Liquor Store Stud Puppy

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I never try to have sex with a straight guy any more. I tried it when I was first coming out, and even if they're interested, most want nothing more than a quick blow job, with no reciprocation, and the few that are willing to try to repay the favor are lousy at it.

So when I wound up in the discount liquor store two days before Christmas, and at rush hour to boot, cruising was about the last thing on my mind. I don't cruise places like that, where it's almost certain that any guy who turns me on will be straight. It's not only frustrating, it can be downright dangerous.

I hate crowded stores, too, so when I saw what I had walked into, I almost turned around and left, to come back a few hours later, when the place would be empty. But I was there, and needed beer, so decided to put up with the inconvenience. After all, it was my fault for not watching the time better, I could have come in the morning, it would have been quiet then.

Not cruising doesn't mean I can't look, so I checked out the guys in the store as I worked my way to the aisles I wanted. There was a cute guy in a sweat shirt and baggy shorts, with a nice face and great legs, a treat at that time of year, but he was just ok, nothing special. In fact, the crowd seemed particularly ordinary. I was glad, actually, as I was horny, and didn't want more frustration.

Then as I turned into the beer aisle I saw him, the sexiest little stud puppy imaginable. He was on the short side, so fucking cute I made a gasping sound, and built like a porn star, with muscles to die for. He was wearing a pec-skimmer cut-off sweat shirt that showed off his build, and tight jeans, so I could see he was either very well-endowed, or had a sock stuffed in his crotch. I had to drag my eyes away from him when he turned my way. I didn't want a nasty confrontation, butch little studs like him like to pick fights with faggots, I've learned.

I minded my own business for long enough to get what I wanted in that aisle, then couldn't help looking around for the muscle-stud I had spotted earlier. He was still right near me, and I could tell he was alone, he had that cocky, don't-mess-with-me stance that kids like him put on when they're not with their posse. In his case it made sense, I could imagine he got hit on a LOT, with a face and body like that. He wasn't looking my way, so I indulged myself in a long examination of his assets, and could find nothing I didn't like - he was perfect, just the type I lust after from afar - butch, sexy, muscles, attitude. He had very close-cropped hair, a short, muscular neck, broad, muscular shoulders, incredible pecs, and a tiny waist with the sexiest bubble butt ever. I got hard just looking at him, and that doesn't happen to me in public. I was cool about it, of course. I didn't just flat out stare, I pretended I was looking at things near him and beyond him and it was just a coincidence he was in the way. At least I thought I was being cool, until I raised my eyes from his ass to see him glaring at me.

Oops! Busted.

I quickly looked away, just in time to see another guy looking at me and grinning. He caught my eye and winked, nodding towards the kid, and I grinned ruefully and shrugged my shoulders. He gave me a look that invited more, but I shook my head and turned away. If the incident had happened in a bar, I probably would have wound up in bed with the second guy, he was nice-looking, and our similar taste in objects of desire would have made for an OK fuck, each of us pretending the other was the kid.

I headed for the checkout counter, and the shortest line just happened to be the one with the kid at the end. I debated briefly whether to get into another one and avoid the impression that I was following him, but decided that was stupid. Fuck the little asshole if he couldn't appreciate the compliment I'd paid him. And he didn't seem to notice me behind him, he had a lot to say to the clerk, and took long enough to pay and leave that I would have been better off in any other line. But I got to watch him, and that made up for the wait. He seemed very young close up, and the young male clerk thought so too, as he made a big production of checking the kid's ID. He passed, so he had to be at least twenty-one. But he was every bit as cocky as I had thought, and most of the time he spent paying he was challenging the clerk one way or another, making him check each price, verify the discount in the store flyer, and towards the end of the transaction the kid leaned closer to the clerk and spoke in a low voice and I could have sworn I heard the word "faggot". The clerk glanced ruefully in my direction. The kid snickered and took his stuff and left.

My own transaction went quickly, and I reached the parking lot fast enough that I thought the kid might still be in sight, and I might steal a last look, but I didn't see him, and headed for my car.

I was closing the back door, having stowed my purchases on the seat, when I heard a voice behind me.

"Why were you staring at me in there?"

I turned around, and there he was, the macho dude stud-puppy. He had his feet planted wide apart, and his crotch and head thrust forward, a macho stance if there ever was one.

Usually in situations like that I deny, deny, deny. Make excuses. Apologize. Sneak away. I'm a total coward, and hate confrontations. It can be embarrassing, but I've avoided the fag-bashings a couple of my friends who can't suppress their sense of injustice have suffered.

But this time for some reason I just said "Because you're an incredibly good looking guy."

