Jock Buddy 2: Adam's Story

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I saw Cody my first day of classes at college. I was standing on the plaza with my buddies Erik and Brad, chatting up a coed who had been drooling over me at the Registration table. My girl friend had dumped me two weeks earlier, and I needed a replacement fast, can't maintain my reputation as super-stud without a steady lay on the line.

Cody was sitting on a bench staring at me like he'd never seen a guy in shorts before. I found out later that was practically true, he'd led a very sheltered life, but with MTV and the Internet, hasn't everybody seen sexy dudes showing off their assets? Once I noticed him I put on a show to tease him, and he looked like he was going to cream in his levis, I'd never seen a guy look so crazed with lust. I really got off on teasing him, rubbing my hot sexy bod all over, pushing my pec-skimmer up to show him my nipples, slipping my hand inside my shorts to grope myself. The coed liked it too, but I decided she wasn't my type, too innocent, so once Cody got up and staggered away I ended that session and left.

But I wished I had been alone, so I could have gone up to Cody and gotten to know him instead. He looked so much like my High School buddy Toby that it was scary. I kept sneaking glances at him as he watched me, and even dressed in a baggy tee shirt and chinos he was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. He had jet black hair and dark smooth skin and deep dark eyes and I wanted to take his clothes off and lick his body all over and go down on him right there and make him gasp with ecstasy.

Yeah, I'm queer, so what, asshole? If you can't handle it, fuck you.

I figured out I was queer when I was twelve. I didn't really understand what it meant at first, it was just another weird bump in the rollercoaster ride of adolescence. There was a kid who lived next door to me, Jack Colbert, he was four years older than I, and I had always worshipped him, he was a total jock, on the varsity football team, everybody liked him, and he had always been nice to me, treated me like his kid brother, always had time to talk to me when he saw me.

Then one summer night when I was twelve Jack babysat with me. My older sister had a date and my folks wanted to go out, and they couldn't get anyone else, so in desperation my mom called Jack's mom and asked if Jack would come over and watch me. Jack's mom said she was sure he wouldn't want to, he had turned down other babysitting jobs, but she'd ask, and when she did he said yes. I was listening and praying he'd do it and felt like I'd faint when my mom said he was coming right over. I ran to my room and changed my tee shirt twice and spiked my hair and stood there looking at myself and feeling terrified. For the past few months I'd been feeling weird whenever I was around Jack, and the nicer he was to me the weirder I felt. It was like I wanted to be near him, but I was afraid to, I felt ugly and stupid, but when he smiled at me I felt so good, but then I felt like crying. I had been avoiding him, hating the way I felt, hating that I couldn't be near my idol without feeling so dumb.

Then I heard my mom's voice calling out "Adam, Jack's here, and we need to leave! Come down and say goodbye!" I took a last look at myself in the mirror, hating what I saw, but desperate to see Jack.

Jack was talking to my dad about football while my mom fussed over me, combing my hair with her fingers and shaking her head. "Why do you have to do such silly things to your hair," she said, "it looks so nice combed flat." She then proceeded to ruin the look I had spent ten minutes achieving. I wanted to die. Then Jack joined us and mussed up my hair, then got me in a neck-lock.

"Dude, cool dew!" he laughed, and I wanted to die. "Leave him with me, Mrs. Johanssen, I'll straighten him out." I tried to fight him off as my parents put on their coats. I freed myself as they left, with Jack making reassuring noises as I fled to the den and threw myself on the couch, humiliated. Jack was treating me like a little kid, and I wanted to be his friend.

Jack came into the den and sat in a chair, and neither of us said anything for awhile. Every time I looked at Jack he was looking at me with this intense, worried smile. I figured he was making fun of me, but he didn't say anything.

"Let's have some popcorn and watch a movie," he said finally. I agreed reluctantly, sure he was just trying to find a way not to have to talk to me or spend any time with me, he'd just watch a movie and pretend I wasn't there. But he let me choose the movie, so I picked "Across the Tracks." I had huge crushes on both Rick Schroeder and Brad Pitt, and I thought Jack looked like Brad.

Halfway through the movie Jack went to the kitchen to get us both cokes, and when he came back he pretended to stumble, and spilled my drink on me. It was so obvious he faked it, and that proved to me that he was just trying to make me feel stupid, humiliate me. I'd been an idiot to think he and I had ever been friends. I ran to my bedroom, and stood there dripping wet, sobbing.

Then I felt Jack's arms around me. He was hugging me from behind.

"I'm sorry, Adam," he said, "I would never do anything to hurt you, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad." He was holding me tight, and rubbing me, and it felt good. I turned and grabbed him and we hugged each other. I was still crying, but from joy now. He was holding me just like I had dreamed. Then he pushed me away gently.

"We'd better get you out of these wet clothes," he said, reaching out and starting to pull my tee-shirt off. He slid his hands up under my shirt and sort of worked it up on my body, but he was feeling me up more than taking the shirt off. I looked up at him, he was breathing hard, like he had just been running, and he was watching me intently, like he was afraid what I would do next. It felt so awesome the way he was touching me, and I held my breath, not wanting him to stop. I lifted my arms so he could pull the tee shirt over my head, and he stripped it off completely. He started stroking my naked muscles softly.

"You have a nice body for a kid your age," he said, sounding nervous. I looked at his face again, and he was staring at me like he was hypnotized or something. It felt incredible, having him touch me like that. I reached out and touched his arm. He had huge hard biceps, and the veins on his forearms stood out like they were carved in marble. I stroked his forearms, then squeezed his biceps.

"I like your body too," I said, afraid to move, or say too much.

"Let's go in the bathroom," he said, "you should take a shower and get all this off of you." I followed Jack as he led me to the bathroom, then stood docilely as he stripped me naked, kneeling in front of me to pull my shorts down, then my briefs. Then he stayed there, kneeling at my feet, looking at me worshipfully. He reached out and touched my thigh gently, trailing his fingers up from my knee to my hips, watching my face.

"Is this OK?" he asked.

I nodded. I couldn't speak, I was afraid I'd break the magic spell that had somehow made Jack do just what I wanted. I reached out and touched his head, caressing his smooth soft hair. He was even blonder than I, with long hair that reached his shoulders. Jack just stayed there, looking at me, as though waiting for something. His eyes were blue like mine, sparkling as he looked up.

"Take your clothes off too," I said. It just slipped out, but I had this feeling suddenly that Jack was waiting for me to tell him what to do. Sure enough, the sexy stud stood slowly, still watching me, and stripped his tee-shirt off, tossing it aside. I stepped back and watched him, fascinated. He hesitated, and I nodded as he opened the belt and then the fly on his pants and pushed them down to the floor. I kept nodding, and he pushed his briefs down too, and his sex sprung out. He was hard, and I gasped, seeing his naked boner. It looked huge to me. I stepped closer to him again and reached out and touched his naked body and he let me stroke his pecs and then his abs. I looked at his face, and he had his eyes shut tight. He was holding his breath, like he was in pain.

"Does this hurt?" I asked, running my hands gently over his hard male body, feeling drunk with the unbelievable magic of touching him at last.

Jack gasped, and reached out and put his hands on my shoulders, clutching me for support.

"God! No! It feels wonderful. I was afraid... I didn't think you'd... I... Oh God, please tell me you like this, tell me you want it too!" He was rubbing my shoulders, then stroking my chest, caressing my head, and shaking all over.

I felt confused, afraid. I would have done anything Jack asked me, I was so totally in love with him, but when he seemed so afraid, so uncertain, I didn't know what to do. And I still didn't understand what was happening, what it meant, so I had no idea why he would act the way he did. I stepped back, not knowing what to do or say. I looked down and saw his pants and briefs at his ankles. And he was still wearing his shoes.

"I told you to take your clothes off," I said. "I want to see you naked." I guess I said it louder and more forcefully than I meant, because the muscle-boy jumped like I had shouted at him, then started hopping around and scrambling to obey. I was amazed the way he obeyed. He kept looking at me, looking for approval, or further instructions. He got all tangled up in his clothes and stumbled and fell onto the floor, his sexy naked body curled up as he tried to get his shoes and sox off. His belt was hanging out the loops of his pants and I grabbed it and pulled, and it came away in my hand. I held it, thinking of the way my dad had spanked me a couple of times. I reached down and pushed Jack over so his ass was in the air, and swung the belt hard. It connected with the bare, hard- muscled flesh of his ass, and he yelped satisfyingly, but kept struggling to get his pants off over his shoes, and I swung again.

"Hurry up!" I growled. "Do what I say, or you'll be sorry!"

"Please don't tell anyone!" Jack looked up at me, and I could see tears welling from his eyes. "I'll do anything you say, just don't tell! And don't hurt me, please?"

I was holding the belt up, ready for another swing, but the way he begged so pitifully made me stop. I stepped back and let him get his clothes all the way off.

"Get up," I said when he was really naked. The awesome teen jock stood and looked at me in fear and shame. He was holding his hands over his crotch, trying to hide his erection. I gestured with the belt. "Take your hands away, I want to see it."

Jack pulled his hands away, but stepped back, obviously afraid I was going to hit him with the belt again. He was backed up against the sink now, and couldn't go any farther. I tossed the belt aside. Jack's cock was hard, pulled up against his belly. It looked huge to me, but it was probably only six or seven inches.

"Make it shoot," I said quietly. I had just learned to jerk off a year before, and still didn't have much cum, but I had heard guys in the locker room at school bragging about how much came out of their cocks when they beat their meat, and I was sure Jack would shoot a lot. I wanted to see that.

