Matt's Babysitter 3

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My next-door neighbor Brad had asked me to look after his teenage son Matt, while Brad and his wife went away for a month-long vacation. It didn't seem like a big deal to me, the boy was old enough that I was surprised they thought he still needed supervision, but Brad was pretty old-fashioned about being a dad. Matt was a wet-dream fantasy, with god-like muscles, a handsome face, and a huge cock. I had been friends with Matt for several years, but as he had matured and turned porn-star sexy, it got harder and harder for me to keep my hands off the young stud. He knew I was gay, and he must have known he turned me on. I was starting to feel like he was actually trying to torment me - we took a shower together once, and he had his hands all over me, I had to stop him from grabbing my hard cock. When we laid by their pool alone together, he would strip naked and fuck the lounge chair he was sprawled face down on, and ask me to put suntan lotion on his naked body. I wasn't sure I could handle a month alone with the awesome teen muscle- boy. Then a couple of weeks before the scheduled trip, Brad called me over to witness a discipline session with the boy, so I would know what to do. It turned into a real ball-churner, as Brad made the boy strip naked in front of us, then paddled him soundly, then masturbated the naked teen while I watched. I stumbled home afterwards and couldn't lose my erection for two days. If this was the way Matt had been trained to get his rocks off, wouldn't he misbehave just so he could cum?


The next Saturday morning proved me right. Brad called me at 9 am, asking if I would assist in punishing his son again - Matt had stayed out past his curfew the night before. "He's ready for us by now, I think," he said ambiguously, "but he can wait a while longer if you're busy now - it's just that I think you should be in on all the sessions until we leave." Brad said all of this quite calmly, and I began to realize I had taken on a much bigger responsibility than I had expected. "No, that's all right, I can come over now," I said. I pictured Matt standing there naked by the bench waiting for us - no need to torment the boy further by making him wait, I thought. Little did I know.

When we entered the basement, Matt was ready for his punishment, all right, but this time instead of partly clothed and on his knees and bent over the bench, he was standing stark naked except for his socks, his wrists tied together and fastened over his head to a hook in the ceiling, which was high enough that he was on his tip toes, and looking very uncomfortable. He had his back to us, so I couldn't see his cock as we entered, but I assumed it was hard. I could see there was a gag tied around his head, and he looked awesome all hard-muscled and naked and tied stretched up on his toes. I wondered how long he'd been waiting for us like that.

"Are you ready, son?" Brad asked gruffly as we entered, and Matt mumbled "Yessir!" into his gag. I gasped as Brad explained that he had tied the boy up this way two hours ago, so I could imagine the boy was very ready for anything his dad wanted. He must be exhausted from standing in that awkward position. Then Brad walked to the other side of the boy to remove the gag, and as I followed I saw the really ingenious part of the bondage - the man had tied a thin rope around the base of the boy's huge erect cock and heavy-hanging balls, and then tied that to another hook on the wall, so that Matt was partly suspended by his huge male organ, and could move only the slightest bit without causing himself great pain to his cock and balls. His cock was huge and rock hard, and Brad reached out and started stroking it slowly as he lectured the boy. My own cock was instantly rock hard as I observed the amazing ritual between father and son. Matt looked incredibly sexy and appealing tied up like that and his obvious arousal at the treatment made it even more arousing to me -he loved this sort of torture, obviously, and soon I was going to be expected to administer similar treatment to the boy, alone. My cock throbbed and dripped urgently as I pictured the two of us here alone, him naked and tied up, I spanking and manipulating his hard-muscled naked body the way his father was doing now.

"I think you realize your misbehavior this week is far more serious than last, son," Brad said quietly as he played with the boy's cock and squeezed his balls. With his other hand he started rubbing the boy's naked chest and squeezing and flicking his nipples, which were also unusually large and sensitive looking for a man. The nipples alone were the size of my thumb nail, and I could see by the way the naked teen muscle-boy reacted to his father's manipulation of the huge knobs of sexy sensitive flesh that Matt was extremely aroused by the treatment. His cock, which of course was already rock hard in spite of his uncomfortable bondage and the rope tied around its base, jerked rhythmically as the older man pinched and squeezed the engorged nipples, and large drops of precum oozed from its tip - Matt gasped and panted.

