Matt's Babysitter 2

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My next-door neighbor Brad had asked me to look after his teenage son Matt, while Brad and his wife went away for a month-long vacation. It didn't seem like a big deal to me, the boy was old enough that I was surprised they thought he still needed supervision, but Brad was pretty old-fashioned about those things. Matt was a wet-dream fantasy, with god-like muscles, a handsome face, and a huge cock. I had been friends with Matt for several years, but as he had matured and turned porn-star sexy, it got harder and harder for me to keep my hands off the young stud. He knew I was gay, and he must have known he turned me on. I was starting to feel like he was actually trying to torment me - we took a shower together once, and he had his hands all over me, I had to stop him from grabbing my hard cock...


Matt and I were showering in the tiny stall in my basement after our workout. When I prevented the naked teen muscle-stud from grabbing my hard dick, he moved his hands down to my thighs and started washing there, rubbing and stroking the sensitive flesh of my naked legs, sliding his hand between my legs to stroke the insides of my thighs, moving towards my groin again and when his thumbs slid up under my balls and started pressing there, turning me on further, I pushed him away again. I realized he was experimenting - he'd never been this close to another guy naked before, and he was curious how it felt, and whether the things that turned him on would turn me on as well. But I couldn't let this go any further.

He took the hint finally and moved his hands to my back again, and then kept going lower to my ass, which he washed very carefully, massaging my ass-cheeks and then working his fingers right up into the crack - he had one arm wrapped around me again, his hand on my belly holding me, rubbing and probing my taut naked sex-churned abs, steadying me as he washed my naked ass thoroughly with the other hand, carefully washing even my asshole, washing and rubbing there.

"Coach says we should clean ourselves inside here, too," Matt murmured into my ear, as he worked a soapy finger up my ass. When I didn't stop him - I was too drunk with arousal to stop him, I wanted him to go all the way - the naked stud worked another finger inside my tight asshole, just enough to clean it thoroughly at first, but then further inside and he was massaging and probing - I could tell he'd played with his own asshole, and he was trying to find my prostate and see what that would do to me - I gasped and panted with arousal, wanting him to go further, shove his fingers up there farther and soap and loosen up my asshole deep inside, then poke his huge hard cock into it and fuck me senseless. He was pressed against me from behind again, one hand on my chest now, playing with my pecs and nipples again, the other poking at my asshole, and I could feel his hard pecs against my back, his large erect nipples poking me sexily, and his cock still sliding between my legs, hard and demanding. I was so aroused and drunk with it that I couldn't stop him, I wanted him so much. And I could tell he was as aroused as I was, but I knew he had no idea what he was asking for. He was just a healthy oversexed teen with an insatiable appetite for sex. He was horny, and letting his cock drive him on. We were naked together and it felt good to feel my naked body with his hands.

I think if Matt had guided his cock to my asshole and shoved it in right then I would have let him - I was so totally aroused and ready from his groping my naked body and playing with my bare asshole. But apparently the naked teen felt he'd gotten that part of my body clean enough, he finally pulled his fingers out and somehow knelt behind me to wash my legs, being very thorough and reaching up and washing between my thighs, spreading my legs apart so he could get up under my huge heavy-hanging balls and wash my scrotum - I guess the young stud had never explored another guy's hard-muscled naked body with his hands before and he was curious, just feeling me up. Then he stood again and turned me to face him and was starting on my chest, washing my massive, rock-hard, exercise-engorged pecs and sliding his hands down my sides and up into my armpits, raising my arms above my head and I was just following his lead, letting him feel me up all over, and thinking all I had to do was return the favor and then sink to my knees and start sucking his cock - he'd let me do it, I knew he would, he'd probably even give me a hand- job as a favor in return, I wanted the awesome young stud so much and his hands were on my abs now and heading for my crotch, my rock hard erection, which was sticking straight out, and so was his, our cocks were rubbing together and I pictured him washing my hard cock, sliding his soapy hands up and down on it and my cock jerked a couple of times, ready to spurt hot cum all over the sexy naked teen Adonis, and he was pulling me towards him - I turned on the cold water full force and ended that right there.

And the young stud was hung like a horse.

