Liquor Store Stud Puppy, Version 2

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Sometimes when I go back and reread a story, an alternate plot pops up, and if it gets me hard enough, I explore it. That happened with this story, and the result differs enough from the original that I thought you might like it too. If you've just finished reading the first version, you may want to skip to the line of stars. Then again, you'll miss some juicy details if you do. This one involves some muscle- worship, a little spanking, and the usual man-to-man sex. Enjoy.

I almost never try to have sex with a straight guy. Even if they are interested, most want nothing more than a quick blow job, with no reciprocation, and the few that are willing to try to repay the favor are lousy at it.

So when I wound up in my local BevMo two days before Christmas, and at rush hour to boot, cruising was about the last thing on my mind. I don't cruise places like that, anyway, where it's almost certain that any guy who turns me on will be straight. It's not only frustrating, it can be downright dangerous.

I hate crowded stores, too, so when I saw what I had walked into, I almost turned around and left, to come back a few hours later, when the place would be empty. But I was there, and needed beer, so decided to put up with the inconvenience. After all, it was my fault for not watching the time better, I could have come in the morning, it would have been quiet then.

Not cruising doesn't mean I can't look, so I checked out the guys in the store as I worked my way to the aisles I wanted. There was a cute guy in a sweat shirt and baggy shorts, with a nice face and great legs, a treat at that time of year, but he was just ok, nothing special. In fact, the crowd seemed particularly ordinary. I was glad, actually, as I was horny, and didn't want more frustration.

Then as I turned into the beer aisle I saw him, the sexiest little stud- puppy imaginable. He was on the short side, so fucking cute I made a gasping sound, and built like a porn star, with muscles to die for. He was wearing a super tight tee shirt, and equally tight jeans, so his awesome little body was very well displayed. I had to drag my eyes away from him when he turned my way. I didn't want a nasty confrontation, butch little studs like him like to pick fights with faggots I've learned.

I minded my own business for long enough to get what I wanted in that aisle, then couldn't help looking around for the muscle-stud I had spotted earlier. He was still right near me, and I could tell he was alone, he had that cocky, don't-mess-with-me stance that kids like him put on when they're not with their posse. In his case it made sense, I could imagine he got hit on a LOT, with his body and face. He looked a lot like that ex-rapper, Marky-Mark, but shorter and even more muscular.

There are a lot of "enhanced" photos of old MM floating around the dub- dub-dub these days (he probably posted a few of them himself, just wishes he was hung that well, I'm sure) but none of them did justice to this kid, even with his clothes on. He was hot.

He wasn't looking my way, so I risked a long examination of his assets, and could find nothing I didn't like - he was perfect, just the type I lust after from afar - butch, sexy, muscles, attitude. He had very dark, close-cropped hair, smooth dark skin, a short muscular neck, broad muscular shoulders, incredible pecs, and a tiny waist with the sexiest bubble-butt ever. His clothes displayed and emphasized everything, and I was grateful for it - most straight guys these days hide it all in those baggy pants and loose shirts. What a crime.

I got hard just looking at the cute little stud, and usually I don't let that happen to me in public. I was cool about it, of course. I didn't just flat-out stare, I pretended I was looking at things near him and beyond him and it was just a coincidence he was in the way. At least I thought I was being cool, until I raised my eyes from his ass to see him glaring at me.

Oops! Busted!

I looked away, just in time to see another guy looking at me and grinning. He caught my eye and winked, nodding towards the kid, and I grinned ruefully and shrugged my shoulders. He gave me a look that invited more, but I shook my head and turned away. If the incident had happened in a bar, I probably would have wound up in bed with the second guy, he was nice-looking, and our similar taste in objects of desire would have made for an OK fuck, each of us pretending the other was the kid.

I headed for the checkout counter, and the shortest line just happened to be the one with the kid at the end. I debated briefly whether to get into another one and avoid the impression that I was following him, but decided that was stupid. Fuck the little asshole if he couldn't appreciate the compliment I'd paid him. But he didn't seem to notice me behind him. He had a lot to say to the clerk, and took long enough to pay and leave that I would have been better off in any other line. But I got to watch him, and that made up for the wait.