The kid dropped his gaze for an instant when I said that, and I realized I'd caught him off guard with the direct approach. He'd been expecting the denial. He wasn't sure now what to say. He shuffled his feet for a minute. He decided on the direct approach too.

"Are you a queer?"

Now it was my turn to be surprised. He sounded more curious than offended.

"Yeah," I said, smiling. "I'm a queer, but that's rude, the polite word is gay. Calling a gay guy a queer is like calling a black guy a nigger."

The kid scowled at that, and stuck his chin out. I realized he thought I was making fun of him. I kept smiling. If I kept my mouth shut, maybe he'd decide it was ok for him to walk away.

"I know black guys who call each other nigger," he said.

This was a strange turn of conversation, debating derogatory epithets in a parking lot.

"Do they let YOU call them nigger?" I asked.

"No," he admitted, dropping his eyes.

I figured I might be able to make a getaway at that point, so I turned from the kid to my car and opened the door, hoping to get in and close it and drive away without looking like I was running.

"My name's Brad," he said. I looked back, stunned. That was about the last thing I had expected, for him to introduce himself. He still sounded hostile, but it was progress.

"Mine's Derek," I said automatically. He wasn't holding out his hand, so I didn't hold out mine.

The kid stood there, shuffling his feet, looking awkward and uncomfortable, obviously waiting for something.

Suddenly I thought I understood, and if I had stopped to think I would never have said what I did next, but he looked so willing and vulnerable and so fucking macho stud sexy that I had to take a chance. "Would you like to come back to my place and have a beer?" I asked.

"OK," he answered. He didn't even hesitate. That was what he'd been hoping for.

"Want to follow me?" I asked. It seemed obvious, but he was just standing there.

"Where do you live?" He asked.

"Uh, you mean, my address?" I could see him having second thoughts.

"Yeah, what's your address?" He said that with a sarcastic tone that made me want to slug him, but I let it pass. I was curious.

I gave him my address, sighing in the knowledge that I would never see him again, but realizing it was just as well. He was straight, obviously up tight, possibly dangerous. I was getting off easy.

"Uh, I have to take care of something else first," he said. "I'll be there in a while. Is that ok?"

"Sure," I said, smiling.

Hunky little macho stud-puppy Brad turned and strutted away, and I watched him get into his red mini-pickup. Perfect, I muttered to myself, he drives a bright red mini-macho truck. A total clichÈ.

Driving home, I started to worry. Maybe he hadn't chickened out. Maybe he was going to collect his buddies and come to my place to beat the shit out of me. How stupid could I get, giving someone like that my real address? By the time I got home I was terrified. I called Mark, my best friend. He's straight, but that helps. We get along great. I listen to his stories about the women he dates, he listens to mine about the men, we laugh at each other.

"You did what?!" he shouted into the phone as soon as I told him what had just happened.

"I know, it was stupid," I said.

"Stupid? It was suicidal!" he shouted. "I'm coming over. I'll pick up Todd and Larry. Just sit tight."

"Mark, No, wait, don't. He could have punched me out there in the parking lot, if that's what he wanted. He just got scared. I'm being paranoid."

"Derek, he's probably a psychopath, he went to get his knives and ropes so he can carve you into pieces and bury you under his house. I'm coming over."

"No! Mark, wait. Don't. You'd have to have seen him. He's just a kid, he's probably curious what queers do, maybe he's latent. He'll never show up. If he does, he'll be alone, hoping for a blow job. OK, look, if I don't call you back in half an hour, then you better come over, right away. I just want to have a beer and jerk off thinking about the hot sex I almost had. Stay home, you'll get in the way."

Mark laughed. "You're right, dude, I don't want to watch you beat your meat tonight. But you better call. Don't get so carried away with those dildos and things that you lose track of the time."

Mark was only partly joking about our beating off together, we had done it several times. Mark must have had a little latent homo in him, he liked bi sex films. He and I had never touched each other, aside from hugs, and to my knowledge he had never had sex with a guy, but he liked porn with two guys and a chick, with the guys kissing and sucking and fucking each other a well as the chick. He claimed it was just to accommodate my tastes, but I could tell he got off on the two guys doing it, as long as there was a chick around. Fortunately he never suggested we try it, I couldn't have handled that. As for the dildos, well, that's another story.

"Right," I said, laughing. "And thanks. I owe you one."

"No problem, buddy. But call me in thirty."

Talking to Mark had made me feel much better. I was sure now that I was just being foolish. My life was as boring as ever.

