Jock Buddy 3: Erik's Story

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This story is fantasy. All actors are 18 or older, and no suggestion of underage sexual activity is intended or advocated.

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Brad and I have been friends ever since we were little kids. We used to live next door to each other, but then his mom and dad bought a fancy new house in a ritzy neighborhood, and they moved, and they sent him to a military school for a while, but then in the eighth grade there he was again, and right away we were real close. We played football together. He was the quarterback and Team Captain, while I was the star tackle. He's tall and blonde, while I'm dark and shorter but more muscular, and everybody kidded us about making the perfect couple.

To tell the truth, I've always had the hots for Brad, he's the sexiest guy I know. Up until my junior year in High School, I'd have killed anybody who called me a faggot, I had a girlfriend and planned to get married someday and have kids, but there was something about Brad that got me hard.

That helped on the football field, all I had to do was look at Brad and I got worked up, and I wanted to do anything to make him feel the same way about me. I guess it's partly because he's so cocky - and he really is good-looking, you don't have to be a chick to recognize a sexy guy, everybody always said he was the sexiest guy in our school, and he really flaunts it, wears clothes that show off all his muscles, and he's got a huge cock that he's always groping, he seems to have a hardon most of the time. He's what I guess you would call uninhibited.

Since we were best buddies, Brad was even less inhibited around me than he was around other people. When we wrestled he crotch-grabbed me all the time, and I don't mean like he was trying to hurt me, it was more like he was trying to turn me on, he was such a tease. He'd have me in a half-nelson, kneeling, my arm behind my back, and then he'd reach between my legs from behind and wrap his hand over my crotch and feel my boner and squeeze it and rub it, and a couple of times he made me cum that way, made me fill my jock strap with a load of my hot teen cum. I always got a boner when I wrestled with Brad.

The wrestling was Brad's idea. It started when we studied ancient Greek history. There was this picture in our textbook of two guys wrestling naked, and after school at my house Brad said we should try that, and I was afraid to do it naked but decided it was OK if we wore just our briefs. We messed around for a while and made up some stupid story about being ancient Greeks and we were fighting for some prize and Brad pinned me easily and we lost interest in that game and got dressed again and did something else.

But I had liked feeling Brad's sexy body when we wrestled, and I had liked it when he pinned me, kneeling over me with his hands on my wrists, his knee in my groin. Before he let me up he had lowered his body on top of mine, still holding my arms down, and sort of ground his crotch into mine, and I could feel that he had a hardon. At the time I still had no idea about sex, but I knew about getting a hardon and the fact that he could do it awed me.

We did that a few more times, but there was no way I could beat Brad, he outweighed me already by ten pounds, I was slow getting my growth. So I said Forget it and we didn't do it for awhile.

About a year later Brad suggested we wrestle like that again, and I said there was no way I could beat him, he was still bigger and stronger than I, so he said he'd keep one hand behind his back. I agreed to try it, and we stripped to our briefs, and he sort of kept his word, I was able to pin him and I knew he could have thrown me off, but he didn't, he acted like I really had him.

So then I did what he had done, I lowered my body on his and ground my crotch against him and I could feel he had a hardon again. So did I, I had grown a lot, and had some hair around my cock and had started jerking off at night in bed. It felt good to press my almost naked body against Brad and feel his hardon and mine rubbing together, and I wanted to do it more, but I decided it was wrong, so I let him go and got up.

The next time, a few days later, Brad said I should really tie his hand, so it would be really fair, and I liked that idea, we had played some games where we tied each other up a couple of times, and I liked having Brad at my mercy, and being able to do anything I wanted to him, tickle him and torture him with sticks and things. So I got some clothesline rope and looped it around his wrist and then around his neck and tied it. He said it was too loose, so I tightened it until I was afraid he'd choke to death but he kept saying That's not tight enough, I can still move it too much, and eventually I had it so tight it looked like he was strangling but he said That's good enough, finally, and we wrestled.

Even with his hand tied like that Brad was almost a match for me. I took it easy on him at first, but then I could tell he was really trying to beat me, so I gave him everything I had, and I got him pinned face down, and made him say "uncle". He struggled a little more, but finally he gave in and I got up. He rolled over and said, "OK, you won, so now you have to make me pay a forfeit." We had done that when we were younger and played stupid games like seeing who could piss the farthest and then the loser had to submit to something like being tickled or taking all his clothes off and running out into the yard naked or something dumb like that.

"Like what?" I asked. Brad always has better ideas than I do, and I could tell he had one now.

"Tie me up and torture me," he said.

"That's dumb, we did that when we were kids."

"Yeah but that was just pretend. Do it for real." He was giving me this really intense look, as though he expected me to say or do something. I had no idea what he wanted.

"Like how?"

"Well, it's no fun if I have to tell you, dickhead. I'm at your mercy now, you can make me do anything you want. And don't stop no matter what I say." He had his head down now, sort of like he was my slave.

I was starting to like this, Brad usually bossed me around, and the idea of really doing something to him was getting me excited. I was thinking about this magazine I has sneaked a look at in a book store, with guys doing weird torture things to other guys, and I had seen one picture that looked like me and Brad, and I thought how awesome it would be to do things like that to him, and make him beg me to stop, and then keep doing it.

I picked up the rest of the rope and finished tying Brad. I tied his other arm the same way, so they were both behind his back and he'd choke if he tried to move them much, and then I pushed him down on my bed and tied his ankles together and pulled the rope up and tied that around his neck too, so he was hogtied. He started protesting, like he hadn't expected me to take him seriously, but I picked up one of my sox from the floor and stuffed it into his mouth and he made a face like it tasted awful so I shoved it in harder. It was practically clean, he was just acting. I stepped back and looked at him, and felt this surge of power, Brad was totally helpless, almost naked, with nothing but his white briefs on, and he was sort of glistening, his body was coated with a light film of perspiration, and I remember thinking how sexy he looked.

I started tickling him, and he started thrashing and twisting and making loud noises of fear. Brad hated being tickled, it always made him go wild. We had contests sometimes, to see who could take it the longest, but I always won, I was much less ticklish than Brad, and could always hold out longer than he could. I tickled his feet first, he hated that, but it wasn't the worst, so I did it just to get him really wild. Then I moved to his thighs, right above his knees in front, that always made him go nuts, and he rolled around to escape me, but all I had to do was grab the ropes around his neck and pull and he'd quiet down until I got him again. Next I worked on his sides, that was the worst for him, and he was crying pretty soon, I'd been giving it to him for at least five minutes by then, and his record for taking it untied was only four, so I knew he was past his limit by then and starting to regret he'd suggested this.

