved in a few more inches. Bobby yelped and squirmed.

"Oh! Wait. Too big, wait!"

But Brad jabbed it in further, and it started to feel good. The naked boy sighed.

"Wait! No! OH! OH! Wait. Mmmmm."

Brad heard that sigh, knew what it meant, Bobby was ready.

He lifted the boy up so he could use the naked teen's own weight to impale him.

He let Bobby go, and the boy felt himself sinking onto Brad's cock, it felt like he would burst from the monster pole, it spread his tight hot hole wider and wider, penetrated his ass deeper and deeper. It seemed there was no end to it, he was being split apart.

"Oh! OH! It's so big! I can't take it all! Please, sir! OH! Oh!"

But eventually his butt cheeks pressed against the man's groin. He gasped and squirmed and jerked as his body accommodated the huge invasion.

"Sure you can, Bobby," Mr Ericsson crooned as he held the boy there, and felt his cock swell and surge in response to the naked teen stud's jerks and spasms. It was awesome, seeing his huge member buried up the boy's cute little rear end, watching the boy squirm and twitch, his naked hard-muscled teen form impaled on Brad's sex.

The boy's back was arched, his pecs were thrown out sexily, his legs were spread as wide as they could go to admit the giant sausage, his head was thrown back, his eyes squeezed tightly shut, his mouth wide open, tongue extended, saliva drooling out and down over his chin.

And Bobby's cock was rock hard, sticking straight out. His balls were pulled up tight, swelling with fresh cum.

Brad had both arms wrapped around the boy from behind now, stroking and fondling the naked teen, rubbing his pecs, pulling his nipples, patting his tight hard abs, flicking his hard cock, rubbing and squeezing his balls.

Eventually the boy stopped jerking, and sighed.

That was Brad's signal, he lifted the boy again and drove his rock hard ten-incher all the way home, and by the time his own orgasm arrived, he had managed to fuck another orgasm out of the delirious sex-crazed teen hunk.

It was rough going at first - it always was for Brad, few could take his huge cock easily, but he had learned how to help them accommodate it, working just a few inches in, then pulling out all the way, in again, in and out just a little, in farther, then all the way, hard, loving the gasps and squeals that first deep thrust produced.

Then out all the way, and a pause. The breathless "Thank you!" as his victim thought he had escaped further violation. Then in again hard, all the way in, more squeals and gasps, out slowly, in slowly, varying the depth and rhythm until finally they gave in and loved it, begging for more, and deeper, and harder.

Bobby saw stars as the giant pole was driven into his recently ravaged asshole. He remembered the day before, felt like he was back in the boiler room, Mark and his buddies were fucking him senseless, he had no choice, he had to take it, he gasped and panted with mingled pain and pleasure, his own cock swelling to full erection again as his ass was spread wider and wider and the mammoth piece of fuck meat probed deeper and deeper. It was filling him up, his balls were throbbing and churning, the man was rubbing and caressing his naked teen muscles as he bounced up and down on the huge pole.

Yes, now he loved it, the naked teen hunk was fucking himself on Brad's big cock, bouncing up and down on it, forcing it deep inside himself, loving it, wanting more, wanting it harder.

"Yes," he gasped. "Yes! More! Fuck me, give me your cock!"

Brad reached around the boy as Bobby moved up and down on his cock, grabbing his large firm pecs, and holding on to them. The boy's muscles felt great, he rubbed and stroked them, playing Bobby like a fiddle, tracing the cuts of his abs with his fingertips, rubbing his large hard nipples, working his rock-hard erection, squeezing his balls.

Soon he wanted to watch the boy's expressions, so Brad pulled his huge cock out and turned Bobby to face him, had him straddle the chair and impale himself on the giant pole again, sink onto it slowly, painfully at first, then ride it like a pony, hands on Brad's shoulders, up and down, fucking himself deliriously as Brad kissed and licked and sucked and fondled his sexy teen muscle-stud face and body.

"Oh! God Yes! Fuck me! I need your cock! Give it to me! Harder! Again! Fuck me harder!"

Brad's own exclamations of pleasure joined the boy's.

"Yeah, kid, take my big cock. Ride that cock, ride it, fucking your tight hot ass, feels good, yeah, like that, ride it good!"

Brad was thankful as always that he had sound-proofed the room so well, and no one outside could hear his or the frenzied teen's shouts and screams of abandoned ecstasy.

He grabbed the boy and shoved his cock in hard, lifting him and dropping him onto his huge cock.

"Ughnn!" Lifting him again, fucking him.

"Yeah! Ugnhh!" Loving the way it felt.

"Fuck yeah!" And the sounds the helpless youth made.