I had stowed my purchases from the liquor store and was opening a beer when the doorbell rang. I jumped. No way it was that kid. I went to the door, and did something I never do, I used the peephole. The light on my front porch is not very good, but I could see enough to tell it was definitely he, my stud-puppy from the liquor store. And I couldn't see anyone else. But they could be hiding, waiting for me to open the door, waiting to rush in. I looked at my watch. It had been twenty minutes since I talked to Mark. Maybe I should get him on the phone before I opened the door.

Don't be an idiot, I told myself. I opened the door, and couldn't stop myself from looking around quickly. No one else in sight.

"Uh, hi," I stammered. "I didn't think you'd show up."

"I had to feed my dog," he explained. He was carrying TWO six-packs of beer, and held them out. "I brought some beer." It looked like he was planning to get very drunk. I noticed too that he had changed his clothes - in place of the cutoff sweat shirt he had on the tightest tee shirt I had ever seen, it looked like it must be cutting off the blood supply to his arms, and the bottom just barely reached the waistband of his jeans, which were like the ones he'd had on in the liquor store, super tight and revealing, but these looked a little newer. The tee shirt was bright blue, and had a Superman logo emblazoned on it, and I licked my lips. I have a thing for superheroes.

I took the beer, thanked him, and stepped aside to let him in, looking around once more to be sure he was alone. I felt really stupid. What was I doing? What was HE doing? This was going to be a disaster, I should have remembered my rule, stay away from straight guys, no matter how cute they are. I closed the door and turned around.

Brad had walked into my living room and was looking through my collection of video tapes. I picked up my own beer from the counter, took one of his from the holder, opened it and set the rest on the counter, then joined him. As I walked up to him he was holding the box from the gay porn flick I had watched the night before. The picture on the front was fairly tame, a very good-looking blonde naked muscle-boy wearing nothing but a smile and a huge hardon, but the back was a lot more explicit, and featured that same guy taking it up the ass from another star known for his enormous cock.

"Dude, these guys are fucking awesome!" he said, looking at me incredulously as he took the beer I held out.

I couldn't think of anything to say to that. I was beginning to think Brad was not too bright.

"That's some sort of special effect, right?" he said, staring at the picture of the guy getting fucked. "No one could take that up his ass. I bet it's not even real, they do it like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, computers or something."

"Uh, no, it's real," I said, starting to regret I had opened the door. This was going to be uncomfortable. The little stud was definitely hoping to get laid, and he was definitely a virgin. Not good. I hate virgins, they're the worst, you spend hours getting them relaxed enough to get to the main event, and then they bolt at the last minute, or cum in an instant, or can't cum at all. I started asking myself how I could get rid of him without being rude.

The phone rang, "Shit. I bet that's Mark. Excuse me. Here, see for yourself." I picked up the remote for the VCR and hit play, then left Brad and went into the kitchen to answer the phone.

"It's been thirty-five minutes!" Mark growled at me as I put the receiver to my ear.

"I know, I'm sorry," I said. "It's ok. I'm fine. He's here, he's alone, we're discussing special effects in the cinema."


"Never mind. It's ok. Thanks for calling. I'm fine, I'll call you later."

"You're sure? They don't have you tied up and a knife at your throat? Look, if everything is really OK, tell me my middle name."

"Terence," I said. "OK?"

"OK. You're discussing what!?"

"Never mind, I'll call. Goodbye."


We hung up and I returned to the living room. Brad was sitting on the couch watching the gay porn film. By no coincidence it was the exact scene from the box, and the blonde sexpot with the bubble butt was taking all ten inches of the other guy's giant cock up his ass, AND his cock was still hard. Academy award material, for sure. I had watched it about five times the night before, replaying it until I finally couldn't hold back and popped my nuts.

The kid was perched on the edge of the couch, looking ready to bolt the minute anything too weird happened. He had his hand in his crotch, and a glazed look in his eyes, and his mouth was half open. I sat on the chair next to the couch, not wanting to spook him. This was at least turning into an interesting experience. He tore his eyes away from the screen and looked at me, then took a huge swig of his beer before he could ask me the burning question in his macho little mind.

"Why would a guy let another guy do that to him?"

"Because it feels good."

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"Well, I'm more of a top, myself, but I have let a few guys fuck me, and while none was as big as that," I pointed towards the screen, where the blonde was writhing with pleasure while the other guy continued to ram his incredible dick up his ass, "no, it doesn't hurt, once you get used to it. I mean, look at him," I gestured at the screen again. "He might be able to fake the smile, but not that erection." The blonde started to cum, his face contorted perfectly into an expression of total ecstasy, his cock shooting several impressive ropes of cum all over his face and chest. "Or that orgasm. Wow!"

"Man, it would take some real heavy dude to make me let him do that to me, I don't care what you say," Brad said, and once I had untangled all those pronouns I still wondered what he meant. It almost sounded like he wanted to get fucked, he was just looking for the right guy to do it. Naw, I thought.