I knew that not only from that time we'd showered together, and I'd tried to avoid looking too directly at his crotch but he'd gotten an erection too, and there was no way to ignore that huge pole when we were crammed together in my basement shower stall, and he was standing behind me washing me and that huge fuck-stick was brushing against my legs from behind and I was imagining what it would feel like if he soaped it up good and pushed it against my tight asshole and shoved it in and fucked me, and that didn't help my own erection go away at all -

But also because of those skimpy Speedos he wore, and the way he always got an erection as soon as he stretched out on one of the lounges by the pool in the sun. I'd spent the occasional weekend afternoon beside their pool, trying not to watch as Matt lay there all but nude and his cock swelled in that brief swimsuit and he pawed at it, trying to adjust it to fit some way that was comfortable. As soon as he laid down in the sun he would start adjusting his bikini, making it even briefer, trying to expose the absolute maximum of awesome teen muscle-boy flesh to the sun, until it was little more than a g-string. And as he rubbed and pawed himself I would see his huge cock swell inside the tight suit. His mother teased him about the way he exposed so much bare skin when he laid in the sun, called him an exhibitionist, to which he replied that the sun promoted testosterone production, and made his muscles grow bigger. I knew that was true, but the tiny amount of additional skin he was baring by making his Speedo even briefer couldn't make a measurable difference. What it did do was to make even more obvious the growth of the muscle between his legs as he stretched out all but nude in the sun and groped himself through that tiny bikini.

And when he turned onto his stomach it got worse. If his mother, or someone else other than I was there he would stop at working his swimsuit into just a thong, working all the fabric of the skimpy suit into his ass crack and baring his ass cheeks completely. That was bad enough, and his mother would look away modestly and scold him. But when it was just us two he went all the way - he'd shuck off the tight bikini entirely, standing to strip it off and reveal his body totally nude in all it's incredible huge-dicked muscled glory, and then he'd lay face down nude on the lounge, his pelvis moving slowly, the perfect cheeks of his perfect ass contracting and releasing as he ground his obviously rock hard cock into the lounge. He was hardly subtle about it, and I would watch through half-closed eyes, imagining myself standing and dropping my own swim suit to my ankles and stepping out of it to release my own huge hard cock, then straddling the naked beefcake stud as he lay nude face-down on the lounge, reaching down to spread his legs farther apart to reveal his tight-puckered virgin asshole, then leaning down to lick it and tongue it until he was moaning and gasping with need, then bending my knees to bring my cock against the tight opening and pushing it in, and lowering myself on top of him as I started thrusting my fuck pole deep between those beautiful hard ass cheeks in one long hard stroke, and he moaned "Oh yeah, Derek, fuck me hard." That fantasy got me so horny I had to look away and think about something like getting a root canal until my cock went down.

And of course we had to rub suntan lotion on each other, that was another way he proved he was okay about my sexual attraction towards him. He would rub the slippery lotion all over my body whether I asked him to or not, it was part of the ritual of sunbathing, and we had to do it to each other. As soon as I stretched out on the lounge and started putting on the lotion he'd be there kneeling beside my chair, taking the bottle from my hand.

"Here, lay back Derek, let me do that," and he'd start coating me from head to foot with the coconut-scented oil. My own bathing suit was pretty brief too, I admit - I like to show off my own body, and have a lot to show off, but that made it easy for him to go places with his hands that he might not have otherwise. He rubbed my body slowly and methodically, missing nothing, and obviously enjoying himself, exploring and feeling my muscles and commenting on how great my pecs were, and my arms and my abs as he worked his way to my crotch, which was barely concealed and my swollen pole very obvious as he rubbed the lotion down inside the waistband of my briefs, and slipped his hands into the leg holes in front, being damnably thorough. His fingers would brush my cock inside my briefs, and I felt like if I didn't stop him he was going to pull my cock out and rub the lotion on it too. "Cut that out, Matt," I would growl menacingly, and he'd grin sexily at me and then move his hands on down my legs, still stroking and teasing, turning me on. It was a game for him to see how much he could arouse me, I guess.

Then when he'd done me, I had to do him. And I made sure to tease him as much as he had me, stroking and rubbing and probing his naked body in all the places I could find that turned him on. It was frustrating as hell to have to stop because he never said "That's enough, Derek," the dare was always present - Would he ever stop me?