The blond jock reached down slowly and wrapped his hand around his cock and started stroking it. I reached out and touched his chest, rubbing his pecs softly. I looked up at his face and he was looking at me gratefully, worshipfully. "Go on," I said urgently, "make it shoot, I want to see you shoot!" I rubbed and stroked his pecs and abs and arms, loving the way he felt, smooth and hard and warm. He worked his hand up and down on his long hard shaft, and his eyes started to look glazed and his mouth started to hang open. I liked that, he looked like he was my slave, ready to do anything, totally in my control, at my mercy. I rubbed his pecs harder, rubbing his nipples, and he gasped. His nipples felt hard, and I remembered a guy at school talking about how his girl-friend's nipples got hard when he rubbed them, but I didn't know guys' did too. I rubbed them harder and he moaned.

"Yes, do that," he murmured.

"This, you mean?" On impulse I pinched his nipples between my fingers, and he moaned loudly. I could tell he liked that. I pinched harder.

"Yes! Don't stop! Cumming, gonna shoot!" He was gasping and shaking and suddenly his cock erupted with huge spurts of cum that hit me in the face and chest and dribbled down his cock and over his balls. He seemed to shoot forever, and kept making wonderful sounds, all helpless and like he was in terrible pain, and his face looked like he was dying, and I loved it, he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Eventually he fell back and pushed my hands away from his pecs, I was still pinching his nipples and rubbing his pecs, and it must have really hurt by then. He grabbed me and pulled me against him and clutched my head to his chest. We were both drenched in his cum, and it felt wet and clammy, but I didn't care.

"Dude, that was awesome," the sexy jock said, hugging me tightly.

I hugged him back, in total heaven. Whatever had been wrong at first, Jack seemed to like what had just happened. I pulled away and grabbed his hand, pulling him after me.

"Let's take a shower together," I said, eager for more of his naked body. I wanted to soap him up and rub him all over and feel him do the same to me.

"Wait," he said, "your folks will be home soon. They'll see us." He pulled away and started grabbing his clothes, I could tell he was afraid again.

"Take a shower with me, or I'll tell them what happened," I said. I didn't really expect that to work, but I was desperate, I had thought Jack liked me, and wanted to do the same things I did, and now he was trying to get away from me again. I grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the shower again.

"No, please," he begged. "If they catch us we'll both be in trouble. You don't understand, my dad will kill me. What we just did was wrong. I shouldn't have done that, I just, I wanted, I... Please understand. We can't!" He sounded like he was about to cry. I let his arm go. He grabbed a handful of toilet paper and used it to wipe the cum off his pecs and abs, then finished picking up his clothes and ran out. I got into the shower and turned on the water and started rinsing Jack's still-wet teen jism off my body.

I was still in the shower when my folks got home, and my mom poked her head in the bathroom to say Hi, then closed it and left me to stand under the hot spray and cry.

The next day I saw Jack come home from church with his folks, and I walked over and rang the doorbell. Jack's mom answered, and smiled when she saw me.

"Oh, Hi Adam," she trilled. "Did you have a good time last night? Jack said you and he watched a movie and ate popcorn."

I held out Jack's pocket knife. I had found it on the floor of the bathroom as I was drying myself after the longest shower I had ever taken. My dad had finally yelled at me to get out and stop wasting all that water.

"It was fine," I said. "I found this between the cushions of the couch, it must be Jack's."

She took it from me and looked at it, then smiled. "Why, of course, I think his grandfather gave this to him, he'll be so pleased you found it. Would you like to come in?"

"No thanks, I just wanted to return the knife."

"Well thank you, Adam."

She closed the door and I walked back to our house.

Half an hour later my mom called me. I was in my room, listening to music, and didn't hear her at first. Finally I heard her knocking on my door. She opened it and stuck her head in as I turned the music down.

"Jack's here, Adam. Shall I send him in?"

I was tempted to say no, but I still wanted to be around Jack, even if he didn't like me any more.

"Sure," I said, turning the music back up again.

Jack came in and closed the door and sat on the chair at my desk. I was on the bed, lying on my back. I pulled myself up and looked at him, just staring. He avoided my gaze, looking around my room. Finally I got up and walked over to him and reached out and touched his hair, stroking it gently.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked.

He shook his head.

"Do you still like me?"

He nodded.

I reached out and touched his chest, rubbing his pecs through his tee- shirt, and he gasped as though I had hit him. Then he grabbed me and hugged me so hard it hurt.

"Let go, that's too tight!"

He relaxed his hold on me.

"I really liked what we did last night," I said. "I'd like to do it some more. I promise I won't tell anyone. I just said what I did because I wanted you to do it so much." I started pulling at his tee shirt, trying to get it off. I wanted to get the sexy jock naked and make him lie on my bed and let me feel his body all over and play with his hard cock until it shot cum all over the place like it had done the night before in the bathroom.

Jack pushed my hands away and stood.

"Wait!" he gasped. "Not now, not here. We have to be careful. You don't understand, what we did was ... People would hate us if they knew. We can't let anyone find out. Ever!" He was shaking like he had the night before, and walking around my room, an expression of anguish twisting his face. "Jesus, how could I be so stupid! I shouldn't have done that."

"Didn't you like it?" I asked, still totally clueless. I guess I had heard of queers and faggots, but I had no idea what whose words really meant, they had something to do with old men who did bad things to boys, or strange characters in movies who were effeminate and silly. They couldn't have anything to do with me or Jack.

I understood that we had to be where no one could see us, though, and I remembered the old fort my buddies and I had built a year before. I'd seen it just a few weeks ago when I took a shortcut through the woods behind our house, and it still looked the same.

"I know someplace we can be alone," I said. "No one will ever see us there."

Jack looked up, interested. "Where?" He asked.

I told him about the fort, and he was dubious about it, but agreed to let me show it to him.

Fifteen minutes later we were inside the old shack that Derek and Sandy and I had put together out of old boards and boxes and tree branches. It just looked like a pile of old rubbish from outside, but once you got inside it was big enough to stand up in - if you weren't too tall - and with enough space for a table and a couple of chairs and a bench that we had salvaged from our parents' basements and attics and wherever. It was pretty messy, with dirt and leaves everywhere, but Jack liked that, he said it showed no one else ever came there any more, and we really were safe. He sat on one of the chairs and looked around. I stood and looked at him, remembering how he had looked naked the night before, and how he had done exactly as I commanded - for a while, at least. I had on just shorts and a tee-shirt and some Tevas, and he was wearing jeans and a tee shirt and running shoes. It was hot in the shack, and his bare skin was glistening with moisture. I wanted to see his body again.

"Take off your shirt and show me your muscles," I said, trying to sound like I was in charge.

Jack looked at me and grinned.

"Make me," he said.

"How?" I asked. I knew there was no way I could really force the big dumb jock to do anything if he refused.

"Figure it out yourself," he said smugly, leaning back in the chair. One of the legs collapsed then, dumping him on the floor, and he lay there laughing.

I put my foot on Jack's chest and then put part of my weight into it. He could have pushed me off easily, but he didn't, he just looked up at me, still grinning.

"If you don't do exactly as I say, I'll tell everyone you made me suck on your penis," I said.

Jack's face went dark and he shook his head.

"But I didn't," he said.

"I don't care," I said. "When we're in here you have to do everything I tell you to, or I'll say you took my clothes off and touched me and made me made me suck your penis, and..." I ran out of ideas then, I was just saying things at random, things I had been told I should never let anyone do, Don't let anyone touch you if you don't want them to, your body is a temple, no one should ever touch you there, tell your mother or me if anyone ever tries to make you do anything like that, OK? OK. I had been seven or eight at the time, puzzled by the strange warnings, and a little intrigued even then by the idea that someone might ask me to do things like that.

Jack looked up at me in terror.

"Please," he begged. "You said you wouldn't tell. I'll do anything."

I ground my foot into his chest, covering his tee shirt with mud and dirt.

"Take your shirt off," I said. I pulled my foot away, and he scrambled to his knees and stripped his tee shirt over his head and tossed it aside.

"Now stand up," I said.

The shack wasn't quite high enough for Jack to stand up completely, so he had to bend his head a little. I moved up close to him and started feeling his muscles.

"Flex for me," I said, and he started doing body-builder poses, flexing his pecs and abs and arms, and I rubbed his muscles as he posed for me. He was breathing hard again, and I understood that he was getting turned on, he liked this. I looked down and saw the outline of his hard cock stretching down one leg of his tight levis.

"Take your pants off too," I said breathlessly. "I want to see you naked."

The night before I had been too drunk with the amazement and delight of what Jack was doing to think about myself, but now I realized I was aroused too. My cock was hard, and it felt like it never did when I jerked off in bed at night. Something about touching Jack like that, and having him obey me when I told him to do things, was making my cock hard, and filling me with sensations I had never experienced before.

I watched as Jack kicked his sneakers off, then shucked off his jeans and finally stripped his briefs off to stand naked and hard-dicked in front of me. I looked down at his cock.

"Touch it," he whispered. I looked up at his face, and he was staring at me like he was drugged. "Touch it, please," he begged.

I reached out my hand and touched just the head of his big hard cock. It was soft and smooth, like my own. He moaned softly. I rubbed and squeezed the head, liking its spongy texture, and the sounds he was making. Then I wrapped my hand around the shaft and squeezed, and suddenly Jack gasped "OH! YES!" and his cock erupted even harder than it had the night before, and my arm was covered with his hot teen jism. Fortunately I was standing to the side, so most of it shot out and landed on the top of the table.

I let his cock go in surprise. Then I was angry. I shook my arm to get the cum off.

