Jock Buddy

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I saw Adam my first day of classes at college. It was a hot, late-summer day, and I had spent nearly an hour watching guys on the plaza near the student union. I was feeling dazed from looking at all the hot male bodies on display. Guys here are a lot less inhibited about showing off their muscles in public than the guys back in Utah where I grew up, and I was like a kid in a candy store, I wanted one of everything, and two or three of at least half of them.

I have a weakness for jocks, show me a guy in some sort of athletic gear with a lot of muscles and a real cocky, macho attitude, and I throw a boner right away. That day I had a non-stop hardon, and was glad I'd worn loose pants, otherwise I'd have been showing major wood. There were sexy jocks all around me, and most were wearing as little as possible, so I just sat in the sun and stared hungrily at the show.

I knew I was gay when I was ten, but I had never acted on it or told anyone. I played it straight in High School - had girlfriends, dated with my straight friends, made out with girls on dates, played with their breasts and once or twice even fingered their cunts while they gave me blowjobs. I had never touched another guy. I'd had crushes on several guys, but I'd never dared act on those feelings.

College was going to change that. I had seen a table for the Gay Students Alliance at Orientation a week earlier, with some really cute guys hanging around it, and while I wasn't ready to join a group like that and really "come out", I was ready for my first experience with another male.

Adam caught my eye right away, and he put on quite a show. When I first saw the sexy jock he was standing about ten feet away from me with two of his jock buddies, and the three of them were chatting up a coed. All three of the guys were pretty awesome, but it was Adam I fell for right away. He was wearing skimpy blue nylon running shorts, a football jersey with the sleeves and most of the body ripped off to bare his arms all the way to his massive shoulders and his torso all the way up his awesome six-pack abs, and hi-top sneakers with no sox. He might as well have been naked, the effect his body, and the way he was dressed had on me. He was a hell of a stud - about six feet tall, very muscular and lean, very short blonde hair, blue eyes, smooth, almost hairless, golden-tanned skin, and the sexiest smile I'd ever seen. He was standing between his two buddies, with his arm around one's shoulder, and his free hand was rubbing his bare abs.

I admit I stared. The combination of the way Adam was dressed, and the way he was feeling himself up right in public was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. He would run his fingertips over the ridges of his six- pack abs, tracing the sharp cuts, then slip his hand up under the ragged edge of his ripped-off jersey to push it up and expose still more of his bare flesh, and caress his pecs, and then he'd let his hand slide down to the edge of his shorts and play with the faint trail of blond hairs leading from his navel down. I couldn't believe he was doing it intentionally, but it sure looked like he was trying to get someone's attention. I assumed it was the cute girl he was talking to. A couple of times he even let his fingers slip inside the waistband of his shorts, first just a little, then more, then so far he must have been rubbing his cock, and it looked like he was about to push his shorts down and pull his cock out - or at least reach all the way in and grope his sex right out in the open - but he didn't.

I imagined it though. He would push his shorts to his knees and his huge hard cock would pop out, and no one would pay any attention at first as he stroked it and played with his naked body right there in public, but then the girl would lose control, she'd lean forward and kiss his full sexy lips and one of the guys with him would kneel and take the stud's huge piece of meat into his warm wet hungry mouth and suck on it until Adam blasted his load down the stud's throat.

Yeah, I have a vivid imagination. I was transfixed with awe and arousal as I stared at Adam, unable to take my eyes off the sexy jock, and then I looked up at his face, and he was looking right at me, and he smiled and winked and then looked back at the girl and went on talking.

My heart was beating so hard I thought I was having a heart attack. My cock was rock hard and I felt like I'd cum if I even moved, but I had to get away, I was so embarrassed, the incredible jock had caught me looking at him. I grabbed my books and stumbled to my feet and ran.

A week later, I saw Adam again, but this time he was walking across campus alone. I was heading to the student cafeteria to eat, and he seemed to be headed in that direction, so I sort of followed him. This time he was wearing loose grey cotton gym shorts and a baggy tanktop, and the same sockless hi-tops. I got as close to him as I dared, and couldn't take my eyes off his bare, muscular, darkly tanned legs. Up close I could see they were covered with fine blond hair, and I loved the way his calves flexed, he looked like an animated anatomy lesson. Above his calves rose his awesome thighs, looking like they were sculpted from marble, leading up to his ass - as he walked he shifted the books he was carrying a couple of times, and somehow that pulled his shorts up so his bare ass cheeks flashed at me. It looked like he was wearing nothing under his gym shorts, which struck me as incredibly daring and sexy, the thought of his sex hanging loose as he walked around in public. I felt like I was doing something very dangerous and bad, following him and looking at him, but I couldn't help myself, I had been hoping to see him again ever since that first time, and I had to be near him.

Adam led me to the cafeteria, and I got into line several people behind him, but then three girls cut in front of me - they said they were with their friend and did I mind? I frowned but what could I do? By the time I got to the cashier and paid, the sexy jock was nowhere in sight. I was disappointed, but figured it was just as well, if Adam realized I was stalking him, he'd probably beat the shit out of me. I found a table in an area that was quiet, where I could read as I ate, and sat down.

A minute later I looked up, and there was Adam! He had just walked past me and as I watched he took a seat alone at a table near me, where I had a perfect view of his entire gorgeous body, and once again he put on quite a show.

As soon as he sat down, the muscular stud spread his legs wide apart and put one hand in his crotch and adjusted his equipment. I expected him to pull his hand away then, but he left it there, and actually played with himself through his shorts, rubbed himself and squeezed for awhile, and I felt dizzy watching. Then he started stroking his bare thigh, running the tips of his fingers up and down the inside, then slipping a finger inside the leg of his shorts. He was obviously rubbing his cock, playing with the head of it inside his shorts, getting himself hard. I was trying to eat and pretend to read and not be totally obvious about watching, but all I could do was sit and stare dumbly at his ball-churning behavior. He was playing with himself right out in public, but he was so casual and natural about it that it seemed OK. Finally he took his hand away from his crotch and I glanced up at his face and he was just eating and reading, so I adjusted my book so I could watch him while appearing to read. By then he had his free hand up under his tanktop, feeling his pecs and abs. I could see most of his washboard abs now, and he was tracing their cuts with his fingertips the way he had the other time. I had never seen a guy so into his own body in public before, and the fact that he was a walking wet dream, and touching his body the way I wished I could, made the whole performance even more riveting. I sneaked one hand to my own crotch and rubbed my boner as I watched. My food was getting cold, but I didn't care.

I looked up as some other students moved into our area to sit down, and figured I should stop watching Adam so openly, and I actually ate and read for awhile, but eventually I had to look again, and the sexy blond jock was stroking the insides of his bare thighs again. He had worked the legs of his baggy shorts up as far as they would go, so I could see his massive thighs almost all the way to his crotch, and he was slowly stroking the insides of his thighs. I gulped and stared, glancing up at his face to be sure he hadn't noticed me, and when I looked back down, he had his fingers inside the leg hole of his shorts. It sure didn't look like he was wearing anything underneath, and I thought I could see the outline of his erection in the baggy cloth. Slowly the boy worked his hand inside the leg of his shorts and I gasped as he eased his semi-hard cock right out in the open, and casually stroked it. His huge tool was poking out one leg hole of his shorts and stretching down along one leg in plain view, and soon he had his huge balls hanging out the other leg hole, and was tugging and squeezing those. I glanced quickly around and realized that his crotch was hidden from everyone but me. Did the awesome jock think no one could see, or was he putting on this show for my benefit?

I looked around again, and saw that most of the kids eating near us were in groups, and involved in their own conversations as they ate, but I saw one guy sitting alone like me and likewise staring at Adam. He didn't have the full view like I did, but he could see enough to be as enthralled with the performance as I was. I could see that he had his hand in his crotch like I did, and was stroking his boner through his pants. He was cute, dark like me, with multiple piercings in his ears and one in his eyebrow, and a tattoo showing on his neck, and pretty wild clothes. I was fascinated by his appearance, which to me was so daring, and seemed to me to scream to the world that he was gay. How could he be so open about it? He looked at me and our eyes met and he grinned, and I looked down in embarrassment. He knew I was watching Adam too. I tried to focus on my food and forget Adam's performance. But soon I had to look again.

Adam was still playing with his cock under the table, and as the awesome muscle stud continued eating he gave his huge fully exposed and already half-hard sex organ a few slow squeezes and strokes to get it fully hard. I couldn't believe his boldness, but he did it so casually it seemed almost natural. He was hung big, with a long, thick piece of meat, and a pair of enormous balls to match. As he ate he continued rubbing and stroking his naked muscles with his free hand, running his hand idly over his bare abs, and up under his shirt to play with his chest. It was sexy as hell, and he kept that up as he ate, stroking his abs, playing with his huge juicy pecs - at one point he worked his shirt up far enough that I could see the huge nipples on his pecs and he was rubbing and squeezing those - and the whole time he kept reaching down and groping himself, so that he maintained a hardon the entire time I watched.

Adam was practically masturbating right out in public, he actually stroked it slowly for awhile and then played with the big mushroom shaped crown, pulling on it with the tips of his fingers, squeezing it gently, rubbing it, and I pictured him blasting a load right there. I imagined him pushing his shorts all the way down, then leaning his chair back to expose his naked crotch completely to my view, then propping one foot up on the table so I could see his asshole as he fingered it while he stroked and rubbed and aroused himself and jerked off for my entertainment. My fantasy was pretty vivid, with him blasting a huge load of jism all over his naked, buffed, hard-muscled torso and then scraping it up with his fingers and licking it off them while I watched. My cock squeezed out a big gob of juice as that image filled my head.

Adam didn't go that far, but he went far enough to keep my eyes glued to him. I'd have thought he was showing off, but he didn't seem to be paying any attention to me or anyone else, so I watched openly. He was close enough to me that I could see big wet drops of sticky precum oozing out of the piss-slit in the head of his huge dick - and as it oozed out he collected it on his fingers and then casually licked it off! I had never seen anything so totally erotic and uninhibited. My cock was rock hard too, and I think I would have creamed right there just watching, but I had to get to a class, so reluctantly I gathered my stuff and left. The cute, dark-haired boy with the piercings and tattoos was still there, and he smiled at me again as I walked by him. I glanced back once, and my heart flip-flopped as I saw Adam looking my way, and smiling. Was he looking at me?

For the next couple of weeks I couldn't find Adam again. I tried not to look for him, but I couldn't help it, I was torn between my desperation to see more of him and my shame at having a crush on such an unattainable stud.

Not that I'm not attractive - I'm not a super-jock like Adam, but I was on the wrestling team in High School, and I'm in good shape. I get my share of looks from girls - and other guys. I'm on the short side, about five eight, and have very dark hair, dark smooth skin, and dark eyes. My father is Greek, and I take after him I guess. I enjoy working out, have a good body, with nice arms and pecs and abs. And I have a big cock - the guys in my gym class called me Horse, because I'm hung so big. Not as big as Adam, as it turned out, but big. Mine looks bigger, I guess, because the rest of me is so small.