MM-junior seemed very young close up, and the young male clerk thought so too, as he made a big production of checking the kid's ID. He passed, so he had to be at least twenty-one. But he was every bit as cocky as I had thought, and most of the time he spent paying, he was challenging the clerk one way or another, making him check each price, verify the discount in the store flyer, it took ages. And towards the end of the transaction the kid leaned closer to the clerk and spoke in a low voice and I could have sworn I heard the word "faggot". The clerk glanced ruefully in my direction. The kid snickered and took his stuff and left.

My own transaction went quickly, and I reached the parking lot fast enough that I thought the kid might still be in sight, and I might steal a last look, but I didn't see him, and headed for my car.

I was closing the back door, having stowed my purchases on the back seat, when I heard a voice behind me.

"Why were you staring at me in there?"

I turned around, and there he was, my macho dude stud-puppy. He had his feet planted wide apart, and his head and crotch thrust forward, a belligerent, masculine stance if there ever was one. I almost laughed.

Usually in situations like that I deny, deny, deny. Make excuses. Apologize. Sneak away. I'm a total coward, and hate confrontations. It can be embarrassing, but I've avoided the fag-bashings a couple of my friends who can't suppress their sense of injustice have suffered.

But this time for some reason I just said "Because you're an incredibly good looking guy."

The kid dropped his gaze for an instant when I said that, and I realized I'd caught him off guard with the direct approach. He'd been expecting the denial. He wasn't sure now what to say. Besides, I'd given him a compliment. He shuffled his feet for a minute. He decided on the direct approach too.

"Are you a queer?"

Now it was my turn to be surprised. He sounded more curious than offended.

"Yeah," I said, smiling. "I'm a queer, but that's rude, the polite word is gay. Calling a gay guy a queer is like calling a black guy a nigger."

The kid scowled at that, and stuck his chin out. I realized he thought I was making fun of him. I kept smiling. If I kept my mouth shut, maybe he'd decide it was ok for him to walk away.

"I know black guys who call each other nigger," he said.

This was a strange turn of conversation, debating derogatory epithets in a liquor store parking lot.

"Do they let YOU call them a nigger?" I asked.

"No," he admitted, dropping his eyes.

I figured I might be able to make a getaway at that point, so I turned from the kid to my car and opened the door, hoping to get in and close it and drive away without looking like I was running.


"My name's Angelo," he said. I looked back, stunned. That was about the last thing I had expected, for him to introduce himself. He still sounded hostile, but it was progress.

"Mine's Derek," I said. He held out his hand, so I held out mine and we shook. His grip was firm, and he let go quickly. Mustn't give up the macho pose.

We were standing fairly close now, and I saw the kid had dark eyes. His dark skin was smooth, flawless. He reminded me of one of Caravaggio's boys, still a little soft - everything rounded, smooth, sensual. I remembered another Angelo I had lusted after to no avail when I lived in Manhattan for awhile, and that connection made this kid even more attractive to me, reminding me of the times I might have made it with the first Angelo, but lost my nerve and let the opportunity pass.

The kid stood there, looking a little awkward, obviously waiting for something.

If I had stopped to think, I would never have said what I did next, but he looked so willing and vulnerable and so fucking macho stud sexy and he reminded me of that other Angelo and I was horny, so I just blurted it out.

"Would you like to come back to my place and have a beer?"

"OK," he answered. He paused, looking at me with a macho sneer. "But no funny stuff."

"OK, sure, no funny stuff," I agreed. Shit, and I had been planning to do my Marx Brothers imitations.

I got in my car and the Latino stud-puppy followed me to my place in his little red mini-macho pickup. We parked and I let us in, carrying my liquor store purchase. I let him look around while I put things away, then said "Here, catch," and tossed him a beer. He almost missed it, and scowled at me like I had set him up. I popped my beer and sat on a chair, leaning back and watching him as he stalked around looking at my stuff. My place is furnished with junk, mostly, things I've acquired from people who were moving or had too much furniture and wanted to get rid of some. It's comfortable, but definitely not "decorated". And there are no statues of naked men, no erotic drawings, nothing to advertise I'm into men. That has never made sense to me, none of the straight guys I know decorates his pad with erotica, why do gay men do it so much? Never mind, that's just my attitude.

I do have some pornography - magazines and videos - which normally I keep out of sight, but I'd been watching a new video the night before, and had left the box out. The tape itself was still in the machine. I got up to go to the john, and as I left I saw that Angelo had picked up the box and was examining it. "What the fuck," I thought, "he already knows I'm gay, and he practically invited himself, what does he expect?"