The kid looked back at the screen again and watched the scene play itself out. The blonde finished cumming, as seen from at least four different camera angles - but his cock stayed hard as the other guy fucked him for a while longer, then pulled his dick out and shot about a gallon of cum all over the blonde's rock-hard abs. I glanced at the kid on my couch, and he was holding his crotch again. I decided it was a defensive gesture, a way of protecting his assets from any unwelcome attention. I picked up the remote and stopped the video, then turned on the stereo.

"You ready for another beer?" I asked, and Brad said "Sure, thanks." I sat back down in my chair.

Brad was looking everywhere but at me, and I decided it was best to let him get around to whatever he wanted in his own time. I assumed he wanted a blow job, but the way he was acting it was probably his first, and I thought that was sort of cute. I should try to make it enjoyable, give him time to relax.

After another beer Brad did relax. He leaned back on the couch.

"Could we watch more of that video?" he asked. I was stunned. That was about the last thing I had expected him to say.

"Uh, sure, why not." I turned the music off and the video on and the next scene started. This tape had some sort of story, so at first there was no sex, but there were no women in sight, and every guy looked like a wet dream fantasy, and they were all dressed in clothes that left nothing to the imagination. Soon it was just three guys in a warehouse, doing warehouse-type stuff. Stripped to their jockstraps. Happens every day.

"Uh, it's kind of warm in here," Mike said. "I just came from the gym, I guess I'm all worked up."

"Why don't you take your shirt off?" I suggested, teasing really.

"Could I?" He asked, giving me an innocent look. I was beginning to wonder if this kid was just putting me on. Maybe he was gay, and got off on pretending to be straight. Whatever.

"Go ahead, I think I'll join you," I said, and stripped my shirt off, watching him as I did it. I didn't want to miss an instant of the show. I watched in awe as the gorgeous little stud puppy stood up and stripped off his skin-tight tee shirt. He actually had to work at it a little, it was so tight. He kept his eyes glued to the screen, and I kept mine glued to him. I could watch the tape anytime, but this would probably be my only chance to watch him. He tossed his shirt on the couch and stretched, emphasizing the fact that he had just worked out. My cock swelled and my mouth watered as I watched him. His body was even better than the ones on the screen, better than my imagination when I saw him in the store, partly because he was there in my living room, in the flesh, not a picture or fantasy, but if he had a flaw I couldn't see it. His muscles had muscles, his proportions were perfect, his skin was smooth, dark, hairless. He was perfect. He looked at me, and I expected him to react to my stare as he had earlier, get pissed off, but he grinned shyly and looked away, then looked at me again.

"You have a great build," he said, looking at me, then looking down shyly. I figured guys didn't compliment other guys in his world. "Do you think I have a good build?" he asked shyly, posing a little for me.

"Your body is incredible," I said.

"As good as those guys?" He asked, nodding towards the screen.

"Better," I said.

"I'm not hung as big as they are," he said, groping himself.

"Show me," I said, figuring he wouldn't say that if he didn't want to prove it.

The sexy little stud didn't even hesitate, he stripped naked right there in my living room as I sat and watched. He was still standing, and balanced precariously, first on one foot, then the other to take off his shoes and sox, his eyes still on the TV screen, glancing now and then at me to be sure I was still watching him. My eyes were glued to the kid, but I glanced occasionally at the screen to see what he was seeing there.

The trio in the video were all naked now, and two of them were worshipping the third's muscles. He was pretty worship-able, and if Brad hadn't been putting on a strip show for me I would have had my cock in my hand, getting ready to pop a load, pretending I was one of the two studs on their knees. Brad took his tight jeans off and tossed them on the floor. He had on skimpy red bikini briefs, and the bulge in his crotch was impressive. He glanced at me, to be sure I was watching, then stuffed his hand down into his pouch to adjust himself, a look of pleasure on his face as he groped his hard cock, then fell back on the couch and lifted his legs in the air and pushed his briefs down to his ankles and kicked them off, giving me a cock-tingling display of his bare ass as he did it.

He stayed that way, showing me his ass, grinning at me through his wide- spread legs - the kid sure knew how to turn me on. His balls were big, pulled up into his crack, and he pushed his fully-erect cock up so it showed too. He stroked it a couple of times as I watched with my heart pounding and my cock throbbing. Then he let his legs down and spread them apart on the couch and started stroking his cock. He was right, it wasn't as big as the ones on the screen, but it was big for his size -he was only five seven, maybe five-eight, and his cock was a good eight inches, and just the right thickness. He glanced over at me, making sure I was still watching as he laid back on the couch buck naked and stroked his dick and played with his big juicy pecs. He was uncut, and made a big show of pulling his foreskin back, and playing with the big purplish head of his cock, then letting the foreskin cover it again. I wanted to crawl over there and give him a tongue bath, but was enjoying the show. Too bad I hadn't set up my video camera and turned it on before he came in. I could have had this whole scene on tape to savor later.