And when there was no one but the two of us, he would urge me to take off my swimsuit too, and suggest we go skinny dipping, which I went along with the first time, but after that I had turned that offer down. I'd figured the exercise and the cold water of the pool would cool us both off, but once we got into the water he'd started wrestling with me, and grabbing playfully at my naked crotch, and any thought I'd had of not getting aroused was proven hopeless. He seemed to think that the fact that both of us were young big-muscled body-builders and equally well-hung meant we had some special bond, and it was OK to fool around like that. It was like we were brothers, or something.

I'd gone along for a short while, too turned on to resist the temptation of wrestling naked in the water with the awesome teen muscle god, but when I felt myself starting to lose control I jumped out and dried off and went home to jerk off. My cock was rock hard, as was the young muscle-boy's. We'd been wrestling for several minutes, and wound up face to face, and he was holding me close to him in more of an embrace than a contest of strength - both of us totally aroused, our hard cocks pressed between our naked bodies, I totally intensely aware of his huge pole poking me in the stomach and mine poking him - he seemed to be just rubbing against me, enjoying the feel of our hard muscles sliding against each other, and as we grappled in the water and our bodies rubbed together - and our hard cocks, he was shoving his hips back and forth, obviously enjoying the feeling of his hard cock rubbing against my body. I found myself approaching an orgasm just from feeling him so close and holding that awesome hard-muscled physique close to me.

After that one time even the thought of playing grab-ass in the pool with that nude teen muscle boy was enough to drive me to my bedroom to stroke up a huge load of cum. He was a very physical kid, always hugging me or grabbing me in a headlock and mock-wrestling when we were together - I think he thought of me as kind of a big brother. And the fact that I'd been an AAU wrestling champ, and was still winning body- building competitions certainly helped me to earn the young jock's respect.

But all of that paled by comparison with what was happening now. Brad had asked me to baby-sit his son, and told me that he expected me to spank the teen muscle-boy if he got out of line. Apparently Matt had done something that demanded discipline today, so Brad had called me to observe, and there was Matt in the middle of their basement game room, practically naked. He was standing there with his pants at his knees and his skin-tight tee-shirt pushed way up and nothing but a very skimpy pair of briefs to conceal his huge cock, which I couldn't help noticing was semi-hard. That didn't really surprise, me, since I could remember my own recent teen years, and the almost constant erection I'd seemed to have. But then my dad hadn't paddled me for misbehaving. In front of the neighbor.

The half-naked hard-dicked teen protested. "Aw shit, Dad! Not in front of Derek!"

"Watch your language, boy!" Brad told his son. "I told you, Derek will be in charge of you next month while your mom and I are away, and I don't intend for you to screw up and embarrass your mother and me while we're gone - I want him to know exactly how to discipline you when you get out of line. Now get your shorts down and get over that bench. You know the drill. Have a seat and watch, Derek, this won't take long, he's only earned twenty this time. Skipped a couple of the chores he promised his mother he'd do this morning. But you'll get the idea. I generally give him at least ten every Saturday anyway, just on general principles. I can remember what I was like at his age."

I could see that Matt really was embarrassed by my presence, so I didn't say anything, just sat on the couch as Brad had told me to do.

The boy handed his dad the rope and leather paddle he'd been holding, but hesitated about dropping his shorts, and Brad got impatient with him

"Damn it, Matt, what's wrong with you?" And he reached out and grabbed his son by the wrist, twisting the teen muscle-hunk's arm behind him and managing to turn the boy to face me as he grabbed the waistband of his son's tight briefs and pulled them down, freeing Matt's monster cock which leapt fully erect. The boy had a full hardon by now, and blushed crimson as it was revealed. "Oww-w-w! Daaad!" he protested. Brad was bigger than his son, and in excellent shape himself, so he had no trouble dominating the well-developed youth - he kept the boy's arm twisted painfully behind him and slapped his now-bare ass with the paddle three times, as he growled "You've just earned yourself five more, mister - and if you don't get in line this is going to be more than a token punishment. Now get those shorts down and get across that bench - now!" The naked teen muscle-stud was facing me as the three swats of the paddle were delivered, and his cock stuck out rock hard, and three small spurts of precum shot from the tip - he was enjoying the naked spanking.

