Matt's Babysitter

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When my neighbor Brad asked me to look after Matt, his teenage son while he was away on vacation, I hesitated. Not because I'm gay - he knows that, and it obviously doesn't bother him. It's just that I had no clue what I'd do if the kid didn't toe the line. I think he's a model teenager, but his dad really keeps him on a short leash. Hell, I'm only six years older than the boy, and even though I've done pretty well for myself, own my own home in a nice neighborhood and all, why should he respect me, anyway? But I would have felt awkward refusing - and I was flattered he had asked me.

"What would I have to do?" I asked. "I've noticed he's - uh."

"A juvenile delinquent?" Brad suggested, grinning. He's always complaining how hard it is to get Matt to toe the line, but around me the boy is always an angel. I think Brad is much too strict with the boy.

"No, come on," I replied, laughing. "He's a great kid, it's just that I have no experience with kids. I don't want to have to call you home because he's out of control. Why should he obey me, anyway?"

"Don't worry," Brad assured me. "He'll behave. He idolizes you, you know." I hadn't known, so that came as a bit of a shock - I guess I knew Matt admired me, but 'idolize' seemed pretty strong. I let it pass, and he continued. "And I'll show you what to do if he doesn't."

He sounded so casual about it that I figured it would be okay, though I wondered about that last remark. I sort of assumed he meant he'd give me the phone number where he could be reached, or something. I certainly never dreamed he meant he would show me how to discipline his son.

That was three weeks before Brad and his wife's scheduled departure, and a week later Brad called me on the phone on Saturday afternoon. "Hey, Derek," he said cheerily. "You remember I promised to show you how to keep Matt in line while we're gone?"

"Yeah," I said, puzzled.

"If you're not busy, come on over," he said. "Matt has provided the opportunity."

Wondering what that meant, I said "Sure, ok, be right there," and hung up the phone. I wasn't busy, so I figured why not?

When I got to his back door, Brad met me and led me to his basement, where Matt was waiting. I was shocked to see that the teen muscle-boy was standing in the middle of the room practically naked, with his jeans at his knees and his tee-shirt pulled way up, only his skimpy white cotton briefs concealing his nudity, and from the looks of things he was half hard - the bulge in his briefs was pretty sizeable. He was quite a sight, with his muscular teen body thus exposed to my gaze. He was standing next to a low bench, and holding a paddle of some sort, and a length of rope.

"Aw shit, Dad," Matt protested as the two of us walked in. "Not in front of Derek!"

Matt and I were on surprisingly good terms, considering his age, which was eighteen. Most boys his age are afraid of gays, and hostile towards them, but Matt had always been quite friendly towards me. I'd actually had to act coolly towards him, because I found him very attractive, and there was no way I was going to risk falling for the boy. He was just about to start his first year of college, a straight-A's student, and a star wrestler, with the looks and build of a male porn star. Blonde, incredibly handsome, and awesomely well-built, he'd been spending most of his spare time during the summer either working out, lifting weights and building his muscles, or swimming and lying on a lounge by his pool wearing one of the briefest bikinis I'd ever seen, working on his tan and showing off his incredible physique. He had self-confidence and charm, with just enough humility and innocence about his extraordinary physical gifts to make him even more appealing - I'd never seen him act cocky or arrogant. And he caught on right away that as a gay man I would appreciate his body, so he was always showing it off to me, and asking my opinion of his progress.

Just the day before this scene in their basement, I had walked into their kitchen - it was normal for us to walk into each other's houses, if the door was open, and I found Brad standing there - "Dad's not in right now," he told me, "but don't go yet, I want your opinion about my body - you work out - what do you think, Derek?" The sexy teen muscle- stud stripped off his skin-tight tee shirt as he spoke and then started flexing his incredible chest and arms for me. He always wore tight, very well-fitted pants, unlike most of the boys his age, who favor the baggy look, so he was revealing a lot of his awesome muscular manhood, with not much left to the imagination about what was not actually bared - his juicy pecs and rock-hard rippling abs were fully revealed to my gaze, and his tight hard belly right down to the top of the bush of the teen hunk's crotch hair, and I couldn't help noticing the bulge in his pants from his huge endowment. I couldn't see how Matt could improve on his physique, which was as nearly perfect as any I'd ever seen. He had the symmetry, the bulk, the razor-sharp definition, and the innate incredible good looks to make a mouth-watering spectacle. And with his baby-smooth, hairless, golden-bronzed skin, he looked even more appealing to me. I was flattered he wanted my opinion, but embarrassed by my reaction to the boy, which was total raging-hard erection. He was way too uninhibited, and his dad seemed to approve of it. And rather than being offended or embarrassed by my reaction to his intense sexual appeal to me, Matt seemed to get off on that, and to encourage it.