I stopped then to let him rest a little while I went down to the basement to get some other things. I put on my shorts and a tee shirt and ran downstairs. My mom was in the kitchen, and she asked if Brad and I were having fun and I said Sure, Mom and she smiled and said That's nice, dear, dinner will be ready in an hour, ask Brad if he wants to stay. I hadn't realized it was so late, that meant I couldn't do as much.

Back in my room I shut the door and locked it and turned on some music real loud and sat on the bed next to Brad and told him he was invited to stay for dinner and took the gag out so he could answer. He said "OK, I'll call my mom when we finish." Then he opened his mouth wide and let me stuff the sock back in. I showed him what I had brought with me, and his eyes got wide and he shook his head. I grinned and told him I'd seen some things in a magazine, and he shook his head harder.

I took the sock out of his mouth and asked "Do you want me to stop?"

"Just don't leave any marks," he said. "I don't want anybody giving me shit in the locker room at school."

"Deal," I said, and stuffed the sock back in. I didn't know whether what I had planned would leave marks, and I didn't care. I was feeling awesome with Brad totally at my mercy, he'd been lording it over me a lot lately, and I was going to make him pay. I knew he'd get back at me of course, and the thought that this might be my only chance to get him made me even more determined to make it count.

I had picked up a handful of my mom's clothespins, and I started with those. I'd seen this picture with a guy with clothespins all over his body, and I knew that I didn't have the nerve to put them some of the places he'd had them, but Brad didn't know that!

I started with my buddy's pecs. Brad was already built like a guy several years older, with big hard pecs, and big dark nipples, so I put a couple of clothes pins on each of his nipples, doing it slowly, putting them on and then taking them off and watching his reaction until I knew I had them just right. Brad was bucking around on the bed and closing his eyes real tight and making lots of noise, so I knew when it was getting to him. I liked the sounds he made especially, and wished we were alone so I could have pulled the sock out and heard what he was saying, and the whimpering and whining. But I could hear enough, and it was getting me really worked up.

Next I moved to his inner thighs, and put a row of five up each side, starting just above his knees and going up almost to his crotch. At first, when he saw what I was trying to do he kept squeezing his knees together to keep me from getting at the sensitive areas in there, but then I just alternated between tickling him and putting the clothespins on, and by the time I had a few in place he couldn't close his legs like that without making it hurt worse.

Next I put a few on each side of his body, just at the base of his ribcage where there was soft tender flesh, and he made great sounds when I did that, sort of squeals and moans.

I stood back and looked at Brad then. He had his eyes closed real tight, and was breathing in short hard gasps. He could barely move without making something hurt him more, and I noticed suddenly with shock that he had a hardon. I had been so intent on applying the clothespins that I hadn't even looked at his crotch, and it never occurred to me this might turn him on. I was still puzzled. How could it get him hard to be in so much pain? It must hurt something awful to be tied up like that, choking from the ropes around his neck, and with clothespins tearing his flesh all over his body.

I leaned over Brad and tweaked a few of the clothespins, observing the effect each had on his cock. He was still wearing his briefs, of course, but I could see it clearly, poking against the stretchy knit cotton, its head clearly outlined. I felt my own cock swelling, there was something really sexy about Brad tied up and with a hardon and in my power. As I touched the clothespins on his body, some of them made his cock twitch, especially the ones on his nipples. I experimented with those, taking them off, watching him sigh and relax, then putting them back on, and watching his body go rigid, and his cock jerk. There was a big wet spot on his briefs at the head of his cock, he was leaking already. I adjusted myself, so my own cock had more freedom, and saw Brad's eyes follow my hand.

I wondered whether Brad liked pain for some reason. He had told me his dad used to spank him when he was little, mine never had, so I thought maybe I should try spanking him. I got a long wooden ruler from my desk and climbed up on the bed and started giving it to him on the ass. He made loud noises, but they sounded fake. I decided his briefs were protecting his ass, so I grabbed the waistband of his shorts in back and pulled his briefs down, baring his ass. His briefs still covered his crotch in front, and I spent a couple of minutes poking at his crotch with the ruler, working it under the waistband like I was going to pull them down in front too, and he'd make loud angry noises and I'd stop and poke his hard cock and balls through the thin knit cotton, and he'd sound frustrated and desperate and then I'd stop.

Finally I spanked Brad's bare ass with the ruler, and that really got a loud response, I'd figured most of his other noises up til then had been just part of his role, but he sounded really mad and in pain. I remembered what he had said about not leaving any marks and decided that was the best way to pay him back for being such a shit lately. I told him that, and then gave his ass a real hard spanking with the ruler, making sure to get both of his cheeks, and when it was well marked with red welts I decided that was enough. Brad was going wild, trying to get away, but helpless, and his noises were loud and desperate.

When I stopped spanking Brad, he made these soft whimpering whining noises that really turned me on. I stroked his bare ass gently with the ruler, making him whimper more, then slowly poked it up between his legs into his crack. He made loud noises of protest again but I just pushed it up in there farther and harder. I looked at his crotch, and sure enough, his cock was even harder, it was tenting his briefs like a pole. I reached up and started pulling at the clothespins on his nipples while I shoved the ruler up his butt and his noises got louder and he twisted and thrashed around and then suddenly his body went rigid and he made these great loud moans and yells and then he collapsed.

I didn't realize at first what had happened, but then I looked at Brad's crotch, and it was totally wet, and I could see cum oozing through the fabric still covering his hard cock. He'd cum in his briefs just from what I'd been doing to him.

That made me realize how turned on I was, and I hesitated for a moment, but then decided it was no different than stuff we had done before, so I pushed my shorts and briefs down and grabbed my cock and started beating off. I was much closer to cumming than I thought, and the sight of Brad lying there still tied up and gagged was making me even hotter but I tried not to think about that and pretty soon I was pumping out cum all over my buddy's naked body. Just as I started cumming I saw his eyes looking at me in this strange way, like he was digging it, but I rejected that idea. My cum started shooting out in big ropes, and I was awed because I'd never shot that way before.

When I stopped cumming I fell back on my haunches and looked at the clock and saw we had only ten minutes left before dinner, so I took off the clothespins with no ceremony, then untied Brad. He worked the last of the ropes off his body and then pulled the sock out his mouth. I expected him to jump me then, or tell me he was going to pay me back, but he just stood there, looking at me, not even looking mad.