When I got back from the john, Angelo had turned on the VCR and was watching the tape, an expression of total disbelief on his face. A very well-hung blonde body-builder was being fucked hard by a dark kid with fewer muscles but an even bigger cock. The blonde was on his back on a table, and there was an expression of total ecstasy on his sexy face, he was panting and moaning, his huge cock was as hard as a rock, and it was starting to pump out a huge load of cum onto his face and pecs and abs as the dark kid plowed his sexy bubble-butt ass good and hard. I had played that scene about ten times in succession the night before, and gotten off twice imagining I was the dark stud fucking the blonde. It really turns me onto see a guy with lots of muscles get fucked and like it so much his cock stays hard. I grabbed the remote from the kid and stopped the tape.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!?" I yelled. I was pissed off. This was looking like a big mistake. "Get the fuck out of my house." I don't like it when strangers act too much at home.

"Dude, that awesome muscle dude was letting that other dude fuck him!" The macho little stud stood there still looking at the blank screen.

"No shit," I said scornfully.

"No way that dude is queer!" He exclaimed. I scowled at him, but decided to ignore the "queer".

"He sure seemed to like getting fucked," I pointed out.

"Come on, dude, guys like that can't be gay. Faggots are little pussy guys who act like girls."

I was getting more pissed at this kid by the second. I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind him. I had about three inches in height and at least twenty pounds on him, and was pretty sure I could throw him out if I needed to. But he didn't fight, he surprised me by going limp and wailing. "O-w-w! That hurts! Stop!"

We were standing with his back pressed to my front, his arm trapped between us, his hot solid body grinding against mine as he struggled feebly.

"I'm a faggot," I growled. "Am I a pussy? Do I act like a girl?"

"No," he whined.

I released him, pushing him away. "Jesus, you're the pussy, whining like a baby. Get the fuck out." I'd been getting a hardon, and resented it, the way it made me aware that I wanted him, and it was really he who was in control of the situation.

"No, I want to stay," he whined, pouting.

I looked at the kid, shaking my head. He seemed awfully young all of a sudden. He stood there rubbing his arm as though I had hurt him, and shuffling his feet and avoiding my eyes. He was a hot little number, all right. Even as I loomed over him and intimidated him he was posing and posturing, showing off his incredible little physique, flexing his arms and pecs. He was begging for it. I wanted to get him naked, then get my hands on his muscles and get his cock in my mouth, make him beg for me to let him cum. I'd picked up a couple of guys like him before, straight macho dudes who were curious about gay sex, wanted to find out what a blow job from a queer felt like. It had been OK, I'd gotten myself off while I sucked them, and one of them had really lost control, shot a giant wad in my throat and yelled like he was in heaven. He had even touched my head without thinking, so lost in his ecstasy that he stroked my hair gently as I made him cum. But both had bolted as soon as they popped their nuts, afraid they'd turn queer if they stayed too long. I prefer something more mutual.

Angelo and I stood facing each other, scowling at each other.

"So can I stay for a while?" he asked, dropping his eyes meekly.

"I don't know," I said. "I'm still pissed at you. You turned on my VCR without asking, and you think it's okay to call other guys pussies and queers and faggots."

He just stuck out his lower lip in a cute little pout and tried to look defiant. He really seemed like such a punk kid.

"I should punish you," I said quietly, thinking aloud. "A good hard spanking." I had the image of pulling the kid's pants down and bending him across my knees and spanking him. He needed a good hard spanking to set him straight. My cock started swelling. I was just thinking aloud, hadn't really meant for him to hear that, but he looked up with surprise.

"No way, dude!" he protested, stepping back.

I grinned, thinking how sexy he would look with his ass bared. And the way he took everything I said so seriously amused me. I decided to tease him.

"Well, that's the only way I'm letting you stay," I said. "You were rude, and you have to be punished." I stepped closer to him menacingly, and he backed away. I scowled at him with all the authority I could muster.

"Come on, dude, no one has spanked me since I was a kid," he protested. He was breathing hard, as though he really was scared.

"Who spanked you?" I asked. I had him backed up against the arm of the couch now, and our chests were touching. I pressed against him, liking the body contact, rubbing against him to feel his muscles. He shrunk back a little, but didn't stop me.