But what would a super-macho straight jock like Adam want with a little queer-boy like me? I was stupid to even look at him, I should visit the GSA office and find out how to meet someone like myself. That's what I told myself, but my dreams were filled with sexy encounters with Adam, and I couldn't forget the awesome jock.

I kept watching for Adam in the cafeteria, and finally I saw him there again, and then pretty regularly. He was never alone after that first time, he was always surrounded by other jocks or admiring girls, but he always dressed to show off his body and sexual endowment, and could never keep his hands off himself. I'd have gone up and introduced myself and tried chatting him up, but I was too shy, even though a couple of times I caught him looking back when I watched him. I sat near him whenever I could, drinking in his gorgeous muscles, fueling my jerkoff sessions and wet dreams with fantasies of stroking his awesome body the way he did.

Then Adam started to eat with a girl that I had a class with, and it was obvious they were close. She was always hanging all over him and feeling his muscles when they sat together. She'd run her hands all over his bare abs and up under his shirt to feel his huge rock hard pecs while they sat eating and talking - I even saw her put her hand in his crotch and feel his hardon a couple of times, and I was jealous as hell that she got to feel him up that way. The more I watched them together, watched her feel that awesome body, the more I wanted him - I decided she would be my key to meeting Adam. I had no idea what I would do, once I got her to introduce us, but I had to try. So the next few weeks I deliberately got to know the girl, never letting on that it was because I figured I could meet him through her. Her name was Teri, and it was she who told me his name, and that they were dating. She and I got to be fairly chummy, sat together in class, and studied together a few times. She'd call me at night sometimes to ask what the professor had meant about something.

One day it finally paid off, Teri called me over to their table when I got off the cafeteria line, and Adam was with her. She introduced me to him and asked if I wanted to eat with them. I acted casual about it, said "Sure why not." There were two seats vacant at the table, but Teri's books were in the one next to her so I had to sit next to him. She introduced us: "Adam, this is Cody, I've told you about him, we have Chem class together," and he held out his hand and said, "Sure I remember. Hi Cody. I think I've seen you around." He gave me that incredible smile again, and started chatting me up like we were old buddies.

I couldn't believe it, after he'd seemed so distant all this time - Adam and I got along great. He was very friendly, and joked and kidded with me as if he liked me. What's more, he was very physical, and kept touching me, reaching out and putting his hand on my forearm and then leaving it there as we talked, or reaching over to put his hand on my shoulder as though that was perfectly natural, and then massaging it as we talked. A couple of times he actually reached out and felt my abs and pecs. It was almost as though he was checking me out. I felt like I would faint, dizzy and happy and drunk with the unbelievable pleasure of being close to Adam, and having him smile at me, and having him touch me. I wanted to fall into his arms, kiss him, feel his body pressed against mine, feel his hard cock in my hands, rub him and stroke his hard-muscled, naked body all over. I could hardly talk, and mumbled words that seemed meaningless as I sat beside him and tried to act normal.

After a few minutes I felt Adam's leg pressing against mine under the table and at first I moved mine away, but then his leg touched mine again, so I didn't move, and when he pressed a little harder, so did I, and the next thing I knew he had his hand on my leg under the table, squeezing and rubbing it as we talked. Then he had his arm around my shoulder, buddy- like and was massaging my neck and shoulder with his hand. He did it so naturally, so buddy-buddy, just kind of friendly - he was so macho, anything he did seemed right, even when he moved his hand back to my leg and his hand strayed almost to my crotch, and stayed there, rubbing softly, teasing. It turned me on, of course, and I was glad when they had to leave first so I didn't have to stand up with that hardon. Adam asked if I wanted to go out with him and his buddies some time, and I said "What, like a date?" just kidding, but trying to find out if he knew I was gay, and he winked and grinned and said "Sure, I'll call you." I figured that would never happen, but still I was in heaven, we had talked, he had touched me, I had gotten to sit next to the object of my dreams, maybe I could get Teri to let me study with the two of them sometime and then... I was vague about where that would lead, but getting to be near Adam seemed like enough.

But that same night Adam showed up at my dorm room - he must have asked Teri where I roomed, because I hadn't told him. I was getting ready to go to the library to study when I heard a knock on the door and opened it to find the muscle-jock standing there with a big sexy grin on his face. I was speechless with surprise and just stood there staring at him. He was wearing his red and white High School letter jacket, tight low-cut jeans, and no shirt, so that his totally awesome hard-muscled pecs and six-pack abs were bare. He had his jacket pushed back on his shoulders, a move that I would have laughed at any other time, it was so affected, but it exposed even more of his beautiful jock-stud muscle-boy body. And who was he showing off to, if not to me? I couldn't take my eyes off his naked muscles.

"So, can I come in?" he asked when I said nothing. "Uh, sure," I stammered, stepping back to let him in. He reached out and poked me on the shoulder with his fist, a real macho gesture, but his touch sent electricity though my body. He took his jacket off and tossed it on my bed and wandered around my room for a minute, saying nothing, just looking at my stuff and rubbing his hands all over that awesome body, rubbing his naked abs and chest. All I could do was stare, he was so fucking sexy. He was playing with his pecs, rubbing and squeezing his big hard nipples, and it really got me hot. He stood in front of the full-length mirror on my closet door and flexed and posed, looking back and forth from me to his reflection in the mirror and grinning, flexing one arm to show his huge bicep, feeling it with his other hand, flexing his awesome pecs, rubbing himself. Then he flexed the other arm. Then he did some poses to show off his abs, and rubbed those. He opened the snap on his jeans and unzipped his fly to show me as much as he could without baring his sex.

My eyes followed that sexy trail of short blond hairs from Adam's navel down, down to his crotch - I could see most of his tightly curled blond bush, and imagined I saw the base of his cock, and he groped his crotch as he flexed and posed more, and I could see the bulge of his cock snaking down one leg, huge and hard. My heart was racing so hard I was sure he could hear it, and I was gasping for air as if I'd run a mile at full speed. I stared dumbly, unable to look away. Adam looked like he was posing for one of those web sites like Rate My Body, where horny teen studs post their teasing half-naked photos and let people vote on who looks sexiest. I couldn't tell if he was doing it all to tease me or what, but he was smiling that sexy seductive smile as he stroked and rubbed his bare skin.

Then the awesome jock closed his fly and adjusted himself, grinning at me, and moved around the room again, looking at my stuff. He picked up some of my things and looked at them. I felt stupid watching him look at my junk, everything I had suddenly seemed so childish and lame. I was glad that at least none of it gave away my attraction to other guys, no naked statues of men or calendars of male models. But then Adam sat down at my computer and fiddled with it, opening my web browser and then looking up at me and grinning like he knew what was suddenly going though my mind: "Oh my God, what if he sees I have all those gay porn sites bookmarked?!" I just stood and stared dumbly, speechless with awe and weak with lust for his beautiful body. I wanted him to see my soul, and know how I lusted for him, but was terrified what would happen if he did.

Finally Adam asked if I wanted to go out drinking with him and a couple of his friends. I had planned to study, but by then I was so totally desperate to be with him for as long as I could that I said OK, and went. I got such a hardon standing there talking to him as he showed off his gorgeous body and played with himself just a few feet away from me that I had to be with him, even if it meant sharing him with his stupid jock friends and having to stay up all night to study later. I was incredibly flattered he would ask me to join them, but I figured it was just because his girlfriend had asked him to do it or something. I even had this momentary flash of paranoid terror that he was playing some macho game where he'd expose me and make a fool of me for being a faggot who lusted after him.

As we walked across campus towards the bar, Adam put his arm over my shoulder like we were old friends and I managed to loosen up and talk. It was hard to believe he was faking his friendliness, he seemed sincere. A couple of times when I said something funny he laughed and reached out and mussed my hair and sort of poked me in the belly with his fist. I had a cutoff tee shirt on, so my abs were bare, and the second time he touched me there, he had his fist pressed against my bare stomach, and then he sort of kept it there and opened his hand and rubbed me, then he reached up under my shirt and felt my pecs, rubbed his hands over my bare chest and squeezed my muscles and grinned. "You've got a real nice build," he said as he felt me up, "great set of pecs, and awesome abs. You remind me of a buddy I had back home." Then he gave me this really sexy look, sort of shy and vulnerable, like his buddy had been really special to him. My cock got hard right away and I felt like he was teasing me and it sort of embarrassed me, but I was too turned on by the sexy stud to stop him.

I wondered how close Adam and his buddy back home had been - maybe they'd jerked off together - I pictured Adam naked on his bed with his naked buddy next to him, both of them super-muscular and sexy, the two of them playing with each other's hard cocks and feeling up each other's muscles as they blasted huge loads of hot sticky cum all over each other, then licking each other's naked bodies to get the cum off, then showering together naked, and jerking off together again - I let my imagination run wild as I thought of things I would like to do with this sexy jock. As if.

"Where's your buddy now," I asked, trying to say something to dispel my fantasies.

"Toby went to UCLA," Adam said. "He's a gymnast and has a good chance of making the Olympic team next year, he's like totally awesome, he'll be here for a meet next month and we're going to hook up afterwards, he may be able to spend the weekend with me but he doesn't know yet because of his classes." I looked at his face and it was all lit up with excitement. He and his buddy must be real close. I felt lonely and sad, wishing I could have had a friend like that in High School.

As we neared the place where we were supposed to meet his buddies, Adam grabbed my neck in his arm and pulled me to his chest and mussed up my hair, like I was a kid and he was my big brother or something. "You're really cute," he said, and I wanted to die, but I loved it. "You're really a lot like Toby," he said. Then he felt me up again as held me against his naked pecs like that, pushing his hand under my shirt and rubbing my bare pecs and abs and finally he actually reached down and groped my crotch through my jeans. My whole body felt weak and my cock swelled hard as a rock and throbbed with arousal - I think I'd have cum in my shorts if he'd kept that up.

"Yeah, I thought so," Adam said as he groped my hardon though my pants. "You like this. Horny little fucker, aren't you?" The sexy jock grinned at me as he squeezed my hardon, and it almost seemed like he was getting ready to kiss me, the way he was holding me, his face just inches from mine.

Then we were at the bar and we went in. I almost turned and ran. Adam had my number, what was he planning? Was I opening myself up to get beaten up by Adam and his jock buddies? He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and dragged me in with him. OK, I would have a beer and then make an excuse and leave. I'd be safe in the bar at least.