"Oh! Yes! Give it to me, fuck me! Harder!"

Brad's cock throbbed and swelled even bigger, his huge nuts churned with hot fuck juice, ready to empty themselves.

He needed more control, had to cum, he lifted the sex-crazed naked teen muscle boy and carried him to the spanking horse. No need to strap him down, just lay him face down on the platform, turn the crank, get Bobby's bare vulnerable ass at just the right level, just the right angle.

"Hold on boy," he slurred, "here it comes."

Then place his cock there! Shove it in hard! And again!

Fuck the boy hard and fast. Make him squeal.

"Oh Sir!" Bobby yelled ecstatically. "Yes! Fuck me hard, sir, fuck me! I love your big cock up my ass Mr Ericsson, give it to me hard! Fuck me! Deeper! Harder! Ungh! Yes!"

Bobby's nuts spasmed as his cock erupted, the brutal fucking with the man's giant tool forced another orgasm from him, and long thick ropes of hot teen jism splashed onto the floor.

The boy's encouragement, his shouts of ecstasy, the spasms of his hot tight ass as he achieved orgasm, all of those together drove Brad over the edge at last, and he emptied his nuts up the boy's rear, grunting with ultimate pleasure as his cock spurted over and over, and rivers of hot sticky cum oozed out around his cock and down over the boy's balls and legs to the floor to pool there.

One last thrust, deep and hard, hold it there, gasping and shouting, abs spasming with delight, nuts exploding, legs quivering, hold it, hold it!

"Unghh! Fuck yeah, kid! Fucking your tight hot ass! Fuck@! Yeah!"

"Unghh! Yeah!"


When Brad could see again, he stepped back shakily. His slowly softening log fell out of the boy's ass with a loud "plop!" He and Bobby both sighed.

Then Brad led the still-naked, trembling boy to the bathroom, gave him an enema, cleaned him up, and had him dress.

Bobby was dizzy with exhaustion and arousal.

He wanted more of Brad's cock, he wanted to lick and suck it more, and feel it driven hard into his ass over and over. He was addicted to cock, big hard man cock, hot sticky cum, muscles and sweat and cum.

He submitted willingly to Brad's ministrations, slowly coming back to reality as his asshole was washed out and his body was washed and toweled dry. He leaned against the awesome muscular man and wanted to stay there forever.

Back in his office, both of them clothed, Brad lectured the boy.

"All right, Bobby, I hope that will teach you never to lie to me."

He hoped of course it would encourage just the opposite, many boys committed minor infractions of the rules so they would be sent to see Mr Ericsson, then they sassed him to earn a session in the punishment room. He looked at the boy's still dazed expression, watched as Bobby gazed worshipfully at him, nodding obediently, rubbing his crotch, desperate for more. Bobby would be back.

"Yes sir," Bobby said contritely, his cock still throbbing at the memory of the man's huge cock up his ass, and his own cock spurting endlessly. He felt the urge to take a crap and realized there must still be some water from the enema inside him. He would go to the boys' room to get rid of that, and jerk off. He had to cum again, his balls were still swollen with fuck juice. And the way his ass cheeks burned and throbbed from the spanking just made him hornier.

"Now you still need to apologize to Mr Jackson, of course," Mr Ericsson said solemnly, "but he won't be free until tomorrow afternoon at 4PM, so be sure you return here then."

"Mr Jackson?" Bobby asked fearfully. What new torment lay in store for him?

"He's the custodian at the gym," the man said. "You owe him an apology for trespassing in his area."

"Oh," Bobby stammered. "Of course, sir, I'll be here tomorrow."

Bobby remembered seeing a huge hulking black man in loose-fitting coveralls at the gym, that must be this Mr Jackson. Well, of course, if Mr Ericsson said he must apologize, he would. Gosh, what if Mr Jackson had seen the tape too?

"Uh Sir," he asked fearfully, "you won't tell my parents, will you?"

Brad smiled.

"No, Bobby, I don't think your parents need to know, as long as you behave from now on."

"Oh, thank you sir."

In the hallway outside Mr Ericsson's office, rushing to the boys' room to empty his bowels, Bobby almost bumped into Carlos, who stood blocking his way.

"What's your hurry, amigo?" Carlos drawled.

Bobby tried to push past Carlos, who was about the same size and weight and build as the blond sex-toy.

"I need to get to the john," he complained urgently.