"What do you think?" he asked, waving his dick at me.

"You've nothing to be ashamed of," I said. "Especially with that body. Any one of those dudes on the screen would die to have you fuck him."

He seemed to like that idea, and looked back at the screen, grinning and stroking his cock some more.

I was ready to crawl across the floor and lick him all over and then swallow that beauty and suck him dry, but I didn't dare. I had my own hand in my crotch, massaging my boner through my pants. I had no idea what to do or say next, I was still afraid that if I did or said the wrong thing the kid would bolt.

"Would you like to take your clothes off too?" Brad asked. "It's ok, you can take them off," he said. "I don't mind."

This was getting stranger and stranger. I had the sudden idea that Brad was really a male hustler, toying with me, getting me so hot I was desperate for him, then he would say ok, it's a hundred dollars a minute from here on. I opened my pants and pushed them down to my knees and then pulled my erection out of my briefs and started stroking it. I'm big enough that I get a lot of envious looks in the locker room, especially as my cock doesn't shrink up when it's soft, it stays pretty big. Brad was watching me, grinning, looking sort of sleepy-eyed drunk, but as soon as my cock was out in the open his eyes flew open as wide as they could go and he whistled.

"Dude, you're huge!" he exclaimed. "You're almost as big as that first guy!"

He was wrong, that other guy had at least two inches more than I do, but his screen name is Horse, he's so big it's sort of freaky. I decided not to debate the point. I have a good solid ten inches. I stood there stroking myself as I watched sexy muscle-stud Brad stroke himself. He looked back at the screen, where the guy who had been getting serviced by the other two was now standing behind them as they bent over some sort of workbench and he got ready to drill their asses with his huge hard tool. Brad had both feet planted on the floor, his feet wide apart, just his shoulders resting on the couch, the rest of his awesome body arched in the air as he stroked his cock and played with his nipples and made cute sexy little grunting noises. I like guys who make noise, silent sex is boring sex.

"So are you going to suck my cock?" Brad blurted out. I jerked in total shock, then shook my head to clear it. This was turning into a porn fantasy come true, no one was ever going to believe me. Brad saw me shake my head and asked "Why not, I thought you wanted to." He sounded a little hurt, like I had led him on and then dumped him.

I tried to stand up, and tripped on my pants. "No, I was shaking my head because I can't believe this is happening, I am definitely going to suck your cock." I was lying on the floor as I made that speech, struggling to strip my pants off over my sneakers. "As soon as I get these pants off."

Brad stood up and came over to me and grabbed my pants. "I'll help," he said, tugging as I flailed my legs. I had a mouth-watering view of his naked body from below, his muscles glistening with perspiration - he hadn't been making it up, apparently, about being hot. His beautiful cock bobbed back and forth, hard as a rock, a string of precum dangling from the tip. I scrambled to my knees, "Fuck the pants!" I said, wrapping my arms around his hips and pulling him down to the floor. The sexy stud puppy fell hard, almost hitting his head on the coffee table, laughing and wrestling with me, and grabbing at my ass and crotch like my next door neighbor and I used to do when we were kids and played what we called "grab-ass." Back then it was just an excuse to feel each other up. We were ten. We hadn't been naked, of course, while Brad and I were, and Brad actually touched my cock briefly. I think he wanted to know what one that big felt like, so he grasped it for an instant, then quickly let go. Mustn't risk looking like a queer.

Finally I managed to flip the naked muscle-boy onto his back, and get up on my knees between his awesome column-like legs, and took his entire cock into my mouth in one gulp. I grabbed his balls with one hand and reached up with the other to rub his incredible pecs as I suctioned his rock-hard fuck tool.

The minute I swallowed Brad's cock he sort of went limp, gave in to whatever I had in mind, and once I started really sucking him off he started making these wonderful whimpering noises. I hate guys who stay totally silent when they're having sex, to me the sounds are the most important part, they turn me on, and tell me what to do, and what not to. I love it when a guy lets me know he likes what I am doing to him, and I could tell from the sounds Brad was making that he loved what I was doing to him. I experimented, working just his pecs, playing with his nipples, and he moaned and whimpered, and then I squeezed and tugged his balls and he grunted and moaned, and then I sucked his cock and he gasped and said "Oh! Yes!" Then I did all three and he made all the noises at once. I loved the whimper especially, it sounded so helpless and vulnerable.