"Yes sir! I'm sorry sir!" It was clear to me now that Matt's misbehavior was simply a means to get this sort of sexual outlet, since he was forbidden to masturbate or have sex. I thought of pointing that out to Brad, but decided it was none of my business - better not to interfere in his relationship - they both seemed comfortable with it. I wasn't sure yet what the payoff for Brad was. It had to be more than just his awesome teen muscle stud son's obedience. Later I finally got up the nerve to ask, and heard about Brad's training in his college fraternity, and the lessons he had learned from it about how to raise his son, and the sessions he still had periodically with his former pledge master and roommate.

Brad stepped back from the bound teen muscle boy and turned to me -

"I think you should take over now Derek, I can give you directions, and that way you will learn what Matt needs to keep him in line."

That was unexpected, and I wasn't sure I was ready. "I think I'd rather watch you do it again," I stammered nervously. "Especially since the setup is so different." I was ready to walk over to the couch and sit, but Brad insisted.

"Well, you may be partly right, but show me you can do what I'm doing now without making the boy reach an orgasm. That part is very important, that you learn to keep him fully aroused, but never push him over the edge until he's earned it. Here, take my place for a while and I'll guide you." He reached out and clasped my wrist and guided my hand to Matt's huge hard cock. I looked at Matt and saw him close his eyes tight and make a grimace almost of pain - he must be very embarrassed.

I closed my hand around Matt's giant fuck-tool, feeling dizzy. Brad guided my other hand to the boy's balls, directing me to tug and squeeze them gently. I felt like I was about to faint. Brad released my wrist. I stroked Matt a few times, listening to him gasp and moan, then let go and stumbled away. "You go ahead, I'll watch from over here."

I hurried to the couch and sat on it, my cock already as hard as it could get. Matt looked so fucking sexy and desirable tied up like that and from the couch I had perfect view of his stretched and pumped body, his huge erect cock sticking out hard and ready.

"Well, OK, maybe you're right," Brad said, looking at me thoughtfully. "But watch carefully, you may want to take notes." He gestured towards a pad and pen lying there, and I picked it up, figuring at least I could use it to hide my crotch, which was already throbbing with a desperate need to pop my nuts. The prior week had been amazing, this was unbelievable.

Brad stepped back and stripped his shirt off. I had noticed for the first time the week before that Brad was one hell of a man, but I had managed to keep my thoughts about him from getting out of hand. He was straight, happily married, and fortunately not an exhibitionist. Now I was suddenly very aware that the man had an incredible body. It made sense that he would, having sired a son like Matt.

Brad proceeded to remove his shirt, then his tee-shirt as well, and then his pants, so that he was left wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, and I saw his body practically naked for the first time. The sight was a real cock-throbber. I figured Brad was about 40 at that point, and it was obvious he had not let the responsibilities of his job and family keep him from staying in the peak of physical condition. He was about 6'2", and must have weighed 220 or 230 pounds, with not a visible ounce of fat or flab on his awesome frame. He stood and stretched and flexed a little, looking over at me and grinning, obviously putting on a little show for me, assuming I might enjoy his display. I did. I watched transfixed, not wanting to look, but unable to look away.

Brad's muscles had muscles. And unlike his son, who must have taken after his mother's side of the family, and was blonde and smooth-skinned and almost hairless, Brad was dark skinned, and covered with dark, matted hair all over his body that made his already dominant masculine attitude totally overpowering. I'm not into hairy guys, but a man like Brad would have looked incomplete without all that fur, and I wanted to crawl across the floor and lick his hairy legs from his toes to his crotch and then rip his shorts off and bury my face in his groin and then lick up his furry abs to his chest and chew on those awesome pecs and then.....I had to stop.