Adam's buddies were waiting for us inside the bar. Their names were Erik and Brad, and they were super-jocks like Adam, but treated me like one of the gang. Brad was even bigger than Adam, at least six-two, with brown hair and sparkling blue eyes and lots of muscles. Erik was almost as short as I, and blond like Adam, but must have outweighed me by twenty pounds, he was built like a truck, thick and solid. They were dressed much like Adam, jeans and no shirts, and jackets they tossed aside in the warm interior of the bar. I was wearing just a pec-skimmer and jeans, and felt like a kid with the three big jocks surrounding me. We all sat on stools along one wall and ordered beers.

Adam introduced me by saying "Here's the kid I was telling you guys about," and I almost ran. What had he told them? "Hey, dudes, I met this little faggot today, I'll bring him to the bar and once we get him drunk the three of us can make him suck our cocks and then we'll beat the shit out of him." Adam sat next to me, and got even more physical than he'd been earlier - not only did he put his hands on my legs as we drank and talked, he wrapped his arm around my shoulders a couple of times, buddy-like, and kept poking me other places - in the arm, in the chest, in the abs. He did it to his buddies too, and they did it to him and me - it was just the way they acted, they were always touching each other. They'd give these gentle friendly pokes to emphasize what they were saying.

But the way they touched me got very intimate - Adam's hands on my legs kept going higher and higher until he was practically groping my crotch, and I had a huge boner. And he repeated what he'd done on the way over, slipped his hand up under my cutoff tee shirt and played with my pecs as we talked, like it was the most natural thing in the world to feel another guy up in public. And he kept grinning at me in this sexy, knowing way that seemed to say he knew he turned me on and What was I going to do about it? I figured he had my number, all right, but I couldn't figure out where he was headed - I suppose I'd have been afraid if I hadn't been so turned on. It never occurred to me for an instant that he might be into guys, that was impossible, I had always thought I was the only queer in the world, and guys who looked and acted like Adam couldn't possibly be turned on by other guys.

My resolution to have just one beer and then leave evaporated quickly as Adam worked his seductive magic on me, and an hour later I had downed three beers and was totally in love with all three of the awesome jocks. Adam's buddies Erik and Brad were feeling me up like he was, and each other. They just couldn't seem to keep their hands off one another, and made it all seem so macho and natural and friendly. With their shirts off they were walking wet dreams - hard muscular, sexy.

Emboldened by the alcohol, I decided if they could do it, why couldn't I? So I tried returning the favor, reaching out and feeling their huge hard muscles as we talked, doing it casually, just a buddy admiring a friend's build. Once they saw how much I liked their muscles, they flexed and posed for me, and I got even more daring, feeling their rock-hard abs and pecs, and playing with their nipples as those sexy knobs of flesh got hard and aroused from my explorations. My cock was so hard it felt like it would explode, and I could see they were turned on too.

Adam liked my playing with his nipples, and so did Erik. Both of them encouraged me to keep it up, pinch and twist them real hard, and they gasped with pleasure as I worked their sexy pecs. They treated it like a game, a contest, who could take the most. "Go on, buddy, I can take it, work em hard, try to hurt me," Erik growled as I twisted his nipples, and I really gave it to the sexy stud. We were sort of huddled together, so I don't think anyone else around us could tell what we were doing.

Erik was about my height, on the short side, and really cute and sexy and boyish and I got really aggressive with him. I was playing with his pecs, and he got this sort of glassy-eyed look of arousal, and I reached down and groped his crotch and he had a hardon and I could feel his boner throb beneath my hand and his mouth fell open and he sort of gasped and I think he'd have let me keep it up and I probably could have made him blast a load of cum in his jeans just by playing with his big hard nipples while I squeezed his hardon that way, but I chickened out and took my hands away, embarrassed. We were all really drunk by then, just four horny guys messing around.

Then Adam found out how ticklish I was, and started teasing me about it, and tickling me. At first it was just every few minutes he'd reach out and poke his fingers into my sides or belly until I was laughing and protesting, and then he'd stop and we'd all talk and drink for a while longer, but then he said "Let's see how ticklish you really are," and he grabbed me from behind and started tickling me everywhere he could reach, until I was doubled over with helpless laughter, and he kept hugging and tickling me. He had his two muscle-buddies hold me while he stripped my shirt off so my entire torso was bare, and I felt embarrassed half-naked in public - other people were looking at us by then. Adam was pressed against my back with his crotch pressed against my ass and I could feel that he was as aroused as I was, with his hard cock pressed into the crack of my ass - it got me so turned on I was afraid he'd catch on how I felt, or that his buddies would notice, so I struggled to get away, and Adam said "Come on, you guys, help me out here," and Erik and Brad joined in tickling and teasing me. Adam grabbed me and turned me around so I was facing him and then told Brad and Erik to hold me, so they did, they grabbed me and pinned me so I was helpless.

So while his two half-naked muscle-jock teen buddies held me helpless, the awesome jock stud Adam stripped me all but naked right there in public, and then tickled my bare sides and belly and played with my chest. If we'd been alone I would have fought harder and made a lot more noise, but I didn't want to attract any more attention than we were already getting - there was a mixed crowd in the bar, couples and small groups of girls and guys like us, and it felt like everyone was watching us and laughing. Adam stripped my shirt slowly over my head, rubbing my naked muscles as he did it, getting me even hornier from the closeness of our hard male bodies, and his hands on my bare skin.

I felt naked with my torso exposed like that while they held me and tickled me, and my erection must have been obvious to anyone who looked at my crotch. Somehow the snap on my pants had come open, and my jeans and briefs had worked their way half off my hips, my pants were barely hanging on, ready to fall down and expose me completely and I struggled harder, afraid I was about to be stripped naked right there in public.

When I started to make too much noise Brad put his hand over my mouth to gag me. We were putting on quite a show, all four of us half naked, and them holding me helpless and putting their hands all over my body. I guess everyone thought it was just fraternity hazing, the three big jocks tickling and torturing their little pledge, humiliating him in public. I would have been angry if I hadn't been laughing so hard, and so turned on by being so near Adam and his buddies - the other two were very muscular and sexy too, and friendly, and turned me on almost as much as Adam - if he hadn't been there I'd have been drooling over them. As it was the combination of the three of them had me really horny.

I liked being so close to the three of them, and then having them touch me that way. They were all bare-chested, and they had stripped my shirt off so my body was half-naked, my pants were half-way down, and our naked bodies were all pressed together, their bare hard-muscled male bodies straining to hold me and their hands on my naked body teasing and tickling me. Adam's two sexy buddies were holding me the way he'd told them to, pinning my arms behind me, and my hands just wound up in their crotches and both had huge hardons and they let me grope them as they held me while Adam tickled my naked muscles. I felt their big hard cocks through their levis and squeezed and groped them and they shoved their crotches hard into my hands, liking it. I felt like I was in a dream, or in some horny porn film where guys could have sex anywhere, any time, there were no rules, no restrictions, no limits.

It was very confusing. I was getting scared, and started making more noise as they kept it up, and Brad clamped his hand over my mouth from behind to gag me - he had his other hand under my arm, tickling my armpit and then reaching around to feel up my hard-muscled pecs and abs and tickle me there too, while Adam was poking and tickling under my arms and on my sides and in my belly. They all seemed to know just how to get to me.

Adam was groping my crotch too, so he knew I was aroused. He kept wrapping his hand over my hard cock through my pants and squeezing it and then squeezing my balls until I was ready to shoot a huge wad of hot sticky cum in my shorts just from the way he was playing with my cock through my pants, and then he'd let up and tickle me some more. I couldn't believe this jock stud muscle-boy was playing with my hardon or that he and his buddies were getting off on feeling my naked body and making me shoot my load in my shorts. I was so horny and confused and desperate for release that I didn't care what happened or who saw, I wanted them to use me and make me cum.

Adam was standing in front of me, his body pressed against mine as he tickled me, his bare hard-muscled pecs pressed against mine, our naked flesh rubbing together in a very sexy way - I could feel our hard nipples touch and rub together - my cock was throbbing hard and leaking - he had both of his hands between us where no one else could see much - by that time he wasn't really tickling me any more he was feeling me up, rubbing my hard muscles with his hands as if he liked the way they felt, and liked the effect it was having on me, getting me so aroused I thought I'd shoot a huge load of cum in my shorts right there. The other two were still holding me so I couldn't move, and tickling and groping me as well, so I was laughing so hard I was practically crying, and so turned on I was about to cum. "Stop, please stop!" I was begging, but with Brad's hand clamped over my mouth, they couldn't tell what I was saying - I might as well have been begging them to keep it up, which was the truth, I wanted them to feel me up like that, I was enjoying being tickled and tortured by the three sexy half-naked jock studs, I wanted them to do it more, I didn't want it to stop, ever.

Then muscle-stud Adam started groping my crotch for real, feeling my boner through my pants - I've got a really big one and I've had straight guys want to see it and even feel it before, and I could tell the way Adam looked at me when he first put his hand on it and felt how big it was that he was impressed - he kept groping it and feeling it through my pants - then suddenly he pressed his body against mine to hide what he was doing and he opened my belt, and then the snap of my levis, and undid my fly a little and worked his hand down into my pants and wrapped his big hand over my crotch, feeling my boner through my briefs. He had his head next to mine, his mouth on my neck and I could feel and hear him breathing hard as we grappled and his mouth was practically in my ear and as he wrapped his big hand over my hardon and squeezed it.

I heard Adam grunt "Got you going, huh?" and the next thing I knew he had pulled his hand out and stuck it back inside my pants again, and this time he worked his hand inside my briefs and he grabbed my bare hard cock, cupped his big hand over my hard cock and balls and squeezed. "You like it like this, huh?" he growled in my ear as he played with my hard cock inside my pants right there in public, and I creamed right away. I couldn't help myself I just started cumming while Adam groped and tickled me and the other two held me and felt me up too.

They all three must have known what was happening - I'm sure Adam did, because he could feel my hard cock jerking and pumping out jism as he groped it, and he didn't let go, he kept squeezing my hard cock and jerking me off in my pants as I pumped a huge load of jism into my shorts and all over his hand. Erik still had his hand over my mouth, so no one but the three of them could have heard the noises I was making. I was gasping and moaning, and my whole body was jerking and shaking as I pumped jism into Adam's hand as he held my bare cock. I totally lost it, so I figure Erik and Brad knew what the score was, that I was cumming. Adam kept it up what seemed a real long time, held my dick and squeezed it and groped my nuts and squeezed them too while I blasted a load in my shorts and my whole body shook and convulsed with the force of my orgasm right there in this public bar. Adam's sexy muscular chest and abs were pressed hard against mine, our half-naked bodies were pressed together, with people all around us, but none of them could tell what was really happening, we must have looked just like some half-drunk horny guys wrestling for the fun of it. But I was terrified, I was panting and gasping so loud I was sure everyone in the bar knew just what was going on.