"My brother."

"What about your dad?"

"He died when I was ten."

"Did he ever spank you?"

"Sometimes." He was whining and sniveling. It was making me even hotter.

"How did he do it?"

"What do you mean?"

"With his hand, with a belt, did he make you pull your pants down, how did he do it?"

"Hey, dude, there's no way I'm going to let you spank me like a kid," he protested, shaking his head. He looked like he was about to cry. This was getting me even hotter than I'd been before, when he was acting so macho and I was thinking about just sucking his cock. Our chests were still pressed tightly together, and it seemed to me the hot little stud- puppy was rubbing against me, liking the intimate contact of our hot male bodies.

"There's the door," I said, pointing.

"Aw, come on, I said I was sorry." He said that in a whining, pleading tone, like a little kid begging his big brother to take him along on some adventure.

"No you didn't, actually," I pointed out, "And now it's too late for that. A spanking or you leave. Nobody calls me a pussy and a faggot and a queer in my own house." I stepped back and crossed my arms and just stared.

There was a long silence as I glowered at him and he looked at the floor. Finally he glanced up.

"How would you do it?" he asked, shuffling his feet nervously. I glanced down and saw a suspicious bulge in his crotch. He was getting aroused by the threat of a spanking. I lifted my hand to his chest and let it rest there, holding him pinned against the couch. When he didn't react, I let my fingers start rubbing one of his big nipples, and felt it get hard. He gasped softly, and his mouth got slack - he liked it.

"How did your dad do it?'

"Come on, dude, I was just a little kid, you can't spank me like a little kid" He exclaimed. I grabbed one of his arms and twisted it again. He submitted to the domination. I kept playing with his nipple through his skin-tight tee shirt - his eyes were glassy with arousal and he was gasping each time I squeezed it harder. "Stop. Please," he whimpered.

"Does that hurt?" I asked, twisting his nipple, but not hard. The little stud's eyes looked glassy, drunken. He was loving it.

"How did he do it?" I asked again, slowly, emphasizing each word, showing him I was mad, and serious. "How did your dad spank you?"

"A-w-w, come on dude, please," he was starting to whine again, and it made me even hotter, I was totally turned on by the direction this was taking. How far would he go before he bolted out the door? I just looked at him and after a long silence he turned his face to the side and blurted it out.

"He pulled my pants down and spanked my bare ass with his belt, or sometimes his hand if I hadn't been so bad." He said all the words like they were one word, all run together. But I understood.

"Did he put you across his knee?"

"Yes," he was almost sniveling now, it looked like he really was going to cry if I kept up.

"What about your brother? How did he spank you?"

"The same," he whined.

"When was the last time your brother spanked you?" I asked, wondering how long it had been since he'd gotten his ration of humiliation.

He dropped his head and mumbled something.

"I didn't hear."

"About six months ago," he said quietly, pitifully.

"So your brother still spanks you."

He nodded.

"A minute ago you told me no one had spanked you since you were a kid." Angelo wouldn't look at me. "So you lied." He didn't say anything.

"Where's your brother now?"

"In the Marines."

Oh-ho, I thought, poor delinquent lost his authority figure and needs some firm guidance from a more mature male model.

"Well," I said sternly, "I think you're long overdue for another spanking." I saw the boy was wearing a wide leather belt, and decided it would be nicely symbolic to spank him with that. "I'll use your belt," I said. "Come here and give it to me." I grabbed a hard wooden chair from the table in the kitchen, placed it in the center of the room, and sat on it. I was sure he would run.

The kid stood shuffling his feet, looking at me out of the side of his eyes.

"Come here!" I barked.

"No-o-o! You can't! Please don't. I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

"I'm sorry too, Angelo, but it's too late for apologies. This is the way it has to be, now come here and take your punishment like a man, or get out." I spoke more quietly, and saw the boy's shoulders fall, as though he was giving in. It was the first time I had called him by his name, and I think it helped persuade him. He walked slowly over to me and stood meekly in front of me.

"I think you'd better get me a towel to put across my legs," I said, thinking he might piss himself or something and not wanting to get my pants soiled. "Get one from the bathroom over there."

Angelo went meekly to the bathroom as told, and returned with a bath towel -"Is this one ok?" he asked, sniffling and whining. He was such a baby. I was going to enjoy making him bawl and whine.