I went to my laundry hamper and pulled out a towel and used it to wipe myself clean, then tossed it to him, then got a clean pair of my briefs and threw those to him too. They'd probably be a little tight, but he couldn't wear the ones he had on. I left the room, feeling weird about being there while he wiped all the cum off himself and got dressed. I went to the bathroom and took a piss, then went back into my room. Brad was mostly dressed, and he looked at me sort of funny, like he expected me to say something. Not like he was mad, just like the game hadn't ended yet. I didn't know what to say.

Brad picked up his books and said "I'd better go home, I'll see you tomorrow." I stood aside and let him walk out.

"Why didn't Brad stay, dear?" my mom asked when I went to set the table for dinner.

"He had to get home for something." I said.

Brad never said anything about that incident. At football practice the next day a couple of guys did try to kid him about the marks - he had red marks around his neck and wrists and ankles from the ropes, and the clothespins had left welts everywhere I had applied them, and his ass looked pretty scary, but he just scowled, and the other guys left him alone.

Brad and I wrestled more after that, but he never suggested a forfeit again, and neither did I. I was afraid what he might do to me, for one thing. I was surprised he never tried to pay me back. By a year after that I had grown enough that our matches were more even. What he had over me in size I more than made up for in agility and speed, and I could beat him fair at least half the time. Once we established that, our matches turned into just messing around. We'd try to reproduce stunts we had seen on the WWE on TV, and it would usually degenerate into tickling and crotch-grabbing and then jerking off together.

I don't remember who started the crotch-grabbing, it may have been me.

I had a cousin who'd liked to do that, grab my crotch, and when I visited him one summer he was always jumping me and trying to get me to wrestle. His name was Kirt, and he was younger than me by a year, and I guess he sort of hero-worshipped me, because I was bigger, and such a jock, and he was sort of a nerd, but I liked him, he was cute and it was fun being looked up to that way. I would grab his head in a neck-lock and give him a noogie, grinding my knuckles into his skull until he yelled uncle, and he'd be grabbing me all over. I think he was queer.

So one night when I was staying at his house, and we were ready for bed, and stripped to our briefs, Kirt jumped me, and I got him in a headlock, and when he started crotch-grabbing me, I did it back and we were standing there with our hands in each other's crotches and I had a hardon and so did he and he didn't take his hand away, so neither did I and then he got bolder and put his hand inside my briefs and grabbed me bare and I said "Better not start something unless you're ready to finish it, cuz," and he said "Like what?" and I pulled his hand out and pushed my shorts down and kicked them off and took his hand and put it on my hard cock and said, "OK, now what?"

The next thing I knew my cousin was licking my pecs and working my cock with his hands and he pushed me and I fell back onto the bed. He licked and sucked me from my neck to my crotch and I just lay there in total shock and felt this awesome pleasure as he worshipped my body. Finally he went down on me, and I realize now he'd had some practice at sucking cock, because he knew just how to get me off, and it didn't take long at all before I came in his mouth. When I finished cumming he crawled up beside me and snuggled up against me and said "Did you like that?"

"Fuck yeah!" I panted, still dizzy from cumming like that, from my first blow job.

"OK, now you do it to me," he said, turning onto his back beside me. I looked over at him, then down at his cock. He was nearly as big as me in that department, though otherwise he still looked like a kid. It looked strange, that big cock, no body hair, soft round little-boy body. It was sexy to me, but I wouldn't have admitted it then.

"No way!" I gasped. I was shocked he expected me to do that.

"Come on," he said, "I did it for you, now you have to do it for me." He was using this cute little boy voice he used when he wanted me to do something for him. It usually worked, but this was different.

"Forget it!" I said, starting to get up. "I didn't ask you to do that, so I don't owe you anything."

He grabbed me and pulled me back onto the bed.

"OK, OK, you don't have to suck mine, but how about just jerking me off? Come on, you owe me something, at least."

He grabbed my hand and put it on his hard cock, and I let him do it, and slowly wrapped my fingers around his cock and stroked it a little. It felt weird, it was the first time I had touched a cock besides my own, and I was in awe of the way it felt, and the thought of how private and intimate that was, how forbidden and exciting to touch another guy there.

I stroked him slowly, and my cousin laid back and started coaching me how to do it - squeeze it harder, rub the head, go faster now, play with my balls - and pretty soon he was shooting a huge load of jism all over himself. I aimed his cock up at his face as a joke and was amazed when his cum hit his face and even more when he licked it off his lips! He shot much harder and had much more cum than I did, and I sort of envied that, it made him seem more my equal.

Kirt and I did that every night for the rest of my stay that summer, he would suck my cock and I would give him a handjob. He kept asking me to suck him off too, but I never did. I sort of wanted to, I wondered what it would feel like to have another guy's hard cock in my mouth, what it tasted like and all. But it would mean I was a queer, and I thought I wasn't, so I couldn't do it.

So I guess I was the one who started the crotch-grabbing when Brad and I wrestled. He jumped me up in his room the day after I got back from my cousin's that summer, and without thinking I went for his crotch and got him real good and he acted shocked at first but then said "OK, dude, two can play that game" and he crotch-grabbed me too, and we both had hardons, and we had jerked off together a few times before that, so it was no big deal then to drop our pants and lean against each other and jerk off.

I never told Brad about what my cousin and I had done, though, I was afraid it would sound too queer. But sometimes when we wrestled and he grabbed my crotch real hard he didn't let up and neither did I and a couple of times both of us came that way, just from squeezing each other's hard cocks and balls through our briefs when we wrestled.

I had thought about going farther with Brad. He was the only guy I knew whose cock I would have sucked, I wanted to make him cum and know he was at my mercy for that instant, cumming because I had done it to him. I had fantasies sometimes about wrestling with him naked and losing, and him tying me up and making me suck his cock.

Or maybe we would be alone in the showers at the gym, after everyone else had gone, and he would challenge me to a wrestling match. We'd be naked, wet, the room filled with steam from the shower jets, all of them on at once, the room hot and steamy, both of us naked and sweaty. We would grapple, everything in slow motion as he put his hands on my naked body, feeling me up more than wrestling, and I would be feeling him up too, and he would look into my eyes as I rubbed his big hard pecs and he'd say

"Go ahead, buddy, I know you want it, take it, it's yours."