Adam had his other hand all over my pecs and abs and he wasn't tickling me any more he was feeling me up real good, getting at my naked body, playing with my nipples and teasing me as I shot my load in my shorts. His buddies were still holding me, but they were feeling me up too, one of them had his hand inside my pants from behind on my bare ass by then, rubbing my round firm ass cheeks, and poking into my crack with his finger, and I still had my hand in his crotch and was groping his huge hard cock though his levis and his buddy's hard cock too, they were all three as horny as I was.

I had this vivid fantasy image right then, of the three horny jock studs stripping me totally naked right there and holding me face down over one of the stools while the three of them took turns fucking me in the ass, and everybody watched and laughed. Two of them would hold me while the third pantsed me, they would get me buck naked and show everyone my hard cock, make a spectacle of me, hold me naked and play with my hard cock so everyone could see it, prove what a sick pervert I was, getting an erection in public. Then they would make me bend over a stool naked, make me spread my legs wide and lift my ass, offer it to them all to fuck, and one by one, the three of them would step up and drop their pants and free their huge hard cocks, and shove them up my ass and fuck me hard, while I begged them to do it faster and harder, and my cock would stay hard, and I would be unable to conceal my lust for them, my need for their sexy hard- muscled bodies and hard dicks.

It was incredible, Adam making me cum in my shorts while Brad and Erik held me. I don't think I ever came so hard. They were all laughing and poking at one another as they worked me over and I came in my pants. Finally as I stopped cumming Adam let my cock go and pulled his hand out of my pants, and I couldn't believe my eyes, he put his fingers to his mouth and licked them, grinning and winking at me, he actually licked some of my hot teen cum off his fingers. Then he wiped his hand on my bare chest and then he picked up my tee shirt and used it to wipe off the rest. There was cum all over his palm and fingers, I'd cum gallons and he'd gotten it all over his hand as he played with my naked dick inside my shorts, and he wiped it all over my body. He was grinning cockily at me as he stepped back, like he knew how much I wanted him and he'd just made me cum and there was nothing I could do about it. He was laughing at me, like he'd just made a fool of me, and I felt humiliated.

We were all pretty drunk, of course, and it was just kid stuff, they were doing it to tease me for being so ticklish, but it really embarrassed me, they were all three laughing at me, and once they let me go I said I had to go study, and rushed out. I didn't even close my fly, I just held my pants up as I pushed my way through the crowd and out the door, with everyone watching me and laughing. There must have been a big wet spot on my crotch from all that cum in my shorts, and it was all over my bare chest and belly - I felt the wetness of my fresh teen cum on my naked skin as the cool air of the outside hit me. Adam still had my tee shirt, so I was bare from the waist up, and felt totally naked and exposed. I felt like crying, I was so confused.

I figured that was the last I'd see of Adam or his buddies, now that they'd humiliated me they wouldn't want anything more to do with me, but to my surprise Adam came running after me, apologizing, "Hey, buddy, I'm sorry, we were just messing around, it's ok, don't be mad at me." He caught up to me quickly and put his arm on my bare shoulder and then mussed up my hair, and once he touched me like that I felt great and I said "That's ok, I just got embarrassed." He gave me that sexy smile then, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, and I put mine around him and we walked to my dorm that way, arms around each other. He kept hugging me tight and mussing up my hair and saying "Yeah, but we really got you going, huh? You really lost it, dude! Wow, you shot a huge load of jizz in your shorts! It was awesome. You're just like Toby, man, hot little fucker. Fuck, I almost shot a load myself, that was a turnon." Then he'd punch me in the belly and run his hand all over my pecs and abs, and I got a huge hardon right away again. I felt incredible, all warm and secure and happy with his arm around me and him talking like what had happened was OK, like it was something to be proud of even.

When we got to my room Adam just came right in, and I didn't know what to do - I still needed to study, but with him there all I could think of was how sexy he was and how he had just made me shoot a load of cum in my shorts. He pulled my tee shirt out of his back pocket where he had stuffed it in far enough to hold it, and he waved it at me grinning and I snatched it out his hands, feeling annoyed again. I tossed it in the corner and picked up a towel from the laundry pile there and tried to wipe myself off - the cum Adam had wiped all over me had dried, and the towel didn't do much good, so I got a clean tee shirt and put it on. Adam sat on the couch and I turned on the TV and sat down next to him, and we watched something for a couple of minutes, I had no idea what it was, I was drunk and dazed and happy with the sexy jock sitting so close to me, wondering what would happen next. Pretty soon Adam's leg was pressing against mine and my cock got rock hard again and then he reached over and grabbed my crotch. He put his big hand over it and started squeezing my hardon - I was so hard it hurt, even after cumming in my shorts that way. He leaned over and gave me that sexy grin and said "Still need it huh? Want to mess around?"

When I nodded, he took my hand and put it in his crotch and let me grope him too. I had been afraid to touch him until then, afraid to believe he was really into guys, but once he let me know it was okay my hands were all over his sexy muscles and in his crotch. He was as hard as I was, and the next thing I knew he leaned closer and kissed me right on the lips. I opened my mouth and he put his tongue inside and started frenching me like crazy. I was too stunned to kiss him back at first, even with his hand in my crotch and mine in his. But then as he kept it up and I felt his huge hard cock throbbing in my hand and he got his hand inside my pants and started working my boner again, stroking it real slow and sexy, and his mouth was on mine, and I responded and we started really kissing - I couldn't believe how passionate and sexy he was about it, with another guy like me. I still thought he was just messing with my head, for him this was just a lark, he was horny and I was available, he didn't really want me the way I wanted him.

He was very aggressive, but gentle - he got my pants open while we were kissing and got his hand inside my shorts and was groping my bare sex, squeezing and stroking it - I was still all wet from before in the bar when I had cum in my shorts and now I was leaking precum like crazy and he was rubbing that all around the big head of my cock. He seemed to have no inhibitions about touching me anywhere or me touching him. He worked my pants and shorts down far enough to free my cock completely and he was stroking my boner and playing with my balls and rubbing my thighs and then playing with my cock again - he had me totally aroused and knew just how to work my cock and balls, and just how to touch me between my legs and on my bare belly to keep me hot and horny.

Then he pushed my shirt up as far as it would go and played with my pecs, rubbing and squeezing them too. I got his jeans open and worked my hand inside and started playing with his huge cock and he let me play with it all I wanted and he was leaking too. He had a really big one - I could barely wrap my hand around it, and as I played with it he moaned and urged me on with "Yeah, that's good, buddy, keep that up, oh yeah."

We kissed for the longest time - he was very romantic - a couple of times when our lips parted he gave me these long slow looks and said "God, you are so fucking sexy". I kept working his monster cock with my hand and he said "If you'll suck on it, I'll suck yours too," and I nearly creamed, I couldn't believe this super-jock muscle stud was offering to suck my cock. I didn't care if he sucked me or not, I had to have that huge fuck-tool he was offering me, it was my first, and I had been dreaming about sucking it for weeks, imagining what it looked like and what it felt like, and now it was mine. I leaned down and started licking and sucking his huge sex. There was no way I could get more than about half of it in my mouth, but I tried. He was leaking precum like crazy and I kept licking and sucking and swallowing his fuck juice - it tasted great and I wanted all of it, wanted him to cum in my mouth so I could drink about a gallon of the white sweet sticky fluid, but he pulled me off his cock when I could tell he was getting close to shooting.

Then he got me nude, first slowly working my shirt up and licking my naked body and sucking on my chest until I was going crazy - he kept saying "I love your body, it's so sexy" and "Dude, you're sexy looking" and stuff like that and I couldn't believe this macho straight jock was acting like this, licking my naked muscles and kissing me all over and sucking on my pecs. Then he worked my pants off - I thought the was going to go down on me but he didn't - not then - he pushed me back onto the couch on my back and lifted my legs in the air to pull my pants all the way off and held my legs up like that and kissed and licked my ass, I couldn't believe it, the macho straight jock actually tongued my hole for a while, and sucked and licked on my balls. Then once he had me totally nude he lifted me up and put me on his lap, straddling his legs and facing him. I seemed to fit there so perfectly.

Then it was my turn to undress Adam, and I stripped him slowly, licking and sucking every part of him I could get at, loving his huge hard muscles and smooth satiny skin. He let me feel him and lick and suck everywhere, including his ass, which I figured a straight dude wouldn't go for but he let me lick his asshole and even poke a finger in there and everything I did to him he responded with panting and moaning and urging me on like "Oh yeah, that feels great dude, more," or "lower" or "Suck me harder, buddy." I figured it was just that he was high from all the beer.

Once we were both nude he sat me on his lap again and we kissed some more and felt each other up - he seemed to be as much into my body as I was into his, with his hands all over my muscles, feeling my pecs and playing with my nipples - I have really big ones, and they get very sensitive when I'm turned on and he really loved them, he told me they were awesome and leaned down and sucked on them for a long time, driving me wild 'cause I love to play with my nipples, and they got erect and sensitive as he sucked and pinched and pulled at them - and he was rubbing my abs and squeezing my biceps. I figured maybe he'd never felt another guy before and the novelty of it turned him on. And all the while he was milking precum from his cock and mine and rubbing it on his fingers and then rubbing it into my ass - we were both leaking the hot sticky fuck juice like crazy, and he used it to get my tight virgin asshole all wet and slippery, and then worked a couple of fingers up there real slow and easy and got me so hot I thought I'd cum just for him finger-fucking me like that, and he had me almost begging for him to fuck me - he'd lubed and loosened me up and played with my cock to the point I was desperate.

"You like that, buddy?" he'd ask, and I'd moan "Oh yeah, that feels great, go deeper, do it more, keep it up" and he'd poke another finger up my ass and probe around and loosen me up more and rub more of our fuck juice up there until I was all wet and slippery - we were both leaking like crazy so there was lots of lubricant and we were both sweating too, so our bodies were sliding against each other.

I wanted him to fuck me - I'd never had or wanted a cock up my ass before, but I wanted his - but he was so big and I was afraid it would hurt, but I knew there was no turning back - he was panting and grunting with urgent need and finally he said "I've got to have you, buddy, let me put it in there, I want you so bad, take my cock up your ass please. OK?"

When I didn't say No, Adam lifted me up and lowered me onto his cock - I tried to hold back even then but there was no way I could prevent him from having what he wanted by then, with both of us naked and hard and worked up, and him so much bigger. Once he put the head of that monster against my ass hole and lowered my body, my weight just pressed me down onto it, my ass was so well lubed and slippery it just opened wide and the head of his huge cock popped inside - it hurt at first, and I cried out, and Adam said "Oh, fuck, dude that feels so hot and tight, I'm gonna shoot," and as I gasped and moaned and sank slowly onto his cock, his whole body went rigid, and he grabbed me hard and yelled and held me close as he came just like that, with his cock only about half-way up my ass. It was awesome with all his huge hard muscles contracting and him grunting and holding me down hard on his huge cock as it pumped about a gallon of his hot jock-boy cum up my ass. When he stopped cumming he slowly relaxed but he still held me clutched to his pecs and his cock stayed hard up inside me.