"That's fine," I said, taking the towel and spreading it across my legs. "Now the belt." He slowly removed his wide heavy leather belt and handed it to me. I set it on the floor. The sexy muscle stud was standing about a foot from me, and stood meekly as I reached out and unbuttoned the snap at his waist, and slid the zipper of his tight levis down. He had on tight white cotton briefs. I pulled his pants, but he was holding them at the sides so I couldn't lower them.

"Angelo!" I said sternly.

"No-o-o! Please, I'll be good," he whined. It was incongruous and exciting to me, this hot little muscle-boy acting like such a baby.

"Let go, and lift your arms out," I barked, and reluctantly he let go and I pulled his pants down. His levis were so tight that they pulled his briefs part way, and he reached down and grabbed those too. I looked up sternly and cleared my throat and he let go, but I stopped and pulled just the tight levis as far as his knees, trying not to look too closely at the bare skin I was exposing. I hadn't expected him to go along with this, and the scene was arousing me incredibly, my cock was so hard it felt like it would explode.

I had never done anything like this before. I'm not into bondage or discipline with other guys, I had played around with it once or twice, slapped a guy's ass as we wrestled naked on my bed, maybe pretended a little that I was going to spank him for real, but never anything like this. And even as he handed me his belt and I stripped his pants off, this scene with Angelo was just a silly whim. But it was getting me totally hot with lust for the kid. He was making these soft whimpering noises of submission and embarrassment that were adding to my lust, he seemed to welcome being dominated and it made him seem even sexier. I glanced up at his crotch and saw a nice little bulge in his Calvin Kleins - the kid was hung small, but it was rock hard. He was getting off on being dominated as much as I was on dominating him.

I decided not to pull his briefs down. I would spank him with his briefs on, that would be safer for both of us. But I had to see a little more of his sexy body. His tee shirt was so thin and tight that you could see the muscles clearly through it. I told him to lift his arms from his sides where he had been clutching them, so I could pull his tee shirt up too. I wanted to see that awesome six pack and those hard round pecs, and the big nipples that had been poking at the tight fabric of his shirt, tempting me as we talked. Angelo held his arms out to the side, sniffling and whining, and I slid my fingers under the sides of his tight muscle tee and pushed it up slowly as far as it would go, exposing his entire torso. I took my time, fondling his muscles as I exposed them, and he made no protest. I looked up and saw that he had his eyes shut and an expression of discomfort on his face, but he didn't stop me.

He was an awesome little number, all right. He had dark, smooth hairless skin stretched tautly over really sexy muscles, with just the last vestige of baby fat, making him look even younger than he was, smooth and soft and vulnerable. His abs were incredible, hard and rippled and potent. His pecs were big and hard, and his nipples jutted out like hard little penises. I rubbed my hand over his now naked muscles and said "You have a great build for a guy your age. Awesome pecs." He sighed. I squeezed his pecs and then rubbed his nipples and he gasped. He liked that a lot. I rubbed and pinched them and he moaned softly. I traced his abs with my fingers, loving their rock hard sharply sectioned firmness. "Great abs, too," I told him, then poked my fist into his navel and dug in slowly, pushing harder and harder. He gasped again, loving the way I was arousing his hot little Latino stud body. I pulled my fist out of his belly and punched him lightly in the abs several times and he gasped and panted. I looked up at his face, he was glassy-eyed, ready to pop, he loved it, now I was giving him what he wanted.

"Are you ready for your spanking?" I asked.

"Yes sir," He said meekly.

I guided him to one side of my legs and told him to bend over them, and to be sure to support himself on the floor so he didn't fall off. "You're too big for me to keep you on my lap by myself," I told him, "so you have to help me. I expect you to stay in place until I finish spanking you, and say you can get up. OK?"

"Yes sir," he said, eyes on the floor. It was obvious his brother had trained him well.

Angelo bent his hot muscle-stud body over my knee and braced himself on the floor as I had directed. "Do you have to spank my bare bum?" He asked meekly, and I was surprised by his use of the word. It was cute and anachronistic. Now that he was over my lap, and his crotch was out of sight, I decided there was no harm in baring his butt, it would be a much more attractive target if it was fully exposed.