And he'd push me to my knees and I would kneel and look up at him as I opened my mouth and took his cock in, and sucked on it, and he grabbed my head and held it while he slid his big dick in and out. And I would be loving having him dominate me like that, make me take his cock. And then he'd smile down at me and say

"Yeah, buddy, suck my cock, I knew you wanted it, suck it good, take my load, baby."

And he'd put his head back and close his eyes in ecstasy as I sucked him and he came.

But there was no way I would ever do anything like that, and risk losing Brad as a friend. I was sure he'd hate me, the minute he knew I felt that way.

One Friday night in early fall when we were Juniors in High School, this kid at school invited Brad and me to a party at his house and we thought it was going to be a big party, so we went, hoping to hook up with some hot chicks, both our girlfriends were doing their junior year in France together, and we all agreed to play the field while they were away. But it turned out it was just the four of us: Brad, and me, and Terry, the guy who invited us, and another guy named Randy.

Everyone said Terry was queer, but he had never seemed that way to me, so I was friendly with him, but it turned out both he and Randy were queers. We got to Terry's house and saw there were only the four of us and Brad pulled me aside and said "Come on, dude, let's bail, this is lame."

I was ready to leave but Terry handed me a drink and I took a couple of swigs and could tell he'd put a lot of vodka in it, and I started getting high and said to Brad "Let's have a few drinks, and then we can go cruise some chicks."

So he said "OK, yeah, we can drink his booze, that's cool."

We didn't know yet about Terry and his pal Randy. I guess maybe we should have been a little suspicious about it being just the four of us, all guys.

But once we had a few drinks, we had a few more and I was feeling no pain, and Terry put a porn film in the VCR, and I was getting really turned on, and thinking this wasn't so bad, I figured once we all got drunk enough we'd all get naked and jerk off, Brad and I had done that with some other guys from the football team, watched porn and jerked off, and it had been cool getting naked with some other jocks and beating off and getting to check the other guys out, and seeing them check me out.

One of the guys we had jerked off with that time was a kid named Derek, I'd noticed him before, looking at me in the locker room and showers, and something about the way he acted reminded me of my cousin, and I figured he'd give me a blowjob if I could get him alone, but I hadn't found a way yet. But after that one time Brad told me didn't want to do that again, so I'd turned down the invitation the next time. Brad and I stuck together.

So at Terry's house I was really liking getting high and Brad and I were watching porn with Terry and Randy, and Randy started passing around a joint.

Randy was a sophomore, a year younger than the rest of us, and I sort of wondered at first why he and Terry were friends, but then I saw that the two of them were a lot alike, and it made sense. They weren't alike physically, Terry was taller than I was, slender and not effeminate or anything, but sort of graceful. I felt like he planned every movement and gesture. He was in the Dramatics Club, so it fitted, that he acted that way.

Randy was little, and cute, with a wicked sense of humor, dark hair and flashing blue eyes and a grin that made me want to grab him and wrestle him down and tickle him until he begged me to let him up, and then... I wasn't sure what would happen next.

Randy and Terry shared that irreverent humor, always making fun of everything, always ready with a joke, always grinning and teasing.

So we smoked the joint Randy passed around, and I was flying, but I looked at Brad and I could see he wasn't liking the scene the way I was. Then Brad left the room to take a leak, and Terry started feeling me up. I was sort of sprawling on the couch and it felt good, you know what they say, a hard cock has no conscience, so I let him open my shirt and feel my muscles - Terry really liked my body. He was licking my pecs and telling me what great muscles I have and how sexy I looked and how he had always wanted to have me. I went sort of "duh" to myself, how had I missed that he was so totally queer? But I just watched the porn and let him do it. It reminded me of my cousin, the way he had liked my muscles, and Terry wasn't bad looking.

I was pretty drunk I guess or I would have pushed Terry away and split, but it felt good, and his buddy Randy joined in and pretty soon both of them were kissing me and feeling me up, and then they were taking my pants off and then all three of us were naked and they were both servicing me pretty well, they really got off on my body, told me how buff I was and felt me up a lot and kissed me all over - I wouldn't let them kiss me on the mouth though. But it felt good having them get into my muscles and all. I just leaned back and watched the porn and let them have their fill. I was really wasted.

Then Terry started sucking my cock. He was much better than my girl- friend Heather, even better than my cousin, he was able to take the whole thing into his mouth and deep throat it, and that really turned me on, it was so totally sexy and depraved. The way my girl-friend Heather did it she put her hand around it and wouldn't let more than an inch or two in her mouth and it looked like she was about to puke half the time, and unless I closed my eyes it was no fun at all. I liked watching Terry do it, he was so totally loving my cock.

So I was in heaven and Terry was sucking me off and rubbing my pecs and abs while Randy was sucking Terry's cock and I was just lying there enjoying it and I looked up and there was Brad, he had come back in and was just standing there watching us with his big hard dick in his hand, jerking off. He was still dressed, he had just opened his fly and pulled his dick out to stroke it. He's got a big one, so he had plenty to work with, even through his fly. I looked up at him and grinned, 'cause I liked to watch my buddy beat off, he was so awesome-looking, and his cock was so big.

And Brad was looking at my face, looking at me as he beat his meat, and then he started shooting, he blasted a huge load of cum, and it shot out and hit Terry on his back, and Terry looked up and just grinned at Brad, and his buddy Randy actually licked Brad's cum off Terry's back while Terry went back to sucking my cock, and then I shot too, I was so turned on seeing my muscle-stud buddy Brad cum so hard that I blasted my load into Terry's hot wet mouth and he swallowed it all, which really turned me on, Heather will never do that, she makes me warn her and pulls off and finishes me with her hand. But Terry took it all, like my cousin had, and used his hands to work my balls and milk the base of my cock under my nuts, and it was the best blow job I'd ever had.

Then Brad turned around and left the room again and I got the feeling he was mad at me so I pushed Terry and Randy away and grabbed my clothes and ran after Brad and he was putting his jacket on and getting ready to leave. My cock was still sort of jerking and I was drunk and laughing and I said "Hey wait up Brad," and I ran after him carrying my clothes, with my hard cock waving in the breeze and I just had time to put my pants on and jump in his car before he started it and laid a peel out of there.

So Brad floored it out of there, and I was sitting there next to him in the front seat of his car, half-naked, laughing.

"Dude, that was so cool," I crowed. "That kid Terry gave me an awesome blowjob, let's go back and he'll do you too, or his buddy, I heard his buddy say he thinks you're the hottest dude in school, man I want him to suck me again too, I'm still horny as hell."