I loved the way he talked to me, calling me "dude" and "buddy" and all. Then Adam wrapped both arms around me and pulled our chests together as I sat on his lap with about six inches of his huge hard cock up my tight virgin ass. At first it felt really strange, but as he held me and kissed me, I relaxed and got turned on again and it felt good, and I relaxed more and let myself down even farther, and he just sat there with his head back and his eyes half shut and sort of glazed-looking with lust, and let me get used to it, settle down on it slowly until every inch of his huge tool was sunk deep inside my ass. It was incredible. The sexy naked muscle-boy rocked his hips a little, grinding his cock up inside my ass and that got me going - I raised up on my knees so his huge tool slid out of my ass almost all the way, then lowered myself onto it again, impaling myself on that giant fuck pole, starting to love the feeling of that huge tool poking me in the ass. Then I did it again a few times, fucking myself with his cock as he sat there looking at me through half-shut eyes, real sexy and sleepy like. My ass was already full of his cum, which meant it was well-lubricated and his cock slid in and out real easy.

Then he started really fucking me, deep and slow. He'd lift me up with his hands and hold me so just the tip of his cock was still inside me, then he'd lift his ass off the couch and shove his cock all the way up inside me, and then he'd lower his ass so it would pull out, and then he'd do that again. I couldn't believe how strong he was, holding me up in the air like that while he fucked me from below. I helped a little, but mostly I let him just hold me up. He had a real gentle slow rhythm and fucked me like that until my cock got totally hard again and I was feeling like if he kept it up I would cum for sure. I couldn't believe how fucking good it felt having his huge dick up my ass while we faced each other and I started playing with his muscles again, and leaning forward to lick his pecs and suck his big hard nipples. He liked that, my sucking his nipples and the big sexy stud held my head down on them while he fucked my ass harder. That really got me hot, licking and sucking his muscles while he fucked me.

He pinched my nipples and with his other hand played with my hard-as-a- rock dick, and then when he had me starting to moan and grunt with each jab of his cock he lifted me off his cock - I said "NO!" and he said "Wait, this'll be just as good, I promise," and he flipped me over face down on the couch, and spread my legs wide, and actually licked my asshole for awhile, and then worked his big tongue up there, which totally drove me wild, and then a couple of fingers, until I was begging for him to fuck me again, and then he got on his knees behind me and put the huge head of his dick against my tight asshole and shoved and buried half of it in one thrust. I yelled out again, because it had been too fast and it had hurt again but he reached under me and wrapped his big hand around my dick - still rock hard - and he held onto my huge tool while he started fucking me for all he was worth. I was in heaven, with his huge hard-muscled body smothering me and his huge hard cock filling me, as he rammed it in harder and harder until he shouted, a long wordless moan of ecstasy, and I knew he was cumming - I thought I'd cum too, but I didn't.

Then Adam pulled his cock out - it was still hard and I wanted to suck it more, but he flipped me onto my back again and knelt between my legs and started licking and sucking my naked body all over, like he wanted to eat me alive. "God I love your body," he said. "You are so fucking sexy, dude. I've wanted you ever since that day you were watching me out on the plaza."

He looked up at me and grinned as he said that.

"You bastard!" I said, grinning back. "You DID see me."

"Dude, your mouth was hanging open and you were practically beating your meat staring at me!"

"Yeah, so what about the time you jerked off under the table in the cafeteria."

"Dude, that other kid wanted you so bad."

"ME!? He was looking at you!"

"Nope, he had his eyes on you the whole time."

My head was spinning as my whole world flew apart and fell back into place with a whole new set of rules. Adam was kneeling at my feet, worshipping me, and those looks I had gotten from other guys must have meant what I had wished they did. I shook my head and felt the incredible pleasure flooding my naked teen body.

The awesome jock was working a couple of fingers up my asshole again while he licked and sucked my pecs and my huge hard nipples. He gave those a real workout, licking and sucking and biting them until I was crazy with arousal and I could tell he liked them especially. Then he licked my abs, and then he licked my cock, and I wanted him to suck it so bad, but he teased me for awhile, moving to my thighs and balls and lifting my legs in the air to tongue my ass some more. He seemed insatiable, wanting to lick and suck every inch of me. Then slowly he licked up the shaft of my long hard tool until he reached the tip, which he finally started sucking, and slowly he took almost the whole thing into his mouth and down his throat, and I looked down and saw that incredible jock with his huge muscles, naked, kneeling there with his face buried in my crotch, and I just couldn't hold back any more, I started cumming so hard I thought I'd explode, and I grabbed his head and held it down on my cock. I'd meant to warn him and let him take his mouth off, but once I started cumming I couldn't, I had to fuck his mouth while I shot all my cum down his throat, and he took it all.

Then Adam let me suck his huge cock again until he came in my mouth and I swallowed all of his too, and then he fucked me again, and this time we were both on our sides, and he jerked me off while he fucked me and we came together.

When I woke up the next morning, Adam was gone but there was a note that said just "I want to fuck you again tonight," so after class I hurried back to the dorm and took a shower, and I was just drying off when he got there. When I opened the door and he saw me naked, he just fell to his knees and crawled across the floor to me and started licking my legs and up to my crotch, and then he started sucking my cock while he stripped himself naked, and we did it all over again.

We did that for three more nights, Adam coming by in the evening and us spending two or three hours fucking and sucking. He liked to try different positions, but my favorite to have him fuck me was flat on my stomach on the bed with him covering me and his arms wrapped around me from behind, hugging me tight while he fucked me long and slow. I loved being smothered by all those muscles and all that jock male sex lust.

Then it was the weekend and he said he had to see Teri, so I didn't see him again until Monday. He showed up right on time and started kissing and undressing me and panting how he'd missed me. I let him suck my cock for a while, he really loved that, even though he had trouble getting the whole thing down his throat but he loved to try even though it choked him. And I liked seeing that awesome stud naked on his knees going down on my huge tool and telling me how sexy I was. I held off from cumming, though, and by that time he was naked, so I made him lie down on the floor and went to work on him, licking and sucking his awesomely muscular naked body from head to toe, then started working his cock. He would let me play with his ass and even work a finger inside while I sucked him, so I got two in there this time and really had him going.

Then I lifted my head from muscle-god Adam's naked hard-dicked crotch as he lay back on the floor panting and moaning - I had two fingers up his ass and was stroking his cock with my other hand and he was panting and moaning and saying "Yeah, do that, oh yeah that's good, buddy."

I said "I want to fuck you."

I expected him to laugh and say "No Way, dude, forget it!"

But instead he looked kind of worried and said "You're too big, it will hurt."

That surprised me, it was like he was saying if I were smaller he would let me do it.

"You're even bigger than I am," I replied, meaning if I could take his huge cock, he should be able to take mine.

"But you've done it before," he said.

"Nope," I shook my head, "You were the first."

"Wow," he grinned real sexy. I could tell he liked that idea.

I still had two fingers up his ass, and was digging and poking in there, and licking his knob when I wasn't talking, and he was panting and his cock was leaking and throbbing. Then I found this hard nut up his ass and poked it experimentally, and he went "Arrgh!" like he was in pain, but his cock, which I had half of in my mouth right then, gave a big wet spurt, and I could tell he'd liked that, so I did it again.

I knew that when Adam fucked me just right, he hit something up my ass, and it felt incredible and made me shoot if he kept hitting it, and I figured this was that place.

"My God! What is that?" he asked, moaning and panting and heaving, and his cock spurting and leaking like crazy.

"I don't know," I mumbled with his cock still in my mouth. "But it feels even better when a big huge cock hits it. Let me fuck you."

"Oh God!" he wailed as I kept poking it with my finger, "Promise you'll take it out if it hurts."

I couldn't believe this big sexy muscle-jock dude was saying I could fuck his virgin asshole, but I didn't wait to let him think about it.

"Turn over" I said, grabbing him and helping him roll over. I figured it was best to get him under me where I could hope to pin him down for a minute or two. Besides that was the position I liked best, maybe he'd like it too. He rolled over and I reached under and grabbed his huge hard cock and stroked it while I knelt and placed the tip of my own hard tool against his tight sphincter. The awesome jock actually lifted his ass to meet me and with just a slight shove the huge hard head of my cock popped inside his ass.

He grunted, but said "Mmm! Wait, it hurts, Unggh," so I held it there not moving, holding my breath, and then he said " I think I can take more" and I shoved a couple of inches in.

It felt incredible, all warm and soft and smooth and tight. The fact that it was Adam, and I was feeling his huge hard pecs and abs while I fucked his ass made it totally awesome.

"More!" he grunted.

I figured it must hurt, but he was probably playing macho now. I decided to give him all of it and shoved my hips forward hard and the entire ten inches drove into his tight hot ass. I almost shot right away it felt so good and I was so turned on to have my hard cock up this super-jock muscle boy's naked virgin asshole. Adam let out a long low moan, and said "Oh my God!"

"Did I hurt you?" I asked letting myself fall on top of him, my huge hard cock buried to the hilt up his ass. I couldn't help moving my hips a little, just working the last few inches in and out of his ass. His cock in my hand was still rock hard.

"God! No," he moaned. "It feels incredible. Shove it in like that again."

I couldn't believe my ears - super-jock Adam was asking me to fuck him. I pulled out and shoved it in real slow again.

"Faster and harder" he said " I want it hard! Fuck me hard!"

This was too much - naked hard-muscled super-jock Adam was begging me to fuck him hard. I let go of his cock and raised myself on my hands like I was doing a pushup, and started fucking his ass real slow at first, but with hard jabs, trying to hit that spot inside his ass, and when I got a certain angle he started yelling "Fuck yes!" and I knew I had it, so I kept that angle and went harder and faster, and he was just yelling nonstop, this wordless moan of ecstasy, and it really turned me on, so I started cumming before I could stop it, and then I lost control and just fucked him as hard and as fast as I could, while my cock erupted up his ass and he yelled and moaned. Towards the end I got control of myself enough to reach under the muscle-god and grab his huge hard cock again and realized he was cumming too, yelling and spurting huge cobs of fuck juice all over the rug.

Afterwards he said "You can't tell anyone about this" and I just looked at him like "As if they'd believe me!" and he said "Promise" and I promised. He said " I loved it at the end when you went wild like that, it felt so primal and sexy to have you go nuts and fuck me so hard and fast - did you like it?"

"God, yes," I said.

We both needed to shower then, of course, and he insisted we go to the shower room separately, but on my way down the hall half a minute after Adam several guys I passed gave me very envious looks, and I could tell we weren't fooling any one - the noise we'd made must have told the whole story to anyone listening. One guy actually followed us and watched as we showered, but all he got to see was two guys showering.