"No! You weren't supposed to do that yet! I wanted to see it better. I missed it!" I stamped my foot, angry and disappointed.

Jack was still gasping, his cock still jerking and oozing. He grabbed the table and leaned against the edge.

"Wait," he panted. "It's OK. I can do it again. Just wait a little."

This was wonderful news. I had never tried to do it more than once myself, I thought once you came you had to wait a whole day or something.

"Really? You can do it twice?" I reached out and touched his cock again. It was still hard, and the look on his face told me he was liking all of this as much as I was.

"Sure, sometimes I do it for hours," the blond muscle-boy bragged. "I came five times last week, in just a couple of hours. My folks were away and I did it on their bed, where I could watch myself in the mirror. It was awesome."

"OK, then I want you to do it again," I said. "But this time you have to tell me when it's going to happen."

"It'll be easier for me if you take your clothes off, too," Jack said. His voice was so soft I almost didn't hear, and he didn't look at me when he said it.

I wasn't sure what he meant by that, but I sort of understood that my naked body affected him the same way his did me. I couldn't understand why, I looked like such a shrimp next to him, I had no muscles, and my penis was about three inches long totally hard, but the idea of being naked there with him excited me even more, so I quickly stripped my tee shirt and shorts and briefs off, and stood naked beside him.

"Can I touch you?" the awesome jock asked. He had watched intently as I stripped, and now his eyes were darting back and forth from my body to the floor, like he was afraid to look at me naked, even though it was his idea.

"Sure," I said. It was the most awesome thing I could think of right then, to have Jack touch me. He had hugged me the night before, and we had both been naked then, but it had been different. He hadn't really touched me the way I had touched him.

Jack reached out his hand and slowly stroked my shoulders, then my chest. He was breathing hard, ragged. I saw his eyes go down to my penis, which was sticking straight out, and he closed his eyes and moaned, then sank to his knees. His hands kept caressing my naked body, slowly moving lower, just barely touching me, like he was afraid to touch me too hard. He kept looking up at my eyes, and I stared back, afraid to break the spell. He leaned close to me, kissing me on the chest softly, then licking my bare skin. It tickled a little, but felt good too. Then Jack leaned down so his head was at my hips, then leaned closer, his eyes locked to mine, and opened his mouth, and stuck out his tongue, and licked just the head of my hard penis. When I didn't move or say anything he licked it more, then opened his lips and slowly took just the head of my hard boy-cock into his mouth and sucked it very gently. It felt strange, neither good nor bad, just strange. I put my hand on the top of his head and rested it there. He pulled away and looked up at me.

"May I suck it?" he asked.

I had heard of blowjobs and cock-suckers by then, but they were just words, it had never occurred to me to think about what they really meant. Suddenly I understood. Jack was offering to give me a blowjob. I was awed, because I knew this was something very special. I would never have touched another guy's cock before that day, and the idea of putting my mouth on one was still too weird, so the fact that Jack wanted to do it to me was wonderful. It told me that he liked me a lot. I nodded.

The naked jock kneeling on the dirt at my feet leaned forward again, and opened his mouth and took about half my cock inside and sucked on it gently. Then slowly he took more, and easily got the whole thing into his mouth and then moved it in and out. I watched, fascinated. It felt good, and as he kept it up, it felt a little better, but it was still not as good as when I jerked off. His hands were moving all over my body, rubbing my chest and belly, stroking my naked legs, reaching around me to cup the cheeks of my ass in his hands and squeeze them gently. I felt wonderful, but it wasn't really sexual, it was the joy of being worshipped by my idol. I could tell Jack was enjoying doing it because of the sounds he was making, the way he was breathing, and the way he was feeling his own body as he sucked me.

After a while Jack stopped sucking my cock and leaned back and looked up at me. He looked worried again.

"Don't you like it?" he asked.

"Sure," I said. "It feels good. I guess. Nobody's ever done that to me before. Do you like doing it?"

"God, yes!" he sighed. "I've wanted you for so long. You're so beautiful."

"You can do it some more, if you like," I said.

"I'd better stop," he said. "I'm going to pop my nuts again if I do it any more."

"Oh," I said, surprised by that new piece of data. I hadn't realized that sucking my cock could make him cum, and wondered suddenly if I would cum if I sucked on his.

"Can I suck your cock?" I asked. I was a little afraid to try, he was so much bigger than I was, but I was afraid this moment might not last, he had bolted the night before, he might change his mind again now, I had better try as many different things as I could while he was still feeling cooperative. I still didn't understand why he was doing any of it at all, or why I was doing it, for that matter. I only knew I wanted to be near him, and liked seeing him naked, and it all had something to do with sex.

Jack nodded, but stayed on his knees. I looked around. There was another chair, and it looked stable enough to hold the big jock.

"Sit on that chair," I ordered him, pointing, and he scrambled quickly to his feet, then sat carefully on the rickety seat. I noticed as he sat how rough the wood was, and pictured his bare ass full of splinters, and my balls churned. The idea excited me, his bare ass filled with sudden pain. He spread his legs apart, opening his crotch to me, and I knelt between his legs and looked at his huge male organ. It was pulled up flat against his belly, and there was a stream of clear juice oozing out of the head and flowing down the shaft.

"Shit!" I said angrily. "You promised to tell me when you were going to shoot again!"

Jack looked mystified as I reached out and ran my finger up the side of his cock, collecting the clear sticky fluid. I was fascinated by everything about his cock, and the fluid amazed me, it was nothing like the little gob of white goo that oozed from my own cock when I managed to get myself to cum.

"Oh! That's not cum," Jack said happily. "That's precum. It leaks out all the time, especially when I'm horny, like now."

I scooped some up on my finger and held it close so I could look at it. The interior of the shack was very dim, and I held my finger different ways so I could see this "precum". When I got the light right I could see it was transparent, like water, but it had the consistency of thin syrup. I stuck out my tongue and licked up a little from my finger. I tasted sweet, and a little salty. I looked up at Jack, who was watching me with a happy smile.

I looked up at Jack's naked body, and realized again how much I loved him. He had called me beautiful a moment before, and I didn't think that was the word to describe him, but I couldn't think of another either. Awesome, maybe. He looked awesome, with big muscles and a big hard cock. I reached my hand up and felt his pecs, loving those big hard bulging masses of muscle, and the way his eyes went half-shut and he sighed and smiled when I did that. I rubbed his abs, tracing the outline of his six- pack, loving the sharply defined squares of muscle there. I pushed the tip of my forefinger into the dark valley of his navel and he sighed. Then I let my hands slide lower, and rub the bush of soft curly hair at the base of his cock, and I wrapped both hands around his huge hard tool and held it up away from his body. It felt like steel, but smooth and warm, and I worked the skin encasing it slowly up and down. I had never seen Jack's cock soft, so I didn't know he was uncut, or even what that meant yet, but I saw that as I worked the skin of his cock up and down, it slid over the head and covered it. I didn't think that happened to mine, and wondered what it meant, if this was something that would happen to me too as I got older and bigger.

I leaned forward and opened my mouth and tried taking just the head of Jack's cock inside my mouth. He gasped and I looked up at his face. He was grimacing, like he was in pain.

"Your teeth," he explained. "Don't let your teeth touch it, they hurt."

I filed that information away, and tried again. This time I closed my lips over about two inches of his hard cock, and Jack sighed.

"Oh, yes! That's great, Adam. Suck it, buddy, suck it real gently."

I did as he directed, working my lips and mouth on his cock. It felt sort of weird, like nothing I'd ever had in my mouth before. It tasted like his precum, and that made sense, it was covered with the stuff, and more was oozing steadily from the piss-slit into my mouth, onto my tongue. I sucked a little harder.

"OH! Awesome, buddy, keep that up, I'm gonna shoot," Jack gasped.

I pulled away. I didn't want the big jock to shoot his cum in my mouth, that would be gross. I grasped his cock in my hand and stroked it again.

"Will you cum if I just do this?" I asked. I really wanted to see what it looked like from up close when he shot his wad.

"Ohhhh," he sighed. "Yes, keep that up and I'll shoot real quick."

I worked earnestly at my task then, stroking Jack's big hard cock up and down, and he gazed at me through half-closed eyes and slowly his mouth fell open, and his eyes rolled back, and he panted and moaned and then he said "Yeah! Cumming!" and sure enough I looked down and saw that his balls suddenly drew up tight into his crotch, and his cock seemed to swell even bigger in my hands, and then a big spurt of cum shot out straight up into the air and fell back down onto his belly, then another, then his hips lifted off the chair as he grunted and yelled, and then two more big spurts, and then he fell back and panted and made a few more sounds, little soft moans, and then he went limp. His cock kept oozing, and it ran down over my hands and onto his balls. He opened his eyes and looked at me as I kept pumping his big cock, and he shook his head and grunted, and I caught on that he wanted me to stop, so I took my hands away.

I felt like something very special had just happened, the idea that I had been able to make Jack cum that way pleased me immensely. I stood and leaned forwards and kissed him on the lips, and he returned it, and pulled me close to him, hugging my naked body to his. The extra weight was too much for the old chair, it collapsed like the other one, and the two of us wound up in the dirt, our naked cum- and sweat-drenched bodies clutched desperately together as we kissed.

Jack and I spent a lot of time in that old shack that summer, and into the fall, until it got too cold. At first we just repeated that first time with minor variations, but soon I learned to cum when Jack was sucking my cock, and he loved that, even though my jism was just a few drops, while his seemed like gallons. I still didn't eat his cum, but I loved to suck on his cock until he was close, then stroke it and watch his face as he emptied his huge churning nuts.