I was playing with my hard cock, my pants were only half way on, and my shoes and all the rest of my clothes were on the floor I think as Brad drove like a maniac. I was so fucking high I was still hard and horny and loving it all. It felt so good to be with Brad, and the way he had just shot his cum on Terry and all.

Then I sort of came down a little. Brad was driving crazy, he must have run three stop signs and he was going way over the speed limit.

"Dude," I said, "slow down, if the cops see us they'll run us in for sure!"

Brad slammed on the brakes and the car skidded to a halt and we were on this dark street where there weren't many houses and Brad sat there looking out the window and breathing real hard for awhile.

Then Brad looked over at me and then looked away, and then looked at me again and then he leaned over and started kissing me on the lips, and I admit I sort of kissed him back, I was caught off guard and I was still pretty high from the vodka, and the pot, and my cock was still hard - it felt good the way he was feeling me up, he had his hands on my bare pecs and abs and he felt so good, his mouth on mine felt good, he was my best buddy, I couldn't help myself I kissed him back, and it was totally awesome.

Heather had told me that Brad's girl Jennifer said he was a great kisser and he was. He pushed his mouth against mine gently at first, then as I returned it, he got more aggressive, and pushed his tongue into my mouth and really frenched me like crazy, I mean he was totally passionate about it. Most of the girls I've kissed are so shy and passive about it, I loved the way Brad took charge and kissed me hard and it made me even hotter and I kissed him the same way. I liked the sounds he was making too, he makes a lot of noise when he's making out, I'd heard him when we dated together and it got me even hornier when I heard Brad, he was so uninhibited and sexy.

Then Brad started licking and kissing my pecs and then my abs, taking his time about it and he had his hand in my crotch, he had pushed my hand away and was stroking my cock, and I just let him, it felt awesome. He seemed to be enjoying my muscles as much as Terry and Randy had, and that turned me on too, even more, because it was Brad.

Then Brad put his head in my crotch and started sucking my cock and I should have stopped him but I was so horny and it was Brad, I'd always been horny for Brad, and I put my hand on his shoulder and felt his hard muscles through his tee shirt and started rubbing his head and back and he was sucking my cock like a champ and I was just saying stuff like "Oh yeah, Brad, suck my cock buddy, suck it good, yeah, Brad, suck me."

I started cumming and I grabbed his head and told him "Cumming, I'm cumming," but he wouldn't let me pull his head away he kept sucking and I came even harder than when Terry was sucking me, I felt like my whole body emptied itself out my cock, I was in heaven and Brad swallowed it all, I grabbed his head and fucked his mouth it was awesome, he was rubbing my naked body with his hands and moaning and making these great sounds like he loved sucking my cock and then I could tell he was cumming too he made the same sounds I had heard him make when we double-dated and his date gave him a hand job or sucked his cock, I could always tell when Brad was cumming it was so cool he made these soft whimpering sounds, sort of helpless and sexy and vulnerable.

Once we both finished cumming Brad licked my cock and balls until I went soft. I felt like I was still cumming, his touch had me on fire, and I was saying stuff like "Dude, that was awesome, fuck, you sucked my cock. Dude you let me cum in your mouth. Totally fucking awesome. You were better than that queer Terry, like totally, man."

Finally Brad sat up and he wouldn't look at me, he just stared out the window and I looked over at him and I wanted to take his clothes off him and feel him up the way he just had me, and maybe I'd return the favor, suck his cock, I don't know if I would have, but I wanted to do something, but Brad wouldn't look at me or say anything so I was afraid to say anything either.

Then Brad started the car and drove to my place and stopped there and he still wouldn't look at me. I pulled up my pants and looked at him. He was still looking out the window and I figured he wanted me to get out so I did and he drove away real fast.

With Brad gone, standing there in front of my house half naked, I felt cold all of a sudden and looked around and felt embarrassed like that out in the open, so I got dressed as quick as I could. I looked at my watch and it was one AM, so that was good, even my folks would be in bed, and I might catch hell the next morning for staying out so late, but at least they wouldn't see how shit-faced I was. My dad was OK about my getting drunk, he said he remembered what it was like being my age, and I could see he sort of envied me, but my mom went ballistic if she caught me drunk. I sneaked into the house and got to my room and fell on my bed. I must have been drunker than I thought because when my mom woke me the next morning I was still dressed and she gave me a look but didn't say anything.

I thought about what had happened the night before as I was taking my shower the next morning. The part with Terry and Randy had been pretty cool, actually, having them worship my body the way they had was totally awesome. Then having Brad do the same thing in his car afterwards was both awesome and scary. It was like a dream come true, but it had freaked him, so I was freaked too. Was he mad at me? What had I done? I still hadn't thought far enough to realize what it all meant, my feelings for Brad were in this compartment I kept totally separate from everything else, and I was still telling myself I wasn't queer, he was just my friend, there was nothing wrong with what we had done, it didn't mean anything. I'd call him as soon as I finished my shower and we'd talk and everything would go on like before.

But thinking about the night before got me horny, so I opened the shower door and looked at myself in the mirror, rubbing my big hard pecs and stroking my rock-hard six-pack as I stroked up a hot load of cum, thinking about Brad's mouth on my cock, his hard shoulder muscles under my hands as he pumped my dick and made me shoot. Yeah, that felt awesome!

As I was getting out of the shower the phone rang, and my mom yelled it was for me and I wrapped a towel around my waist and picked it up in the hall. It was Brad's mom.


"Hi, Mrs. Jensen."

"Honey, do you know where Brad is? I just looked in his room and he's not there, I don't think he came home last night. I'm worried."

My mind raced, half in fear, half in excitement. What the fuck? Should I cover for my buddy? We helped each other out all the time, giving each other alibis and shit. But what could I say? I had no idea what sort of alibi he needed. I tried to stall. My sister walked by and made a face at me, acting like she was disgusted by my half-nudity. I made a face back.

"Uh, gosh, Mrs. Jensen, we went to a party together and then we split up and we were going to connect later but I, uh, I couldn't make it, and..."

"Just a minute, Erik honey, I hear the door." Mrs. Jensen was from Georgia, and she called everyone "honey". "BRAD! Is that you?!"

There was a brief silence, then she came back on the line.

"Oh, Erik, never mind, dear, he's here, never mind. Brad! You come back down here, young man..." She hung up.

Shit, what the fuck had Brad been up to? I'd have to wait a while before I could call him if his mom was giving it to him. Fuck, he might even get grounded, neither of us had ever stayed out all night, and his dad was a real prick sometimes.