I was getting far too turned on by my macho hetero neighbor, and tore my eyes away from his body.

Once he was more comfortable, Brad walked to a chest on one side and opened it. Inside I could see an assortment of implements of punishment - paddles and belts and switches and other things I wasn't sure about. He was obviously well equipped to discipline his son. "His behavior last night deserves something rather serious, I think. Yes, I'm going to start with this," he pulled out a long thin switch or rod, and took a few experimental swings with it, so that it whistled through the air, hitting nothing, but sounding deadly.

Matt looked over and saw what his father had selected, then howled. "On no, dad! Not that, please, I won't do it again." He sounded really frightened and repentant, and I certainly would have relented at that point, but Brad wasn't swayed.

"You must ignore anything the boy says at moments like this," he told me -"he's an expert at whining and begging when it's too late to undo the wrong. Take your punishment like a man, son. Would you like me to gag you?"

"Yes, sir, please," Matt replied meekly. Brad pulled a leather strap out of the chest, and a rag. He stuffed the wadded up rag into the boy's mouth, then fixed it firmly in place with the strap.

"Gagging him is the best way to stop the whining and begging," Brad told me. "Don't hesitate to do it if you have the slightest difficulty with his idiotic excuses and apologies."

Then Brad started in with the actual punishment- he gave Matt twenty hard strokes of the rod full across his ass and thighs, and the bright red welts that leapt up immediately made it clear the strokes had hurt and would continue to do so for many hours. Matt yelped and yelled and shrieked loudly into his gag, which reduced the sound somewhat. Tears started to flow from his eyes and down his cheeks. His cock stayed hard, and I wondered how he could stay on his toes stretched out like that with his cock pulled agonizingly in front by the rope, while his father was whipping his ass with the cane. Just the force of the switch hitting his ass must have driven his body forward and then he would fall back, and the rope would feel like it was cutting his cock and balls off - it must be excruciating. But he stayed hard.

After the twentieth stroke Brad went back to the cupboard and took out a jar of ointment which he proceeded to apply carefully to Matt's welts. "This will prevent him from blistering or scarring," He explained. I thought that was the end of the punishment, especially when Brad started stroking his son's rock hard enormous erection and the boy panted and moaned with lust and need. But as soon as Matt was on the verge of his orgasm, Brad stopped the boy from ejaculating by squeezing his balls painfully hard, then took out a wide leather paddle and proceeded to give his son twenty more hard strokes with that! I realized it must hurt far more to have the paddle hit where the cane had, and Matt jerked and yelped and tears continued to roll down his cheeks.

Then we left the boy for another hour - Brad and I talked with Jennifer, chatting calmly about the weather and our gardens in the kitchen, while Matt hung by his wrists and panted and oozed hot teen cum in the basement.

When we returned to the basement, Brad gave the boy another ten strokes of the cane, and ten more strokes of the paddle, before finally he applied more of the salve, and released the boy. Matt's cock was still rock hard, as it had been throughout the punishment session, and Brad said calmly "I don't think you have earned the right to an orgasm this week. Stand there for a minute."

"Oh, no dad, please, you can't," the boy begged desperately, sounding totally pathetic, but he stopped when his father gave him a stern look. Brad went to the cupboard and took out a device of leather and metal that he fastened to the boy's cock and balls. Matt yelped and whined as he slowly lost his erection and his flaccid cock and balls were encased in leather and steel. Brad showed me the contraption's ingenious design, complete with tack-like barbs that would sink into the flesh of the boy's cock and balls if he got an erection. When his teen son's cock had been properly fitted with the device, Brad grabbed the boy by the balls and squeezed hard and was rewarded with a shriek of pain -there was clearly no way that stud would get an erection as long as he wore the thing. And even though there was nothing to prevent the boy from removing it, I knew somehow he would not - his dad's control of him was absolute!