Then in the fall my mom took a part-time job at the hospital, which meant I had the house to myself for at least an hour after school, and as often as we both could, Jack and I would rush home from school and do filthy things to each other in my bedroom. Jack had some magazines that he showed me, with pictures of guys having sex, and by Christmas he had talked me into letting him stick his hard cock up my butt hole, and after the first couple of times I learned to take his entire huge tool up my ass and at first I didn't like it much, but I liked the sounds he made when he fucked me, and the way he hugged me and kissed me. What I liked most was showering with Jack, soaping his hard muscular body all over, playing with his hard cock, squeezing his balls. He liked it when I squeezed his balls, and if I did it just right he would cum. My cock was too little to fuck him with, but I found some things in the kitchen and he liked me to shove them up his ass and fuck him with them while he jerked off.

Right after Christmas, Jack called me, crying. He told me his dad had taken a job in another city, and they had to move almost right away. They moved two weeks later, and we wrote each other for awhile, but after a while it took longer and longer for each of us to reply to the last letter, and eventually we stopped entirely. I think the last letter may have been his, but I'm not sure.

After Jack left I went nuts for awhile. I turned thirteen in March, and I was in the seventh grade, and it seemed like every other boy in my class was bigger and more mature than I. But I was pretty sure none of them had ever done any of the things Jack and I had done. Some of them bragged about kissing girls, but I knew from the way the girls treated all of us that they were lying. I missed Jack, not so much for the sex, which was still sort of weird to me, but for the way he had loved me. I knew when I was with him that I was the most important person in the world, the way he held me, and kissed me all over, and told me how beautiful I was. I was so lonely and sad I just wanted to die.

The next summer I grew real fast, and developed in a way I had never imagined. When I graduated from seventh grade I was just a cute little kid, but when I started the eighth I was suddenly super-jock. Everybody treated me with respect, and I found out I could get people to do things, amazing things, almost anything I wanted. All I had to do was ask.

It started with Robbie, the towel boy for the varsity football team. He was a year older than I, but still an inch shorter. I thought he was cute, and wanted him to be my friend, but figured since he was older he wouldn't want to. I joined the junior varsity football team, and one day when I was taking my uniform off to shower after practice, I saw Robbie looking at me. It reminded me of the way Jack had looked at me, and I wondered if it meant the same thing. I went up to him and smiled and asked him for another towel. We weren't supposed to have more than one towel at a time, I don't know why, all you had to do was turn in the old one to get a new one, it was a stupid rule, but High School was like that, lots of stupid rules.

Robbie handed me a towel, looking at me shyly, smiling back.

"Wanta go to a movie some time?" I asked. I wasn't really interested in a movie, but it was all I could think of.

Robbie nodded.

"Meet me by the back door of the gym after practice," I said.

"I have to clean everything up first," he said, looking nervously back and forth from my face to the room beyond. I could tell he was afraid someone would guess what was going on between us, but I didn't know why, nothing had happened yet.

"I'll wait, but don't be too long," I said, handing him back the second towel and walking away towards the showers.

When Robbie met me later, I put my arm around his shoulder, and he put his around mine, and he asked "What movie do you want to see?"

"I have a better idea," I said.

I took Robbie to the shack, and he was nervous about going inside with me, but I pulled him in after me, and sat down on one of the chairs. Jack and I had repaired all the furniture so it would stand up to real use, so it held me easily. Robbie stood and looked around and I could tell he was uncomfortable. I took my tee shirt off, then stood and pushed my pants and briefs down too and sat back down on the chair. It felt cold against my bare ass, and rough - I remembered my fantasy of Jack getting a butt full of splinters, and my balls churned and ached, and my cock started to rise. Robbie was watching me like he was in a trance, and I waved my hard dick at him. I had grown a lot since my first time with Jack, my cock was at least as big as the older jock's had been, over seven inches, and not very thick yet, but impressive on my still lean, lanky body.

"Is this what you want?" I asked, grinning, as I sat there naked in the old shack and waved my boner at Robbie the towel boy.

He nodded.

"Come on, then," I said.

He just stood there, licking his lips nervously.

I understood then. "Is this your first time?" I asked.

He nodded.

I lifted my legs one at a time to pull my pants the rest of the way off, then stood, buck naked, and stepped closer to Robbie. He was gasping for air.

"It's OK," I said, reaching out and stroking his head. He had pale skin, reddish brown hair, and green eyes, and reminded me a lot of Seth Green, whom I had a crush on right then. I reached out and unbuttoned his shirt, and spread it apart and reached my hands in and rubbed his chest. He was smooth but had nicely defined pecs for a kid of fourteen, and I liked the way he felt. He was sexy, but in a much different way than Jack had been. He let his hand reach out towards me, and stroked my shoulders, then my chest.

"Your body is awesome," he breathed. It was true, I looked pretty good, I was already more muscular than he, and looked much older than I was.

I took Robbie's shirt off as he stood docilely, letting me make all the moves. Then I rubbed his upper body softly, liking the way it felt to my hands, and the way he looked at me so adoringly.

"I've been watching you at school," the half-naked boy said shyly.

"I know," I said. I remembered other eyes I had caught watching me, and realized I wasn't going to be lonely any more.

After that it was easy finding guys to have sex with. All I had to do was catch one looking at me that way, then smile at him and ask him if he wanted to mess around some time, and then get him alone and show him my cock, and in no time he'd be choking on it. By the time I was fifteen I was the school hero, captain of the junior varsity football team, idolized by all the boys, swooned over by the girls. My muscles had filled out, and my cock as well. I had the biggest one in the whole school, and kids from the seventh and eighth grades would even pay me to show it to them hard in the boys room between classes. I'd look for the ones that couldn't take their eyes off it, then wait for them after school and offer to let them see it in private, and once I got them alone I'd be able to get most of them to suck on it. I liked having a kid several years younger than I was, kneeling in the dirt, rubbing his little dick, and choking as he tried to swallow my monster cock.

Then I noticed Mark, one of the assistant coaches, looking at me, and I was surprised, but he was a really hot guy, and for most of my junior year he and I got together a couple of nights a week for hot man-to-man sex. It was he who taught me to play it cool, not let people know I was gay, act straight, have girl friends, let other guys ride my cock, but never go down on any of them, never take it up the ass. Except with him, of course. He was married, with a son a year old, but he liked guys, and he ploughed my tight jock stud ass regularly. With Mark I learned to like getting fucked just for the raw primal joy of a giant dick poking me up the ass, my cock still rock hard, cum oozing from the piss slit as I got higher and harder and finally emptied my nuts all over my chest and abs, while the sexy young football coach dicked me long and hard.

Then Mark transferred to another school, and I started my senior year alone again. I had some casual buddies, guys I could hang out with, and kid around with, but no one I cared about, and no one I could have sex with. I had learned to hold the world at a distance, avoid letting people know me, act like a total macho stud. I had a girlfriend, and we fucked a couple of times a week, and it was OK, but I missed the awesome electric surge of pleasure I felt when I held a hard-muscled male body in my arms and sucked his cock and fucked his ass, and let him fuck mine. Trading spit and cum with another sexy dude was the ultimate thrill, and I was desperate for it.

It was the second day of my senior year in High School when I met Toby.

It was in the locker room after football practice.

I was standing under the hot spray, letting it soothe my sore, tired muscles, when I felt something bump my arm. I opened my eyes and looked over and saw Toby under the shower next to me. The shower room was filled, with hard-muscled teen jocks jostling and rubbing together under the steamy water, and there was no way to avoid touching other guys.

"Sorry," he said, smiling, and my tongue froze in my throat. I felt like I was choking. I tried to smile back.

Toby was the sexiest guy I had ever seen. He was a couple of inches shorter than I, with dark hair, smooth dark skin, a body to die for, and a cock that made me want to sink to my knees and go down on him right there in front of all the jocks in our school. He looked like a porn star I'd seen pictures of surfing the net, his name was Talvin, and at home that night I downloaded all the pictures I could find of that dude and stroked myself to three nut-wrenching orgasms, imagining it was Toby, and I was touching him, sucking his cock, feeling his hard pecs under my hands.

I finished my shower as fast as I could, trying not to look at Toby. Back at my locker I was almost dressed when he was standing there next to me, opening the locker next to mine. He held out his hand and introduced himself, and I shook it, numb and unable to speak.

"Wanta go to a movie some time?" he asked.

"Uh, sure," I mumbled.

"Have you seen Pulp Fiction?"

I shook my head.

"Want go tonight?"

I nodded.

"Meet in front of the theater at 7?"

I nodded.

Later, when Toby and I were friends, he told me he'd thought I was deaf and mute, reading his lips or just winging it, because I didn't say a word that day we first met in the locker room. I told him I'd been preoccupied, made up some story about a fight with my girl-friend, and he bought it. By then it didn't matter, anyway, we were best buddies, and did everything together. Everything except what I wanted most, that is.

Toby had grown up out West, and moved to our town the summer before his senior year, when his dad was transferred. He was a champion gymnast, almost certain to be on the Olympics team, and didn't have a lot of time for a social life, so I was flattered he spent most of it with me. He didn't have a girl-friend when we met, but got one soon after, and we double-dated most weekends when he wasn't training for or traveling to some competition. I kept looking for an opening, a way to get him to have sex with me, I wanted him so bad, but I could never find one. He seemed so secure, so straight, so unreachable. Besides, I didn't just want to suck his cock and have him suck mine, I wanted him to love me the way I loved him. If it had been almost anyone else, I'd have made a move, then denied it if it failed, and not cared if he avoided me afterwards. But Toby meant too much, I didn't want to lose his friendship.