I was tempted to make the little macho tease cum right away, but decided I didn't want to risk it before I had explored his entire body, I wanted to lick and suck those incredible pecs and listen to him whimper some more as I chewed on his beautiful big hard nipples before I let him get off. Once he got his rocks off he was likely to get nervous and grab his stuff and head for the door.

I raised my head from Brad's delicious cock and knelt over him and just looked, rubbing and caressing his smooth soft skin. He lifted his head and looked at me, wondering why I had stopped sucking his cock I guess, and grinned when he saw my worshipful admiration.

"You're beautiful," I told him as I ran my hands all over his naked body. It was incredibly sexy, that skin stretched so tautly over those awesome muscles, huge hard round pecs, washboard abs, thighs like marble columns, and a big juicy cock in his crotch. He was so hard by now that his cock was pulled up flat against his belly. I had thought only teenage cocks did that, but Brad's did it, and its tip reached almost to his navel, where a pool of clear precum had oozed out. I lapped that up and licked my way up to his pecs, which I sucked and chewed until he was panting and whimpering like a baby. Then I licked his abs, sucked his cock some more, and worked on his inner thighs and the big pair of nuts hanging under his cock. He liked rough ball play, and let me squeeze him really hard, grunting and moaning loudly. I was tempted to see just how far he could go, but backed off. I'd be stupid to cause him real pain and ruin the whole thing.

Finally I flipped Brad over on his stomach and spread his legs as far apart as they would go and looked at his incredible butt. He had a pair of glutes like big ripe melons, big and round and firm and succulent. I massaged them with my hands and then spread them apart even further and buried my face in his ass. I don't usually do that, it's too risky, but with Brad I couldn't stop myself. I licked and sucked on his asshole until he was whimpering again. The little stud lifted his hips off the floor, pushing his ass harder into my face, opening himself to me. I reached under him and stroked his cock while I ate his puckered pink boyhole. He whimpered softly, driving me crazy with lust.

"Are you going to fuck me?" he asked submissively. I raised my head, sure I could not have heard right.

"What did you say?"

"Are you going to fuck me?"

"Do you want me to?" I asked.

"I think so," he said. "I want to know what it feels like. That guy in the porn looked like it really turned him on. And you have a big cock. Bigger than mine. But you have to promise me you'll stop if it hurts too much." I realized that by some weird equation in Brad's macho stud rulebook, big cock meant more powerful. I was bigger than he was, so I got to fuck him. Simple. I wasn't about to argue.

"Ok," I said, "I promise."

I was so turned on by then that I felt like my cock would explode it I touched it. I had planned to eat Brad's ass until I felt my orgasm approaching, then flip him back over and go down on him and get him off at the same time as myself. Now instead I grabbed a pillow from the couch and shoved it under his hips to lift them to a better angle for fucking. I was still sort of handicapped by my shoes and pants and briefs all bunched around my ankles, so I took the huge risk that the sexy muscle-boy would change his mind if I took too long getting my cock up his ass, and fell back on the floor and got myself totally naked. He stayed right where I had left him, wiggling that sexy fucking bubble- butt in the air, waiting to be fucked. Awesome. Once I was free of all my clothes, I knelt between his wide-spread muscular legs and started working precum out of my cock and onto my fingers to lube up his ass. He made nice soft whimpering noises as I finger-fucked him for a couple of minutes, then I got two fingers inside him and found his prostate and started poking at it. That got his attention.

"OH! What's that?"

"It's your prostate. Feels good, huh?" I poked it hard with my fingers, making him gasp and grunt and moan.

"Oh! Fuck! Yes!"

"That's why guys like to get fucked. A cock can go deeper and hit a wider area than my fingers, so it feels even better."

"OK, fuck me," Brad said, as though I had just convinced him.

I decided Brad's ass was as loose as it was going to get, and if it needed more lubrication, my cock would provide that. I was leaking so much I was afraid if I didn't cum soon I'd have nothing left. I lifted myself into a pushup position and pointed my cock at his ass. "You have to help me a little," I told the awesome body-builder stud-pup. "When I push, you push too. Like you're trying to take a crap. That will open your ass up so my cock will go in easier. And it will hurt at first. Just try to relax and let me know when the pain stops."

"Mmmm, OK," he said quietly as I put the head of my cock against his hole. He was lying there submissively, his arms spread wide apart as though they were pinned to the ground. It looked like the sexy macho stud was imagining he was tied down, helpless. That figured, he'd have to pretend he was being forced to do this, so he had no choice. No way he really wanted to get fucked by another guy, especially a queer.