Brad released Matt's arm and the boy looked at me in embarrassment as he turned away crimson-faced and stripped his shorts down to his knees to join his pants - but did not remove them entirely, which looked even sexier, with his tee-shirt pushed up to his chest to bare his upper body and his pants and briefs at his ankles so that he was naked, but still partly clothed. Then he knelt and bent over the bench, his bare hard round ass raised invitingly in the air, his huge hard cock sticking out beneath him. Finally he adjusted his clothes, presumably as his father had taught him to do, pushing his shorts and pants down to his ankles, and rolling his tight tee shirt up as far as he could get it so that it was bunched up under his arms, and his entire body was stark bare-assed naked from his armpits to his ankles. He looked so helpless and vulnerable and sexy like that, naked, bent face-down over the bench - I knew what Brad had in mind next, but it was something else entirely that I was thinking of, seeing the young muscle boy bent over in that very suggestive position. All I could think was how much he looked like he was waiting to have his ass drilled with a huge hard cock. My own cock was rock hard and dripping and I worried what I'd do when the ceremony was over and I had to stand up.

Brad pulled Matt's arms behind his back and used the rope the boy had handed him to tie his son's arms behind him tightly at the wrists, looping the rope around the boy's neck as well to hold the arms high on his back. "You have to tie him up," Brad explained loudly to me, "because no matter how hard he tries to cooperate, he'll resist. And don't be afraid to make it tight, he's used to it - he needs it - don't you son?"

"Yes sir!" Matt barked automatically. He was well trained. He looked incredible naked and bound, kneeling and bending over that bench waiting to be spanked. He must have just finished his workout shortly before, as his muscles were pumped and awesome. The darkly tanned skin of most of his body made the whiteness of his naked ass seem even more naked and vulnerable - and sexy. He had his hard round male ass raised in the air so invitingly, so willingly. He wanted me to drop my pants and shove my huge hard dick up there and fuck him senseless. He needed a huge cock rammed up there over and over until it made his own cock pump out a huge load of boycum. I tried to stop my fantasies as I watched the scene before me in amazement and intense arousal.

Then Brad gave the boy his spanking as I watched with awe and excitement. It was a real no-nonsense spanking. Brad gave the teen stud twenty-five slow hard whacks with that leather paddle, as hard as he could make them, and the loud cracks of the paddle connecting with that beautiful upturned ass echoed in the room like gun shots. Brad positioned himself standing beside the boy, then bent over and placed one hand in the small of his son's naked back, pressing him firmly into the bench, holding him in place as he swung as far and hard as he could to bring that wide leather paddle down full on the boy's naked, vulnerable ass, and the boy yelled and bucked and flailed like a little bull. The man paused a good long time between the strokes, letting the full effect sink in, and the suspense of when the next one would fall build.

And Matt yelped loudly with each crack on the paddle on his bare ass, squirming and kicking, legs flailing in the air as he lay face down across the bench. I'd expected he would move as little as possible, and would stay silent and tough it out, but he let out loud wails of pain right from the start, and his squirming and flailing around was very sexy as his dad held him down on the bench - I could see that Brad was really having to work hard to keep the boy pinned there so he could spank him. And the older man encouraged the boy to yell out -

"That's it, son," he said with satisfaction - "let it out - no shame in admitting it hurts, let it out, don't hold back," as he swung the paddle good and hard against his muscle hunk son's naked ass. Clearly it was a part of the ritual, that Matt had to struggle and make the right sort of sounds to prove he was really being punished.

Then after the twenty-fifth stroke Brad stopped and stepped back. "All right son, on your feet," he commanded, and Matt pushed himself first to his knees, then awkwardly and shakily to his feet. As sore as his ass must have been by then, hobbled by his jeans and briefs, and with his hands tied tightly behind his back, it was quite a feat. "Come on, turn around, don't be shy because Derek is here, he's going to be doing this for four weeks while we're gone, so nothing to be embarrassed about, turn around."