Easter was in mid-April that year, and we had almost a week off from school. There were parties all over town, and Toby was in a remarkably relaxed mood. We had both decided to attend State, and agreed to room together our freshman year, then see what happened. My dad warned me that High School friendships seldom survived the first year of college, lives went different ways, people changed. I think my dad understood how strongly I felt about Toby, though I'm sure he had no clue just how far my feelings went.

One night Toby and I went to a party at some rich kid's house. Our girl- friends were both out of town with their families, so it was the perfect excuse for us to be alone together, something that seldom happened. Then once we were at the party, and even more surprising than Toby's unusually laid-back attitude, my buddy got drunk. Neither of us was in training that late in the year, the wrestling season was over, and I had decided not to go out for baseball, since I would be starting summer training for freshman football at State in July, but Toby almost never drank alcohol, and when he did, it was just one beer, never even two. But at this party he started downing vodka like it was water, and before long he was stumbling around drunk. He tried to pick a couple of fights, which was totally not Toby, and fortunately the guys he picked on were sober enough to recognize how drunk he was, and nothing happened. Finally he fell in the pool, and I had to jump in and drag him out, I was afraid he'd drown he was so shit-faced. Then he started to drink some more, and I decided I had to get him away from there and sober him up enough to take him home, his dad would go berserk if he saw Toby like this.

I dragged Toby to my car and managed to get him in. He was making it hard, trying to wrestle with me, crotch-grabbing me and saying "Gotcha by the balls, dude, what are ya gonna do about it?" And I would slap his hands away and drag him further. Any other time I'd have been so aroused I would have ripped his clothes off and raped him, but his being drunk worried me, and I was too intent on sobering him up and getting him home in one piece.

I drove us to a drive-in and ordered burgers and cokes and Toby sat there humming to himself, and ate in silence, and I kept looking at him, but he was ignoring me.

"So are you sober enough to go home?" I asked when I had finished eating.

"Sure," he said. I looked over at him, he was staring out the window, but he turned and smiled at me. He looked normal.

I started the car and drove to Toby's house. It wasn't that late, so when he didn't hop right out, I parked the car and shut off the motor. It felt good just being with him, we were seldom alone. He reached out and turned on the radio, and we listened to some oldies station for a while, they were doing a Don Henley tribute, songs we both knew, and we sang along, hamming it up. Toby had a pretty good voice, actually, he could do Don Henley's parts so well it gave me chills sometimes, especially Desperado. When they played You Must Not Be Drinking Enough, we both belted it out, and leaned together, arms around each other to do the harmony. I don't think I had ever been so happy with Toby.

When they broke for a commercial, Toby reached out and turned off the radio.

"Let's jog out to Taylor Lake and swim," he said, looking at me and grinning.

I was surprised he even knew about that place, it was a private lake a couple of miles out of town, we'd gone skinny-dipping there when I was a kid, when it was just a lake out in the country, but the guy who owned it had sold it a few years ago, and now there were huge expensive houses around the lake, and the people who lived there tended to get pissed off at kids jumping around in their lake. Almost any other time I would have said "No way," but at that moment I would have done anything Toby asked. Toby was already out of the car, so I jumped out and followed him, and we took off down his street like a couple of kids.

When we got to the lake we stood there looking at the water for a minute, checking out the houses. We were in an area that was still undeveloped, so it seemed safe to go ahead with our plan. I stripped my tee shirt off and dropped it on the ground, looking at Toby. He did the same, and we stood there bare-chested, staring at each other. I reached down and grabbed the waist band of my baggy shorts and pushed them to my ankles, then kicked them off. I was wearing a jockstrap underneath, a skimpy one that left me feeling naked under my shorts. I liked that feeling. Toby smiled sexily, then pushed his shorts down too, and kicked them off, turning slowly to show me he was wearing a thong. It looked incredible, the thin string in back disappearing into his crack.

"Exhibitionist!" I sneered, laughing.

"Faggot!" he shot back, stripping his skimpy little thong off, his cock still soft, but hardening visibly as the cool evening air hit it. He reached down and groped himself, untangling his cock and balls from each other so they could hang free.

"Homo!" I shucked my jock strap off and adjusted myself too. I was already half hard, turned on more by the sight of Toby's nakedness than my own.


It was a tradition for us to trade epithets like that when we were almost naked together, a way of avoiding whatever we might have been afraid of. I was afraid Toby would know how much I liked looking at him naked.

Toby kicked off his deck shoes and ran toward the water, and was several feet ahead of me when he turned and said "Last one in has to suck the other guy's cock!"

I'd had buddies who issued challenges like that when I was younger, usually because they wanted to lose the dare and go down on me, but Toby and I had never joked around like that, and I kicked off my sandals and made a sudden sprint and managed to catch him right at the edge of the water. I tackled him and we both went down in a jumble of bare arms and legs and cocks. I was determined not to be the last one into the water, and ignored my own erection, and Toby's, and managed to shove him aside and jump up and leap into the water ahead of him.

Toby jumped up laughing and ran after me, ducking me and grappling with my naked body and we wrestled in the water for a few minutes, laughing, ducking each other, groping each other. Toby got me by the balls, and this time I was totally aroused, and stood with my hands on his shoulders, gripping him. Then he wrapped one hand around my cock and started stroking it. We were looking into each other's eyes, and I was about to lean forward and kiss him, but he released me and turned and ran out, laughing.

"Hah! Had you going, buddy," he called out, and ran onto the grass by the lakeside. There was a huge fallen log there, and he sat on it, panting. I trudged out and sat beside him, close enough that if I moved my leg a little, our legs would touch. We were both panting. My cock was rock hard, my balls were churning. I glanced over, Toby was hard too, his cock stuck out like a big sausage, I'd never seen him hard before, he was almost as big as I was, long and thick. He was uncut, like Jack, but even hard like he was, the foreskin of his cock hooded the head.

I moved my leg, pressing it against Toby's. He didn't move his leg, and returned the pressure. I reached out and laid my hand gently on his thigh, and just let it rest there. When he didn't say anything, I moved my hand slowly, softly, rubbing his smooth muscular thigh.

I was about to fall to my knees and go down on Toby when he stood, and stepped back, looking down at me. The expression on his face was unreadable. He stood there, I looked up, then slowly he sank to his knees, slowly he crawled forward, slowly he lowered his head to my crotch and took my cock into his mouth.

"No. Wait." I tried to push Toby away, I didn't want to cum like that, I didn't want Toby like he was just another cock-hungry faggot lusting after my muscles, and my huge hard cock. I wanted it to be different with him, but I was too close to cumming, and too desperate, and he resisted me easily. I started cumming, and I grabbed his head and held it down on my huge tool as my cock throbbed and squirted and I moaned and jerked.

Eventually I stopped cumming, and had to push Toby off my cock, he was sucking it like it was his life's blood, and it had gotten painful. I fell back, panting.

"Fuck yeah! That was awesome." I reached forward and pulled Toby towards me, on top of me, and hugged his naked body. He grunted and shook and started cumming as our bodies rubbed together, his cock spurted and pumped out his hot load of jism as I held him against me. I had wanted to make him cum, suck his cock too, but I told myself it was OK, there would be other times.

After his orgasm faded, Toby got shakily to his feet. He didn't say anything, but I felt sort of weird too, this was too unexpected, too dreamlike and perfect and unbelievable, that he had just sucked my cock. Did Toby love me too? Or was this just some drunken anomaly, an experiment? I remained silent, and so did he.

"Let's wash off, I need to get home," he muttered, and he turned and walked back into the water and ducked himself a couple of times. I saw him spitting water out of his mouth as he came up, and it seemed like he was washing his mouth out. Did he regret what he had done? I wished I hadn't grabbed his head like that, fucked his face like he was just some cock-sucker. I sat and watched him, marveling at his beauty. He came back out and stood there, glistening in the moonlight, awesome, muscular, overwhelmingly sexy.

"You coming with me?" he asked as he started getting dressed.

I got up and ran into the water and splashed around enough to get most of Toby's cum off my body, then ran back onto the grass and pulled my clothes on as Toby started walking away. I was still dripping wet, and had trouble getting dressed, my clothes stuck to me, but I managed eventually, and ran after Toby, who was a hundred yards ahead by then. I caught up, and we walked in silence back to his house. He didn't say anything, just walked up the brick walkway to his front door, and went inside.

That was Saturday night. Sunday I had to go to church with my family, and then we had our traditional Easter dinner at my grandparents' house, and that lasted until late afternoon, and when I got home I had chores to do, and it was after supper before I had time to call Toby. I was desperate to talk with him, tell him I loved him. I had decided I couldn't go on like this, being just friends, wanting him, constantly hiding how I felt. I had to tell him I loved him.

But when I phoned Toby, his mom answered and said he wasn't home, he was out with his dad. She promised to have him call me when he got home. I tried to study, but all I could think of was Toby on his knees sucking my cock, Toby naked in the moonlight, his body glistening, beautiful. At ten he hadn't called, and I called his number again. His dad answered and said Toby had gone to bed, he'd been tired. Mr. Stamos sounded odd, he spoke too formally, we got along great usually, but he hung up so fast it was almost rude.

The next day at school, Toby avoided me. Every time I tried to talk to him, he was with someone else, or in a rush to do something before his next class. After school I ran after him, but his mom picked him up, and she didn't offer me a ride. I got a ride with someone else, and when I got home I called him again. This time he answered.