As I was walking back to my room to get dressed the phone rang again, and I grabbed it, hoping it was Brad.

"Dude, that was awesome last night, why don't you come over again tonight, my folks are still away, and these mice want to play!"

I recognized Terry's voice, and laughed. One of the reasons I liked the dude was that he was so outrageous. He would say almost anything, and didn't seem to give a fuck who heard or what they thought. He wasn't bad looking, either, not that I looked at guys that way, but you know, it was not cool to hang out with losers, and Terry might be gay, but he was no loser, he hung out with our crowd. What the hell, I liked him. So I laughed at his joke.

"Sorry, dude, I'm trying to hook up with Brad, we're going to a flick tonight." That plan was two days old by then, but we had agreed at school on Thursday that we'd take in the new Batman flick together.

"Dude, Brad just left here, he came back last night, and it was like totally awesome, he let both me and Randy do him, and he is so totally hot. We all slept in the same bed. Your buddy was so totally wasted. He even did some things I probably shouldn't tell you about. I just hope HE remembers what we did." Terry giggled in a real sexy, dirty way, and if he hadn't just said he'd slept with my best buddy I'd have thought it was a riot.

"No way!"

"Way, dude."

I slammed the phone down and tried to call Brad. His line was busy and I stormed back to my room to get dressed. I was mad, and confused because I was mad. Why should I care what Brad did with those two queers? Even if he'd done stuff to them like he'd done to me. But then that would mean Brad was queer. Was he? Did that make a difference to me? Could we still be friends if he was that way? Why did this have to happen? We should never have gone to Terry's the night before, this was all that little faggot's fault, I'd get him and that little cock-sucker Randy. They'd be sorry they messed with Brad and me.

After breakfast I tried calling Brad. The line was still busy, so I asked my mom if I could borrow the car to go over to Brad's and she said "No, why don't you ride your bike, dear?" and I groaned.

"Mo-o-o-m! Bikes are for kids. Why can't I have a car of my own?"

"Save your money, dear, and you can buy yourself one as soon as you turn seventeen."

We had been having that discussion for almost a year, ever since I had gotten my learner's permit at fifteen and a half. Neither Mom nor Dad would budge an inch, and I was going nuts. Half the guys I knew had their own cars, bought for them by their parents! Brad had this awesome red '86 Mustang SVO, and he didn't mind driving us, but I felt like such a dork having to borrow my folks' station wagon or ride with a friend all the time.

I tried Brad one more time, still busy, I had no choice, I hopped on my bike and headed for his place.

It was hot out, so I wore just shorts and a tanktop, and it felt sexy as hell riding my bike, pretty soon I had a boner, and was just glad to be outside on such a beautiful day. I glanced down, and decided my hard cock didn't show unless you looked for it, so I slowed down, and spread my legs apart, and eased forward on the seat, so the front of it was digging into that place behind my balls, and I think I could have cum, it had me so horny, but then I almost hit a parked car, and I decided I'd better cool it.

At Brad's house I rang the bell and his mom answered.

"Hi, Mrs. Jensen, you sure look nice today," I said, trying to act like nothing was wrong.

Mrs. Jensen looked at me and shook her head.

"I don't know whether I should be mad at you too, Erik. Brad says you weren't with him, but you two do everything together. Do your parents let you stay out all night?"

"Uh, gosh, no, Mrs. Jensen."

"Well, I hope not. I've always liked you, you seem like a good influence on Brad, he can be so wild, and his father isn't nearly strict enough with him."

I gulped at that, Brad's father was the strictest dad I knew of. He was always threatening to send Brad back to military school, and Brad would never talk about his experiences there, but I could tell the threat worried him.

"Uh, is it OK if I go up and see him?"

"Alright, honey, you go ahead, he probably needs the company."

"Thanks, Mrs. Jensen, see you later."

Brad wasn't in his room, but I heard the shower, so I flopped down on the bed to wait for him. I was still sort of hung over from the night before, and pretty soon I fell asleep.

I woke when the bed shook, and looked up to see Brad sitting there naked beside me. He was still damp, and I could smell soap and the CK cologne he used. I raised myself onto my elbows, then sat up. Brad was sitting there with his head down, and I thought for a minute he was crying, but then he looked at me, and he didn't look happy, but at least there were no tears. I tried to ignore the fact that he was naked, and that shouldn't have bothered me, but suddenly it did. I wanted to put my arm around him and comfort him, but I didn't. We sat there.

"Man, I am so totally fucked," he said finally. "I've been grounded, I can't go out for two weeks!"

"That sucks, man."

"And I don't even remember what happened."

"No shit? You don't remember last night?"

"Why did you leave me at Terry's, dude?"

"What! I didn't leave you there, man, you drove me home and I thought you were going home too, but I guess you went back."

"No way!"

"I'm not shitting you, man. I was having a good time, but you said you weren't, so we left, and you dropped me at my place around one o'clock. You were pretty high, but I thought you'd be OK, or I'd have made sure you got home. I'm sorry man."

We sat there in silence for a while, and finally Brad spoke again.

"I guess it was the booze. Man, I think I drink too much sometimes."

"Roger that, dude."

It was true, once Brad started drinking he didn't seem to know when to stop. He had blacked out a couple of times before, and done some pretty stupid things, but this was new, spending the night at Terry's. And that other stuff. I was afraid to ask him about it, but I wondered if he remembered what had happened between us, and what Terry had referred to on the phone.

"Dude, how could you abandon me there?"

"I didn't man, it was like I said, you drove me home!"

"Shit! I woke up this morning in Terry's bed, and those two homos were both in bed with me and they were naked and - shit, dude, I can't say it."


"Fuck, man, they were like doing a 69!"

"No way! You mean they were having sex in bed with each other right next to you?"

"No, they were passed out still, it was like they had been doing it and fell asleep that way."


"Tell me about it."

"So what'd you do?"

"I grabbed my clothes and split."

We sat there a few minutes and finally I asked him.

"So you don't remember anything about last night?"

"The last thing I remember, I wanted to leave, but you wanted to stay, and then Terry poured me a glass of vodka and I drank it."

We sat there some more. I said "He wants us to come back tonight."



"You talked to him?"

"He called me this morning, right after I hung up with your mom. He said you'd just left there."

"Did he say what happened?"

"No, just that you spent the night, and he and his buddy Randy both sucked your cock."