"Here, feel my pecs," he had told me, coming right up to me, and taking both of my hands to place them full on his bare, smooth-skinned, awesomely muscled chest - "Go on, feel them," he insisted, earnestly. "Are they hard enough?" And I tried to act casual about squeezing and rubbing his perfect chest appreciatively as he flexed his pecs for me. "They're awesome," I had told the mouth-watering teen jock as he flexed and posed for me - I could hear his quick intake of breath as my fingers brushed his large erect nipples, and couldn't help lingering there and rubbing them to hear the way he moaned softly, liking the stimulation of the sensitive protrusions, and I had to force myself not to let my hands remain on his large erect nipples, which I wanted to grab and twist and make him grunt with approval and arousal, wanted to lean my head down and lick and suck on those beautiful hard knobs of sexy boy-flesh until he begged me to go further, his rock-hard cock desperate to be freed from his tight levis and then stroked to a mind-blasting eruption of hot teen boy-cum.

Then the sexy half-nude teen body-builder had guided my hands to his biceps as he flexed his huge baseball-sized masses of rock-hard muscle. I squeezed those dutifully as well, and ran my hands over his broad, heavily-muscled shoulders. "Go on, that feels good, massage them, they're kind of sore" he said, encouraging me. My cock was rock-hard by then, and I was glad I was wearing jeans tight enough to control it as it poked farther and farther down along one leg. Matt had glanced down at it and winked and grinned sexily and told me "Go ahead," letting me know he was OK with my being aroused by feeling his muscles, urging me to go further, and I had to stop my eyes from going to his crotch, wondering if his cock was hard as well. I had run my hands over the boy's muscular arms and shoulders, loving the feel of his smooth skin, and the hard, pumped muscles beneath as he flexed and posed for me, and I felt like he was offering his naked, awesomely muscled body for my pleasure, it felt so good to stroke and rub his naked flesh. I wanted to strip him naked and explore every inch of his awesome teen muscle- stud body with my hands and tongue and mouth, and strip naked myself as well and plunge my hard cock into his willing hot mouth and ass and fuck him senseless. I had to force myself to forget those urges. Matt was just asking for my approval of his build.

"Go ahead, feel my abs too," Matt urged me quietly, intimately again, daring me to keep going, and I felt like I was in a wet-dream fantasy, hypnotized and unable to control my actions as he moved my hands over his naked flesh. My cock was rock hard throbbing and dripping, and I felt like if I continued I would erupt - My rational awareness that I should stop was overridden by my overwhelming arousal and an automatic response to the dare he had issued - did I have the nerve? He guided my hand slowly down over his abs, which were awesomely hard, rippling and potent, and as I rubbed and massaged him Matt was starting to pant urgently, he was rock hard and totally aroused and wanting release - not caring it was with another guy he just needed to get off now - as I was too, as he moved my hand lower, to the waistband of his levis, and he sucked in his impossibly lean hard belly to make room for my hand to slip inside right to the base of his cock - he made me slip my hand inside his pants and feel there and I actually felt the rock-hard beginning of its huge hard swelling through his cotton briefs - "Go ahead," he urged again, telling me he was turned on and liking it and it was OK for me to go farther.

We were standing very close to each other now, and I could feel his hot breath on my cheek as he leaned closer. He was still posing and flexing for me, his body tensed and every awesome muscles bulging with potent teen male sex appeal. I wanted to push my hand farther into his crotch, cup that fully erect fuck tool inside his pants and squeeze it and hear him pant and beg for it as I opened his zipper and pulled his levis and shorts down and used one hand to cup his balls and squeeze them hard, make him grunt while I used the other to stroke his huge hard cock out and back and out and back as he panted and urged me on - "Yeah, Derek, play with my cock like that it feels good, make me cum, dude," and I pulled his huge hard cock out and dropped to my knees and sucked as much I could of its huge swollen maleness into my mouth and gave him a blowjob right there in his kitchen, sucked all of that huge tool down my throat and swallowed all his hot teen boy-cum while he panted and gasped with ecstasy.