I pushed my big hard dick against Brad's tight hot asshole slowly, increasing the pressure gradually, and rubbing the head around to wet his puckered pink boyhole more, and lube it up for entry. I remembered the first time I got fucked, the asshole who did it just rammed it in and started fucking like a maniac and I hated every moment until I finally fought him off and punched him in the face and left. The next time was better, the guy told me what I had just told Brad, and after my fear died and I relaxed it did feel good. But I still prefer to be on top.

The head of my cock and about two inches more popped inside Brad's tight hot hole, and he cried out. "Ah-h-h! It hurts! Wait!" I held myself as still as I could, trying not to push in any farther, though my whole body was telling me to fuck the shit out of the sexy little stud. I definitely didn't want to lose him now, not until I popped my nuts up his tight hot ass. I held my breath.

Finally I felt Brad move his ass a little, and heard him sigh. He moved a little more, then lifted his ass and pushed back against my cock, impaling himself on an inch or so more of it. It felt incredible. I looked down at him, letting myself breathe again. He was gorgeous, hard-muscled, shining with sweat, every muscle stretched taught. He still had his arms and legs spread as wide apart as he could get them, spread-eagled, like he was tied to the floor, helpless, at my mercy. I loved the image. The awesome little stud puppy wiggled his ass, enjoying the feeling of my cock inside him.

"M-m-m," he said finally. "OK, I think I can take more of it," he breathed. His voice had a soft vulnerable note that made me even hotter for his ass than I already was - he sounded so submissive and helpless and it made my cock ooze. I squeezed the muscles in my cock to force more of that precum out the tip, lubing his ass more, then pushed slowly and the rest of my cock slowly slid all the way in. My pubes came to rest against the boy's tight hot ass cheeks and he sighed. I lowered my body on top of his and wrapped my arms around him, clutching his huge hard pecs in my hands. I moved my hips slowly, easing in and out of him just an inch or so. "That's all of it," I murmured, licking and sucking his ear and neck . I squeezed his big hard pecs in my hands, and he flexed them for me. It felt awesome, all that muscle in my hands, my cock buried all the way up his virgin hole.

"Fuck me," he breathed.

I moved my big cock partway out of his tight hot hole and then shoved it in again.

"Harder," he breathed,

I pulled all the way out and jabbed it in again. He yelped and gasped.

"A-h-h-h! Harder!"

I started pumping my cock in and out of his ass, jabbing harder and harder at that love-button deep inside his tight hot ass. He yelped and moaned. I clutched his pecs liked handles and started fucking him hard and fast. My balls were churning, my cock was getting harder and bigger and I was close to cumming. I lost control and grabbed the sexy little fucker as hard as I could and fucked for all I was worth. I was bouncing him on the floor and ramming my cock in and out and he was pinned helplessly beneath me, taking my huge cock up his ass. He started wailing, this loud high-pitched wail of total ecstasy - at least that's what I hoped it was. I was too far gone to stop, and there was no way he could have stopped me at that point, our two bodies moved as one and I fucked him hard and fast and my cock erupted inside him, filling his tight hot ass with my hot cum. I was shouting too, totally out of control, cumming hard, so totally aroused by all that muscle and macho dude asshole strutting sex stud that I emptied myself into him.

When I caught my breath I was still clutching the little muscle stud, my sweat drenched body still plastered to his back. He was making these soft sexy whimpering noises that I loved, and he was still wiggling his sexy bubble butt on my still hard cock. I moved my cock in and out a little and he purred like a big cat. I relaxed on top of him and tried to remember where I was. Oh yeah.

"I didn't cum yet," he said.

I reached under him and felt his cock. "Jesus," I gasped, "you're still rock hard. Not many guys can stay hard when they're getting fucked like that."

"The guy in the porn did," he reminded me.

"Yeah, and that's one reason they pay him a lot to do it on film," I panted.

"Will you do it to me again, like they did in the porn?" he asked, raising his ass in the air and fucking himself with my cock. I was feeling really horny again, like I hadn't just popped my nuts at all.

"Dude, if you keep doing that to my cock with your ass, I'll fuck you until your eyes pop out," I growled.

I pulled my cock out of his ass slowly and fell back on my haunches, looking down at the awesome little stud I had just fucked the shit out of. He was lying there submissively, his ass still raised in the air. The carpet around us was dark with the stains of sweat and cum and I was tempted to get up and get some towels to protect it from further damage, but seeing Brad waiting to be fucked again my cock got the better of me.