"Oh Fuck! My life is ruined! It'd be all over school, everyone will think I'm a homo now!"

"Why, man? You didn't do anything to them. Did you?"

"No! No way! I don't think. I don't remember."

I could tell there was something Brad did remember that he didn't want to talk about.

"Shit, man, even if they say something, it's their word against yours. No one will believe them. Right? It's not like they took pictures or anything. Did they?"

Brad looked at me in terror.

"Christ, dude, what if they did? I don't remember! What if after I passed out they made it look like I was sucking one of them off and the other took a picture, and it's all over school on Monday."

"Dude! Chill! I know Terry, he's not that kind of guy. It's OK, really. Chill out."

"Man, I want to go back over there and confront that faggot and make him swear he won't say anything. I'll beat the shit out of him unless he promises not to say anything, to anybody. Will you back me up?"

"Not a good idea, man. Besides, you're grounded."

"Yeah, I know. I'm totally fucked."

We sat there.

"Man I feel like shit, I must have drunk a gallon of vodka."

"Yeah, dude, you were pretty wasted."

"Did I really drive you home?"


"Did I, like, do anything weird?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know man, like moon some schoolgirl or something."

"No man, you did not moon a schoolgirl at one AM. You did sleep with a couple of homos who probably had their way with you all night, of course. How's your ass feel? Sore?"

I don't know why I said that, I was just trying to be goofy and cheer Brad up, it was freaking me out that he was so upset, nothing ever got to Brad, he just laughed it all off. But I was still wondering about Terry's remark on the phone. Should I tell Brad what Terry had said?

"Fuck you man, if you can't support me, get the shit out!"

"Dude, chill! Its a joke."

Brad got up and dressed, not saying anything, and I flopped back down on the bed and looked at the ceiling. I had looked at it a hundred times before, lying there on Brad's bed, talking, telling jokes, just hanging out. It had this bumpy texture, and I always tried to find some pattern, seeing weird images. I was starting to feel OK again, at least I was with Brad.

Finally Brad spoke. "I want to be alone, dude."

I was shocked, and hurt. Brad had never made me leave before, even when he was mad at me.

"That's cool, dude, I'm outta here."

I jumped up and ran out, even more confused than before.

Back at home my Mom wanted me to do some chores, so I carried out the garbage and swept the garage and cleaned up my room. I kept hoping Brad would call and say he was sorry and he wanted me to come over again, but every time the phone rang it was one of my sister's dumb girlfriends, and I got madder and madder.

After dinner I couldn't stand it any more, it was Saturday night, and I couldn't be at home like some moron. I remembered Terry's invitation. I needed to get drunk, and Terry's dad had enough booze to stock a liquor store. It meant walking, but it wasn't far, so I told my folks I was going over to Brad's, and headed out.

The street in front of Terry's house was packed with cars, every light in his house was on, and the music blaring from his dad's awesome sound system could be heard from half a block away. This was what Brad and I had been expecting the night before, but tonight it pissed me off, and confused me still more. I realized I'd been looking forward to having Terry and his buddy Randy service me again. I was horny as hell. I hesitated, but then walked on up the driveway, returning the greetings from other kids from school.

"Erik! Bitchin party, bra!" That was Marco, he'd grown up in Hawaii, and talked like some Honolulu surfer parody, but he was cool, I liked him.

"Marco, how they hangin?"

"Chillin, dude, chillin."

"Erik! Dude! Where's the Brad-ster?"

That was Kyle, the school geek, who somehow managed to be at least five years behind on all the slang, and did it so earnestly that I kind of liked him.

"Grounded, man."

"Bummer, what happened?"

"Uh, nothing, man, you know how his dad is, Brad cuts his toenails too short and his old man has a cow."

"That sucks, man."


Inside, Terry was nowhere to be seen, so I worked my way to the bar and grabbed a couple of beers and a bottle of vodka and walked outside to the patio by the pool to get wasted. The place looked like a scene from some teen gross-out flick, with kids puking, and falling into the pool, and couples making out. Some dude was nailing a chick right beside the diving board, both with their underwear at their ankles, her legs up in the air, and I watched his naked ass rise and fall rhythmically as he panted and thrusted and she made these high-pitched gasps and yells of either pain or pleasure, I couldn't tell which.

Eventually a warm fog descended over everything, and I got up and wandered back into the house. Upstairs there was a line of several guys outside one of the doors, and the guy at the end told me some chick was giving blowjobs, so I joined the line and leaned against the wall until I reached the door. Finally it opened, and several pairs of hands pulled me in. I had a brief impression of a girl I thought I knew kneeling on the floor, her head going up and down over some guy's groin, he making loud sounds of appreciation. Then the door closed, and it was too dark to see anything, but I felt hands pulling me into the room. I stumbled a couple of times, and heard grunts of surprise and annoyance, like "Watch the fuck where you're going, asshole!" Then another door opened, and I was drawn into another pitch-dark room, and more hands, and I was being undressed.

There were hands all over me as I was stripped naked, and slowly pushed backwards onto a bed. Then there were hands and mouths and warm bodies.

I lay inert at first, letting the hands feel my hard-muscled body, then I started to return the caresses and strokes, and I could tell the bodies were male, hard-muscled male bodies like my own. I heard the sounds of other guys breathing, panting, lusting. I returned the caresses, enjoying the feel of hard male flesh, muscles and asses and cocks. I imagined it was Brad lying next to me, stroking my pecs, groping my boner.

A hard cock poked me in the face and I opened my mouth and started sucking it urgently, desperate to take all of it, wanting to feel it throb and spurt in my mouth, needing another guy's hot male sex inside me. The anonymity of the dark room made all my inhibitions evaporate, I was free to do anything I wanted to, I could grope all the hot male muscles rubbing against me, lick and suck and fondle, and no one knew it was me, it didn't count, no one would know. The hands probed and rubbed and fondled me all over as I sucked my first cock.

I felt a mouth engulf my cock in return, and my body was filled with a sense of ecstasy and fulfillment like I had never known. I felt like I belonged for the first time in my life. I started cumming, and it went on and on as I sucked the cock filling my mouth and plunging into my throat.

I woke to bright light in my face, and struggled to sit up. My head was throbbing and aching, and I could barely see. I turned away from the light and finally made my eyes focus enough to see that I was in a strange bed, in a strange room. I remembered the night before in dim sensations of naked bodies and hard cocks. There were a couple of naked bodies on the floor, but I tried not to see the faces, I didn't want to know who they were. Had I really sucked another guy? What else had I done?