But instead I pulled my hands away and turned, saying, "You're too much," Matt. I wasn't sure whether he was teasing me, or simply enjoying my appreciation of his sexual appeal to me. In either case, I didn't dare go any further.

Matt was very physical, and thought nothing of hugging me, for no reason except that he was feeling good, apparently - and his hugs were not the back-slapping macho style most straight guys favor, his were warm and intimate, with his body pressed full against mine, our hard masculine chests pressed tightly together and his leg rubbing into my crotch so that I'm sure he could feel the erection swelling there. He gave hugs the way most guys give handshakes, or a clap on the back, as a sign of approval and encouragement. I'd seen him hug his wrestling buddies the same way, and seen both him and his buddy step away from one of those hugs with full erections too - he was just so fucking sexy. And he was always slapping me on the ass or grabbing my ass and squeezing it and rubbing it, and if I didn't move away, he would explore my ass with his hand, letting his fingers rub into my crack through my pants. I think he did that partly to tease me, and partly as a way of telling me he was cool about my being gay, which we had never actually discussed. He was such a total jock-stud he-man that he was safe doing things other guys would avoid. But having the sexy teen muscle-boy play with my ass like that gave me an instant rock-hard erection and a strong urge to grab him and rip his shorts down and fuck him.

I used to work out with Matt a couple of times a week, but lately I'd had too much trouble concentrating on my own workout - he'd grown much too attractive, and much too friendly. He would ask me to pose for him and then feel my muscles as I flexed and posed. He felt me up a lot, never hesitating to reach out and feel my biceps as I did curls, or my chest as I did bench-presses - he said it helped him concentrate on the motion if someone felt his muscles as he was exercising them, and wanted me to do the same for him, which I tried, but putting my hands that way on the young hunk's naked body turned me on too much. I was almost always aroused when I was with the young stud, especially when we were exercising, and not wearing very much clothing - just skimpy tank-tops and tight stretch workout shorts - there was no way to hide my erection, especially since I'm very well-hung. Not that I was the only one with a hardon, Matt seemed to have at least a partial erection most of the time - I just attributed that to his youth and energy. But having him feel my body that way, even during a workout, enhanced my hunger for his body. The way he felt me was too intimate.

A few times when we were working out together and I got an erection the sexy teen muscle-boy even groped my crotch good-naturedly, commenting on how working out turned him on too, as he cupped his big hand over my hardon and squeezed and massaged it sexily. I think he was just trying to spare me embarrassment, but the first time he did that I creamed in my jockstrap, my cock just started spurting out a huge wad of jism and I gasped and fell against the half-naked muscle boy and grabbed him and hugged him as he groped my erection and I popped my nuts. He grinned and said "Yeah, hot stud, get it baby!"

The next time Matt grabbed my crotch like that I had to push his hand away, and ask him not to do that any more, much as I wanted him to keep it up, keep groping my crotch with his big hand and then reach inside my pouch and pull my cock out and stroke and squeeze it until I shot hot sticky fuck-juice all over both of us, which wouldn't have taken long. I would have erupted right away if he had gone any further.