Brad and Jen left for their month-long vacation a week later. Right after Matt and I saw them off, I decided it was time to set the rules. I didn't want to play policeman, and I was hoping I could avoid having to spank the boy, though I couldn't imagine the young stud's going without any sexual release for the entire month his parents were away, and the thought of having to administer one of the sexual massages his father had shown me caused me even more anxiety. Matt and I were standing in their driveway - we had just watched his folks climb into the van that would take them to the airport, and waved as they drove away. Matt was wearing just an old pair of cutoffs, and his golden skin was glistening slightly - it was a warm day, and I could tell he'd worked out earlier, he looked like a marble sculpture, his veins throbbing just under the surface of his skin, his perfect physique hard and beautiful and sexy.

"Look, Matt," I told him very earnestly and seriously, "I agreed to look out for you because your dad asked me to, but you're really old enough to look out for yourself, and we both know it. My own dad never spanked me, and I don't really believe in that sort of thing. Okay?" It came out sounding much weaker than I'd intended, but with him standing there all blue-eyed and smiling and muscle-hunk gorgeous I started getting tongue-tied as soon as I opened my mouth.

Matt threw one arm across my shoulder and drew me after him as he started for his house. "That's cool, Derek," he said, grinning. "Come on, let's get something to eat. Race you to the house," and he shoved me to my knees as he took off. I was just annoyed enough by the betrayal that I jumped up and ran after him, instead of strolling along casually as I should have. In their living room he let me catch him, and we wrestled on the floor like a couple of twelve-year olds. He crotch-grabbed me, and my cock throbbed with arousal as he squeezed my nuts. I grabbed him back, and he shrieked with pain and let me go as I squeezed him. Too late I remembered the device his father had put on him the week before.

"Ooh! Sorry, Matt. I forgot."

Matt writhed and moaned on the floor for a while, then slowly made himself get to his feet and smile uncomfortably.

"It's OK," he said bashfully. "My fault - I forgot too."

That was on Sunday, and I was too busy with work for the rest of the week to pay much attention to Matt. He was a big boy, he could take care of himself. It was still August, so he had nothing to do for another month until school started. He and I had dinner together every evening, and he'd tell me about his day, bragging how many extra reps he'd done with his weights that day, or how many extra laps he'd swum. And he dressed with surprising modesty, always wearing at least a tee- shirt and shorts. I was relieved.

Saturday morning I had planned to do chores around my own house, but Matt called at nine. His voice on the phone was very serious. "You've got to spank me, Derek," he said meekly. "I know you don't want to, but I need it to keep me in line. You promised Dad you would do it if I needed it, and I do."

"Shit!" I said, afraid he'd done something horrible, gotten drunk and wrecked his car the night before or something. I'd have to call his parents home, there was no way I'd be able to deal with something like that. "What did you do?" I asked, trying to sound calm.

"I can't tell you on the phone," he said, and my heart sank, sure my worst fears were true.

"Damn! Okay, I'll be right over."

When I walked into his kitchen, Matt was standing there holding the rope and paddle his father had used on him the first time I'd watched Brad spank the boy. "Put those down and tell me what you did!" I demanded. I was really upset.

"I.. I. I played with myself," Matt stammered, his head lowered in shame.

"You what!" I yelped in amazement. I was both relieved and angry. Was he just telling me he'd jerked off?

"I played with myself," he repeated. "I didn't cum, but I almost did, and I felt so ashamed, You have to help me Derek. I can't control myself unless you spank me like Dad would. Please?"

"Oh, Matt," I started, ready to tell him his dad's idea was crazy, but then remembering I had accepted the assignment without protest, telling myself then that I had no right to interfere between the boy and his father. I had agreed to do what Brad asked, and it was clear now that Matt expected it too, was counting on me. I had promised. I had to go through with it. I sighed in resignation.

"All right," I said. "Give me those. Come on." And I led the way to the basement.

In the basement, Matt had everything ready. The bench was in the middle of the floor, an assortment of paddles and switches and belts lay ready for my selection. And he positioned himself beside the bench, standing docilely, head down. He was still wearing his tee shirt and shorts.