"Dude, what's wrong," I asked. I was on the verge of tears. There was a long silence, and I couldn't say anything more. Finally Toby spoke.

"I'm going to UCLA," he said.

"What!?? No! You can't! We're going to State together, it's all been arranged, we're going to room together!" I was in some sort of nightmare, this couldn't be happening, just when Toby and I had finally connected, and I was ready to tell him how I felt, not this!

"Yeah, my dad says UCLA's deal is better, I'll have a better shot at the Olympics there."

That was total bull, State's gymnastics program was every bit as good. It was true that Mr. Stamos managed Toby, but he and I had talked about all of it, he had said he was glad Toby and I would be together, he wanted Toby to room with me, I was such a good influence on his son, Toby had been so wild before he met me. That has been a shock, the idea of Toby wild, he was such a straight arrow for as long as I had known him.

"No! Wait, Toby, this is nuts, you can't just change everything like this, please!" I was starting to cry then, and stood there holding the phone. I couldn't say anything more, and eventually I heard the click as Toby hung up.

Toby and I talked occasionally after that, but things weren't the same. He was focused on his new life, and I wasn't going to be a part of it. I was surprised when he dropped by a few days before he had to leave. I was mowing the lawn, and we sat at the picnic table in our back yard and talked for a while. It felt almost like old times. He told me there was a big gymnastics meet at State in November, and he'd be there, and we could get together, if I wanted to. He seemed shy about saying that, as though he actually cared. I figured he was just being polite.

"Yeah, sure," I said. "That would be cool."

Toby stood to go.

"Uh, say, Adam, I, uh, well, that night at the lake?"

He looked at me and I looked back and nodded, afraid to say anything.

"Uh, well, I'm uh, I'm sorry, that was just, you know, I was drunk. You won't say anything to anyone, will you?"

"No, hey, forget it, dude, I was drunk too, hell, I don't even remember what happened, dumb kid stuff, no big deal."

"Good. OK."

Toby turned and walked away.


So I wound up at State, on a football scholarship, miserable without Toby, and on the first day of pre-season practice, several weeks before classes started, I met Erik and Brad.

Erik and Brad had gone to High School and played football together in a small town much like the one I'd grown up in. Brad had been the star quarter back, and Erik the center. Both had football scholarships like mine.

Brad was an inch or two taller than I, blond, lean, muscular. He reminded me of Jack, except that until I got to know him very well I never saw him smile. He was always formal and stiff. I found out later he'd spent a couple of years at a military school, and the training had never worn off. I guess it made a convenient mask for his inner bent.

Erik was short, dark, very muscular, and I fell for him right away. He had a sweet boyish charm that was a total surprise at first, given his very intimidating appearance. And it didn't take me long to figure out that he played for the same team as I. He held my hand a little too long when we were introduced, and put his arm over my shoulder a little too readily when he stood next to me, and looked into my eyes a little too eagerly when I looked into his. The third day of practice he offered to show me some special drills in my room after dinner, and it turned out the drills he had in mind involved my cock drilling his ass. Then he asked if I liked Erik too, and it turned out they were fuck-buddies, had been sleeping together since they met in junior high. I was jealous, thinking they had what I had lost with Toby, but watching them together, I wondered. Brad treated Erik like shit, never had anything good to say about him, even put him down sometimes. But Brad liked to get fucked too, and he had such an awesome body, and was such a slut for my cock up his ass, that I didn't care. My bed was never empty after that when I wanted company.

So when I saw Cody watching me that day, I was intrigued, but once he disappeared, I decided it was for the good. I didn't need an involvement with some starry-eyed kid, especially one who reminded me of Toby. I was in college now, and my dad kept lecturing me on how everything I did from now on mattered, I couldn't afford any fuckups, I had to work hard and make every chance count. Fucking around with my two football teammates was OK, all they cared about was the sex, and I liked them OK, but I didn't care if they didn't show up when they said they would, or didn't say they loved me. We were just horny jocks, fucking anything that moved. Erik and Brad both had girlfriends, they knew how to play the game.

Then one day a few weeks after I first saw Cody, he followed me to the cafeteria. I was alone, on my way to meet Erik for a quickie in his dorm room, and saw Cody before he saw me, and when I gave him the chance, he followed me. I had been a little unsure the first time, maybe he was just naÔve and shocked by my behavior, maybe he wasn't really into guys, just a prude who disapproved of my blatant display of my assets. But when he followed me, I knew.

It had been a couple of years since I had lured another guy into sex, used a guy just to get my rocks off, made him worship me while I played the macho stud and pretended I was just a straight jock, too horny to pass up a chance to get my cock sucked. Maybe I could use Cody that way. I would tease him and see what happened.

The sexy kid lost me in the food line, so I slipped out of sight and watched him find a place, then took one where he could see me. He tried to pretend he wasn't watching, but he kept his eyes glued to me, and I put on a great show.

I've always had a good head for math - geometry and trig and that sort of thing. It's one talent that makes me a great quarterback, I can figure out exactly where my receiver is going to be, and exactly the trajectory of the ball to hit him. So I knew when I looked around the cafeteria as I sat down where Cody could see me, that he was the only one who could see under my table. I could do anything I wanted under there, and only he would be able to see. And he didn't have to watch, if he didn't want to.

I started off with the same sort of things I had done on the plaza, rubbing my bare skin, groping myself, shoving my shirt up to show off my pecs, stroking my legs under the table. I got a boner almost right away, and played with it inside my shorts, but realized there was no reason to be so shy, and with just a brief glance in Cody's direction to make sure he was watching, I eased my cock out through the leg-hole of my baggy shorts, and started stroking it.

I wasn't sure at first how far I was going to go with that, whether I'd let myself cum or not. After all, Erik was waiting, and Cody might not take the bait. No sense in wasting a fresh load of cum just jerking off, when I could pump it up my teammate's tight hot ass. So I took it slow.

Then I noticed the other kid. He looked like the ultimate Club Kid, with piercings and tattoos and spiked hair and clothes ripped strategically to show lots of skin. He was sort of cute, but way too far out for my taste. And surprise! He was watching Cody, not me. Well that confirmed my lust at least, Cody was a hot number, no shame in somebody preferring him to me. And I was pleased to see that even after Cody noticed the club kid, he ignored him and kept watching me.

But I waited too long, or went too far, and before I could reel him in, Cody grabbed his books and jumped up and ran out. I was just getting close to shooting, and almost stopped, but then the other kid got up and moved to the seat Cody had just vacated, and his eyes lit up like a little boy on Christmas morning when he saw what I was doing. That was too much, I couldn't hold back, I watched him shove a hand into his crotch and grope himself as I let go. My cock erupted in a fountain of cum, my hot load shooting across the floor under the table - splatting against the leg of a chair and dripping down to pool on the mottled tile - I gasped in ecstasy as I watched my arm muscles bunching around my books on top of the table in rhythm to my shots of cum, my face twisted into a mask of ecstasy. My whole body shook, and I had to breathe hard to pull myself back to reality, that had been awesome, I'd never masturbated in public like that, and it was incredible, I was so turned on by the thrill of exposing myself, first to Cody, then to the kid. I looked over at the boy, who was gaping open-mouthed, his face contorted in agony as his own cock pumped his nutload into his shorts. I brought my cum-dripping hand slowly back up to my plate of fries, grabbing some and shoving the whole steaming mass into my mouth, collapsing back into my chair, my eyes closed in sated bliss as my huge cock slowly deflated and lay hanging over the edge of my chair's seat, cum still dribbling from the tip.

I looked over at the kid, who was sitting frozen. Maybe I had gone too far, and that last image had burned out all his synapses, and he'd spend the rest of his life sitting in a chair jerking uncontrollably as the loop played over and over in his head - huge cock cumming, cum-soaked hand, French fries, cum, mouth.

But finally he breathed and looked at me, and I was afraid he was going to get down on his hands and knees, and crawl over to me, lick my cum off the floor, then off my leg, where one spurt had landed and now dribbled down, then off the chair seat, where quite a bit was pooled, then off my cock. It was tempting, but too dangerous. I stuffed myself back into my shorts, grabbed my books, and walked out, as the cute boy stared in wonder and awe.

Once again I was relieved that the scene with Cody had led nowhere. I still hadn't found a girlfriend to fuck, and I was afraid what would happen to my reputation if I spent too much time with other guys. Brad and Erik were a little careless sometimes, I had to get some insurance, in case one of them slipped up and got caught. I had the impression that Brad screwed around a lot.

So I concentrated on finding a girl, and a week later I met Teri.

Teri looked like the ultimate dumb blonde cheerleader bimbo. She was about five six, with frizzy blond hair, a cute face, and the tightest sexiest little body imaginable. Her tits were not huge, but round and firm and perky, and she could fuck for hours with more enthusiasm and abandon than any chick I had ever known. She really was a cheerleader, but she wasn't dumb, and she wasn't a bimbo. I was only the third guy she had ever fucked, and her talents in that department were apparently innate, because she said neither of her former boyfriends had been much in bed. I had to pass a two week trial period before she would fuck me, but once she decided I was up to her standards, she was insatiable. And winning her gave me the total macho stud cockman status I was pursuing, no one would have suspected that Teri's boyfriend was really a cocksucker.


Imagine my surprise when one day at lunch in the cafeteria, Teri called Cody over to our table. I felt like my mouth was hanging open in surprise as she introduced us. Sure, she'd told me about the cute little gay boy she'd been studying with, and I'd been politely jealous and then scornful, and she'd sneered at my jock bigotry, and I had been smug and complacent. I've no idea what I said as he sat down with us, ignoring me completely. Teri's books were on the chair next to her, and I grabbed mine and shoved them under my chair so he could sit next to me. My head was spinning. Could this be a coincidence? This kid couldn't possibly be so conniving that he would make friends with Teri just so he could meet me. Could he?