"But Dad," Matt pleaded - he sounded suddenly like a little boy, shy and embarrassed - it turned me on even more, this awesome teen muscle-boy acting so vulnerable and shy, whiny and submissive and begging. He hesitated a second too long, and Brad grabbed the boy's naked arm and made him turn to face me and my cock throbbed and leaked furiously as I watched Matt turn to reveal his huge cock still rock hard and dripping. It was even bigger than I'd remembered. It must have been nine inches, long and straight and thick and awesome. The naked teen hung his head, not looking at either me or his Dad.

Brad was furious at his son's hesitation. "Damn it, Matt, that's another five! Turn around!" and he turned Matt and bent him over standing there naked and gave the teen muscle-boy five more good hard whacks, while Matt yelped and cried. When Brad finished he made the boy stand and turn to face me again and I was even more amazed as the man reached out and wrapped his hand around his son's erect cock, and he proceeded to masturbate him while he made the boy recite what his infractions had been, and promise not to do them again. The look on Matt's face while he talked and his father played with his huge erect cock was an amazing combination of intense arousal and intense embarrassment. It really turned me on.

"Are you keeping your pact with me son - are you?"

Matt mumbled something. Brad gave him three hard whacks with the paddle and the boy yelped in pain, then said loudly, "Yes! I'm not beating off -like you told me!"

"Glad to hear it," Brad said approvingly. Then he turned to me, his hand still wrapped around his son's huge erect cock, stroking it slowly. The expression on Matt's face was incredible - it was a mixture of pain and ecstasy such as I'd never before seen - it was obvious the young stud was incredibly aroused, and that he was also embarrassed and humiliated by what his father was doing to him, in my presence. Brad went on to explain to me. "I've told Matt that I will support him in whatever he wants to do as long as he accepts my direction. I approve of his sports and bodybuilding but I feel his coach is too lenient. He tell the boys that sex is good for them, and they should have sex, or at least masturbate, as often as they like. I disagree. I don't think sex hurts athletic performance, but I think a boy needs to learn to control his sexual urges, or he'll never get anywhere. So Matt is not allowed to date, have sex, or masturbate while he is training, except with my permission. It's been a week now since he last ejaculated. Right son?" He asked that with a stern tone that said "It better be!" and Matt mumbled something I couldn't hear.

"Stop mumbling, for God's sake! Turn around," Brad barked suddenly and I could see he was angry because Matt wasn't answering quickly or loudly enough. He picked up the paddle and gave his son another five good hard swats on his bare hard ass with it and Matt yelped loudly again "Oww! Oww! Oww! - I'm sorry Dad. Yes!" Matt whacked the naked teenager hard again "Yes sir! I swear I haven't cum all week!" The boy was turned sideways to me now, and with each hard whack of the paddle on his bare round ass his cock jerked and a big gob of cum oozed from the tip. Brad had the boy well trained to associate his spankings with sex, that much was clear, and the sexy teen's balls must be painfully full of hot pent-up cum if it'd really been a week.

"Good boy. Turn around and bend over the bench again and I'll administer your treatment."

"Please, Dad, not in front of Derek, please," the boy begged.

My mouth must have been hanging wide open by then - I couldn't believe what was going on here. Was Brad going to masturbate his son or what? I thought of getting up and leaving, I figured I'd seen enough.

But Brad said "Don't get up Derek, I want you to see this part too. Son, I told you, Derek will administer your reward as well as your punishment. He has to see this part too, so he'll know what to do. Now get back over the bench, and no more objections, or I'll give you a real spanking, and one you won't forget, AND you'll go without any release for another week."

"Okay, okay," Matt said, but he wasn't happy about it as he knelt again and bent over the bench, his bare red ass raised in the air again. His arms were still tied behind his back and he looked awesome like that, naked except for his pants at his ankles and his tee shirt pushed way up on his torso to reveal his huge hard-muscled chest and abs. And that huge hard cock sticking out beneath him. What did Brad have in mind?

Brad went to a cupboard at one side of the room and opened it, then took out a package and extracted what turned put to be a pair of rubber gloves, which he put on his hands. He picked up a tube of lubricating jelly then squeezed a generous glob onto one glove. I watched then in disbelief as he knelt beside his nude teen muscle-boy son and used one lubricated gloved hand to masturbate the boy while he shoved several well-lubricated fingers of the other hand up the boy's ass. Matt's protests turned to moans and gasps and pants of pleasure and urgent need "OH!! Yeah. That's it, Dad! Like that, keep it up! I need it, Dad - make me cum let me cum."