The next night Adam let me fuck him again, after he fucked me, and he came again while I was fucking him - I took it slow and tried to make him cum, and it worked, he shot a huge load, and yelled out like he was dying from it, he came so hard.

Two nights later Adam brought those two guys from the bar, Brad and Erik - I wasn't expecting to see him that night, he said he was busy but he showed up with the two of them, and I could tell they were all high, he said they'd been drinking at that bar. I was studying and didn't want to let them in at first, but they looked so sexy, all three of them had on their letter jackets, and no shirts underneath, so I could see their huge hard muscles and it made me hard right away. Adam was wearing loose sweat pants, but I could see his semi-hard cock outlined through them, running down one leg. He was always at least half hard, and always dressed to show it off. The other two were wearing jeans. They had several six packs with them and we all drank beer and got pretty high.

I've mentioned that Brad and Erik were super-jocks like Adam. Both of them were very good-looking and super well built like Adam, and both of them turned me on. I was sort of pissed off at first that he would bring them without asking me, but he said they always got together every Wednesday night, and he'd told them about us, and he wanted us all to be buddies. I never dreamed he meant he'd told them about our having sex with each other.

It was a warm night, and the dorm has no air-conditioning, so even with the windows wide open, the room was hot, and the three of them stripped off their jackets. Adam was the first, and the other two followed his lead, and soon I was having a hard time not staring at all the sexy naked muscles spread out in my room.

Brad and Erik were really sexy and friendly, and I trusted Adam by then, so I resigned myself to a night of macho beer-drinking and straight-guy sports talk. None of which I mind, I like sports and was on the wrestling team myself in High School, and know how to be "one of the guys", but it wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind for the evening. Besides, looking at Adam lounging there half naked - he'd taken off his jacket the minute he sat down and was rubbing his hands all over his gorgeous muscle-hunk chest and abs - all I could thing was how great it would be to fuck him silly, now that we both knew he liked it. I still loved having him fuck me, but feeling my cock full up his ass while I mounted him from behind and wrapped my arms around his huge chest and played with his pecs and nipples and rubbed his rock-hard rippled abs was an incredible turn-on. I got all hard and wet just thinking about it, which I couldn't help doing as the four of us sat and talked and drank beer. I looked at Adam's crotch and saw he had a full hardon by then too. I looked at his face, and he was looking at me and grinning that sexy grin he got when he was horny. He opened his mouth slightly and pushed his tongue out, then licked his lips slowly, and I wanted to stand and drop my pants and shove my cock down his throat.

Once we were all high, Adam pulled out a porn movie he'd rented and popped that into my VCR. I thought it was straight at first, but it turned out it was bi, and soon there were two awesome sexy dudes sucking each other off while this chick used dildos on the two of them. Right away Adam just pushed his sweats down and freed that monster dick of his and started beating off right there in front of the three of us. The other two followed his lead, and I figured the three of them must do this all the time when they were bored, rent porn and watch it and beat off together. I was afraid to look at the other guys too openly, but I sneaked glances as they watched the video and jerked off. Brad was hung huge too, almost as long as I am, but not as thick, while Erik was smaller, though he still had a real nice juicy cock that I wanted to get my mouth on. They both just stood and dropped their pants to their ankles and sat back practically naked and stroked their big hard dicks while the porn flick rolled on. They were really sexy about it too, they didn't just sit stony faced and jerk off, they looked at me and Adam and each other and showed themselves off - flexed their muscles and posed as they played with their naked sexy hard-muscled jock bodies - it was awesome. I felt like I was in a porn flick myself as the three of them sat there naked and played with their huge hard cocks and exposed their hard-muscled naked bodies for me to look at.

But I was embarrassed and held back. The idea of exposing myself in front of these two strangers, straight guys too, made me sort of nervous, even though I did have a hardon, I couldn't help it, both from the movie and from looking at the three of them naked and beating off right in front of me. I guess I was a little worried that Adam was using me somehow, had told them about us and brought them over to fuck me too or something, and they would all three rape me.

"What's wrong, Cody, shy?" Erik asked, grinning. "Adam said you'd be cool about this. Come on, show us what you've got - you have a real nice body."

I glared at Adam who was grinning that sexy cocky grin at me. I was getting pissed off and felt like telling them all to get the fuck out.

But Adam said "Come on you guys, his cock is as hard as mine - make him show it to you, he's got a real big one," and the two naked muscle-stud jocks jumped up, and grabbed me and wrestled me onto the floor, and pulled my pants down while Adam leaned back on the chair naked and watched us and stroked his cock and urged them on. I struggled but I was no match for the two of them, they were both bigger than I was, and they had no trouble stripping me naked while Adam watched and laughed. They both put their hands all over me too while they were doing it, it was obvious they were using Adam's suggestion as an excuse to feel me up, and liked my muscles, and my big cock. They started tickling me, and that got me helpless, so they could do anything they wanted to me.

Once Brad and Erik had me naked, Adam said "I think Cody needs to be punished for giving you guys such a hard time - go on guys, spank him, give it to him!"

Erik sat on the couch and Brad wrestled me face down naked across Erik's legs with my bare vulnerable ass in the air - and Erik grabbed my wrist and twisted one arm behind me so I couldn't move, though I still struggled - Brad was holding my legs and feeling me up - I was incredibly turned on by having the two naked muscle gods strip me naked and wrestle me like that, but I didn't want them to know how much I liked it, though my hard cock must have given me away - they were rock hard too of course, and Erik's hard cock was poking me in the belly as I twisted and struggled while he held me on his naked lap and spanked me with his bare hand. He said "Yeah! Take that, punk! Spanking your sexy ass, little cock- teaser," and started slapping my bare ass with his hand, while Adam and Brad watched and laughed and urged him on.

Erik said "Come on you guys, help me here, he's fighting me," so the other two joined in, and soon all three of them were slapping my bare ass and groping my naked body while I lay across Erik's bare legs - we were all four buck naked by then, hard-muscled teen bodies sweaty and sexy with lust - it felt incredibly erotic to have them spank me, they weren't doing it that hard, and being dominated by those three naked muscle-jocks was awesome - I'd have liked it even if it had hurt more.

And they weren't just spanking me they were groping my naked body all over, and playing with my muscles, so it was real sexy. My hard cock was poking down between Brad's bare legs as I lay across his lap and he held his legs together so that there was a lot of friction, it was like I was fucking his legs as the three of them slapped my ass, which drove my hard cock in and out and got me even hornier. They kept spanking me until I felt like I was going to cum if they kept it up, my ass was on fire but so was my cock, and my balls were churning with hot cum ready for release.

Then Brad said "Man, the little fucker likes this, his cock is still hard - let's make him cum, I want to see that monster of his shoot." The naked teen muscle stud had been holding my ankles to keep my ass in position on Erik's lap so they could spank me, and now he released my ankles, and Erik leaned back and spread his legs so Brad could play with my cock and balls with one hand while he started stroking his own huge hard cock with the other.

"No, wait stop!" I yelled. "You can't! Stop! No!" I was embarrassed, being so totally at their mercy, and felt like they were making fun of me for being turned on. I didn't want them to see me cum and know how much I was getting off on being dominated, how much I liked their hard-muscled naked bodies and hard cocks. I would gladly have knelt and sucked them off, but I wanted them to leave so I could crawl under the covers in bed, and cry in frustration and anger.

But they didn't listen, they were too carried away, enjoying my hard- muscled sexy teen body, and the sight of my helpless body being sexually tortured - Erik had his arm wrapped around me to pin me to his lap so I was helpless to prevent them from doing whatever they wanted - he stopped spanking me and started playing with my bare ass, poking his finger into my ass hole - he must have licked it first, because it was real slippery and went right in - he finger-fucked me while Brad stroked my cock which was huge and hard and leaking precum all over the place - I felt my balls churning with hot teen boy cum and my whole body was throbbing with arousal, I was still struggling but losing my will to fight as my body filled with lust and my cock throbbed and spasmed. There were hot male hands all over me, feeling my muscles and cock and ass, urging me on, getting me hotter and hornier and more desperate to shoot my wad.

"No, please, stop!" I begged as I struggled and I could feel my orgasm building and my body starting to go rigid with ecstasy. "OH! God! Stop, please, I'm cumming!"

I looked over at the couch and saw Adam sprawled there naked watching while the two super-jocks worked me over, with his huge hard cock in his hand, stroking it slowly, and his other hand working his huge hard nipples and feeling his rock hard pecs and abs. The video was still playing, but no one was looking at that. My jock fuck-buddy Adam looked awesome stretched out there naked like that with lust and arousal in his eyes as his huge cock oozed and dribbled fuck juice down over his balls.

Erik worked two of his fingers up my ass and probed and poked until he found my prostate which he poked and rubbed so that it drove me wild it felt so good, I wanted something bigger and harder up there fucking me, and I imagined all three of them fucking me, their huge hard cocks driving into my ass and making me cum as I felt their naked hard-muscled bodies pounding into me - with that lust-crazed image in my mind I felt my cock start to explode - the combination of Erik's fingers up my ass and Brad's hands on my naked sex drove me over the edge and I came right there, bent naked across Erik's naked legs getting spanked and finger-fucked.

I yelled out "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, fuck, yeah!" and blasted a giant load of jism all over Erik's legs and onto the floor. It went on a long time I was so hot and they kept playing with my cock and ass and balls so I just kept shooting cum and my whole body was convulsed with it.

"Fuck, yeah!" said Erik in awe as my huge cock poured out hot sticky fuck juice. "Awesome!" as he worked his fingers up my ass.

The two sexy naked studs let me go then and I grabbed Erik, wanting to pay him back for spanking me, and Brad joined in, then Adam, and soon we were all four wrestling together on the floor in a pile of hard muscles and hard cocks and hot sticky wet cum.

When Erik noticed that my cock was still hard he started playing with it and saying "Wow Adam he's hung as big as you!" as he stroked and squeezed it. I was not struggling so much by then because it felt really good to have these three naked jocks pinning me down and groping my naked sex and feeling my muscles and all - they seemed to really get into my body. Their huge hard cocks were swinging around and poking me in the belly and ass and face as we tussled on the floor, and we were all slippery with mutual sweat and the sticky fuck juice leaking from all four of our hard cocks. I had both hands free, and was feeling them up as much as they were me, and had already gotten my hands on both Brad and Erik's rock hard heavily leaking fuck-poles, and all over their naked hard-muscled teen bodies, their pecs and abs and hard round asses. I was still feeling dizzy and confused, the whole scene was such a shock, these awesome studs wanting to feel my naked body and make me cum.