"I'm afraid so," I told him, "that's the only way." It intrigued me that he had reminded me, whereas a moment earlier he had fought to keep his briefs on.

I grabbed the waistband of the boy's tight white briefs and pulled.

"Lift up" I told him, and he raised his hips and I was able to peel his briefs down, leaving his ass totally bare. I pulled his shorts halfway down his thighs, liking the way he looked with his levis at his knees and his white briefs just above them. His skin was dark and smooth, but pale over his ass cheeks - he obviously spent time regularly in a tanning booth, wearing a very tight skimpy Speedo. He was sexy as hell, and knew it.

I rubbed the boy's cute bubble-butt for a short time, marveling how perfect it was, full and round and firm. Had we been in my bed for sex I would have spent at least ten minutes eating that beautiful ass, spreading his cheeks and plunging my tongue inside to explore his tight hot boy hole. I would have made him whimper and beg. He moaned softly, obviously enjoying the attention to his butt, but also afraid of what was to come.

I picked up the boy's belt from the floor where I had laid it and doubled it, then swung it a couple of times to get the feel. I had never spanked anyone before, and suddenly felt a little foolish. This had gone too far, I should dump him on the floor and tell him to get his clothes on and get out. This wasn't my scene.

"I'm ready for my spanking, sir" Angelo said quietly, "I deserve to be spanked."

That surprised me - I realized suddenly that there was a ritual to this, and the kid was doing it the way he'd been taught. What else did the ritual demand?

"How many strokes of the belt do you think you've earned?" I asked, raising it high.

"Ten." He said quietly.

"Just ten?"

"Ok, twenty with the belt and thirty with your hand," he said, sniffling and whining. He sounded like such a baby, and it made me feel scorn for him, so I put one hand in the small of his back to steady him on my knees then brought the belt down on his bare firm ass as hard as I could. He wailed in pain. He sounded like such a baby. I hit his ass with the belt again, and he wailed louder. The sound of his wail was both sexy and annoying. It made me want to spank his bare ass harder. I brought the belt down again, then again. He wailed and yelled and begged and cried. It was wonderful to see the snotty little stud reduced to tears and begging for mercy. He kicked his legs and bounced around, but somehow managed to stay on my knees. I had him pinned down hard in the small of his back with one hand, and he flailed and bucked but stayed there as I spanked his bare ass. He looked so cute and sexy with his pants and underpants pushed down and his tight tee shirt pushed up, his big muscular legs and ass and back naked to my eyes.

"Ow-w-w! No-o-o! Please! Stop! I'll be good!"

He yelled so automatically that I was sure it was just a part of the ritual, what he thought was expected of him, so I didn't let up until my arm grew tired. I realized I hadn't been counting.

"How many was that," I asked, panting. I was sure he would know.

"Twenty-two!" he bawled. "And you said just twenty!"

The sexy little stud was shaking and sobbing, but had stayed on my lap as I had told him to. I looked at his ass and saw angry red welts all over his firm round cheeks. Maybe I had gone too far.

"The extra two were for being such a baby," I told him sternly. "But I think that's enough." I was shocked by my own brutality, I had really laid into his beautiful ass, and it had turned me on doing it. My erection felt very confined in my briefs and levis. I dropped the belt and put my hand on his ass. It was hot and I could feel the lines of the welts where the belt had cut into him. He was whimpering and sobbing softly. "Are you ready for the hand?" I asked. I decided to give him a choice - if he protested, I would stop.

"Yes sir," he said meekly, "Do you want me to count out loud?"

I realized this was part of the ritual. He was supposed to count. "Yes I said. Count them out loud. We'll make it just twenty, because you've been cooperative."

"Thank you sir," he said submissively.

I was still caressing his naked ass cheeks, they were so sexy. He had his legs spread apart, opening his ass enough that I could let my thumb stroke into his crack and prod gently at his tight little hole. He liked that, and moved a little, adjusting himself, preparing to be spanked on his bare bum with my hand, and I felt something hard rub my leg. "Raise your hips!" I demanded, and I reached under him into his crotch, and sure enough, the hot little muscle stud had a hardon.

"What's this!" I growled as though I was angry. Actually I was delighted. The kid obviously liked to be spanked. This was developing into something very interesting and promising.

"I don't know," He said quietly. I rubbed his erection, which was leaking heavily, so I stroked him a few times using his cock-ooze as lubrication.