But Brad didn't let the naked teen stud cum at once, and he started explaining to me -

"The boy has to learn to control his urges, Derek, so he mustn't get what he wants right away, he has to learn to wait until he's earned his reward." And I could see that Brad was keeping the nude teen muscle boy right on the brink of an orgasm, but not letting the horny teen muscle- stud cum. He had several fingers of one hand buried in the boy's asshole.

"I'm massaging his prostate," he told me. "It's good therapy for one thing, doctors should do it to their male patients regularly, I have Jen massage mine several times a week. But it's also a way to make him cum without stimulating his cock. I want him to learn that sex can have many variations, and he should be open to them all. I could tell you some stories about my own college days, for instance..." Brad winked at me suggestively and I gulped. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear those stories, I had this nice idealized image of Brad and his wife Jen as the perfect couple - simple, uncomplicated, conventional. That image was crumbling rapidly.

The "treatment" went on for at least ten minutes and by the end of it Matt was almost crying, he was so desperate for release, "Please Dad, now, please I can't take any more I need it please!"

Brad released his son's huge cock then and used just the fingers up the boy's ass and his other hand tugging and squeezing his son's huge nuts to make the boy cum. Matt was shouting by now "Oh!! Yeah! That's it! Yeah! Yeah! Cumming!" And his shouts turned to wordless grunts and gasps as his dad worked those fingers and the boy's cock finally exploded with jism.

The boy's orgasm lasted so long I would have thought he was faking it, but considering his age, and the amount of time he had supposedly gone without cumming - shit, I don't think I ever went even eight hours without shooting a load at least once when I was Matt's age - usually I jerked of in the shower when I was getting ready for school. Again in a stall in the boys room between classes in mid-morning, again at lunch with some buddies out behind the cafeteria, a couple of times with the other jocks in the locker room after practice, and at least once at home while I was doing my homework or as I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep. My life at that age was a frenzy of sexual desire, and I couldn't imagine how Matt could keep his hands off that gorgeous cock, or how he kept the other members of the wrestling team from tying him up and making him cum several times in succession while they watched. He was bound to throw a rod in the showers, and once you saw that monster hard you'd have to see it shoot, all those horny wrestlers would go nuts to get their hands on a piece of meat like that. And with that body Matt would be the object of desire for every boy and girl in school, especially the way he dressed and acted - always skin-tight form-fitting clothes, tight skimpy tee shirts that he allowed to ride up to expose his washboard abs, low-slung pants that revealed the trail of hair leading from his navel to his pubes, and even a hint of the patch of curly hair at the base of his member. He was an irresistible package.

I understood now why Matt had been so uninhibited in his behavior towards me, like that time in the shower, and those times by the pool. He was so horny, and had been encouraged by his dad to "explore", that he was ready for any release he could get, and any contact at all with another naked body must be intensely arousing to him. He might even think that because I was a guy, it wouldn't really count as sex.

Matt kept cumming and shouting with relief and ecstasy for what seemed like a full minute as his father worked his fingers on the boy's prostate, and I had to believe he'd told the truth - he hadn't cum for an entire week! But how could he keep from having wet dreams? Surely a week was long enough for him to build up to that?

Towards the end of Matt's incredible orgasm, Brad reached under his son again and worked his cock again, which must have been painful, as sensitive as the huge tool would have been then, and the boy responded with more of those loud yelps of pain. I'm not sure what the point of that was, except to allow Brad to assert his authority over his teen muscle-boy son.

Eventually the teen muscle stud collapsed face down over the bench, thoroughly exhausted by what his father had done to him, spanking his bare ass and then masturbating him to a mind-blasting orgasm.

"Stay there like that for a few minutes and think about how much harder you're going to try to behave this week, son," Brad commanded the naked stud as he stripped the gloves off. "Then clean up down here and report to your mom upstairs, she has some more chores for you to do."

Then Brad walked over and flopped down on the couch next to me. To my absolute astonishment, he reached over and grabbed me by the crotch, feeling my huge hardon.