"Uh, you can take those off, Matt." I wasn't about to torment myself stripping him, or arranging his clothes for his spanking. This was already going to be hard enough.

"Uh, you're supposed to," he said, not looking at me.

"Why? You do it!" I barked angrily. I had been fantasizing about this all week, hoping it wouldn't happen, but enjoying my vivid imagined versions.

Matt flushed red with embarrassment. "Uh, you have to remove the, uh, the thing."

Suddenly I remembered. "OH my god! You don't mean..?"

The boy nodded his head.

"You've still got it on?"

He nodded.

"But can't you...?"

Matt shook his head.

"Shit! OK. Don't move."

Matt held his arms submissively over his head as I stripped off his tee shirt. I was angry enough that I was able to ignore his awesome teen body so close to me, and to keep myself from fondling those incredible muscles the way I wanted to, the way I had fantasized.

I knelt in front of the half-naked boy and reached for his shorts. I glanced up at his face and he was staring at the wall, obviously well trained not to appear insolent. I pulled his gym shorts down slowly. He was wearing a jock strap, but I could see the device. I pulled his jock strap down, gritting my teeth to keep from licking and sucking it, thinking it must be soaked with his precum from all the cock ooze - he must be dripping steadily by now, unable to cum for three weeks! His leather and steel encased sex organs came into view. I pulled his shorts all the way down to his feet, and had him step out of them. I looked at his imprisoned sex. It occurred to me his cock was totally encased.

"How do you piss?" I asked quietly.

"I'm allowed to take it off once a day, to relieve myself and wash, sir" he said. His voice had a meek, subservient tone that turned me on. I reached up and touched the leather cock-sleeve, and heard Matt gasp. I looked at his face, which was an incredible mixture of pain and ecstasy. If he really hadn't cum for that long, just taking the thing off was likely to release a huge eruption of cum - he must be on a hair trigger by now.

"OK, then you take it off now," I said sternly. He hesitated.

"TAKE IT OFF!" I roared. I didn't care what the rules said, I wasn't going to touch that thing and get sprayed with a gallon of hot teen jism.

Matt reached down obediently, and slowly, carefully unfastened the contraption, freeing his imprisoned cock and balls. I was still kneeling in front of the boy, and could see the marks of the metal tacks where they had actually punctured his swollen tool. The inside of the leather case was coated with dried sex, his cock must have been semi- hard the entire time, oozing and dripping. I looked at the boy's face and saw it relax into an ecstatic smile. I started to reach for the device, thinking later I could lick it clean, but Matt took the contraption to the sink at the side of the room, and dropped it there, then returned.

"I'll clean it later, sir."

Naked now, Matt knelt and bent over the bench, looking so fucking sexy and desirable I wanted to strip my clothes off and fuck him senseless, but I steeled myself. He turned his head and looked up at me appealingly.

"I think I need at least twenty, Derek. Promise me you won't stop until I say so. Okay?"

I couldn't believe the young muscle stud was actually begging me to spank him, and to keep it up until he said stop, but I couldn't see I had any choice but to agree. His father had told me Matt should be the judge of how many strokes, and with what.

"Okay," I agreed, my voice breaking. My cock was rock hard in my jeans, and I'd noticed Matt's was too, and had been ever since he removed the cock cage.

"And tie me up, tie me tight!" he begged appealingly.

God how he wanted me to use him, and I was having to hold myself back to keep from raping the awesome teen muscle boy. I picked up the rope he had taken out and tied his arms carefully behind him, then looped the rope around his neck the way his father had shown me, taking extra care to be sure he didn't strangle.

"Tighter," he told me, and reluctantly I tightened it so that his arms were pulled painfully hard behind him and up his back and his neck was almost strangled with the rope around it. "Thanks," he breathed, his eyes closed. I was suddenly afraid of what I had taken on. I couldn't help touching his naked body as I tied him, I had to kneel and my crotch pressed against his leg at one point, my hard cock pressing against his naked hard-muscled leg. I nearly came, the whole scene was so overtly sexual and arousing. And he was asking for more.