"It's my cock, sir."

"And why is it hard?" He was hung small, and I liked that - all those muscles and a tiny little dick, it made me even hotter to fuck his awesome little butt.

"I don't know, sir."

"You're a very naughty boy, Angelo," I told him sternly. "You must be enjoying this, or your cock wouldn't be hard. Now I have to make you cum before we continue, you won't feel your spanking properly if you have an erection. Stand up."

The sexy little Latin muscle-boy got shakily to his feet - he clutched his ass, which must be on fire, and he was hobbled by his levis and briefs, which had worked their way to his ankles as he flailed and kicked while I used the belt.

"Are you going to give me a blowjob?" he asked shyly. "That's what my brother always does."

This whole farce was starting to make sense. Angelo's brother was away, Angelo was lonely and horny, Angelo looked for someone who would treat him as his brother had, someone to punish him and get him off. What had I done to deserve this?

"No," I said, "I have something else in mind."

"Oh, please don't fuck my ass," he begged. "Carlos only does that when I've been VERY bad, and his cock is really big and it always hurts when it goes in."

"Be quiet," I told him, "I'm in charge here. I'm not going to fuck you, my cock is probably even bigger than your brother's and I don't want to hurt you that much. But I think you do need something up your bum, so it will be sore enough to remind you not to be so rude to me in the future. Stay right there."

I ran upstairs to my bedroom and grabbed a couple of dildos, a bottle of lube, and some rubbers from a drawer and returned to the living room. Angelo stood meekly and obediently, head lowered, naked, sexy, his hard little dick sticking straight out and oozing onto the floor.

I sat on the chair again and put the towel over my legs, then told the naughty boy to turn away from me and spread his legs wide apart and bend over. He did that, presenting me with a mouth-watering sight, his tight firm ass lifted in the air naked, crimson from his spanking. He even reached back and pulled his ass cheeks apart with his hands, exposing his tight puckered boy-hole to me - he had been well trained, that's for sure. I debated whether to give in to the urge that was pushing my face towards his crack. Would it break the spell, violate the rules of this game somehow and make him bolt? What the fuck, he was mine now, I didn't care about the rules any more. I grabbed his cute little hips and pulled his ass into my face and started licking and sucking and tonguing his crack and hole.

If there was a hair anywhere on that boy's incredible little ass, I sure couldn't find it. I licked and bit his cheeks, slurped my tongue up and down his crack, tongued and sucked his hole, buried my whole face in his ass and inhaled the deep sexy musk of his body, and his whimpers and gasps told me it was all fine with him. I would have thought the attention to the sexy globes of flesh I had whipped with his belt just moments earlier would have hurt, but he gave no sign of it.

Eventually I decided I'd had enough for a while. Time to start getting his pretty ass ready for the good hard fucking we both now knew it was going to get. I pulled my nose out of his crack and squeezed some of the lube onto my fingers and worked it up his asshole and he cooed with pleasure as I finger-fucked him, poking at his prostate and watching his cock jerk and ooze. I played with his balls, squeezing and tugging them, and he loved that. Finally I picked up the smaller of the two dildos and lubed it up, then pushed a couple of inches of it up his ass - he yelped with pain as he was invaded with it but did not resist and I pulled him onto my lap, impaling his ass on the dildo. The sexy little stud yelped as it went in, but then sighed with pleasure as it sank deep into his ass, and he came to rest fully on my legs, facing away from me, his back pressed against my chest. I slid my arms under his from behind, reaching around his torso to stroke and fondle his pecs and abs, avoiding his cock, wanting to make him beg for release. He rubbed his ass against my crotch, feeling my hard cock against his butt, and I had to make him stop, I was getting too close to popping my nuts myself.

It was clear that Angelo wanted to get fucked, all right, and later I would make him take my cock, once I had gotten his tight hot ass stretched a bit. If it had really been six months since he'd been fucked by his big brother, he was probably pretty tight by now. I worked the dildo in and out of his ass while I stroked and fondled his awesome pecs and abs until he was panting and yelping with delight, then finally reached around him and put a rubber on his cute little cock and masturbated him until he shot his load into it. He came quickly, and made a lot of noise, which really turned me on.