I was lying on top of Brad who was naked except for his gym shoes and sox, on his back on the floor, and I had started sucking the big jock's huge pecs, and licking his sexy big nipples and I was ready to start sucking all of them off. Brad was cradling my head in his arm, liking what I was doing to his chest - I started chewing lightly on his nipples, and that was really getting him going, he wanted me to keep that up - I figured that was what this was about, Adam had brought them here to have me suck their cocks and get fucked by them, and I was getting to like the idea, as I really wanted both of these super hot muscle stud jocks now, the idea of being their little fuck slave wasn't so unappealing. Erik was lying on the floor on one side of us, with his hand on my ass, fingering my hole and playing with my cock.

Then when Erik said my cock was as big as Adam's, Adam said "No way, mine is bigger." So the other two made us stand facing each other and put our hard dicks side by side so they could compare and they both had their hands all over our naked bodies. "See, mine's bigger," Adam said, his huge paw wrapped around both his and my hard cocks and stroking them both slowly as we stood chest to chest naked and the other two felt our naked bodies.

I couldn't believe these other two dudes were into naked guys like they turned out to be, they both felt me and Adam all over, playing with both of our cocks and feeling our muscles and saying "Dude, you've got great abs, and your pecs are awesome" and "Wow, and your nipples are huge, look at em and they're all hard," as they felt me and Adam up. They each had one hand on their huge hard cocks, beating off as they watched us and used their free hands to feel our muscles and cocks and asses. These studs just didn't seem to have any inhibitions, once their cocks were hard.

We all had huge erections, and then Adam started tickling me like in the bar, and the other two joined in, and they held me so I couldn't stop them and tickled me for awhile. I laughed and fought them, but was no match for the three of them as they worked me over thoroughly, tickling and feeling me up all over. Big hard-muscled Erik was playing with my ass, poking his fingers in there while Adam tickled me from in front, and Brad played with my cock, it was just like in the bar except all four of us were buck naked and hard-dicked and just like the time in the bar I started cumming, it was so sexy to have them all three holding me and working me over like that, I shot cum all over Adam's stomach and crotch and legs.

Erik kept playing with my ass and working his fingers up there while I was cumming which made me cum even harder and when I didn't protest he said "Dude, you've got such a pretty ass, you've got me all hard. Hold him you guys I'm gonna fuck him" and Adam and Brad wrestled me face down over the arm of the couch. I pretended to resist, it was more fun when they had to force me and I was straining against their hands as they pushed me down and spread my legs apart, and then huge muscular dark-haired jock Erik shoved his cock up my ass and fucked me - he wasn't as big as Adam but he wasn't small either and it hurt at first because he was rougher than Adam and just rammed it in and then fucked me hard right away, but the way the other two were feeling me up, and I was turned on by being dominated and used, and Erik came real quick.

Then Brad wanted a turn, so he moved in behind me and fucked me too - he really got into my body and went slower, wrapping his arms around me from behind and playing with my big hard pecs and stroking my cock while he slid his cock in and out of my ass real slow and whispered in my ear "Oh shit, dude, you are so fucking cute and sexy your ass is so tight and hot, I love fucking you, I wanted you in the bar that night, you looked so awesome half naked in front of all those people, I wanted to strip you naked and fuck you right there, you have such awesome muscles, I love your juicy hard pecs and abs, and your big hard cock - oh yeah I'm cumming!" and he shot a huge load of cum up my ass and kept fucking me even after his cock stopped spurting, he was so horny for me he stayed hard and kept fucking me until he came a second time.

Then Adam said "I want him to blow me," so he sat on the couch and the other two held me kneeling on the floor with my face in his crotch and I pretended to resist but then went down on him and took almost half his huge dick and they said "Wow look how much he can take!" That made me wonder whom they had seen try to suck Adam's cock before - was it one of them? I started sucking Adam for real, giving him a real good blow job, and Erik knelt behind me and shoved his huge dick up my ass and fucked me again - his buddy had just cum twice up my ass so I was pretty well loosened up and well-lubricated by all the cum the two studs had pumped inside me. The sexy blond jock took longer this time and went slower and it felt awesome to have the huge muscle god jock ramming his huge hard dick up my ass - he wrapped one arm around me from behind and played with my pecs while he used his other hand to stroke my rock hard cock as he fucked me. I loved it and took my time making Adam cum. Brad sat on the couch beside Adam and watched us, feeling Adam's muscles and jerking himself off as he watched and said "Dude, you're an awesome cock-sucker, you've got almost all that huge dick down your throat, yeah, suck him good, make him blast another load!"

Finally Adam blasted a huge load of jism, and I swallowed it all just as Erik started cumming while he fucked me up the ass. He came much harder this time, because he'd gone slower and gotten into it, and he collapsed on top of me as I knelt with my head in Adam's crotch licking the last of his cum from his cock, and Adam panted and grunted with pleasure. Brad was cumming too as he watched the three of us and stroked his own cock and played with Adam's muscles - he leaned back and stroked himself to a big gushing fountain of cum that splashed all over his pecs and abs and dribbled down over his cock onto his balls.

Pretty soon Brad and Erik were hard again and jerking themselves even though they'd just cum and they said "Make him do us too" and Adam said "Yeah, he's real good at this, go on sit," and he held me from behind and shoved his huge hard cock up my ass and fucked me while he held my face in Erik's crotch. Erik had a smaller cock, but I loved the way I could get all of it in my mouth, and it tasted so sweet, and he was so sexy and cute that I got all hard just sucking him and really gave him a really good blowjob as he laid back and ran his fingers through my hair and urged me on. I sucked that sexy blonde muscle-stud dry and he was shouting and bucking as he came, holding my head down on his cock as he spurted more cum than I'd have thought he could still hold, a huge load of hot sexy fuck juice that I swallowed eagerly.

And while I'd been sucking him, I got my fingers into Erik's tight hot ass and loosened him up, so that when I finished sucking him off he was ready to be fucked, and I was about to give it to him, but then Adam saw what I was up to, and he pulled his cock out of my ass and grabbed Erik and flipped him over face down over the arm of the couch and rammed his huge hard cock up his ass and fucked him hard. The cute blonde football stud yelled at first, but then loved it.

Brad meanwhile pulled me down on his cock and made me suck it. He was bigger than his little buddy Erik, so it was more work, but I liked his muscles and the macho way he growled and talked dirty to me while I sucked him off. And he didn't object when I started working my fingers into his crack and probing for his asshole. Pretty soon I had Brad nearly cumming, sucking his cock and playing with his tight hot asshole. I tried not to let him cum, though, working his cock real slow and getting two fingers real wet and slippery with the juice leaking heavily from my once again rock-hard cock, and working them up his ass, and finger-fucking him while I sucked his big cock until he was moaning and panting and begging me to make him cum. So then I lifted his legs and licked his asshole, and he loosened up, so I poked my tongue inside, and that got him panting and begging even harder.

"Yeah, oh Yeah! Give it to me, buddy, give it to me!" I figured the awesome jock was begging to be fucked, and I got up and put my big hard cock against his wet slippery asshole and shoved, and with no resistance at all the huge head of my cock popped inside and he let me fuck him too.

Brad made a face like it hurt right at first as my cock entered his tight hot hole, and said, "Fuck, dude, you're big," but he didn't try to stop me. He was real cute and sexy, and soon had his head back and his eyes tight shut and his huge hard cock spurting as I jabbed my huge rock hard cock up his virgin ass. He had great muscles too, which I rubbed and squeezed while I fucked him, getting off on all those huge hard male muscles, and I played with his big nipples and that got him going good. I spit in my hand and wrapped it around his giant dick and started stroking it as I pumped my own cock up his ass, and just a few strokes of my slippery hand was all it took - he started yelling and cumming so hard I thought he would pass out from the force of it - the sexy big-muscled jock obviously loved getting fucked! I leaned forward as he was cumming and kissed him and he kissed back, frenching and sucking my mouth and tongue eagerly, and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed and held me as I fucked him with his legs in the air on the couch. That pushed me over the top, this sexy straight stud kissing me so passionately, so I started cumming, poking my huge hard cock up his ass hard and fast and shouting with ecstasy it felt so good.

Then the three of us ganged up on Adam, since he was the only one who hadn't been fucked. The other two wrestled him down over the arm of the couch, face down with his beautiful bubble-butt sticking up, the same way they'd had me, with his ass in the air, and then held him while I poked my still wet hard dick up the huge jock's hot tight ass - my cock was all slippery from fucking Brad so it popped right in - he yelled out like it hurt but I just kept going and fucked him rough and hard. He acted like it hurt and he was trying to resist, but I could tell he liked it a lot. I reached under and grabbed his cock and it was hard and spurting every time I jabbed my cock up his ass, and he came even before I did, with just my cock up his ass fucking it hard and fast. I think he liked being dominated like that too.

The other two were jerking off while they watched me fuck Adam, and they came all over the two of us, I could feel their hot sticky cum dripping down my back into my ass crack as I fucked my awesome jock buddy. They rubbed their hard cocks all over my naked body and coated me with their fuck juice.

Then as soon as I finished shooting and pulled my cock out of Adam's well- fucked ass, rock-hard muscle boy Erik moved in behind Adam and shoved his hardon up my buddy's naked ass and fucked him too, and Adam just stayed there and took it, panting and moaning and grunting with pleasure from having his jock stud ass fucked. When Erik finished fucking Adam, big- dicked muscle-boy Brad took over and fucked Adam until he was squealing and cumming again. And by that time Erik and I were so hard again that I pushed him down over the other arm of the couch and fucked him too - it was awesome with my dick up his ass while I watched Adam get ploughed by hugely muscled Brad - all the hard muscles and naked teen boy-flesh fucking and getting fucked sent me right over the top again and I stroked Erik to a huge gushing orgasm while I fucked him too - I could see him watching the other too and loving that as much as I did.

It was late then and we all had classes the next day so they all hurriedly pulled their pants and jackets back on and left, not saying much, and I figured that was the last I'd see of Erik or Brad, they'd probably avoid me after what had happened, even though they'd obviously enjoyed it. They were just a couple of straight jocks who got drunk and got carried away with their horny need to get off any way they could.

But the next day in history class I saw Brad, and he came up to me afterwards and put his arms around my shoulder real buddy like and leaned down and murmured in my ear, "I want to do that again - can I come over tonight?"

I was amazed. Was this straight macho stud saying he wanted me to fuck him again? Even if he just wanted to fuck me, I was into that. I was dying to suck his big hard cock again, this whole sex thing was even better than I had hoped, and I wanted all I could get. I already knew I wouldn't see Adam for he next few nights, he'd told me he was shacking up with Teri, who was feeling neglected, so I thought Why shouldn't I have some fun too? I said, "OK, come over at seven."