Matt and I had showered together once after a workout - we'd been at my house, and I have my gym setup in the basement, with a shower stall there, and when we finished, Matt just stripped naked and stepped into the shower, saying "Come on, Derek, let's shower together." He was so natural and eager about it that I went along without thinking, stripping off my own sweat-soaked gym clothes and stepping naked into the tiny shower stall with the gorgeous teen hunk, even though I could see he had an erection, and my own stuck straight out as soon as I lowered my shorts and stood naked. Matt was watching me openly and smiling. "You sure have a big cock, Derek," he said, grinning, and reached out to grope me as I stepped into the stall with him. He cupped his hand over my crotch and grabbed a handful of my erect cock and huge heavy sex- churning balls and squeezed appreciatively and then didn't pull his hand away - he actually started stroking it for me, as though he was going to get me off, but I pushed his hand away and turned my back to him, embarrassed and even further aroused. What I wanted to do, of course, was grab his cock too and stroke his huge tool to a gushing eruption of cum while he stroked mine and we blasted hot cum all over each other then washed it off and got even closer, playing with each other's cocks and asses and balls until we were hard again and then trade fucks, shoving our hard cocks up each other's asses standing there in the steamy shower, all hard-muscled and hard-dicked and horny. But I couldn't let myself do that, he was too young, and too innocent. And if I let myself get involved physically with the sexy teen stud, I'd fall for him for sure, and he'd be off fucking his girlfriend and fooling around with his buddies. It was just a game to him, to see how much he could turn me on, I figured. He was young and horny and ready to get his rocks off any way he could.

Standing naked together in the shower, there was just enough room for the two of us, but we were so close that we touched if either of us moved at all, and Matt of course had no inhibitions about touching. With my back to him after I turned away to get his hand off my cock, I could feel the teen muscle-boy's hard cock brushing between my legs from behind. I was struggling to suppress the impulse to turn and drop to my knees and start sucking the teen hunk's hard cock until he blasted a huge load of cum down my throat. Then he said "I'll wash your back," and I was too embarrassed to stop him but he didn't really wait for my approval anyway, just started in soaping and rubbing and massaging my back and shoulders with his soapy hands, doing a very thorough job of it, taking his time and working the sore muscles of my back and shoulders with his strong fingers. It felt great under the hot steamy spray of the shower, our bodies pressed close together, his strong hands massaging my naked body. My cock stayed rock-hard, of course, and I could feel his equally hard cock brushing against my legs and poking me in the ass - he kept apologizing, and trying to direct the huge piece of fuck-meat elsewhere but somehow it always wound up in my ass crack sliding back and forth as he washed my naked body.

And he didn't stop with my back, he reached around and did my chest too, hugging me to him in the cramped space so he could get his arms around me from behind and rub his soapy fingers all over my naked chest, feeling my pecs and murmuring in my ear "You sure have an awesome body, Derek, I love your chest, your pecs are huge. And your nipples." He started playing with my nipples, which were erect and super-sensitive from my arousal, and of course that aroused me oven more - I have really big nipples for a guy, and they're very sensitive to stimulation - I can make myself shoot a load of cum just by twisting and rubbing him sometimes. Derek was giving them a real workout, rubbing and squeezing and stretching them, it was driving me over the top, I felt like I'd blast a load of cum any minute, but that seemed wrong.

I pushed Matt's hands away from my nipples and he murmured "Sorry, but your nipples are so big, it feels good to play with them." I figured he was in some fantasy where he was doing this with his girlfriend, playing with her nipples. He was pressed against my back, rubbing his naked body against mine, and I could tell he was getting off on the intimate naked contact as much as I was. I couldn't help leaning back against the naked teen, making our bodies touch even more, and moving my ass slightly to rub it into his crotch and feel his hard cock rubbing between my legs.

Then teen muscle stud Matt moved his hands to my abs and washed and stroked and rubbed them for a while, moving very slowly lower and lower - "Your abs feel great," he murmured in my ear in the hot steamy spray of the shower as we stood with our hot naked hard-muscled bodies pressed tightly together. "I love to feel them like this, yeah flex 'em like that, it feels awesome. " I was having a hard time controlling my body, I wasn't flexing anything, I was shaking with spasms of lust and arousal as he felt my naked flesh with his strong hands - was he teasing me? I didn't care - my cock swelled harder and harder and throbbed with urgent need -I could feel fuck-juice oozing steadily from the opening on the huge bulbous knob of my rock-hard cock and my balls churning and the base of my cock down near my asshole contracting and throbbing, and Matt's huge hard cock sliding back and forth between my legs - he must be aroused as much as I was, but the teen muscle-boy didn't know what he was getting into, all he had to do was reach lower and grab my cock and I would shoot - he had his hands in the bush of hair at the base of my crotch, washing there and was about to grab my cock, I could tell he wasn't going to stop - I pushed his hands away and gasped "No!"

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