Then I pulled out the smaller dildo and pushed the bigger one in as far as it would go. I told him to hold it there, not to let it slip out, and made him get across my knees again and gave him the twenty slaps with my bare hand. His cock was still rock hard, of course. I made sure to hit the dildo and drive it hard up his ass every few slaps and was rewarded with loud yelps of delight each time I did that. By the final slap he was sounding like he was close to cumming again. I reached under him and felt his hard cock, and squeezed his juicy little balls in their sac hard enough to make him yelp with pain.

"Well, you dirty little boy," I told the sexy Latin punk, "You still have an erection, and now so do I." My cock had been hard the whole time I was spanking him, of course, and I was getting to the point where if I played with his ass any more I would unload a wad of cum into my shorts. I dumped him on the floor and stood, lowering my pants, then sat back down, stroking my cock.

"Get on your knees and suck this," I told him, "you've gotten me horny, and you have to take care of it."

Angelo got dutifully to his knees, using one hand to hold the dildo up his ass, and looked up at me imploringly. "You're so big, sir, much bigger than Mario, I don't know if I can suck it properly."

"Do the best you can," I told him sternly, "but if you don't make me cum sucking it then I will have to fuck your ass right now."

"O-o-o--h! No sir, I'll do it, please don't fuck me, you're too big" and the awesome little stud quickly engulfed my cock with his mouth.

I was so horny by then, and so turned on by the whole scene that he could have gotten me off just touching me, but he quickly managed to get over half my huge cock down his throat and by the time he accomplished that I was starting to cum - I grabbed his head and jammed it down on my cock, lost to the world. He grunted and gagged and choked but I couldn't let him up as my cock spewed forth my hot sticky cum into the cute stud- puppy's hot wet mouth - it flowed out of his mouth and ran down his chin, but he swallowed a lot too and I could tell he liked it. His brother must make him do this regularly when he was home, pop his hot marine nuts in his kid brother's hot willing macho dude mouth. Towards the end of my orgasm I heard the sexy little stud grunting and moaning and I looked down to see him stroking himself to a second huge cum shot. Once we both finished cumming I acted angry again.

"Well, Angelo, don't think I didn't see that - you jerked off while you were sucking my cock. I'm going to have to spank you some more for that. Get back up here across my knees!" The sexy macho stud obeyed quickly and in no time he was stretched naked across my now naked legs - I used both the belt and my hand and got him yelping and bawling like a baby before I let up - he was so much fun to spank. His cute little dick stayed hard the whole time so I knew he was ready for more.

My own cock was rock hard again, it had never really softened after Angelo blew me, I can usually cum at least three times in succession if I have enough simulation, and I was getting lots. Just looking at Angelo's naked body was enough to make me hot, and the feeling of his hard-muscled body as I spanked him and he struggled and rubbed himself against me had me boiling with lust.

I dumped Angelo on the floor so I could get my shoes off and then strip off my pants and briefs, then picked up the hot little stud and carried him to the couch and laid him face down over the edge, shoving some pillows under his hips to lift his ass higher. I pulled my tee shirt up and hooked it over my head, then knelt behind the boy and said "Sorry, kid, this ass is too hot for me not to fuck it, so get ready," He was still whining and whimpering like a baby as I pulled the dildo out and spat on my hand and wet my cock and then pushed it against his tight hot hole. He yelped loudly as the head and a couple of inches popped in and I stopped there until he stopped gasping - then I shoved a few more inches in and he yelped again and I waited and then shoved the rest in. I leaned down and wrapped my arms around him and grabbed his awesome pecs in my hands as I started fucking him and soon was rewarded with moans and grunts of passion as I rammed my huge tool up the kid's tight hot ass. He came a third time at the same time I did - when I reached my climax and lost control and started pounding into him hard and fast his voice rose to a shriek of ecstasy -

"Fuck me you faggot, fuck me!"

That led to more spanking, and more fucking, of course. Angelo stayed with me all weekend, and I let him fuck me once too. It seemed like he just needed the reassurance that he could be the top to make it OK for him to ask me to fuck him again, harder. And I did.

Late Sunday night Angelo finally revealed that he was on leave from the Marines base down the coast, and his weekend pass expired in six hours, he had to leave.

As he was walking out the door he turned and smiled shyly and said "Thank you." I gave him my phone number and told him to call if he ever needed a big brother again, but I never heard from him.