Brad showed up at 6:45 with a couple of six-packs of beer. He wasn't like Adam about it, he was obviously still up tight about having sex with another guy, so he was very cool and distant at first, and sat on the couch drinking the beer real fast - he put away three in about fifteen minutes. I had one myself, just to keep him company, and started feeling high. He asked if I had any more porn, and I said "Yeah, but it's just guys," and he said "Put one on", so I grabbed the first one I could find and popped it into the VCR. It was a Czech film, with smooth, blond, muscular jocks who started fucking right away, and Brad sat there watching it but not making any moves, so I figured it was up to me and I started undressing him as he watched the video. He was wearing a starched white shirt, which I found sexy, so I opened the buttons and spread it apart to bare his torso. He smelled like soap, and it was obvious he'd just finished showering, so I knew he was clean, and I wondered if he'd done it just for me. The muscle stud jock had loved it when I tongued his asshole the night before, and might be hoping I'd do that again.

I started licking Brad's hard-muscled chest and sucking his huge hard pecs. He had really big nipples that got all hard and swollen as I licked and sucked on them, and he had started moaning softly and making little grunting noises, so I knew he liked it, but he still just sat there. Adam would have been holding my head in his hands and talking to me and guiding me where he wanted me to suck and lick, and then fucking my face with his huge dick while he swore and grunted and moaned.

Brad didn't move, or even look at me, he just sat there with his eyes glued to the video, and only the soft whimpering noises he made as I sucked his pecs told me he was enjoying himself. I pushed the sexy stud's starched white shirt back further, so it was off his shoulders, and then opened the tight pants he was wearing. The bulge of his cock looked like it must hurt all crammed up inside those tight pants, and there was a large wet spot where the head pressed against the leg of his pants - he was liking this, even if he wasn't saying much. Once I had his fly open he lifted his hips on the couch so I could pull his pants part way down, freeing that huge piece of meat. He wasn't wearing any undershorts, and the giant cock sprang fully erect, snapping up against his belly. A string of his fuck juice swung out to follow it, hitting me in the face - he was so turned on he was already leaking, and I started licking the sticky juice as it oozed from the huge bulbous piece of meat. He loved that and moaned and panted, but still didn't say anything.

I glanced at the TV and saw that the video was now showing one guy sucking another guy's cock while he got fucked from behind by a third, and Brad was still watching it. I worked his tight pants down to his ankles and licked and kissed his huge hard-muscled calves and thighs, loving all that hard male muscle at my mercy, with his pants tying up his ankles like that he sure wasn't going anywhere. I pushed his knees wide apart and stroked and fondled his smooth almost hairless legs, licking and nibbling at the warm soft skin, working my way slowly up from his calves to his inner thighs, then to his crotch, where I licked and sucked his nuts and that got him finally, he moaned loudly. I looked up and saw the awesome jock had his head back and his eyes closed now. I sat back on my haunches and looked at him - I love seeing a guy partly undressed like that, with his pants at his ankles and his shirt pushed back - he was naked, but still partly clothed and it looked sexy as hell.

The way he was acting, so passive, I figured he was just waiting for me to make all the moves. I was tempted to grab a piece of rope and tie him up so he was really at my mercy, but decided that might be going too far, so I just said "Turn over," and guided him to roll over so he was face down on the edge of the couch, then I pulled him down further so just his head and shoulders were on the couch, and he was kneeling with his ass in the air. I pulled his pants down further around his ankles and pushed his shirt up over his head so he was effectively naked. Then I stood and stripped my own clothes off, so I was naked. My big cock was rock hard and dripping.

We both knew now that the macho football stud was going to get fucked, and I think he was expecting me just to ram my cock up his ass right away and fuck him rough, but I wanted to tease him, so instead I started licking his bare legs again, this time from behind, working my way up to his ass where I licked and sucked those hard mounds of flesh and he reached back and spread his cheeks apart for me. He had his eyes shut tight and was making sexy soft whimpering noises that sounded vulnerable and needy and made me really horny for his ass. I was amazed he was so submissive, and teased him, licking slowly toward his asshole, licking his crack slowly and getting him real wet. I had one hand under him playing with his cock and the other on his pecs, working those huge nipples. His cock was leaking and jerking and he started moaning like he was right on the verge of shooting, so I backed off that a little, moving my hand to his balls, which I tugged and squeezed - they were as huge as his cock, heavy and round and I loved the feel of them in my hand and worked them real good, hurting him a little - he loved it, and whimpered and moaned louder, but still no words. I wanted him to beg me for it.

My own cock was throbbing hard and leaking and I felt like I'd blast my own load without even touching myself if I kept up sucking and licking the sexy muscle stud's ass and playing with his awesomely sexy body. I liked his passivity, it was turning me on even more.

Finally I started licking his asshole and he whimpered "Yes" very softly so I licked harder and then poked my tongue against it and he opened up and let me shove my tongue inside. I was amazed he could relax that easily, I was able to get almost my whole tongue inside his ass and gave him a real tongue-fucking and he whimpered and moaned "Yes, yes!" I could tell either he'd been fucked a lot, or he was using some toy on himself when he jerked off. He really wanted my cock up there, and I knew if I held back much longer I was going to blast my cum all over the floor - or the sexy jock might come to his senses and realize what he was doing and get up and run.

I moved in behind him and worked a big wad of fuck juice out of my cock and spread it around on the head. Then I reached under the sexy jock boy kneeling face down in front of me and milked his cock too, coming up with a big wad of his juice, and worked that into his tight wet asshole. He whimpered and moaned wordlessly, encouraging me, ready to be fucked! I shoved two fingers up his ass and found his love nut and gave it a few good hard jabs. He gasped.

"Tell me you want it," I growled, poking my fingers at that hard knob up his ass.

"Ohh! God! I want it!"

I leaned down and put my mouth on his ear and licked and sucked and bit it. "You want what, pussy boy?" I asked softly. "Tell me what you want." I poked my tongue into his ear and got it wet, then sucked on it gently. He gasped.

"Fuck me," he moaned. "I want you to fuck me with that big hard cock of yours. I need your big hard cock up my ass."

I sucked his ear and bit his neck and said "Say please, pussy boy." He gasped and moaned as I dug my fingers around inside his ass.

"Please, sir," he moaned. "Please fuck my ass with your big cock, sir!"

"Sir" was great, I loved "sir", this awesome stud who outweighed me by at least thirty pounds was calling me "Sir" and begging me to shove my cock up his tight hot ass and fuck him senseless. I was ready.

I got up and squatted so I could get a better angle and pressed the head of my giant dick against that tight slippery hole and then shoved once real hard and it slid all the way in - Brad let out a long low moan of pleasure - he just took my huge cock all the way to the hilt. I was sure now that he'd been fucked before, by at least one really big cock - was it Adam's?

I left it there like that for a minute, not wanting to cum too soon - I was too horny for this stud, and I tried to hold off by just rocking my hips gently, letting him get used to it.

"Fuck me," he said in a long deep moan. "Fuck me real hard, buddy. I love the feel of that big dick up my ass. Give it to me as hard as you can."

I stuck my legs out straight behind me and lifted my hips into the air and then pressed my chest against his back, sort of like I was doing a pushup as I started fucking the big muscle-boy. I wrapped both arms around him, wanting to feel all those huge hard muscles as I jammed my huge cock up his tight hot ass. He was moaning and panting and whimpering "Yes, oh yes, fuck me! Harder!" and it was driving me mad with lust. I had one hand on his huge hard pecs, and the other on his rock hard rippling abs. His body was contracting and releasing like he was working out, and it felt awesome. He'd been kneeling, but now he stuck his legs out between mine, so he was in sort of a pushup position too, and I was able to really slam my cock hard into his tight hot asshole. It was obvious he got off on his own muscles, and my enjoyment of them, and wanted to turn us both on as he flexed and moaned.

I drove my huge cock in and out of Brad's ass harder and faster, starting to lose control. I was so turned on I could feel a huge orgasm building, and I was almost afraid to let it happen, it was coming so hard and so fast and it kept building - I was afraid I would explode with it. But I wanted him to enjoy this too, so I raised up a little and drove my cock down into him, aiming at his prostate, and I must have hit it right away because he let out a yell so loud I was afraid everyone else in the dorm would be in my room - I kept jabbing at that spot as my own orgasm hit me, and I lost control and just rammed my cock in as hard and fast as I could - I must have yelled even louder than he had, as I came for what seemed like hours. And he was bucking and heaving under me like a stallion, yelling and moaning and grunting with ecstasy. Through the fog of my orgasm I could hear voices in the distance, yelling things like "Shut up, you faggots!" I managed to get my hand around his cock and felt it spurting and throbbing huge gushes of cum as he shot his load with my cock buried up his ass.

My body continued to contract with huge spasms that wrenched big panting moans from my gut, and that continued for what must have been several minutes as I lay collapsed on top of Brad's huge hard-muscled body. His body too was still shaking with spasms, and we lay like that across the edge of the couch recovering for a long time, my cock still rock hard and still buried up his hot tight asshole. I could feel his ass squeezing and releasing as his cock spurted out big wads of cum on the floor and it turned me on even more to feel his ass milking my cock. I felt like I must have poured a gallon of cum up his ass.

We were both covered with cum and sweat after the awesome ass-fucking I had given the muscle-boy, so I tossed him a towel and said "Let's take a shower," and he followed me meekly down the hall to the shower room. There were a couple of other dudes in the bathroom and they looked at us in envy and then looked away as we walked naked past them, our big, half-hard dicks still wet and oozing. The shower room was divided into stalls, but with no doors or curtains. I led Brad to the last one, which is the largest, so both of us could fit in there together easily. It's also the hardest to see into. I was planning to fuck Brad again under the shower, and figured if someone wanted to watch, fine, but make them work for it.

I told Brad I wanted to wash him, so once he was wet under the hot steamy spray, he stood docilely while I soaped up his awesome physique and washed him from head to toe. I just couldn't get enough of his awesome physique, and spent at least ten minutes soaping him and feeling him up. He loved having his big hard pecs worked, so I spent a lot of time on those. When I got to his ass he bent over and spread his ass cheeks wider for me and I poked my huge hard cock up his ass and fucked him again standing there in the showers. We were worn out enough that we didn't make much noise, but as my cock pumped the last of my nutload up the stud's hot ass, I looked out of the stall and saw a nerdy-looking kid standing there with his toothbrush in his hand, rubbing his crotch and staring at us. I pulled my cock out of Brad's ass and waved it at the kid, the last of my cum oozing from the tip, and he turned and fled. I figured that image would give him enough fuel for several months of hot bedtime jerkoff sessions.

Back in my room, Brad wanted to spend the night, but I needed to study, so I sent him away, after promising to let him come over again soon. Much as I was enjoying all the sex, it was going to affect my grades if I kept up this perpetual orgy. Besides, I was still hooked on Adam, and hoped he'd be knocking on my door in a couple of nights. I laughed at myself. A couple of weeks earlier I had been a virgin, and desperate to find out what it would be like to have sex with another guy. Now I was having to turn them away!

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