Carlos held Bobby, still blocking his path. They were the only two in the hall at that moment, and the way Carlos was restraining him made Bobby's groin throb. Carlos's knee was in the blond stud's groin, for one thing, grinding sexily against Bobby's boner, and he had one hand on Bobby's shoulder, the other on one of his big hard pecs, rubbing his classmate's still-erect nipple. His mouth was against the side of Bobby's neck, nuzzling and rubbing. He grabbed Bobby's hand and placed it in his crotch, where the sexy teen felt a thick tube of Latin sausage throbbing.

"Maybe we should go to the john together," Carlos murmured in Bobby's ear.

Bobby felt like he was drowning in Carlos's embrace. He and the dark sexy Latino stud had never been friends, they ran with different crowds, Carlos hung out with the rough kids who had motorcycles and tattoos. Suddenly Bobby found Carlos very attractive.

"OK," he gasped.

Two minutes later Bobby and Carlos were together in a stall in the boys' john. Bobby was seated, pants at his ankles, hand on his cock, stroking it hard and fast. Carlos was standing, pants at his knees, tee shirt worked up so Bobby could work his big juicy pecs, and his big fat Latin cock was buried deep in the sexy blond's throat, forcing deep guttural sounds of pleasure from Bobby's gut.

Here's a glimpse of what happened in Mr Ericsson's office the next day at 4 PM:

When the custodian stepped out of his grease-stained coveralls, he was stark naked, and revealed the most muscular body, and the biggest cock Bobby had ever seen. He looked like a marble statue of a giant Nubian warrior, huge and black, rock-hard and glistening with perspiration. His ebony cock was already erect, and stood out in front of him a foot, stiff and enormous, a string of cock ooze drooling from the tip.

"I think the proper way to apologize to Mr Jackson is to give that big cock of his the attention it deserves, Bobby," said Mr Ericsson sternly. "Get down on your knees and lick it all over real nice and slow."

Brad had already stripped Bobby naked, and as he said that, he guided the blond teen muscle-boy down onto his knees, and then made him crawl slowly to the feet of the giant black muscle man.

Bobby looked up worshipfully at the huge cock that hovered in front of him, its big swollen black head glistening with cock-ooze.

He opened his mouth to catch the big drop of juice that was dangling from the piss-slit as it started to fall, and was rewarded with the hot salty tang of sex on his wet pink tongue.

The black man reached down and cradled the boy's cute blond head in one big hand while he guided his enormous fuck pole to the boy's sexy mouth, rubbing the puffy head of his cock around on those soft smooth lips, getting them all wet and slimy.

The dazed, worshipful look in Bobby's eyes told him this boy was going to love servicing his big cock.

He teased him with it, rubbing it around all over his face, getting the soft pretty skin wet with it, poking at the boy's mouth until he opened it, then pulling away, making him wait. The boy wanted his huge cock, these white pussy-boys always wanted his huge cock.

Finally the big black giant let the boy have what he wanted, he released his cock and the boy's head, and just stood there and let Bobby lick and suck it.

"Yeah, boy, lick my cock, yeah, just like that."

His deep rumbling drawl was soothing, comforting, hypnotic. Bobby wanted to do whatever it said.

"Take your time, boy," it went on, "enjoy it. Make Big Joe feel good. Open wide, let's see how much of it you can get inside that sweet hot little mouth of yours. Yeah, good boy, that's it, take it in, suck on it some. Unh huh, that's good. Now some more, take it deeper. Unh huh. Yeah, like that. Slow now, don't want ya to choke on it - yet."

Brad was kneeling next to Bobby, fondling and caressing the boy, reassuring him, guiding him. He had tied Bobby's hands loosely behind his back, so the boy couldn't touch himself, but now and then he would play with the teen stud's big hard cock, stroke it a while until the boy's eyes glazed over, then tug at his balls, then squeeze them slowly harder and harder until sweat broke out on Bobby's forehead and he grunted with pain, then ease up, play with the boy's sensitive nipples, then finger his ass.

All the while Bobby continued to lick and suck the custodian's huge cock. It was his entire world now, all he wanted or needed, to service this beautiful ultimate piece of fuck meat.

Joe Jackson chuckled deep in his chest, enjoying the way the boy was enjoying his big cock, and Bobby felt happy, knowing that he was pleasing this black giant. The man's huge cock was stretching the boy's mouth impossibly wide, but it felt good to the boy, he wanted to take more, he wanted to take it all, engulf it and make Big Joe happy.

Bobby hadn't started to think yet about what else the man might want to do with that lethal piece of meat, like drill it slowly into the sexy white boy's tight little ass and fuck his brains out. Big Joe had seen the tape of Bobby getting fucked by Mark, and another of Bobby getting fucked by Brad. He knew what the cute little white boy liked. Time for that later. For now - suck, lick, swallow, suck. Bobby was in heaven.