"Don't hold back," he said. "I think you'd better gag me, so I don't make too much noise."

I did as the boy requested, figuring that would make it easier for me too, if I didn't have to hear his shouts of pain so loudly. I got one of the leather straps from the cupboard, and a rag.

I decided the only way to get the spanking over was to give it to him as hard as I could - the sooner he told me to stop, the better. So I gave it everything I had. I made each stroke of the paddle as hard and square on his naked firm hard-muscled ass as I could, and took my time between strokes. And Matt yelped loudly with each stroke, obviously in pain. I started getting into it. I wanted his yelps to equal what his dad had produced. I wanted him to cry as soon and as hard. And I wanted him to lose that fucking erection. After the tenth stroke I reached between his legs and grabbed the boy by the balls and squeezed as hard as I dared and he yelled in real pain into his gag.

"Had enough?" I demanded. He shook his head, though he was already crying.

"More, I need more," he panted into the gag.

I was furious. How dare the little shit do this to me? I'd show him. I gave him ten more, even harder, putting everything I had into it, and his bare ass cheeks turned bright red, with dark purple welts. He must be in agony. I reached down and grabbed his balls again, determined he must tell me to stop. I ripped his gag off and squeezed his balls hard.

"A-r-r-r-gghhh!" he yelled. "More, Derek, I need more, spank me more - PLEASE!"

I couldn't believe my ears - his endurance was amazing. "Damn it!" I shouted, "You want more, I'll give you more!" And I laid into his ass with that paddle, not counting any more. His yelps got louder and more pitiful, and his tears flowed continuously. I must have given him at least thirty more strokes before I finally stopped myself. I was panting, exhausted, spent. I threw that damned paddle across the room.

"That's it," I cried, suddenly ashamed of myself. Matt was sobbing uncontrollably. I removed the gag and hugged his shoulders. "I'm sorry Matt, I'm sorry. I lost control."

"No," he sobbed, "I needed it. I'm the one who should be sorry. I was bad. Will you help me out, Derek? Will you let me cum? I don't deserve it, especially after what I was doing, but I've got to cum or I'll go crazy. It's been three weeks!" He was wailing in agony, not from the spanking, but from his desperate pent-up need to get his rocks off. "Please do it to me Derek."

I'd been afraid the boy would say something like that, hoping he would not, but knowing I had to do as he asked now. I had come too far to leave him unsatisfied. "Okay, just stay there." I went to the cupboard and got a pair of the gloves, and the tube of lubricant. He remained bent over the bench, his bare ass raised in the air, his hands still tied behind him. I could see his huge hard cock sticking out beneath him, and a huge pool of precum on the floor - it almost looked like he'd shot his load just from my spanking him. God, the boy loved being punished!

I tried to adopt a detached attitude as I knelt behind him and put on the gloves. Doctors must have to do that, to examine their patients. I would pretend I was a doctor, and he was sick or something. I squeezed a huge glob of the lube onto one glove and started working it into Matt's tight hot asshole, as he grunted and sighed. I wasn't going to make him wait for it the way his father did, though, I wanted him to cum as soon as possible, so this would be over. I got my middle finger worked into his asshole easily, and he panted "Use two fingers Derek, or three - that's what dad does, get as many in there as you can." I couldn't believe he was asking me to finger fuck him with three fingers. What the hell. I worked two more in there and he sighed and grunted with pleasure. "Yeah, that's it, now find that thing in there and massage it good. I feel like I can cum real quick if you let me. But don't let me if you think you shouldn't - make me wait for it. But not too long, please."