I stumbled to my feet and almost fell, then managed to stay upright long enough to get to the door. I opened it and staggered into the upstairs hallway of Terry's parents' house. There were a couple of kids passed out in the hall. I lurched down the hall to the bathroom, where I barfed and then pissed and drank some water, then stumbled back into the hallway. I could hear the sound of some girl being fucked hard, her high wail punctuating each thrust of a huge cock into her tight hot cunt. The sounds were coming from another room down the hall, and I fled from them back to the room where I had wakened.

I could tell from the pictures of half-naked movie hunks all over the walls - John-Erik Hexum, Matt Dillon, Chris Atkins, Marky Mark - that this was Terry's room. I had spent the night in Terry's bed. Was that Terry's naked ass and legs showing from under a blanket over by the window on the floor? I didn't want to know. I found my clothes, and dressed, and ran down the stairs and out of the house.

I knew from the position of the sun that it was still early, and I managed to get home and back to my own room and into my bed before my folks got up. I fell asleep, and wound up in a nightmare where I was trying to save Brad from a huge whirlpool that was dragging him under, taking him away from me, and then it grabbed me too and I was sinking into darkness, then I wakened to my mother's familiar voice calling through my door.

"Erik? Are you up, dear? Breakfast is ready! Come and eat, dear."

When we got home from church I ran upstairs and called Brad. Their answering machine picked up, and I remembered he'd told me they were spending Sunday at his uncle's place, so I hung up and went into my room to change. The phone rang, and my sister answered it and yelled out to me.

"Oh E-e-e-rik!! It's one of your boyfriends, dear!" My mom had actually said that to me once, at least a year earlier, and I had wanted to die, and my sister had used the line ever since. I ran into the hall and glared at Melissa as she ran back into her room and slammed the door. I picked up the phone.

"So, do you still love me?"

It was Terry's voice, and I had been expecting something of the sort ever since I walked out of his bedroom at 6 am that morning, so I was ready. I played it cool. I had no clue what I had done or said the night before, but I suspected he didn't either.

"Hey, dude. Awesome party," I drawled.

"You should have stayed for breakfast," he said, sounding cheerful, as always. "Jeanette Lewis nearly set my mom's kitchen on fire trying to cook French toast. She's going to make some man a wonderful pyromaniac."

"Dude, won't your folks care that you wrecked their house while they were away?"

"That's what I love about you Erik - that and your big cock, of course - you're such a romantic. My folks don't care what I do, as long as they don't have to actually spend any time with me. My dad kind of likes it, he thinks it proves I'm not a faggot, because only a son who's a macho stud like him would have wild parties where naked High School girls leave lipstick prints all over his mirror. I should show him the video I shot last night in my bedroom. Actually I started it the night before. You and your boyfriend Brad star prominently in it."

"You'd better be joking, dude," I snarled. He'd gotten to me with that one, and I totally lost the cool attitude I had so carefully rehearsed.

"Why don't you come over and see?" His tone was too hopeful. It sounded too much like a ruse, just a way to get me there.

"In your dreams."

"Yeah. Well. Why should you have all the fun?"

"Please tell me you're joking, man. I told Brad you were OK, he could trust you. Can he? Can I?"

There was a long silence at the other end, and I just stood there, listening. I was afraid if I said anything more I'd upset some delicate balance. Let Terry work it out for himself. Did he have a tape? Or not?

"Fuck you, man. It's not fair. You get to be Mr. High School Super- Jock, and everybody thinks you're Mr. Macho, and when it comes down to it, you like to suck cock as much as I do. And so does your Super-Jock boyfriend - who screams your name while he's taking it up the ass, by the way."

I wasn't even listening at that point. Terry's tone of voice told me he didn't really have any proof. I hung up.

Things were starting to fall into place in my head. Vague images from the night before, guys going down on me, me going down on them. Hard- muscled bodies, hard cocks, my hands roaming over other guys' bodies, my cock harder than it had ever been, my mouth eagerly engulfing big hard dicks as they spurted cum. I was queer. Not queer like Terry, but queer just the same. It wasn't just that I wanted Brad, I wanted guys. Period. I started remembering all the times I had looked at another guy naked in the locker room or showers, and thrown a rod, and stroked up a nutload of cum thinking about touching that guy's muscles, or cock. I'd told myself I was just a normal horny guy, but I knew that normal horny guys didn't do the stuff I had done with Terry and Randy and whoever else had been in that bed the night before. Stuff that I wanted to do with Brad.

What about Brad? It didn't matter what he had done with Terry and Randy, or whether there was a video tape. Brad had sucked my cock and licked my pecs and kissed me on the lips. He was as queer as I was. He wanted me the same way I wanted him.

When Brad and his mom and dad got back from his uncle's that evening, I was waiting on their porch. Mrs. Jensen smiled at me as she let me in after they parked their car in the garage.

"Brad ran upstairs, honey. I don't know what's gotten into him, he's lucky his father doesn't send him back to military school, frankly. Go up and talk to him, I think he needs a friend."

Brad was taking his clothes off as I walked into his room. I closed the door and flopped on his bed and watched. He was the best-looking guy I knew, and as I looked at him with my new awareness of who I was, my cock stirred, and I groped myself. He stripped to his briefs, and then sat on the bed next to me. There was nothing unusual about that, us being half- naked around each other, we'd never acted shy.

I reached out and put my hand on Brad's leg, stroking it gently. His skin was smooth and soft, darkly tanned, almost hairless. I could see fine soft hairs all over his thigh, and could feel them just a little as I ran my hand up and down his leg. Brad looked down at me. I lifted my hand to his chest and touched him there, letting my fingertips trail down over his pecs, tracing the sharp outline of his muscles, running my hand lower to feel his taught hard six-pack.

"Cut it out," Brad said angrily, pushing my hand away.

I stood and faced him and pushed his shoulders until he fell back on the bed. I climbed on top of him, straddling him with my legs, and grabbed his wrists, pinning them to the bed.

"You're not the only one with secrets," I said.

Brad fought me, but ineffectually.

"Go to hell!" He said it like it was a dare.

I leaned down and kissed him. I pressed my lips to his, gently at first, then harder, and at first he didn't respond, but then he did. As I opened my lips, so did he, and his tongue met mine. Then he started crying, and I held him for a long time, until he wore himself out.

"I don't want to be a faggot, Erik," he sobbed.

"Neither do I buddy, neither do I."

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