"I see this affects you the same way it does me," he said, grinning. "I usually relieve myself before I go up, if Jen's busy. Sometimes I don't let that stop me though, I just throw her on top of the kitchen table and push her skirt up and go to town. Pull that big sausage out and let me see it - looks like yours is almost as big as my son's - get it out here and show it to me. You remind me of my freshman college roommate, he had a body like yours. Man did that stud like to get fucked. Takes me back." He got a faraway look in his eyes, then shook himself a little and shrugged.

I couldn't believe Brad was suggesting I jerk off right there on the couch while his son lay nude, bound and collapsed over the bench right in front of us, and while Brad was watching. Or that he had fucked his college roommate. Or did he mean he'd just watched? Or listened? Any way I interpreted that remark, it made my head spin. Maybe Brad wasn't the up-tight, conservative hetero I had taken him for. I admit my obsession with his son had occupied my attention pretty thoroughly, and I glanced at him now with new eyes - Brad was a pretty hot man for his age, which had to be at least 35. With Matt eighteen, didn't that mean Brad was at least 40? Whatever.

"Uh, no thanks," I stammered.

"Suit yourself," he said, grinning. Then Brad got up and walked over to Matt, who was still panting and moaning as though he was still cumming. He slapped the boys bare ass hard with his hand, then untied his son. "OK, Matt, get busy. We're through until next week. And remember your oath. Keep your hands off this." He grabbed the boy's still turgid cock and squeezed it. "Come see me if you feel like you're losing control and I'll help you out. Now give me a hug."

Matt was standing by then, looking sort of embarrassed again about standing there naked, his huge dick still hard, but he reached out and embraced his father as requested, and the two of them exchanged a warm hug, Matt's huge hard cock notwithstanding. As they released each other Brad reached down and grabbed Matt by the balls for a final squeeze, this time a painful one - Matt yelped again -

"Oww! Dad! That hurts!"

"Just a reminder, son. Keep your hands off!"

"I will! I do!"

"I know son. Now get along."

Matt started to pull his jeans up, but Brad looked at his son sternly and said "Aren't you forgetting something?" I wondered what part of the ritual the boy had forgotten.

"No sir! I haven't forgotten. I was just ..."

I assumed Matt was going to say he was just pulling his pants up, but then he realized excuses would just get him into further trouble, so instead he hung his head, and turned around grumbling with self-pity, then bent over, raising his bare ass in the air while Brad picked up the paddle and gave the boy five more good hard whacks. Matt yelled and whimpered with each, then when his dad stopped, straightened up and turned to face us.

"Thank you, sir!" was all he said, and I deduced it was that 'Thank you' he'd forgotten. He then shambled awkwardly over to his dad (his pants were still bunched at his ankles) and planted a kiss on the older man's cheek. "Thanks dad, I needed that. Sir."

"Derek, too," his father directed sternly, and Matt turned quickly to me and said "Thank you, sir," but Brad cleared his throat menacingly and the boy quickly shuffled over to the couch and knelt by my side just as he was, practically buck naked, and planted a kiss on my cheek as well. He threw in a big hug for good measure, and my cock surged into rock hard readiness again as he pressed his naked form against me. I could feel his huge hard-again cock poking into my leg.

Then the sexy teen muscle boy stood, pulled his jeans up and pulled his tee shirt down, and went to work cleaning up the mess he and his dad had made. Brad flopped down on the couch again and explained a few of the finer points of how to tie Matt up, and just how to spank him, and how to administer that prostate massage - I could think of several ways I would prefer to do that part, one involving several dildos I kept in a drawer by my bed, and another involving my own cock, but shoved those thoughts aside. Fortunately Brad was fairly business-like about it and once he'd finished what he had to say he stood, and I followed suit. Matt was still scrubbing the tile floor to get up the last remnants of the huge load of hot teen cum he'd pumped onto it earlier, and Brad walked me to the back door

I returned home, where I spent forty five minutes doing a heavy workout with my weights and exercycle to cool down, then still had to beat off in the shower. I was incredibly turned on by the experience, and not sure I could go through with my promise. It also occurred to me that if it was only in sessions like this that Matt was allowed to achieve an orgasm, he was certain to misbehave, preferring to put up with a brief spanking session if it earned him the right to cum as mind-blastingly as I had seen him do that morning.

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