I was getting tired of the hot little stud's chatter. I picked up the boy's white cotton briefs from the floor and stuffed them into his mouth. "Shut up, Matt," I told the naked teen muscle-boy, as I reached under him with my other hand and started stroking his huge hard cock. I could barely get my hand around it and my own cock swelled and throbbed as I felt that enormous piece of meat in my hand. It was so awesome and beautiful I just wanted to lay down on the floor and tell him to shove it down my throat and fuck my face, so I could suck the awesome little stud-puppy to a mind-blasting orgasm, but I pushed that thought away. Duty called.

I dug my fingers around inside Matt's asshole until I found the hard nut of his prostate and started prodding and rubbing hard at that the way his father had shown me, simultaneously stroking his huge fuck stick with my other hand - his father would have said not to touch his cock, or else to squeeze the head of it to keep him from cumming, but I couldn't do that, I wanted the boy to shoot his load so hard he would pass out from the ecstasy of it. I finger-fucked and masturbated him as skillfully as I knew how, imagining his hot little body was my own and I could feel everything I was doing to him.

When Matt started moaning and gasping with pleasure and his cock started swelling and jerking in my hand, I knew he was almost there. I fingered him harder and stroked him faster. Then he started cumming and his shouts and moans filled the room. His cock shot huge wads of cum that splashed onto the floor to join his copious precum and his ass seemed to clutch my fingers as I dug at his prostate, and milked his huge cock. This orgasm lasted even longer than the one I had observed with his dad, and I could see it was real, as his cock kept spurting and jerking with huge spasms of pleasure and eruption.

Eventually Matt collapsed on top of the bench, exhausted and spent, and I pulled my fingers out of the hot teen muscle boy's tight hot ass. I was still holding his cock, which remained hard. It felt so good in my hand that I kept stroking it slowly for a while. But finally I released it, regretfully, and got shakily to my feet. Matt remained there, face down over the bench, nude, his beautiful hard round ass raised invitingly in the air. My own cock was so hard it felt like it would burst, and all I could think of was how much I wanted to drop my pants and pull it out and shove it up the boy's ass and fuck him senseless. I certainly couldn't sit on the couch and beat off while he was there, and was about to untie him, then leave. I pictured a dildo in the drawer next to my bed, and thought about how good it would feel to shove that up my ass and fuck myself with it while I stroked myself until I came.

"Want me to do you now?" Matt panted, pushing himself to his knees and turning to face me, his huge hard dick sticking out, still rock hard. His arms were still tied behind his back, and he looked incredibly sexy bound and naked, kneeling at my feet.

"What?" I asked incredulously. The sexy nude teen leaned forward and put his face in my crotch, groping my erection through my pants. Was he offering to blow me?

"I've never done it to anyone else, but if you like I could try giving you a prostate massage," he said. "Or a blow job - I've never given one of those either, but I want to do something for you, that felt so good having you spank me and then make me cum. Please let me do something for you. I can see you're turned on."

Matt was kneeling at my feet, naked, bound, his cock still hard and dripping, offering to suck my cock.

I couldn't stop myself, I opened my pants and pushed my levis and shorts down to my knees, freeing my cock which was so hard it snapped up against my belly, with a stream of precum oozing from the tip and dripping down the shaft to my huge heavy balls.

"God, yours is really big!" Matt said in awe. "I've never seen it hard up close before. I almost felt it that time in the shower," he looked away shyly and my cock throbbed even harder at the memory. "I think my dad is right, it's even bigger than mine."

I pulled my tee shirt up, to bare my torso, desperate now to cum, and started playing with my nipples which were erect and sensitive.

"Shut up and suck me Matt - Go ahead, buddy, it's yours if you want it," I was desperate for release, afraid he wouldn't go through with it, ready to grab his head and rape his mouth with my hard cock.

Matt looked up at me and smiled, then leaned forward, still kneeling on the floor at my feet, naked and hard-muscled and hard-dicked, and started licking the fuck-ooze from my hard cock.

"Mmm, you taste good," he said as he licked slowly from my balls up the long hard shaft to the head of my cock.