Up close Cody was even sexier. He was wearing a tee-shirt that was at least a size too small, so it barely covered his abs, and he kept pulling it down as we ate and talked, which made it that much harder to ignore the bare skin he was exposing. I wanted to rip it off him, and sweep all the dishes onto the floor, and throw him across it, and lick his naked body all over, and go down on him and...

I had to focus on what Teri was saying, and try to talk like the macho stud I was, but Cody was flirting with me so blatantly, and I couldn't keep my hands off him. He looked like Toby, he even sounded like Toby, but a Toby who wanted to seduce me, a Toby who knew the effect he was having on me, and was using it to make me want him, make me desperate for him. I put my arm around his shoulders and left it there, and he acted like that was perfectly OK. Well, it was, wasn't it? I did that all the time to Erik and Brad. I had done it to Toby, he and I had been very physical with each other, just not the way I had wanted.

Then Cody pressed his leg against mine under the table. I thought maybe it was an accident at first, so I pulled mine away, but then he did it again, and when I didn't pull my leg away, he pressed his leg harder against mine. I was dying, Teri was sitting right there looking at us, I couldn't let this kid expose me, no matter how much I wanted him. I put my hand on his leg under the table, trying to push his leg away, trying to make him understand he had to stop. My cock was hard, leaking steadily, if I stood up I'd look like an idiot, my boner sticking out, my pants wet with my cock-ooze. The sexy little stud was paying me back for teasing him the last time he'd seen me here.

Finally Teri said we had to go, and stood up. That was my signal to stand too, and collect her books and mine, so I lurched out of my chair, grabbing my own books from underneath, and clutching them to me to try to cover my crotch.

"Nice meeting you, Cody," I stammered, feeling like an idiot.

"You should take Cody out with Brad and Erik sometime," Teri said suddenly for no reason at all. "I bet he'd like spending time with the three of you." I think she had figured out that Brad and Erik rode the chocolate highway, and probably thought they'd find Cody attractive. I'm not sure where she thought I fit into that picture, maybe just that I let them suck my cock when I was horny.

"Uh, sure, yeah, I'll call you, dude," I mumbled.

"Sure, like a date?" Cody said, grinning sexily. That did it, I knew he was making fun of me.

"Right," I said, laughing in spite of my embarrassment.

Teri and I had a class together then, and on the way to the lecture she said "You really should take Cody out with you sometime, I think he finds you attractive, and being with you could help him meet some boys he would like."

I had to stop and think about that. On what planet was that sound logic? Was Teri really so clueless about the rules - gay boys, straight boys, macho studs, faggots, never the twain shall meet? Girls are so weird.

After class she drove the nail in the coffin. As we were getting up to leave, she thrust a scrap of paper into my hand. "That's Cody's dorm room, I expect you to take him out with you before I see you again. Aren't you going out with Brad and Erik tonight?"

I stared at her speechless as she picked up her books and walked off.

Over dinner in the cafeteria I thought about my dilemma. I wasn't sure how serious Teri had been about my taking Cody drinking with me, but I was pretty sure she wasn't pulling my leg, she didn't like practical jokes, and when she got an idea into her head, it was hard to dislodge it. She had been determined we would see Nine Months together, and I hate Hugh Grant, and told her so, but she wouldn't let up, so I had to see it. Worst movie of 1995.

So the easiest way to get this over with was to get it over with. I looked at the paper with Cody's dorm room on it. OK, why not? I knew he liked me, and what was wrong with spending a night drinking with a kid who wanted to suck my cock? Especially when I liked him too. It didn't have to lead anywhere. We'd have a few beers, he'd get bored with our jock talk, he'd leave, mission accomplished.

On the way to my dorm to change, I started feeling sexy. Knowing that Cody wanted me, and remembering his eyes on me the other times, I couldn't resist the temptation to tease him some more. He'd had two chances to make a move, and had rejected both. What was his problem? Life is too short, take it while you can. I'd make him make a move. There had to be a limit to his shyness, if that's what it was. Could he be straight? Naw, no way. I stripped off my tee shirt and pants and put on the tightest pair of jeans I owned, with nothing underneath. I picked up my dumbbells and did a few quick sets to pump myself up, then grabbed my letter jacket from high school.

As I approached Cody's door, I pushed my jacket back on my shoulders. It was totally A&F, and I laughed. A guy walking down the hallway looked at me, and I grinned. He scowled. "Hah! Jealous!" I thought.

When Cody let me in, I could tell he was surprised, and when I asked him to go out with me, he refused, said he had to study. I was hurt. I'd been so sure he would jump at the chance, that he wanted me so bad he'd do anything to be with me. I took off my jacket and threw it on his bed, and looked around. He had a full-length mirror on the closet door, so I stood in front of that and posed for him.

"What do you think?" I asked, showing him my pecs and abs.

"Oh, uh, maybe a seven," he said, feigning nonchalance. I could tell he was hooked.

"What?! No way. I'm a ten, dude, everyone says so." I had been rubbing my body as I posed, looking back and forth from the mirror to myself to Cody, and he had his eyes glued to me. I slid my hand down to the waistband of my jeans and popped the snap, then slid the zipper down far enough to expose my bush and just a hint of my cock, so he'd know I didn't have on any briefs. I was hard, and I knew he could see the big pole stretching down one leg of my pants. He shook his head and looked away, and I decided that was enough, if I went too far he'd think I was making fun of him. I zipped up my pants, and resumed a slow sexy prowl of Cody's room. I'd been expecting pictures of nude guys and posters of Elton John and Queen, but the place was so clean and devoid of any revealing anything that I started to worry. Maybe Cody hadn't caught on yet that he was queer, maybe he thought he just needed to wait for the right girl.

I sat down at his computer. OK, this was it. All I had to do was open his list of bookmarks, it was bound to be full of porn, every guy I knew spent half an hour a day looking at some sort of dirty pictures on the Web. I looked up as I started fiddling with the icons and clicking on things, and Cody was white as a sheet. OK, maybe not such a good idea, he must be seriously closeted. I stood up.

"OK, dude, last chance. But I gotta warn you, Teri says she won't let me fuck her again until I take you out drinking, so we may as well get it over with, come have just one beer with me, then you can go study."

Even then the kid hesitated, so I gave him my sexiest goofy grin, and that did it. He laughed.

"OK, I'd hate to make you miss an orgasm," he said.

On the way to the bar where we were supposed to meet Erik and Brad, Cody was all over me. I guess I had it coming, after the way I had teased him, and the way I was dressed, but the little tease couldn't keep his hands off me. He put his arm around my waist under my jacket, and my only choice then was to put my arm over his shoulder. He rubbed my bare skin with his hand, and even used his other hand to feel me up as we walked, reaching over and checking out my pecs and my six-pack.

"Dude, you are so totally ripped!" he said admiringly as he felt me up. I got embarrassed, I'd never known a guy who was so open about wanting me, so comfortable with being queer for me. It turned me on, but it embarrassed me. I had to stop him, we were getting close to the bar, and we couldn't walk in this way. I started tickling him, and he was REALLY ticklish, so in no time I had him practically curled up on the ground. That got him to back away and we walked into the bar separately. Brad and Erik were waiting at our usual spot, back in a corner where it was sort of dark. We liked to grope each other back there, see who could keep from popping his nuts in his shorts the longest as the other two felt him up and tried to make him blast his load. It was our way of making fun of the breeders, practically having sex in their macho stud hangout.

Once I had made the introductions and we all had beers, I looked at Cody. He was talking to Erik, obviously liking the big blond stud's muscles, standing real close to him, which was sort of a necessity for any conversation in the din of the bar, but he had his hands all over the sexy jock, which was pretty daring. I realized again how much Cody looked like Toby. He had on a pec-skimmer tee, and his abs were so totally ripped, and he was so cute and sexy and I just wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck him right there. He looked at me and smiled shyly, and I felt my cock throb. I couldn't get a handle on his story, one minute he was all over me, the next minute he was shy and distant. Did he want me, or not?

It was pretty obvious the little stud wanted Brad and Erik, he was all over both of them, and they lacked my inhibitions about it, so soon the three of them were huddled in a circle, feeling one another's pecs and abs and arms and then Cody was groping Erik's crotch. I was feeling left out, Cody was supposed to be after me, how dared he go after my buddies so openly? I moved up behind him and started tickling him.

Cody fell back against me, grinding his butt into my crotch. "I was afraid you'd forgotten me," he said above the roar, and I grabbed his shirt and stripped it off and tossed it on the counter.

"Let's get the little tease," I said to Brad and Erik, and they closed in so he was hidden from view, and we worked the kid over good. With his upper body naked he was defenseless, and we tickled him for a while, getting him doubled over helplessly before we would let up, them groping his crotch to feel his boner and a couple of times I slid my hand inside his pants and rubbed his bare ass. He liked that, pushing his ass against my hand. Then we would tickle him some more. We kept handing him beers and he must have had five or six, drinking from all our bottles.

When I groped Cody's boner for the first time I was surprised how big he was. He was only five-six or -seven, really little compared to the three of us, but his cock had to be as big as Brad's, and Brad was pretty well hung. I groped him again, and his face got this drugged look and I realized he was about to pop his nuts. I winked at the other two, and they held him while I worked his pants down and got his cock out and jerked him off with one hand while I dug a couple of fingers into his asshole with the other. He went rigid and yelled in ecstasy and I frowned at Erik who clapped his hand over the kid's mouth and muffled his cries.