I flipped the kid on his back, shoved that pillow under his ass to lift it into the air, positioned myself between his legs, aimed my cock at his ass, and shoved it in. The way he had taken it just now, and as much of my hot slippery cum as I had pumped up his ass, I figured there was no reason to be gentle any more. As soon as my cock plunged in all the way, the naked muscle-stud's head flew back, his jaw flew open, his eyes rolled back in their sockets, and he screamed like a wild animal. I was afraid I had hurt him, and was about to pull out and comfort him when he rolled his head back down and looked at me like the head- spinning demon-child from The Exorcist and said "God! Yes! That's it! Fuck me!"

I pulled my cock out and shoved it in again, and was rewarded with another of those loud grunts and growls and shouts. It was clear this was the best position for Brad to get fucked, I must be hitting just the right spot, and I loved looking down at his face as I fucked him. I reached out and grabbed his pecs in my hands and squeezed them and he flexed them for me. "My nipples," he growled, "Squeeze my nipples!" I was in heaven, the kid loved having his nipples tortured and I love big nipples like his. I had avoided them earlier, not wanting to freak him out, but now I grabbed then hard and he yelled encouragement. I think I could have ripped them off and he would still have been begging for more.

I started shoving my cock in and out of sexy little stud-puppy Brad's tight hot ass as I pinched and squeezed his pecs and nipples and soon he was begging me to fuck him still harder. I got up in a sort of pushup position above him and he raised his ass higher and I started pounding his ass for real. He shouted and I fucked and I aimed my cock based on his shouts and soon we had it just right and his shouts got higher and more desperate and urgent and finally he just screamed and I managed to look down and his cock was finally erupting, he spewed out a huge load of cum onto his face and chest and belly, and shrieked with ecstasy as I kept jabbing my cock up his ass.

When Brad stopped cumming I fell back onto my haunches and my cock popped out of his ass. I was exhausted, and he was whimpering and shaking with sob-like gasps. I pulled his legs down and lay on top of him, holding him, caressing his head and rubbing his cum all over our bodies between us. His sobs and gasps subsided finally and he reached out and took my head in his hands and pulled my face to his and kissed me. That shocked me more than almost anything else that had just happened, that this macho little fucker would kiss me on the mouth.

After we had both come down a little I suggested we shower together and Brad smiled shyly and agreed. He let me wash him all over, and returned the favor, spending a lot of time washing my cock, which got hard again, and he liked stroking and rubbing it, pleased with its size and telling me how amazing it was that it would fit inside his ass. He asked if he could fuck me and I said Now? And he said Can I? His cock was hard again and I said sure, let's do it here in the shower and in a few minutes he was fucking my ass hard and fast and panting like a little bull as he pinned me against the shower wall. "Yeah! Take my cock you faggot, fuck your ass!" He was swearing and yelling and chanting obscenities, and if I hadn't just fucked his guts out I would have been offended at his words but I caught on that it was just his way of getting off, the words turned him on. He even wrapped his arms around me and grabbed my pecs and squeezed them as he fucked me, which really turned me on. I grabbed my cock and stoked myself to another intense gushing orgasm as he came up my ass.

Then I told him we should both wash our asses out, and disconnected the shower head from the hose it was on and showed him how to poke it up his ass and fill it with water and then squirt it out. He got off on watching me do it and asked me to let him push the hose inside me. He wanted to leave it in too long though, and I had to fight him a little to get him to let go and my intestines felt way too full with water and it gushed brown for a while until I was empty. He told me he wanted me to put the hose up his ass then, so I did, taking it easy on him, but then he grabbed it from me and stuffed it up himself and left it there so long I was shocked and afraid and he wouldn't let me get it to pull it out and I grabbed the shower handle and turned the water off.

"Dude, you'll wreck your insides, take it easy!" I said urgently - he had his eyes closed and this look of total ecstasy on his face as he turned his ass towards me and squirted all that water on my legs.

As he was leaving, Brad asked if he could come over again some time. I gave him my number and said sure, but call first, and didn't expect to hear from him again. But a couple of weeks later he called and asked could he bring some beers over and watch a video, and I said sure and he showed up ten minutes later with two six packs and a porn he had rented. It was gay porn, with the same blonde as the one we had watched the first time, and he stripped naked and sat on the couch and watched it while I licked his muscles and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. Then he bent himself over the back of the couch with his ass in the air and watched the rest of the video like that while I fucked him. Then he fucked me the same way.

I didn't hear from Brad then for a couple of months, until he called me one day to say he was in L.A., and he had just shot a gay porn flick, and one of the other actors had told him he had the best ass he had ever fucked. I congratulated him. A couple of months later I saw Brad's premier gay fuck film at my local porn video store, but I figured it would just frustrate me, watching someone else drill the hot little stud's ass, so I didn't rent it.

After all, it was I who had broken him in.

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