I was still stunned and speechless he had even offered, and the way he was licking it like he loved doing it was blowing my mind. My cock was throbbing and swelling even harder and I felt an orgasm building quickly - I was too turned on, too far gone, I couldn't stop what was happening, though a voice in my head was telling me I should. I reached down and pushed my cock outward towards Matt's gorgeous mouth. Then Matt was licking the head of my cock and then opening his mouth and taking the huge knob into his mouth and starting to suck on it.

That was all I could take, I grabbed the nude teen stud's head in my hand and shoved my cock as far as it would go into his mouth, choking him with it. I got maybe half of it buried down the awesome Adonis's throat when I started to cum.

"Ungghh! Gonna cum! Can't stop! Take it Matt, Take it you hot little cock-sucker, eat my big hard dick!" and I started shooting huge wads of hot jism down the boy's throat. "Arrrgh! Yeah! Fuck! Take it, Matt, take it all!"

I was shoving my cock into the boy's throat as hard and fast as I could and he must have been strangling on it but he didn't stop sucking and trying to get even more if it inside his mouth and throat. I looked down and saw he was gazing up at me adoringly as he sucked my giant fuck pole, and the noises he made between the gagging choking sounds were moans of pleasure.

I must have shot the biggest load of cum I've ever unloaded as teen muscle-boy Matt sucked on my cock. It felt like it lasted forever and I unloaded at least a gallon of cum down the teen muscle-boy's throat, draining my nuts to the point I'm sure they shriveled up to size of peas. He took it all.

When he had drained my cock of more cum than I've ever pumped out at once, the nude teen body-builder released my cock from his mouth with seeming reluctance and gazed up at me adoringly.

"Did I do it right?" he asked timidly.

I couldn't imagine what he thought all my groans and grunts of pleasure had been about, if not that he had given me the best blow job of my life - OK, the unexpectedness of it, and that it was this sexy beefcake stud giving it to me had intensified the experience, but still he'd taken my cock like a champion. I was having one hell of a time believing it was his first.

"That was awesome," I gasped, still trying to catch my breath and get my vision back - I was dizzy from the sensations still coursing through my body, "but you didn't have to."

"I wanted to do it," he said. "I know you hate having to play babysitter, like this, so I figured the least I could do was to pay you myself somehow. My dad will just take you to dinner or something."

I was tempted to tell him that much as I pretended to resent the role his father had put me in, I was enjoying it, even without the blowjob. Just being so close to his naked muscle boy body and then getting to spank him and watch him in such painful pleasure, and getting to masturbate him until he shot such a huge load of cum - I'd wanted to take his cock in my mouth and suck him dry too, but knew that would be giving myself away. If he knew I was getting off on this he would no longer be grateful - he might even resent it. Best to keep up the pretense. I reached down and mussed up his hair affectionately with my hand.

"Thanks," I said, "you did great. Here, let my help you up and untie you."

I reached down and grabbed the young stud under the arms and lifted and he stood shakily - he must still be in pain for the hard paddling I'd just given him. I decided not to untie him yet - he looked so sexy like that, naked, his pants at his ankles, his arms bound tightly behind his back, his ass bright red from the paddling I had just administered, his cock still hard and still dripping from his recent incredible orgasm.

"Wait, turn around and I'll rub some salve on your ass," I told him, heading for the cabinet where his father kept all the implements of punishment. He obeyed meekly and I fetched the salve, then started rubbing it on his firm bare ass cheeks.

Matt murmured appreciatively "Oh, yeah - mmm - yeah, and get it inside my asshole, I'm sore there too."

I realized I might have been too rough when I had worked three fingers all the way up his ass. Matt made encouraging appreciative sounds as I rubbed the salve in and I had to disconnect my libido to prevent myself from lubing up my cock and shoving it up his ass and fucking him. Fortunately I'd just cum, so I was able to stay fairly detached.

I finished applying the salve and untied the naked muscle-stud without saying anything more, then rushed home where I spent an hour doing unspeakable things to myself in the hot tub, agonizingly aware that there were still two more weeks of this nightmare to be endured. Was I strong enough?

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