We had done that sort of thing to each other in that corner often enough that part of the wall was slick with our accumulated jism, coat after coat of hot teen cum splashed against the dark wood paneling, dried and wetted again. We knew just how to hold a guy and aim his cock so it wouldn't get on any of us, as he jerked and grunted and his nuts churned and his cock spurted. It was just a game we played, see which of us could hold back the longest, or pump out the most cum.

When Cody stopped cumming, the other two let him go, and he turned to face me, falling back against the ledge on the wall. His cock stuck out, big and hard, and I couldn't help looking down at it, licking my lips as I thought how great it would be to suck him off, right there. I realized my hand was dripping with his cum, and without thinking I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked some off. It tasted great, and if Cody hadn't looked so shocked, I'd have licked it all off, but instead I picked up the kid's tee shirt and wiped my hand.

Cody was pulling his pants up and stuffing his cock back into his levis as we laughed.

"Fuck, dude, you lose," Erik said.

"Loser pays for all the beer," Brad said

"Yup, pay up, yup, yup" I laughed, doing my Barney Bear imitation.

Cody broke into tears, and before I could stop him he pushed his way through our circle and out into the crowd and was out the door.

Erik and Brad looked at me and shrugged as I swore. I hadn't meant to make the kid feel bad. I grabbed Cody's tee shirt and my jacket and shoved my way through the crowd and out the door after him. I could see him a block away, running, and I took off full speed after him.

We were half-way to Cody's dorm before I caught up, and then it was only because he stopped and leaned against a wall to cry. As I caught up he was sobbing uncontrollably. I felt like a total asshole. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just stood there saying what I hoped were conciliatory things, moving nervously from foot to foot. It occurred to me that if he told Teri what had happened my chances of fucking her again in this lifetime were pretty slim.

"Hey, Cody, I'm sorry man, we were just goofing, I guess that got a little out of hand, I'm sorry, please don't cry man." I just kept saying stuff like that, and eventually Cody did stop crying, and he turned and looked at me. He looked so pathetic, and I felt so bad. I reached out and wrapped my arms around him and hugged him, and he hugged me back, still making soft whimpering sounds, but at least not sobbing any more. Three fraternity dudes walked past and looked at us, two bare-chested guys hugging right there in the open, and one of them whistled at us.

"Fuck off, asshole," I yelled. I was big enough that they were intimidated, and they moved on, laughing and making rude noises.

Cody let me go and stepped back.

"I'd better go study," he said.

"Let me walk you back to your dorm," I said.

He didn't say no, so I walked along beside him the rest of the way to his dorm.

"You remind me of my buddy Toby," I said, wanting to pay him a compliment.

"What, did he start crying in a bar and look like an idiot?" Cody asked, giving me a disgusted smile.

"No! That's not what I meant. Cody was my best friend, he's the greatest guy in the world. I loved him."

"So what happened?"

"He went to UCLA."


"Tell me about it."

"Do you ever see him?"

"He'll be here next month for a gymnastics meet, we might get together then. If he has time."

I felt miserable, talking about Toby. I missed him so much. And Cody looked so much like him.

We were at Cody's door, and he unlocked it and opened it, and stood there like he was inviting me in, so I went in, and he followed me and closed the door.

I was holding Cody's cum-soaked tee shirt, and I handed it to him, and he made an angry face and threw it on a pile of dirty clothes in the corner, then went to a drawer and got a tee shirt and put it on. Usually I would have taken my jacket off at that point, it was hot in his room, but it felt wrong all of a sudden, and I walked around his room looking at things again, confused and uncomfortable.

Cody's remark at lunch about this being a date was too right, it was feeling like the date from hell. I thought I had outgrown this sort of awkward fumbling several years earlier, why did the cute kid make me feel like this? I should be so totally in charge, he should be all over me, we should have been in his bed fucking three hours earlier. I flopped down on the couch and picked up the remote and turned on his TV. He flopped down beside me.

Cody's leg touched mine. I looked down. His hand was on his thigh. He moved it onto mine and squeezed. I grinned and leaned over and groped his crotch.

"Cock-teaser," I said as I felt Cody's huge boner. God, he was already hard again.

"Exhibitionist," he said, as he groped me back.


I fucked Cody twice that night, and loved the way he looked like it hurt, the first time he took my cock up his ass. I was sure he'd had even bigger ones up there before, a guy who looked like him must have had hundreds of guys drooling over him in High School. We fell asleep nestled together in his bed, his head on my chest, and I felt better than I had ever felt in bed with a guy before. There was something so right about Cody.

I woke early and realized I had to get to practice, so I got dressed and left without waking him. I was intending to play it cool, not see him again right away, but when I finished my classes I was desperate to feel him against me, and I ran to his dorm and knocked on the door and he was standing there naked and I fell to my knees and crawled to him and sucked his cock until he emptied his balls down my throat.

When I met Teri for lunch Friday she was beaming, and hugged me like I was her hero. I was pleased, but confused. What had I done?

"You're such a phony," she said, scolding me. I was a little worried at first, that she meant what I was afraid she did, but then she plastered herself against me and kissed me, a deep kiss with lots of tongue, and she groped my pecs with one hand while she groped my crotch with the other. I was hard, right there in the middle of the American History lecture hall.

"Get a room!" somebody growled at us. I pushed Teri away.

"I just saw Cody," she said, grinning sexily.


"Adam, you're so cute when you're being coy," she said.

"Please, Teri, what?!" I was still a little afraid Cody had told her everything, and she knew my deepest darkest secret.

"You really don't know," she said, looking at me with a cute little grin. "He's got a boy friend. And he said it was someone you introduced him to. But he wouldn't say who. Is it Brad? He did say he was blond. And big!"

"Jesus, Teri," I said, trying to keep a straight face. "I've told you, both Brad and Erik are as straight as I am, in spite of your perverted fantasies about them. I know lots of guys like the ideas of two girls doing it together, but girls aren't supposed to get off on guys doing it!"

"So? Who is it?"

I pretended to think hard. It had never occurred to me that Cody would tell her so much, or that I needed a story. I decided ignorance was the easiest way out.

"I'm sorry," I shrugged. "We went to Benson's, and I introduced him to lots of guys. And believe it or not, I didn't think any of them were faggots."

That got her, as I meant it to.

"Adam, I've told you not to use that word in front of me!"

"Aww, come on Teri, who cares who Cody fucks. He's your friend, and I took him out to be nice to you, but I really don't want to know who he hooked up with. Christ, it could be one of my teammates!"

"Adam Johanssen! Boys are such idiots about sex. What difference does it make, who you do it with, if it feels good?"

"So does that mean you're ready to let me watch while you and Bambi make out in a hot tub?" I asked wickedly.

She laughed, and class started, and that subject was behind us - forever, I hoped.

Teri and I fucked all weekend, and I was glad when it was Monday, and she had to study. I knocked on Cody's door at seven, and he acted pissed off that I had left him alone all weekend.

"Hey stud," I told him as we kissed, "the sports world is like the military. Don't ask, never tell. If any of my teammates had a clue I'm into guys I'd be off the team faster than you could say 'Scholarship cancelled!'"

I let Cody fuck me that night, and found out he'd never had sex with anyone before me. I was stunned, as much by the idea that he was 18 and still a virgin as that an awesome guy like him had chosen me for his first time. I pretended I'd never been fucked before, because I still had some macho illusions, but I loved it when the hot little stud dicked me, he was better than either Brad or Erik.

Later that week I decided to see whether my attachment to Cody was serious. I figured if I could share him with Brad and Erik, then he was just a good lay, and I could go back to business as usual, and look for the next hot fuck on campus. I met Brad and Erik at the bar, and told them enough about what had been going on that they were eager to know more.

"Let's go pay him a visit," I said as we downed our third beer each.

"No way!" Brad exclaimed. "The way you were talking about the kid just now, I thought you were in love! Why do you want to share him?"

I was surprised that Brad, of all people, would be that sensitive to anyone's feelings.

"Jeez," I drawled, "ya sure know how to hurt a guy," doing my James Cagney imitation.

"What, Adam the magnificent is too cool to fall in love?" he asked, looking uncharacteristically serious.

"Screw you," I said, "let's go fuck the kid. He's just a good lay." I was pissed off at Brad, he had read me too well, he was forcing my hand. I felt shitty, realizing that what I was doing could ruin everything with Cody. But I was high, and I'd been taught that a guy like me couldn't afford attachments, not ones that would count. If I was lucky, Teri and I would get married and have kids and I would find a way to meet guys like myself on the side now and then. If I could handle that, I could have a career as a super-jock professional athlete. Unless I broke something, or ran out of talent. But it was the only chance I had.

Three hours later, I was as clueless as before. Cody had acted hurt and betrayed at first, but as he realized that Erik and Brad really liked his body, and wanted him because he was such a hot little stud, he got into it, and by the time we all left, I was miserable. The next day was Friday, I'd promised Teri I'd be with her all weekend, I had a game the next Tuesday, I had practices to attend, classes, studying. I wouldn't be able to see Cody again until the next Wednesday, at the soonest. Almost a whole week. My balls ached from all the times I'd cum, my ass was sore from being fucked by Cody, Brad and Erik, my jaw ached from stretching it open to accommodate all their cocks. But I wanted to stay with Cody, and feel him hold me, and hear him say...

What? I hadn't a clue.

"Sure you don't want to stay with your boyfriend?" Brad asked as I walked away with him and Erik.

"Fuck you," I said, smiling.

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